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(13.58 KB 320x235 etemon.png)
Calisthenics /fit/izen 10/19/2020 (Mon) 12:39:10 Id:1fc2f9 No. 38
Is it possible to obtain a strong build with merely calisthenics. I've been doing it a year or two and I've gotten a lot buffer and lost a lot of weight, I used to weigh over 14 stone now I'm in the 10 stone region. What I want to know is if I can build my muscles using just calisthenics so I don't have to use any money on buying impractical weights and not waste any money going to the gym. Better to use just your body than things that are completely unnatural imo.
(2.10 MB 500x264 1602637187170.gif)
>>38 You just answered your own Question: > I've been doing it a year or two and I've gotten a lot buffer Yes, it is possible. Its the same principle of progressive Overload for both training methods. For Calisthenics this means that after you can do a certain number of reps you switch to a more difficult Exercise. However it may take longer as you usually do more complicated movements were more muscles are involved so it is more likely that you compensate the movement with muscles that are assisting in the movement. Also some steps to the next exercise are more difficult, meaning that you may have to stick to an easier exercise because you can not perform the next one right. That is why Weight Training has usually faster results, as you can isolate the Muscles more efficiently and increase the load more easily.. >Better to use just your body than things that are completely unnatural imo Here you make a wrong assumption. An unnatural movement would be something were you overstretch or otherwise hurt yourself. Weight Training Exercise like Bench press, Squats Dead lift and so on are perfectly natural movements just with weights attached. As your Body is literally made to perform these. If you have concerns because of the weight, that is no problem as your Body will adapt and in the beginning you are very unlikely to load up enough to hurt your Joints or Sinews.
>>39 Alright thanks for your input anon. The problem is I have a job and a really early one so it becomes difficult to go to the gym. Which is why I more prefer calisthenics. I do have dumbbells but I'm in quite an enclosed space so they are much more difficult to use than they should actually be.
(2.67 MB 643x357 2f3.gif)
>>40 Time can always be an issue. I myself go to an 24h open gym early in the morning at 4:00 Am. Of course if you don't have access to one your are less flexible. Anyway if Calisthenics fits your schedule best than stick to it. Circumstances may change and you can always adjust your training to your current situation.
>>42 Yeah that's the point, I feel like I've done well so far. However my other problem is that it's hard to exercise when you're tired. An example Sometimes I wake up at 3 in the morning. Which becomes really difficult to deal with and makes it much more difficult to exercise due to being extremely tired. Honestly I have lot's of sleeping troubles but I also have work so It's something that's pretty much unavoidable. Right now I've been catching up with my sleep because I've got some day's off and I've been sleeping for a good bit. So it's not something that's entirely screwed up. But with such malleable sleeping times things become a lot more challenging than they should reasonably be.
>>43 Thats something you should try to fix. Good sleep is very important for any performance. Do you have problems falling asleep or waking up? For the first you could try to change your evening habits for the later maybe look into something like these sunlight imitating alarm clocks? Waking up in the middle of the night also happens to me. But i have no problems with this as i can usually go back to sleep or stay awake no problem. Also do you drink cofee or other caffeine products? It is assumed that morning tiredness right after waking up is an symptom of caffeine withdrawal.
>>44 I never drink anything with caffine. I think it has something to do with the alarm clock because whenever I'm off I get great amounts of sleep. This obviously isn't ideal for me either. I love my beauty sleep, But I'm not about to go quitting my job unless their is a pretty good reason for it. Thing is I start work at 7 am and I usually walk it which takes around an hour. So I pretty much have to wake up around half five in the morning. My diet is pretty much fruit, meat and wheat. I avoid shit like soy as well. So diet wise I'm in pretty good shape. It really depends on the day when I go to bed honestly. I go to bed around 11 and wake up around 8 so I think I've got decent sleeping pattern. Obviously this is talking when I'm not at work. When I'm at work I go to bed at around half nine so I wake up for the alarm.
>>45 To me this seems all in order then. I usually plan wit 7-8 hours of sleep and depending on what time i have to wake up is go to bed. Of course this means i go to bed between 20:00 and 21:00. If you think about it all people usually do in the evening is killing time, so i have no problem with going to bed early. On a side note i workout in the morning partly so i don't have to wake up to go to work. I wake up to do something i like. Other thing that could help is to take your smartphone when you wake up and do some reading or news checking.
>>38 I switched to calisthenics, and what I noticed is that I do make gains a lot faster, and in areas that I felt like I'd been neglecting for a while (like lats and pecs) I think they're more efficient for muscle growth, but then after recently lifting weights again I noticed that I get a bigger testosterone boost and development in muscle density when I do things like bicep curls and bench presses. Just do whatever works best for your body.
sort of, I could do one arm pushups, I still look like dyel but still look a lot stronger than what I was a year ago. I probably need to to eat more, I am 140lb 5'9
(107.16 KB 728x1091 Shamo_v02c11_p005.jpg)

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