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(312.23 KB 850x1162 SonyCensorB2.jpg)

Pushing back against SONY's new censorship policies. Lich Lord of GamerGate 10/28/2018 (Sun) 22:09:38 Id: 05c7cb No. 332314 [Reply]
OP OUR LIFE OUR HOMETOWN Our best option is a two pronged attack. The first angle is delivering the redpills we've accumulated over the years to bilingual japs that can serve as vectors for disseminating our information. This should not be terribly difficult given the 5 alarm happening going on right now. Even though the otaku in Japan are absolutely not going to take this lying down, the possible end result of this being "no more lewd games outside japan" situation ala Rapelay is NOT benefical to us AT ALL contraty to how some anons may feel, as such a transpiration would still be a victory for SJWs. What we should be aiming for instead is encouraging jap devs to do the translations inhouse to bypass this faggotry. twitter.com/yagyu4k and twitter.com/yaginuma_san are two good candidates for redpill vectors we already know about. Poke around the twitter threads where this censorship is being discussed, look for angry bilinguals and use this opportunity to give them infographics and archives that they can translate for non-english speaking nips. OP Timber stuff, hitpieces, backlashes against the hitpieces, the likely collusion with resetera. Whatever you share, make sure it gets the message across that these people do not speak on our behalf. And don't forget to spread things like https://www.change.org/p/sony-towards-sony-their-new-policies as well. (It's almost at 3K. Spread it to them and we can easily make this blow up even more.) CAUSE: We want Japanese devs to not be forced to censor. PLAN: Get in contact with bilingual jap devs to show support and spread info. TOOL: Infographics and other distributables, archives, links (don't forget the wiki.) TARGET: Affected devs and angry otaku. The second angle is mockery, plain and simple. Convincing normalfags to boycott over titty games isn't going to have much effect. But while it's difficult to convince them to like something, it's very easy to convince them to hate something else instead. Remember the shitshow from the BF5 trailers and how expected pre-orders tanked down to 85% less than expected? Remember how much the memes and mockery played into that? These poz factories are not as unassailable as they appear. We need to take that approach to every single western release Soyny has lined up. ESPECIALLY TLoU2, as that (((game))) is going to be make or break in terms of hype vs. success and who the core audience is. CAUSE: People in general hate socjus pandering. PLAN: Make these games appear as generally unappealing as we possibly can. (We already do this, but believe more effort needs to be thrown towards this in general if we want western poz to die for good) TOOL: Funny memes. TARGET: Normalfags in general.
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> The first angle is delivering the redpills we've accumulated over the years to bilingual japs that can serve as vectors for disseminating our information. Do we have any? How do we contact them?
Hey Acid, What's next for OP Timber? I've been postan that infographic for quite a while only for Sony to turn out to be the real censors in the industry. Anyway, if you need a designer, I'll be watching over this thread and the general.
Sony is now censoring the Japanese version of Dead Or Alive Xtreme 3 Scarlet, but the Switch version remains uncensored. Who's responsible behind the censorship? A soyboy? A nu-male SJW? A dyed-hair triggering feminist? Anita Sarkeesian? Who?

(21.70 KB 1420x307 banned_for_liking_things.jpg)

ResetEra digging thread Lich Lord of GamerGate 10/28/2018 (Sun) 22:15:29 Id: acc9d8 No. 332315 [Reply]
OP END THE ERA Let's not delude ourselves any further. All of these setbacks that have come to pass in the past year almost perfectly coincides with the spawning of that cancerous tumor. We know that all the diehard Soyny shills migrated there. We know they eject dissenting thought from the site with impunity. All signs point to these faggots as one of the biggest causes of the returning cancer, if not THE biggest cause. But how this relationship works is still unclear. There have been partial, unfinished digs, but we haven't really gotten much info aside from that kiwifarms thread. We need a final solution to these fags, so we need to get serious about getting a real digging operation going. CAUSE: Resetera are censorius commie faggots and are likely one of the biggest contributors to the cancer this year. PLAN: For now, gather information on the people involved in the forum and look for connections that cant be made. TOOL: Typical digging practices. Possibly utilizing COINTELPRO tactics in their own hugbox. TARGET: The community in general. Info gathering OP, so only a handful of targets right now. Keep an eye out for mods/admins and other individuals that are key to the community and archive and catalogue them.
can confirm, ResetEra is a hive of NPC zombies infected by the SJW brain-virus. undoubtedly there is useful intel to be unearthed there.

(370.01 KB 662x911 ClipboardImage.png)

Request thread Lich Lord of GamerGate 10/16/2018 (Tue) 01:44:38 Id: 700381 No. 332299 [Reply]

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

(2.82 MB 2011x3121 dani apron.png)

Supplementary Repository for /v/'s GG Threads Lich Lord of GamerGate 06/05/2018 (Tue) 02:23:24 Id: ad284f No. 332048 [Reply]
We've gathered most of the unlisted archives for /v/'s GG threads starting from the end of January 2017 to late May 2018. I'll post what we have so far. Please, for the love of Rei Ayanami, update the god damn repository. February 2018 https://archive.fo/WAl4u - [#GG #NYS]: "Are you watching, Chang'e?!" Edition 02/27/18 (Tue) 22:34:45 No.14404854 https://archive.fo/Vontl - [#GG + #NYS]: Sakuya fucking LOSES it Edition 02/26/18 (Mon) 13:51:50 No.14396813 https://archive.fo/3Fg53 - [#GG + #NYS]: Son Meditation Edition 02/25/18 (Sun) 04:38:33 No.14389440 https://archive.fo/YM0YD - [#GG #NYS]: Star-Spangled Fairy Edition 02/24/18 (Sat) 04:24:03 No.14383088 https://archive.fo/5mjZo - [#GG #NYS]: Bread Crumbs: Deliverance Edition 02/22/18 (Thu) 23:09:33 No.14376050 https://archive.is/9ppUO - [#GG #NYS]: 2nd bake Edition 02/21/18 (Wed) 12:53:07 No.14367513 https://archive.fo/m2tGi - [#GG #NYS]: Oban Edition 02/19/18 (Mon) 23:45:13 No.14358269 - 711 replies

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

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>>332048 Anyone have the unmodified Gamergate law and order highlights video?
>>332096 Ask in the mega or /v/ gg thread.
Not sure why other thread was started, anyway - October /v/ gg breads [so far]: https://archive.is/Sif5X - [#GG + #NYS]: Small QTs Edition 10/17/18 (Wed) 15:50:11 No.15599695 https://archive.fo/KtZWs - [#GG + #NYS]: Eternal Vigilance Edition 10/16/18 (Tue) 21:56:51 No.15596292 https://archive.fo/hK16x - [#GG + #NYS]: First Snowfall Edition 10/15/18 (Mon) 15:38:19 No.15591055 https://archive.fo/a3hHX - [#GG + #NYS]: Tits in a pit Edition 10/13/18 (Sat) 22:00:39 No.15583870 https://archive.fo/y9Gtz - [#GG + #NYS]: Zombie Idols Edition 10/13/18 (Sat) 02:27:57 No.15579516 Bread Edition - this was heavily spammed at the time: https://archive.fo/0lm7T - [#GG + #NYS]: Bread Edition 10/12/18 (Fri) 05:43:43 No.15575865 - 692 posts* https://archive.fo/0jf6W - [#GG + #NYS]: Bread Edition 10/12/18 (Fri) 05:43:43 No.15575865 - 681 posts*

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

Archive /v/ Gamergate from January to September Lich Lord of GamerGate 10/12/2018 (Fri) 17:35:35 Id: 1d2f96 No. 332280 [Reply]
JANUARY #GamerGate + #NotYourShield [#GG + #NYS]: Tame A Bad Boy Edition Anonymous 01/31/18 (Wed) https://archive.fo/XUfde #GamerGate + #NotYourShield [#GG + #NYS]: Headless Edition Anonymous 01/29/18 (Mon) https://archive.fo/2NXFH #GamerGate + #NotYourShield [#GG + #NYS]: Angelic Edition Anonymous 01/27/18 (Sat) https://archive.fo/hjit2 #GamerGate + #NotYourShield [#GG + #NYS]: Feet of Flames Edition Anonymous 01/26/18 (Fri) https://archive.fo/37KkJ #GamerGate + #NotYourShield [#GG + #NYS]: Broken Wings Edition Anonymous 01/24/18 (Wed) https://archive.fo/2SOVO #GamerGate + #NotYourShield [#GG + #NYS]: Cream of the Crop Edition Anonymous 01/23/18 (Tue) https://archive.fo/cOtjZ #GamerGate + #NotYourShield [#GG + #NYS]: One Last You Edition Anonymous 01/21/18 (Sun) https://archive.fo/fv5WT

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

7 posts and 1 image omitted.
SEPTEMBER #GamerGate + #NotYourShield [#GG + #NYS]: No Apologies Edition Anonymous 09/30/18 (Sun) https://archive.fo/P0WAZ #GamerGate + #NotYourShield [#GG + #NYS]: Bowsette's Final Destination Edition Anonymous 09/29/18 (Sat) https://archive.fo/3YnWD #GamerGate + #NotYourShield [#GG + #NYS]: Kawaii Kegger Edition Anonymous 09/28/18 (Fri) https://archive.fo/kXrxG #GamerGate + #NotYourShield [#GG +#NYS]: Bully Anons Properly Edition Anonymous 09/27/18 (Thu) https://archive.fo/o8eXy #GamerGate + #NotYourShield [#GG +#NYS] Alacrity Daemnon Edition Anonymous 09/26/18 (Wed) https://archive.fo/l8PCy #GamerGate + #NotYourShield [#GG + #NYS]: Ghost princess Edition Anonymous 09/25/18 (Tue) https://archive.fo/jhVO0 #GamerGate + #NotYourShield [#GG + #NYS]: (You) Edition Anonymous 09/24/18 (Mon) https://archive.fo/cfKmC #GamerGate + #NotYourShield [#GG + #NYS]: Judas Priest Edition Anonymous 09/23/18 (Sun)

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

OCTOBER #GamerGate + #NotYourShield [#GG + #NYS]: Compact Edition Anonymous 10/11/18 (Thu) https://archive.fo/S5Ot5 #GamerGate + #NotYourShield [#GG + #NYS]: Colonizing Mars Edition Anonymous 10/10/18 (Wed) https://archive.fo/MmMRn #GamerGate + #NotYourShield [#GG + #NYS]: Fuck Moot Edition Anonymous 10/09/18 (Tue) https://archive.fo/kqvAO #GamerGate + #NotYourShield [#GG + #NYS]: ARCHIVE God Damn It Edition Anonymous 10/07/18 (Sun) https://archive.fo/BTG7N #GamerGate + #NotYourShield [#GG + #NYS]: Rock the Kavanaugh Edition Anonymous 10/06/18 (Sat) https://archive.fo/4lmuA #GamerGate + #NotYourShield [#GG + #NYS]: Fuck Off Rapefugees Edition Anonymous 10/05/18 (Fri) https://archive.fo/68mKf #GamerGate + #NotYourShield [#GG + #NYS]: ARCHIVE EVERYTHING Edition Anonymous 10/04/18 (Thu) https://archive.fo/6iD9E #GamerGate + #NotYourShield [#GG + #NYS]: Weaponizing Waifus Edition Anonymous 10/03/18 (Wed)

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

>go into any one of these threads >betas stalking verified twitter cunts looking for anything to post about Pathetic

(230.40 KB 467x288 00.png)

LeafyisHere/GradeAUnderA - CENSORSHIP/HATE - Evalion BS Terminated Veteran Leader of GamerGate 05/18/2016 (Wed) 14:45:22 Id: 4da821 No. 323871 [Reply]
Just another discussion/rant whatever you want to call it… Main topic of discussion is about LeafyisHere/GradeAUnderA and the latest BS thats been happening lately.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zhtdpME1SyY
I want to cum inside leafy

(790.50 KB 1716x452 starcontroloriginsheader-bg2.jpg)

Star Control: Origins voice features Adam Baldwin, Zoe Quinn triggered Lich Lord of GamerGate 08/17/2018 (Fri) 15:23:22 Id: f24ada No. 332200 [Reply]
This has been happening. Adam Baldwin joins the voice acting team in Star Control: Origins. Zoe Quinn being a hypocrite and going apeshit over it and shit talking Brad Wardell, telling her followers to not buy the game that's coming this September. Brad responded to her 5 year old Twitter message of doing "anything" in the team and tells her "No". Links below for sources. https://www.stardock.com/games/starcontrol/article/490436 - Adam Baldwin announcement https://archive.fo/8nMdD - Zoe Quinn chimping out https://twitter.com/draginol/status/1030252006785605637 - Brad telling Zoe Quinn "No" https://twitter.com/draginol/status/1030289780075110400 - Brad saved tweet after Zoe Quinn deleted it https://twitter.com/draginol/status/1030288949355397120 - Brad owned Zoe Quinn's white knight ChrisWarcraft https://twitter.com/draginol/status/1030288513760194561 - Brad points out a Zoe Quinn drone not buying his game
I feel bad for laughing at this tweet https://twitter.com/draginol/status/1030295249233563653
In a nutshell
The game is out and already Zoe Quinn is chimping. https://twitter.com/draginol/status/1043205662694670336

(105.30 KB 1920x1080 Shovel Knight.jpg)

(581.36 KB 1000x1414 Asuka Squared.jpg)

Internet Archaeology - The Penny Arcade Digging Thread Acid Man 05/02/2016 (Mon) 06:27:57 Id: 65e787 No. 323200 [Reply] [Last]
Full disclosure: Your board owner is butthurt. You guys and gals can probably remember every major event in #GG's history since August of 2014, and I'm sure a lot of you remember this one too: THE PENNY ARCADE "DICKWOLVES" DEBACLE CLEAR BACK IN 2010. I've seen it referenced both here and on /v/ as one of the major SJW issues in gaming before #GG came along. But somehow we missed something. We missed The Clique. A long time ago, I was an avid PA reader and a major fan. Then in 2014, they made a post on the PA site weighing in on #GG that essentially threw us to the wolves and told us to give up. The people who waged a personal war against Jack Thompson were cowed by SJWs. I bore such a grudge over that, that I never went back to the site again. And so I missed it too. The names. LOOK AT WHO WAS RAKING PENNY ARCADE OVER THE COALS IN 2010 OVER THE DICKWOLF JOKE. >Amanda Marcotte >Dan Bruno

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

63 posts and 24 images omitted.
>>331561 Holy shit, I overlooked something. That Feministing article (http://archive.is/eiYoX) that Anita was interviewed in? SHE FUCKING NAMEDROPPED DICKWOLVES, WITH THE MADDY MYERS HITPIECE, NO LESS As far as I'm aware, this is THE first time we've ever seen her talk about anything related to gaming controversies or gamer culture. Tinfoil hat theory: Could this have, in some way, inspired Tropes vs. Women in Video Games…?
(80.86 KB 715x568 johnwalker.png)

Alright, I'm back again to dump more research about the Dickwolves thing, mostly some of the aftermath, as it leads into GamerGate. 25 Feb. 2011 - Leigh Alexander namedrops Dickwolves in what could arguably be an early attempt at "Gamers Are Over," but in a much more mild tone. (http://archive.is/XHugU) 19 Sept. 2013 - Nathan Grayson muses at RPS, “To Boycott PAX Or Not To Boycott PAX?” (http://archive.is/Vhvst) The reaction prompts John Walker to clarify that RPS stands against Penny Arcade and will no longer be covering PAX events, as they believe that “Penny Arcade and its creators are doing harm to the gaming community”. The following day, he notes that RPS “got the PAX post wrong” (http://archive.is/gxCag) 6 Jan. 2014 - Noah Baron publishes “Why Is Gaming Today So Insufferable, and How Can We Fix It?” for HuffPo, citing a proto-"Gamers Are Dead" piece by Simon Parkin (http://archive.is/43pxM), and namedropping Dickwolves to bolster his article. (http://archive.is/8wKge) 8 April 2014 - Scott Madin, the guy who tipped off Penny Arcade to the original Shakesville piece that started the Dickwolves affair (see >>331564), reminisces about the affair, and what it says about gamer culture. (http://archive.is/aG3Il) >Criticism of games, games culture, games media, and games events (and in particular of prominent events like PAX, E3, GDC, etc.), on grounds of diversity, inclusivity, and social justice has become much more vocal and widespread in recent years (meeting, of course, predictable resistance and backlash) … I think probably the best way to “fix” the culture, insofar as we can, regardless of anyone’s individual decision on PAX attendance, is to try to support those critics and counterprogrammers, to join them in the work, or to give them what support we can, or to contend with those who try to tear them down in defense of the status quo. 11-13 April, 2014 - PAX East happens. Some panels worth mentioning:

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

pardon me if this was posted already: https://archive.is/kY9UY article from geekfeminism wikia just noticed the pratfall timeline is in the first reply, nvm. SJW hives can be useful for intel.

No Nudes? No Peace! Lich Lord of GamerGate 05/18/2018 (Fri) 06:24:45 Id: 925004 No. 331901 [Reply]
PROBLEM (the skinny): Valve isn't applying their terms and conditions for developers equally, and getting more hostile (along with being extremely selective) with what games they take down from the Steam storefront. PROBLEM (the fat): There has been a round of attacks on visual novels on Steam for having nudity, but nothing as bad as seen with the most recent event. https://steamcommunity.com/app/339800/discussions/0/1692669912389350696/?ctp=2 (There's no archive as the discussion page is walled with a NSFW warning, a screencap is all I can conjure up) However, at the same time, Lupiesoft had their game "Mutiny!!" taken down from Steam, despite being tame (Even the developer claims "Mutiny!!" is tame), making me think that this is Valve just angry at the success of Japanese developers. https://archive.fo/PjJjw After this user, who claimed "we're not taking away your videogames" on "Huniepop"'s discussion thread after it was threatened with a takedown has been found talking with players of other games about Capitalism being bad among other things, but with these two archives, I have reason to believe that the user named "purple" is merely just a shitposter. https://archive.fo/TdpK2 https://archive.fo/Fuzli Even with "Purple" just being a troll, the point still stands.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

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https://archive.fo/MbJLX (The List; read this) https://archive.fo/sOnqL (Strategic hiring and Developer Marketing; slimy as all hell READ THIS) https://archive.fo/XE0TA (Strategic hirings being fast-tracked and "prepped", slimy as fuck) https://archive.fo/WTqrr (apparently "low-value teams" exist and you should avoid them and stay with the sponsors and barons or else you will get fired no matter how critical you are; also explains one possible reason why he is sharing this: to help new hires to the company to get up to speed and avoid a lot of pain) https://archive.fo/MBh78 (how he seemed to have avoided the purges) https://archive.fo/hrVAX (how to build up "purge immunity"; involves spreading rumors about yourself) https://archive.fo/BzdSu (avoid people who act badly toward you at all costs) https://archive.fo/orPBs (just fucking read this please) https://archive.fo/k07u1 (being a public figure is all but necessary, doing anything good internally is almost useless. Press attention is key as is moonlighting)

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

(213.77 KB 625x626 1386845661152.jpg)

>>332142 >>332144 >>332145 seems like you missed a few archives there , specifically to several sources that have slandered us in the past (Wall Street Journal, BBC,and Forbes). nice try D&C shill.
>>332149 just posting to say you're an embarrassment if you're this desperate to use (((Steam))) also this isn't an argument

(269.05 KB 544x416 dragoncon2c.png)

Dragons + Puppies Respawned, Hugos On Life-Support Leader 04/27/2017 (Thu) 02:39:23 Id: 0abb7a No. 330515 [Reply]
Old thread still 404s it only had about 3 posts anyway - relevant links here: Dragon Awards Nominations - http://application.dragoncon.org/dc_fan_awards_nominations.php Noms close July 24th 2017 and it's free to vote. Also, nominations for this years Tor Book Awar I mean this years Hugo Awards have been announced - http://archive.is/omIW8 Voting closes July 15th - if you're eligible to vote you should have been sent a link. Aside from the obvious comedy entry or two via the Rabid Puppies it's merely a coincidence that Tor Books has so many nominations yes it is. not a clique no 'Best Dramatic Presentation - Long Form' = Best Film - and . . . Ghostbusters?
27 posts and 25 images omitted.
(419.57 KB 624x800 teatime-viv.png)

Hugo Awards winners 2018 have been announced: https://archive.fo/G9Py7 Usual backslapping by the usual socjus crowd. Vox article hails the win as 'a giant rejection of right-wing gatekeeping' in SciFi/Fantasy' : https://archive.fo/XfvZ6 Right-wingers gatekeeping SciFi/Fantasy - well that's fantasy I guess. Also gamedrops - GG: >the unfortunate 2014 movement that essentially underpinned the rise of the alt-right >codified harassment campaigns against women and people of color for years >helped give rise to the ideological polarization of the internet. Also rewriting history by crediting GG with Larry Corriea's creation of 'a set of disruptive collectives known as the Sad Puppies' - originally formed in 2013. Sad + Rabid Puppies not active at the Hugos this year - hence fewer media hitpieces. Sjws have nothing to complain about? Then they'll just make shit up, and blame the puppies, and GG, anyway.
http://awards.dragoncon.org/2018-recipients/ Best Science Fiction Novel Artemis by Andy Weir Best Fantasy Novel (Including Paranormal) Oathbringer by Brandon Sanderson Best Young Adult / Middle Grade Novel Children of Blood and Bone by Tomi Adeyemi Best Military Science Fiction or Fantasy Novel A Call to Vengeance by David Weber, Timothy Zahn, and Thomas Pope Best Alternate History Novel Uncharted by Kevin J. Anderson and Sarah A. Hoyt

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

>Best Science Fiction or Fantasy PC / Console Game >Middle-earth: Shadow of War by Monolith Productions >Best Science Fiction or Fantasy Mobile Game >Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery by Jam City Really? Those poor fools have shit tasty

(93.79 KB 1280x544 Jack Sparrow compass.jpg)

Looking for Missing/Old Bread Lich Lord of GamerGate 09/08/2018 (Sat) 03:39:17 Id: bc50dc No. 332230 [Reply]
Anons, I need help finding very old bread for the GG wiki, how old you may ask? 2014 old. It's because "The Bakery" for all GG is a bit outdated, worst, some of the archive threads are not working (i.e. "Rule Britannia Edition" and "INTEL PULLS GAMASUTRA ADS" are regarded missing), I'd like to know where to go, find, and archive them while the going is good/if they're still around.

(149.39 KB 1686x954 DoO_proto.jpg)

Fags, I need your help and advice. Lich Lord of GamerGate 09/04/2018 (Tue) 01:11:37 Id: dcfa55 No. 332224 [Reply]
I'm a devFag to be, I will be starting my Indiegogo campaign very soon. Before the end of the week. It's a dungeon crawler with titties. More specifically, a dungeon crawler where the titties grows the stronger your toon become. Think a mix of Omega Labyrinth Z, Xenogears, Alundra and Persona. I'm making two versions the game. The classic version, which I will outright sell with an uncensor patch, and the Patreon version, which will feature explicit sex scenes for Patreon supporters only. Nobody else will have access to that version. Now, the advice I need is: Do I stay anon? I think it may be a good idea to go public with my identity to garner trust, I really don't want to scam people. On the other hand, if my identity is public, I will be crucified and quartered by the progressives. Also, I will need your help to shill my game. What can I do?
You can always make a greedy social justice feminist type villain that resembles Anita Sarkeesian and Zoe Quinn, stopping the main character getting bigger breasts.
>>>/hgg/ >>>/agdg/ You might get more support there.

(220.16 KB 640x400 1467006201338-0.png)

Updated GG images for 2017 Leader 06/17/2017 (Sat) 13:56:44 Id: 18547a No. 330834 [Reply]
So we were never gone but now that everyone is saying we are back why not update some images? Post your updated GG images for ammo here.
8 posts and 11 images omitted.
(166.93 KB 864x512 sites2018b.png)

(119.71 KB 800x436 sites2018c.png)

(52.51 KB 756x440 sites2018d.png)

(46.60 KB 784x496 sites2018e.png)

(122.11 KB 832x512 sites2018g.png)

updated mini versions
(54.25 KB 1024x408 archving1.png)

(242.09 KB 992x992 viv992.png)

(22.17 KB 800x619 FFlogo.png)

Feminist Fapfrenzy Annual report? Leader 02/20/2018 (Tue) 08:03:49 Id: 495469 No. 331592 [Reply]
Anybody noticed it anywhere? I mean Anita was publishing annual reports when they had good money coming in, but now I suspect they done a year they will show they are going bankrupt and they've already milked the cream out of the non-profit.
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>when your run of the mill ugly armenian is trying to sell you suicidal male-hate buy my anti male crap, good goy
(244.99 KB 274x408 anita sarkeesian xpmfxu.png)

>>332171 i mean
(303.58 KB 1206x798 prettiestmattproudfemcuck.jpg)

Did you hear about Matt Loter (Prettiest Matt, Matt Fantastic) assaulting TheQuartering at GenCon 2018 for having a problem with Anita Sarkeesian as the guest of honor? Last I heard Matt got fired.

(141.96 KB 633x1078 kia.png)

david-me just nuked Kotaku In Action Lich Lord of GamerGate 07/13/2018 (Fri) 07:18:26 Id: 1ae1c9 No. 332126 [Reply]
https://old.red*dit.com/r/Drama/comments/8yh18h/righting_a_wrong/ He went on a "YOU ALL BECAME NAZIS!" rant and set the board to private. Everything's gone.
12 posts and 3 images omitted.
>>332146 does this sound like "link you claims to SOROS-backed fact-check sites or be banned" to you too?
Looks like it's down again. Controlled opposition or not, we could make it trend via Streisand Effect. > GamerGate Hub shutdown- Reddit complicit in non-liberal censorship like Youtube et al. If they pretended to be on our side, we can still turn them into a martyr. Any important shit we need to archive from there via caches/etc?
Controlled just like /gamergatehq/ is. The whole "no boycotts" sure worked out great, huh?

(90.09 KB 640x453 Viv Spirit Bomb.jpg)

#OPERATIONS Brainstorming General Leader 10/20/2015 (Tue) 03:24:40 Id: b9b3c4 No. 289706 [Reply] [Last]
MAKE THE HAPPENINGS Things are slow as hell all over the #GG front these days. Twitter is slow, /v/ is slow, we are slow. Remember the saying "Be the happening!"? We need to get back to that. This thread is for throwing out ideas for operations. Twitter, digging, anything and everything you might have been sitting on or dreaming about doing, post it here and lets see if we can make something happen.
92 posts and 33 images omitted.
(354.54 KB 406x368 playasia on tmblr.png)

>>289706 I don't mind an operation/project just for some help with the GG wiki, Anons, just for new editors to add important information. (For starters, I can't edit the Twitter page in the wiki itself for some weird reason). It's this wiki: http://ggwiki.deepfreeze.it/index.php?title=Main_Page But an operation to get more editors on these wikis. PC Gaming Wiki: https://pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/Home All The Tropes: https://allthetropes.org/wiki/Main_Page All The Tropes (wikia version): http://allthetropes.wikia.com/wiki/All_The_Tropes_Wiki Infogalactic: https://infogalactic.com/info/Main_Page Encyclopedia Dramatica: https://encyclopediadramatica.rs/Main_Page Azurilland Wiki: https://pokemon.gamepedia.com/Azurilland_Wiki

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