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(124.71 KB 1200x1200 ETDSL27XsAAo3cS.jpg)
Anonymous 09/23/2020 (Wed) 01:22:58 No. 22915
what do you guys think of shadaze?
>>22915 Shippers get the rope. I seriously don't understand the appeal. I get the appeal of dissecting characters and character relationships (not necessarily romantic), but I do not understand the appeal of fantasizing about fictional characters having romances. What does that do for you? You aren't the one having the romance. Do you self insert as one of the characters? Like, from an emotional standpoint? Do you see Shadow and think "man I'm just like Shadow, and therefore I wish Shadow was in a romantic relationship with Blaze?" That's fucking retarded and autistic even for Sonicfags. Maybe I get porn of fictional characters, but I don't think that's quite what shipping is. They seem to focus on the emotional stuff, which I just don't get.
>>22930 don't be so negative
What do you guys think of Cream x Big? The big fat cat cock in the little bunny cunny?
(580.72 KB 854x730 cram.png)
>>22941 >The big fat cat cock in the little bunny cunny? Frankly both Big and Cream are both too innocent for that. Big may even be more innocent than Cream is.
>>22948 Big is just very stupid, not innocent.
>>22966 Big's severe Downs Syndrome clearly leaves him with the mind of a child much younger than Cream.
>>22930 Pretty sure it's called "fun" >>22941 I just don't know which one I'd rather be
>>23049 How is shipping fun? That's what I was saying I don't get. How is it fun to fantasize about fictional characters that don't have romantic relationships with each other having romantic relationships with each other? I mean I get porn. Is it like porn? I always thought it was mostly girls doing it, and that it felt like a kind of porn to them. Otherwise, I just don't understand. Why would I care about fantasizing about Big the Cat having a romantic date with Cream the Rabbit? In an actual story, the specific interactions could be interesting for implications to the wider characters or plot, but that doesn't apply to shipping, because it's just in your own head. I just don't get the appeal. I don't get how it's "fun."
(299.14 KB 901x2304 Silvaze Home.png)
(325.43 KB 474x672 Silvaze117 Visit.png)
(122.78 KB 955x746 Silvaze106 Da Box.jpg)
>>23051 Shipping isn't for porn or jerking off, at least to me. Shipping is about creating complex relationship and/or stories that you can cry to. As well as some fun pictures.
>>22930 It's some kind of female instinct, they just like to play "matchmaker" by pairing up every character until they are all in male/female pairs. Then they make really shitty and unfunny drawings of their pairings on Tumblr. It's just what they do.
>>23065 I mean you're right, but don't be mean! >:(
>>22930 >>22930 >Maybe I get porn of fictional character cope, cope, fucking cope. You waifufags/coomers will always look more retarded than shipfags and you know it. especially since most of the spergs flailing about shipping have never been a romantic relationship in their lives kek
I can't imagine Shadow being in love with anyone besides surfing.
>>23136 You barely ever hear people talking negatively about shipping. What you hear much more often is shippers shoving their autism everywhere, just like furries. Also, I'd be willing to bet that most shippers stop shipping once they have their first romantic relationship. Also, I said maybe I get porn of a fictional character. I understand the instinct response of horniness, and that some people are not refined enough to control it. But does shipping get you horny? What need does it fulfill? Is it a creative exercise? I get creative exercises, but why do they become fixated on specific pairings? What would drive someone to give a single shit about if Knuckles fucks Rouge? Especially if it's not even in an actual work, and only in your head. Yet you see people so addicted to shipping them that it destroys their lives and they throw their moms. Also, what do you think cope means, other than just being a halfchan meme? Clearly it's supposed to refer to someone in denial of some fact that would be painful to them. Why would someone else being a shipper, and that somehow being logical, be painful? I'm just expressing my sheer confusion at this particular form of autism. I understand many other forms of autism, but not this one.
>>23147 >Cope >coomer These should have tipped you off to the fact that he's a cuckchan faggot
>>23155 > I understand the instinct response of horniness That's called fucking or pairing up with a mate, not drawing fictional character porn.
>>23160 Ah yes, I forgot humans went to draw cartoon animal porn instead of having sex with their girlfriend/boyfriend when they got aroused.

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