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(567.15 KB 1200x1464 fittantomboy.png)
(946.39 KB 1800x2320 1409706891579.jpg)
Progress Thread /fit/izen 10/14/2020 (Wed) 01:26:14 Id:2751ac No. 3
What's improved for you lately? I've started working more regularly and feel great, but I still need slim down on junk food. Also feel like rollan?
Covid closed the gyms and now they're open but at reduced hours, closing at 9pm so zero chance by the time I'm off work. I can feel that lazy feel getting huge, but I'm physically incapable of working out in the morning.
(172.71 KB 1024x731 All Might.png)
I've increased the intensity of my workouts over the past few months, largely due to hiring a trainer to help me out. It's nice not being a poorfag college student anymore. I've definitely noticed gains, and my friends have commented on me getting more muscular and slimmer too. I think I'm hovering somewhere around 12-13% body fat, and I'd really love to be able to drop down to 10%. I think I need to make more of a conscious effort to eat more vegetables though.
Got measured for a suit a few weeks ago and gained at least an inch of muscle across my entire body. Want to gain more mass so currently bulking. Right now sitting at about 20% body fat.
(584.91 KB 500x500 loading.gif)
Very early to say for improvements. Can confirm it's happening. Since I won't shave 100 lbs in a few days I will report again when more weight is muscle.
>>3 Your infograph is gay OP. Rolls will be predictable here. My proposal: 1d100 = 4
(686.21 KB 3501x2184 smile.png)
>>60 Easy roll so I'll do another 1d100 = 3
눈_눈 1d100 = 60
I've been gradually improving my ability to run. I go out every day or two and run a little bit further each time. Now I can run just over two miles in about twenty minutes. Never thought I'd be able to do this reliably, and I feel great after.
Two weeks and no gunt. >>74 That's great anon. Keep it up and you'll accomplish more than you know.

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