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What could have been. Anonymous 12/24/2020 (Thu) 23:31:49 No. 23512
Concepts and alternate universes. I've seen some pretty neat things over the years both official and fanmade.
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>>23519 That Rouge is very cute but what the hell is up with her shoes? Rouge is a woman that demands the best of the best and she looks like she's wearing tattered socks.
>>24293 >very cute what the fuck are you on, man. That's a hideous entity with terribly ill-fit hits for the overall body. If you want it that wide, you really need to widen more of the torso or it looks retarded. But mile wide shoulders Knuckles right off to the side does make for a funny comparison that would make it work not as terribly in the show. Narrow upper body and spindly arms compared to Knuck's massive arms and shoulders and his spindle legs and hips supporting it all it's a funny mirror, but it is not a cute design in its own right. It's comedic, it's whacky cartoon design. You're smokin' something if that has any appeal

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