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(273.98 KB 811x649 1442734361752.png)
/sthg/ - Sonic The Hedgehog General Anonymous 07/30/2020 (Thu) 19:39:02 No. 22340
Welcome to the Sonic General! Here we discuss all things Sonic! /sthg/ #39 - Birthday Gals edition Stay in, stay safe!: https://www.who.int/emergencies/diseases/novel-coronavirus-2019/advice-for-public <Sonic News> >Sage 2020 to Take Place September 5th through September 12th. >IDW Working Out Plans With Sega for Sonic's 30th Anniversary Involving Whisper and Tangle: https://twitter.com/IDWSonicNews/status/1287139802572140544 >Whisper & Tangle Have Been Added to Sonic Forces Speed Battle: https://twitter.com/SEGAHARDlight/status/1280894518259310595 https://twitter.com/SEGAHARDlight/status/1284156383223586818 >Sonic Movie 2 Has Been Given a Release Date of 2022/04/22: http://archive.is/rVYPs >Sonic and Tails R Fanmade Radio Drama Episode 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=siOnf9lsCho >Bentley Jones sings Dreams of an Absolution (Live from Pirate Studios: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FTH5h1tBjX4 >Sonic panel delayed until “things have settled" : https://twitter.com/sonic_hedgehog/status/1250458629427228673 >Sonic World DX - Cream and Cheese Trailer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CcDJU24X6Q >Evan Stanley, known artist and GOTF creator, is becoming a main IDW Sonic writer: https://comicbook.com/gaming/2020/04/14/sonic-the-hedgehog-idw-new-arc-writer-bad-guys-miniseries/#1 >Flynn will work with her: https://twitter.com/SpiritSonic/status/1250106699555299328 >Flynn and Jack Lawrence working on Bad Guys, a 4-issue miniseries focusing on Starline and some other villains: https://www.idwpublishing.com/sonic-the-hedgehog-comic-book-series-welcomes-longtime-artist-evan-stanley-as-ongoing-writer/ >Tentative Upcoming IDW Comic Releases for 28-onward are all some time in June or TBD, and subject to change <General Interest Links> >/fast/ Bunker: https://8chan.moe/fast/ >General Link Compilation: https://pastebin.com/iu99Tb2s >/sthg/ booru: http://sthg.booru.org/ >/sthg/ cytube channel: https://cytu.be/r/sthg >IDW Sonic Comics: https://mega.nz/#F!65oBCaoQ!8lkn8JebzaZensDJbLxDeg Previous Zone: >>21591
(181.15 KB 1186x1800 Edsjgb7XoAIMq0r.jpeg)
(43.82 KB 585x268 podcasts.png)
(39.41 KB 583x247 future.png)
Here's another Bad Guys cover. Also evan did an AMA on twitter a couple of weeks ago, here are a couple of interesting answers. I love tidbits like in the first one so much.
(2.71 MB 3940x2340 Dreamcast_VMUs_Hooked.jpg)
>>22343 Looking forward to Bad Guys, moreso for more Starline and Mimic than any of the other villains >podcasts Has it ever been established what exact era of technology Sonic and friends have?
Who do you think Starline hates the most right now, Sonic or Eggman? >>22344 It seems to vary wildly. They could be comparable to or beyond humans in some instances (like Tails' inventions) but most of the time they seem not to use any technology.
>>22345 eggman duh
>>22344 i swear every fucking time i start discussion in 4chan's sonic general theres this tranny mod that either bans me or starts fucking with people's posts because i dare say i like shadow the hedgehog
(288.39 KB 720x540 beadoll.jpg)
Hello, question: opinion on Tails, or his fans?
>>22349 Greetings. It really is a shame he's being used as the one who has to be saved in the first minute of an action scene in most of the media nowadays. They should really do more with him instead of just "Sonic help me!" Other than that, he's a good character IMO.
(492.99 KB 1303x1847 EUwymvGVAAAf0Ds.jpeg)
>>22347 >every fucking time i start discussion in 4chan >4chan I wonder what could be the problem here. >>22350 Just yesterday I found pic related by accident and was thinking of this. God dammit seeing such a great scene compared to the shit we get like in >>22176 pisses me off so much.
>>22350 >>22351 Thank you for your answers. And that pic is quite nice, wish we had some dnamic like that in games or sequel.
(1.01 MB 1920x1014 SotaroStandLogo.jpg)
Hey, since this place doesn't seem to have any toxic shitposters, what is (You)r honest opinion about pic related?
>>22361 Never heard of it before.
>>22362 Well, you really should check Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog, it's quite bizarre, but also funny series about Sonic and Tails traveling around Mobius. It's available on Youtube last I checked.
>>22351 >22176 pisses me off so much. After so much praise of how IDW was trying to fix tails from forces, we're back at square one again, great. To be fair, it was suppose to be a dark moment were everything is wrong, but it still sucks for fox the boy
>>22361 >>22363 >Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog I really need to rewatch that shit
(677.56 KB 788x651 momdadpicketfence.jpg)
>>22366 It really had very wholesome moments for such a silly series.
(1.92 MB 1986x3056 8a9.jpg)
>>22367 Of course it was the comic that meant it ended up bad
>>22368 >AoStH was a Comic …sir, it's a cartoon. The above is a fan remake comic of one of the scenes.
(129.51 KB 800x1224 sweet_dreams_bookcover.jpeg)
Good night. See you tomorrow, if luck allows. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZBVGRpWCJVw
>>22368 no namefags allowed go back to /random/
(127.83 KB 1185x2116 1.jpg)
(156.39 KB 1202x2055 2.jpg)
(138.83 KB 1473x1328 3.jpg)
(91.58 KB 874x1664 4.jpg)
(141.62 KB 1247x1539 5.jpg)
(62.46 KB 829x834 6.jpg)
(96.87 KB 942x1573 7.jpg)
(52.43 KB 1136x818 8.jpg)
>>22373 Sleep well. >>22375 >>22376 That's cute. Must be boring to be trapped in an island by yourself just to watch over a giant glowing rock all day, every day.
(27.23 KB 480x360 nElBxexdMBw.jpg)
https://youtu.be/nElBxexdMBw Official SAGE 2020 trailer.
>>22361 From what I remember, it was a fun show, but nothing out of the ordinary. Better than Underground, that's for sure.
(222.33 KB 1595x2033 EJ_l_XXYAA2k8W.png)
(99.13 KB 1064x791 EJ_l_ZW4AEOnbS.jpg)
(310.77 KB 1440x1080 overwhelmed.webm)
>>22380 At least he doesn't have to worry about corona-chan, but I bet he receives visits and also talks with Tails and Rotor over the radio. >>22363 Oh, going by your image I thought you were meaning some sort of meme series on youtube or something. I've watched a few episodes of the show, I thought it was fun and I specially love the voice acting in it, the voices are really memorable. That alone makes me want to watch the whole thing but I never actually got to it. Out of all the cartoons I haven't seen it's the one I want to see the most. >>22366 In other circumstances I'd suggest cytubing it but I really don't have the time that would demand sadly.
>>22380 >Must be boring to be trapped in an island by yourself just to watch over a giant glowing rock all day, every day. Well, I mean, after SA2, he doesn't really seem to stay on the island all that much.
Morning /fast/! Ya'll do anything interesting lately?
I finally went from Windows 7 to 10 and switched from an hdd to ssd, if that counts as interesting.
>>22386 >went from Windows 7 to 10
(174.59 KB 680x674 1429325775263.png)
>>22385 Organized my new Sonic art folders these past few days, some 700+ files. Unfortunately I still don't have the patience to import everything into Hydrus. >>22386 >went from Windows 7 to 10
Any game that requires internet connection AND captcha isn't worth playing.
(688.60 KB 1069x492 1442175564706.png)
(690.03 KB 1069x492 1460090622896.png)
(688.70 KB 1069x492 1461712664748.png)
>>22387 >>22388 It was only inevitable.
>>22391 Not really. I've been on Linux for close to a year now, I'm so happy I shit rainbows every day.
(636.46 KB 1200x1215 1501184924_neganeon_072717.png)
>>22392 How's the gaming on it? I want to move over but I can't bring myself to believe it'd be worth it in the long run
>>22392 Yeah, I would like to move to Linux, but that would mean using wine for like 98% of the games I play, and wine isn't 100% compatible with everything.
(11.59 MB 1280x720 aa.webm)
>>22394 >>22393 In my case, Wine has handled 100% of the games I've thrown at it. I've tried older games (StarCraft, Far Cry 3, STALKER, Sleeping Dogs) and more recent games (GTA V, Doom 2016, Fallout 4, among others), and they've all worked great. Sometimes you do have to tinker a bit with things to make them run but overall I'm very happy, it has surpassed expectations. I've uploaded a few webms here of my playthrough of Forces, which was actually done on Wine too. I imagine you'd run into problems if you tried to make it run non pirated stuff that's protected with new versions of Denuvo or stuff from the Chinese stores or stuff that requires anticheats, but fortunately none of those were my case. If in doubt, there are online databases of compatibility that you can check to see if the game that you want to run has any chances of running or not. >I can't bring myself to believe it'd be worth it in the long run I think it's the opposite. Windows has been on steady decline for years and Linux has more users and support every day.
Although all the Sonic contestants have failed to win a belt in 8chanmania. There was a special "side story" among 2 others that played after The Final Chance Tag Team Mania's conclusion. The first was about the humorous confrontation over corndogs between The Legends of the Galactic Heroes Team consisting of Walter and Yang against the Youtube Poop Duo of King Harkinian and Dr Robotnik's AoSTH incarnation. Poor guys were often eliminated early and even then they couldn't catch a break against the doc's girth If anyone's interested, the part 1 finale should air later today at 2 or 3 PM EST, which may or may not include anything more than Sonic cameos or references at best considering the franchise's aforementioned inability to win any bouts. Nevertheless, it's the end of an 8chan OC era.
(157.76 KB 768x1024 DLd_q4V4AAR8_i.jpg)
How do you guys feel about ocs and did you have ocs before Forces? Do you think there's a chance the oc creation features will return in a later game? >>22399 I wish I could watch these but my internet is absolutely terrible. I'd spend more time waiting for the video to buffer than actually watching the video
It was Jun's birthday again today, god damn how time flies.
>>22402 Based Jun. I wonder if he still enjoys making music as much as he did in his youth
>>22401 I hate OCs, I've been anon for too long and as a concept they stand in stark contrast with anon. Exceptions are mascots since then it doesn't conflict. Needless to say I've never had an OC. I hope the OC creator doesn't return for a number of reasons, but I feel we've not seen the last of it since it was well received in Forces and it did a good job at creating conversation about the game in social media for obvious reasons, and it feels like this is the only thing they care about nowadays. On the other hand I don't think we'll see it back so soon or at least not the way it was in Forces given that it basically requires the game to be made around it and I don't think they'll be eager to do that so soon, lol.
>>22402 Oh wow, how did that slip by me?
>>22340 >birthday gals did I miss their birthdays?
(15.33 KB 291x349 flockdraw.png)
>>22406 Tuesday and Wednesday.
(234.91 KB 1920x1080 sonicsit1.png)
(1.64 MB 4032x3024 Ed8UP7wXYAAh34M.jpeg)
(997.47 KB 2807x3214 Ed8UR8PWkAEmig2.jpeg)
(135.34 KB 500x500 59920767_p1.png)
I want one.
(24.53 KB 480x360 Lv7EiS4MXmQ.jpg)
https://youtube.com/watch?v=Lv7EiS4MXmQ Is it me or does this sound similar to Chrome Gadget?
(426.80 KB 823x1200 1501824575266.png)
(114.83 KB 571x800 hat2.png)
This is Sage and today is her birthday. Say something nice about her!
(26.84 KB 480x360 8Ywbskx2_BU.jpg)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Ywbskx2_BU >>22411 Oh damn, it's completely different from the final tune. And it's a fine tune in its own right, but the final one sets the mood so much better, and basically the same thing with Act 1. I wonder why they decided to finally go with pretty much the same tune for both acts instead of having 2 separate ones like here.
>>22412 Sage does nothing.
>>22413 >wonder why they went with two different tunes They were probably doing what they originally intended to do for the game and created a tune for each act. Then I imagine somewhere along the way, someone decided that remixing the zone music would be both sufficient and efficient versus a completely new tune per act. This could explain why the final half of the game (Sonic 3) has such lazy remixes compared to the first half
>>22411 >>22413 >>22415 I believe, if I remember correctly, artists like MJ and that guy from the Jetzons were brought on the project late in development, so they more than likely didn't have the time to do entirely separate songs for each act.
>>22412 Happy birthday sloth. You're grumpy but cute.
(8.93 KB 480x360 cJSEBQctjHM.jpg)
https://youtube.com/watch?v=cJSEBQctjHM >>22416 >that guy from the jetzons Brad Buxer. Speaking of him and his group, I've been listening to a few songs they did and I have yet to find one that grabs you the same way Hard Times does.
>>22415 >This could explain why the final half of the game (Sonic 3) has such lazy remixes compared to the first half Huh, I've never noticed this until now but there's clearly a difference in how they approached the first few act 2 tunes compared to the rest. I just listened to Hydrocity Act 2 and now you have to do it too!
Today's Bump's birthday! >greet deer >post deer >praise deer
Anyone have a link to the unfinished Archie comics?
>>22427 The restored issue was storytimed here in the storytime thread. I have the original issues that ABT dropped on /sthg/ way back then but I'm not sure if it's the complete thing. If you want what I have I could upload it.
>>22425 I'm still dumbfounded that a general managed to make such a good mascot OC, and get artists that have worked on the franchise do art of her. Now she just needs an easter egg cameo in one of the games and the ritual will be complete.
>>22428 I'll take whatever you have. I'm primarily interested in the black and white unfinished drawings. A link will do too if it'll save you some trouble >>22429 I'm more dumbfounded that a design was ever agreed upon
>>22429 I am too, but I find a lot of anon groups somehow manage to create surprisingly good mascots. >easter egg cameo I'm kind of peeved that 4/co/ managed to get a cameo in the comics but not Bump.
>>22431 >Battle Bump >that model Nice. Bump and Sage game when?
>>22432 Never ever, only teases until the end of time.
(132.18 KB 1625x770 yosi_.jpg)
>>22431 >>22425 worse girl nu-edggman is far more sexy >>22433 >Boobphysics lewd
(115.29 KB 460x621 1408517750638.jpg)
(475.29 KB 800x700 1408785148992.png)
(859.60 KB 1440x640 1469311560760.jpg)
(499.89 KB 240x289 1383835654962.gif)
>>22435 This picture seems a big odd considering there was a wacky cartoon scientist Robotnik around the same time as SatAM.
(931.23 KB 1349x2048 Eer67NvXgAIaHHs.jpeg)
(440.19 KB 1423x2160 Eer7G6HX0AUvXqj.jpeg)
New IDW #31 covers! >dissing on Rough & Tumble This is NOT okay!
>>22440 Just how many OCs went missing?
>>22441 There were huge cities chock full of them, so I imagine more than you can count.
>Just saw a kid wearing a Sonic shirt on the news If any burgers want to see if he will show up again, the station is WAVY. Segment was on California crops and how covid impacts workers
Does anyone here happen to frequent Inkbunny?
>>22445 How often you download content from it?
>>22446 I'm say once every three days or so
>>22447 Any favorite characters, or do you just download anything Sonic related? I usually do it in once a week or so.
>>22448 Mostly favorite characters and looking for old art that looks decent enough to download. I sometimes spend an hour or so adding proper tags for Sonic characters. Already a pain in the butt trying to find the art so I may as well save some other sod the trouble
>>22449 I know, it's frustrating losing a piece of art into endless sea of other posts. Just last week I happened into someone being quite new to this, since it had no species, or character names, only vague tags of this OC, and some random other tags that hd less than 500 related posts. It had been a new upload. And of course before I could download it, my bowser crashed, losing it seemingly forever. How much into details can I go in this board?
>>22450 >how far into detail can I go here Probably not very. But I'm assuming you would like me to download it for you and post it somewhere preferably somewhere that won't get either of us banned from that place . Name a place and we can continue there
>>22451 4chan's trash might be a good place. There's a Sonic thread there that allows this sort of stuff.
>>22452 Meet you there
(166.88 KB 326x745 binocularsVex.jpg)
Well, while that piece of detective work didn't born fruit, I appreciate the effort. Thanks.
>>22446 >How often you download content from it? I used to do it every few weeks but lately I've become too busy and focused on other things sadly. I always hated how long it would take me to download everything I wanted when I sat down to do it. >>22450 That's weird, when Firefox crashes it'll ask you to restore the tabs from before the crash and it's hard to imagine Chrome not doing something similar. You might want to look into some session manager add on. Take a look into your browsing history, maybe the browser had already recorded your visit to that page before it crashed. >>22449 >I sometimes spend an hour or so adding proper tags for Sonic characters You're the hero we need. I once tried to import my SFW Sonic folders into Hydrus so that I would have everything ready for posting in the general, but that was such a huge pain in the ass and it would take me so long I ended up giving up, but it is a dream when you do have everything neatly ordered and tagged. I probably should have settled for using less tags and taking less time per image because it's better to have at least some tags on your images than having none like how I ended up.
>>22455 >it'll ask you to restore the tabs two words: private session. And the uploader had deleted the pic already. But still, the fact that there is someone like >>22449 willing to tag and look up pic from description put smile on my face
(593.04 KB 963x800 Evil_vs_Enemy_unbreakablebond.jpg)
Anyways, since there are like 3 posters, myself included, what is the oldest pieces of work you sepcifically looked up to save in case artist went nuclear?
(47.02 KB 945x715 A_zvu4GCMAA2U_.jpg)
(91.91 KB 720x960 BcQCierCAAAi9Hj.jpg)
>>22457 Probably stuff from Japanese artists' twitters like pic related because those are volatile as hell. But I didn't start doing this so long ago and was never hugely into it, for the most part I used to just download stuff that was posted in the general.
(266.88 KB 831x405 ialwayscomeback.jpg)
>>22458 Yea, I know that feeling. Sometimes I browse my folders and start wondering if the artist who made a pic is still around, that is if I remember who drew it in a first place.
(17.16 KB 320x320 mc.jpg)
>>22459 It's worse when you look at your folders and you recognize artists that you actually know are not around anymore. Like Aoki
>>22460 First "art" I ever saved were from Athus. He passed away in 2011.
(201.97 KB 1500x844 EeyXO_TUMAACTLf.jpeg)
New Sonic channel pic! Is it just me or the Rogues have been getting a lot of attention lately? >>22461 No idea who he was and seems google doesn't know either.
>>22462 He was a furry, madde furry stuff in early 2000s.
(136.69 KB 2190x1200 alone_4_.jpg)
>>22464 thanks
>>22461 >>22460 >Athus >Aoki Show art pls, is there an archive for the art?
>>22466 Aoki's Tumblr is still up. https://aoki6311.tumblr.com/
(308.81 KB 724x735 Ss2.png)
Why was this cool design never used? Why are there so many different Mecha / Metal Sonic's but all we get is the same one?
Metal Sonic is an actual character. The rest were just one-off bosses, with the exception of S&K Mecha, which is this weird hybrid that doesn't really exhibit any personality of its own, but still has more plot involvement than the other one-offs.
(44.85 KB 574x320 aaron.png)
Aaron finally commented on what he's going to be doing after quitting the Sonic social media team. He made the jump to SoJ as a director, which sounds like a pretty big deal but considering where he comes from it doesn't sound likely that it is. I hope he doesn't screw with Sonic Channel. Actually I hope he gets us back the more elaborate Sonic Channel wallpapers. You'd better deliver meme man!
>>22474 So now he's a community manager… manager?
(21.85 KB 897x300 sonic_twitter.png)
Can anyone make sense of this? The official Sonic Twitter account experienced a huge amount of growth that sustained itself for a few years allowing the account to reach the 5.8 million followers it has today, but at some point it just seemed to completely stop in it's tracks. I did a quick look up to confirm what I thought and it seems that around July last year the account went from having hundreds of thousands of new followers each month, to literally zero. It completely flat lined in a way that feels completely unnatural and they haven't gained any new followers ever since, and it's been more than a year. What the actual fuck? This does not make any sense. Were they buying followers?
>>22476 It looks more like the rapid growth stopped around Jul 2018, not last year.
(182.73 KB 830x1200 DOMzyy1U8AERRcl.jpg)
Good afternoon /fast/! Do any Sonic related activities lately?
>>22481 Not much. Got that TSR tumbler from sega's merch site and have been watching raocow's All the Sonics lps, but that's been about it.
(249.42 KB 1024x632 1494994754300.png)
>>22481 Haven't been doing much Sonic related, still quite busy. What about you? That first image makes me curious, how many of you have actually played TSR?
>>22483 >how many of you have actually played TSR? I did, at least through the story campaign. I couldn't get any online races when I tried. Wasn't a big fan of the team mechanic, especially when you're dependent on stupid AI racers to place high along with you.
>>22484 The t.eam mechanic sounds like a great idea but they really shouldn't have made you rely on your teammates' positions in order to win. I haven't played TSR so I'd like to know: Can you can give your partners items?
>>22484 Playing a game so dependent on team mechanics just with AIs sounds like an awful time unfortunately. Honestly, creating a game that depends so much on team mechanics feels a bit like shooting yourself in the foot, it sounds like something that would make developing something viable a lot harder than it needs to be. >>22485 Not that anon but I think you could, although it doesn't sound like something very useful or flexible to justify doing it. Maybe anon can elaborate on whether this is the case or not.
>>22485 You can offer your current item up, and then either of your two team members can take it. You can also ask for an item if you need it. The problem is, if you're up ahead, you're probably not getting items useful for your team if they're in the back, especially if you're a speed type and keep getting the fire trail wisp. When you're up in first, you're pretty much reliant on your team being good enough drivers to catch up or you have to risk falling back temporarily to help them out more directly.
>>22484 >>22487 Oh, and team ultimates suck, too. Because they give you a speed boost and invulnerability for a time, and even optimum teamwork won't get you many over the race, the best strategy, unless you're waaaaaay far back, is to hold onto it until close to the very end where you can activate it to either zoom past your opponents without giving them time to catch up before the finish or keep your lead if you're already in front. I can't tell you how many times I was about to win only for someone like Team Dark to activate their ultimate, zoom past me, and win before I could do anything about it.
>>22488 Oh, OH, and you get a bonus to your ultimate if everyone on the team activates it at the same time. This is a problem with the AI because they can just decide they want to activate your team ultimate right now and you have to go along with it if you want to get the most out of your bar.
>>22487 >either of your teammates can take it Sounds ok in theory but they should have made it so you can choose who you give the item to >have to rely on the AI at being good enough drivers to keep / catch up Now this doesn't sound fun. If I had the game I'd dig into which characters have good AI and whether your partner's AI scales with the difficulty, your position, and their distance from 1st place
>>22490 In my experience, the AI are usually decent with at least staying in the middle of the pack, if not close up to you in front, but they have times where they either suck or get screwed over or something, because I've lost races I've gotten first in because they were so far behind another team got more points overall.
>>22491 The one time rubberbanding would've made sense…
>>22492 Agreed. At the very least it should exist when playing offline
(5.35 KB 454x140 nightmare_goggles.png)
Reminder that it's been 5 months since we were supposed to get Sonic news.
(598.81 KB 1024x2048 ESk3wMwU8AIfBr8.jpeg)
(382.72 KB 2048x1536 Ee8MWHdVoAE8gk5.jpeg)
(482.48 KB 1024x2048 EfC2yYhU0AEq9t_.jpeg)
Holy shit someone actually restored the statue. Don't say autism never accomplished anything ever again! People really love Sonic huh?
>>22477 Yes, I misread, but that doesn't change much.
I'm edting a Sonic 30th anniverssary video in the style of these vids but it'll be about 4 minutes https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KGDkcfeGUbI https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JdoWJywrOuw So here's the music I got so far (intro) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WnpFjobTBFA (Fun montage) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MoubaWRkuHk I wanna do a quick "Sonic was never good" sequence which represents a low point. But can't seem to fine a song from a sonic game where it's one droning note like https://youtu.be/_VA2PBLiqMg?t=165 (Tails' speech from OK KO) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x94Aq8X3y8U and then a finale song which I'm stumped on which to use https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rAG8NAfh6vM The bentley jones cover of they call me sonic is great, but I fear that it'll be overused by Sonic's 30th anniverssary. So I might save $$ to pay a musician on fiverr or something to make a bombastic orchestral cover of Scrap Brain zone but any other suggestions for the final song?
(214.71 KB 380x698 spider_man.png)
(143.25 KB 325x331 meme_machine_aaron.png)
(85.64 KB 288x330 young_aaron.png)
>>22497 Is it just me or does he resemble Aaron a lot? >The bentley jones cover of they call me sonic is great I didn't even know they had done this. Why would they do this, I can't ever unhear this song. >I fear that it'll be overused by Sonic's 30th anniverssary Really? I don't think the original song or the cover are that popular You seem to know the OSTs better than me and I'm sure you've been combing them to find your answers so unfortunately I can't help, but I'm looking forward to the result!
(199.59 KB 1920x1080 knux.jpeg)
(72.32 KB 1200x855 monkey_hand.jpg)
(297.16 KB 604x470 hardlight.png)
>knuckles' hat makes a comeback >it's in a mobile game >mfw The good thing is that at least this sets a precedent. On a different note, Hardlight's PR department needs a long overdue culling.
>>22503 Is Tikal still unlockable in Speed Battle? Thinking of giving the game a try
>>22504 She might be but not for long if they're going to focus on Knuckles and Rouge soon. She'll probably make a comeback or three later though, they can't afford her not to.
(214.95 KB 1292x1045 EJUig_QUwAA9t9K.jpeg)
(610.00 KB 1000x1000 ENqnJYHUUAAi_q4.jpeg)
(147.29 KB 354x472 EYdmAppUYAAP3lJ.png)
(44.70 KB 853x1134 EYjHAG2XYAEh8nV.jpeg)
(788.68 KB 1723x2391 HarmonyInsideCover.jpg)
(325.61 KB 589x729 expl.png)
A few days ago a new image was uncovered showing entries from Sega's internal competition to redesign Sonic back in the 90s. 4 is creepy as fuck, I bet that guy contributed some sketches for Terios. 1 is cutie patootie.
>>22512 Pretty neat. 4 reminds me of Scourge right before he turned green
>>22512 Seeing these, I wonder which other characters had internal contests for their design(s)
(58.92 KB 842x595 cute_sonic.jpg)
It's Sunday night. Do you know where your Sonic is? Does anyone else think the pastebin could use a bit of updating?
(145.47 KB 1024x834 1406092857434.jpg)
>>22521 I just went to check, he's still on my bed the lazy shit. >pic cute >pastebin I wonder if anyone actually uses it. I doubt most people even know it exists.
>>22523 That's cute.
(1.30 MB 3195x3541 82977040_p0.png)
Got Indiana Knuckles in Dash. Glad we finally know for sure Sega can still use the hat and is willing to. Get fucked, Penders.
(4.53 MB 1280x720 can_we.webm)
(4.88 MB 1280x720 for_the_love_of_fuck.webm)
(3.75 MB 1280x720 get_another_sonic_anime.webm)
>>22531 Did you start playing just because of them? Gonna keep playing to unlock other characters?
>>22532 I started playing once the Tangle and Whisper events started. I've just been playing it when I've had downtime at work, now. Accidentally missed the Big and Metal events, though, since they both happened over weekends.
>>22531 I still keep wondering how the f Penders would try to claim the hat for himself? It's from OVA unrelated to Archie.
>>22534 I forgot, what's the source of Penders trying to claim rights on Knuckles' hat? The thing with the Archie characters is well known because of the lawsuits but the thing with the hat I only remember from people repeating it for years.
>>22535 Well, I remeber it was propably because of Pender's lawsuit Knuckles wasn't allowed to have OVA hat, and Archie had used that previously, or something. Until recent mobile game update, that is
>>22535 >>22542 He also gave his not-Knuckles a very similar hat in Lara-Su Chronicles.
(282.67 KB 428x476 1445053435877.png)
>>22546 I wonder how bitter he is that he was kicked off Archie that he has to keep doing shit like this. By the way how long has it been since he announced Lara Su Chronicles without any hint of a release date?
(400.25 KB 1217x1050 1507598207829.png)
(513.63 KB 1400x1050 1507598330618.png)
(627.26 KB 1280x1598 1507594333628.png)
(458.79 KB 900x604 EMOi57fUEAE2brX.jpg)
(189.46 KB 1280x1718 EKKXImUXUAUNOQC.jpg)
(154.52 KB 1781x1215 ELIHp47UYAAP9FP.jpeg)
>>22550 It's been a rumor for some time that Sega was going to launch several PC ports or remakes of Sonic games for the 30th anniversary, maybe there was some truth to it. I really hope they port Unleashed already, that would sell like hotcakes. Also the article reminds me that Sega's fiscal report came out a few days ago and Sonic was their 4th highest grossing franchise. From memory, Football Manager was 3rd and I think Persona was 1st. Wish Sonic were higher but he hasn't really had a main game in several years so I think it's pretty good. Amy is cute
(6.79 MB 1920x1080 cut.webm)
(3.91 MB 1920x1080 cut2.webm)
(182.19 KB 620x750 1436696306593.jpg)
He looks so good now! I want a giant Sonic statue of my own
(841.63 KB 1920x1200 wallpaper_190_rouge_14_pc.png)
Bat tits is the Sonic wallpaper character for September!
>>22570 I really just want to unload on Rouge tats.
>>22570 Does Uekawa have a twitter or anything for random drawings?
>>22576 No, he's very low profile. He has no social media that I know of and doesn't seem to be featured in videos or events except maybe once every few years. Makes me sad, I'd love to see more of his drawings and learn more about him. I actually asked Aaron in one of the streams if we would ever see him as a guest in videos or events in the west. I got a generic PR response back but at least the message reached him.
(1009.60 KB 2253x1265 EgUFhUCU0AArN4b.jpeg)
(663.71 KB 2150x2150 EgO5SyVU4AAsYJq.jpeg)
(319.94 KB 564x544 newbumb.png)
bumping thread in new board
(387.98 KB 449x617 1469245026454.png)
Bump test
IDW #31 previews are in! This is some nice art. Smug Sonic is best Sonic.
(391.66 KB 1345x1802 EgXIZeTWoAg4ppf.jpeg)
(319.49 KB 1348x1802 EgXIZeUXgAE8SC9.jpeg)
(347.34 KB 1342x1803 EgXIZegWoAElS5t.jpeg)
(21.57 KB 202x207 n.png)
>>22694 The images did not upload...? 2nd try...
>>22695 Images are working for me. Takes a minute to load though
(444.36 KB 1186x1800 Ef8lM3wXgAAoUuU.jpeg)
(251.03 KB 1186x1800 Ef8l1MgXsAEsntK.jpeg)
(1.14 MB 2063x3131 Ef8kYIoXoAUAZ1l.jpeg)
(305.10 KB 1186x1800 Ef8ktUTXYAE69He.jpeg)
>>22695 Some more IDW tidbits. >IDW #31 releases next week on September 2nd >Bad Guys #1 has been delayed to September 23rd for now
(563.29 KB 1920x1200 wallpaper_099_amy_08_pc.png)
(418.56 KB 1920x1200 wallpaper_123_rouge_09_pc.png)
>>22801 They really aced the covers for #35, I bet there are lots more Easter Eggs I'm missing. #31 looks to be a really fun one too. I wonder if this is the start of evan's run.
Oh wow, this board's been migrated, sweet!. To kick things off, the final 8chanmania wrestling bout (#100) will begin early at 1 PM EST. It'll be especially long with 80+ matches, I'll let you know if any of the previous characters show up for anyone interested.
(583.77 KB 821x623 999.png)
>>22801 >>22802 If it's wrong to love a bat I don't want to be right, that outfit is absolutely wonderful on her.
(291.52 KB 1920x1080 EgH7Z6GX0AAw9OZ.jpeg)
(263.42 KB 1920x1080 EZRwgDZWoAAc4tl.jpeg)
>>22503 They're adding Excalibur Sonic to the game now. I don't like these faggots but they sometimes get an A for effort.
(5.87 MB 852x384 anim.webm)
(46.66 KB 110x115 1439662918170.gif)
>>22824 Who made this?
(1.30 MB 1280x720 31anim.mp4)
>>22695 >>22801 >IDW #31 releases next week on September 2nd Pushed back to the 16th. FUG >>22825 I wish I knew, the production values are through the roof for a fan animation even if the content may not be to everyone's tastes.
(250.90 KB 850x850 2009_0027.jpg)
(192.01 KB 708x850 2009_0010.jpg)
(135.33 KB 601x850 2009_0013.jpg)
(282.64 KB 575x850 2009_0022.jpg)
(380.65 KB 1656x1272 virtanderson_EgJl8HTWsAQMbMs.png)
Any of you play the mobile games? Do you enjoy them? Are they fun?
>>22830 I enjoyed Forces for a while, it almost feels like Sonic Rivals except for phones. Dash was ok but they never updated it and it got old real quick.
>>22830 Not anymore. I played Dash when it was new but I didn't think it was anything special. I also played Runners when it was new (well, technically before that, with the leaked apk) and that shit was actually fun, but then they became really jewish with the updates and the roulette and then they canned it. I still don't understand how that game ended up performing so much below expectations that they canned it out of the blue, but Dash performed so much above expectations that Sega wouldn't stop talking about it in corporate presentations and everywhere else too. Runner's music is GOAT though. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kfzt8GNoANc https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0xurfUSmKYw https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Iv3rjhvfvFs
(53.17 KB 484x462 Is this a capybara.PNG)
(218.79 KB 1464x1776 Egsal32XYAAAFRU.jpeg)
Ultimate clown
(11.82 MB 640x360 sonicgalactic.mp4)
(9.20 MB 640x360 Core Framework Evolution.webm)
(7.63 MB 640x360 Sonic Freedom.mp4)
(481.98 KB 640x480 sonicCrackers.mp4)
Reminder that SAGE is going on right now! https://www.sonicfangameshq.com/SAGE/ Their site is fucked up at the moment so here's an alternate list of games and download links https://tailschannel.com/sonic-the-hedgehog/community/sage/sage2020-list-of-games/
(247.03 KB 978x2064 EgzgmhdXcAYxIxL.jpeg)
(244.05 KB 978x2064 Egzgmy9WkAAIR-e.jpeg)
(16.77 KB 123x234 1407456569930.jpg)
>>22840 That's so cute! When I get myself together I'm getting some custom Sonic plushes made >>22839 Did anyone from /fast/ ever enter SAGE or the Sonic Hacking contest?
>>22841 >getting some custom Sonic plushes made I've been wanting to do this for years. I'll get to it one day! For the past few years it's been getting easier and easier to get custom plushies made. >Did anyone from /fast/ ever enter SAGE or the Sonic Hacking contest? I don't think so, though a few anons were working on fangames before 8chan died and I think one of them wanted to enter either this or next year. From 4/sthg/ the guy from Green Hill Paradise probably did at one point or another. Holy shit this video does not encode nicely
(63.78 KB 1920x1080 iahufezqy6m01.jpg)
"New games" and "major announcements" https://archive.vn/XjevT I am prepared to be disappointed, but I'd love to be proven wrong. What are the odds we actually get a sequel to Mania? And why has it taken this long if they were interested in pursuing it?
>>22846 >Expecting SEGA to keep a schedule Probably internal delays, but they'll blame Wuhan Flu and everyone will forgive them.
(174.44 KB 722x900 Sonic-Event-Feb-6-Invite.jpg)
(94.64 KB 357x336 knuckles cheat.png)
>>22845 >there will be major announcements and new games for the 30th anniversary Who would have thought! Shit is so barren that we keep getting these completely empty news articles and it's peeving. >the publisher is planning “a year of celebrations” for its mascot pics related God only knows what they have planned. Maybe there will be another Classic Sonic game, maybe there will be a Movie Sonic game, maybe there will be more mobile games. But hopefully Sonic Team won't try their hand again at making a Classic Sonic game themselves while the fans expect mania-tier quality out of a Classic Game. >And why has it taken this long if they were interested in pursuing it? Perhaps they think Classic can't stand on his own so they wanted to wait for the next Modern game to have them team up in some way again. So far all of Classic's appearances have been together or related to Modern. I'm sure that would go down well with the fanbase however... >>22846 Kek. Honestly considering all the excuses they've put to not show what they were going to show at SXSW I'm getting more inclined to believe it was just something small and dumb and not an actual announcement of any sort. Now with how much anticipation there is for whatever they were going to show and how there's been literally nothing to look forward to in all these months, they've done a good job to ensure it's never going to meet the expectations.
(149.88 KB 1226x1226 EJV4Bc3VUAAxT_w.jpeg)
(115.45 KB 1226x1226 EJV4Bc0VUAA37Gk.jpeg)
(167.26 KB 1226x1226 EJV4Bc3UwAAvnxO.jpeg)
(217.30 KB 1751x1227 EL76fvSUwAACsCp.jpeg)
(302.94 KB 2048x1448 ESxABRGU0AAnSxL.jpeg)
(433.57 KB 500x292 sonicRPG.mp4)
(801.48 KB 388x322 sonicRecharged.mp4)
(884.34 KB 300x244 sonicOtherWorld.mp4)
(21.07 KB 300x300 sonic1PointAndClick.mp4)
(849.83 KB 316x316 sonicAllStars.mp4)
(1.54 MB 1172x720 1.webm)
(1.03 MB 1172x720 2.webm)
You faggots playing anything?
>>22854 Unfortunately, no. My graphics card and drivers are fucked currently
(273.65 KB 564x273 this is fine.png)
(14.92 MB 1920x1080 ninjala.webm)
Last month news dropped that Sonic was doing a collab with Ninjala, and today some more info came out regarding that. The collaboration will run between September 23rd to October 21st and they'll be adding some Sonic costumes for characters in Ninjala to wear and some Sonic stickers and decorations. Man I want another Sonic fighting game so bad
>>22858 I was never able to get into that game, but to be fair I only played it for about half an hour or so. Might check it out for this collab though.
(41.15 KB 478x524 nuecp74aipdz.jpg)
Cybershell has uploaded a new video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SORYL5J1Heg The world might actually be ending.
(37.33 KB 600x341 1413242510704.jpg)
>>22860 >ecelebs
>>22860 I'm sure all his fans are glad he's finally back. Did he mention why he went dark?
>>22860 >Andrew Kiker uploads Patreon subscriber content free to audience after three year absence milking Patreon subscribers until they finally all gave up, which makes him immediately return to upload old content to milk new subs for more money 'tis good to not be a paypig.
(11.86 KB 328x212 1407893877588.jpg)
(21.29 KB 292x272 1411496018806.png)
(732.21 KB 500x351 1431537882771.gif)
(242.58 KB 324x493 1417029344769.png)
(48.28 KB 304x256 1444718322908.png)
There's no way this is true but if it is we're getting Forces 2 for 2021. https://archive.is/yspWP
>>22865 Christ When will they learn?
(5.26 KB 148x125 9957.png)
>>22865 Not all that surprised tbh. All I want to see is if there is any passion and improvement over Forces. If it is, then I guess I'll hang around for a few more years
(94.62 KB 1306x1302 2020-Sonic30th_Logo.png)
(297.59 KB 797x2962 30th-fullpage.png)
The first bits of concrete 30th anniversary news have hit! Seems Sega's going to start marketing the anniversary and the merchandise they are preparing for it soon, and now we have a logo as well as a description of the first wave of items! Probably the most interesting thing is the Classic Sonic comic, in addition to the mini series which according to what IDW has mentioned in the past will probably be about/include Tangle and Whisper. https://www.sonicstadium.org/2020/09/huge-first-wave-of-sonic-30th-anniversary-merchandise-announced-coming-in-december/
>>22868 Good. It's about time
>>22868 >tfw almost exactly as old as Sonic and will forever have unfortunate temporal realities delivered to me by a blue hedgehog At least I'll have Sonic themed gamer fuel for my radical 30s.
>>22865 >claim without any evidence besides an easily faked screenshot that isn't even consistent with itself >"sexy" edit of Sonic movie is first picture >written as if Forces did well critically and fans want more of it Yeah, gonna call bullshit on this one.
>>22873 Fake or not, it's not unlikely. Forces was successful to Sega and there are fans of the game and what it did
(142.08 KB 600x503 doubt.jpg)
>>22875 >Forces was successful to Sega I know they said it was but what else were they going to say about their product? I don't think anyone really felt that it was a success.
>>22876 They could have said sales didn't meet expectations
>>22495 Thank you autism
Are we back?
(12.37 KB 320x224 time for some ninjas.png)
(13.82 KB 320x224 cheating in road rash.png)
Y'all ever get in that mood where you just want to play old games from your childhood for a while? Well I'm in that mood right now. >>22885 Spoiling Bump with belly rubs! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wIrnrnkajPM
(10.35 KB 336x150 1405576131580.jpg)
>>22888 >road rash I played the N64 version a ton as a kid. I don't know if I was retarded or the game legitimately got that unfair but I could never actually get to the end of the game. As you progressed the races ended up becoming too long and the new bikes too expensive and I couldn't actually ever finish the game! >vid That's so fucking cute. Wish we still got drawfags
(287.22 KB 890x501 SuperShadow-3840x2160.jpg)
(402.63 KB 1236x1080 f4f.png)
(793.41 KB 2312x1300 EiMjkpGU0AEDtQj.jpeg)
F4F are doing a Super Shadow statue and I want one. Anyone want to bet how many millions it's going to cost? Also TGS is next week and Sega and Atlus are going to have a stream, hopefully we'll get some news.
>>22891 >Super Shadow gets a model before he's ever been seen again in a console game T-thanks Sega >TGS next week oh god please let there be a screenshot, a title drop, or something
>>22891 I understand that shadow isn't as bad as people make him out to be, but I still don't know why anyone above the age of thirteen would be an unironic fan of him
(436.35 KB 1920x1080 ekptxtrj32w21.jpg)
>>22893 Because he has a decent character arc in his debut. He's completely wasted after, but those old enough to remember when he was only in one game will probably be more forgiving.
>>22893 Do you feel the same way about Vegeta?
>>22893 The same could be said about any Sonic character really. Ultimately everyone picks bits and pieces of the meager characterization that Sega gives them and forms a backstory that makes sense to them and fills in the bits and pieces missing. So with this in mind and considering his story and characterization he's an interesting character, plus he's pretty powerful which always attracts fans on its own. Also he's got tons of merch and he's cute.
>>22895 I was more talking about shadow's design, but yes.
>>22893 Because Blaze's entire character arc was relegated to two DS games that the majority ignored or forgot about.
(253.83 KB 1440x810 EiOOpymWkAEppVy.jpeg)
<'Ho, that’s rare of you to be this considerate, isn’t it?’ >In one room of a base, Orbot and Cubot appreciate Eggman who is busy preparing for world domination late into the night by bringing him some late night snacks. How wholesome! >Today is boomer Respect-for-the-Aged Day in Japan. We are sending warm support to our great seniors of life and every one of you for doing your best!
(129.64 KB 1280x720 cult meeting.jpg)
Hey guys, can you let me know when the next meeting is? I kinda missed the last one, so I didn't get a copy of the new schedule. Praise be to speed and such, Brothers and Sisters.
(113.15 KB 282x148 1469242439584.png)
>>22913 Is that new art??
>>22914 It's from Ross Scott's latest video, calling us the "cult of Sonic".
>>22916 Any idea what's the original source for the Sonic pic in the background?
(485.17 KB 2048x1859 EiOPQghXsAo4qxU.jpeg)
(763.83 KB 2048x1988 EiOPRhFWAAIHFK7.jpeg)
(706.72 KB 2048x1951 EiOPSj9XgAEAikL.jpeg)
(538.79 KB 2006x2048 EiOQDJ9XsAQrElJ.jpeg)
(664.80 KB 2016x2048 EiULxebWoAM7Xdh.jpeg)
Some Herms sketches he posted to commemorate SatAM's anniversary a few days ago. Before the redesigns...
(1.10 MB 2125x2099 EiOQb2hXYAAQ468.jpeg)
(1.85 MB 2785x2828 EiOQd9JXkAYbIQL.jpeg)
(1.65 MB 2747x2538 EiOQfZnXkAAIdY5.jpeg)
(1.30 MB 2716x2692 EiOQiAmX0AAGUcp.jpeg)
(574.15 KB 1963x2046 EiULxeZXYAYTr0X.jpeg)
>>22918 And after the redesigns. God dammit I really wanted to see more of this Ant and his new gear. That was such a good fucking issue.
>>22917 No clue, sorry.
>>22913 >That Sonic stained glass >that bottom glass between the cultists That's some nice detail
>>22890 There's a few left on this /v/. This was completed in the previous drawthread months ago, but was saving it for CD's anniversary this year >>22916 Well, that reminds me that there actually used to be a website called Sonic Cult that was like a proto Sonic Retro community for older Sonic fans. Documented the old Sonic prototypes and interviews, among other things. Not without its very own drama amongst themselves, too.
(131.77 KB 1000x1000 EinJW--XcAsgVyw.jpeg)
Silver and Classic Sonic Funkos coming 2021. I hate this style
(21.88 KB 250x307 1455063899307.jpg)
>>22924 I'm offended on an atomic level. >those pupils Sonic confirmed for speed freak.
>>22924 It didn't have to be like this.
(3.83 MB 2063x3131 Ein4ZwxU0AAKbF3.jpeg)
(3.64 MB 2063x3131 Ein4ZwvUMAEH29c.jpeg)
Some IDW #32 covers. Issue 32 actually came out today so storytime soon hopefully!
>>22927 >Shadow smiling Does this mean they'll write him better
>>22932 >Shadow smiling Probably a mistake of the covert artist. Having said that I think this is the last of Ian's issues, we'll see how evan handles him.
>>22924 I wonder if anyone at Sega actually has one of these horrid things
>>22927 >spoiler image Just make a spinoff comic focusing on him and his bunny family already
>>22939 There are actual people that collect them and have a huge number of them, believe it or not.
>>22942 And that's exactly why I asked
(252.76 KB 1691x1020 EijkwE9UMAETBl7.png)
(262.43 KB 1693x1020 Eijkx_0VgAAigQO.png)
Which one is better /fast/? Left or right?
>>22954 I feel like I'm getting my prescription determined by an optometrist.
>>22954 Fuckin' nice. I Iike the right more overall but love left's water
>>22954 The right has better contrast but other than that I can't really say that one's better than the other.
(1.10 MB 1920x1080 niggers.webm)
A new interview with Johnny was posted a couple of weeks ago. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MtIZejBbuvI >01:18: crush 40's beginning and name >05:52: how much leeway they have when creating musing & how Johnny he approaches music creation >08:42: instrumental game music >JUN IS WORKING ON SOME SORT OF GAME PROJECT NIGGERS >19:40: Johnny voicing characters? >19:17: Johnny's favorite compositions & jun bullying >Johnny might be writing a book about his adventures with Crush 40 >27:50: covers of 3rd party songs >29:16: next projects for Johnny >32:47: neat story about the 2018 LA Crush 40 concert >36:10: Johnny's regrets
(310.72 KB 960x659 jp.png)
>>22964 well it certainly is nice to know jun is still as excited to work on new projects as always.
(2.48 MB 1920x1200 wallpaper_191_shadow_15_pc.png)
(420.49 KB 2000x1000 EjE_3KXVoAEPanV.jpeg)
Edgy Hedgy is the October wallpaper character. Also have some new Lah.
(834.10 KB 2063x3131 EjW1zLKX0AA851R.jpeg)
(559.41 KB 2063x3131 EjW3eLRWkAAeQVy.jpeg)
>>22801 Some covers for IDW #34. Cool way to give Cheese some attention. Also is that fucking Sticks?
(150.76 KB 850x638 2010_0011.jpg)
(169.31 KB 850x708 2010_0008.jpg)
(225.72 KB 850x638 2010_0003.jpg)
(148.83 KB 850x478 2010_0018.jpg)
(184.82 KB 850x654 2010_0004.jpg)
>>22983 I wonder if they'll ever make more official Halloween outfits for Sonic and co.
(214.75 KB 850x850 2010_0021.jpg)
(221.38 KB 850x785 2010_0028.jpg)
(170.30 KB 817x850 2010_0022.jpg)
(287.09 KB 850x656 2010_0027.jpg)
(126.55 KB 850x765 2010_0035.jpg)
>>22984 Probably, once Uekawa gets bored again. Every one in a while he creates new costumes like the Halloween costumes or the winter costumes for Rouge and Amy, or changes the art style a bit, so it's bound to happen again eventually.
>>22954 Easier to see the loop in the right pic.
>>22982 >spoiler I don't think so. It's probably [spoiler]a new character. Unless it's the redesign of an existing character, or someone in disguise.[spoiler/]
(32.25 KB 588x260 jg.png)
(323.47 KB 384x534 sticks.png)
Today is Johnny's birthday! Go and remind him that he was unable to Crush 40. Also while you're at it bully >>22987! >>22987 Yeah, it's probably a new character, the tuft on the forehead and whatever that is on the back of the head don't match her, but otherwise it's really close. Maybe she's wearing some sort of robot piece as helmet?
>>22987 Wow, you really spoiled your post, didn't you?
(3.00 MB 1280x720 outp.webm)
(40.74 KB 486x338 Ejrxaw4U8AEINj0.jpeg)
>>22982 They released more details about that character. Turns out it's an evan donut steel. Can't clang this one /fast/.
(425.55 KB 480x360 what the fuck is that.webm)
>>22992 >spoiler not with that attitude. The new oc is cute but it looks way too similar to Sticks
>>22992 Can I go for the record and say that ripping Pinnochio off is the most depressing thing since growing up?
Are Tangle and Whisper in lesbians with each other? How does Jewel fit in?
>>23010 People like you are why Hitler put stars on gays as well as jews. Parasites who kill the host organism need to be removed.
(953.48 KB 2150x2150 EjnbiHKUcAA2SsW.jpeg)
(3.07 MB 2150x2150 EjtnsVgVgAIQx9w.jpeg)
(3.03 MB 2150x2150 EjyB449VcAAglQg.jpeg)
It's Friday so it's as good a day as any to have some ghosts.
(408.06 KB 2048x1536 EjxVuQhUwAEVbLc.jpeg)
(295.58 KB 2048x1536 Ej3GFGPUYAUERmT.jpeg)
(497.47 KB 2048x1536 EjyI5OtUwAAvmhX.jpeg)
(258.95 KB 1536x2048 Ejy7URjUYAIPNlE.jpeg)
(247.07 KB 1536x2048 Ejy7URBUwAA4v2k.jpeg)
Some early design art for Fang was posted on Twitter by some old Sega designer.
>>23018 Neat. I like how his original head is based on that shmup ship whose name escapes me at the moment
>>23020 I was about to say Mr. Heli but that didn't sound right and wasn't Sega any way. I looked it up and it's Fantasy Zone.
(368.27 KB 891x610 EildVt9X0AAdtEX-orig.png)
(274.18 KB 831x759 EildXuTXsAE4KaP-orig.png)
(180.32 KB 1280x720 y_5f84df5da98b4.jpg)
Here's just what you asked for /sthg/! Sonic is doing a collab with Fall Guys >>23029 Kek. From the thumbnail I thought this was a scene from that Meropis issue.
(411.22 KB 1349x2048 EkKJInNXgAENrjG.jpeg)
Storytime soon! I love all the chao expressions, specially Cheese getting competitive with the Dark chao!
(51.31 KB 600x600 EkLHAfrXcAAuTxa.png)
(55.83 KB 500x333 1408034844048.jpg)
(372.00 KB 2300x1200 EYqXiRHXYAQQNF0.jpeg)
(226.39 KB 777x680 EYqV6zRXkAAZ9bf.jpeg)
(269.47 KB 459x777 EYqWoeMWsAAq2Cj.png)
(162.41 KB 1044x1500 EYqW_xBWAAAVHRG.jpeg)
(64.01 KB 1000x1000 Ejj7j4BWkAE_ECJ.jpeg)
I'm now banned from all of 4chan for 90 days because I tried evading a random range-ban on /sthg/. Why am I like this?
Any word on vidya for the anniversary?
>>23053 Nothing except that they're working on it, but thinking about it even that would be considered hear-say.
>>22954 Right, but give me some of the rings from the left.
>>23052 The only way that could have happened is if you fucking mentioned the fact you evaded the ban, which speaks to the level of intelligence you probably have for posting in 4chan's /sthg/ in the first place.
(119.11 KB 1024x1167 Infinite5 Rain.jpg)
>>23056 Everything you said is true.
>>23056 >which speaks to the level of intelligence you probably have for posting in 4chan's /sthg/ in the first place. Are there genuinely any good alternatives for /sthg/? This place seems like the best candidate, but it's just too lifeless. I feel like a castaway astronaut wandering through dead ruins of what once was when I come here.
>>23058 What you see is what you get. Unfortunately the lack of news, corona, and the constant issues with sites ended up sucking most of what little life we had. I still hope once things start picking up we'll get back a bit of the activity, but who knows. I wish others also tried to start a conversation and posted cool Sonic things they found around the net or stuff from the games they play, or something. Without a huge amount of shitposting like 4/sthg/ or news, we need to come up with stuff to talk about ourselves.
(539.79 KB 4096x2304 EkkONstXEAETbCa.jpeg)
(663.21 KB 4096x1638 EkkOGRLX0AAKhCA.jpeg)
Ref sheet and some art for Clutch from the latest IDW issue. He's actually an opossum and was designed by ABT. Man, I'm terrible at guessing the animal the characters are based off.
>>23060 I like the coat design in the second pic, it's very ominous.
>>23060 I like that he's actually pretty small under his absolutely massive coat.
(20.09 KB 140x203 Consider the following.jpg)
>>23059 Do you think it would be beneficial to advertise and bring others to this place? Should we have our own version of the /sthg/ Podcast?
(288.70 KB 1609x2048 consider the following.jpg)
>>23062 I find it weird that he seems to be a rather refined character with a lot of detail and class but the coat is bare as hell. >>23063 That's always a controversial question. In general no one on this kind of site likes that approach and there are good reasons. On the other hand everything is slowly dying and without making some noise numbers will keep dwindling. I don't think anyone would like to attract faggots here however, so that should be taken into account, and it's happened before that some halfchanners have found their way here and have been insufferable and I'd fucking hate if we got more of that kind of people. I also imagine that retention is going to be a problem with how slow we are and people that are not used to it will leave the way they came. Maybe we could create a small amount of other threads to have more to do or talk about. For instance some boards have threads for dumb board games (like threads to post in if you visited the board but found no new posts), or maybe we could have a thread about other stuff like general vidya (though that kind of defeats the purpose of the board and there are other dedicated boards for that). >Should we have our own version of the /sthg/ Podcast? Holy shit that's a thing? It sounds cringeworthy as hell.
(3.78 MB 1736x2053 1493031386959.png)
>>23069 I think this place could get away with only advertising when prompted. Like if someone asks a question in the same vain as >>23058 on /sthg/, then that's when /fast/ should be brought up. Despite all this, I kinda the little 'secret society' we have going on here. We should make rituals and dog whistles. >Holy shit that's a thing? It sounds cringeworthy as hell. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLGIPUEXGOWlpZ5NZMDxvPxM-4C8B3RKkx https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLGIPUEXGOWlqEmQNglMRUgMYocaP8dZNg Here. Season 1 is like 90% noise and not worth even thinking about, but the other 10% is some the funniest shit (literally) I've heard. Most it comes from a namefag called "Moviesperg" who has pissed on mic while talking like nothing was up, took a massive shit while everyone else was talking, and made the host read his hypno fanfiction. Season 2 is pretty inoffensive and actually not that bad to listen to. Being honest, the podcast is probably the biggest sole reason that /sthg/ is a shithole. 75% of shitposting there relates back to the aforementioned season 1. There's also rumors going around that the host, pic-related, is some kind of psychopath that has like 15 different aliases and Discord accounts which he uses to befriend and become entrusted by many different namefags. He then apparently uses that trust and friendship to instigate and pit namefags against each other in some sort of sick game. /sthg/ is now merely his playground to smash avatars together and create "wars" between different sects of the community.
>>23057 I wish they'd bring back Infinite. He wasn't edgy enough and I want "DISGUSTING BLACK CREATURES" levels of dialog.
(1.05 MB 800x1182 I29.png)
(624.63 KB 1280x1013 I28.png)
(2.81 MB 914x1195 I15.png)
(322.12 KB 600x400 I19 Mask Off.webm)
(360.87 KB 1783x1440 I16 Infinite's room.jpg)
>>23071 I miss him so much.
(75.52 KB 640x611 I11.jpg)
(142.96 KB 600x730 I13 Weak Box.png)
(272.79 KB 770x1200 I1 Maria Zombie.jpg)
(291.51 KB 1280x1280 I8 Playthrough.png)
(267.63 KB 600x600 I9 Spam.gif)
>>23071 >>23072 >>23073 An actual recurring edgy rival for Shadow would be hilarious, especially if Shadow never actually takes him seriously.
>>23075 If they brought back shadow’s original and better character, infinite would be a good contrast with him.
(96.99 KB 971x1037 I12 Jap.jpg)
>>23075 But I want him to be serious. Why can't we have unironic, cool villains in today's age? Why does everything have to be satire or parody?
(65.97 KB 773x1032 1410505127971.jpg)
posting in pretty fast bread
>>23077 Edgy characters can be serious within the show. In fact, they’re usually made fun of for that reason. A character being edgy doesn’t necessitate that you make in universe jokes about them going to hot topic
>>23078 We have to live up to our namesake, right?
(116.27 KB 518x396 Sonic_kinda_fast.jpg)
I had an idea for Infinite. >Infinite steals the Master Emerald >Uses his finalized Phantom Ruby prototype to make an augmented reality where its the original one then uses the Master Emerald to permanently impose the change upon reality. >Does the same to save Maria Robotnik from being gunned down by GUN and instead a fake body was left behind >Holds her hostage in a Augmented Space Colony ARK on earth but also in space >Sets up a dead mans switch system where if he is defeated, either the Master Emerald or the Phantom Ruby is taken from him, or Shadow informs any of Infinite's enemies about why he is doing his shit the Augmented ARK will be flooded with deadly diseases that will painfully kill her >Forces Shadow to do his bidding mostly to fuck with Team Dark as a means of payback for shadow having killed his squad >Starts small like ruining a gem heists then turns to attacks on their life >Eggman end up in the cross fire a few times >Infinite lets slip that he doesn't consider Eggman to be his enemy and is instead an ally >Shadow asks for chance to work with Eggman on one of his missions >Shadow ends up telling Eggman that Infinite is holding Maria hostage EGGMAN GETS FUCKING MAD WHO DOES HE THINK HE IS BRINGING BACK A ROBOTNIK FROM THE GRAVE WITHOUT FIRST GETTING HIS PERMISSION HOW DARE THAT SCOUNDREL HOLD A ROBOTNIK HOSTAGE THIS WON'T STAND FORGET THIS MISSION SHADOW, WE ARE SAVING HER RIGHT NOW >Shadows pushes back how can they do so without a plan and besides where else is it safe for her to live when she has NIDS? >Eggman reveals he finished the cure that his grandfather was working on after downloading the data from the ARK during the events of SA2 >Eggman agrees to come up with a MASTER PLAN first >MASTER PLAN includes having Omega and Rouge attack the base by telling them its his base and that he's the reason Shadow has been trying to kill them >They save the day and cure Maria >Maria has been kept in the dark the whole time about her having been killed and only thought it was a bad dream which Shadow said it must have been >Eggman gives her the cure and she hugs him thinking he her grandpa <But grandpa, when did your hair turn back orange? >I can understand the confusion, but its ME, your cousin Ivo! >She kicks him in the stomach and starts arguing with him about mean/rude shit he did as a kid and starts hitting him prompting him to run away >Shadow looks on while smiling >Rouge comments how she didn't think could smile and while they chat Omega gets involved in the chase by letting Maria ride on him while he hovers after eggman who is now running as fast as he did at the end of Sonic 2 Also Omega is hard coded to recognize her as a "high value asset"
>>23082 Forgot >Infinite runs away like the Jackals he is >Decides he needs his own team if he is to defeat shadow >Makes his own team of an Augmented Reality Black Doom and a Biolizard/Chaos hybrid >Eggman and Rouge argue over who gets to keep the Master Emerald while Sonic, Tails, & Knuckles quietly take it back
(58.71 KB 151x161 1412462296487.png)
>>23080 No, no one does that anymore. Now it's about becoming something completely different, unrecognizable, and unlikeable, that everyone will be peer pressured into pretending to like. >>23081 I was actually looking for that image but I couldn't find it.
>>23082 Very nice.
(70.46 KB 535x655 1582083631655.jpg)
Do you honestly think that the next game will be good? Like genuinely?
>>23086 To be honest, no. But it's gonna be an interesting ride regardless. I'm guessing that the next game and related marketing will probably be specially big or encompassing because of the anniversary so it sure is gonna be interesting no matter what happens. I guess I try to look forward to the lead up to the release and then if the game is good it's an extra. The moment the first trailer is released none of this will matter and I'll become hyped again.
(328.95 KB 426x314 1473606814363.gif)
(197.26 KB 1426x499 1485393830995.png)
>>23070 >I think this place could get away with only advertising when prompted I think it may have been like that at some point, but I'm not sure. >I kinda the little 'secret society' we have going on here. I like /fast/ too, it's nice. I don't think it'll ever get to the point where it's not a little 'secret society' though, even the big boards on alternative imageboards are pretty slow and reclusive. >We should make rituals and dog whistles Kek. Developing our own culture would be amazing and autistic, but that's always the case with such things. >the podcast is probably the biggest sole reason that /sthg/ is a shithole No, it was like that before too. I guess it was just not SO generalized and accepted, but there have always been faggots and namefags that tried to ruin things. They used to get reported though and eventually they would get tired and leave. >hours and hours of that shit >namefags >discords >mfw This whole shit is cancerous as hell. We should ask the admins to make a salt circle around the board just in case. >those rumors That's kind of hilarious. Sounds like they're reaping what they sowed. Shame about the people that legitimately want to discuss Sonic. Remember pic #2 related?
(139.36 KB 1400x696 iluL9mU.jpg)
>>23086 >>23087 There's only one surefire way to find out.
>>23088 >Remember pic #2 related? That's still sorta true. Although while doing so it feels like we're dancing through fire... trapped in this machine
>>23089 Will Sonic 2021 be good?
(630.18 KB 841x660 cheater.png)
>>23091 >mfw rolling in a slow board
>>23093 Just trying to give myself hope.
>>23086 Depends. If it's 2D, it's probably the next Mania and will most likely be good. If it's 3D, it's a cointoss but at least the soundtrack will be decent. I want a DmC-tier reboot of Sonic.
>>23095 >If it's 2D I've always been curious if they're not going to get a bright idea to try to cheap out on it, like doing it in house. >If it's 3D, it's a cointoss but at least the soundtrack will be decent. God please don't let it be like Forces. Or Lost World. Just please let it be good.
>>23096 >don't let it be like Forces What, you didn't like EDM with vocals? Honestly outside of Mortar Canyon and some eyebrow raising tracks(aka all of the OCs music) I can't remember any of Forces' music, not even the classic sonic bits.
(74.05 KB 144x161 1501282565581.png)
>>23097 >What, you didn't like EDM with vocals? It feels like such a step down compared to other sound tracks. It's frustrating because it still feels like there is some creativity behind it and some genuine effort put into it but it just didn't work well. It's also a bit frustrating because despite it not being so good they gave it a lot of attention with performances, disks, and so on, which would have been neat to have for a better product. I guess that part is not so out of the ordinary though considering the other performances they've organized like the SAME performances and all the other OST disks and even vinyls they've released recently.
>>23097 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9gc0169Ht48 I actually really like Fist Bump, it makes feel like I'm saving the world and charging through Badniks with Sonic, but I can't remember anything else from Forces.
>>23099 Oh shit I completely forgot Infinite had a theme, considering how it's barely in the fucking game.
(301.47 KB 1025x632 1413285305835.png)
>>23100 I was going to bully for that but I got interrupted. Infinite's theme is real good. Fist Bump on the other hand is a bit too gay for me.
(67.59 KB 1024x768 I20 Bible.png)
Y'all doing anything Sonic related for Halloween?
(22.39 KB 1024x768 Met7.jpg)
>>23103 I thought about doing a Metal costume once, but I could never get the proportions right for my body. Maybe one day if I have a son or daughter...
(2.52 MB 1920x1200 wallpaper_192_blaze_12_pc.png)
>>23103 We don't celebrate Halloween. This reminded me that I didn't remember seeing a Sonic Channel Halloween pic for October and I just searched and they made pic related for October. That looks like one rad cat, but I miss when they would do Sonic Channel wallpapers with themes. I guess they moved that kind of pictures to the newer style they've been doing in parallel and the picture of that series for October isn't out yet. Would mecha Sally's tail still be fluffy? Because it looks pretty fluffy.
>>23077 He can be serious. But you have to realize, Infinite's whole character revolves around him pathetically trying to cover up his insecurity with bravado, a scary mask, and magic gem, and it all started with Shadow barely considering him a threat. Infinite is the immature teenager trying to look tough by being super edgy. Shadow would see right through Infinite's quite literal facade for the weakling he actually is, and would never really respect Infinite because of it. There is a reason Infinite's power is to create illusions.
>>23088 >We should make rituals and dog whistles #WWG1WGF
>>23107 I'm a retard; what does that mean?
>>23107 I'm a retard; what does that mean?
(16.59 MB 1280x720 balan.webm)
(1.99 MB 245x230 real high nigga.gif)
Take a look at the opening animation of Balan Wonderworld, Naka and Ohshima's new game! >mfw what the fuck did I just watch
>>23111 >1:10 That's kinda fucking creepy, even if it's intentional.
(378.76 KB 1150x1600 img177.jpg)
>>23111 It is suppose to be invoking Cat in the Hat or Hansel and Gretel?
Hey anons is Sonic Robo Blast Kart 2 worth playing?
(1.39 MB 1278x723 I miss having a defined jaw.png)
>>23111 Holy shit
(74.63 KB 512x512 photo.jpg)
>>23117 I haven't played it yet but I've seen lots of people recommending it over time. It's free so you could give it a try effortlessly. If you do make some webms for us!
>>23111 Charming. The previous trailer looked promising so lets hope the gameplay holds up.
>>23111 So that's what the hellspawn aftermath of NiGHTS getting knocked up by Michael Jackson looks like.
>>23121 Kek. With his interest in children, I guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.
So how do Spark the Electric Jester/Freedom Planet stack up to classic sonic games?
>>23117 Only if you have a party of people. If not, you're better off playing Riders.
>>23108 WWG1WGA is a retarded Q Anon thing that stands for Where We Go One, We Go All. WWG1WGF would be Where We Go 1, We Go Fast.
(297.78 KB 369x347 1416288503278.png)
When does the next IDW issue come out?
(194.29 KB 1440x810 Ek-v50oVgAA7tuZ.jpeg)
>>23105 Just came out! >"If you don't do this, you'll be mischievous ♪" >Moonlit night. Rouge, a bewitching bat woman, appears on the altar of the Master Emerald after attacking Knuckles' sleep. ... or rather, it seems that it has already been mischievous ...? ★ >Coming soon #Halloween. Watch out for stiff bats! ? [Channel staff] >#sonicpict #Rouge >that rouge >that outfit >in an official pic >mfw
>>23127 >Posts remixes
>>23128 Never thought I'd see that outfit again in any official capacity. The costumes and 2P modes were among the highlights of SA2B.
(535.55 KB 355x645 DOM.png)
>>23130 Now if she could get her dominatrix outfit back then we'd be in business.
Does anyone have the interview or forum post or w/e where Ian Flynn answered about the romantic preferences of the Hooligans? I recall him saying Bean was asexual of the sort and thought girls were gross
>>23012 why do you people say this retarded shit and then wonder only a select few of autists go on fast?
>>23129 They're the most enjoyable way to remember Forces' soundtrack. I do have some songs saved from that game in their original form, although funnily enough, one's the Stardust Speedway US Bad Future Remix, a few others are remixes of SA2 and Shadow songs, and Guardian Rock and Red Gate have parts that sound like AoT's 1st opening theme and His World. Think it's just Grand Metropolis, Arsenal Pyramid (Interior) Mega Death Egg Robot Phase 2 and Prison Hall that I listen to, otherwise. >>23134 I'd say it's because this is an imageboard made as an offshoot of a site that got shutdown for months on end following various deplatforming attempts with a host of technical and administration issues that affected posting which only served to enrage already embittered 4chan refugees and exiles that left for various (but not strictly limited to) politically related motivations/reasons. 8chan was influential enough to get noticed by the media and wordfiltered back on halfchan; was even the no. english imageboard for years, but it never overtook 4 in terms of user size and the confusion as to where to regroup between the the shutdown and rebranding to 8kun leading to so many left in the dark resulting in various different bunkers and alternative sites like prolikewoah.com, zzzchan.xyz, anon.cafe, etc did not help at all to retain a (comparatively) large userbase. Halfchan's got more users posting on their boards whether its /vg/ or /pol/ and the latter is notorious for spilling into other boards for years-though the trade off is the bigger their boards, the more insufferable and shitpost-y they are. It's a pretty tricky balance to get a good amount of users that aren't unbearable without being too slow.
>>23140 >>23141 At this point you're just remembering remixes, not the actual OST.
(75.73 KB 1024x768 A7b1km-CEAAFVfH.jpg)
>>23134 How new are you?
>>23141 >sunset heights God I hate the amount of noise spam that plays over this tune in the game.
>>23134 You say that as if it's a bad thing. The types of people that would be scared away by that type of statement are exactly the type of people that would ruin this site if they stayed.
(1.28 MB 809x900 alone.jpg)
>>23149 I-It's actually still afternoon, anon.
(250.17 KB 780x948 1504077078327.jpg)
(415.41 KB 1600x1336 EcuzhiHU8AAsfNe.jpeg)
Silver is a dork >>23150 Then it's just a matter of time before the inevitable.
(122.78 KB 955x746 Silvaze106 Da Box.jpg)
(21.87 KB 108x108 Silv20 Spin.gif)
(2.81 MB 1600x2499 Silv65.png)
>>23151 I love him so much.
(306.01 KB 420x1024 Silvaze food.jpg)
(237.86 KB 564x752 Silvaze tard wrangler.jpg)
(2.43 MB 1572x2034 Silver put on some pants.png)
>>23153 >1st image Cool, I didn't have that translation. Post translated Japanese comics.
(322.30 KB 524x1024 Silvaze tease.jpg)
(336.37 KB 500x1024 Silvaze tease2.jpg)
(264.36 KB 388x1200 Silvaze6 Prepose.jpg)
(267.49 KB 500x1000 Silvaze8 Joke.jpg)
(184.05 KB 472x699 Silvaze18 Drunk.jpg)
>Hey, you know what would fit this series of 2d platformers focused on speed, momentum and physics? >Mostly on rails gameplay with lanes, lots of scripted spectacle and giving you top speed with a button I still don't get how any of the 3d sonics got made
>>23162 SA1 was a pretty good, albeit unpolished, transition into 3D.
>>23162 There has historically always been a huge push in the industry to create games that did the most with what they had available (at least up to when the consoles started skewing the profit model), so the transition to 3D was inevitable and I guess that's the best they could come up with at the moment. I don't think what they ended up creating failed back then so even if it wasn't the best follow up it should be easy to see how creating something successful even if different could have been appealing.
(132.89 KB 900x720 EkdCFQbUYAAYL5r.jpeg)
(121.04 KB 900x720 EkdCGC8UUAIzepU.jpeg)
(138.39 KB 900x720 EkdCGirVgAYcjQP.jpeg)
>>23165 I really don't see Sonic owning anything more than like a cozy shack, if that. And I can't see Shadow living in something that doesn't convert into a defensible bunker in 1 and a half seconds at the push of a button.
>>23164 I'm excusing SA1 and 2 for their age. Why do they stick to the boost gameplay? Are there any good 3d fangames anyone could recommend?
(188.18 KB 861x1280 ElD91isW0AA0-l1.jpeg)
(513.49 KB 1060x1693 ElD91izWMAEkuqc.jpeg)
(2.67 MB 2670x4096 ElD91isWAAADKSg.jpeg)
(1.58 MB 1649x2535 ElD5ctjWAAIc0nE.jpeg)
(263.12 KB 650x986 Ek-9eYsW0AwMKRI.jpeg)
IDW #37 cover by Gray. So much stuff to see!
>>23168 He's really good at these collages. I do wish we'd see more regular work from him, though.
>>23162 The things you describe are only Unleashed and later. Sonic Adventure, Adventure 2, Heroes, Shadow, and 2006 don't have those things. >>23167 SA1 and 2 don't have Boost gameplay. They stick to Boost gameplay because there is still a large amount of casuals who claim that all the pre-boost games were bad, and of course some of them were. But 2006 being bad made them throw out the baby with the bathwater, and change everything about the series, including the core gameplay, instead of just deciding not to release an alpha prototype again. Unleash still got flak for the Werehog, so they removed it, and then Colors and Generations got good reception (though I don't think Colors' was well deserved). Then they tried Lost World, which removed Boost, but frankly still played very much like Colors 2, but it didn't do well, so they figured they needed Boost (and Classic Sonic), and we got Forces, which was very much Generations 2 but without the polish that made it as good as it was. Forces also included more of a story, since I guess they finally heard Adventurefags complaining about the excuse plots since Colors, but it was clearly done by people who never played or understood the games they were supposed to be emulating, and it came off like a ridiculous Deviantart fanfiction, so that got bad reception, along with the rest of the game. So it won't surprise me if we just get more of the same next time, but if it was going to be something different, now is the time. People are still bitching for the Adventure style back, but since they fucked up with their awful attempt at an Adventure-style story, they might figure all the Adventure style stuff is still bad. Maybe we'll get a new thing. But we'll see.
(315.26 KB 369x326 wew.png)
>>23168 >Rubbing her open bat cave on the back of Knuckles's neck while he dabs
>>23172 https://archive.vn/6RxAO There's this explanation Iizuka gave out for not doing an Adventure 3. It might be funny in light of what happened with Mania, but that started out as an outside pitch from Christian Whitehead rather than something that internally started (or developed at all besides pointers and suggestions by Takashi and Hoshino) within Sonic Team. Flip side is that if its reception indeed influenced Iizuka as to what the vision for upcoming Sonic titles will be like, we -might- see them try to retrace their steps for the next 3D Sonic, so to speak. One can only hope they improve on the Adventure style with physics and level design that's at least competently polished if that's the route their taking.
>>23174 You call that a dab? This is a dab.
The Sonic Hacking Contest is happening this week https://mobile.twitter.com/shcontest Any hacks you're looking forward to playing?
>>23177 >mobile >twitter jesus christ
Here's a question anons, do you think the homing attack would be much better if it bounced you upwards with momentum in the direction you were holding instead of simply bouncing you upwards at zero speed? >>23177 https://sonichacking.org/entries/contest2020/274 There's Sonic Megamix Mania, adds shadow and a bunch of shit to the characters.
>>23179 >https://sonichacking.org/entries/contest2020/274 Now this looks badass. Considering buying Mania on PC just for it.
>>23179 Considering the homing attack accelerates you quite a bit, it could end up being kind of awkward if that speed was disregarded at the end of the attack in order to preserve your initial speed. I could also see it being a bit confusing if you were going fast and had to do a chain of homing attacks like usual, but maybe that could be designed around. I think the biggest use of something like this would be with just one enemy to attack but that sounds kind of boring and unusual.
(720.43 KB 900x990 EjjGFBbUwAAx22z.jpeg)
(63.08 KB 810x1080 ElXGJMQU0AAKTq3.jpeg)
(853.98 KB 1300x1000 EjXXy1QU0AA8zDF.jpeg)
>>23177 >Bunnie in Sonic 2 Didn't that already exist? Or is it being revived with more content?
(190.34 KB 825x1252 Elh8Vh1WoAABjG-.jpeg)
(40.01 KB 643x717 ElhxKBrW0AU1v2X.jpeg)
(59.90 KB 596x805 ElhxKIWXgAYGtQF.jpeg)
(105.39 KB 1076x771 ElhxKPeWMAEh7de.jpeg)
(79.24 KB 895x790 ElhxKYXXYAAmm5s.jpeg)
Here's a new cover for Bad Guys 3. Seems Starline's about to get his shit kicked in. Also have some sketches of Whisper's early designs.
(457.14 KB 1440x1440 ElcOJjIU8AAvXpR.jpeg)
Chip also got acknowledged today by Sega, when was the last time that ever happened?
Soon, every sonic game ever will be remade in Mania. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f4xLmOs_p9s
>>23187 Don't remember seeing the pink Whisper concept. It's cuter than the final version
>>23189 I was going to post about this yesterday but I couldn't find any good media. Looks pretty good! I'm happy Mania hacking has come as far as it has. Rumor was that it wouldn't go very far given that it had Denuvo and that even Taxman said it wasn't designed to be easy to mod. Also it's kind of funny that the first mod announced for Mania (or at least the first that wasn't just a palette swap) was recently announced cancelled on hiatus but so many others have sprung up.
(716.55 KB 2407x3000 ElhObm0XUAEmsgX.jpeg)
(230.35 KB 1203x1249 ElitXGVWMAInvMm.jpeg)
(220.48 KB 1368x1305 ElBRHVLU8AAaIOo.jpeg)
It's Halloween post spooky
>>23196 >sonic and amy on lovers card She made those herself, didn't she?
(245.26 KB 1101x800 sonic-halloween_4935_1_full.jpg)
>>23198 she would do something like that >>23196
(212.71 KB 1920x1080 srb20004.png)
(151.83 KB 1920x1080 srb20005.png)
(141.95 KB 1920x1080 srb20008.png)
(85.37 KB 1920x1080 srb20009.png)
(89.51 KB 1920x1080 srb20012.png)
Played through a custom level set for SRB2 today. It was a bit short and ended on a cliff-hanger, but is apparently only part one of a continuing project. It had lots of little cameos all over the maps. Even featured voice acting for some of it, but none of it was really good. It was also apparently intended to have cutscenes between each level, but the dev couldn't get them to work and instead intends to show them off in an lp of the mod. The levels themselves were okay, nothing special. It did have an issue where every voice line trigger was activated both by me and by Tails, causing most lines to double up as we both passed through the triggers.
(23.83 MB 426x240 Night of the Werehog.webm)
>>23196 The Werehog could have been an interesting staple if it weren't for the shitty gameplay and framerate issues.
Happy Halloween everyone. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qYcpUkjGgZc Looking back,how'd you like Iizuka's work as a scenario writerf? Pity that unlockable costumes didn't really come return after Rivals 2
(246.32 KB 480x480 1359479282018.png)
(1.16 MB 3262x4096 Elq6K0OVgAAWaHH.jpeg)
(350.95 KB 1750x2048 Elqx9DjVMAAvYke.jpeg)
(680.66 KB 5000x3000 Ele-cd1VoAASkwF.jpeg)
(1.03 MB 2048x4096 ElrBKyjWMAAGSKh.jpeg)
>>23200 That looks all kinds of bizarre. >>23201 They're probably never going to give it a try again given how it ruined the Sonic game with the highest production values ever, but with some tweaks I think it could probably be serviceable. Also that's a nice webm, did you do anything special to fit the 11 minutes in 24MB that nicely?
>>23201 >>23205 Sonicborne never ever.
>>23206 Why is Amy holding an Xbox SX on a stick?
(128.91 KB 1280x720 srb20011.jpg)
Have you payed tribute to your lord and savior HMS123311, yet?
Why do Sonic fans hate Hesse?
>>23211 Most don't, and the majority actually enjoy him a lot. The people that hate him may do so because others do and they believe that only "normalfags" or "redditers" could like him, like Elon Musk or Ben Shapiro for example. The people that hate Hesse may also have a misplaced notion that he is the sole reason Sonic is more kiddy and not shonen-style cool at the moment. When in reality, Hesse is merely a product of SEGA's current approach to Sonic and has stated multiple times that he prefers the Adventure-style of tone for Sonic.
(238.11 KB 633x1150 1509490809938.png)
(400.48 KB 850x950 1445482574129.jpg)
>>23211 >Hesse Man, it's been a while since I've heard that name. He kind of vanished from the spotlight after he took part in the movie. Regardng the question, he started getting a lot of hate because some people felt his art in Archie became too exaggerated for the sake of trying to be funny but instead came out as try hard and forced. Hard to believe we got a few Bumps from him though. Also have some other unrelated Bumps I found in my folder.
(35.74 KB 1280x800 Starline Screenshot.png)
I wonder if we have enough people to have a game night for something like Sonic Battle R or SRB2 Kart.
>>23215 I've asked the same a few times before but I've never seen much interest. I think it could be a bit of fun, though it's probably going to be very few of us in the best case scenario.
So the definitive edition of the Genesis games is emulating the android versions?
>>23217 No such luck for Sonic 3&K though. I'd be kind of reluctant to play a remake instead of the originals for the first time however.
>>23217 1 and 2, yeah. CD's definitive version was released on PC.
(674.90 KB 440x793 ClipboardImage.png)
>>23196 >>23198 >>23199 While you could have the two of them on a Lovers tarot card using the Rider-Waite design, I think a far better design would be pic related with Amy and Elise. Who is the High Priestess supposed to be on that card anyway?
https://twitter.com/teamspooky/status/1324037162698944514 Will this somehow affect Sonic and/or Sega's video game development?
>>23229 Japanese arcades are fronts for the Yakuza so it might mean they won't be making any more Yakuza games.
>>23229 Article translation for your convenience: >SEGA SAMMY HOLDINGS INC. Announced on April 4 that it will transfer 85.1% of the shares of its consolidated subsidiary SEGA Entertainment (Tokyo), which operates entertainment facilities, to GENDA, which is related to amusement equipment. The sale price is not disclosed. SEGA SAMMY will withdraw from the domestic arcade management business by the end of the year due to the sale. The occupancy rate was declining due to facility closures due to the effects of the new coronavirus infection. I doubt it will affect vidya development as this is a completely separate company they're selling. If anything maybe they'll focus more on vidya development as now the whole business will depend on it more. The news is a bit unsettling though as Sega is huge in the Japanese arcade market. Not long ago they tried to create expectations with that "revolutionary" announcement of theirs which ended up being some sort of arcade cloud thing, I wonder what will happen to that, lol.Though considering a couple of weeks ago they mentioned they were letting go of one of their renowned arcade floors so it shouldn't be as surprising that they've decided going further than that.
(184.40 KB 796x548 amy animation.mp4)
(192.21 KB 472x1258 1510021340751.png)
(153.38 KB 1024x1024 1501696910082.jpg)
(40.88 KB 832x1040 1492359854362.png)
>>23231 Actually now I'm wondering if this involves Joypolis as well. I remember they've been trying to get rid of it for a while. >>23228 That'd be rouge. No clue how the two relate. >tfw trying to find another pic with Amy and tarot cards but can't find it Have these other Amy images I found instead.
(406.25 KB 614x874 Sonic beat the President!!!.png)
Don't you just miss the era where Sonic was so popular he was up there with a presidential election in terms of newspaper coverage? Would you ever like to see that kind of thing again? Such a notion is so otherworldly and unbelievable, now.
>>23234 It is unbelievable today, and everyone likes the things they love to also be loved by everyone else, but it's important to take into account the time we're in. The more popular something gets the more normalfags ruin it, and although Sonic is pretty popular for some reason it still feels relatively small and familiar in terms of fanbase and it's managed to dodge some of the shit other fanbases haven't, although not everything. So ultimately I like the way things currently are in terms of popularity, maybe less so than previously with the movie(s) looking to change everything and appeal to normalfags more.
>>23234 >Sonic 3 was going to have isometric 3D and you could rotate and turn the game field I'd be very interested in a platformer that tried to work like this.
(5.69 MB 1280x720 Dya - Hostage Extraction.webm)
(4.23 MB 1280x720 nooly - Deliverance.webm)
Have a couple of great Genesis tunes. I love the bass on the Genesis!
(151.22 KB 729x1096 metalgearmovieeggman.jpg)
>>23237 God damn this is good. I wish I had the kind of talent to make genesis chiptunes
(243.14 KB 480x270 y9H666ETEdIfaMwM.mp4)
>The election
(243.14 KB 480x270 y9H666ETEdIfaMwM.mp4)
>The election
>>23241 >>23242 So nice you had to post it twice?
>>23243 That's right, [spoiler[also connection issues[/spoiler]
(185.98 KB 496x219 1415648006973.png)
>>23245 >[spoiler[also connection issues[/spoiler]
(18.76 KB 461x454 S28.jpg)
>>23246 Life is hard.
>>23247 Archive https://archive.is/5mkKd Bad news just keep piling up for Sega. It is quite worrying.
>>23200 Is that Johnny Bravo?!
>>23229 Not really, but considering that I grew up with arcade racing games from SEGA like: -SCUD Race -Ferrari Challenge -Sega Rally -Daytona 2 -Manx TT Superbike This is still pretty sad... I used to set all kinds of records you know... This is the one thing SEGA's consistently good at.
(247.26 KB 600x600 funko tails silver.png)
(48.93 KB 600x600 174221008.jpg)
(121.98 KB 397x433 2.png)
Here's some new upcoming merch. Some Funkos for those of you that like them so much and also a Cheese plush. >mfw Cheese the fucking Chao gets a plush but not Infinite
(54.09 KB 322x377 disgusting.png)
>>23258 Funkos are ugly looking. I'd rather spend more money on a cute nendoroid. I don't understand why people buy such ugly things.
(738.40 KB 909x878 Beats.png)
>>23237 Loving it!
(196.40 KB 1240x2428 EmRzOrPU4AAeKzb.jpeg)
>it was Forces 3rd anniversary yesterday I don't know how to feel. What's your opinion on Forces? You did give it a play didn't you /fast/?
(37.88 KB 581x618 Silvaze135 Funko2.jpg)
(458.24 KB 960x504 it's always fine.png)
>>23264 Bought it on launch. One of the most disappointing, blandest games in the series. Like, with Lost World you knew from the previews what it was going to be like. But there was some hope with Forces. There was an impression they were legitimately trying to be ambitious with a Sonic game, again. But they actually weren't. Everything about that game feels lazy and non-committal. What good was there was completely wasted.
>>23264 It was Sonic 3D Blast too apparently and no one cared.
>>23264 Forces was fine. It was Generations 2 but with a lot more content and an even dumber story. People act like the level design is some sort of travesty, but while I can accept the argument that it's not as good as Generations' level design, it's not different enough to justify saying one is good and the other isn't. They're both fine. Forces isn't pitifully short, and the custom character actually worked well, playing like Sonic but with little twists, which is what alt characters should be. Only here you could customize the twists, and it surprisingly worked. Of course, my opinion is all flavored by my general opinion that Modern Sonic is meh to begin with, Forces just comes off as a more meh version of an already meh game. It's fine. Bring back Adventure style Sonic gameplay.
>>23259 The Sonic nendos are amazing. It's no wonder they had like 2 or 3 editions. >>23265 Kek, we must meme harder.
>>23264 I played it with my younger cousin on the PS4. We mainly fooled around with it, especially with our 'OC donot steel'. Other than the joking around, it was an extremely boring game and very bland. If it weren't for my cousin, I would have returned the game immediately. Character customization wasn't even that good, sadly.
(2.44 MB 1280x720 rm1.webm)
(3.35 MB 1280x720 rm2.webm)
(2.12 MB 1280x720 jewwalrus.webm)
(2.16 MB 1280x720 rm1f.webm)
(3.60 MB 1280x720 bbt1.webm)
>>23267 Sonic Boom also had its anniversary this weekend. It's now six years old. Here are some old webms I made, I should get around to watching the show again and making more.
(2.34 MB 1920x1080 tm1.webm)
(7.17 MB 1280x720 metal2.webm)
(2.34 MB 1280x720 hlpe.webm)
(234.67 KB 544x480 oof!.webm)
(5.68 MB 1280x720 rm3.webm)
>>23271 And some more because why not
>>23266 >There was an impression they were legitimately trying to be ambitious with a Sonic game, again I still remember how they kept saying they were focusing on quality and taking their time now. >>23270 >Character customization wasn't even that good, sadly. >mfw only 1 of the wispons is actually useful >mfw it's actually if I remember correctly the one you start with What a disappointment. Like, the ideas behind them sound good, I would love to go around gruesomely smashing robots with a hammer, but man that did not work well at all in the gameplay.
>>23271 >>23272 Was the Edgehog ever in this?
(3.96 MB 1280x720 sh.webm)
>>23274 >>23271 I'm kicking myself for forgetting this one.
>>23274 "Is this my Grandfather's legacy"?-Dr Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik Pretty nuts to think a decade after the series started we went from magical gemstones in a fantastical island that can grant power to living things and the environment to crafting a mythos that would lead to the series' main antagonist that was frequently lusting over them to eventually find out that his grandfather had not only researched them as well, but tried to find a means of immortality to cure his ailing cousin through them and an "ultimate life form" at the request of an earth based military organization. Reminds me of all the kooky stuff our own governments have tried to do, sometimes pursuing similar goals. And since Shadow's game is turning 15 years old in a few days, I'll be playing through a run of Expert Mode soon enough.
(24.85 KB 1051x161 Emom5lxXEAIP0uW.png)
(3.70 KB 724x80 EmonBC6XcAIFoSQ.png)
(6.78 KB 718x114 EmonLolXIAEdYYi.png)
(93.58 KB 490x1064 CmclF_jVMAE8Eqs.jpg)
>these are actually official reviews for Sonic Hacking Contest So which one of you did this? >mfw the doom comment
(14.14 MB 1280x720 SonicColors.webm)
Continuing with the anniversaries, it was Colors' anniversary yesterday. Soon it'll be Generation's 10th anniversary, which is funny considering that Gens itself marked the 20th anniversary! Colors intro makes me salivate a big deal.
>>23285 You know, being born in '92, Sonic has a habit of reminding me of how old I'm getting, and I hardly appreciate it.
(119.41 KB 751x1064 ca5.png)
>>22340 FAST
(859.60 KB 1440x640 1469311560760.jpg)
>>23285 I ought to replay that, too. It's odd looking back. I thought Colors was going to be one odd for kids spin-off with drastically different gameplay when I saw him running on that alien planet with the Wisps trailing besides him with Reach For The Stars playing. No idea that it was going to be another boost game that would mark the start of a new era after having come off the fiasco of Sonic 4's unveiling, which got progressively worse, wheras Colors looked more and more appealing until release where it was cited as the first game to break "The Sonic Cycle". >>23286 I'm in the same boat.
(652.10 KB 960x540 wisp.webm)
>>23289 Despite all the flak that Colors gets I feel in terms of gameplay, visuals, and music it does quite a good job. I enjoy Colors and I have fond memories of dicking around with the wisps and getting hooked up on the music. I feel it has a good amount of effort put into it, but the story is rather terrible for no good reason. It's sad to think it's the last 3D original game to give a damn about and it was 10 years ago, a game that remains console exclusive no less! >The Sonic Cycle There's something I hadn't heard of in a while.
(1.69 MB 1280x720 unleashed1.mp4)
(8.37 MB 1280x720 unleashed2.mp4)
(4.70 MB 1280x720 unleashed3.mp4)
And speaking of console exclusives, Unleashed is backwards compatible on the new sxbox and it seems it runs very well. That shit is probably running a barely modified Windows, it's not on PC just because of pure greed.
>>23291 >it's not on PC just because of pure greed. I'd say it's a bit more than that. sxbox is probably just emulating the 360 version. If SEGA were going to release a PC port, they'd likely prefer to make a native executable instead of emulating the 360 program. They'd probably have to get a license or something from Microsoft to go the emulation method. If Microsoft wanted to put these older games on PC, I doubt they already have the rights to distribute specifically those versions of the games on PC (except games they published themselves, of course), so they'd have to negotiate with the publishers.
(389.39 KB 600x450 085.png)
>>23278 >that Sonic 2 Pink Edition review >disliking Amy's gameplay
(358.29 KB 640x480 badass_edd.png)
>>23293 I've used a better screenshot of that photo for you.
>>23260 You do realise that there's no logic to how he's wearing them, right?
(280.45 KB 587x438 hp.png)
>>23299 This is such an old meme that even the Sonic Twitter joked about it.
(191.26 KB 1280x762 Emzd19WXMAMGhrp.jpg)
(218.40 KB 1023x781 EmzeIQPXYAAfWbP.jpeg)
Some more Adventure concept art got revealed
(93.00 KB 1280x720 sat shen.jpg)
>>23302 didn't sa1 have a saturn prototype sort of like the shenmue engine (Project Berkley) saturn demo that was shown years ago?
>>23302 That low poly 3D Sonic reminds me of a fan game someone was making, maybe from here. The art in the rest of the pictures is amazing.
(71.69 KB 821x296 8chamydrawreq.png)
Someone was actually mad enough to do this, holy shit. How do you typically spend your weekend nights? >>23302 Oh what could have been. That style with better physics and the prototype Windy Valley design would've been ace.
>>23306 Sorry to be a fag but /fast/ is SFW. Pretty neat you got your request filled though. >How do you typically spend your weekend nights? Hotpocketing for free of course.
(102.25 KB 588x846 1up interview.png)
>>23307 Wasn't my request, but I was taken aback by it. I'll remember that next time though, Shadow.
>>23305 The 3d models look like they're taken from Sonic R
(3.17 MB 1280x720 sato.mp4)
This is part of an interview with a producer from Yakuza. Why is it that everyone that wants to work on Sonic wants to completely change what it is about for no good reason? It's like some sort of contagious illness but unfortunately it's not deadly.
>>23310 > Why is it that everyone that wants to work on Sonic wants to completely change what it is about for no good reason? It's the same line of thinking for why Miyamoto fucked up Star Fox and won't make another F-Zero, and the origin of Don "Buy a 360" Mattrick's reasons for buying an Xbone. If you want more of the "classic" Sonic games, then quit bitching and continue playing those games. If you don't like the direction the series is going, then fuck you.
>>23310 Many people are too up their own ass to put their ego aside and treat pre-established ideas with respect. It's rare to get a very faithful adaptation of anything, and the rarity increases as you look at works with less "legitimate" respect. Fancy pants novels will be more likely to get faithful adaptations than comic books, and comic books are much more likely to get faithful adaptations than video games. The types of people who get into a high enough position to get the chance to do these things are inherently full of themselves, because they had to be in order to make a name for themselves, especially in a collaborative medium, to the degree that they would be given the chance to work with a previously successful work. Most of the only exceptions are the rare times when fans get the chance due to being fans. Then you get Sonic Mania, or the 70s-2000s comic book industry. But these people are too busy seriously trying to make the best work they can, and not busy enough "networking" and building cults of personality, so they end up getting usurped by the usual suspects.
(4.67 MB 3840x2934 Em_hUTPWMAAvAN6.jpeg)
And now it's Sonic R's anniversary. I've never played Sonic R, is that bad?. Considering all the release dates around this time and that there's not even much more time in this year, we're probably less than a year away from the next main title! Hopefully news will begin pouring out soon. And speaking of this, am I the only one that's getting worried that Sega may get hacked before the next game releases? Lots of major studios have been getting breached in the last few months and Sega usually has terrible luck.
>>23315 >Is Sonic R that bad? Played the PC port when it was newer. It wasn't that bad. It's not great, but it's not bad. It came out when 3D racing games weren't easy to make, and it's a technical achievement. Soundtrack is great, though. I wish more Sonic racing games were like R. I don't understand why a series about characters that run fast relies on cars and hoverboards.
>>23316 >I don't understand why a series about characters that run fast relies on cars and hoverboards. I guess one reason would be that it allows for new merch lines, specially in the case of extreme gear since it does make the characters look really cool. What's funny however is that although there are some extreme gear/racing cars merch lines it's not a huge amount.
(125.77 KB 640x448 1292820753387.png)
>>23316 >I don't understand why a series about characters that run fast relies on cars and hoverboards. Gimmicks, evening the playing field, most people expect racing games to control like using some kind of vehicle, looking cool, etc. Plus, it's not easy making a foot racing game and having it succeed. You make it control like a traditional racing game, you get Sonic R, which doesn't feel all that great to control. If you make it play like a 3D platformer, you invite the question of why not just make it a multiplayer mode in a traditional game. Doing something weird, like that one Rayman racing/battle game, is risky. It's just safer and easier to make a racing game about cars or sports gear than it is to make one about foot power.
>>23315 Sonic R is cool because it is a hybrid racer/platformer. If you judge it solely as a racing game, it's meh, though since it's one of the first 3D racing games, it is still pretty good in that context. What makes it a lot of fun is how intricate the levels are, how much you can explore them and find things. A lot of the game is designed around exploring for these things, and it adds a kind of depth that other racing games don't have. That said, it's still quite short.
(37.23 KB 1327x613 EnJjv9wWMAEo6Jl.png)
(1.28 MB 809x900 alone.jpg)
The day is finally here
(2.63 MB 1920x1200 wallpaper_193_eggman_08_pc.png)
Eggman and Orbot & Cubot are the wallpaper characters for December. Considering that recently they've been switching styles every year this will probably be the last wallpaper in this style which is a shame, it's quite good!. I just hope they don't come up with some horrible new style like when Forces released. Maybe they'll also take advantage of this to kickstart the marketing campaign for the new game. Maybe they'll finally give us the announcements they were supposed to give us 8 fucking months ago.
I'm not sure if this needs it's own thread, but can any of you find more variations of "Shocked" Sonic Characters?
>>23327 made by *ModernLixes* and *SparksChannel*
(165.75 KB 1440x810 EnPc83rUwAQSCQ5.jpeg)
December illustration for Labor Day in Japan. >“On a warm autumn day with calm ocean, Blaze is busy with her official duties in the castle of Kingdom of Sol. The kingdom has been peaceful for long time, but that doesn’t take away her great responsibility as the princess. The warm tea prepared by her guardsman makes her small break. >Thank you for your hard work! >By Sonic Channel staff" I love how cozy this pic feels. >>23327 Those are sweet but I don't think a simple request deserves a thread of its own.
>>23329 why is her pen on fire
>>23330 To make it lighter.
(68.62 KB 637x480 1407393289646.jpg)
>>23330 She's a princess, why wouldn't her pen be on fire?

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