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(368.44 KB 1920x1080 210319-0932-25.jpg)
Help me plan my exercise routine /fit/izen 03/19/2021 (Fri) 15:25:58 Id:cffa89 No. 56
So, long story short, I want some advice on planning my exercise routine on Wii Fit U. Pretty much what I have been doing is spending the first hour, every morning doing 10 minutes of "aerobics" (Usually playing a regular Wii game that requires motion controls), then 20-30 minutes of actual exercising (In Wii Fit U), then another 10-20 minutes of "aerobics" (Again, in a regular Wii game). Reason I've followed this routine is because one of the fitness instructors at the gym I used to go to recommended it as the "best" way to get a workout. Another thing they recommended is that I don't do the same exercises every day, otherwise my body starts building an endurance against those specific exercises. So, the routine I've been following for the past few months is just selecting randoms exercises in WFU, five days a week, with Satudays spent going hiking/jogging for an hour (Plan on increasing that time as the days get warmer). Outside of that, I currently work at a fabrication facility, so I spend most of my days walking and lifting (Though, it looks like I'll be let go within the next few weeks). <So, here is my dilemma, what exercises routines would be best recommended in order for me to receive the most benefits? As far as my body's circumstance, I'm currently 5'11", average around 205 lbs. The only real "goal" that I have is that I want to reduce my waist size. Outside of that, I just want to build up the rest of my body, especially when it feels like I spend too much time building up my legs because of everything else I do (Apparently I average around 8000-10,000 steps each day). Also, I only have the chance to set up two routines because the first slot is already filled with activities that do not require the Fit board because, in the past, it seems to become very finicky whenever I change the batteries and it refused to connect or turn on. So, what are your recommendations?

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