Rules of /fast/

1 : Global 8chan rule(s) must be respected at all times. The current global rules can be found here: https://8chan.moe/.static/pages/globalRules.html
2 : This is an SFW board, please use other boards for your NSFW needs.
3 : Please employ common imageboard courtesy. Do not use avatars or attach signatures to your posts, do not attach a name or a tripcode to your posts unless strictly necessary, strive to provide high quality images and comments, etc..
4 : This board is for the discussion of the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise. Spam and unrelated threads are not allowed.
5 : If you see a post infringing on a rule, report, hide, and ignore it. Giving attention to rule-infringing posters only worsens the issue by creating more unwanted posts and makes it likely for you to also be affected by administrative measures when a volunteer notices.

Remember that no matter the rules of the board, all global rules apply