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Sonic Frontiers Thread Anonymous 12/11/2021 (Sat) 23:32:39 No. 24618
So let's go over what's confirmed >Open world >Ian Flynn confirmed for writer >Morio Kishimoto is the director >Sachiko Kawamura is the producer You looking forward to it?
>>24618 >You looking forward to it? I like 3D Sonic and the road to new game releases is always a thrill but it's way too early to look forward to the game itself for obvious reasons.
>>24619 fair
I'm just glad they're ditching the boost gameplay.
>>24662 How do you know they are?
(66.55 KB 600x310 Sonic bouncing on the BWC.jpg)

For all we know, they could just be reusing Sonic Lost World's controls/handling/physics. They did do that Zelda DLC that was "open world".
>>24665 Now there's something I've completely scrubbed from my memory. I never got to play that because they didn't re-release it for PC when they ported Lost World. Say, Wii U probably has emulators at this point right? Not that I'm super interested in playing it but it is a bit more relevant now.
>>24665 As someone who didn't play lost world, is the reason why it got criticized was only because of the mario galaxy style levels? I personally like the way sonic moves in that game aside from the run button.
>>24667 > is the reason why it got criticized was only because of the mario galaxy style levels? Haven't played the full game, only the demo, but the problem I found is that it's still a boost game, in design, that's trying to disguise itself like it's one of the 3D platformer games. The best way to compare is that it's the difference between Shadow and Heroes; where the base game is the "same" between the two, but Heroes has the team gameplay and more speed oriented, meanwhile Shadow has the weapons and more focussed on exploration. Although, in some ways, Lost World does serve as a proper 3D follow-up to the 2D games.
>>24667 >>24668 >As someone who didn't play lost world >Haven't played the full game, only the demo You can get the full game from here if you're interested in trying it out. >>23496
>>24667 Lost World is basically Colors 2. More actual 3D gameplay, and a run button, but it doesn't change as much as you'd think. It still feels fundamentally like a "Modern Sonic" game, but without all the nostalgiabait of Generations or excess of extremely polished content (even if you don't like the premise) of Unleashed.

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