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Hey. This is the furry board. We'll see how this goes, alright?

Undertale/Deltarune Hentai 09/22/2020 (Tue) 12:03:53 No. 1368
Anything goes as long as it's about either game of the series. This also means things such as cub, futa, ecchi, and whatever are allowed. Just remember to follow the rules and global rules.
>>1339 What the fuck?
OP, why? Look at what you just did now: >>1419 Well great, now I expect more porn of Asriel as a child because of this.
>>1420 you say that like its a bad thiing
>>1420 You do realize you complaining won't help out things here right? If you really hate it that much, then fucking put this thread on hide. >>1421 I have some here if that's fine with you.
(74.52 KB 1280x1138 76b.jpg)
That's about it.
>le tuna nerd
What exactly happened in this thread? >>1420 Maybe hide the thread then? >>1423 Well, I didn't expect much content of this stuff or that fast either.
I got a few more here.
(657.37 KB 1100x1057 Toriel01.png)
(964.70 KB 902x1200 Toriel02.png)
(206.25 KB 883x1202 Toriel03.jpg)
(5.99 MB 2800x2200 Toriel04.png)
I want goat mom to be my mom.
(908.99 KB 1200x1615 Asriel s.png)
>>1460 who made this? who's the artist?
>>1461 Seems anon also uploaded a page made by some artist named Whitecrest.
>>1461 By any chance, do you decensor comics or mangas?
(942.70 KB 1387x2150 aver2_u18chan.jpg)
(903.58 KB 1387x2150 aver3_u18chan.jpg)
(1.14 MB 1219x1847 ver1_u18chan.jpg)
(1.09 MB 1219x1847 ver2_u18chan.jpg)
(1.17 MB 1219x1847 ver3_u18chan.jpg)
(179.13 KB 920x456 2484216_Fuf_awkwunderib.jpg)
(409.71 KB 920x1077 2420600_Ariku_a.png)
(395.99 KB 920x1077 2415770_Ariku_b.png)
(500.49 KB 1359x2433 d1be9d3b23e05d9559093f95d6073d79.png)
>>1594 >>1594 sauce on that third picture? usual methods of backsearch aren't giving me shit
(506.82 KB 842x1236 79568819_p13.jpg)
(289.92 KB 786x1006 79568819_p17.jpg)
(313.57 KB 835x1190 79568819_p18.jpg)
(194.60 KB 758x1008 79568819_p19.jpg)
(196.75 KB 704x900 79568819_p20.jpg)
>>1608 Who made this? Is that a succubus?
>>1692 Is that supposed to be Asriel? Is he young or is he old? Can't tell who made this either.
I'm surprised there is no certain... colored dicks if anons here know who i am talking about..
>>1708 I hope and pray there is no more porn of Asriel. Even of the kind of lightytheyoshi. Really, you people need to just do Toriel or whoever else for that matter.
>>1715 >I hope and pray there is no more porn of Asriel. idk that feel bro
>>1716 Do you have any hentai of Asriel?
A mult-comic that will release a few pages monthly by thehades. Will upload more later.
>>1739 Page 1
>>1739 hell yeah, more futa toriel on asriel.
>>1763 Page 2
>>1821 this is gonna be so good

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