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Hey. This is the furry board. We'll see how this goes, alright?

(17.07 KB 246x500 156997693027.jpg)
Drawthread #1 Toshiaki 07/24/2020 (Fri) 13:05:40 No. 839
Request what you like want to get drawn Rules and guidelines Start your post with "requesting" or "/r/". When requesting some, provide as much detail & reference pics as possible in the initial post.
>>839 Also I forgot you can request as much as you like no limits
(44.07 KB 512x512 156997735491.png)
(158.25 KB 880x948 156997723682.png)
(192.74 KB 600x623 oh shit blue.png)
>>840 >first pic Don't do that.
(263.30 KB 682x1024 1329398571293.jpg)
>>848 fuck you, i'll do whatever i want
>>840 >>851 Nah eat shit, I'm global reporting that.
>>840 >>851 eat shit pedo
(589.45 KB 921x1300 04f.jpg)
(169.31 KB 360x450 Komajiro_artwork.png)
(147.86 KB 360x450 Komasan.png)
>>842 Requesting a shortstack female Komasan and a shortstack female Komajiro rubbing their breasts against eachother
>>854 >>855 >waaa waaa pedo bad reeee shut up cucks
>>897 >ad hominem I'm not the one who downloaded, saved, uploaded, and reposted borderline CP, attached to a sexualized drawfag request.
>>899 its a picture of a childrens clothing catalogue retard, good god you /pol/niggers are worse and more zealous than every other group you complain about. you just want to be morally superior and morally enraged about something all the time, and you'll pick anything to show how virtuous you are. if you dont want to do the request, don't do it, someone who isn't a retarded cuck will. you probably cant even draw.
>>900 >cuck! cuck cuck cuck! >trying to bait me into posting my art so you can dox me I'm not a retard m8
(831.91 KB 1900x2700 8c9ac7caf22ee92b265c6e6e5a80aefa.png)
(175.72 KB 1521x2048 2d509bf0985fb2605b7029daab46a080.jpg)
(541.06 KB 1280x1845 109_edit.jpg)
/r/ small pussy humiliation left: shortish, probably a rabbit or something, sort of bashfully covering her normal-to-small slit part way. she's looking to the right and blushing middle: taller beefier chick with her arms folded, ideally a lizard or some other pred type, bigger snatch with prominent clit. she's looking to the right and looks annoyed right: a feral horse with a big ol' horsepussy aimed at the screen. she's looking over her shoulder at the other two, with a smug, bored expression
>>900 >NOOOOO YOU CAN'T CALL MY NEAR UNIVERSALLY DETESTED SEXUAL PREFERENCE DISGUSTING Go back to twitter or reddit if you want to be accepted for that shit.
>>922 you can have all the wrong opinions you want, just dont derail the thread with your retardation.
>>922 On the one hand, it makes me uncomfortable and it seems like it makes you uncomfortable. I'm sorry about that. On the other: it's SFW, it's an advertisement (that is, legal), it's a preexisting character (it's not like they're saying "hey, draw this person as porn"), it's spoilered, and it doesn't seem to break any global rules (insofar as it's still here). You mentioned Reddit and Twitter. You seem to think they're okay with this sort of thing. I assume you spend most of your time on imageboards, and so aren't actually all that informed on what either site is actually like, but they very much are not. Reddit bans loli and Twitter users do things like trying to call Elon Musk a child abuser for dating a woman who wears floral-print dresses. They are, in short, as vocally opposed to these kinds of things as it is possible to be, and spend most of their time contriving new ways to outdo each other in their opposition. Therein lies the problem. Both Reddit and Twitter (but especially the latter-- Reddit is too dumb to be really toxic) are extraordinarily toxic places. Both have harmed people I care about. Both, but especially the latter, are aggressive and expansionist in their ethos. If you don't want expansionists to expand into your community, a wise thing to do is to have a conspicuous display of defiance toward their values erected in the town square. If you would prefer to avoid kneeling before the church, just have a feast of Odin every few months, and so forth. I have to ask myself, "faggot, if you report this post to the owner, and it gets deleted, isn't it true that, in some small way, you've moved the tone of the board and site Twitterward? are you sure you want to drag the Overton window in that direction?"
>>919 what's the manga with the horse?
>>943 Mare Holic but i forget which one
love how the thread got immediately derailed on the first post because the cucks cant handle a SFW picture of a little girl. just go back to cuckchan you fucking normalniggers.
>>954 It has enough traffic already, it's not going to die and you don't need to send people there
(92.51 KB 1101x355 Colleen (Arthur).jpg)
>>842 Requesting your interpretation of what Colleen (doppelganger / rabbit version of Francine from Arthur) would look like wearing casual clothes (without the private school uniform) https://arthur.fandom.com/wiki/Colleen https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tBKc3jXh5E4
(273.52 KB 730x408 dustly bunny ref.png)
(4.35 MB 304x547 bdsmlr-1025340-zaIi9H4tq6.gif)
(4.66 MB 352x633 bdsmlr-1025340-ZMqdG10BiD.gif)
(5.66 MB 360x648 bdsmlr-1025340-lyS7hQvpxM.gif)
>>842 Requesting my OC Dustly Bunny wearing those clothes showing her ass like this
(1.36 MB 1849x1890 request.png)
REQUESTING a bunny boy using one of the poses provided or some combination there of. Is this too much of a request? Do we even have any drawfags yet?
(91.10 KB 799x621 ns cali.jpg)
Request this be improved
(156.23 KB 1080x720 Photo on 9-30-20 at 8.39 PM.jpg)
(171.33 KB 1080x720 Photo on 9-30-20 at 8.39 PM #5.jpg)
>>1509 here is some other references
(261.43 KB 1120x744 ubermensch.jpg)
>>1509 >>1510 Finished
is there a new delicious board? i don't want to download tor!
>>1531 >is there a new delicious board? There's ATF I guess.
>>1531 Also why don't you want to download tor?
>>1533 because i shouldn't have to. there should be only one browser not ten!
>>1534 >there should be only one browser not ten! then make that your one browser
>>1534 If redchannit still isn't working for you then go to >>>/site/ and report the problem to Acid.
>>1531 >>1534 >namefag is retarded What a surprise.
>>1534 Hey friend, you don't need to download TOR, they set up an open web2tor proxy at www.goatse.cc/?page=delicious/index.html
>>1553 This is how I've been accessing /delicious/ too
(127.32 KB 2038x1852 c0fa5293f1d1440c2d3f2c3e027d3c36.jpg)
>>1553 Very good and helpful advice
>>1553 Cool, gonna try this out in a minute. Edit: It works, thanks!
(2.66 MB 1936x2072 Ben x Papa.png)
Requesting Ben Tennyson (Classic) nude and doing a doggystyle on his adoptive father Blitz (Road Rovers) no collar and with huge muscles pecs, and huge humanoid penis and balls with Dailouge. Blitz: Yeah! Yeah! Yess, Ben that's a good boy. Hump on my butt butt with your pee pee, that's a good puppy. Ben: Oh Papa, your butt butt is so tight.
>>1553 >>1559 >goatse eminently untrustworthy name = no-click zone almost certainly some kind of post-logger/deanon scheme just use redchannit.org/.net better yet, set up virtualbox and just run a fuckin TAILS iso
>>1584 >untrustworthy name ok newfag >better yet, set up virtualbox and just run a fuckin TAILS iso You didn't even read the original question, did you?
>>842 Requesting Numel as a Nu-male.
(111.61 KB 999x1024 1583776084745.jpg)
>>1584 >he doesn't know Shameful display!
>>1586 The Nu-est.
>>1588 8/10 topkek
>>1585 "goatse" in 2020 sounds like something a person interested in "lulz" would run and I'd trust them with my porn browsing that first chilly day in hell and, yes, my answer was a "don't-do-that-then"
>>1588 Nice shoop, but I was hoping for an original drawing.
Requesting for Asriel Dreemurr to be drawn

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