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(864.54 KB 977x767 pao86u79kyz41.png)
>non-Eggman humans Anonymous 07/26/2020 (Sun) 01:50:36 No. 22283
How come they didn't just make all the humans have Eggman's overall style (with obvious changed to fit their sexes, builds, etc.)? Eggman didn't fit with the other humans overall in Adventures, had to get his design radically changed, and Unleashed had the humans be Pixar rejects. Even Puyo's humans would be better.
>>22283 i wish they made a super powered human playable in a sonic game with an art style that suits the world
>>22317 We could get that if there were no e-celebs and Westfags who want the franchise to be some abomination mix between SatAM and My Little Pony. I'm sure Eggman only gets away with being a human since he has a Grandfather Clause.
>>22352 i really need to pry myself away from this franchise
>>22317 I wouldn't say "super powered", but playable humans with future tech would be cool. Something like a G.U.N. super solder with cybernetic enhancements or a civilian from an era where hover boards, laser guns, and exosuits can be purchased from almost any electronics store.
>>22317 Super Eggman. He uses the Master Emerald instead of the Chaos Emeralds, like Mecha Sonic did.
Does the IDW continuity have humans other than Eggman?
>>22944 It seems to be following the games continuity continuing directly from Forces. So yes, but they're not relevant enough to show up anymore.
>>22945 And if we're to believe that all of the games are canon to one another, which is alluded to in Generations multiple times, then Adventure 1&2 and Unleashed take place in the same world as Forces and therefore have humans. Besides, there has to be other humans in every iteration of Sonic since Robotnik couldn't birth himself.
>>23008 You don't just need Generations to allude to it. Sonic Adventure 1 is built directly upon plot threads from Sonic 1, 2, 3 & Knuckles, and CD. Not just upon plot threads, but upon revisiting the same settings and expanding upon them, to the degree that Ice Cap is in both games. The whole story is based around confirming that the island from Sonic 3 & Knuckles was originally part of the same island that Station Square is on, which also further implies that Station Square is on Westside Island, the island from Sonic 2. To say later games are a different continuity or a different world wouldn't just separate them from the 2D games, it would separate them from Sonic Adventure, which would just be ridiculous. Though Sonic Mania technically is a different timeline, since it follows from "Classic Sonic's" alt-timeline created when the Time Eater invaded Green Hill Zone near the beginning of Sonic 1's time in Generations. Ironically, "Classic Sonic" is specifically not the Sonic from the "Classic" era games, Modern Sonic is. This is why Modern Sonic remembers being in the old locations, but not meeting his own future self. This shouldn't be hard to understand, but people are dumb and don't pay attention.
(133.39 KB 799x1001 Chick_poacher_by_gen8hedgehog.jpg)

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