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GamerGate Radio

SHITPOSTING MEGATHREAD: Unlimited Butthurt Works edition Veteran Leader 11/06/2016 (Sun) 08:22:47 Id: 8bf42c No. 328623 [Reply] [Last]
Previous thread >>323167 This thread is a special sticky thread for the purpose of keeping the board catalog tidy by containing gossip, drama, and shitposting. What goes in this thread: >Minor SJW news or stories that don't have national impact >SJW issues that aren't games industry related and that are not operations or digging. >Twitter gossip that doesn't materially affect #GG >E-celeb or board drama of a personal nature Warning: This thread may have content that is Not Safe For Work! If you feel a thread has extraordinary merit that should be granted an exception from above, you can request a pass by posting it here and reporting the post for mod attention.

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Ah, the real GG board. Not that one on 8cucked.moe

(132.91 KB 550x533 Viv beginner's guide.png)

The #GamerGate Beginner's Guide and FAQ Thread Acid Man 01/15/2018 (Mon) 05:58:39 Id: c4cfbe No. 331515 [Reply]
What are #GamerGate and #NotYourShield? #GamerGate is a hashtag and quasi-"movement" of gamers around the world that began in August of 2014. #NotYourShield is a sister hashtag, created to lend a greater voice to female and minority gamers who supported #GamerGate and who were dismissed and ignored by the games media. The #GamerGate Twitter hashtag was originally coined by actor Adam Baldwin in response to the mass censorship of gaming sites occurring around the so-called "Burgers and Fries" scandal. This scandal concerned the public discovery that a little known indie game developer named Chelsea Van Valkenburg (nomme de plume Zoe Quinn) had cheated on her boyfriend with a journalist from the gaming site Kotaku and four other people in the games media industry. Gamers around the 'net took an immediate interest in the scandal, because Kotaku had already attracted some attention for giving Quinn's game, Depression Quest, unusually positive coverage. Suspicion of industry relationships and quid-pro-quo favors among the videogames industry and press had been going on for years, and it seemed that a smoking gun had finally been found. To the shock of the gaming communities however, a wave of censorship descended across the topic like an iron curtain. Every prominent games forum on the 'net banned discussion of the scandal, and just one single thread on Reddit saw over forty thousand comments deleted. Even 4chan, the once legendary site where you could discuss almost anything, banned people from discussing the issue. The games media declared that there was no scandal, and "nothing to see here." When this was challenged, the response came in the form of a nonsensical accusation that gamers interested in the topic were misogynists, and only interested because the subject of scrutiny was a woman's relationship. The public's concern about improprieties in the games media industry were not just dismissed - they were utterly silenced. In response, gamers created their own communities on Reddit and 8chan with a special emphasis on free speech and activism. The censorship campaign sparked even further public backlash, and the situation grew more heated until August 27th and 28th of 2014, when thirteen major games media sites released a series of articles now known colloquially the "Gamers Are Dead" articles. Beginning with author Leigh Alexander of Gamasutra, these articles all shared identical messaging and tone, and united to form a simple, political, and utterly untrue statement: "Gamers, as a demographic and hobby, are all sexist, misogynist, racist, horrible people and the games industry should discount them as an audience." The gamer community immediately recognized this as a deflection tactic. For so many competing publications to attack gamers with such a unified voice almost simultaneously, there had to exist exactly the sort of back-door collusion within the industry that gamers had long suspected. Indeed, months later a man named William Usher, owner of the gaming site One Angry Gamer, would work with Breitbart reporter Milo Yiannoupolis to expose the existence of the "GameJournoPros" mailing list to the world. Patterned off of "Journo-List" of mainstream media fame, this was a secret mailing list where major names in the games media colluded to craft narratives, blacklist industry people, support their industry friends, and decide what stories needed to be spread or buried at their whim. The united backlash by the global gamer community against this dishonest media campaign became the event known to the world as #GamerGate.
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(358.19 KB 612x792 Viv proto 1.png)

Frequently Asked Questions >Who is the girl with the red hair and green and purple hoodie? That's Vivian James, #GG's beloved mascot. She was given to us by a feminist game developer project. We raised over $70,000 dollars to help women make videogames, because the games media refused to promote their project out of friendship with their competitors. As a reward, they let us create a character for their game, and so Viv was born. >What are "SJWs" and why do you guys hate them? SJW stands for "Social Justice Warrior." We first met these people a month after #GamerGate started, when the media was slandering us up, down, and sideways. They're the sort of folks who want to gripe about politics at Christmas dinner with the family, and seem to absolutely hate fun and free speech in all their forms. We hate them because they hated us first, and because they came riding to the defense of the games media in droves when we just wanted them to be ethical. Since then many of them have cozied up to the games media itself, even as far as taking over translation studios for Japanese games. If you meet someone with blue hair who calls themselves a feminist and really hates gamers, you've probably met an SJW. They're obnoxious, suck the fun out of the gaming community, and rarely even play games themselves leading many people to want them gone. >Did you guys really elect Trump and spawn the alt-Right? You heard that from the media, didn't you? I'm pretty sure they would blame us for Lucifer's fall from Heaven if they thought anyone would believe them. The answer is no, probably not. Although you will find quite a few #GG supporters who support Trump specifically because he calls out the media when they lie.

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literally WHOOOOOOOOOOOO Leader 03/14/2017 (Tue) 07:42:49 Id: a6cc64 No. 330332 [Reply] [Last]
Does someone have a source on the government connection of Silverstring Media or whatever it's called? I'm an oldschool indie dev and when FIVE GUYS (rhymes with five eyes) hit I saw the dev community basically destroyed. It makes a tonne of sense that the whole thing was a literal psyop. Except for the spineless faggots who were willing to play along with the media-backed SJW social conditioning shit, and the guys who were too big to die (and even notch went into hibernation for a while before re-emerging with testicles), the designer community basically dissolved overnight. Personally I deleted all my social media because everyone I'd previously respected fell to infighting and retardation. I wanna come back and reclaim my audience, and when I do it I want fucking revenge.
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(946.82 KB 1100x1500 hin.png)

(482.24 KB 1920x1350 imf.png)

https://ipfs.io/ipns/dynode.io/#!a/2.md Offering this as this thread helped with some of the ties I was drawing in the article. Thanks anons.
second leader

Ralgar of GamerGate Wiki Lich Lord of GamerGate 07/08/2020 (Wed) 08:54:01 Id: 5dcdbb No. 332849 [Reply]
Hello, Gamergaters: Lately, I've been harassed lately by a user named "Ralgar." Take a look at his contributions: http://ggwiki.deepfreeze.it/index.php?title=Special:Contributions/Ralgar I want to inform all GamerGaters, Trump supporters to take a look at this and see if they are right about Bryan. If not, just treat "Ralgar" as the enemy. Ralgar is bolstering BatteryIncluded's narrative about me to sow the seeds for GamerGate, Trump and Brexit, and he will continue to do so, threatening governmental institutions with populism. Ralgar is a bad actor associated with Koncorde and BatteryIncluded.

(153.46 KB 1920x594 wikideathstar1920.jpg)

Wikidrama General 2: Derp Star edition President Elect 12/26/2016 (Mon) 15:19:12 Id: d03636 No. 329182 [Reply] [Last]
The old thread was autosaging so it is time for a new one. Post and discuss wiki-related drama here. These sorts of things might make good discussion topics: * Updates on the Gamergate edit war on Wikipedia * Similar misbehavior by the same edit warriors * Similar misbehavior on other subjects or other wikis * Investigations into Wikipedia: why is it such bullshit? * Whatever tickles your funny bone and is related to a wiki Popular drama boards: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Administrators'_noticeboard/Incidents https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Administrators'_noticeboard https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:AE https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:NPOVN Wikipedia critics: https://np.red*dit.com/r/WikiInAction

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Look at what I've got. These images about Drmies' administrative CheckUser action shows that there's a Trumpian sentiment. It proves that BatteryIncluded and Koncorde, as well as the Wikipedia community is responsible for Gamergate, Trump and Brexit.
(174.55 KB 1360x765 000_1TS2WJ.jpg)

Since he started contributing to Wikipedia and using the Internet, many people have long speculated his true intentions. Some of them say that Koncorde is a Russian agent, sent to undermine Western institutions for Vladimir Putin. Time to call Koncorde the Kremlin Koncorde, the Britain BatteryIncluded and Britain JustArandommer because he documents bans for the Kremlin to see. Tell the Kremlin. Tell Putin about Koncorde.
Boing! said Zebedee is back to IP blocking, this time on behalf of Koncorde AKA Britain BatteryIncluded. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/User_talk:Boing!_said_Zebedee#Bryan_See,_harassment_over_on_Indonesian_Wikipedia

(86.12 KB 640x361 t.png)

Throw in the towel Veteran Leader of GamerGate 05/25/2016 (Wed) 20:41:17 Id: 3eb719 No. 324277 [Reply]
>3 Posts per hour (4 now lel) >59 active users Just admit it. You lost. You had a good run. No one thought you'd make it this far, but we all expected you to lose.
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As long as we keep making cunts and fags pooperpained, we haven't lost.
>>324295 >There we go. The board is all here. Gamer Ghazi? kek

(246.79 KB 1274x412 Mill Quote.png)

(83.61 KB 300x250 Always Speak Up.jpg)

(966.39 KB 1448x1122 GOT_Internet Control.png)

Anti-Internet Censorship Database Operation President Elect 12/08/2016 (Thu) 01:56:14 Id: 9557a2 No. 329022 [Reply] [Last]
https://twitter.com/kr3at/status/806301894389956608 https://archive.is/OmtsY Internet Censorship Database Announced By Google, Twitter, Facebook And Microsoft Google, Twitter, Facebook and Microsoft will launch a shared database to censor social networks in 2017. > The world’s largest social networks have announced plans to launch a shared Internet censorship database in 2017 that will be able to scrub anything that is labeled as “extremist content” across all of their social networks. > Facebook already has a tool in place that they recently revealed they are in discussions with to provide China access to in order to gain access to China’s 1.4 billion citizens. > Currently the tool is being touted as a weapon to fight terrorism and hate speech but just defining what speech falls under the topic is a slippery slope. > Twitter and Reddit have recently been actively banning conservative content and Twitter has even threatened to ban President-elect Donald Trump for hate speech. > It is also no secret that Governments have long openly banned political content that had nothing to do with extremism or hate such as Japan’s ban of Fukushima news and just recently Italy’s ban on reporting on the referendum ahead of last Sunday’s vote. > The news comes as the United States and Europe governments are separately pushing Internet censorship legislation into law, which has largely been kept off the radar of corporate media news outlets. > The goals of the separate legislation is to crack down on what the establishment is labeling as “fake news” being spread as part of a Russia propaganda conspiracy. > In reality the vast majority of the news that will be censored under the new legislation is nothing more than non-corporate news outlets simply reporting on issues in a manner that is critical policies of the government and establishment politicians, and their hidden power players such as special interests and lobbyists, on matters such as globalization, oversea wars, environmental issues and corruption. 1. Spread News

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>>332324 whats the bunker?
>>331673 >This seems possibly to apply retroactively, meaning websites could be punished for stuff their users did, before this became a law. No, ex post facto Definition Latin for "from a thing done afterward." Overview Ex post facto is most typically used to refer to a criminal statute that punishes actions retroactively, thereby criminalizing conduct that was legal when originally performed. Two clauses in the United States Constitution prohibit ex post facto laws: Art 1, § 9 This prohibits Congress from passing any laws which apply ex post facto. Art. 1 § 10. This prohibits the states from passing any laws which apply ex post facto.
>>331673 >>332841 Scope What Constitutes Punishment In the often-cited case of Beazell v. Ohio, 269 U.S. 167 (1925), the Supreme Court defined the scope of the constitutional ex post facto restrictions: "It is settled, by decisions of this Court so well known that their citation may be dispensed with, that any statute which punishes as a crime an act previously committed, which was innocent when done, which makes more burdensome the punishment for a crime, after its commission, or which deprives one charged with crime of any defense available according to law at the time when the act was committed, is prohibited as ex post facto." Courts have applied this standard to different parts of the criminal process. California Dep't of Corrections v. Morales, 514 US 499 (1995) takes the Beazell standard and applies it to the parole process. In Morales, California amended a law to state that the California Board of Prison Terms may defer parole hearings for up to three years for a prisoner convicted of more than one homicide offense. Respondent-defendant Morales was imprisoned before the law was amended, and he was subsequently affected by it when he applied for a parole hearing. In his lawsuit, he claimed that the amendment violated the ex post facto prohibition. The Supreme Court, in applying Beazell, held that an amendment which impacts someone currently imprisoned to a law does not violate ex post facto if the amendment does not increase the punishment attached to the respondent's crime. The Court held that here, the amendment did not impact Morales's sentence nor did it impact any substantive attempt to be granted parole. The Court found that a simple alteration of a prisoner's process of attaining parole does not violate ex post facto prohibitions. Retroactive Judicial Decisions At a minimum, ex post facto prohibits legislatures from passing laws which retroactively criminalize behavior. However, this prohibition does not attach as strictly to judicial decisions. Appellate courts sometimes announce a new rule of law, but will not apply it to the case in front of it, in order to attempt to comply with ex post facto prohibitions. Year and a Day Rule The Year and a Day Rule is a common law doctrine which states that a person cannot be convicted of homicide for a death that occurs more than a year and a day after his or her act(s) that allegedly caused the death. Rogers v. Tennessee, 532 U.S. 451 (2000) dealt with the doctrine. Defendant-petitioner Rogers had stabbed Bowdery, who died 15 months later. The trial court found Rogers guilty of murder. When Rogers appealed to the Tennessee Court of Criminal Appeals under the Year and a Day Rule, the appellate court upheld the conviction and abolished the Year and a Day Rule for Tennessee. Rogers ultimately appealed to the Supreme Court, claiming that the appellate court's action violated the ex post facto prohibition. The Supreme Court in Rogers found that ex post facto was not present here, as the appellate "court's decision was a routine exercise of common law decisionmaking that brought the law into conformity with reason and common sense." The Rogers court also referenced a previous Supreme Court decision, Bouie v. City of Columbia, 378 U.S. 347 (1964), which held that "due process prohibits retroactive application of any judicial construction of a criminal statute that is unexpected and indefensible by reference to the law which has been expressed prior to the conduct in issue." Rogers, considering the holding in Bouie, held that the ex post facto prohibition applies only to legislative decisions, and that even if it were to apply to judicial decisions, the retroactive judicial repeal of the Year and a Day Rule is neither unexpected nor indefensible. from cornell

(350.67 KB 784x793 1441921729546.png)

Danielle and Freya Thread Leader 09/11/2015 (Fri) 22:01:52 Id: 64e826 No. 269029 [Reply] [Last]
Old thread: >>156244 Post any Danielle/Freya related artwork here qpeodsndkfrfffffffffffsjndvsvlewef9ewf82w37r2yrhbwefmefkewpfweflefmwefefuwef98f32r763ry3hr23r232323o23r923r3ru3rh23glefo0efifjwef God damn characters
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(1.12 MB 2025x1240 df valentines.png)

(418.62 KB 1240x1754 comFre.png)

(378.74 KB 1240x1754 comDan.png)

>>332829 part 1.5
(2.24 MB 2504x1202 dani_steely_dan.png)

(271.34 KB 1280x1024 1440910697528.png)

GamerGate Draw Thread - Fresh Bread Edition Leader 10/19/2015 (Mon) 06:21:53 Id: 02296d No. 289467 [Reply] [Last]
Fresh Bread Old Bread was full so I took the liberty of making a new art thread. Post your drawings and sketches here. Get the ball rollin'. > Old Bread Archive https://archive.is/WYDSs >Resources >>>/art/ >>>/loomis/
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(172.71 KB 595x473 LaughingMEMEv2.png)

>>332697 Almost forgot to post this one as well. https://archive.vn/a8jI3#selection-35646.0-35646.1
(347.39 KB 744x1144 miko.png)

requesting futa vivian james fucking the purple haired girl, miko, like in other picture.
>>332833 i forgot to mention the boobs dont have to be as big as in the pic that was just the best reference i could find right now. also can vivian be wearing her sweater but have it unzipped so you can see her tits?

Polina/Erika Thread Lich Lord of GamerGate 02/16/2019 (Sat) 05:37:02 Id: ebe802 No. 332668 [Reply]
Post any Polina/Erika related artwork here We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children Because the beauty of the White Aryan woman must not perish from the earth
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(971.17 KB 1381x1954 ErikaGlasses.png)

(944.77 KB 1381x1954 polinaclewan.png)

>>332805 Repost, again, have to do a lot of fixes.
>>332668 >>332670 >pedoshit fuk off /pol/
>>332822 Fellate a shotgun, ResetNigger.

Operation Canadian BaCon II: GamerGate Vs. The CBC Boss Battle (Coming Summer 2019) Lunar Archivist 08/11/2018 (Sat) 23:12:58 Id: 509cda No. 332190 [Reply]
After several months (if not years) of absence from 8chan and making cryptic comments about some mysterious new OP I had planned on social media, I've finally managed to gather enough preliminary information to tell you guys what I've been up to. A QUICK RUNDOWN OF GAMERGATE'S BATTLE WITH THE CBC (CANADIAN BROADCASTING CORPORATION) Summary of the past four years of drama: - In November 2014, I filed a complaint with the CBC Ombudsman concerning a news segment they did on GamerGate and eventually went all the way to the CRTC (Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission) to ask them to investigate. - After the filing of numerous additional complaints about each new hit piece that came out, the CBC Ombudsman eventually decided to unofficially classify me as something akin to a "vexatious complainant" in July 2015 and ignore me from then on, saying that "[their] answer will be the same as it has been in the past". Way to show an open mind and willingness to reevaluate your position in light of new evidence like a proper journalist, Enkin. Pierre Tourangeau, her counterpart at the French-Canadian version of the CBC, Radio-Canada, did something similar to a friend associate of mine Mug33k while essentially accusing him of trying to weaponize the office of the ombudsman. - December 2015, the CRTC closed GamerGate's case, having coming to the conclusion that the CBC "did not violate their existing regulatory policy framework". However, the director of social and consumer policy, Nanao Kachi, immediately opened a new case on GamerGate's behalf, asking the CBC to address all of the allegations information that I'd submitted to them up until that point in time. The CBC, however, despite numerous pokes and prods over the next two and a half years or so, refused to respond or even acknowledge receipt of the complaint, thus not only snubbing me but also thumbing their nose at the CRTC, which is part of the CANADIAN GOVERNMENT. Flash forward to February 2018. After theee years of not being able to give me any definitive answers, one of our caseworkers at the CRTC finally managed to unravel some of the red tape and informed me that the CBC apparently couldn't ignore me indefinitely and would need to address all outstanding complaints by the time their broadcasting license was up for renewal, which, as it turns out, is currently set to expire on August 31, 2019, just a few days after GamerGate's fifth anniversary. In a follow-up e-mail late last week, I was provided with some additional information,. While I haven't had a chance to sit down to read through everything yet, here're a few points of interest so far: - The proceeding for the CBC's broadcast license renewal will be public (which is unsurprising, considering that the CBC is a crown corporation, i.e. a state-owned enterprise funded by a billion dollars in taxpayer money annually) and likely take place in September 2019. - Public participation is encouraged, meaning that ordinary Canadian citizens, either as part of a group or as individuals, can submit comments, concerns, complaints, suggestions, etc. in the form of interventions. - submitting studies, with a probable deadline of mid-July 2019.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

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>>332819 Sorry for the long communications blackout. The TL;DR version is that the showdown has been pushed to Summer 2020 and I've spent the last 16 months assembling a massive archive will with all references and sources mentioned in the CBC's hit pieces. My holiday break - the first time I've had more than four days off in nearly a year - starts this Thursday and finishing this off and updating you all is my first priority.>>332819
>>332819 The CBC GamerGate Archive will be made available as one or two Mega links on my Discord server and as three torrents of varying sizes. Since I know that 8kunners value their anonymity, I don't expect them to join my Discord server. That being said, if you guys want to set up an IRC (or some private Darkweb forum/chat) to work on this OP away from prying eyes, be my guest.
If anyone is still here, Operation Canadian BaCon II is a go! THE DEADLINE IS FEBRUARY 13, 2020 AT 8:00 P.M. EST. Sorry about the short notice, but I only found out about the deadline a few days ago. :( Media archive downloads: Light Version: https://gameliberty.club/system/CBC_GG_light.zip Medium Version: https://gameliberty.club/system/CBC_GG_medium.zip General info about the intervention process is here: http://crtc.gc.ca/eng/info_sht/g4.htm?_ga=2.259176649.291138994.1578528654-230754671.1578528654 File your interventions (complaints) using the "Submit" button for Notice 2019-379 here: http://services.crtc.gc.ca/pub/instances-proceedings/Default-Defaut.aspx?lang=eng&YA=2019&S=O&PA=b&PT=nc&PST=a#2019-379 More information/updates on the KotakuInAction thread: https://www.red*dit.com/r/KotakuInAction/comments/elkyde/goal_operation_canadian_bacon_ii_gamergate_vs_the/

(249.10 KB 640x400 Vivian.png)

2019 #GamerGate Anniversary Event: Wiki Month! Acid Man 08/02/2019 (Fri) 03:33:07 Id: 789111 No. 332817 [Reply]
Hello again, everyone! I have an announcement, preserved here for posterity. For the anniversary this year, I'd like to point out a couple things real fast. Please direct your browsers here: https://www.gamergatewiki.org https://www.google.com/search?&q=gamergate+wiki https://www.bing.com/search?q=gamergate+wiki https://duckduckgo.com/?q=gamergate+wiki&t=hi&ia=web The #GG Wiki is on page one of results for every major search engine now. Even above Rationalwiki on Jewgle. Alexa shows the site's reach at over 800,000. But its no time to get complacent: The wiki still needs a lot of improvement and work, and there can be no better time than now, with just under a month to go for the Anniversary. So for the Anni this year, we're gonna have a little contest. >1: This will run from the time of this announcement, August 1st, until midnight CST on August 27th. >2: Anonymous wiki account registrations are open at https://ggwiki.deepfreeze.it/index.php?title=Special:CreateAccount . Just clear the custom captcha and you're in. >3: The Wiki admin staff will track progress on articles and improvements, especially those on the Featured Articles list. >4: All pro-#GG factions are being invited to participate. That means 8chan, Twitter, KiA, and KiA2. >5: On August 28th, the main page banner will be updated and prizes given out to the top 10 editors, plus a couple of special prizes. The grand prize for the top 10 best editors will be to have your handle (Wiki username, Twitter, Anon or whatever you like but not somebody else's dox) permanently enshrined on the Wiki's main page below the updated 2019 banner image.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

>>332817 >rationalwiki I remember taking a glance at that page when looking up gamergate. Is was the most painful glance of my life.

(3.11 MB 1596x1438 angriff angriff angriff.png)

Books talking about Gamergate Lich Lord of GamerGate 03/22/2019 (Fri) 02:07:19 Id: c1beb3 No. 332714 [Reply]
Used books.google.com with the search string "gamergate". Took me a couple of hours and even a few weeks to make a the graphic with paint. There are +50 Books mentioning #Gamergate in a neutral or negative way. Although confirmed neutral like 2-3. Gonna wade through all of them an get the quotes out for the wiki. Remember that you are here for ever. A decade long culture war none of us chose to get involved with but was forced by invaders to pick up arms. >Crash Override: How Gamergate (Nearly) Destroyed My Life, and How We Can Win the Fight Against Online Hate By Zoe Quinn >Beyond Blurred Lines: Rape Culture in Popular Media By Nickie D. Phillips >Mediating Misogyny: Gender, Technology, and Harassment edited by Jacqueline Ryan Vickery, Tracy Everbach >Gendertrolling: How Misogyny Went Viral: How Misogyny Went Viral Game Changers By Dan Golding, Leena van Deventer By Karla Mantilla >Online Harassment edited by Jennifer Golbeck >Mediating Misogyny: Gender, Technology, and Harassment edited by Jacqueline Ryan Vickery, Tracy Everbach >Troll Nation: How The Right Became Trump-Worshipping Monsters Set On Rat-F*cking Liberals, America, and Truth Itself By Amanda Marcotte

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

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>>332727 That video is trash , the sound effect of twitter pop up is annoying to the point its dumb , the nigger should stop looking in the camera , also he articulates really weirdly his body movement , and he is a fucking nigger
(830.85 KB 606x778 cover.png)

(178.03 KB 604x769 index.png)

Found another book for your list. Selby, Nick and Vescent, Heather (2017). "Cyber Attack Survival Manual: From Identity Theft to The Digital Apocalypse and Everything in Between", pp. 156-57 Don't have an Amazon account, so I couldn't get more than the initial 26 pages and some outros with the index.
>>332781 Tanks alot anon. I will update the graphic in a while. Have been digging into all the authors in the picture. But I have to swift through the information a couple of times more and then get in touch with the gg wiki team. Got lot of content.

(25.67 KB 1084x516 GG wiki domain mine.png)

(926.82 KB 1440x900 Asuka race.jpg)

The #GG Wiki Lives Again! Acid Man 01/29/2018 (Mon) 08:49:01 Id: 95055c No. 331551 [Reply]
Some of you guys have probably heard already, but the #GG wiki is once again alive. And this time, we own it. http://www.gamergatewiki.org The domain name is mine, and the server is sharing space with DeepFreeze. I'm appointing some crack sysops from 8chan and KiA to oversee it, and there will be a fundraiser in the not too distant future to pay up both the wiki and Deepfreeze for the next five years. The wiki is currently open to (anonymous) registration and editing, but we're watching it for spam and troublemakers. If you want to contribute, check out the To Do list on the front page, or make a new article if you have something good to add. Why'd we do this? Because I'm fucking sick and tired of people who take up big responsibilities and then flake out on the community. If nobody else can get their shit in gear and keep it in gear, then we'll do it our damned selves!
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https://ufile.io/sl8ub3ak New month, new data. If there is anyone left on this board, use the info to start adding things to the wiki.
Is OP the same Acid Man who posts at Operatorchan? Asking for a friend.

(788.06 KB 1080x1920 Screenshot_20190703-082435.png)

Author of "Esports and #MeToo" Lich Lord of GamerGate 07/18/2019 (Thu) 03:53:49 Id: 92b358 No. 332799 [Reply]
Redditor claims in comments that he (or she) is the author of the "Esports and #MeToo" screed: www.red*dit.com/u/Roundskin8

(58.94 KB 1276x628 IMG_20190703_094649.jpg)

Did Matt Lees just try to incite violence against Dr Disrespect and play it off as a joke? Lich Lord of GamerGate 07/03/2019 (Wed) 10:53:05 Id: 6e1037 No. 332790 [Reply]
All because the Doc made fun of Kotaku yesterday. Game journos are going nuts over it, it seems. https://twitter.com/Jam_sponge/status/1146319921456046081?s=19 > It's so weird that our industry keeps lifting up and venerating shoot-from-the-hip politically incorrect characters who attack journalists, usually macho strongmen, so weird

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