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(365.01 KB 1013x1090 zqfamousapp.png)

ZQ/Chelsea has her hooks in Stolen/Famous twitter profile trading app Leader of GamerGate 02/18/2016 (Thu) 19:33:43 Id: a29ef1 No. 316760 [Reply]
ALART ALART >A month ago, after one of the worst weeks of his life, Siqi Chen received a message from an unlikely source. Chen is the CEO of the company behind Stolen, a controversial game that let users buy and sell Twitter profiles like trading cards. Each user started with virtual currency that could be used to "buy" others; rapid buying and selling bidded up the price on popular profiles. After an initial surge in popularity, the game came under criticism for allowing people’s profiles to be traded and commented on without their consent. Facing a barrage of criticism over the game’s potential to enable abuse, Chen pulled Stolen from the App Store on January 14th. >Three days later, the direct message arrived on Twitter. It was from Zoe Quinn, the game developer, writer, and activist. Quinn was the original target of Gamergate, the campaign of harassment against women in the video game industry. The movement began in August 2014 after Quinn’s ex-boyfriend wrote a long, acrimonious, and inaccurate blog post about her; she subsequently became subject to doxxing and death threats. Today she runs Crash Override, a network of experts who offer support to victims of abuse. >Early in Stolen’s life, Quinn had sent the company a sharply worded note asking to have her profile removed from the game. (It quickly complied.) But Quinn’s message to Chen that Sunday morning was not accusatory. Instead, seeing the furor directed at Chen by Stolen players, she offered her support. "I know how nasty backlash can be on the internet," Quinn says. "I just reached out — I was like, ‘hey, I hope you guys are all right. I know you got a lot of backlash. If stuff gets scary or anything, I do run an anti-harassment organization. Let me know if there’s anything I can do to help.’" >What followed led to today’s release of Famous, an iOS app that picks up where Stolen left off. (An Android version is now in beta.) Like its predecessor, the game represents an effort to let people show off their fandom by collecting their favorite friends, celebrities, and brands on Twitter. But the game differs in several crucial respects, which has earned it the support of Quinn, who is now a paid consultant to the development team. >Famous is different from Stolen in two important ways. One, the game is entirely opt-in: unless a person joins Famous, you’ll never see them in the game. Second, the app has dropped its off-putting language related to "stealing" and "owning" people. Instead, you "become their biggest fan." What used to feel uncomfortably like a slave auction is now depicted as a show of support. >The result is a game that captures much of what made Stolen appealing without creating the same avenues for abuse. "This vision and this design are supposed to be about being a fan," says Chen, who remains unreservedly apologetic for the problems surrounding Stolen. The germ of Famous, he says, was: "What if we made it about being a fan? A sense of competition over who’s the biggest fan. … The game is explicitly positive. It’s not like, ‘ha ha, you’re mine now.’" >Another new feature is called "Top Fans." It appears underneath your profile, and shows everyone who has competed to be your No. 1 fan. "It makes the gameplay feels a lot less ephemeral, which was probably the biggest problem with our old mechanic," Chen says. And it’s true — Stolen often felt pointless because someone could steal a person back instantly, without ever leaving a trace of your momentary possession. >Those changes aside, Famous looks and feels a lot like Stolen — which in turn was based on Friends For Sale, a once-popular Facebook game Chen released in 2007 that eventually sold to Zynga. With Famous you still log in through Twitter, and players are still represented by trading cards. Instead of showing a price tag, the card now shows a numerical "fame" value. To become someone’s biggest fan, you’ll have to pay up. You can buy currency using real money. Or you can use the currency you earn from your own, um … fan transactions? (The language around Stolen, while fatally creepy, was also much easier to grasp.)
22 posts and 6 images omitted.
>>316884 Pretty much, if he wasnt such a cuck he should be pissed as fuck that his game got stolen like this in such a blatant way But he isnt because he's a bitch, so if we help him there is a chance he might go fullsjw and talk shit about us
I feel bad for the game dev of Stolen/Famous after all of this has transpire. I never see it as racist when it was known as Stolen. Because, I know the gamers can trade anyone.

Happy 2nd Birthday #GamerGate!! Veteran Leader 08/26/2016 (Fri) 10:11:18 Id: 53498a No. 327028 [Reply]
I know it's a few days early, but I made another video to share with you guys! It's been a long road, and you successfully took down that evil Gawker. Much love!
(312.75 KB anon2015.pdf)

some anon walkin

(90.21 KB 1027x777 1470958033768.png)

Mombot exoses Sjw twitter hypocrisy Veteran Leader 08/12/2016 (Fri) 05:35:37 Id: 4ad0a2 No. 326443 [Reply] [Last]
Heres a quick rundown of this event mombot claims to be a Jap woman. The goon squad (Izzy, Myers, 9_volt and friends) notice this. The goon squad begins questioning her background. mombot makes fake social media profiles to bait them into trying to dox her mombot makes a sockpuppet and infiltrates the goons or has an inside man feed her info mombot feeds goons her own fake dox goosquad takes the bait and fellate themselves in delight mombot revealed they've been rused they go we was only pretending to be retarded,dindu nuffin mombot dumps logs of goons being all doxy.
36 posts and 21 images omitted.
>>326728 That was the right ass to spout flatulence.
Good that mombot busted them. I was doing some research for controversial Twitter bans and Izzy has shown up in getting some GG supporters banned.
>>327089 He's part of CON and a Trusted Twitter Resource(TM). :^)

Aut"qu"ism's new video Veteran Leader 08/23/2016 (Tue) 02:52:51 Id: cd2a1e No. 326891 [Reply]
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pmtmyzeVcLw The straight as a fucker arrow posted a new video, the autism is bigger. Anyone wanna sit through this hour long shit feast?
6 posts and 4 images omitted.
>>326939 Or you beat a dead horse to completely miss the important issues
(152.26 KB 1280x1600 1471060186871-2.png)

>>326939 That's what these kind of videos are and the people who make them fall into to a certain category most of the shit in these kind of videos are stuff we already know,barely any new info brought to the table. Its boring and pedantic and thats why outside of qu's small circle of friends nobody cares to talk about it because it says things we already know. >>326934 I already posted it before i noticed the typo damn my spelling. I didn't watch it however but i have a fair idea whats in it so i don't need to
>>327019 >I didn't watch it however but i have a fair idea whats in it so i don't need to It's literally just the Titanpost fluffed out so that QuQu can make more money from views. Also some anti-KiA, anti-8ch, pro-GGR propaganda in the middle because like a good goy, QuQu has to shill for his masters

(352.84 KB 400x594 1444609720399.png)

Still not finished Veteran Leader 08/12/2016 (Fri) 03:29:10 Id: 0b2f2c No. 326421 [Reply]
I feel like some of you just don't get it. There's still so much left for us to do. If we gather all the gamergaters together we can march together. We can fight together. A small team of us can take hold of major government institutions, we can make the laws conform to us. We can become a violent gang. I know that a bunch of you are afraid, but thats okay. We will march forward stomping those down who dare DARE speak ill of gamergate. An uprising of the gamergaters has long long been in the cards. And I dare say it's the only possible future for this movement. Step forward with me anons……….we are the leaders of gamergate and we will not be stopped.
that is one cute kitler
But will you be my cock slave?
(97.14 KB 498x186 CmkxojOWgAAQmDM.mp4)

>>326421 Great screencap fodder there, be a pity if you didn't cap everyone telling you to fuck off.

(18.04 KB 360x240 gabfix.png)

Gab.ai Veteran Leader 08/19/2016 (Fri) 06:34:31 Id: 3cba7d No. 326780 [Reply]
Supposed to be free speech alternative to twitter. Alongside sealion.club, this could be a useful tool. http://regated.com/2016/08/introducing-gab-ai-people-first-social-network/ https://gab.ai/
6 posts and 3 images omitted.
Aren't these guys the ones who sell your info?
>>326854 In English "gab" shortened from "gabber" means to chat or natter (as women do), and is part of the ONE funny SA meme.
>Whole concept is based on freespeech >Upvotes and downvotes Please tell me this is satire

(51.33 KB 424x483 fiveguyscake.jpg)

2nd Anniversary of Zoe Sleeping With Five Guys Veteran Leader 08/15/2016 (Mon) 19:01:53 Id: 1addfa No. 326660 [Reply]
Can you believe it? It's been 2 years since the day Zoe Quinn was exposed sleeping with Five Guys Burgers And Fries including Kucktaku's Nathan Grayson.
7 posts and 3 images omitted.
(376.18 KB 640x480 1467493335285.png)

>>326786 >Posting Ralphretard unarchived links on here At least i get to see how well my adblocker works after i clicked that link
(16.66 KB 600x304 mfw Norton.jpg)

>>326786 >"This tweet went up June 29" >BY THERALPH · PUBLISHED AUGUST 18, 2016 >we had all already known from the day she tweeted That's some fine work there, Ralph. Next thing you'll break the news ScarJo wasn't REALLY banging down doors to portray her in a film version, too…
>>326867 I know for a fact I not only tweeted this story to him back in June & I'm not the "InvestinCatFood" anon he mentions(I like the name; but now I know at least two of us tipped him off to this as a potential story), but I posted THIS THREAD: >>325557 back when it was current, so Fat Ralph is either incompetent, doesn't browse 8chan anymore, or both. I hope there's justice for the family of the girl he raped and killed behind the Arby's in 1980.

(345.78 KB 1173x1197 The Fuck.png)

Why not Woman's Sky Veteran Leader 08/18/2016 (Thu) 03:39:58 Id: 25572a No. 326738 [Reply]
*Goro Facepalm* This must not be real, this must be troll Jezebel will not be reviewing—or even playing—No Man’s Sky. In a game that claims to take place inside “an infinite procedurally generated galaxy,” there should be more than enough room for equality. http://archive.is/24DTE
7 posts and 3 images omitted.
Is this game even good? I see that is was overhyped before launch with overly impossible looking trailers and demos only to look like subpar gameplay that looked nothing like the demo/trailers also walking simulator of some kind Yep oddles of fun to be had
>>326861 Games haven't been fun since Civ 4. Prove me wrong.
>>326862 I enjoy sins of a solar empire and age of empires more than these new games. I find retrogames more fun than these new shit games

Kukuruyo Suspended #FreeKukuruyo Veteran Leader 08/18/2016 (Thu) 18:54:00 Id: 9fd9e9 No. 326760 [Reply]
GamerGate supporter and Hugo nominee Kukuruyo has been suspended on Twitter. Let's get #FreeKukuruyo off the ground. Feel free to tag @twitter, @support and @jack in tweets about this as well. KiA: https://www.red*dit.com/r/KotakuInAction/comments/4y9ac0/happenings_hugo_award_nominated_spanish_artist/ Hashtag: twitter.com/hashtag/freekukuruyo
Hes free now apparently he was banned for having a pornographic "header"
>>326788 >Hes free now for now >apparently he was banned for having a pornographic "header" same shitty excuse twitter tried to pull on grummz.

(9.90 KB 544x294 Untitled.png)

GAWKER SOLD TO UNIVISION Veteran Leader 08/17/2016 (Wed) 04:42:21 Id: 97b2e5 No. 326709 [Reply]
6 posts and 4 images omitted.
GET THE TEQUILA OUT BOYS (and grills (and attack helecopter wolfkin)) WE HAVIN CINCO DE MAYO TWICE THIS YEAR.
>>326753 Maldito, que se olvidó de la inserción.

(85.96 KB 779x738 1465028315916-0.jpg)

(2.11 KB 712x72 1465028315916-1.png)

(5.39 KB 712x72 1465028315917-2.png)

OP Rotting Meat Veteran Leader of GamerGate 06/04/2016 (Sat) 13:50:06 Id: dac878 No. 324724 [Reply] [Last]
Despite Gawker being fucked 5 ways to sunday, some people still want to buy Gawker. Now what sort of message does that send- that an organization can be completely unethical and still survive? > They should have sold before the trial, now its like selling a rotted piece of meat. The name is too tainted. Make sure to spead that kucktaco and jezebel are a part of gawker. > No one wants jezebel. It's an extremely niche site in this media, that is much too specific and strange to be asked for. It's not rare and special enough, as you'd find this shit anywhere else; and it's not inimitable enough either. > Kotaku however is their most profitable outlet, and it's obvious it'd be the first on the list to be bought; which would imply that all the journalists would get immediately fired and replaced with even more worthless cunts. The Goal - Spread word of Gawker and it's branches of ALL the horrid shit they've done. Show the Gawker brand is toxic- especially to investors. - Get investors to know that the people know Gawker is synonymous with bad clickbait and criminal activity. Use $ on twitter- it's a # for stock-market codes. So $TWTR would pique the interest of everyone who invests in Twitter. Find out Gawker's stock market code, and the hashtags investors use to find info. Like Adland but for billionaires who buy blogs and news sites. - If anyone does publicly come out as buying Gawker (whether the deal is done or hasn't been signed yet), bring up their name next to all of Gawker's bad articles (Confessions of a horse fucker, pedos aren't monsters, etc.) - Provide ammo for all of the above (repost old Gawker et al. articles, make infographs, etc)
33 posts and 19 images omitted.
>>326664 Sounds like a good time to start tweeting out messages linking to archived copies of the Gawker articles promoting paedophilia and bestiality. Let anybody stupid enough to buy Gawker get that steaming pile of shit associated with their brand name immediately.
>>324724 >ruin gawker's name further >wait until some idiot has paid off it's debt >buy it up (should be cheap) >make it into a gamergate hub :^)(^:
>>324724 The CMS. Kinja is the product, the dogshit that they put through is a demonstration.

(879.90 KB 1809x1495 trump_is_dark.jpg)

MSM may have just had its Gamers Are Dead moment Veteran Leader 07/23/2016 (Sat) 02:49:03 Id: 692c24 No. 326017 [Reply]
Pic related, source: https://voat.co/v/Conspiracy/comments/1186437 This needs confirmation before we roll with it. One of the Voat comments suggests that several of the headlines are wire service copies of the same article. Those don't count. There still are several similar looking headlines with different authors named underneath them. Are they legit? If it checks out, spread it. Do not get caught up in arguments over whether Trump is good or bad. This is about the media coordinating a message behind the scenes.
20 posts and 8 images omitted.
>>326380 >no use trying if others don't go at this Feeling shilly here.
Donald Trump is a nigger, MSM confirms it http://www.dailywire.com/news/7734/theres-one-word-entire-media-used-describe-trump-aaron-bandler > NBC's Chuck Todd said he "thought it was an extraordinarily dark speech." > ABC's George Stephanopoulos seemed to agree, saying that Trump "painted a dark picture of where America stands today." > Politico has a Friday headline that reads: "Obama rejects Trump's dark America." > That happens to be similar to a headline in The Nation: "Donald Trump’s Angry, Dark Speech Caps Off a Disastrous RNC." > That sounds like a headline at CBS News: "Donald Trump offers dark vision of America in GOP convention speech." > The Washington Post: "Donald Trump’s dark speech to the Republican National Convention, annotated." > The New Yorker: "Donald Trump's Dark, Dark Convention Speech." > And of course, The New York Times headline: "His Tone Dark, Donald Trump Takes G.O.P. Mantle." > Interestingly, Hillary Clinton's campaign described it the same way: "Tonight, Donald Trump painted a dark picture of an America in decline."
>>326703 Pointing fingers accomplishes nothing. Prove there are battles to be won, or go back to being my cock slave.

(54.41 KB 495x322 lolcow.jpg)

Cancer crew has dun goofed pt 1 Veteran Leader 07/26/2016 (Tue) 06:09:11 Id: cf6453 No. 326063 [Reply]
What the hell happened? A seekrit IRC club of namefags had the control over the first two gamergays boards that both went tits up due to drama and almost every other Gamergays resource online. When Acidman and the /v/ general took over, the club got very pissed, because they couldn't freely shitpost their garbage anymore. What followed was a scorpion shill attack that split the board into 2 and then ggrevolt had been founded. The main topic of revolt is driving out any eceleb that isn't under the cancer crews' control and driving out BOs they don't like while PAing /intl/, a bunch of former Warosu posters. A few weeks ago, the cancer crew drove out Oliver Campbell and their next target then was Acidman. This is why we have a shit thread about him here. After a successful dox by /baph/, the cancer crew attempted to swat Acid by the ATF, but the FBI didn't buy it, because Acid is also selling restricted guns to the Police and the FEDs. So the FBI contacted Acid and asked him if knows anything about the people behind the swatting attempt instead and he gave them the digging folder he was working on with other people for months. Now the entire cancer crew is sperging and panicking. Revolt even lost one of its volunteers.
11 posts and 4 images omitted.
Seems about right.
I still can't believe we've gone through so much autism that this topic feels woefully incomplete.

(100.80 KB 512x670 836482235.png)

Unethical wikipedia deletions? Veteran Leader 08/03/2016 (Wed) 04:55:37 Id: bd143f No. 326235 [Reply]
simply posting in case it's worth noting, as there has been many negative threads about this dev team on 4chan's /v/ lately including compilation pictures showing possibly non-ethical situations involving their kickstarter and general development. however it appears that GyroVorbis (the username of the Elysian Shadows development leader) has begun deleting material off his wikipedia page that makes him look bad. https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Elysian_Shadows&type=revision&diff=732649222&oldid=726986433 while it may be true that some of the claims are false, one of the deletions includes the fact that in Junw 2015 he promised kickstarter backers weekly updates and videos, and since then has only posted 3 or 4 (and not a single post throughout 2016 at this point). may or may not be anything of importance, but I figured I would post it.
1 post and 1 image omitted.
>elysian shitshow this shit again? nobody cares, better luck next time op. both acidkike and nichecuck are the dev's personal dick-lickers, expect your thread to be bumplocked like >>317158 >>324644 see, this is what corruption looks like, but from our side of the fence.
(447.53 KB 1080x1734 Revision.png)

He continues to do it, now being a revisionist in removing negative info regarding the vast majority of members leaving the project and spinning a Phil Fish style meltdown video that upset many kickstarter backers as merely a joke. Is there any reason why he would begin doing this month's after the Elysian Shadows entry had changed?
The reason's pretty easy if you figure he's trying to pretend he did nothing wrong.

(1.17 MB 1280x720 BLEEEEHHH.gif)

Banner Thread? Acid Man 06/28/2016 (Tue) 02:24:01 Id: 0b7393 No. 325507 [Reply]
Board banners are finally working properly again. You guys wants we should do the banner thread thing? Taking all submissions here. 300w x 100 tall, 500kb limit.
6 posts and 10 images omitted.
(14.83 KB 300x100 fluttershy_shits_on_fire_yo.jpg)

(15.92 KB 300x100 gg_lastgeneration.jpg)

(227.55 KB 300x100 ggmob.gif)

(38.74 KB 300x100 ggsignal.png)

(8.61 KB 255x85 katherine_clark.jpg)

(56.72 KB 300x100 mr_shitface.png)

(58.58 KB 300x100 sealcopypasta.png)

(41.87 KB 300x100 viviankick.png)

(21.60 KB 300x100 vivjustwantedtoplay.png)

(55.48 KB 300x100 you_could_have_prevented_it.png)

Were any of these used?

(203.86 KB 340x541 Timothy_Seppala.png)

GamerGate target drops case against harasser that started it all Leader of GamerGate 02/11/2016 (Thu) 07:06:45 Id: 2dee50 No. 315825 [Reply] [Last]
Livelink: http://www.engadget.com/2016/02/10/zoe-quinn-drops-charges/ Archive: http://archive.is/Xr7Qo Author's Twitter: https://twitter.com/timseppala Alternate Twitter: https://twitter.com/dummywithcamera Wordpress blog: https://dummywithacamera.wordpress.com/ Text of Article[Links omitted]: Game developer Zoë Quinn has been through an awful lot in the 18 months since an ex-boyfriend posted details of his relationship with her online. But now she's dropping harassment charges against the man who essentially started the GamerGate firestorm because it's not worth the emotional trauma to carry the case forward anymore. "Ironically, getting a restraining order against Creep Throat [Quinn's pseudonym for her ex] was the least effective thing I could do in terms of getting him out of my life for good, and for protecting myself," she writes. Quinn explains that whenever something happened within the case, her ex would go back and stoke the GamerGate sympathizer fire, and in turn, she (along with family and friends) would be subjected to a new round of threats and abuse. "People kept getting hurt for being close to me, for a poorly worded restraining order that did nothing," Quinn says. She mentions that law enforcement officials, judges and lawyers are incredibly ignorant about how the internet works and at one point someone told her to give up her career and stop going online if she didn't like the abuse. "He barely bothered to look at my huge stack of evidence before declaring he had no idea what the internet was about and didn't want to know." The continual threats are something that's affected her work with Crash Override, the support group she and Alex Lifschitz founded for victims of online abuse, as well. She says that even if she kept pushing her suit forward, if her ex was imprisoned his legions of followers would see it as martyrdom. Which, based on previous harassment she's endured, Quinn says the would only give them more fuel for their attacks. So rather than continue the fight in vain, Quinn hopes her withdrawal of charges will help her heal and move on.
57 posts and 22 images omitted.
>>316081 >My vote is for Milo. Hes had syringes posted to him. Syringes with unidentified fluids, even. And let's not forget the dead animals in the mail.
>>326635 Quit spamming you assbiter.

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