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(1.68 MB 380x173 superior asuka.gif)

Acid Man's late night IRC chat Leader 11/18/2015 (Wed) 14:44:52 Id: 763dd9 No. 299476 [Reply] [Last]
Acid spent all last night talking to some familiar IRC names for the first time. Thidran, Zan, S8tan, and Teridax are all a few of the names that appeared. It's not nearly as bad as it sounds. Lots of enlightening details. It's been copied into two pastebins by two different people. http://pastebin.com/Pk0JxeN2 http://pastebin.com/CJV7FBEq There's about five hours worth of material but I think is all of his interaction in the chat.
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>>301583 8chan is a relatively small site that might as well be 1 year old. So yes, with any small community you will have that problem. Ironically, it doesn't seem to apply to GGHQ, since everyone comes back when shit goes down.
>>303569 5starpost.jpg

Update on Fem Freq's Resident Sex Offender Leader 11/24/2015 (Tue) 01:18:46 Id: b8db62 No. 300699 [Reply]
We all know that Feminist Frequency hired a registered sex offender named Valis77. But LeoPirate, the same YouTuber who made a video investigating Nicholas Nyberg's infamous chat logs, has released a new video investigating Valis77. Grab some popcorn, kick your feet up, and watch just some of the disturbing shit that's on FemFreq's payroll.
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>>303408 >Is she bribing those two with children or something? Speaking of bribing, I wonder how much Bart Bragget was paid to finally take Anita's pic off of his website?
>>303408 Yeah, it's "little girls as reward". "Angry backlash from straight male players also materializes when Western releases of Japanese games place women in slightly less revealing outfits, or increase the age of young sexualized female characters to 18." - Women as Reward (August 31, 2015)

(242.51 KB 608x741 based todd.png)

(10.94 KB 529x92 the price.png)

THE PRICE OF GAMING JOURNALISM Leader 11/19/2015 (Thu) 19:16:23 Id: 6c9993 No. 299800 [Reply] [Last]
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(41.44 KB 640x630 media.jpg)

>>301266 >no bad tactics Clue: A blacklist is a list of parties that is used by a group that have mutually agreed to treat parties on that list as -persona non grata- without respect to or consideration for why they are on that list. This is a type of collusion, which the gaming media has demonstrably been practicing. See also: GGAutoblocker. This is not a blacklist. The devs have decided not to talk to Kotaku as a direct consequence of their documented and well-known behavior. Kotaku/Gawker has earned itself a bad reputation known far and wide by just about everyone. Complaining about this is like complaining that Jeffrey Dahmer can't find a date.
(133.58 KB 640x480 396812_91af759e[1].jpg)

>>301329 >If they met some basic standards Not much of a chance that Kotaku could ever dream of achieving such a thing. They had a chance to rise up to basic journalistic standards last year.

#GamerGate Panel at Natsucon Veteran Leader 07/24/2016 (Sun) 07:37:43 Id: 250516 No. 326032 [Reply]
Full recording of the #GamerGate panel at Natsucon is up! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rh2sbhOEpkg
>>326032 Thanks! I was wondering what happened with this event. Seems like it went about as well as I expected and nothing like the lying SJW menace would try and have the public believe.

(60.69 KB 577x296 iiiii.png)

McIntosh is pulling a new Sarkeesian to grab more money? Veteran Leader 07/17/2016 (Sun) 02:02:59 Id: a5fb8d No. 325835 [Reply]
"Women can't do anything right, I'll do it myse.. err I mean pls donate to my patreon kthnxbi" Is the dude seriously trying to pull a Sarkeesian with the exact same method they did with Tropes vs Women?
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>>326092 It's about time they acknowledge that video game enemies are almost entirely faceless, disposable men. This sends the unhealthy message that while women are unique and interesting, males are interchangeable and only fit to die.
(171.20 KB 863x1200 1455243978642.jpeg)

Why doesnt this guy get a proper job instead this e-celeb vidya editing buy me macbook guise its not like i can't buy a refurbished laptop for like 50 bucks and use it ti do whatever it is im doing Noooooo it has to be amacbook what will be sjw hipster friends see me using it they will laugh at me,i wanna be the cool kid with the best shit Jesus Christ its like he never grew out of his retarded high school faze

(265.29 KB 756x741 1247986151041.png)

#AVoteAgainstSocJus Leader 06/26/2016 (Sun) 03:44:20 Id: 21ded3 No. 325454 [Reply]
Idea for trolling: Vote Trump – you non-conformist alt-righters were going to to spite normies anyway – write the above hashtag on a post-it or whatever next to it. Take photo, up to failbook, twatter, instaham, wherever will get the most attenshuns. If you feel like it, also write some cheesy, cringy shit like, "I don't know much about Trump, or politics in general, but I do know Trump pisses off SJWs, so consider this a middle finger to you repressive, regressive left-wing authoritarians." That's it..
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>>325454 No. GG stays out of politics for very good reason: it's D&C, it's a way to get co-opted, it's a distraction, and it makes it difficult to recruit gamers who don't care about politics or have opposing beliefs. >you non-conformist alt-righters were going to to spite normies anyway >Take photo, up to failbook, twatter, instaham, wherever will get the most attenshuns. Also you sound like a shill trying to fit in with how you think GG and "channers" talk.
(30.36 KB 344x291 1431518573499.jpg)

>>325454 >write some cheesy, cringy shit fuck off retard
(76.72 KB 480x608 1468676962018-1.jpg)

I cant vote non burger here i'd vote for trump mostly cause hillary is a disaster.did she hire 3rd world Indians to run her security on her IT shit Fuck. Mass media hated Trump that i notice

(157.28 KB 958x720 mein_shekles_bhs.jpg)

BHS UK Twatter 07/26/2016 (Tue) 10:16:51 Id: 985bb1 No. 326068 [Reply]
BHS looted, life-support and now dead. Thank you Mr Sir Philip Green. All BHS workers lost their pension.
Britbong here. It was a good opportunity to buy some cheap shirts. I also bought some of the shop fittings for my new house. Saging because nothing to do with GG.

(584.59 KB 827x609 yS2hwa7.png)

It is required to enter a subject when starting a new thread on this board Veteran Leader 07/21/2016 (Thu) 16:04:30 Id: 03a4c2 No. 325977 [Reply]
This board is fucking awful. Trying to out reddit reddit. Reddit on steroids. OP must be at least 100 chars on this board.OP must be at least 100 chars on this board.OP must be at least 100 chars on this board.OP must be at least 100 chars on this board.OP must be at least 100 chars on this board.OP must be at least 100 chars on this board.OP must be at least 100 chars on this board.OP must be at least 100 chars on this board.OP must be at least 100 chars on this board.
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Have you ever been so mad you posted on a board with one poster?
(23.46 KB 420x380 1468302029336-1.jpg)

>>325977 Have you been so autistic that you're SWAMI Who trolls a board because you were banned and BANNED and BANNED but because SWAMI stalks Acid for his tender affections BECAUSE SWAMI

Dindu Chimpout in Londinistan Veteran Leader 07/21/2016 (Thu) 10:03:59 Id: 9abab8 No. 325960 [Reply]
VIDEO: "Black Lives Matter Riots In London's Hyde Park" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RNDVylJyhiA Two people were stabbed including a police officer after riots broke out across 3 sections of London. Major black violence erupted last Tuesday night in Hyde Park when a music festival turned into a riot. What started off as a water fight between two rival schools swelled to over 4000 people leading to Police setting up near Buckingham Palace to keep an eye on the event. By 9pm the Police attempted to move the crowd along but the mob refused and turned hostile. A small unit of vans were forced to flee a hail of glass bottles and rocks leading to police reinforcements with riot gear joining the scene. One police officer was stabbed and another was smashed over the head with a bottle. Two other members of the public were also stabbed with one being hunted down on the road in front of traffic. The attackers ran off soon after. During the ruckus, the crowd was heard chanting "Black Lives Matter!" In another part of London, at Burgess Park, Southwark, two teenage boys were stabbed at a separate water fight and a nearby supermarket was raided by over 200 black youths. Police were also attacked when they shut down an illegal block party in Stamford Hill, Hackney. As police attempted to maintain order and move the mob out from Hyde Park, a nearby McDonalds at Marble Arch was stormed. Staff suspected something was wrong when the lobby filled. A McDonald’s worker said: >“We were serving as normal and had a lot of people in the lobby. We didn’t want to close because we knew if we closed the door it would kick off and they’d force their way in. >“The best thing for us to do was keep on serving one by one and keep them as calm as we could. But one of the guys jumped over the counter followed by three girls. >“All the staff went to safety downstairs and locked themselves in. The kids went straight for the food but they weren’t even taking it away they were trying to trash the place.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

Can we finally have a common sense discussion of niggercontrol?

(142.84 KB 1024x768 NS0Eb8.png)

NeoGAF's Stupidity Thread Gawker Media's Creditor 06/19/2016 (Sun) 01:49:58 Id: a4d65b No. 325220 [Reply]
Since NeoGAF loves to talk about blaming GamerGate, let's discuss their stupidity. Share images, links, and videos too.
4 posts and 9 images omitted.
(149.75 KB 959x652 tylermalkapossiblemurderer.png)

Coincidence? It may be possible that Tyler Malka is the murderer of the 20-year-old woman. We all know he likes to creep and stalk on women.
>>325323 >cuckyB >jun 2014 How come he said this then went full-cuck ghazifag during the uprising? Seriously, why they work together if they hate eachother so much?
(107.16 KB 648x1013 nobodyisright_neogaf.png)

Vice Principals: the Newest Triggering Comedy from HBO Veteran Leader 07/18/2016 (Mon) 06:20:42 Id: 94bc61 No. 325855 [Reply]
https://www.washingtonpost.com/entertainment/tv/hbos-vice-principals-has-a-maturity-issue--and-an-attitude-problem/2016/07/14/f77f0916-495b-11e6-90a8-fb84201e0645_story.html Basically Vice-Principals is a horribly racist show because it involves two white southern men that actively try and destroy the life of a black woman who was got the job they were feuding over. And (in typical SJW fashion) the article opines that it would be a "far far better show" if they switched it from comedy to drama, made the black lady principal the hero, and the main male leads 100% villainous. Even though the show has her constantly foiling their plans, or that Goggins' character is pretty much closet gay, you can't have a black woman being targeted by white men because that's racist and triggering!
Thanks for the heads up, OP. I'll give the show a try.
are all shows on HBO this cucked?
>>325855 For a board that is so against clickbait and such, you sure like to direct-link clickbait. I said long ago this would occur and now look. How soon before unfiltered Kotaku links?

(1.07 MB 2500x1805 1446327920814-0.png)

Old OC Thread Leader 11/14/2015 (Sat) 07:12:46 Id: d393ca No. 298339 [Reply] [Last]
Hey GGHQ A lot of OC has been lost to time over the last year. Fix that. Post all the OC you collected over the year, starting from our time on 4/v/ until present day.
99 posts and 352 images omitted.
(81.14 KB 627x823 1439706787389.jpg)

(1.19 MB 930x860 1439765697527-4.png)

(1.10 MB 911x926 1439765697521-2.png)

(293.96 KB 700x525 1439793678773.jpg)

(769.93 KB 1024x545 1439909578104.png)

(132.39 KB 568x800 1443386879491.png)

(1.10 MB 1024x576 1443098030622.png)

(194.13 KB 1646x922 1443101704000.jpg)

(533.29 KB 1680x1050 1424388226342345825.png)

(453.67 KB 700x1908 GGHQ BINGO BOOK.png)


(72.43 KB 627x736 ClKh27bVYAIKvt7.jpg)

(60.39 KB 640x480 ClK9GvoUYAAyt_p.jpg)

(60.39 KB 640x480 ClK9GvoUYAAyt_p.jpg)

Anime waifu shitposting is now an antisemetic hate-crime. Acidman wanted for questioning. Gawker Media's Creditor 06/18/2016 (Sat) 06:29:09 Id: 83706e No. 325190 [Reply]
This is only tangentially /GG/-related but some Jew discovered Acid's waifu, Asuka, being memed at him MAGA hat and then he promptly goes apeshit over Evangelion's "antisemitic" lore; biblical levels of shitposting ensue: https://twitter.com/jdforward/status/743843268404731904 https://archive.is/SU2pW http://forward.com/opinion/national/342905/unmasking-the-anti-semitic-meme-of-asuka/ https://archive.is/sEv8B Posting anime girls is now a hate-crime
10 posts and 16 images omitted.
>>325309 >I don't understand the far-left's love of liars like Hillary any more than I can understand why some of the alt-right seems to think Trump is some sort of anti-Semite. They are the antisemites, of course they'd want their idol to be one too.
>>325765 But why are they idolizing someone who's very openly and blatantly pro-Jews, to the point of his daughter getting an Orthodox conversion, when they blame Jews for everything wrong in the world? There's lots of reasons to like - or dislike - Trump, but the alt-right and the Hillary-licking left both seem desperate to see anti-semitism where there is none.
>>325765 I don't love the wrinkled old hag.

(4.54 MB 396x345 longest-gifbomb-ever.gif)

The pot calling the kettle nigger Veteran Leader 07/12/2016 (Tue) 17:38:20 Id: 2575be No. 325779 [Reply]
So theverge just accused pewdiepie and some other of the vloggers who are a trillion times more influential to gamers than they ever were of taking Warner Bros' money to give good coverage of their games http://archive.is/4nNVG Wow, the irony, are they still stupid? with the mountains of evidence there is their own collusion with gamerjounospro and several other similar pay-per-post scams do these idiots even realize they fucked themselves in the ass with this? All it takes is pdp making ONE video with a FRACTION of the stuff in the GG wiki and these fuckers at vox are dead forever. With the kind of reach this swede guy has it will be impossible for these hipster fags to shut it down. Remember when I said we should recruit the casuals that watch LPs and streams? This is the time
2 posts and 1 image omitted.
>>325784 go back to his video and read its description
(81.88 KB 1280x720 Huh.jpg)

>>325788 You didn't read the article did you?
>>325816 I read the article. Sounds like the FTC was happy with the evidence of this occurring. How do we take down these corrupt pieces of shit?

(6.61 MB 3832x2162 zoequinn2064.png)

Zoe "Five Guys" Quinn as Katelyn Leader 06/24/2016 (Fri) 01:48:29 Id: da6507 No. 325415 [Reply]
Your thoughts on Zoe "Five Guys" Quinn's voice acting in 2064: Read Only Memories? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9E8MRSN6BWQ#t=2m40s
28 posts and 8 images omitted.
>>325628 Agreed on this. It feels like a lot of the VAs weren't even trying. It's a game that honestly sounds better with the original dialogue sounds. It just seems like an especially needless addition to the game.
>>325654 especially in light of the Steamspy stats, they really don't have a lot of money to blow on VA for this, so with the massive list of people announced as VAs, it seems like the entire thing was a meet-n-greet for nobodies to get in close to somebodies in an attempt to build some bridges.
She managed to keep the dicks out of her mouth long enough to voice act?

17 year old Geguri playing Zarya from Overwatch and alleged sorry state of gaming Veteran Leader 07/05/2016 (Tue) 07:13:58 Id: 7b0301 No. 325646 [Reply]
Andy Chalk in https://web.archive.org/web/20160622135716/http://www.archive.pls/teenage-overwatch-player-accused-of-cheating-proves-shes-just-that-good-with-zarya/ "she said she could have done even better but she's been under a lot of stress over the past few days because of the accusations. She also wore a mask during her appearance on the stream to hide her identity, which all by itself is a tremendously sad comment on the state of videogaming." Chalk does not appear to consider the possibility of stress might mean that someone could have caught a cold. It is common in asian nations to wear procedure masks to protect others from your germs. Even if she was not sick, she might be worried about catching a cold due to lowered immune system from stress, since many people were in the place watching her and could have spread germs. Brian Ashcraft from https://web.archive.org/web/20160621191631/http://archive.pls/korean-woman-kicks-ass-at-overwatch-gets-accused-of-ch-1782343447 "Inven hosted a livestream of Geguri so she could further clear her name for those who still didn’t believe she wasn’t cheating. The site also noted that the reaction against her certainly seemed due to discrimination" This is vague and does not specify if the Inven site claims specified age or gender or some other discrimination. It also does not link to its source for us to read, or say who on Inven said that. Nor does it say the basis for assuming discrimination is the reason for the doubt of her skills.
5 posts and 1 image omitted.
>>325783 There are japs who have made a career out of shit like Youtube so probably.
>>325786 Know any?
>>325646 Nah, it's actually really common for Korean and Japanese streamers to hide their faces, whether they do gaming or not. Look up some choreographed dance videos on niconico, they're probably wearing masks.

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