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(361.42 KB 563x591 complaints.png)
Meta thread Anonymous 07/23/2018 (Mon) 04:35:37 No. 2547
Hello everyone. I recently claimed the board and a couple of anons were interested in having a meta thread, so here it is. Please use it to suggest and discuss changes to the board (such as changes in banners and other special images, board features, or rules), to (eventually) discuss moderation, or any other topic concerning the board. If you're curious about me, I was on /sthg/ from its creation in 2014 until a few months ago, and now I'm here every day contemplating the fast. I've always been low profile so I've never used a name, and I plan to keep it like that. Please enjoy the board and let me know if there's anything I can do for you guys.
If anyone wants to contribute banners, here are the specs: >File size must be lower than 500 KB and dimensions are 300x100 exactly. >Allowed file formats are .jpg, .png, and .gif.
Should /sthg/ or News threads be cyclical? Assuming there's at least some continued use here then eventually the catalog will be filled with older threads of the same thing as more posts come in. Might not be a problem for now, but you never know. Also might as well bring up IDs, since you seem to have disabled them, I don't really mind, but just wanting to bring the topic up for discussion. Lastly, nice to see another anon from /sthg/'s creation days, while I haven't fully given up the place, I still want to come here often to see if we can gather a small community of some sort.
Turn thread ID's back on to avoid samefaggotry. Thanks and good luck.
>>2550 Making the threads cyclical would have some pros and cons I think. On one hand it would emulate a normal board where content gets pruned after a while, keeping things ephemeral and fresh as they should be, plus it would avoid filling the board with similar threads. On the other hand, discarding content might not be a good idea because we don't produce much of it in the first place so it's gonna look even more slow and empty. Furthermore, I don't remember what's the state of the 8chan archive projects but I don't think any of them were very successful, so letting content live a bit longer on the last pages of the board might be a good idea. You brought up IDs as well but didn't really give any opinions for or against them. What do you think of them? Do you think we should have them or not? >>2552 I think we should enable them if and when we have samefag issues. We're probably less than 10 people here and we're going to have threads that last for a long time and having all your posts identified sucks and goes against the idea of anon.
>>2554 I think, as you said, ID should be enabled if we have a problem with samefagging. For now, it's fine to just leave it 100% anonymous.
>>2554 I mostly agree with the other anon. If something goes down and it becomes an issue, then it could be re-enabled again.
It's common for boards to have a sticky with information and useful resources for new posters. We currently have none. Should we make one? If we did, what should we put in it?
>>2681 I like the idea, but I’m not really sure what we would through in it outside of a basic overview of the board and maybe a link to read all the comics or something.
As we're getting faster (it's actually slowly happening) we're sometimes automatically featured as a trending board in the top navigation bar and people might choose to visit us, which makes the need for an introductory sticky post bigger. Here's something I wrote to at least kickstart it. I don't like it a lot, I feel like it could be worded differently and using less space, and I feel like it's missing useful stuff. I'm also not sure what other resources or sections to add. If you have suggestions I'd love to hear them. I'll put it up shortly otherwise and edit the post as necessary later on. By the way, generally when we're featured as a trending board we get a bit of spam. So far those threads have been removed rather quickly, but if you see spam please report and ignore. Thanks. Welcome to /fast/, 8chan's Sonic the Hedgehog discussion board. >What is this place? This place was created in the 2014 4chan exodus to serve as a place for anons of 4chan's Sonic the Hedgehog General (/sthg/) to migrate to. Back then it didn't have a lot of success, so it remained as a backup place for /sthg/ in times of 4chan outages. Right now some of us are trying to repurpose it into an alternative to the original general. Since we're currently few here, we're mostly staying in a general thread where everything goes to make the posting seem faster (instead of having many threads with very few posts each). I'm sure you'll find the current one below, and in its OP you'll find updated resources and news. If you need to discuss something about the board itself, there's a meta thread to that extent as well. >Resources Password of files where required is generally /sthg/. Sonic Boom Seasons 1 & 2 can be watched here: https://kimcartoon.me/Cartoon/Sonic-Boom https://kimcartoon.me/Cartoon/Sonic-Boom-Season-2 Sonic comics: IDW: https://mega.nz/#F!65oBCaoQ!8lkn8JebzaZensDJbLxDeg Archie and Fleetway: https://mega.co.nz/#F!OcU0hY4Q!gDuyY2yX5h4sa8iBk8-4ew Other links (soundtracks, games, image packs, etc.): https://pastebin.com/gSsdpUB5 Board administration log: https://sys.8ch.net/log.php?page=1&board=fast
>>3843 Hmm, I feel like it's got just about everything needed. Links to the comics, Boom, OSTs & games, while also giving a quick overview about the history of the board. If you were to add anything, maybe some rules as to what is or isn't allowed here, if needed?
>>3847 I was going to make a follow up post about rules but I got a phone call. The thing with rules is that they need to be remade from scratch. The current rules page is here: https://8ch.net/fast/rules.html In my opinion, those rules aren't very extensive or clear enough, and some things would probably need to be changed, but it's a sensitive topic and I don't want to just change them alone. We're going to need clearer definitions on what's allowed and what's not (avatarfagging, lewds, etc.) and some guidelines for people to follow when posting (tripfagging, for example). I feel like 4chan's rules are not a bad base to get started with and then change to our convenience. I do agree that they should be in the sticky, but it's best if we add them later, when we've had time to make some rules we agree and are comfortable with.
>>3848 True. I suppose as we get faster & faster as we as getting more newcomers, we can go over what would be allowed & what won't.
(31.57 KB 430x350 fast.jpg)
Intro thread created, locked and stickied. Feel free to suggest changes here. Rules are next. I've already made some changes, feel free to discuss them and make suggestions here! The change of not allowing NSFW content at all comes from the fact that I think I remember reading that allowing NSFW content on SFW boards was cause for board reassignment. Otherwise I think they're short, to the point, and reasonable, but maybe not completely comprehensive. Let me know what you think.
>>4039 I'm fine with no NSFW. Like the rule page says, there's other boards specifically for it, so whatever.
Question: Are there any plans to address the looming issue that the General threads are eventually going to dominate the board? All other threads move so slowly that they're being slowly pushed off the front page, and eventually may even 404 entirely.
>>5719 Short answer: no, there are no plans regarding that issue. So far we only get a bunch of posts each day and we've made 9 generals in like 1 or 2 months, which isn't even a full page, so it's not like other threads don't have a chance of surviving. At this rate if you created a thread today it'd take almost a year for it to fall off the last page if no one posted in it, but I understand that the issue is more that they have very little activity rather than them 404ing. While it'd be nice to be able to make better use of the board, at this point I don't think it's really that necessary and I'd say if organizing ourselves in a general is what suits us better, then we should keep doing it. If we grow to the point of making thousands of posts each day (4/sthg/ would fill 2 to 4 of our 300 posts generals in a day) then we can start using the board more normally. If it becomes too troublesome before that we could increase the bump limit or add more pages to the board. But ultimately it's up to everyone how we use the board. What do you think about the issue yourself and what would you do to make it better?
Where do we draw the line between what's too lewd and what's okay to post? For example, should these be allowed to stay or not? >>5738 >>5737 What about dumb posts like these? >>5746 >>5734
>>5748 I concur
>>5750 What do you concur with? I only asked questions, didn't make any statements.
>>5748 Not the BO, but I would probably delete those type of posts. It's good to have more new anons coming in if we want to have an active board so I wouldn't ban 'em, just make it clear that we're trying to avoid having this place go down the same route 4/sthg/ has gone down.
>>5748 Would appreciate some more opinions on this topic. >>6000 >I would probably delete those type of posts I also think they shouldn't be allowed here but I wouldn't want to look too much no fun allowed, so it's good to know if other people think it's reasonable to delete them or not.
>>6038 Heh, didn't know we have volunteers now. Cool. Anyways you raise a fair point, it would probably cause issues deleting relatively harmless posts like that. I suppose so long as it's not, for lack of a better example, someone spamming "x is shit & you're all shit for liking it!" over & over, it's fine.
>>6038 How does one apply to be a volunteer?
(198.05 KB 600x800 10276438.png)
(831.33 KB 1536x2048 1503235279942.jpg)
>>5748 I wouldn't delete the first two posts or warn the posters. They're not explicit and only barely suggestive. To me, the line would be drawn at very evident yet not visible sexual features (nips, cameltoe, bulges, etc.) either not being allowed at all or at the very least needing spoilers. Pictures that are merely suggestive such as pics related should only need spoilers, if at all. I think it's unrealistic to be too conservative with what isn't allowed given the prevalence of Sonic fanart that emphasize the sex appeal of the characters.
>>6108 There's currently no way for that since there's no need. We'll cross that bridge when we get there. >>6112 It feels like there's no purpose in allowing them since they were just posted by people trying to feel smart because of posting something suggestive and in a gray area in a SFW board. They're not part of a relevant discussion, and they only encourage posting more of the same or even lewder images since it's just posting suggestive stuff for the sake of it. It feels like something that should stay in 4/sthg/ and we would want to avoid here.
Turns out there were spoiler and file deleted image assets left over from previous BO, they just were left disabled for some reason and I never thought to check if there was something loaded into the board because I thought if there was, the option to show them would have been left enabled. I just enabled them back. Suggestions on changes to them are welcome. See >>6490 >>6493 to see how they currently look.
>>6495 You want some spoiler image suggestions? I would recommend the Shard "it's a secret to everyone" pic, but I don't have it on me, sadly.
>>6126 Hi, I just wanted you to know I was the one that posted that Blaze and Silver image, which I'm sorry for if it caused any problems. I did do it because I like those characters but I didn't realize it was too lewd. I won't be doing that ever again.
(21.67 KB 200x180 secret.jpg)
>>6499 Sure, everything helps. You mean this image, right? It's a good suggestion. Personally I'd like it to be an image that was more graphic about what it was trying to convey, but it's still a pretty good suggestion. >>6513 Cool, thanks and don't worry about it too much.
(23.52 KB 185x178 Son06_hintmarker.png)
>>6517 Oh shit, that's the one. Thanks! If you want some suggestions on spoiler pics, I suppose this one could work.
Added a new banner to the rotation, so you should see it from time to time at the top of the board. See >>6553 >>6542 Not bad, what do the rest think? Should we replace the current one with this one? It's a bit too colorful for my tastes but it's still a solid pick.
>>6576 Sweet. Nice to see some new banners being added.
>>6576 I like the colorful one more but i know rainbows are not everyone's cup of tea
>>6112 Post like >>7343 should be deleted, yes?
What are your thoughts on posting the link to /fast/ on halfchan's /sthg/? I posted (a screenshot of) the link there around a month ago, and two very…shitposty people from halfchan now post here. I feel like posting the link there might be lowering the quality of the board.
>>7405 We share the concern about the kind of people it might attract to post about this place in other places, but the unfortunate truth is that unless we start doing it, we're not going to grow, so we're eventually going to have to risk it. We've been thinking of signing the board up for 8chan's Attention Hungry Games too, to try to get some new users from within the site as well. We'll get to that when we stop being lazy. Regarding the two people you mention, we think we know who you're talking about. We haven't sent them for a vacation yet because there have not been any specific rule violations and people wanted more lenient rules, plus there haven't been any reports, complaints, or even comments from people (outside of like, yesterday and today) about them. One of them might be leaving soon, however, because it's too obvious and doesn't really contribute anything worth a damn. We'd like to at least try to be careful regarding moderation because it's easy to fall into deleting things and banning people for things you don't agree with instead of genuine rule violations, and it's hard to do that in cases like these (no explicit violations and no feedback from users), specially when also taking into account that we're still few anons here and beggars (for users) can't be choosers (regarding content posted). When we grow a little bit more we can be a bit more restrictive with what stays and what doesn't. We appreciate feedback on subjects like these, so thanks for posting. >>7346 That post didn't last 5 minutes up.
>>7421 I've nominated /fast/ for those games in the past, no worries.
(42.23 KB 391x158 crap.png)
>>7425 Oh shit, never thought someone else might do it. Thanks a lot! >pic Strangely fitting, kek.
>>7427 >That pic Kek, amazing. >>7405 Only an anon, but I don't mind it so long as we don't let any shitposter from there that comes here run rampant.
>>7421 Getting more people from halfchan is shit but you probably want more of that than trying to attract more anons from 8ch. The latter, you're just going to get discussion go full "Ian is full SJW poz etc etc".
(1.23 MB 788x872 ds.png)
>>7421 >growth A thought: has anyone reached out to the /sthg/ Discord?
(108.63 KB 1336x705 Discord ToS change.jpg)
>>7587 Funny you bring that up; heard something's going on with it: https://archive.fo/CoJLT >?
>>7587 I'm not sure how welcomed that place would be here, but so long as anyone who shows up here is on their best behavior it's fine, imo.
(41.79 KB 356x297 1427479966753.png)
>>7421 Any thoughts as to dropping a link to this board in the Sonic General on the /vg/ board here? OP post is dated September 2014 and the thread has 81 posts (but isn't on the last page surprisingly) so I don't think anyone is there really, BUT /vg/ the board sits high enough to be on 8chan's homepage so if anyone was to look there for a Sonic thread they might see it.
>>7859 >Any thoughts as to dropping a link to this board in the Sonic General on the /vg/ board here? Wasn't that already the case once before? Or I mean, it was once referenced I though, but at the same time, last time I was there I heard linking to 8ch was against the rules or something because of the more lewder, "questionable" side of 8ch I guess, but either way, I'm not too sure about it since most of the users of half chan's /sthg/ is rampant with shitposters, it's honestly more of a lost than a gain until its problems are contained. If anything, I'd ask other Sonic forums moreso than not, since those people are likely to be more productive since with usernames, they'd have to stay in line with their behavior. Just my 2 cents. I wouldn't have mind some merging of /4/sthg/ with /8/sthg and the rest of the board, but as of late, quality control on 4chan as a whole has been borderline cancer tbqh.
>>7900 He means the general on 8chan's /vg/, >>>/vg/ >>7859 Sounds like a good idea.
>>7912 You know I keep forgetting that's a thing. My bad. How active is it on /8/vg/ anyways? Is it anywhere as active as /4/vg?
>>7923 It's not as active as 4/vg/, but it's pretty lively. Throwing a link for here on that board couldn't hurt.
>>7972 Well, I suppose it's not needed since we're seemingly picking up in activity the last few days. That being said, I hope we don't get too many people trying to start shit.
(112.55 KB 757x503 ride.jpg)
>>9105 fasten your seat belts.
(674.07 KB 1090x1138 1540517808043.png)
Shadowanon here. Since I and other drawfags/oldfags have stayed the fuck away from 4/sthg/, I've invited a few friends along: Pastel, Eggmananon, Yoto and Kayla-Na. At least two of them want to migrate. Hope you don't mind.
>>9127 I don't mind, more the merrier.
(10.91 KB 480x360 qMFFfsXLlbA.jpg)
(3.65 KB 125x121 1503814298507.jpg)
>>9127 >I and other drawfags/oldfags have stayed the fuck away from 4/sthg/, They have? Huh. >Kayla-Na No. Why would you do that.
>>9139 Because she's a good person and has been contributing OC to /sthg/ since the very beginning. I fail to see the issue here.
>>9142 >>9143 I do not remember anything good coming from her, only trouble, and what I remember of her art was that the style was just generic furry stuff and mostly about her OC. Oh, and that she really loved to post cropped (mostly porn) pictures and not posting the full images. I'd rather the 'contribution' be kept at 4/sthg/. Hope she's not one of the two that want to come. >since the very beginning She didn't join until much later fortunately.
(1.09 MB 1280x850 1489807821648.png)
>>9146 >she really loved to post cropped (mostly porn) pictures and not posting the full images …it's a blue board, anon.
>>9146 >her art was that the style was just generic furry stuff and mostly about her OC. Who cares; at least it's popular and liked. I draw on the style and put my own bend into it and no one cares.
>>9147 Yes, and? >>9153 >at least it's popular and liked With whom? The same people that we're trying to run away from? More reason to keep it there and not here if anything. Plus her stuff was never really popular and liked, just controversial.
>>9162 How much of an objective asshole do you have to be to say "Nobody actually likes your art"? I mean, do you realize what you're saying? >fuck someone who's been a popular drawfag for this general for years There's no nuance. You are literally advocating for the type of attitude /fast/ had desperately tried to move away from.
>>9171 >How much of an objective asshole do you have to be to say "Nobody actually likes your art"? I mean, do you realize what you're saying? I do not agree with your assertion that her art was "popular and liked" in the general. >You are literally advocating for the type of attitude /fast/ had desperately tried to move away from I'm advocating for us not to repeat previous mistakes again. I was there when she joined and I've shared the place with her and things were much better without her. I remember plenty of people telling her to fuck off and I would like to keep her away myself. The fact that you keep using "popular" as a word to defend someone in an anonymous imageboard should give you a hint that she should just stay in halfchan, and maybe you too.
>>9175 The anon you're replying to isn't even me, we don't even have the same typing style. It's well-liked and popular in the fan art community outside of 4chan. >I was there when she joined and I've shared the place with her and things were much better without her Why? >and maybe you too. Lol you sound more halfchan than I do at this point.
>>9146 Kayla-na hasn't stopped by 4/sthg/ in a long time. There are hardly any drawfags left there. Nobody wants to make OC for the place anymore, most of the drawfags were run off by LC-kun.
Can only speak for myself, but I don't have much issue with Kayla (if she's one of the two Shadowanon mentioned) showing up here, so long as no trouble is stirred up. One of the biggest problems with 4/sthg/ was a lack of moderation, but that's not the case here. If someone comes along, doesn't start any problems & is on their best behavior, I am okay with them. But again, that's if she's one of the two that plans on migrating here. I don't think Shadowanon has explained who the two are gonna be.
>>9175 >I remember plenty of people telling her to fuck off and I would like to keep her away myself. You aren't actually putting forth arguments for why she's bad for this board. You're not giving any examples of "bad behavior" that she's done, other than posting non-porn pics on a non-porn board. You seem to just be jumping on the bandwagon 4/sthg/ created where suddenly no drawfags or literally anybody who could possibly be more creative than the average lurking 14yo are allowed. I know because the same damn thing happened to me.
>>9182 4/sthg/ never turned on Yoto for some reason.
(2.00 MB 2232x2152 Espio.png)
I'm one of the people shadowanon wanted to come and join /fast/ he knows me as Pastel but I usually go by Geek on most boards. I was a drawfag but got chased away because even though I would often do request streams in 2015 - 2016 and alot of people would join and we would have fun by 2017 for some reason it was no longer acceptable and got to the point where I was banned for suggesting it. Also didn't feel very liked so I decided I should leave and I did. I hoping things will be better here I see people already shitting on the idea of having Kayla here and to that I have no clue why people attack her. I talk to her and I saw how the thread reacted to her before I knew her. It seems that people get up her ass for her furry styled Sonic art and when she understandably starts getting defensive because of her art style choice being criticized and wantedly so then people say she's rude for reacting badly to being told her art is shit. IDK to write her off as bad because she gets defensive when being bullied in the server as her being an "asshole" and or because you dont agree with her art style seems unfair.
>Kayla gets mentioned >Instant drama lmao I'd like if some of the supposed exiled artists showed up here though, if only so I didn't have to deal with any Discord bullshit.
>>9185 It's literally due to another anons carrying on because they dont want her here.. it's not even her fault. How you going to blame her for something she has no hand it. That's pretty ass backwards
>>9184 Hi Geek , love your art. Guys, can we just put 4/sthg/ drama to the past and keep it there? This board has far stricter moderation and life is too short to be holding grudges about what people draw what on fucking anonymous imageboards.
>>9187 >This board has far stricter moderation "This board has moderation" is more apt, though I'd hope it's not overly-strict.
>>9188 Nothing too strict, just some stuff to ensure people don't get too carried away. >>9184 Welcome aboard Geek, big fan of your stuff & it's pretty cool to see you come here. And yeah, I agree with the other anon about this whole drama mess. It's a new day, we shouldn't let any drama that took place on 4/sthg/ carry over & no one should be holding grudges because of stuff that happened on anonymous imageboards. IMO anybody that wants to come here is welcomed, so long as they come in peace.
>>9182 >You're not giving any examples of "bad behavior" that she's done, other than posting non-porn pics on a non-porn board Everything she does, from the awful generic furry style to the constant drawing of her OC (which alone would be over the line in early /sthg/) shows she's not interested in contributing anything of worth to the threads, just in using them as her blog. The fact that she kept spamming it over the thread so that it was in everyone's face all the time just made it worse, and posting cropped pictures and keeping the full images from people on purpose is just a shitty attitude that serves no purpose other than pissing people off. Only thing she brought to the table was issues and endless discussion of her poor character (god dammit, I still remember all the shit surrounding her business practices even after years of not hearing about her at all, this is how sick I am of this). We don't need any of this here. She can go lie in the bed she helped create back in 4chan. >You seem to just be jumping on the bandwagon 4/sthg/ created where suddenly no drawfags or literally anybody who could possibly be more creative than the average lurking 14yo are allowed. But I didn't take issue with everyone, just with her. >>9127 >>9180 >I don't think Shadowanon has explained who the two are gonna be. Can you mention who the other person is so that we at least have a chance of putting this discussion to rest if there's no point to it? >>9177 >Kayla-na hasn't stopped by 4/sthg/ in a long time I can't believe they finally ran her out. Even after all the hell that was raised and how clear it was she wasn't welcomed, she wouldn't leave. >There are hardly any drawfags left there Is it really that bad? There were tens of drawfags before, I can't believe they would all leave. >>9187 >life is too short to be holding grudges about what people draw what on fucking anonymous imageboards The problem is that the only way to prevent certain things from happening is to be outspoken about them. If we didn't raise shit over namefags, Anon's Sister would still be there for instance. I don't want to have this discussion, but I do not believe this is going to do the board any favors just as we've seen it happen in the previous board.
>>9191 > awful generic furry style thats just a style > the constant drawing of her OC that's just a preference this is not a legitimate criticism except "i dont like their art or their art choices". it doesn't make sense >shitty attitude honestly you're not befriending her, you're not being her close friend, what's the problem? shit load of people have shit attitudes and back pasts.
>>9192 ..bad pasts.. not back pasts
>>9191 She didn't do anything other drawfags weren't already doing and tend to do because holy shit, god forbid someone seek validation for the work they do. >The fact that she kept spamming it over the thread so that it was in everyone's face all the time just made it worse Well first of all that's impossible seeing as you can't post the same pic twice. But if you mean multiple threads, again: drawfags do that shit because sometimes they get swept up in a current of arguments disguised as discussion, or were posted nearly at the end of a thread's life.
>>9194 >drawfags do that shit because sometimes they get swept up in a current of arguments disguised as discussion, or were posted nearly at the end of a thread's life. yup
>>9192 >thats just a style >that's just a preference Neither of those were good fits for the general, nor anything else she did. Even Shroak of all people got the message that he was fucking up, but apparently that was too much to ask for in this case. >honestly you're not befriending her, you're not being her close friend I'm still asked to share the place with her and the last time I did that it was awful and made me want to leave. Then I left and the last thing I want is to be chased here by the same people I came to leave behind. >shit load of people have shit attitudes and back pasts. Why would anyone advocate to include in groups people like that? If anything that would only make me want to keep them at an even bigger distance. >>9194 >She didn't do anything other drawfags weren't already doing and tend to do I disagree. At the time few other artfags had issues like her. Literally the whole thread turned on her at times. >drawfags do that shit because sometimes they get swept up in a current of arguments disguised as discussion No, I don't mean posting a finished picture in a thread or reposting it in the following one, I mean constatly, and I don't mean one picture but many, or crops of them. There was a picture she made that was composed of several smaller pictures that she cropped little parts of and reposted repeatedly, for instance. She didn't post the full one until weeks after she started doing that. Her past in the general speaks for itself. Beats me why people would welcome someone with that kind of record.
Okay I'm not one for dragging out these types of arguments but I will ask this one thing before leaving it be. If Kayla is someone who wants to migrate here, I suppose the BO can decide on that, but I am curious: What did Kayla directly do, besides posting art with a certain style & posting porn crops that was so damaging to 4/sthg/? Beyond those two things, what did she really do in the general?
>>9227 >Neither of those were good fits for the general, I don't really get this
>>9227 >Neither of those were good fits for the general Who the christ fuck made you the authority of what "fit" the general? The only thing that should matter to the general is that it involves Sonic and isn't fetish art.
>>9227 >muh sekrit club
The absolute state of this anon
(40.16 KB 340x192 1501170405442.jpg)
Imo, if someone/something is not universally liked, don't force it anywhere. It's not about you, it's about the general public. Every time I see this person's name dropped, all hell brakes loose. She's a lost cause in the face of many people, basically the Shadman of the Sonic fanbase. Just keep your personal liking of these artists to yourself and accept you can't force these people anywhere you wished just because you like them. It's a sacrifice you just got to make for the sake of a better community.
>>9274 >"wtf why cant I come to your party, we're best friends" >"ummm a couple guests hate you for no real reason so yeah it's them or you"
>>9274 >force these people Nigga, they were "invited", it's likely they won't even show up. Get your head out your ass.
>>9191 >Is it really that bad? There were tens of drawfags before, I can't believe they would all leave. Yes. Nobody has done requests in months. Yoto, THP, BCA and a couple others drop their art in the general, but nobody actually draws for the general anymore. The guy who killed /mmg/, LC-kun, shitposted relentlessly in 4/sthg/ for months. He falseflagged and attacked drawfags and contributed immensely to its current state. It turned out that he was a drawfag himself, and he did it out of jealousy. He's gone now, but the damage is done and almost every content creator has fucked off.
>>9284 While LC-kun can be blamed, it wasn't all the work of one man. He kickstarted a new standard for the general, one where literally nobody was allowed to be more talented than the other. And this came right on the heels of the Bumper Engine's release.
>>9294 When do we make the museum level for realsies
I remember someone got a little annoyed with me because I draw Amy with her classic design all the time.
>>9297 It all comes down to someone really wanting to do it & gathering a team. Thankfully, the assets to the level still exists & are still available, someone just has to snatch 'em & put them into a level. I'd do it, but my PC's a literal toaster
>>9302 >gathering a team So who's gonna be Fury?
(98.25 KB 384x268 shrug.png)
>>9307 >who's gonna be Fury? Anyone who has a good computer & has a bunch of ideas they can incorporate the assets into sensible level design. If any anon is balls to the wall enough to get it done, they have my full support.
>>9231 She started doing it, people complained, she ignored them and she kept doing it and posting her fursona and shit in the threads. People kept complaining and the issue kept attracting attention and getting bigger. She has some sort of following that joined the threads to post in her favor (have you noticed that we've been suddenly going much faster since she's been namedropped? really makes you think) and since she still wouldn't leave, it kept escalating to the point where people started digging into details of her shady history and discussing them and so on and so forth. >>9238 When you've been run out of as many communities as she has, maybe it's time to realize you're doing something wrong and adjust your attitude instead of blaming it on others. >>9284 >a couple others drop their art in the general, but nobody actually draws for the general anymore. Not sure I understand. Like, they post random Sonic art they make but they won't fill requests people make? >>9297 Never Ever Fuck, just the other day I came across a picture of a mock up of the level someone did and now I can't find it. I hate when this happens.
>>9319 >She started doing it, people complained, she ignored them Posting art is not a crime, regardless if people complain. People tend to complain when basically any art is posted in the general, particularly when someone goes "uh hey if you like my art I have a tumblr". WOAH GET A LOAD OF THE JEW SHILLING FOR SHEKELS. >When you've been run out of as many communities as she has, maybe it's time to realize you're doing something wrong That has nothing to do with what you quoted. You have no authority to decide what's "right" for the general. This isn't fucking Rapture.
>>9319 That, didn't really answer my question. What did she do, unrelated to posting her art, that was so damaging to the general directly?
>>9319 >Not sure I understand. Like, they post random Sonic art they make but they won't fill requests people make? Yeah, basically. The couple that are left will post their art (sometimes not even bothering to comment that they made it) but nobody does streams, nobody fills requests, nobody asks for requests.
>>9361 >nobody does streams Because that requires linking to a Twitch channel which /sthg/ calls "shilling" even if you're not making any money off Twitch. >nobody fills requests, nobody asks for requests Because that apparently is "feeding the shill".
>>9320 >Posting art is not a crime, regardless if people complain Not all art is appropriate everywhere. If you go to a new community, respect the people already there. >That has nothing to do with what you quoted. You have no authority to decide what's "right" for the general The point was that when you get so many people complaining about your actions to the point you're an outcast, it's hardly about me deciding for others rather than others deciding for themselves. Considering this was hardly an isolated case and that it's happened in other communities as well, it still baffles why people want to have anything to do with her, and I hope that if she steps in here all these things will be taken into account to give her the boot. >>9385 I see.
>>9409 Anon, are you gonna ignore >>9324?
>>9409 >Not all art is appropriate everywhere. None of her art is inappropriate. And again: you are not the authority on what isn't appropriate. >Considering this was hardly an isolated case and that it's happened in other communities as well I and other anons have asked you 5 times what the hell you're talking about, what she did, and you ignore it every time. At this point you're either baiting or disguising "I don't like her art" as "she's not a good person".
This is a bait thread now, I guess. No one can be this autistic to care this much about one artist.
>>9422 I don't know why mods haven't done something about it yet.
>>9410 I think the things I've described so far paint a clear enough picture of who she is and some of the things she's done. >>9412 >None of her art is inappropriate. And again: you are not the authority on what isn't appropriate. How come you can decide what's appropriate but not others? You're the one making no claims other than that it's okay to post because you say so. My claims come from things that happened and reasonable and common known facts of how /sthg/'s culture used to be (eg: do not post your fursona on the board). As I also mentioned, the general ultimately decided to shun her away so that should make it pretty clear whether it's okay or not to post, irrespective of me. >I and other anons have asked you 5 times what the hell you're talking about, what she did and you ignore it every time I have been elaborating on that for the past several posts, but you keep ignoring everything I say. People have been banned from here for much less than the things she repeatedly did on /sthg/ (eg: posting porn crops all the god damn time). As I said above, I think I've described her actions well enough to inform those who would listen, so I have no intention to keep arguing with Kayla-Na's clique, which has been proven to lead nowhere many times before. If anyone else wants to know more about her, she has a rich history throughout the internet of the shit she's pulled that you should have no trouble digging into to find your answers.
>>9440 >reasonable and common known facts of how /sthg/'s culture used to be (eg: do not post your fursona on the board). Actually, /sthg/ used to not only allow but encourage posting your "Sonic-sona" because it was fun, goddamnit. Quit acting like "muh toxic culture" is a good thing.
>>9442 This, we should have a culture of fun not worrying about who's doing who and making fun of others. That's why the internet is so fucking lame now.
Who's doing what.. not who's doing who.. but that's a thing too.
(6.55 KB 235x214 1489349707406.jpg)
> /sthg/'s culture Culture of of /sthg/ is abunch of cavemen wearing bags over there heads and pointing at a blue hedgehog while making fucking screaming babbling noises. Why do we act like /4sthg/ is like meeting of the minds … it's more like meeting of the retards. can we get a grip
>>9451 This. On top of that, it seems pretty clear this anon just doesn't like Kayla's art, there's not much point in dragging this argument out any further. If she shows up here & doesn't break any of the rules, she's more than welcomed here imo.
>>9284 >He's gone now This almost makes me want to go back if true. How is he actually gone though? I left that place a month and a half ago, so hearing this sounds impossible. But hearing >>9294 makes me more mad as an artist. It's shit like this that made me leave another community, solely because too many people wanted to whiteknight, which got to the point no one could make friends anymore without going "someone's better than you", and it makes me sad. I hope he gets what he deserves.
>>9449 >>9442 These two posts scream manchild, I'm sorry. Why is the Internet is boring now even a statement? Listen to yourself. You make it sound like you don't have a real world life, outside, to enjoy. Maybe I'm just old, because I sound like this is what my parents say to me about being on the web for too long, which barely makes up a 5th of my daytime.
>>9496 >This almost makes me want to go back if true. No point in doing so. Not like /sthg/ has gotten any better since he left. Anyways, since /fast/ has garnered more activity in recent weeks, I'm wondering if anyone has any suggestions for extra rules, or if what we have now is cool
>>9499 Personally I want an ironfisted policy regarding toxicity. Make /sthg/ love again.
(117.66 KB 961x425 lc.png)
>>9496 He hasn't been back since.
(48.60 KB 350x365 1501025043658.jpg)
>>9526 >yfw you realize you left 4/shtg/ mere weeks after LC-Kun left for good Fuck me… I get people hate how toxic that general is despite of him, but him being gone would have been enough for me to have stayed there just to see the aftermath. But personally, if that place wasn't under the consequence of being on 4chan, where it has the chance to get bumped off the board, I'd might have stayed there instead of here. But because that's not the case, staying here still feels better because the generals will always be here anytime, instead of fearing about no one bumping the threads to keep them alive. I might just go back to recap all that's happened just out of curiosity, assuming the old stuff is still archived somehow.
Hi. Just so that we're all on the same page and avoid a (second) meltdown later down the line: we're not going to allow Kayla-Na here. We simply don't want to deal with her and we think it's the best for this place even if some won't like it.
>>9561 I don't agree with this decision, but fine. If it keeps anons from losing their shit & getting into fights over her, go ahead.
>>9561 If you're trying to make /fast/ better than 4/sthg/ this is a shitty step away from that.
>>9561 Not really sure how I feel. If she came and made a scene, I get it, feel free. But preemptively banning her seems kinda shitty.
>>9561 Meh not feeling this
(11.32 MB 1280x720 discord Video by AsarathaHS.webm)
>>9561 Sounds like it's for the best.
>>9561 Cool, so can I put forward names of people we can preemptively ban? Awesome, gonna get to work on a list. Can't let undesirables come to our secret club, after all.
>>9561 Fucking thank you. Kayla-Na is a shitty tool, and removing undesirables like her is only for the best.
>>9606 >unironically using the word "undesirables" This type of elitism, "muh sekrit club" bullshit is why I wanted to move away from 4/sthg/. But now I see this place is even more elitist than they are.
>>9608 I mean, I still like /fast/ & all, but I will admit that I hope this doesn't set a precedent where anyone can get banned if someone complains about them enough.
>>9608 I already saw signs of it when some obsessive autist like the one in the thread now was complaining about my opinions he recognized on 4/sthg/ months ago and the mods took action against me, honestly
(230.23 KB 309x351 letitgettome.png)
>>9611 This does make me think: I feel like we may be getting some people coming in here to try & stir up drama. I enjoy this board & I'm glad it's been garnering a community, but I hope this place doesn't let itself fall into the same problems 4/sthg/ fell in where shitposters just run amok
(47.46 KB 576x401 no no no.jpg)
>>9613 Seems there's a fine line between stopping shitposting and becoming a hugbox and it's already being crossed. The idea that someone is made unwelcome and considered unironcally "undesirable" because of one anon's shitposting anecdotes is legit worrying. Keep in mind the user in question was only ever "invited" here and chances are wouldn't have shown up anyway, but the Admins decided to ban them regardless in a knee jerk manner. Oh well, a new /fast/ was a nice concept but it's already going down the toilet.
>>9615 I wouldn't say it's already going down the toilet, but there is some concern from me in regards to what's gonna happen going forward. My only hope is that this is a one-off & something like this doesn't happen again, but this is a bit worrying to me. I guess if shit hits the fan, I guess /sth/ can be revived or something
AAR did similar stuff to Kayla, is she banned from here too?
>>9629 Who?
>>9613 Maybe we shouldn't even let 4channers come here period, if they don't want to abide to this site's rules… like how 4chan ended up being so god damn shit in the first place. That was what 4channers wanted, but long story short, Reddit and other hugboxy site users came to 4chan, fucked it up with their different cultures, and cry fowl when they want to bring things over, but complain about how things change tonal direction, which ended up happening thanks to you bringing it outsiders. If you don't want to change for the site, you're a leech and part of the problem. Don't expect to act American when going to Japan and get pissy when the locals give you pissy treatment. You get what you ask for "unfair" treatment.
>>9638 Yeah it was painful seeing how much 4chan declined from too many visitors and crossposters from reddit, tumblr, NeoGAF, even Gaia posters and goons. Take a good look at the catalogs from 4/v/ and this one and you can see the diverging influences. There's even a thread on ResetERA applauding Hiro's decision behind 4channel. So despite it being grating at times, there's reasons why anons are so quick to tell others to go back to wherever they came from. Years of bitterness and resentment from being invaded until things got so bad they had to leave. I get the decision being made for quality control.
>>9638 >>9639 I want you both to take a step back and look at yourselves. Look at the words you are writing. Now consider the fact that this isn't a goddamn country. This isn't a website with hundreds of millions of people posting every day. It's an imageboard for Sonic fans. Fans of SONIC THE FUCKING HEDGEHOG. Do you honestly believe one individual, who we don't know and also have no inkling of an idea of what kind of person they are beyond hearsay, is going to "ruin" a community that talks about SONIC? To talk as if this is an important decision for "preserving /fast/ culture", make /fast/ out to be some kind of fucking sacred ground or holy land full of only those accepted by your tribe, and pretend that's a good thing, makes you sound like a psychopath. An actual, literal psychopath. I suggest you go outside, and try to experience a bit of real life, because holy shit you are acting like complete utter cringelords.
Guys, chill. The only point I was trying to make was that people (from anywhere, not just 4chan) may try to stir up drama & I think people should be careful of anyone who comes in for the sake of being an antagonizing douche. That's all. I'm not calling for any widespread bans of anybody, or anything.
>>9642 And to add: This has nothing to do with the whole Kayla stuff (since she hasn't posted here & done that, not to mention she probably wasn't gonna come here anyways), I'm just speaking in a general manner & people shouldn't fall into the same fuckups made before.
>>9629 Of course she is. We can't allow anyone like that.
>>9640 >Not wanting potential drama magnets and generally unpleasant people makes you a psycho. That's reaching a bit, don't you think? Although it was funny seeing "rottenredditor" become a laughingstock on this /v/, along with a few others like a NeoGAF user named Brian who threw a tantrum when that place was going up in flames.
>>9644 Then fuck this place. At least 4/sthg/ isn't operating on draconian rules of behavior and content creators aren't nearly as discouraged from posting their content here.
>>9650 There have been exactly 0 incidents with people when they decided to post stuff of theirs here so far though. Sounds a bit exaggerated to rage at that comment tbh.
I wonder how much if this thread is just one person replying to himself. There's someone on 4/sthg/ who keeps posting screenshots trying to start drama there.
>>9655 That does not change the fact that there has not been a single problem when people have posted their stuff here, and the post you quote only talks about one person.
>>9656 >There's someone on 4/sthg/ who keeps posting screenshots trying to start drama there. Really?
>>9649 >That's reaching a bit, don't you think? No. It's not. The way this works is that they fuck up and you ban them. Not ban them preemptively when they haven't even fucking done anything. You're treating a board for Sonic fans, of all people, like some dystopian society where instead of talking about Sonic they live in fear of mod abuse in case they're """undesirable""". I fail to see why a "drama magnet" deserves to be banned, and not the people who start drama about them. Chances are all that drama magnet wants is to discuss Sonic and post art. To treat that as a crime is ridiculous. >"Think about it. A world where there's no crime, no victims, no pain." >"And no choice." >"The problem with democracy is: it doesn't keep you very safe." >"It has other virtues, but you seem to have forgotten them." >"I didn't forget! I just chose peace and security instead!"
>>9649 >potential drama magnets I don't understand this. Surely someone being a "drama magnet" is the fault of the people who start drama about them rather than the person themselves? Should we ban everyone who dislikes x person in case they constantly start drama over them? Seems like the best move. Frankly, It'd be nice if the board admin came out of his tower and explained himself for this bullshit.
>JL quote Nice. Still agree with the decision to preemptively ban troublemakers. 4/sthg/ still exists as well as many other places to discuss Sonic.
>>9668 At that point why even have it open to the public?
I mean the same hate Kayla got several other artists got, so please explain to me why we shouldn't preemptively ban all artists just to be on the safe side?
>>9670 Honestly, there's nothing stopping a troublemaker from posting unless they make themselves known. >why even have it be open if you don't want troublemakers We want our cake and we can nibble on it slowly till we no longer have it. We're still anonymous. Anyone with a notorious reputation will be dealt with swiftly (or at least I imagine that's what will happen for I am not someone with that power). >>9672 >ban all artists All artists are not equal
>>9673 Please explain what makes Kayla so worthy of a ban that other troublesome artists from /sthg/ aren't. >she can still post here anonymously If she posted her art here it would be a give away, you are essentially silencing her that way.
>>9676 >other troublesome artists and they are…? >silencing her >can literally post about anything sonic but can't take requests or post her art, effectively removing her identity and making her anonymous here I don't see a problem
>>9678 AAR, Shroak, BCA, Sparky, HotRed all cause(d) massive amounts of drama in /sthg/. You need to come and explain to me how Kayla is worse than any of them. And you are effectively making Kayla's art into the /fast/ equivalent of GR15, I hope I don't have to explain why that is stupid.
>>9680 >gr15 Talk about hyperbole. The only loss is possible free art and a single board for her to post her art >explain to you I don't have to explain anything as I'm not in charge. If the idea of barring her was even on the table then her reputation must not be very good regardless
>>9681 A portion of the problem literally had to do with someone not liking her artstyle. That is petty and troublesome to set as a precedent.
Was Kayla even interested in coming here? If not, this entire argument & all the shit that may come from this is probably pointless.
>>9682 >set as a precedent So we unban her, drama happens, and then we can permaban her? Better to do it now and save us the trouble
>>9684 We should ban her if she actively antagonizes anyone. We should ban anyone who antagonizes her.
>>9685 This, tbh. Ban someone for coming in here & actually doing something, don't ban them because they might do something. I mean hell, more drama will probably come from this than anything Kayla actually does herself. And I doubt she was ever gonna come here.
>>9680 What did Sparky or BCA do?
>>9688 I know BCA makes complaints about lesbian shipping and once made a troll Mina the Mongoose general. Sparky shares his derivative, bad Sonic inspired art and regularly blogs about his life
>>9690 >makes complaints he's the sallicole defense team. any time someone complains about the ship or sally being hinted at being a lesbian he's there. not a bad thing in itself, but it can go on and on if a sallyfag or sonallyfag is just as stubborn about it
>>9661 >Frankly, It'd be nice if the board admin came out of his tower and explained himself for this bullshit. For what purpose? What I see is people that are trying to push a narrative, people that came out of nowhere to defend her, and people that just want to cause outrage. And all of this for Kayla-Na of all people. Replying is not going lead anywhere. What I remember of her from /sthg/ is shit like https://boards.fireden.net/vg/thread/177895920/#177925321, https://boards.fireden.net/vg/thread/177895920/#177933158, https://boards.fireden.net/vg/thread/177895920/#177926758, and she was still going several months later https://boards.fireden.net/vg/thread/196177220/#196190497. She not only used to do this on the SFW board (which some people here claimed it didn't happen or that it even couldn't happen because of reasons) but she used to post crops of her art just to keep people from the full images (see some of the replies). In all my time on imageboards I've only encountered people talking about how she screws people over (such as by deleting her stuff from one place and making it available elsewhere needing you to pay again to see what you already paid for), or talking about her charades in different communities (like her fights with Undertale's creator and other random people, the stories of her goons ganging up on other people, her having to leave Fur Affinity because of backlash and then returning and getting banned, etc), never defending any aspect of her. You can find some discussion about these things here and there (/sthg/ archives, /trash/ archives (unfortunately down at the moment), archives on other sites (e.g. u18, http://archive.is/DNOrm), etc.) but I never cared to document these things because I'm not going to waste my time on her. All around, she's one great package of things to avoid, so that's what we're going to do. To address some of the other points people made: People were concerned about this being replicated with other people. Few people have the kind of shit on themselves she has, so most people would be perfectly fine here. Having said that, I will mention (and I think I've elaborated on this before) that not everyone is going to be allowed here, and not all of the things people did on 4/sthg/ will be allowed here, simply because otherwise just stay the hell back in 4/sthg/, why come here? We posted about this decision now because the topic was already rolling and it was going to be an even bigger mess later down the line if we came out of nowhere with it when/if she was here. My experience with her was negative and I'm tired of reading other people's negative experiences as well, so I don't feel there's a need of giving her another chance in yet another community. I understand this is not everyone's cup of tea and that some people are going to be upset, but ultimately this is the decision we're taking. You can either agree with it and stay, don't agree with it and go elsewhere, or don't agree with it and stay anyway. I was hoping people would get that and would either leave or let it go because no side of this discussion is going to settle, and honestly some of the exaggerated and resentful comments from people that clearly don't like it here get peeving. Just leave if you're so against this place and how I run it.
>>9696 She shouldn't be banned until she causes problems. Hell one of the very problems you complain about wouldn't even happen here because porn is allowed here.
>>9696 Aside from the majority of your complaints being incidents that happened OUTSIDE of /sthg/, thus banning people you don't like rather than if they cause problems here. What is the line in which drawfags causing drama is okay? Because the artists I mentioned caused drama within 4/sthg/ which would be a more valid reason to preemptively ban them than how Kayla screwed over commissioners.
>>9696 >not everyone is going to be allowed here, What is the list of people banned from this board? Just so I know I don't accidentally post their art here.
>>9696 >Not everyone is going to be allowed here This completely misses the point of a free anonymous imageboard. If you're going to ban people over incidents that happened outside 4/sthg/, then there is no point to /fast/. Make a discord server, or make the board private, if you're going to be that elitist.
(1.05 MB 2332x2154 1519612532314.png)
>>9688 The only thing BCA's really done is make a Mina milestone. Someone got really autistic about it, said it wasn't a "proper" milestone and made another thread, bumping it for a couple of days. It caused an autistic meltdown about the thread number.
>>9324 She's the one who kicked off the anti-artist sentiment by saying that content creators were inherently more valuable to /sthg/ than regular posters.
>>9696 While I commend you for taking this decision, perhaps you should state out-right those that aren't welcome in /fast/.
So I got a nice banlist for ya let me know of anyone else to add: Kayla Shroak Slashy AAR Sparky BCA AutisticWritefag Panzer Hotred Lange Anyone else I am missing?
>>9706 Oh yeah I forgot LC-Kun
>>9561 Good. Whether she means to or not, whether she's present or not, her reputation precedes her without fail. Best to nip it in the bud.
>>9704 Actually, LC-Kun admitted to that being him who made that post, because he wanted to get people pissed at Kayla. I think he said it right around the time he was about to leave the general. >>9705 Yeah, talking about what may not be welcomed here is something best outright stated, as opposed to being vague about it because it's just gonna cause more shitflinging.
>>9704 They are. This is a general consensus dating back all the way to 2004 and /b/. OC is more valuable than the average post.
>>9709 I'm not inclined to believe you, considering Kayla made an "apology" post and even drew a pic snarking about the shitstorm.
>>9710 The problem is that that's supposed to be an unspoken understanding. Lording that fact over others is what led to the backlash.
>>9711 Just saying, it was right in this thread: https://boards.fireden.net/vg/thread/221930260/#q221940528
>>9706 Eyy, I'm on the list! ..wonder what I did. Hm. I do find it ironic how much drama gets stirred up by people who don't like other people for.. stirring up drama. Someone once told me this was a nice board, but it's really like all the rest. Minimal Sonic and maximum autism.
>>9714 To be fair, you're not. But this is exactly what I was concerned about in that people are now gonna try & stir up drama over everyone regardless of reputation to make them "drama magnets." I get not wanting this place to have people who started problems in 4/sthg/ but I feel like this could be handled a lot better.
>>9715 Well, I'm on THAT guys list. That means I'm doing something I guess. To be honest it wouldn't bother me too much to get "banned" from a board on a chan. It's not like there aren't a hundred other forums, servers, groups, what have you where I can socialize. But yeah, you can tell that some people have some major issues, and they should work on that while the rest of us enjoy having a good time and talking about anything other than who we don't like and why we don't like then. Captchas suck.
>>9716 I will come clean and say you are only on that list to point out how quickly this can turn sour. I like you Sparky, but some people don't which makes you the perfect example as to how dangerous this precedent can become.
>>9716 I will come clean and say you are only on that list to point out how quickly this can turn sour. I like you Sparky, but some people don't which makes you the perfect example as to how dangerous this precedent can become.
>>9716 True. If nothing else, it's harder for things to turn sour here given how there's a whole board full of other stuff people can post in. I mean, all the drama is basically in this thread & nowhere else, so it's not like /fast/ as a whole is turning sour. Not yet, at least.
>>9718 >>9717 …I'm not Sparky, I'm AWF .___.
>>9716 >that guys list Some salty kayla defender made it
>>9721 I am no Kayla defender. I think preemptively banning people is a bad idea.
>>9720 Not them but you kind of type like Sparky. ofc Sparky would never use the word autism to describe something…
>>9723 >banning drama whores is bad Okay, Bizarro Anon.
The mere idea of pre-emptive banning is something I'd expect from reddit. Not this place.
>>9725 Preemptively? Especially on an anonymous message board? Oh yes
Other than Kayla and LC-kun, who else gets a knee jerk reaction from more than a few people because of who they are?
>>9727 Still not getting what the bad part is. It's just Kayla, not a good, welcome person or anything like that.
>>9729 Kayla doesn't get a kneejerk reaction on 4/sthg/ >>9730 Why not the other shitposters or drama magnets on /sthg/?
>>9729 Pretty much every drawfag besides THP.
>>9706 If you're calling out Discordfags put Shadowanon/Dubs on that list then. Dude is a toxic motherfucker that hates people more popular than him.
>>9732 There aren't really that many drama magnets aside from Kayla and LC-kun imo. AWF's obscure, Jadii's great riffing material, Sparky's just hangs around now, Lange, Shroak, Slashy, and Hotred/Coolblue don't show up anymore, and AAR only posts photos sparingly sometimes. I guess AAR deserves the ban-hammer too, though, thinking on it.
>>9734 Shadowanon just does Vocaroo stuff. How's he "toxic?"
Ahahaha this board is a joke. Enjoy being dead.
>>9735 I'm not obscure, I'm "niche"
>>9734 I'm in two separate servers with him and I have no idea what you're talking about.
(4.07 KB 128x127 DOPVemPW4AAkuyH.jpg)
>State of this thread Fuck sake, this is exactly what I was worried about. Now every single content creator/person with a name attached to them is gonna be shitposted against & it's gonna get worse with people coming in from other places for the purpose of stirring the pot to shit this board up & drive off anyone who wants to post here. This whole thing could've been avoided, but the way it was handled has been botched.
>>9734 Maybe they should put you on the list. I've seen him do absolutely nothing wrong, and you keep calling him a toxic shitposter in 4/sthg/ without providing any evidence as to why he is one. Seems to me you're just caught up in whatever petty drama you two had in the Discord.
>>9736 He used to go on rants in the /sthg/ server about how he wanted to hurt happy people and only way he saw to reach the level of successful people was to tear them down to his level. Put two and two together and you can see that he was probably one of the anti-artist shitposters too
>>9741 Dubs is pretty fucking toxic desu
>>9735 my echidna. we're on the same wavelengths >>9740 >shitposted against We have mods here. This isn't 4/sthg/
>>9742 Idiot. If he were anti-artist would he have posted this? >>9127
>>9735 Jadii and AAR have shitposters who will cause drama about ships or artstyles. Slashy has people mocking him for spamming humanized art and complaining about IDW.
>>9744 We have mods & I'm glad for that, but the current state of this thread hasn't exactly been the best in terms of trying to "nip drama in the bud."
>>9745 Hi Dubs
>>9747 This thread is a lot more civil than I expected. And this was going to happen sooner or later since this is a meta thread.
>>9749 >this is a meta thread. Thank god for that. I'm grateful to the format of this board so that this can serve as containment and not shit up the general threads.
>>9699 >>9705 >>9709 There isn't a list or anything of the sort. Banning Kayla seems logical, but it is not THAT crystal clear for other people, and instead of outright banning them from day one maybe other actions could be taken. I'm pretty lenient with rules in general so if you are chill you shouldn't have to worry, even if you fuck up once or twice. >>9706 Please don't make worthless posts like these here.
>>9659 Yes. It's happening right now as I type this.
>>9659 It’s not. No one gives a fuck about this place.
(32.03 KB 1417x144 images (1).png)
Given how /fast/ is generally slow with no posts for hours but this thread has tons of posts all within a few minutes of each other, is it safe to say it's one or two people intentionally trying to start drama by falseflagging, replying to themselves, etc.?
>>9706 >Panzer I don't mind this tbh
On a positive note, I'm glad all the hashing out on this topic, agree or not, has stayed contained to this thread and not the general thread. 4/sthg/ has to deal with it all together in one thread and it shits up their thread horribly when it is all in one place.
>>9683 She was "invited" here, along with others, by another /sthg/ artist and some anon threw a shitfit which started this whole thing off.
(188.75 KB 550x550 1540738301415.png)
>>9696 >Let's ban people for things they did elsewhere >"Not everyone is going to be allowed here" THE ABSOLUTE STATE OF /FAST/ ADMINISTRATION
>>9782 >Person starts a new business >Anon applies for job >Extensive criminal background >"I'm sorry Anon but you no can be here pls go and stay go" >"Ur not being very accepting just becuz I broke rules and ruined everyone else I worked for doesn't mean I will here u shud giv me a chance"
>>9786 >Comparing art drama to criminal activites Yeah, that analogy doesn't work like you hoped it would. Try a food analogy.
>>9787 Tax fraud IS a federal crime. If I made a food analogy she would just eat it anyway.
>>9786 She never committed a crime.
>>9786 This isn't a job it is a message board.
>>9790 >>9791 Technically she has. First, the tax issue. Secondly, she has defrauded a lot of customers. They pay for a specific thing and she doesn't do it, but doesn't refund the money. Shes changed stuff about people's OCs that they PAID her to draw, then basically said "if you don't like it oh well that's how I wanted to draw it". No other kind of contractor can get away with that. If you pay a carpenter to remolder your kitchen and he puts the cabinets in the wrong place and doesn't do it right, you sue his ass. When you get paid by someone to do something a certain way and you don't do it, you ate indeed breaking the law. But you're too far up Kayla's ass to care.
(161.67 KB 350x427 1466703259582.png)
>>9786 >comparing a job to a public imageboard about Sonic >comparing art-related drama to criminal activities >implying she actually broke any rules >implying how she "rips off" her art supporters has anything to do with her posting art and discussing Sonic here Not even that anon but holy shit that's one of the stupidest, most extremist analogies I've ever heard
>>9792 I hope that you are not SERIOUSLY arguing that breaking the law is a reason why you shouldn't be allowed here, when the sticky contains links to pirate every piece of media this franchise has.
>>9794 >>9793 >K-Kayla hasn't broken any laws! >Breaking laws shouldn't be a reason to be banned! I can't even tell if you're honestly trying to support her and you're just stupid or f you're just shitposting at this point. I'm not even that worried about her breaking laws, but it's what she does and the laws she breaks that show how much of an ass she is. Defrauding customers by NOT doing what she agreed to do but still keeping the payment, taking OTHER artists work and selling them and pocketing all the profits, and charging a "tax" of her work when her state does NOT require taxes on digital media. It's not so much that she's a criminal, it's that's she's just a total fucking bitch.
>>9792 Then people should warn others not to commission her, in fact FurAffinity regularly steps in to deal with this shit so I have to wonder how she fell through the cracks.
>>9796 I stand corrected, it seems FA did suspend her and her Tumblr seems to be down.
>>9797 Tumblr banned porn and flagging almost everything so everyone is fleeing it.
>>9795 Where is the evidence for this?
>>9795 I'm not trying to defend her actions. But her being a bitch outside /fast/ is irrelevant. The fact of the matter is if she wants to share her art and discuss Sonic here, there is no real reason to deny her that if you care about equslity for users, which you should given it's a free public imageboard. There is no actual evidence to suggest she would bring any harm to /fast/'s community, beyond a couple anons being idiotic to recognize her and shout "GTFO KAYLA REEEEEE". To pre-emptively ban someone because of their actions elsewhere is no different than Youtube or Twitter permanently suspending someone's account because they said something slightly racist on TV.
>>9798 Her Tumblr was taken down BEFORE that great porn purge began
>>9801 Oh well then fuck me
>>9799 Evidence for what, her tax fraud? It's easy. You Google the tax laws regarding digital media in the state she lives in and it says it's not applicable. Evidence for her defrauding her customers? Several of the ones in the RP group she was in after Forces came out paid her to draw their OCs and she fucked them all over. Emrys I know for a fact harbors a grudge against her to this day because she botcjed MULTIPLE of his characters. He kicked her from that group because she openly said in that group that she doesn't do refunds and didn't care that she got his characters "wrong", but then after she got kicked she ran back to her personal server and started talking shit about the people in the RP group calling them a "retarded group of whiny brats that's didn't know how good they had it" even though they had collectively given her hundreds of dollars of business while she was in their group.
>>9803 > she botched MULTIPLE of his characters Why would he keep commissioning her then???
>>9804 He did several of them at one time. I think the first time she didn't "get it right" he blamed it on himself for not explaining it well enough, since the character was "built" differently than what the Forces avatar crwator allowed. But the second time she just flat out admitted she drew it the way she wanted to and he just had to deal with it. It was a thicc character and she said she didn't like drawing big characters. I'd make a joke about how ironic that is considering how she looks irl, but it doesn't matter, it's just shitty practice to intentionally not draw someone's OC they way they want and then tell them AFTER THE FACT that you wouldn't do it.
>>9752 >Banning Kayla seems logical, but it is not THAT crystal clear for other people, and instead of outright banning them from day one maybe other actions could be taken. While I am glad you are willing to change your approach, I still find it troublesome that there likely were other people you were ready to pre-emptively ban.
>>9805 I place part of the blame on him for not demanding she make corrections to the first commission or asking to see WIPs. And in his case he could have asked for a pre-sketch picture before paying, if she wouldn't be willing to do that he should not have paid.
>>9807 I'd be inclined to agree with you but he DID do those things. Kayla said she doesn't post WIP on "lineart" because it's so simple and quick (even though she charges $60+ for basic "lineart") and he DEFINITELY asked her to make changes, I've already said she outright refused to.
>>9808 Then why did he commission her a second time!?
>>9809 You're not even reading my posts are you?
>>9810 Yes, he shouldn't have commissioned her a second time.
>>9811 He didn't commission her "a second time" he paid for two commissions at once.
>>9812 So did she refuse to refund him before the second picture?
>>9813 She refused to refund either. When she got done with the first one and it wasn't how he wanted it, he explained in DETAIL how he wanted the other, but she ignored what he said again and basically told him she didn't draw what he wanted to draw but she didn't tell him that before hand.
>>9815 Did he not demand a refund before the second pic was drawn?
>>9819 Jesus Christ you just don't get it. It's not his fault whether he demanded a refund or not. She should have told him before hand if she wasn't going to draw his characters the way he wanted instead of taking his money. He DID ask her to make changes but she said no, and by the time she heard back from her she was done with the second pic. Then he said he wanted a flat out refund if she wasn't going to make any changes and that's when she told him tough luck she didn't do refunds. She took his money and did subpar work that wasn't even what he asked for, refused to even attempt to make things right, and then talked shit about him and the entire group afterwards.
>>9820 Did he describe both commissions at once? After she finished with the first he should have immediately demanded a refund for the second, if she refused then go to PayPal Buyers Protection.
>>9821 You're absolutely determined to make it sound like it's not her fault for being a shady bitxh aren't you?
>People arguing about me in a place I haven't even heard about. I banned Kayla because I didn't want that server to be associated with her if she wound up in trouble for tax shit. My commission shit had nothing to do with it, it was on me for paying her in the first place. Holy fuck.
>>9825 /fast/ administration on suicide watch
>>9825 So if she wasn't involved in shady business practices, would you let her in?
>>9830 I honestly don't know, she had no real interest in the RP even when she was taking commissions off us, which makes me think she wouldn't be welcome anyways.
>>9831 >She had no real interest in the RP She was there to milk a bunch of saps who were high on the excitement of making OCs until they caught on to her and have her the boot
>>9832 Fair enough I suppose.
Hey Kayla how is Shawntea doin?
Kayla doesnt like drawing big characters but enjoys drawing pinball shaped women with flat chests and bow legs.. alright
Just read this entire thread, and hoo-boy we've lost some opportunities. Anyway do you think a sticky thread dedicated to IDW storytimes starting off at #1 would be a good idea?
>>9881 I like the idea of a thread dedicated to IDW storytimes but I don't know if a sticky is needed. /fast/ is quite slow apart from the /sthg/ thread
>>9881 >hoo-boy we've lost some opportunities Yeah, but I imagine that's probably what the people doing most of the arguing wanted. Anyways, the idea of an IDW thread for storytimes sounds good so I'd be for it.
>>9881 >>9887 Define "opportunities"
>>9881 A thread to storytime IDW Sonic from the beginning could be a good idea. I wouldn't want it to be sticky, though. The alternative is to either have it be cyclical (at the cost of losing earlier storytimes eventually) or make it another general, which doesn't sound good at the moment.
>drama dies down >suddenly no new posts in days See what's the problem with Sonic threads. There's nothing to talk about BUT drama. Archie is old news, IDW I'd already constantly delaying issues, the racing game and movie won't be out until next year, no new mainline games have been announced anywhere in the near future.. the Sonic franchise is ironically one of the SLOWEST ones there are. People keep making new threads to "talk" about sonoc, but there isn't anything to say that hasn't already been said love thousand times.
>>9956 This is a meta thread, not a normal thread for talking about sonic.
>>9696 This is probably the most "based" thing I've ever seen in a very, very long time. This is the shit I miss back in the 2000s. I'm tired of seeing people defending others, whiteknighting others, I want that era to die off. I missed when people said "fuck off" and put their foot down on bullshit. Thank you. Liking x does not validate existing when it causes more problems than it fixes. If only 4chan was like this, things wouldn't be so bad there, and ultimately, if done moreso across the Internet, things would be a better place to explore and socialize with, like back in the 2000s.
>>2547 Yo! You forgot the passwords for the comic mega links in your sticky! yes I know it is /sthg/
>>10010 >>Resources >Password of files where required is generally /sthg/.
>>10017 Whoops, my bad
Bump limit was changed from 300 to 500 since it's been requested a few times.
>>10197 Excellent. I'm really loving how fast you guys respond to us users. Keep it up
>>2554 >>2555 >>2550 IDs are always cancer. Anonymity > all else.
Added a new Bump & Sage banner! >>10513
>>10312 There's no reason NOT to have IDs unless you plan on being an total autist and shitposting being you anonymous shield.
>>10312 This argument has already been debunked several times. Having a randomly assigned ID per thread - not an static ID overall - does not remove anonymity. All it would do is prevent obvious samefagging/shitposting which isn't a problem right now.
>>14559 No problem, I also had that discussion in mind, but there were few opinions and not a lot of consensus. I agree with >>14560 about not being overly conservative, I don't think that's ideal, but I have a few concerns about doing otherwise, and I also don't think it's ideal to go to the other extreme where people can post lewdish things completely freely. So far it hasn't been a big problem so I'm trusting you guys to keep it under control, but I wanted to chime in and mention that there isn't anything written in stone and that it's a gray area and it's difficult to moderate it with consistency.
>>14565 >Let's take it to the meta thread if anyone wants to add anything else. Ok mommy, i love you too owo
Something should be done about the halfchan shitposters posting low quality shit. I can spot their posts a mile away, they post one or two sentences that don't contribute anything meaningful. One of the guys who spams gay Shadow posts is also here, I'd like to see them either warned or banned. >>16805 >>16767 >>16693 >>16695 >>16811 >>16819 Seems like I'm overreacting but better to nip this kind of stuff in the bud.
>>16825 I know what you mean, but it is a bit exaggerated to go banhappy just because one day a couple of posts were less than stellar. Regarding the guy you mention, he was actually banned some time ago and if he starts acting up again he'll eventually be handed another vacation. Everything will most likely sort itself out, halfchanners don't generally last long here before they get bored and go back.
>>16863 Not that anon but I'm happy knowing the people in charge of here are actively paying attention
>>16863 Alright. Thanks for taking such good care of the board dude.
(140.42 KB 750x750 1477217944481.png)
>>2547 I just remembered that one time we changed the bump limit from 300 to 500, but that also put upon the thought of a person with malicious intent to go back to 300 limit general threads and bumping them in an unordered fashion causing #19 to be in front of #31 and whatnot. what I'm trying to say here is there any way we can get the old 300 limit generals locked into place, so nobody will confuse newcomers to go to the wrong general?
>>17627 I've considered that changing the bump limit made the old generals bumpable again, but I thought going back to bumplock all of them was a bit exaggerated given how many there were and at worst if someone bumped one I could just bumplock it then and there, but if it's important for you for the generals to keep their order in the catalog I could go and do it anyway. Let me know.
http://archive.is/p4nFV The current owners of the site apparently don't care about the actual users and are instead pandering to the old farts in /qresearch/. That and coupled with the sites recent instability, most of the actual community are gonna jump ship to other sites, like fatchan and prolikewoah to name a few. Just a small reminder that we have a bunker on julay.world in the case the site really does go belly up, although I'm conflicted on whether that site in particular is the best place for the bunker. https://julay.world/fast/
>>20886 Yeah, I've been following the whole thing and it's quite sad. I was hopeful that things were going to work out in the end given that the site has started working much faster as of late but here we are. I wish the idea of a migration didn't sound so bad. It's been kind of written on the wall for some time, but I'd hate for anons to get stranded (either because of getting lost or refusing to move), we're already so few and that'd be just terrible. This is also kind of 'our' place, it's were people would come to if they wanted to find us, it's been here for six years and there are still posts from those times around. Despite all this it doesn't feel completely right staying either after everything that happened. >I'm conflicted on whether that site in particular is the best place for the bunker The bunker was made pretty early on when /fast/ was migrated here from 8chan, back then there weren't a lot of places that allowed board creation. In terms of software and stability (short and long term), I think julay is pretty solid, which ultimately I think it's what matters the most. What bothers you about it? The other options as far as I'm aware are anon.cafe and fastchan, which seem pretty small and more risky.
>>20888 >What bothers you about it? I'm mostly bothered by the other boards like /v/ and /cow/ which seem a little malicious if I'm being honest, especially compared to the old site. But as long as they stay in their boards and don't muck around on /fast/, then it's fine I suppose. Also, if we do decide to jump ship and leave everything behind, then I suggest leaving behind a sticky detailing where the new /fast/ is at while locking the whole board so people get the idea.
>>20890 I thought that's what could have been, it also bothers me a bit. >locking the whole board That would be against board owner's rules. >4. The Board Owner must not make it impossible to post on his or her board, either by locking all or most threads and / or deleting all or most threads or posts; Check the 8kun faq for the rest.
>>20891 Oh wow, I forgot about the global rules lel. Still, the sticky would be fine.
Leaving old threads behind definitely sucks (the IDW storytime will take serious effort to recreate, for one), but I'm honestly concerned about Jim. What if he decides Bump counts as a "loli"? What if he actually does go ahead and start deleting boards he doesn't like? It would've sounded impossible not that long ago, but here we are with 8/v/ under 900 active ISPs and vols resigning. My personal take is, Julay is kinda weird, but the bunker's already well-established there, with everyone already having been told to bookmark it just in case. Assuming a move happens, it's the logical destination.
The one thing I hope happens if we ever truly switch boards is that all the pics that's been posted here are saved somewhere. I'm doing what I can to go back through old threads & save stuff, but I'd hate to see some of the cool art that's been posted/made here to be lost to time.
>>20893 >Bump counts as a "loli"? >bump >loli >in sfw board He will mostly just see as furry porn anon >Julay >Assuming a move happens, it's the logical destination Nah, i'm good
>>20893 >the IDW storytime will take serious effort to recreate Honestly, with 5 pages per post and a fast site it shouldn't take that long. There are not that many issues. >What if he decides Bump counts as a "loli"? We are an SFW board so we probably shouldn't be affected by this directly, but the laws and criteria they quote as their reasoning for the ban are generic so under the guise of "obscenity" they might just as well find pictures of characters from a kids show as obscene too if they find them too lascivious or "offensive to the average person" or something. >What if he actually does go ahead and start deleting boards he doesn't like? It kind of happened with the migration. Several boards didn't ever make it, some were remade but with different BOs (thus a forced BO change). >/v/ It was quite shocking seeing it chock full of spam yesterday. >Assuming a move happens, it's the logical destination. I guess we could also give it a try and then move elsewhere if it's not good enough too. >>20894 >The one thing I hope happens if we ever truly switch boards is that all the pics that's been posted here are saved somewhere I think the board could be scraped with HTTrack or wget to create an offline mirror of it. I'll look into it later today, as it'd be a good idea to have it anyway just in case and as far as I know it hasn't been done yet. >>20895 >He will mostly just see as furry porn anon I'm pretty sure there have been other sites that have banned Sonic porn due to similar concerns to the ones this site has. >Nah, i'm good Which site do you think it'd be best anon?
>>20896 >I'm pretty sure there have been other sites that have banned Sonic porn Yes, for being furry porn anon. unless we're talking about 4/fast/ then no. >Which site do you think it'd be best anon? anywhere else, like right here.
Maybe we should vote on the migration thing? I mean, this whole drama still hasn't hit us specifically but the site's performance is still lacking.
>>20899 I think as it stands, we don't need to migrate, but it is good to discuss this sort of thing so we're not caught with our pants down in the event this board is put on the chopping block. If we end up getting fucked over by the current state of things, or we're put on the proverbial chopping block, then we can go full-steam ahead & move. In the meantime, we can stay here as we're not in any danger yet.
There are images doing the rounds of people getting global B& for posting Cream lewds. Also the owner of /fit/ was outright removed as BO for going against the new rule https://sys.8kun.top/log.php?page=1&board=fit Several boards here up and left for bunkers too, although it seems others aren't even aware of what's happening. I don't really feel very comfortable here anymore to be honest, but I'm not certain about moving elsewhere either. What do you guys want to do? >>20903 We shouldn't need to consider we might get fucked over at any moment by staying here, if that's something we need to consider then the place is already no good.
>>20906 >What do you guys want to do? Just stay here, unless things are going full on fucky wucky which is unlikely for now. >Also the owner of /fit/ was outright removed as BO for going against the new rule He spaz out and made a pin post saying fuck you to the new rule while posting lolicon, unless you're going to do that then i think we're good.
>>20906 >There are images doing the rounds of people getting global B& for posting Cream lewds. I'm pretty sure those people were doing so as part of the /qresearch/ spamming going on. Not that we shouldn't be cautious and ready to move if needed, but there's no need to panic and start immediately packing things. I mean, I'm all up for moving, Ron and Jim seem not to care for anyone but /qresearch/ and /newsplus/, in fact Jim seems to actively disdain anything not related to those boards, but if anons want to stay I don't see the harm in at least waiting a while and seeing how this all plays out.
>>20916 >I'm pretty sure those people were doing so as part of the /qresearch/ spamming going on They weren't banned because of raiding or spamming, they were globally permabanned specifically quoting the new rule as the reason.
(464.75 KB 899x781 amy_cookies.png)
I think it'd be a good idea just to head back to the bunker to be honest. Most likely everyone will be able to migrate due to this being a relatively small sized board. Jim clearly showed all of us that he's focused on making this a newsite to accommodate Qboomers instead of the rest of us.
>>20890 I visit julay time to time for /k/, /v/, and /robowaifu/. In my opinion, these boards are relatively nice, (Though /v/ is filled with people who vehemently hate Mark. Everything is fine though if you don't mention him.) /cow/ is a board to worry about due to its userbase. I don't think they really would bother us however.
>>20919 no there were a few anons back at /v/ who did try to raid /qresearch/
>>20919 Yes, they were banned for violating that rule, but they intentionally, explicitly violated it in very conspicuous manner by spamming /qresearch/ with as much loli as they could. That doesn't mean Jim is browsing every board hunting down any picture he finds that he can consider to be loli. /fast/ should be fine as long as we don't bring undue attention to ourselves.
>>20945 I suppose you could upload all of /fast/ to a MEGA, or something in the event of a move
>>20906 >>20928 I don't really like Julay nor particularly trust the people who run it. But I do think it's best to move the entire board somewhere else and I see no reason why the entire userbase can't migrate. It's a relatively small board with some active users. We can find a nice home elsewhere.
(149.78 KB 1200x349 1978_07_27.gif)
https://julay.world/meta/res/8102.html >I've decided that I will be shutting down JulayWorld in a few months. Thanks to everyone that sticked around. >JulayWorld will shut down on 2020-07-27, to both coincide with Julay and because that's the day that Garfield stole the pipe. Well lads, where will our new fallback board be?
>>20989 I was just coming here to post this. God damn, I was not expecting that, we dodged a bullet by not migrating there. The alternatives are fatpeople (which was briefly deplatformed a few days ago), anon.cafe (which seems limited in features although it seems to have withstood the test of time pretty well, but otherwise I don't know much about), and… that's it I think? I guess there's acidchan but so far it's not looking too hot and it was just served another notice of deplatforming today so yeah.
(116.10 KB 1345x629 you_can_not_shitpost.png)
>>20989 I've read it through and have to admit, I agree with Robi completely. Decentralization is the way to keep communities alive without being affected by other faggots like the kind of shit that happened to 8chan. >>20990 It may be a little radical, but what if the BO makes an imageboard just for /fast/? It would be the absolutely safest way for the place to stay alive. Robi said he was going to make a tutorial for everyone interested on doing that.
>>20991 >I agree with Robi completely I don't. This will not help any community with the current context being what it is, and pretending you can shove communities to the street and they'll just create their own site is way too naive. Furthermore, shaking things up even more than they already are will only make people just want forget about this whole clusterfuck and move on to something else, which is already a problem on even the biggest boards. >but what if the BO makes an imageboard just for /fast/? I don't think that's viable. I'd be responsible if someone decided to spam the site with CP. I'd lose my anonymity, and have my ass on the line if some rabid SJW decides to come after me and my family and friends because of being called a nigger faggot on the site. I'd have to have a lot of knowledge of networking and websites to sort out deplatforming attempts, even if it's not a huge concern given that we're SFW. It'd also cost money, and I'm not convinced the numbers thrown around in the Julay threads are representative. Also I'm not sure if people would actually migrate from here to the new site and then the question is, is making such a huge mess really worth it for a community of about 5 people? In any case, I find it interesting to consider it from a knowledge and challenge perspective, and if Robi really wants to help out it'd be a great opportunity to grain a lot of knowledge and experience, and ultimately maybe he has answers to my concerns, so I'll think about it but it sounds like it's just not worth it man. For now, I've lodged a request with fatchan to see if they'll grant us another bunker since it seems the remaining sites are going to be much more restrictive with granting boards from now on.
>>20992 Tbh, I'm not too worried about deplatforming. After all, this place has been pretty good at not having a lot of types that would lead to this site getting the same treatment that other chanboards have gotten. But yeah we're also pretty small in numbers that cost would be an issue.
>>20989 There's a new meta topic there now, but it probably doesn't matter. It sounds like they're only going to keep a few boards. julay/fast/ barely survived that one purge, right? They aren't going to be willing to act as a bunker. Looks like prolikewoah died (that was /animu/, right?), and I think the fatchan admin doesn't want to have too many boards, so no bunker there. There might be a site on the webring I don't know about, but off the top of my head the only place I know of that lets anyone create a board is AcidMan's (8chan.moe).
>>20996 They never really went through with the purge, the admin reconsidered. But even if they would host a bunker for us on the new site, most people seem reluctant to share a site with them in the first place, so it's kind of moot. >Looks like prolikewoah died For a moment you made me think I had missed something, lol. The site is still alive.
(501.81 KB 2048x2048 DCYyhE9VYAACoqH.jpg)
>>20992 That's the benefit of the webring, though. You might get some activity over time seeping in. 8moe (aka Acidchan) is allowing board creation automatically. Fatchan requires an application and I think wants more populated boards. It's a slow start but 8moe will probably end up picking up the bulk of Julay because of this, it's just that a lot of the people who went to Julay aren't going to leave until they have to. But it still rules out Julay as a bunker. Personally, I really like /fast/ and I think that a few people still check it. It's worth moving over what can be moved over. This is probably one of the more popular niche boards on 8kunt, so I definitely think it's worth transitioning. Might also be an opportunity to advertise it to sonicfags over on fat/v/ to draw in some more people.
(449.24 KB 800x428 this_is_fine_3_.png)
>wake up >find out fatchan is dead okay then
(123.09 KB 564x468 3263_KnucklesTheEchidnaThink.png)
>>21008 Somebody named "Esther" is going around shutting down boards around the webring. Fatchan got shut down, and smugloli got reported and had to change domains. Doesn't look good at all. All of this started to happen after the exodus too which strikes me as odd. But anyways, just like the head meido from /a/ said: We are a community not a site. If the worse happens, we should try to make an initiative to stay together.
(794.30 KB 947x644 D304F57B.png)
>>21017 We're at the point now where I'd recommend keeping smugloli's onion address handy, not as a bunker but as a way to reconnect with everyone if things get even more absurd.
(33.55 KB 391x158 fucking_savage.png)
>>21005 >You might get some activity over time seeping in I don't really think so. Didn't really happen when everyone was together on this site, not even when we won the attention hungry games that was so cool tho. Does anyone have any other captures or archives of that? I regret not saving any more. Managed to find a random 8chan archive from back then at least, but it's not from the board. http://archive.is/hlGoH >>21017 Julay also got hit too, they had to take down a board to please their registrar while they changed domains. It's completely rotten. >All of this started to happen after the exodus too which strikes me as odd I imagine the bunkers were not really relevant before so no reason to target them, on the other hand when the weight of the community got put on them it makes perfect sense to dynamite them and make the whole thing collapse, kind of like what they do with buildings. Worked like a charm too. >>21018 Yeah, it might be a good idea to get a list going with all the contact information of every site. Clearnet domains, onion addresses, and why not clearnet IPs too, domains aren't strictly necessary and usually they're the weakest link in the chain. Right now the Julay bunker is still up so if 8kun goes down we can regroup there. It should in theory stay up long enough to see how this plays out and see how we can procure another bunker.
>>21019 >the Julay bunker is still up It's probably on my end, but am I the only one getting a 502 when trying to check the bunker?
(48.28 KB 304x256 1444718322908.png)
>>21023 It's not on your end, something's actually going on
>>21024 It's cool, it's back up for me May have just been a false alarm
(549.73 KB 1200x2200 THQ_AMA.png)
>>21023 >>21019 Oh, I remember that, I was the one who nominated the board then: http://archive.fo/Qg2EE I really miss how the site used to be. Got a whole mix of emotions looking back, from /just/ winning like a week after, held a Brendan Fraser movie stream that preceded his last alimony payments earlier that same year, congratulating the board using Bolsonaro shortly before he won his bid for presidency, to /trapshota/ who helped their board and eventually won a game the same week THQ held an AMA on /v/, to /8diamonds/ winning around when Stan Lee and Shu Takumi's dog died died (Board owner has a zombie waifu and tells people whenever he feels someone big is about to die, especially when corpse flowers bloom). Lots of crazy stuff. Even when the site was never that big, it was more lively and somewhat less depressing before the shutdown. I really wanted to post on a bunch of other boards when I had my things sorted out first. >>21023 Well, they will be culling all but a few boards in July, after all.
(46.44 KB 380x385 1356056548454.jpg)
>>21026 >I was the one who nominated the board then Holy fuck that ending, I had completely forgotten about it. It would have been so badass to have a drawfag recreate it. Thanks for the archives and the memories anon.
If the BO cares, julay is letting smaller boards request being allowed to remain until they find someplace else to stay, and is also apparently considering some sort of dedicated bunker board. https://julay.world/meta/res/10485.html
(356.44 KB 1280x768 1456609780295_0.jpg)
>>21084 Why migrate a slow board to a site intentionally getting rid of slow boards when we could just get a bunker on a different site that isn't planning to delete content any time soon?
>>21085 Yeah, in hindsight it wasn't really worth mentioning.
>>21084 >until they find someplace else to stay If this is still a problem in 3 months, being allowed to stay for a little while longer won't really make a difference, unless there's another big shakedown some time before the 3 months grace period elapses and we're found without somewhere to stay. >>21085 >when we could just get a bunker on a different site The only site that I know that allows this right now is Acidchan, so it's not like there's a lot of alternatives either. In any case, I went ahead and made a bunker there since there are no downsides and to avoid someone squatting the name. We'll see how things evolve. I'll see about adding a link to it or maybe creating a fallback plan and putting it somewhere on here tomorrow. >>21089 Nah, it's always good to share news and info in these troubled times anon.
I've updated the announcement bar and sticky to include the new bunker. It'd be a good idea to start bookmarking it just to be safe.
(90.17 KB 563x581 thisisfine3.png)
Well, Julay seems to be burning down right now.
>>21217 Good, Also good news one of /cow/ lads tried to take down sumg loli. 100% amazing
>>21219 The ultimate battle of stifling order versus meaningless chaos. I could care less. Hopefully the idiotic zealots will distract each other for a year or two so humanity can rebuild.
julay.world MAY BE DEAD, READ THE STICKY AND UPDATE YOUR BUNKER BOOKMARKS IF YOU HAVEN'T DONE IT YET julay.world was spammed yesterday and lost their main domain today. It was said to assume the domain dead. Later today the whole site went down including alternate domains and onion address. I've updated the sticky with a small fallback plan, and the announcement bar should also reflect the new bunker. Please take your precautions and store the info into your computer so that you have it available in case shit hits the fan even more.
Seems Vanwanet might be having issues as both 8kun and the bunker are down and that's the common element. With Julay's domain also down, the only way to reach /fast/ is through the 8kun onion address or the alternative domains (all on the sticky which I hope you fags backed up).
(184.90 KB 1280x915 1442876541575.jpg)
>>21259 Looks like 8moe is going to get their .onion up soon because of the Vanwa issues. Seems pretty comfy so far. More boards are moving and there's quite a few Sonicfags on /v/ already. or maybe that's just you guys
>>21274 How'd you guess? It's unfortunate that the 4chan-→8chan userbase has become as broken as pic related at this point.
(529.05 KB 2560x1440 sonic_06.jpg)
>>21285 Still not as broken as pic related. I'm probably moving to 8moe full-time after this post. I only came back here because I was waiting for the BO to allow images but it hasn't happened yet. Can probably shill 8moe/fast/ on /v/ whenever BO wants to open it up. We could probably rebuild the most active threads within a couple weeks. I'll see you guys on the other side, but I'm up, over, and gone.
>>21309 Shame. I don't understand the need to take a stance like that when everything is still up in the air and this place is cozy and is working fine, but suit yourself. I've disabled images on the bunkers to make hotpocketing them easier, since there are 3 places I need to keep an eye on, but I don't mind turning them on over there if that's what you want.
>>21309 >Still not as broken as pic related. No, it is. 2 out of the 3 other /v/'s has died and the only one left which is runned by mark, the mod that no one wants (there's /vg/ but barely anyone even there). Man, this is a stupid exodus. Just don't post the bunny cunny at this point, that shouldn't be a hard thing to do.
>>21337 The bunny cunny is a symbol. A symbol of freedom. I've already moved to moe full time and only came back tell others to do the same.
(330.19 KB 2048x1536 1b329bcda08d414af991f317f1afa287.jpg)
>>21342 >bunny chesse pizza is a symbol. A symbol of freedom. sure anon whatever you say
>>21337 fat/v/ was recently resurrected as z/v/. There are also a few other boards out there: antares/v/, smug/vg/, plw/geimu/, and tengu/v/, although antares needs a gimmick to access it and the other three vidya boards are basically subsets of already-existing communities (/a/, /animu/, and /intl/).
>>21351 >fat/v/ was recently resurrected as z/v/ Good for them >antares/v/, smug/vg/, plw/geimu/, and tengu/v/ So now we're back at square one where we're spilting into five other baords that no one but one would go to. Could be worse, i still find this whole thing dumb though.
>>21351 >fat/v/ was recently resurrected as z/v/. But it's not hosted by Tom, is it? Is it known who hosts it, and if not how can you be sure it isn't run by someone with ill intentions? There's literally a ton of people that have lately tried to take advantage of anons. >There are also a few other boards out there: antares/v/, smug/vg/, plw/geimu/, and tengu/v/, Isn't this giving him the reason?
>>21344 >cheese pizza >it's a cartoon So basically, the only rule 34 allowed must have been drawn at least 18 years ago? I could draw a picture of old people banging right now. It's a cartoon, so the characters are only as old as the drawing. Sonic Advance 2 will be 18 this December. Will Cream be okay then? Gerald only turned 18 last year. I realize this is a board for Sonic autism, and I should expect literal retards to be posting here, but cartoons aren't real. I didn't expect Chris Chan to be internet savvy enough to find this site, and spread his knowledge of Toon World and the Dimensional Merge to anons over here.
>>21371 >Isn't this giving him the reason? Those words are English, but they don't mean anything.
>>21372 >been drawn at least 18 years ago? That's basic porn laws anon. >Sonic Advance 2 will be 18 this December You and i know that not how it works. >i'm Chris Chan Thanks man. >cartoons aren't real I know right, everyone gets mad when i made porn of julay >>21373 >Those words are English, but they don't mean anything. No, anon has point. There's multiple of claiming the be the next 8chan (like before), one could easily make a ripoff and have ill intentions or be a abusive shitty mod.
(65.38 KB 750x728 EWFH3YSUYAMEd5Z.jpg)
We're back, it seems. Hope this was a one-time thing.
(353.72 KB 1006x1016 1508450133070.png)
>>21407 It's actually the second time it's happened.
>>21410 Fuck.
Just added the 8moe onion address to the sticky. In cases such as these where Vanwanet goes down and takes both sites with it, you can still reach the sites through Tor.
>>21415 The .cc domain isn't set to resolve to the site yet. I imagine the logic of that is that since the domain isn't actually going anywhere it's impossible to report it and get it seized, but it's still a valid domain that people can keep bookmarked. Then if someone manages to get the other domains seized the .cc one could be quickly set up and if everyone had it bookmarked then they would be able to easily find their way back to the site and the disruption would be minimal.
(182.11 KB 340x369 CINNIC_AINNIA.png)
>>21393 >No, anon has point. I'll take your word for it, because for someone who only speaks English it's just gibberish.
>>21430 no u gerbillicious
(23.73 KB 480x360 _boYhNW64Vw.jpg)
https://invidio.us/watch?v=_boYhNW64Vw >>21393 Speaking of which it reminds me of this vid which articulates many of the reasons behind me being disappointed with Advance 2 along with its awful special stage requirements.
(43.94 KB 720x512 o3zy2wrdc7811.jpg)
(133.15 KB 800x752 e2f.jpg)
>>22181 >>22225 >>22183 >I'm happy Amy Rose doesn't have a sexualized design like Rouge the Bat or Sally Acorn. >I just think Amy isn't designed to be as sexy as Rouge, Sally, Bunnie, Fiona, (pretty much nearly all the Archie girls), or even Madonna. >most people who find her attractive are already sonic fans to begin with while non sonic fans will say rouge and sally made them furry. This. >>22182 I'm sure, they barely intended for furriers to jack off to a low poly pantyhose anon >>22192 >>22194 >>22193 >It's a fictional character. She's not real. >f this modern bullshit of thinking sexualizing fictional characters equates to pedophilia. Who the fuck said anything about pedophilia. Why are you changing the subject >When she's meant to be 12 years old, of course it's going to be creepy. This but again, the 12 year old thing just came from a kids site, most of the sonic characters act like and look like adults, i've never seen them as underage teens when i was young, just don't jerk off to kid characters like tails, cream and marine (unless she older with big tits), how hard is it for you pornfags to understand >>22195 >Can anybody else tell him that I'm right? >Give me validation I mean that's kinda obvious, but yeah you're right. There feel better. >>22197 >>22199 This as well. >>22200 >says sexualizing fictional characters isn't pedo, but then goes on a long rant saying why anon isn't pedo and defending his/her fetish >(barely "legal" but still an adult, last I checked) for a 16 year old You say that "sexualizing fictional kids isn't pedo", but then go on ranting how all them characters are adults, like if they weren't adults that would be a bad thing. >not sexually mature No one said anything was not sexually mature until you bought pedophilia to the subject, there point was that Amy's design wasn't made for sex appeal >>22246 yes, there a shadow thread already Posting this here since, i don't want to shit up the general.
Over the past week or two a lot has happened in the imageboard scene: >Julay completed their board culling leaving only a handful of boards standing, which means our bunker there is history >8chan completed their software migration, causing some downtime yesterday >8kun has kept shitting the bed and images have been completely broken for most of the past weeks while the site can be difficult to reach sometimes >8chan has also been affected by something similar lately and experiences occasional downtime Although 8chan is also having some intermittent issues at the moment, this place is barely functional most of the time and doesn't look like it's ever going to get better. On the other hand 8chan has good support and seems it's going to get better, although so far it's missing some features. Taking all this into account I wanted to ask what's your opinion on migrating the board there. They can import all our posts to their site so that we don't lose anything. I'm tired of coping with this site being forever broken and they have been up and stable for a few months at this point.
>>22418 and zchan/fatchan 2.0 is ded
>>22418 Jim is worse than acid in my book. I'd be happy to move.
>>22426 Already reincarnated as zzzchan. This time run directly by one of that italian guy's mods and actually working on being takedown-proof, so it should last longer than a couple months this time.
>>22478 Third time's the charm?
(66.10 KB 200x176 1404635545380.png)
Migration complete. Bumping issue has been sorted. Enjoy!
Edited last time by codexx on 08/29/2020 (Sat) 00:22:52.
(629.83 KB 1874x2012 194391_sssonic2_sonic_past_copy.jpg)
>>22800 Meant to write a bit about this but haven't had a lot of time. The board has been migrated from 8kun to here. If you find any issues please report them ITT, but everything should be almost the same with very few differences >videos can't be embedded as if they were an image here so the video thumbnail has been embedded and the link dropped at the beginning of the post >some images were outright irrevocably broken on 8kun so they couldn't be imported. they do not even work there so this isn't really a difference or defect, but still worth mentioning >there's no "image deleted" placeholder here as there was back on 8kun, so images that had been deleted are simply missing here >there might be some very slight markdown mistakes here and there I think that's it really. Overall it's a very clean and complete import. Many thanks to Codexx for all the work to make it possible. Hopefully some of the old anons will follow here.
>>22808 Other than what you listed, are there any features here that we do or did not have at 8kun? More specifically, are all of the custom banners here and would you have trouble adding more + new custom spoiler images if some were made?
>>22808 I didn't know sssonic2 drew anything other than guys with fat butts
>>22821 Yes, there are a few differences >maximum file size here is 24mb Here's all of Chao in Space as a webm >>22781 >there's no limit to the amount of embeds here as they are just links inside the post that you can expand >you can't inline-expand replies here at all >besides there not being a custom "image deleted" placeholder, there's also no custom "no image uploaded" placeholder >there are more text formatting options. (((echoes))) makes a comeback, and there's also DOOMtext and moetext In terms of banners, the limits are >Maximum size allowed: 400.00 KB >Maximum banners allowed: 50 which is less generous than on 8kun, however there have been no issues importing our previous banners and we have nowhere near 50 banners so we're not limited and could upload more. There is just one banner that I haven't added, one with the 8kun logo for obvious reasons. Spoiler image is the only custom placeholder that can be changed, and we have the same one we've always had. There can only be one spoiler image, which I'm not sure about changing.
(376.93 KB 600x549 90f.png)
Since we're all over here now, should 8kun's /fast/ be deleted? or at least locked?
>>22842 No, doing that kind of stuff is against 8kun's rules and BOs have been deposed because of it in the past.
>>22844 Also, it actually makes a decent bunker in case there's trouble. (Like right now.)
Hey, just a suggestion, when actually important decisions or news happens (like migrations, major board issues, need for community opinion, etc), could you post about it in the main general? I don't keep constant tabs on this thread or the catalog, just the general, and I'd be surprised if I'm the only one, so I'd like to not be left in the dark because I didn't happen to think to check the meta thread over the week or something. Even just a post saying "hey guys you should check the meta thread" or something would be enough.
>>22880 This is not actually possible in some cases, and you're also missing the discussion in the rest of the threads of the board by not watching the catalog or board index. I suggest you get off your ass (specially now that this site is catching fire), or at least use the thread watcher so that you're automatically notified if someone posts in this thread (beware that it may not work until the main site returns given all the screwing with the site).
Let's have a little update. The TL;DR is that a few days ago this site received several complaints (some legitimate from some Russian censorship agency and some fake) demanding the takedown of some content and even though the content was legal, the Russians threatened to block the entire CDN in Russia which was unacceptable to the CDN, so the site was forced to take the content down. The next day the CDN got some more complaints and took the entire site down without warning, even the tor proxy. The full story can be read on the /site/ thread: >>>/site/1138/ Right now, the following services are working: The usual tor service: 4usoivrpy52lmc4mgn2h34cmfiltslesthr56yttv2pxudd3dapqciyd.onion The usual tor proxy: https://redchannit.net/ Another tor proxy: https://redchannit.org/ Probably yet another tor proxy: https://8ch.moe The main site (https://8chan.moe) currently redirects to https://8ch.moe but only on insecure connections due to certificate issues. The next step for this site is apparently rolling out their own CDN and anti DDoS service, which should in theory happen next Monday or Tuesday. When I considered a move here I saw a welcoming site that had proven to be reliable, fast, and stable, and all this was a welcomed change from where we previously were, but unfortunately things have now changed here and it's not clear anymore what's the best thing to do. It's going to take some time for this place to be put back together and see if it holds, so for now lets wait and see what happens next week. Also worth mentioning, as far as I'm aware other places may not like discussion or mentions of this place on their platforms a lot, so that's the reason for the limited information as of late. Please do keep your eyes opened and keep the fallback URLs handy.
>>22884 Thanks for the update. Ironically, I had the .se and .cc urls of /fast/ bookmarked but not .moe >it's not clear anymore what's the best thing to do You're doing the best you can to provide and inform us of a decent place to talk about Sonic. I can't ask for much more
Ron called it quits from 8kun. Seems the site will stay up for the time being however.
(33.68 KB 1114x346 mistakes were made.png)
>>23214 I remember when he was on /v/ running damage control, pathetically begging everyone to stay and talking about how it was actually his favorite board or whatever. Hilarious. After all those months of neglect and BS, nobody was buying what he was selling.
>>23219 I wonder how much of that was his and how much his father holding a gun to his head. Having said that there's little excuse for all the severe issues that the site had for so long.
Hello. Whilst I have already posted here very few times before, I'm still fairly new to this lair. I see there's effort to make this a good, calm place (or at least, that's what I heard), and I can't be happy enough to hear that, as 4chan and its respective boards for discussing Sonic are, as hurting as it may be to admit, beyond of any saving grace and filled with too many hotheads and biased people that cannot hold an ounce of empathy and consideration for others' beliefs and such. I would like to start visiting and lurking here, but before I do, I just wonder about something, that while very obvious to answer and silly to even ask at first, it's deeply important enough as it assures if this is really a tolerating, better place: is Archie Sonic and its relative content allowed here? Are all Sonic interpretations, with no exception, free to be discussed here? And how frequent are people here to take issue when the comic or other interpretations are mentioned? I ask, as I would like to talk about Sonic here, but I'm an Archie Sonic fan at the heart. While so, I still love and appreciate all of the Sonic franchise, and despite not enjoying IDW at all, I do not at all condemn theses who do, nor would I at all, as that's just outright ill-intentional, ruining the place's tranquility and breaking the respect and peace of one to another. No, really, I'm an emotional type, and even I don't see why must people get so up in the arms over such trivial things, and why we cannot laid out a smooth debate that ensures everyone is respected and considered. Once again, I'm sorry for making what may appear to be an obvious question, but I have experienced too much irrational anger and incoherent fighting from 4chan over trying to spark some comprehensible discussion for media like the comic and SatAM (but not limited to, course), and I wish to hear a firm and clear answer, merely to be completely sure and out of doubts. Thanks to theses who are reading. (this is a copy-pasted post I made at 8kun.top/fast, as I didn't realize earlier here is now the main board while the former is merely a bunker, so pardon me).
>>23333 Nobody is going to delete a genuine attempt at discussion. Archie fags are probably a bit sparse here right now. Sega hasn't given an update on the future of the games and IDW is the only active comic publisher, so naturally what discussion there is left to have tends to gravitate towards that. But you can focus on Archie stuff. It might help to dump some of the old comics so people can follow along. Maybe some of the newer fans who never got into Archie back in the day can discover an era they really like. Anons here have disagreed with my taste, but it's nothing like the incoherent shitflinging rage you find on halfchan.
>>23333 There's few rules regarding content here, mostly that it has to be SFW and high enough quality. People usually engage in good quality discussion about every part of the franchise here but damn you do not sound like an imageboard user at all to the point that in any other board this post would stick out so much it may as well be considered shitposting, kek. Discussion regarding Archie pops up every once in a while so feel free to read the old threads or take part the next time it's brought up or bring it or other topics up yourself. Keep in mind we're few and the board is quite slow, specially given the complete lack of news this year.

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