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(2.30 MB 3000x2403 crooked_teeth.jpg)

Iizuka, please retire already. Anonymous 10/28/2020 (Wed) 18:47:48 No. 23183
How long until this idiot gets the boot?
(25.61 KB 772x596 Iizukafanclub.jpg)

He just wants NiGHTS 3, man.
>>23185 If only they would have spent as much time developing the games as they did trying to forge a cult of personality for this fag then Sonic would have taken over Mickey as the best known mascot character. I never understood what was up with that, it was cringeworthy as hell. I guess it eventually paid off for the meme man though, given his promotion.
>>23185 Serious question, if Iizuka really wants to make a new NiGHTS game, why he hasn't done it already? The only thing he seems to actually care is to appear in interviews just to make false promises.
>>23192 >why he hasn't done it already? It's probably not up to him. Making a new game likely requires authorization from much higher considering the amount of resources that something like it would need and I can see a nights game being hard to pitch.
>>23193 That's exactly it. He was open to doing a new spinoff game for Tails or Knuckles, but did not receive the greenlight from the Sega executives: https://archive.vn/JyP4R#selection-3511.0-3511.451 Naoto Ohshima implied that Iizuka is among the ones remaining in Sonic Team that cares about trying to do the best possible for the brand, if he wasn't strictly being polite: https://archive.vn/gWGdN#selection-3112.1-4365.2
>>23194 >>23193 Can't say I blame SEGA executives for not giving NiGHTS another shot. Journey of Dreams had a mediocre reception back in the day; And truth be told, Iizuka has never inspired much confidence to the public.
>>23194 I'm quite surprised you remembered those details and even kept archives at hand. >Takashi Iizuka is currently applying the finishing touches to both Sonic The Hedgehog 4 and Sonic Colours Those were such simple times. Well, except for Sonic 4. >if he wasn't strictly being polite On one hand it's easy to point fingers at Iizuka given that the franchise's direction is all kinds of bad, but there are some things that make me think he might still care but is unable to fix things for other reasons. Despite that the games usually end up disappointing, for the longest time they used to still feel like there was effort behind them, and the franchise has managed to do well in terms of art and sound that if he (or Sonic Team) didn't care might have been lost ages ago.
I will say that for his awful damage control interviews for Sonic 4 in which he spouted stupid stuff like "ceiling running is a new feature", I am grateful that he permitted and fought for Sonic Mania to be developed as it was at all. As far as originality goes: Would you have preferred the 4 new Zones in Mania stapled to the Taxman Sonic 1 & 2 ports in a Sonic Jam World esque fashion as per Taxman's original pitch? Or did Iizuka make the right call in entrusting the staff to remix the old levels from the ground up in the Retro Engine, instead
>>23233 >awful damage control interviews for Sonic 4 in which he spouted stupid stuff like "ceiling running is a new feature" Oh wow, I didn't know he did this, but I remember reading about some other hilarious blunders from the Sonic 4 fiasco. Sometimes I wish I had been a fan back then to have seen it for myself, lol. >Would you have preferred the 4 new Zones in Mania stapled to the Taxman Sonic 1 & 2 ports in a Sonic Jam World esque fashion as per Taxman's original pitch? Why would anyone prefer this? Doesn't sound like it would have been anywhere near as interesting and fulfilling as what we got.
>>23183 Until he's outgrown his usefulness. Just like Todd Howard (or even George Lucas and Michael Bay), he's a complete hack. But his marketing skills are on par like no other. No matter how evidently retarded he is when it comes to doing his job, the fans keep on coming back like a flock of tit-sucking hope-chasing sheep. It's sad and pathetic for everybody expect him. If you're still holding out for this guy, then he's already won. All you are is a paycheck to him.
>>23253 *except
>>23183 Fuck him and also fuck miyamoto stupid old hacks
>>23389 Hey, Miyamoto does good work when he's watched. It's not his fault his tard wranglers Yokoi and Iwata are both dead.
>>23194 To be honest I can't be angry at a face like that.
>>23233 Yeah, Mania being it's own game is way better than if it just ended up as a couple of bonus levels. Still, i am annoyed by the fact that Iizuka's thought proccess is "can you keep these zones but do Classic Sonic Generations as well" instead od "can you come up with more levels to turn it into a full game"
>>24237 Mania was good and successful. Make no mistake, this was an embarrassment to SEGA, much as Donkey Kong Country was to Nintendo back in the day.
>>23183 Get rid of him and the guy who casts the voices at SEGA USA, holy shit.

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