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(102.47 KB 542x485 skedoodles1.jpg)

DRAWTHREAD Anonymous 12/04/2014 (Thu) 22:24:08 No. 46
hey board owner
how're we supposed to get this board going if we don't even have oekaki
No longer a problem. Go nuts.
(214.19 KB 860x1062 ref.jpg)

no one is requesting so i'll do one:
Sally and Sonic dressed as Fox and Falco
Problem isn't that there are no requesters, but that there are no drawers.
How about Blaze straddling a Flame Princess?
I'll doodle in celebration of 8chan being back then
(268.53 KB 860x728 2015.1.12.jpg)

Not a request, but have a thing.
(102.54 KB 800x771 sonicbewm.png)

I drew this a while back, haven't done much sonic stuff in a long time though.

Posting here to maybe make this place slightly more live.
(87.75 KB 739x408 ya-main-man-nickles.png)

(72.75 KB 439x383 2fazt.png)

I've got some Sanic OC.
I might be of service here.
(23.89 KB 500x250 Oekaki.png)

Special Stage hates me, so I figured I should post here.
You might as well post your OC, this board, despite its name, is slower than dirt.
Is NSFW allowed in this thread?
As long as it is spoilered.
Dunno why you'd fare better here, unless your attitude about valid advice and criticism has improved at all.
I know about the advice and I'll take it to heart, but at least give it some time for it to settle in.
Artists who can't handle constructive criticism will forever be stuck in the donut steal deviant art phase.
And I can handle it, so go ahead and give some criticism if you want.
(23.23 KB 288x499 for what purpose.jpg)

>Lewding Amy
Where did the post go?
Beats me. Looks like it was deleted.
Anyone up for a fusion?
(1.71 MB 3120x4160 IMG_20150215_074823.jpg)

My attempt at drawing! You know I have a tablet but not a computer? Tablet is weird anyway
(336.61 KB 640x731 sonic and sally.png)

There could stand to be more art of Sonia and Knuckles
Special Stage has an ideas pastbin, if anyone wants to try them.

(440.78 KB 1332x2560 Bump.jpg)

Here is bump going super
>>1667 I messed up on her thumb
>>1667 I like the name Sticky Bump
I didn't know there was a drawthread. Or that there were drawfags here in the past. How do we bait drawfags into the thread? >>1667 She looks like she's falling apart, kek.
>>1676 We need to find a way to bait more people to /fast/ in general before we can get to that I think.
>>1677 Yeah, that would be pretty swell too. Artfags are good for attracting and retaining people though, albeit they also attract faggots most of the time unfortunately.
(606.94 KB 1332x2560 Less_sketchy.jpg)

>>1689 She's really feeling the bump!
(2.92 MB 4032x3024 20180524_002605.jpg)

>>1953 I want to tell people to migrate over here using this image but I'm afraid shitposters will follow
>>1953 Paint his eyes red >>1954 Unfortunately if we don't get the word out there we aren't gonna get more people, so there's going to have to be a compromise.
>>1955 I should have signaled that both of those posts are me. I'll find a red pen and try to migrate people from /sthg/
>>1956 MADMAN
>>1959 I couldn't find a red pen
(133.50 KB 743x396 ClipboardImage.png)

(214.68 KB 437x705 1468455941622.png)

>>1961 >not posting on /fast/ >actually sonicposting elsewhere >>1960 >I couldn't find a red pen
We should somehow design some new banners. Current ones suck.
(3.31 MB 4032x3024 20180526_210928.jpg)

(3.34 MB 4032x3024 20180526_231805.jpg)

>>457 This is the first time I've drawn characters interacting
>>1969 Nice pics. Always appreciate some more Sonia.
>>1971 Thx
(3.39 MB 4032x3024 20180529_155832.jpg)

>>1968 I meant his eyes, as if he was high, not his pupils
>>2010 Well shit
(79.90 KB 640x479 1426909192103.jpg)

(725.22 KB 957x1197 bgarbage.png)

Oh a Sonic board, nice. Shame there's no traffic here.
>>2278 Well, we aren't completely dead, just slow.
(3.29 MB 4032x3024 20180618_010527.jpg)

Mighty milestone maybe?
>>2284 What milestone are you talking about?
>>2285 i was bored and thought it would be fun to draw a parody of the "mina milestone"
(398.98 KB 690x690 SonicMania_Ray.png)

(496.28 KB 900x900 SonicMania_Mighty.png)

(127.23 KB 500x351 2848193481_066f986e60_z.jpg)

Requesting Ray and Mighty in the pose in the third pic.
(2.65 MB 1605x3455 image.png)

Requesting an ass focus pic of Blaze the Cat while in her Extreme gear get up.
>>2290 why
>>130 I shall do this!
(403.84 KB 797x808 salson1.png)

>>7755 I like it! But you did see the date on that request right? I doubt they are still here. Looks good though and I would like to see it if you finish.
>>7766 Oh shit. This thread started 4 years ago? Damn,
>>7788 Yeah, it almost dates back to the board's creation. It's still cool to see people draw stuff here and fill requests, though. Some requests have been in /sthg/'s drawfag request list for just as long.
>>7755 Nice work, keep it up.
>>7755 Nice.
(39.32 KB 1171x741 fastad.png)

You guys should invite CWC in here
>>8069 I don’t think he/she would bother with this place.
>>8008 racist sonic meme triggers my autism because he's based off a black man. go fuck yourself projector
>>8073 >fuck niggers >racist
>>7755 Not bad! Though this was posted long ago i would love to see the finished drawing.
>>8073 Can't have racism on this nice website.
(1.07 KB 480x360 p2xpctm9_YA.jpg)

https://invidio.us/watch?v=p2xpctm9_YA >>8073 >he's based off a black man That just makes it even funnier, especially after watching that "Sonic Too Fast?" video (in a tragic sort of way) Welcome to /pol/chan, enjoy your stay.
So back on topic >>7807 Thinking about it, the /sthg/ request list hasn't been updated in a couple of years. Nice to see anons starting to fill some out, tho.
>>8179 Wait, seriously? The requests list stopped being updated? Why? >it's not even in the General's OP anymore When did this happen and why?
>>8181 Yeah, to my knowledge it hasn't been updated since 2016 or so. It got moved to the general link compilation pastebin some time ago, forgot the reason why.
>>8181 >>8183 Based on what I saw, they moved it to a Google doc.
>>8073 >based off a black man So he can say the n word, i see no problem here
>>8200 Sonic would never say that!
>>8231 Doesn't mean he can't
>>8165 >>8242 >>8073 >based off a black man >aka la didn't do research, and got mad because he hear there was a thing related to BLACK >/pol/chan This is why winning the hunger fortnite games was a bad idea.
(42.22 KB 500x250 Oekaki.png)

Have a small bump
>>8398 Noice
>>8073 >he's based off a black man. Because he runs fast?
(15.50 KB 612x607 FAST.png)

(15.82 KB 612x607 FTFY.png)

i made these on my win xp computer that is half broken around Oct. 2017
(8.77 KB 480x360 kZhM2m_dYBA.jpg)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kZhM2m_dYBA >>8469 Sweet. Sonic should take his own advice about smoking, though.
(383.68 KB 704x694 salson2.png)

>>7755 Some more WIP. I'll keep trying to find time to finish up.
>>8523 Lookin' real nice, anon.
>>8523 Looking super nice anon!
(71.86 KB 184x211 1408594618823.png)

>>8523 Looking moderately nice, anon.
(21.60 KB 500x250 Oekaki.png)

>>8736 Cute!
>>8736 That's a pretty cute Cream. Would make a solid banner, tbh.
(1.13 MB 690x3760 1503291631199.png)

(22.34 KB 300x100 bann.png)

>>8736 Cute. Reminds me of these a bit. >>8752 Sadly it doesn't have the right aspect ratio. It'd have to be vertically squished a lot. It'd look like this.
(27.48 KB 1200x400 sthg banner.png)

(28.47 KB 300x100 fast banner.png)

Possible banner?
>>10513 That looks really nice
>>10513 This is god damn great!
>>10513 That's awesome, good work anon!
(10.76 KB 125x125 oh gosh.gif)

>>10513 Added! Thank you!
(997.18 KB 960x960 sahgay.png)

Been trying to get out of an art block by doing crap doodles. Needless to say it's working.
(466.60 KB 2048x2048 palm.png)

>>8483 Why? Even a little hypocrisy comes a long way when your life is just one big comedic commercial.
>>11415 Hope you can fully get past it, anon. Also, poor sick Sage.
>>11415 10/10 pic, thanks anon. >>11416 Is it at least a funny comedic commercial?
(176.50 KB 2048x2048 look.png)

>>11420 Depends on your definition of Funny. It's either something you cringe at, or laugh at for surpassing it's intentions. Either way, it's getting old faster than him. I made these because at this point, Sonic's looking at himself wondering when it will end.
>>11427 Game featuring bitter old man Sonic when?
>>11436 I mean, grumpy old man Sonic is almost just Boom Sonic.
(178.92 KB 960x1280 Snapchat-1460487833.jpg)

Can I revive this thread with some underwhelming Cosmo art? I made it as a reference for a bigger picture I'm making
>>13766 More than welcome too, anon. And nice Cosmo!
(208.55 KB 960x1280 Snapchat-1927194320.jpg)

Well, I guess this is enough before I ink it. I'm not so sure about the pose, does it look okay?
>>13773 Looks good so far.
>>13775 Thanks! I was looking around but surprisingly there aren't many requests thrown around on this thread.
>>13776 There are a few requests here that could be done, like >>481, >>149, and >>2290
>>13776 Rouge the Bat squaring off against her evil twin Rogue the Bat.
I haven't drawn anything Sonic in so long.. Redrawing memes with Sonic characters was always fun though. Once I get off work I'll try to doodle one or two.
>>13827 Sweet. Looking forward to seeing what you make, anon.
>>13827 Now I'm curious about how your art looks like.
>>13832 Usually shit like this, hah
>>13834 That's pretty good, anon!
>>13834 Holy shit, long time no see fag!
>>13834 Oh shit, Toby?! Welcome back, dude.
>>13835 >>13837 >>13838 Thanks! Got home a bit later than I intended to. I'll see if I can get something sketched up, its been a while.
>>13841 Great. Looking forward to seeing what you make, dude
(1.80 MB 3772x2858 20190313_002638~3.jpg)

Definaltly out of practice, but I thought it wad pretty funny. I haven't read IDW, but this was the first thing I thought of when I heard she attacks with her tail.
>>13843 Kek, brilliant.
>>13843 Kek. We need to get you back in shape stat . Also, if you want to catch up with IDW, it's all storytimed in >>10011
(87.74 KB 512x512 Elson less edge.jpg)

Finished this an hour ago.
>>13888 Sweet Sonic, anon.
(1.37 MB 3061x2534 20190316_231042~2.jpg)

Got tomorrow off, so I'm gonna try to sketch some. At least try to knock some of the rust off.
>>13958 Cute rat
>>13958 Can't wait, your art is so smooth.
(4.37 MB 4160x3120 20190317_000658.jpg)

Think I'll call it a night after all, afraid I'm not really feeling it tonight. Sorry all.
>>13962 Aww. That sucks, but I understand. Thanks for the adorable Amy dude, hope to see more from ya soon.
>>13961 >>13958 That’s some very nice stuff, anon.
>>13888 Went for a cool Fleetway look.
>>13961 >>13962 Ow, I'm sorry, and thanks for the sketches you could make, they're always a treat.
(861.47 KB 3072x2715 IMG_20190321_175628334.jpg)

Think I'm getting the hang of Sonic characters again. Slowly but surely.
(255.47 KB 381x490 1461291440849.jpg)

>>14093 You should draw a Bump for us, you know, just for practice and stuff.
(209.57 KB 454x340 Confirmed.jpg)

I've got some spicy leaks
(142.08 KB 600x503 doubt.jpg)

>>14096 Sounds legit.
>>14093 That's quite the cute Amy, so I'd say so. >>14096 >Sonic Adventure 3: probably I'd buy 10 copies, tbh.
(296.64 KB 1280x960 sonicbeatemup.png)

I wonder if a Sonic Beat 'Em Up starring Mighty & Ray can be done justice? >>14093 Your Amys are qt. >>14096 Is that StC Sonic?
>>14138 Dumb cute mutant squirrel. Did you forget to color his nose?
>>14138 >Is that StC Sonic? Yes. I love that design. Nice work on your dangerous duo! I like the way ray looks.
(147.77 KB 1516x2177 blazdrik.png)

Made a reaction image, see if you can guess what this one's based off of. >>14139 I thought he had a black nose like everyone else?
>>14169 Awesome Can't guess where it's from, but I will save this for future use
>>14169 Oh, it looked completely white at a glance but on a closer look it may be just a big reflection. Never mind.
(24.96 KB 435x372 1501453689392.jpg)

>>14169 did she did she just bite down on the straw
>>14180 Yes she did The absolute mad cat
(220.94 KB 750x1759 sage bow.png)

s a g e
>>14293 What a lovely sloth I'd hold her hand, tbh
(9.23 KB 555x195 Toil.png)

im borrowing my friends tablet. What shall I do with this power?
>>14305 Draw Silver having difficulty running in a hamster wheel because of being too slow.
(75.52 KB 776x823 hog.png)

>>14305 >>14308 Keep using your power for good, anon. Good like Bump in a nice non-lewd dress
(3.03 MB 4032x3024 20190401_210353.jpg)

>>14309 just what you wanted, a humanized Sage Bust
(48.75 KB 557x556 7fe.jpg)

>>14332 Bless you, anon
(253.41 KB 386x419 1454307039718.png)

>>14332 Why would someone ever do something like this
>>14337 It was for April Fools, I'll try to make bump in my freetime tomorrow
(15.96 KB 1024x678 bump_1.png)

(13.98 KB 242x524 bump_2.png)

>>14337 >>14309 Fresh Bump
(80.85 KB 510x501 1552959980366.jpg)

>>14349 That's cute as fuck, thanks anon
>>14350 Thanks Guess all my years of mouse art mixed with a tablet really helped
(93.73 KB 500x507 1415932682612.jpg)

>>14349 Cute >>14351 When do you have to give it back?
>>14353 >When do you have to give it back? I'm not entirely certain, but my best guess would be in a few weeks
>>14355 Well hey, keep up the nice work in the meantime.
(1.16 MB 3024x2529 Blaze vs Blaze.png)

>>481 That was fun. I always used to play streets of rage when I was little, though I knew it through the name "Bare knuckle" Years later I realize how dumb I were since they're both the same thing.
>>14375 Loving Blaze's intense expression here
(7.06 KB 480x360 QXenxwdkaMk.jpg)

https://invidio.us/watch?v=QXenxwdkaMk >>14375 Reminds me of Illbleed's "Zodick the Hellhog" for a bit with that pose and teeth.
(143.29 KB 297x301 20230320516353203.png)

>>14380 Thanks! >>14402 I sure weren't expecting that comparison! Now I can't unsee it
(548.24 KB 2375x2422 Bump the Deer General.png)

(121.26 KB 1315x917 bump vs vex.png)

(328.22 KB 1007x944 The ride never ends.png)

(192.38 KB 635x1049 thicc.png)

Some bumps I made for her milestone thread on halfchan. That's where all these new ones are coming from!
>>14469 Lovely Bumps Thanks a ton, anon!
>>14471 It's my pleasure to draw the cute deer.
>>14472 You're doing Gods work anon, keep it up
(145.65 KB 271x272 1550954301474.png)

>>14469 Always love to see more Bump.
(1010.38 KB 2560x1536 20190420_024343.jpg)

Blaze it mothafuqa
>>14794 Sweet
Since today is blaze it day >>7728 Bump
(52.95 KB 493x444 1408036357651.jpg)

>>14794 Drugs are bad for you
(715.64 KB 1363x2106 Sharah.jpg)

Not quite happy with how it came out, but here you go. I still haven't played secret rings. Should I?
>>14882 I'd make the arms a bit longer, but it's overall good. >I still haven't played Secret Rings. Should I? Nah
(2.97 MB 4032x3024 20190426_174316.jpg)

>>14882 >I still haven't played secret rings. Should I? I haven't either, but from what I've heard… it kinda sucks
>>14910 Looks cute! I didn't know Sage was a professional bartender.
>>14882 >>14910 I wanted to play it because people talk a lot about how good the story and characterization were and together with the music it might have gotten me through the game, but I never actually got to do it for one reason or another. Maybe I'll give it another try if I marathon several games for the next game's release, I still want to play both Secret Rings and Black Knight.
(120.62 KB 428x507 blaze.jpg)

(98.06 KB 465x658 huh.jpg)

(156.37 KB 710x620 new bread.jpg)

I drew these yesterday. I've also been thinking about doing >>14309 sometime
>>15429 Can never have enough Bump bullying Sage
(292.71 KB 943x2479 dress.jpg)

>>14309 Gave this one a go
>>15491 I like her face though her body looks a bit too humanoid.
>>15491 Very nice, fashionable looking deer. Thanks!
(723.08 KB 700x1000 Bump pointing back.jpg)

>>15493 Yeah, I think I went too overboard with the human anatomy. >>15495 You're welcome!
(756.79 KB 1670x1128 sonic tails and chao.jpg)

This one's a bit more "In model"
>>15556 Sweet job. The lil' Chao is pretty cute.
(10.10 KB 337x309 warming_up.png)

>>15556 I like how sonic is snapping his fingers
>>15573 Adorable solly
>>15578 This. I miss Sally memes, specially retard Sally
(31.82 KB 499x250 Oekaki.png)

>>15679 Neat! How long did that take you on the Oekaki? Wish the dumb app would use a multiple of the banner dimensions.
>>15681 >>>15681 >Ahh I dunno, around 15 mins I suppose >Can't it be adapted for that resolution?
>>15682 >15 mins Damn, that's pretty good time. And I think it can be adapted for that resolution, but I'm not so sure. If not, it can easily be rescaled for the proper dimensions.
>>15679 Neat, I wish it were banner resolution though
(441.82 KB 700x1000 Sleepy head.jpg)

Gotta get around making an actual banner some day. In the meanwhile, are there any requests left around here? or are there any new ones?
>>15701 Theres still this one >>149
>>15701 Can't think of much requests I have in mind right now, but how about a sleeping Sage to accompany that Bump pic?
>>15683 Kek. 15 mins is pretty fast considering the Oekaki. >>15701 I love that picture. >>15704 sounds good, or maybe Sage reacting to the situation in the original picture trying not to wake up Bump.
(180.88 KB 1200x822 batroc_1200_822_s.gif)

(51.81 KB 340x576 Flying Frog.jpg)

>>15701 >or are there any new ones? Batroc the Leaper Vs. Flying Frog
>>15707 who?
>>15688 >>15682 The problem is that it needs literally 50% more pixels horizontally so it's quite a lot and wouldn't be that easy to make it look good.
(61.04 KB 300x100 fast.jpg)

Check it out
(155.34 KB 900x900 1496657442918.jpg)

>>15722 I love it. Added!
>>15724 Thanks!
>>15725 No, thank you. It's been a while since we've had a new banner.
(387.22 KB 1316x930 sleepy sage.jpg)

(59.09 KB 1191x670 Sonic-Thumbs-Up.jpg)

>>15734 Devious deer. Lovely job, m8
(50.52 KB 500x250 Oekaki.png)

>>15707 Odd pick but ok
(11.40 KB 355x309 literallywho.png)

Racoon girl
>>15701 >are there any requests left around here? >>13804
>>15831 Thank you >>15832 Cute
(3.42 MB 3010x3010 20190529_225531.jpg)

(3.05 MB 2268x3024 20190529_225518.jpg)

>>16168 Very cute anon! Thank you!
>>16168 Kawaii Female deers don't have horns
>>16168 Kinda cute. Bump does not have horns antlers most of the time
>>16169 Thanks >>16170 >>16172 My excuse is that I wasn't sober when drawing those.
>>16176 Hey, no one's complaining though don't you have better things to do when drunk?
(782.45 KB 994x878 blaze1.png)

(1006.58 KB 1100x805 50s.png)

(215.89 KB 592x719 blazeolympics.png)

Heya /fast/
>>16191 Damn, are those actually yours? Welcome.
>>16191 Welcome, Quark! Nice to see you around these parts as well.
>>16191 Sup. Good pics!
(620.62 KB 1077x1113 blaze2.png)

>>16192 >>16193 >>16217 Thank you anons. Glad to be here.
>>16308 Nice Blaze. Keep up the good work!
>>16308 You really like fire kitty don't you?
>>16311 ty >>16322 She's actually only my 3rd/4th favorite Sonic character, I just like drawing her.
(21.47 KB 300x128 fast.jpg)

(1.47 MB 541x361 1481753760904.gif)

>>16638 I approve of this
>>16638 Fast bun! Nice work, anon!
(339.74 KB 920x1109 Birthday Boy.jpg)

>>16690 >That pissed off Eggman Love it!
>>16690 he looks happy
(1.64 MB 480x270 fight.gif)

(265.41 KB 1600x1131 Sonic 28th and Hat.png)

Consider this a birthday gift for Sonic's birthday. Originally older picture but "finished" it now. Couldn't think how I wanted to shaded it so I left it colored as is.
>>16730 Lovely work, my man. Keep it up!
>>16733 Thanks. I'll update with a shaded one eventually.
>>16730 Cute! I can't wait to see the shaded one
(309.89 KB 1000x599 .D.png)

>>16730 Psst It was Shadow's birthday too Kek, thanks for the pic, it's cute. >>16738 Looking forward to it.
>>16730 Saw the WIP in the general Totally called it
(708.73 KB 1024x1024 boring.jpg)

Slow times.
>>16794 Slow morning >sage sleeps on a piece of log This is a great idea and I need more of it.
>>16795 The cute sloth has her own special sleeping joist right over bump's bed.
>>16796 How can Bump sleep with those claws dangling right above her face?
>>16835 …ass up?
>>16865 What if Sage grabs that booty then?
(436.13 KB 1200x1000 1551804602220.jpg)

Scissor time
(1.25 MB 1597x1535 delivery.jpg)

>>16864 Here you go!
>>16876 Based. Thanks, anon
>>16878 You're welcome!
(314.21 KB 409x504 1461132485892.png)

>>16870 I just noticed that Bump doesn't have gloves. I wish I hadn't noticed, it was a beautiful pic.
(320.87 KB 960x1280 SprintPhoto_bg203p.jpg)

I can draw but I fucking hate Sonic and furries and traps so most of your requests would be flatly denied.
(872.43 KB 3648x2736 lllooo 013.jpg)

>>17003 >I fucking hate Sonic This is a Sonic board, what are you doing here?
Could someone draw sonichu with blue arms plz?
>>17003 Edgelord go home. Did you come here for attention?
>>17007 Ah you are right. I didn't realize what /fast was. My bad.
(155.18 KB 618x800 sawnic.png)

>>17033 Sonicke is the best Sonic.
>>17033 Summed up: "What if Ken Penders did it…"
(218.79 KB 1177x1298 burger.jpg)

Happy burger day! I'll make sure to have one for dinner.
(10.40 KB 500x250 Oekaki.png)

>>17075 Good sloth. Enjoy your eventual burgah, anon!
(187.75 KB 689x1023 Bump (you).jpg)

(184.38 KB 621x1019 Bump wholesome.jpg)

I did these the other night. I sometimes use bump as my practice mannequin for mobian anatomy and stuff.
>>17292 Cute. Any other cool practices you've made with her that you can share?
(534.85 KB 1024x1024 anatomy.jpg)

>>17293 This ain't as cool, just some pose practice thingies I did before the other pic.
>>17292 >>17294 Nice Bumps
(86.70 KB 512x512 bump.jpg)

>>17300 Have another one!
(138.29 KB 300x464 1533677624729.png)

>>17381 Saved. Thanks!
(3.43 MB 1280x720 12_gameovers.webm)

>>>/v/16721045 >>>/v/16721009 Sonic renditions of Vivian James, a "console-tan", and the board owner (who leaked Sonic Mania) were made.
>>17596 I was hoping for a cuter viv.
>>17600 >>17596 Oh, also, the design of that Mark reminded me of the design of the Tapir of the same name that showed up in Boom, even though they don't seem to be that similar.
(1.07 KB 480x360 ERg55PGzAlc.jpg)

https://invidio.us/watch?v=ERg55PGzAlc >>17601 Oh right, he even has the same name. That was such a good episode.
>>17596 I miss Sergio.
(116.98 KB 1168x589 shadow.jpg)

(634.93 KB 2471x2606 sally.jpg)

(815.90 KB 1241x1754 aniversario.png)

(292.10 KB 591x1019 Bunny nurse.jpg)

Dumpin' some recent stuff. I drew the one with the trio for halfchan's /sthg/ birthday.
>>17657 Blessed. >That Sally/Sonic pic Poor ded chipmunk
(600.09 KB 1179x1042 1468354389019.png)

(627.31 KB 600x475 1432353820299.png)

>>17657 >last pic
(1.02 MB 1675x1230 Sage Birthday.jpg)

b-day gal is having fun
(1.26 MB 1866x1888 blazy.png)

eyy bois I did a blaze. Been thinking about doing some holiday-themed Bump and Sages too, just like that one anon suggested. Any ideas for that?
>>18181 I guess Bump and co. snowboarding / skiing would be cool
(236.92 KB 500x500 large.jpg)

(285.26 KB 700x664 1480774586527.png)

>>18231 Now I want to see something having to do with snowmen or maybe with snow figures of Bump/Sage. I don't think that has been done yet either. Snowboarding is also very cool though. >tfw you go through a whole folder of pictures just to find one pic and you don't find it At least I found others that are cute.
>>18181 Bump & Sage snowball fight
Hey, I just noticed the OP picture is back!
(442.45 KB 1280x960 vivsonic.png)

(270.11 KB 1280x960 m0rk.png)

(292.60 KB 1152x960 soulj.png)

>>17596 >>17600 >>17601 You mean these? Yeah I did 'em alright, I might be able to do some more if people throw some ideas my way. >>17606 Sergio?
>>18279 Hey, cool to see you here. Have you ever drawn Bump? She's the board mascot here. Sergio was part of the Sonic shitposting social media team in the beginnings and the one that made the remark about the game overs in that webm. He was nice but unfortunately left and things have turned much more… corporate.
(27.48 KB 1200x400 sthg banner.png)

(143.34 KB 740x1040 bumpnam.png)

(698.16 KB 772x1161 shitsketch.png)

>>18282 >Have you ever drawn Bump? She's the board mascot here. Yeah, several times actually.
>>18284 I love that banner
(365.87 KB 1440x960 sagebump.png)

By the way, we have a new booru for 8chan/kun/whatever you can post board OC and stuff. https://ourobooru.booru.org/ Try not to shit it up too bad, and tag submissions from here as '/fast/' just to be safe. >>18284 To be honest that last one looked real bad. Lemme fix that. >>18285 Cheers m8.
>>18286 lel Keep up the good work, mate
(2.48 MB 2931x2373 navidad.png)

I managed to find some free time between the ruckus of the holidays, and I took the chance to make a small doodle of the girls. Happy end of the year!
>>18593 Great stuff. Happy Holidays, anon!
>>18593 Kek, merry Christmas to you
(399.81 KB 1019x1612 wanker.jpg)

I made this for myself, but I'm sure some of you might need it too.
(125.38 KB 1024x768 1418770320471.png)

>>19143 I was actually going to stop working and get wanking.
(384.59 KB 1200x748 78878583_p3_master1200.jpg)

(1.53 MB 1200x867 dynamicshit12.png)

oh cool, is this place back up? here's a couple recent drawings of mine
>>19157 Very nice! Your coloring is always on point. Odd question, but is it possible to know what textures did you use on the Shadow picture?
>>19157 Good to see you back here, your drawings are nice. Have you ever done an animation?
>>19157 Welcome back! And good work on the pics.
(7.14 MB 4067x2835 7-noise-texture-overlays-5.png)

>>19158 thank you! coloring's my favorite part. you mean this? >>19160 i haven't, i don't think i have the patience in all honesty.
>>19167 Thank you very much!
Requesting Fleetway Amy Rose (first pic) hanging from her skirt, revealing her underpants, like in the second pic (from the now-defunct Sonic Cult website).
(97.46 KB 1280x768 rouge_bat_soup.jpeg)

Made pic related a few days ago and just now decided to upload it. Thought you lads might appreciate this…
>>19391 As tempting as Rouge's bathwater might be, I'd rather not die
>>19391 Thanks anon, new art is always appreciated. >>19392 Corona virus?
>>19395 Indeed. Though I'm all about this new trend of drawing Rouge in soup. It's hilarious and sexy at the same time.
(90.62 KB 800x920 49326332_p0.jpg)

>>19396 Huh, didn't know it was a fad. I mean it makes sense but this is the first image I've seen about it. I usually see the hedgehogs in drinks though, lol.
(105.44 KB 431x456 boring thread.png)

old doodle
>>19462 What does he want to be more interesting?
>>19470 See filename.
heres shit i drew
>>19579 >Mall goth Blaze Kek. Love it.
>>19590 not my art but here's the design sources
>>19592 That's really cute.
Requesting this image but with Honey
(288.49 KB 589x526 Summer bump.png)

(192.94 KB 570x582 smoke.png)

sad hours
>>19696 Lovely Bump! Could use bigger bumps tho
>>19705 Thanks! Indeed. I still need to learn how to draw the proper way of doing big bewbs
>>19696 Nice stuff, anon.
(246.26 KB 795x499 Bump and Sage.png)

>>19785 Thank you. It's always fun to draw the gals, gotta do it more often.
(26.20 KB 286x496 Sonic mediocre.jpg)

look who popped back up out of his knothole. https://twitter.com/MediocreToby/status/1229253803242872832
>>19819 Why does he always vanish?
>>19821 He's got a wife and a kid, and other stuff to worry about, I imagine.
>>19821 He's got a wife and a kid, and lots of other stuff to worry about, I imagine.
Didn't mean to reply twice, this place has been acting up for me really bad lately.
>>19823 Oh, right, I forget about that.
>>19787 Good gals >>19819 Oh hey! Nice pic & glad to see Toby's art again
>>19819 I hope he sticks around for longer this time, his art is very good
(102.96 KB 860x646 ERaX3hVWkAcn-JD.jpeg)

>>19913 His drawings are so stupidly smooth and well proportioned all the time. >>13961 >>13958
Requesting Blaze the Cat and Tangle the Lemur doing a booty bump similar to one image between the refs.
(168.03 KB 765x803 ERkcsZ3X0AIDqMt.jpeg)

>>19928 Nice Still salty we're never getting a proper Sonic/Mario game
>>19941 I think you replied to the wrong post.
>>19946 Yeah I did, meant to reply to >>19938 Sorry!
(2.89 MB 1600x1200 urkel_gets_sent_rule34.png)

Something from late last year, as requested by someone on /v/.
>>20588 Poor Sonia. Nice image, tho
>>20588 Sonia looks so depressed. Love it!
(317.78 KB 900x600 oc_crematorium.png)

(727.44 KB 1800x1600 blazetangle.png)

(505.09 KB 711x632 fuck_yeah.png)

>>20687 Holy shit that's amazing!
>>20687 That’s not exactly like the reference that I showed.
>>20687 Really nice art.
>>20687 l… lewd owo
>>20679 Good ol Suck the Cock
Holy shit, Am I the only one that remembers TeamArtail?
There's a bazillion ways to draw Sonic and none of them covinces me. Fuck me.
>>20944 That looks pretty sweet, tbh. And hey, good to see ya again!
>>20961 Thank you.
>>20944 That's the look Fleetway (non-super) Sonic gives when you peeve him off. Even Satan would crap himself.
(1.01 MB 2976x2500 EWidAMoUMAYmWTr.jpeg)

>>20980 Annoying the sonics is extremely amusing though.
(659.92 KB 745x631 Demon.png)

>>20981 You wouldn't want to bully that Sonic in particular.
>>20983 That is one mean looking demonrat I'd get my ass kicked, but it would be worth it to bully him once
(441.43 KB 2160x987 fast_sketch.jpg)

(356.00 KB 2063x765 fast.jpg)

>>21100 Post it here: >>29
(65.04 KB 600x454 it_was.jpg)

>>21100 Damn, anon actually delivered.
>>21102 You do know Amy is 12, right?
>>21100 Damn, didn't think someone would actually do it. Good on ya, anon
>>21103 >Amy is 12 Nah she's an adult anon, trust me on this. Unless we're talking about classic amy. The point of classic versions is that there cuter, younger versions of the characters. So yeah, i agree.
(1.32 MB 1616x1855 I_don_t.jpg)

>>149 https://youtu.be/6zXDo4dL7SU >>21101 Too lewd for a banner, but if I can actually get it to be the correct aspect ratio I'll post it in the thread as an attempt
>>21195 lewd
(645.19 KB 393x653 anon_goes_shopping.png)

>>21103 That's the best part.
(38.19 KB 290x236 ew.png)

>>21343 >That's the best part.
(11.02 KB 300x100 fast.jpg)

Did a banner
(9.32 KB 300x100 slow.jpg)

>>21366 And another
>>21368 >>21366 I love this so much. Added literally everywhere, thank you anon.
>>21370 You're welcome!
(286.33 KB 1400x1050 A_OK_.jpg)

Did a small experiment. Digital stuff still isn't my forte but it's fun to fuck around with.
(115.93 KB 434x256 sanicsays.png)

>>21505 It looks like Sonic is about to commit suicide by not properly landing on the rail and falling to his death.
>>21513 Now that would be awfully anticlimactic.
(96.13 KB 1650x1275 sonic_s_deck.png)

Here's a fun idea: If Sonic had the chance to design his own Skateboard Deck, what would it look like? I already made one for just such an occasion. Sources I used: >The Deck Template https://www.boardpusher.com/deckTemplates/skateboard-template-popsicle.png >Soap Logo Vector https://www.brandsoftheworld.com/logo/soap?original=1 The rest I just drew myself using Krita or GIMP. All you need is some basic knowledge on how to use them.
>>21100 OR here, I know it's a bit belated but thanks!
Requesting a butt shot of Vanilla the Rabbit while wearing this outfit.
(252.38 KB 1400x1050 hey_you.jpg)

(283.51 KB 1400x1050 micro_fun.jpg)

Doodles. I imagine Bump would buy the ggmicro on impulse and struggle to play it with her huge mobian hands.
(169.91 KB 388x404 1469334316348.png)

>>21645 That's really cute and definitely sounds like something Bump would do.
(1.87 MB 1440x1920 Keep_on_truckin_.jpg)

>>21739 Nice!
(163.85 KB 1400x1050 Red.jpg)

(105.58 KB 1400x1050 Doomer.jpg)

>>21853 danke
>>21868 Really digging that Bump drawing. What's going on with Sage and why is everything red?
>>21870 Oh I just felt like doing an "edgy" sloth drawing I guess, felt too lazy to finish the background.
(1.18 MB 3024x3024 eggog.jpg)

I got nothing in me brain. Gimme some idears. You fuckers need to have anchors for requests/deliveries like in the /v/ drawthreads. >>2278 Nice to see anons still posting my shit after all these years.
>>23313 Draw Sonic, Tails, and maybe others having breakfast early in the morning. >spoiler To be fair the thread is 6 years old, but it's a good idea when the next one comes around.
(404.37 KB 1920x1080 sally-11a.jpg)

>>23313 Maybe you can do something dumb with this
(178.44 KB 832x1170 sonic_3_art_akira_watanabe.jpg)

(146.85 KB 424x600 sonic_1_art_akira_watanabe.jpg)

(388.50 KB 922x922 sonic_cd_airbrush_art.png)

(445.43 KB 1161x1600 outrun_art_akira_watanabe.jpg)

Anyone here attempted to replicate the airbrushed style like in the classic Japanese game box art? I don't think I've seen even Shadow in this style.
(243.38 KB 800x595 1492108975274.png)

>>23322 I think I remember one picture but I couldn't find it. Have a Classic Shadow since it's the closest I could find.
>>23322 I wish modern Sonic games still had this artstyle. It's a little '90s, but I'd say it mostly feels timeless. The Sonic Adventure and Adventure 2 boxart still kind of feels like an evolution of it, but I miss the quotes most of all. The Adventure games should have had those deep quotes from Sonic on the covers. I suppose the theme songs sung from the perspective of the characters kind of fill similar roles, but even those have gone away. I just love the idea that, in this universe, "Ask not what others can do for you, but what you can do for others" was a line made famous by Sonic. I figure Sonic is actually a pretty deep philosopher, but doesn't take time to really articulate his thoughts often. He takes his ideas for granted, so he doesn't need to lecture people. But on the covers, and in his theme songs, we get a look at his inner thoughts.
>>23322 >>23323 This is all I could find so far for Shadow artwork.
(861.36 KB 1500x1500 sonic.png)

(419.18 KB 914x472 you tried.png)

(396.78 KB 1250x1450 bump.png)

(113.60 KB 731x698 good times.png)

>>23792 Bump is so cute. It had been months since I had last seen new art of her.
(570.69 KB 1052x658 2021-04-05.png)

Requesting whisper the wolf in Outfit playing in the rain https://youtu.be/HisnvYdoq9A
Requesting Bump the Deer showing off her "lucky underwear" like in second image.
>>24156 That's a really nice Bump that I hadn't seen before and the request is nice too. I hope someone fulfills it within the next 3 eternities.
(1.14 MB 1991x1220 luckyunderwear.png)

>>24156 >>24157 Hello, It's 3 eternities later. Sorry for the lateness.
(254.37 KB 870x750 dumb lemur.jpg)

>>24159 Holy shit, this is fantastic
>>24159 OR here, that was fast!
A while ago I drew a few sonic ocs for the animals displayed when clicking random page on an animal wiki
>>24361 >>24360 Some of these look pretty good and some others look like babby's first OC. Third to last would be great as gondola.
>>24363 >Some of these look pretty good and some others look like babby's first OC Can you explain which? In case it wasn't obvious, the beaver was ironic
>>24383 The wolf (first image) looks pretty well proportioned which I dig because it's eye grabbing, but it needs a good color set to match. The bird on the second image is nice too and the colors are okay, but I don't think it sticks out enough like a properly designed character with great proportions and a good color scheme would be. On the other hand, I don't like the cheetah in the last image, it looks bland in every department and it looks like something you'd see an underageB& that's way too focused on OCs draw, and similarly with the bird from the last image of the first post, which looks like something that was thrown together with no coherency. The rest I think are somewhere in between but definitely closer to the latter group than the former, except maybe for the reptile.
gib me some requests. I want to draw some sonics.
>>24457 Draw Tails getting mildly annoyed at something Sonic did. Here are some expressions options for Tails.
>>24458 This is what happens when you don't specify.
>>24461 I hate to be a nofun faggot but this is an SFW board. Image is here https://files.catbox.moe/q9m7f9.png
(291.25 KB 1920x1080 sage.png)

(427.98 KB 1920x1080 sage2.png)

(60.41 KB 296x321 s.png)

/r/ing Sage as a crazy bizarre goony happy mutant SLOTH, whatever the hell that means.
(385.28 KB 1920x1080 2017-07-30-94.png)

(446.39 KB 800x3497 Caleb-Sprite-Sheet.png)

(275.74 KB 1920x1080 caleb_dynamite.jpg)

>>24506 I've been playing lots of Blood and since the main character is awesome I'd like to see Bump or Sage dressed as Caleb for Halloween, dynamite in hand and everything.

(320.26 KB 1185x852 s-l1600 (2).jpg)

Requesting Sonic and Tails posing like in the second image, while saying, "Peek-a-boo, we see you!"
Since there's already these two Bloodborne X Sonic crossover pics how about another one with Tails with some sort of Powder Kegs style getup.
(816.19 KB 755x1091 meme magics).jpg)

>>24544 This could be cool too. We must perform some sort of ritual to summon the drawfags.
Requesting Kit the Fennec’s back without his backpack

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