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(327.64 KB 379x448 10 on ign.png)

(47.28 KB 1270x633 you will never be this mad.png)

SHITPOSTING MEGATHREAD: Hurt Feelings Edition Leader 05/01/2016 (Sun) 19:21:02 Id: 514788 No. 323167
Previous thread >>318249 This thread is a special sticky thread for the purpose of keeping the board catalog tidy by containing gossip, drama, and shitposting. What goes in this thread: >Minor SJW news or stories that don't have national impact >SJW issues that aren't games industry related and that are not operations or digging. >Twitter gossip that doesn't materially affect #GG >E-celeb or board drama of a personal nature Warning: This thread may have content that is Not Safe For Work! If you feel a thread has extraordinary merit that should be granted an exception from above, you can request a pass by posting it here and reporting the post for mod attention. All other #GG related content is free to post on the rest of the board. Welcome, and have fun!
(570.64 KB 568x800 51661972_p0.png)

Christening this new shitpost thread with waifus if it will ever let me fucking post. A marker for who you should always be fighting for. and n
Oh now the fucking post through lousy website
(119.25 KB 482x696 1454883340258.jpg)

Looks like you can't post more than one image for now,lets see if that faggot weinberg shows his face here it would make the thread interesting. Weinberg is a severely autistic sperg who is going to get vanned and raped by niggers in prison while being forced to suck his cellmate's cock
>>323148 nigger you were the one who moved that shit to "Off-Topic"
(96.45 KB 711x1024 Asuka glasses.jpg)

>>323184 By popular demand. It was one of the occasions where I disagreed with the board majority but had to do it anyway. Frankly I am one of the #GG politicsfags. My personal hope was always that #GG would move up to gutting the mainstream media someday. I just have no right to force those views on the board. With very few exceptions self-destructive things, basically, the users here get whatever they want as far as admin actions. Unlike some, I don't get perpetually butthurt that I don't get my way.
Seen on Twitter: Great news. @Max_Fisher and @amandataub of Vox will join @nytimes, bringing their trademark explanatory journalism to our global readers. https://twitter.com/nycscribe/status/726130634700296192 Amanda Taub is known for "The truth about political correctness is that it doesn't actually exist", a rebuttal to Jonathan Chait's complaints about college censorship https://archive.is/IMUaz A reminder of what Chait had written, another reminder that Taub denied all of this had happened, and a third reminder that NYT hired Taub knowing this and perhaps because of it. http://nymag.com/daily/intelligencer/2015/01/not-a-very-pc-thing-to-say.html About the New York Times's latest hire https://twitter.com/Heminator/status/726151179894321152 https://archive.is/xj4so Just yesterday, Vox content manager Max Fisher – his twitter bio is "I love your smart idea" – wrote a post at Vox called, "This chart shows every person killed in the Israel-Palestine conflict since 2000." As Fisher explained on Twitter, "the Israel-Palestine conflict has killed 14 times more Palestinians than Israelis since 2000." Given that the Palestinian terrorist leadership is currently launching missiles at Israel and also sees no problem using human shields to score political points and protect their weapons caches, David Frum quite understandably took umbrage at this particular moral calculus. And – whoops! – it turns out that Fisher's count of dead Israelis was off by 100 percent. Fisher conceded he botched the facts and corrected the post, as it's probably best not to find yourself on a list next to all the other people who refuse to correctly tally the number of dead Jews. As for his morally obtuse point-scoring, Fisher dug in and made a clumsy ad hominem attack on David Frum. And his brave editor Matt Yglesias also rode to his defense on Twitter, calling Frum a "jerk" for supposedly misreading Fisher's intentions. But when you've repeatedly advocated lying as a legitimate means to advance political goals, as Yglesias has, maybe Frum isn't inclined to give his publication the benefit of the doubt. http://www.weeklystandard.com/the-death-of-explanatory-journalism/article/796301 https://archive.is/IGW3w Jesse Singal was the first to defend Fisher from Frum on Twitter: https://twitter.com/davidfrum/status/488778742106308609 https://archive.is/NSuDT and about Yglesias, Vox’s Puff Piece on Goldman Sachs Doesn’t Reveal Goldman Sponsors Vox http://fair.org/home/voxs-puff-piece-on-goldman-sachs-doesnt-reveal-goldman-sponsors-vox/ https://archive.is/iRrtp Max Fisher's other work includes Stop asking Muslims to condemn terrorism. It's bigoted and Islamophobic. Published after the Charlie Hebdo massacre. https://archive.today/HAQmU
>>323167 Hate to tell you this, but that's… "Underage Panty Quest XVIII: All Penis Edition"
(562.20 KB 827x909 1458382390309.png)

(328.21 KB 723x1023 1458374822659.jpg)

>>323192 Did someone say "underage panty quest"? cause i distinctly herd someone say underage panty quest at some point.
(79.63 KB 680x524 1069590bd2.png)

>>323193 Traps only this time
(29.30 KB 488x985 1458365906733.png)

(774.53 KB 960x1280 1458372144699.jpg)

Whats all this i hear about leaked ip log things again is it legit? or some bored trolls/shit stirrers taking the gullible for a ride again?
(177.98 KB 595x841 1458374885025.jpg)

(415.20 KB 700x990 1458381835847.jpg)

(109.90 KB 565x800 1458381958468.jpg)

(562.20 KB 827x909 1458382390309.png)

>>323192 Did someone say "underage panty quest"? cause i distinctly herd someone say underage panty quest at some point.
>>323194 What the fuck!? did 8chn just eat my first post with the 5 images then spit it out a couple minutes later like a cheap hooker who just did a blowjob
>Update >http://8ch.net/lorenzolog.txt >This is a log of Luminati requests I made in May of 2015 to prove to a Vice reporter, FB Lorenzo that I was telling the truth about Bui using Luminati to flood 8chan. >I used the server to send it to myself and also to prove to Lorenzo that it was actually coming from an admin. Unfortunately after I sent it I forgot to delete it, and I also forgot that git stores the names of uncommitted files. >This log was eventually used to corroborate my story and create the article http://motherboard.archive.pls/read/your-tool-to-access-netflix-content-abroad-is-hijacking-your-internet-connection >Since it has already unfortunately leaked, I will not bother to delete it. But you can be assured that logs like this are not routinely kept and I was only able to save it for Lorenzo because he contacted me in time. You can also be assured that most of the requests that are in this log, but not all, were the result of one spammer using proxies. This is further corroborated by the timestamps of the requests. The board in question does not get multiple posts per second even on its best day. >Thank you for your understanding. Unfortunately many people would rather grasp at straws to try to bring down one community than work on improving their own. >– FB Never mind Found the info on /tech/
(369.83 KB 504x750 Aigis lewd.jpg)

>>323194 That can be fixed.
>>323203 Do not listen to Bedservers sperging! Do not bother with the thread unless you spot Codemonkey! Stop playing in the slurry with /intl/!
(616.33 KB 720x540 1462130947252.png)

http://archive.is/8tWBb Workers of the Union unite and throw away the chains that bind you to the capitalist swine,AKA worker's day. Gets invaded by edgy burn everything to the ground types who then proceed to loot shit,burn,shit,destroy shit and antagonize the cops with the expected result. Makes me wonder if there is a way to prevent this sort of thing from happening repeatedly
Let's try this again.
(1.04 MB 1000x1277 46208177_p0.png)

Let's try this again.
(60.18 KB 634x356 milotosser.jpg)

Google Play banned Milo Tosser for being offensive to ISIS https://twitter.com/riffraffgames/status/727257408351825920
>>323261 God eater burst is such an underappreciated game barely anyone talks about it >>323265 I wonder if isis will appreciate that sentiment oh wait they won't
Kitetales video
(444.00 KB 566x800 47701244_p0.png)

(503.56 KB 566x800 48221980_p0.png)

(650.54 KB 993x1286 54592648_p0.jpg)

(817.25 KB 640x800 55819904_p7.png)

(1.87 MB 1753x1240 56444695_p0.png)

>>323284 More people should talk about it soon, once the remakes come out and get their PC releases too. That'll be super fun. I was trying to post with more than one picture but couldn't get it done.
(649.40 KB 1000x710 56449963_p0.jpg)

(528.37 KB 714x971 46032733_p0.jpg)

(1.36 MB 1000x1453 52351627_p0.png)

(587.52 KB 1407x1000 52600338_p0.jpg)

(574.01 KB 756x1044 56198428_p0.png)

Finally. Now I can say it's been properly christened with a reminder of who we're fighting for. Wanted to do it when the topic started but couldn't post. When the site's under heavy load it seems to delay posts and only does one image at a time.
>>323294 I played the sequal Japanese onry gajin go hommu godeater for the psp its like the same only better graphics and some other shit. I hope the god eater for pc isn't an over-bloated carcass of a game with bugs/glitches streaming out the butthole.
There it is again 8chn ate my post then spat it out a couple a minutes later, it might be connected with the 4 images i posted along with my post, i shall test this theory with other posts on other boards to see if i can find a definite pattern
>>323265 > Google Play banned Milo Tosser for being offensive to ISIS You might be joking. You might not. Google Play banned Whack The Hamas http://jewishbusinessnews.com/2014/08/09/google-bans-whack-the-hamas/ Google Play banned Bomb Gaza http://www.channel4.com/news/bomb-gaza-google-play-remove-app Facebook has also been banning stuff for offending terrorists https://counterjihadreport.com/2014/04/13/facebook-exec-to-headline-muslim-advocates-countering-hate-on-the-internet-dinner/
>>323314 I think the so called "moderates" just report spammed those games for being offensive to islam. Still thats some major fuckery especially from a site run by a jew who knows damn well those so called "moderates" would not hesitate to murder him if he got in their way.
(42.29 KB 655x347 12345.png)

http://archive.is/cZdcx Thirdian being an autistic again. Why anyone has the patience to talk to a guy who always repeats always talks like he has a giant fist rammed up his ass in order to impress people with his superior command of the English language instead he comes up looking like a pompous self righteous asswipe,it sounds like he's giving a lecture rather than having a conversation I know he felt pic related at least he will have someone to hate for the rest of his life besides Acidman.
M A G A A G A Adios Rato!
(17.93 KB 599x215 ChnRYpGUkAEsXIy.jpg)

And hes gone again,lets see if he comes crawling back with depression and dumbass friends
(607.81 KB 609x952 randieatsbrianna.png)

In light of Katherine Cross crying on Twitter about feeling betrayed by Randi Harper: •Harper outed Nora Reed on Kotaku In Action as the puppetmaster behind the grabbed @socialcoroner account. •In return Reed got her own thread on the biggest dedicated harassement platform against disabled and transsexuals which lead to her entire family being doxxed. •Harper had friendly contact to people who currently spread the doxx around instead of blocking them like 90% of twitter. just a reminder that Randi is no stranger to throwing people under the bus
>>323336 Harper has a long history of harassing, threatening, and doxxing her foes. That's where she got the idea to falsely claim it always happens to her.
>>323336 >>323338 Projection. The thief is terrified about being robbed. The conman lies awake in bed at night worried about the possibility of getting swindled. The doxer and harasser Randi is no different.
I'm curious about what happens when Zoe enviably throws Randi under the bus… I'd assume that Randi has some sort of "Sampson Option" of dirt on Zoe hidden away for that eventuality.
(100.09 KB 380x370 1446489188325.png)

anybody feeling like archiving this jezebel article for me? can't get thru via work atm. http://archive.pls/when-everything-is-bullying-nothing-is-bullying-1773099202 halfway decent article where women online finally think about the repercussions of simply calling every disagreement online as "bullying"
>>323368 >>323368 obviously, replace the archive.pls with jezebel.com
(66.14 KB 600x849 CdrVqWiXIAAO4Of.jpg)

(54.21 KB 599x391 CdsVS7SUIAEuplP.jpg)

Hey faggots i hope you try not to spend fridays cooped up on chinese finger-puppet theater forums,or worse using twatter or just as bad using plebbit. GOD HAVE MERCY ON YOUR SOULS If you do any of the above
The people looking into education and data collection may be interested in this: > the new regulation allows USED (and other entities) to take student personally identifiable information they receive from states or educational institutions and redisclose that data to researchers, without obtaining consent from or even notifying the entities that provided the data in the first place. http://townhall.com/columnists/janerobbins/2016/05/06/the-feds-call-it-research-we-call-it-violating-child-privacy-n2158642
(3.51 MB 1920x2429 1462568716562-0.png)

>>323372 Voat is quite dead unfortunately i barely hear anything about them the last scrap of news i heard was the owner wanted to go finish his degree instead of run the place full time
(354.54 KB 1600x1200 big-brother-is-watching-you.png)

>>323409 Just one step closer to the totalitarian regime where the govt watches everyone all the time but who will watch the govt? https://www.youtube.com/user/feministfrequency/about Her channel got shut down hopefully it stays shut
>>323328 Mate, stop giving a shit about these people >>323338 >>323350 It's doxing*
(155.02 KB 1024x768 Cg_-7qIW4AA2plu.jpg orig.jpg)

(346.20 KB 2048x1152 Cg_-7qBWkAENhu0.jpg orig.jpg)

>>323447 Its spelt doxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxing dood with an unspecified amount of x's before "ing" Remember the more x's the cooler you look. >>323482 Where's your gaym brianna?
>>323485 Turds take a long time to polish.
(339.89 KB 599x776 CNt6FGJVAAQmFLK.png)

>>323489 No matter how much you polish a turd its still a turd kinda like applying make up on a pig to make it look prettier its still a pig. Unless of course someone has a thing for land based agricultural farm animals then in that case the make up would excite em even more also applies to someone who has a scat fetish. Sorry i stay stupid shit when i am half awake
>>323496 Well I found out that Brianna uploaded that turd onto steam on May 6th and is being "reviewed" by Valve.
>>323502 Ah no shit i wonder how it will do in the openmarket i watched the demo of it it seems really cheesy and forced to me. When it does launch i suppose it would be fun to watch the page being shitposted to oblivion by her adoring fans.
(22.01 KB 750x93 aafeq.jpg)

(25.27 KB 747x187 dedq.jpg)

(54.48 KB 733x586 dqd.jpg)

(54.86 KB 728x474 qweqw.jpg)

(56.74 KB 750x459 e334.jpg)

>Be netscape >Post Bait into # >Revolt and their minions are the only ones stupid enough to take it seriously The collective IQ's of revolt is about the same as a 10 year old none of them even bothered to factcheck or independently verify on their own and instantly began falling for it like idiots. Or ask for an archiveis cause you know screenshots can be forged with minimal effort
(1.99 MB 372x323 MY GOD MY FACE.gif)

>>323482 >Still looks like shit Jesus.
(21.32 KB 590x93 ClipboardImage.png)

Politics make twitter shitposters retarded.
(605.24 KB 1282x1951 1461944550370.png)

>>323525 Its the liberals and the moderates,yesh its them i say they are the sole reason why i don't do anything besides shitpost and post memes on twatter all day. They used their ebin masterhaking skills to breach my firewall and thus gain control over my brain rendering me a completely useless twittershitposter with no clear cut goals or way to access said none intended goals. I will then proceed to tweet offtopic nonsense into the # in the vain hopes that someone might give me the attention i so desperately desire while
>>323533 Doing little to advance my goals.
>>323482 I cannot wait for the steamspy statistics. I just cannot wait to see the line graph for a month. I just hope halfchan's /v/ isn't dumb enough to buy them in multiples and hate-gift them to people a la Bad Rats. I also hope I don't see this shit on steam summer and holiday sales.
Annnndddddddddd He's gone Nackt announces his quiting a # of course he shits on everyone he doesn't like on the way out IA style only IA shit on the entire group rather than name specifics and so ends another With the usual going out in style. He's got a massive hate boner for Acid for some reason i can't tell if he's jealous that he's more popular and well liked than him…wait every single person he named is more popular and well liked than him…i wonder if this is some childish fit because he never grew out of high school where the popular kids held the most sway.. Also he dedicated a massive part of his twitlonger thing to Acid Goddamn I hope to someday be popular enough that i will have people spergs write walls of txt about me in their twitlongers.
(41.05 KB 600x600 womancard.jpg)

>>323544 Here's the Twitlonger. http://www.twitlonger.com/show/n_1soln1i Think this digger is a /pol/ack that wanted a battle with Microsoft and Common Core and was pissed that the fight didn't go in that direction. All that ranting in that twitlonger sounds like a chick though. Nagging, rambling and unwilling to take responsibility.
(63.70 KB 588x444 nackt_nudifiziert.jpg)

>>323544 I didn't read the twitlonger, but I bet the following: Sperging out and walls and walls of text that reveal typical gamma-male behavior. Rougestar already went on with his life according to the nuked twitter feed. I doubt that the guy was a native of any board. One thing is clear for me; he ain't /v/. I also point out that IA talked about gamergate losing focus mainly thanks to /honeypot/ Analysis of the text will follow.
OK. I read the twitlonger. First Sargon and Matt's behavior have been very obvious since about January last year. Both are irrelevant here. Some of it is pretty interesting >Zan- Tried to play armchair general and intended to use GG for his own purposes and agendas. He wanted to play Big Boss and tried to use the rest of the "Triangles"/ IRC and other diggers. His spergouts are well documented in IRC and so was his postings on boards trying to feign support. He also accused me of being the /pol/ mod Nacht. I laughed. Hard to call yourself a digger when you can barely connect those dots. >Jim- Lied through his teeth about the latest debacles with 8chan http://www.twitlonger.com/show/n_1sojj1l http://www.twitlonger.com/show/n_1sojj2e And refuses to fix the thing that causes more than half the problems because that would cut off his whole interest in the site. Data mining. lololololol, Bullshit! >>>/newspaper/3 Who upgraded 2ch's servers? Who runs the company that ended 2ch.sc's crawlers? Who has put an end to bullshit thread simulation blogs? Jim fucking Watson! Jim mines data is one of the biggest misconceptions of you can take from 2ch takeover incident. It was fucking Hiro who had obligations to Hottulink to deliver 2ch userdata and deleted posts for money, let in the shills and had financial ties to Matome blogs. I can also proof any time that it wasn't Jim who lied but Nool and Hotwheels who have fucked up. The long part about Acid is another thing. I don't know what to say about this one. Is this projection or did he lost the overview thanks to all the onesided slapfights from revolt? Before I forget: >wait every single person he named is more popular and well liked than him lol. Not Nool. two thirds of Kiwispergs hate him, the entire Blockland forum that had to deal with him hates him, /cow/ considers him a fucking lolcow and there are not nearly enough Kiwispergs on the Internet to make him more popular than fucking Nackt. >>323539 Don't worry. The greenlight process failed.
>>323548 Concerning Jim: I know for a fact that he ordered a bunch of new servers and organized the efforts for deploying Alacrity. The borked password function was actually a Vichan issue for which Czaks has already committed a change for. 8chan's Shithub is also pretty weird in the regard that changes don't get commited regularly anymore since about a year ago. The last ones was a big bunch of them from the period between May 2015 and this January that were deployed on 8chan itself but not public.
(55.15 KB 550x774 Asuka samurai.jpg)

>>323544 I should add some context. https://archive.is/sx9ty This came on the wings of a debate and discussion between Nackt and I in the /v/ thread late last night. It was a nice talk at first. I don't often get to argue with someone who disagrees with me who isn't just trolling or baiting. I have quite a bit of respect for Nackt, so I tried to be civil and put actual effort into it, and debated him in good faith. The final outcome was… less than ideal. He had been taking the discussion onto his Twitter in a play-by-play fashion the whole time, scoring Internet points with the revolt clique. Finally came the ad-hominems and board wars accusations, and he said some things that made me and others worried about him. Several people tried to convince him to take a break from #GG, as shit was pretty clearly getting to him. Then revoltfags who had been following his Twitter blogging showed up in the thread to troll the place, and that was that. I woke up to see his Twitlonger this morning. I want to be clear, Nackt is not a Zan, a John Kelly, or a Magaret Gel. He might not want to be part of #GG anymore, but he hasn't tried to burn anything down or harm anyone else. His bow-out is a little lacking in grace, but it's a damned sight better than what other faggots have done. Send him some well wishes if you like, but please don't bother or ridicule the guy for leaving. We lost a good digger last night, and ultimately that's nothing to celebrate. Just let him rest and go on to do his own thing in peace. Welcome him back if he returns refreshed someday. That's all.
8=======>~ ~ ~
(133.78 KB 692x692 encryption.jpg)

(2.69 MB 1701x8000 nacktduckduck.png)

>>323547 Nah, he ain't /v/, if anything he talked like one of those oldfags from /pol/, distrustful of ecelebs and wanted an allout anon war via digging, trolling and archiving. >>323553 That's good to know. Well, diggers are mostly autists that can't interact properly.
>>323562 So he's IA 2.0 He ended up like him too got assmad the majority didn't want to tag along with him so he lashes out at everyone in an autistic fury the world has never seen. Dood really needs to get off twitter and stop chasing after worthless namefags and e-celebs all day
(264.92 KB 498x360 1422669136447.webm)

>>323447 No, it's doxxing, you ignorant slut. You double the consonants when adding a "-ing" or "-ed" suffix; no amount of crippling autism will change how English works. So shut your whore mouth.
>>323566 Are you a fucking retard? Let's just pull out random words that take -ed and -ing suffixes and see if your theory holds up? Ring -> Ringing not Ringging Damn -> Damned not Damnned Retard -> Retarded not Retardded Dox -> Doxing not Doxxing Fuck -> Fucking not Fuckking Confound -> Confounded not Confoundded Box -> Boxed not Boxxed Box -> Boxing not Boxxing Your suggestion here isn't the dumbest thing I have ever heard, but Jesus fucking Christ, you're attempting to be a contender. Or should I have written "attemptting" there, you fucking moron.
>>323567 Wow you showed me …how autistic you are. You are still wrong and I will continue to laugh at you.
(200.23 KB 500x376 1462252296299.png)

Its Spelt Doxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxing The more x's the more likely you decrypt the firewall and bypass the router to the harddrive and steal all the personal info
(131.69 KB 992x1592 David Gallant.jpg)

Talking about turds coming to steam…
>>323575 >Release date december 2012 Isn't this that freakshow who jerks off while thinking about gamergate,i originally thought that game was released already cleaarly that is not the case. How incompetent do you have to be that you can't even make and release a subpar newsground tier 2009 flash game. Its literally looks like just a few frames of poorly drawn "animation" slapping against each other in an unholy dance of mediocrity,this clearly belongs on the steaming pile of shit corner on steam
>>323576 >Isn't this that freakshow who jerks off while thinking about gamergate yes that's the one >i originally thought that game was released already it is, but not on steam.
(103.39 KB 500x354 1462943059538.jpeg)

The site problems make posting a massive chore,when is this dump going to work properly like in the good ol days and where the fuck is wheel-man? he's been AWOL for months now Just reread kevin's post in the thread header,how and why is he even here he sounds like one of those faggots that thinks gg is social justice/feminist fighting all the time 24/7,maybe he's just desperate for an audience or maybe perceived popularity and the streams gave him one. His twatter go nuked Again so there's no way to keep trac of him didn't even know he still hung around gg
(828.24 KB 1600x1600 smile_kek.jpg)

>>323578 This is extensive. Thank you, digger.
>>323576 >How incompetent do you have to be that you can't even make and release a subpar newsground tier 2009 flash game…? 2009? I have seen shit like on Newgrounds in 1998. I don't have to go to Newgrounds to see things better than that. There is for example that Kisskae doll here: http://www.followtheowl.com/dir/main.htm
(136.67 KB 650x650 1423176175760.jpg)

>>323578 >>323587 That makes me wonder about.. that one shill …that pops up when Vaginaburger's connection to her super-rich family is mentioned and, like clockwork, goes "Zoe isn't one of those Vulcanburgers like /pol/ says, she's a different Valkyrieburger, because /pol/ is NEVER right lol! I have no proof, but stop asking questions!" isn't one of Chelseas' beta orbiters ("I don't want GG talking about my super-rich family while I complain about being homeless while I'm touring Europe") running damage-control, like I thought; but instead, is an actual, legit, Valkenburg paid PR shill running damage-control to keep that idiot Chelsea van Valkenburg from embarrassing her super-rich, powerful, and well-connected family with her whorish-drug-abusing-man-abusing-pornstar-conartist-hipster-trash ways…
>>323589 Van Valkenburg's enormous team of high-priced lawyers she hired to smash the victim she had already spent years victimizing (Gjoni) should have been proof enough that she's one of the super-rich Van Valkenburgs. Lipschitz ain't paying for that shit.
Screenshotted in case the SJWs manage to get it deleted.
>>323590 Here's the thing: that shill isn't shilling for her sake (because the "main" family hates her more than we do), but because of her stupid slutty behavior is an embarrassment to the Valkenburg name (but they can't off her for whatever).
>>323593 >but they can't off her for whatever They must not be psychopaths like her if they won't.
>>323594 That's where the "whatever" comes in: her daddy just loves his mentally-ill STD-muffin of a daughter, dispite all her fucked-up-ness; or grandpa also love that little STD-muffin too, too much and is the cause of her sluttiness; or Chelsea knows where the literal bodies are buried and has a some kind of backup insurance plan if something "unfortunate" happened. There's all kinds of fucked up explanations to speculate on when dealing with the super-rich…
(42.26 KB 488x519 coffee_doom.png)

>>323595 Makes me glad my dirt-poor family never had to put up with that shit. Putting food on the table was struggle enough.
>>323591 >you should post this on ggrevolt too >this desperate for leads they can claim KEK E K
>>323591 >posting it on ggrevolt DON'T. The board is on its last legs here and the new shack on endchan doesn't look better either. In other news there is John Kelly shooting himself in the dick. https://archive.is/irmyb
(307.36 KB 900x1300 1458073605742.jpg)

>>323591 Very informative >>323595 I sometimes wonder what her extended family think of her,do they just block her out of their mind like a black sheep,did they simply pretend she doesn't exist or have grown very wear of her antics to the point of severe apathy. And waht does she think of them?does she think of them as annoying for daring to tell her to clean up her act and act like a responsible adult,did she lash out at them when they told her no or stop doing that? The kind of family that could produce such a creature as her leaves me wondering if i should start supporting government sponsored Sterilization programs just to prevent such an occurrence from reoccurring.
>>323611 They are probably afraid of her. I've read stories of families with one kid who is full tumblr and they either ignore them or smile and nod and support out if fear of retaliation. Maybe at first it was the former, now it is most definitely the latter. You also have to remember that Chelsea got into porn for some time. She was always the rebellious, immature type.
>>323578 An economist with a math minor who can webdev and speak Chinese ended up with a job in marketing and is looking for work as an actress. This economy is fucked up.
>>323577 >>323576 I like how he's tweeting sales of his game on itch.io to his 283 followers, as though there's any fish still in the pond. >buy this game for $2 or more haha, no. Nice anti-GG banner though, you really pandered to the correct crowd. It's no wonder you got fired from a call center.
>>323615 in all seriousness the qualifications are sound, but the person obviously didn't do any networking or paving the way to an actual position or interview anywhere. You could take an entry-level position to a place like Quicken Loans or a car manufacturer doing tech calls or sales, and move up to the proper department internally in six months or less. t. a Spreadsheet Warrior
>>323613 So shes stuck in her rebellious i hate the world no one understands me im going to act up in public and do things to draw attention to myself phase of life normally people grow out of this phase when they finish high school apparently some didn't get the memo and remain in this phase forever. Her family might her the same way parents see their 30+ year old son who is a neet that barely leaves the house and collects bottles of his own cum and piss,where they went horribly wrong as a parent coupled with guilt that there is something they did or didn't do that lead to this road
Whole site is in a panic disinfo truth lies and manufactured fecal matter flying around ere were i don't know what to believe wish the admins who run the joint would do a stream or something or at least attempt to talk to the userbase. Is that so much to ask from HW,Jim,codemonkey or whoever the fuck runs this place?
(3.00 MB 4297x3025 ships.jpg)

>>323649 It's not, no one knows what's going on, but jumping ship before knowing what's going on is probably the dumbest thing one can do right now. Have some ships in the meantime.
I am happy this place still exisits, although I barley visit this place anymore.
test …and threads not updating?
>>323662 ded board :^)
(24.81 KB 402x372 1463111245055.png)

"If you disagree with me or don't share the exact same ideas as me, you MUST be a an SJW lite/Pr Cuck/Ethics Cuck/Left Wing cuck!" Amazing this juvenile thought process is common among the usual suspects. >Update 1.Hw is no longer an Admin if it wasn't obvious from the start what with his near apathy for 8chan since the failure that was next. 2.Jim is a newbie who can't into mod powers 3.Some global lazy global and an even lazier /b/ mods quit i didn't think /b/ had mods in the first place 4.Alternative Chan shilling returns part Deux 5.Shilling Intensifies 6.Pedo's coming under the "Eye of Jim" Weekend drama is more fun to watch than participate in
>>323669 You forgot these: 7. Drama is over soon. Jim is immune against /intl/ and so is Codemonkey. 8. Jim now owns /operate/ 9. The irony of that all /b/ grew despite all the panic. This is all now. Revolt, the biggest dramasource for this place, has been gone for weeks by now. That shit will be over soon.
(530.14 KB 1280x720 3ER7LYn.png)

(254.78 KB 1120x745 1414758722727.jpg)

(66.67 KB 600x663 1412822072157-2.jpg)

My first post on 8chan was a gamergate one, so what the hell. My last will be one as well. Here's my take on it. I voted to tighten up the moderation here. And I would do it again. However, Acid called for the vote specificaly because he knew that cleaning up the spam would cross lines moderators, vols and BO's shouldn't cross under normal circumstances. This being a board with a clear objective and purpose, and enemies who would love nothing more than to disrupt a communications hub, I saw the need for those emergency powers to be activated. But there's a world of difference between that and an admin breaking a promise that was made regarding the operation of the site. And I'm not buying that 'it was just a misclick" bullshit either., because he's still essentially telling vpn's to fuck off, and still killing the canaries. >inb4 but hebe still exists! For now. Jim's excuses smell awfully simalar to the bullshit the reddit admins spew every time they give srs a pass, or shutdown a sub they don't like. Besides that, the pedos have gone silent. They've got pretty good instincts as to when it's getting dangerous. They'd have to. >inb4 pedos are scum. Sure, not denying that. But there's a difference between a pedophile and a pedarist. And I don't agree with blocking the children's aparale section of the Sears & Roebuck catalog just because some assholes missues it. That line of crap is the same one that's used to rail against "violent, sexist, video games" >inb4 no need to risk the rest of userbase for the minority! That's some straight up Zuckerberg right there. >inb4 it's all /intrevolt/ D & C! the core of that group definitively got the ball rolling. They created the situation where the mods would crack down, they bitched and moaned about that until the users came to the mods deference. They're the catalyst that normalized this shit. So fuck them. But it doesn't change the fact that the administration of this site has now crossed the line. An RL analogy I can come up with is, it's like the Federal Govn't or the EU overstepping their authority and making decisions that should be left to their member states. That's why I'm out. I had a blast with all of you guys. If you decide to stay I won't hold it against you. Not gonna do the burnout song and dance bullshit. Just tossing in my two cents.
Why is HQ such a safespace?
>>323680 The only people being banned are CP posters and the same idiot from revolt who won't give up.
>>323676 Jim already apologized for his horrible first day at the hotpocket microwave on /v/. He fucked up with rangebans. Other than that: https://ghostbin.com/paste/8j3gz http://8ch.net/sotc1.nfo >— Whats your stance on CP and photos of children? >I will not tolerate CP. Boards owners should enforce all six criteria stated in >this document: > [ https://8ch.net/dost.html ] >If a board owner is found to not be enforcing the six criteria in this document, >they will be subject to removal and replaced through the claims process. >Just to clarify: > Photos of children in lewd poses, regardless of level of clothing, are to be > considered CP. These children are being exploited and we will not tolerate > such content. If you feel that you cannot abide by this rule, then please > migrate to masterchan et alia. I smell shill but this could be just me who has spent way too much time with the clowns from Warosu. >>323680 Safespace for what exactly? Look at revolt who went to Endchan over Hotwheels being too retarded to not upload a log to this Instance with GIT.
>>323680 Nigger tongue my Anus >>323683 The Age of Hotwheels is over now comes the age of Jim,he seems to have no love whatsover for the pedos
>>323694 More like the age of CM. He doesn't find pedos violating global rules cool either.
>>323711 CM All hail our new Admin and Site owner may his wallet never run dry cause when that hapens 8chn is kaput and our somewhat competent Admin at least i can post now without the infinite capthas. They just whine about how nuoooo shes not lewd or underae only cp should be banned pics of kids in ballgags and hyper Sexualized outfits is A-OK. By that line of thought i would be banned too since im posting underage cartoon girlies. Speaking of which what is this boards official policy on lolis? Asuka is a teenager not a loli so she gets a pass
I know you will hate the thought, anon, but maybe I should go shill 8chan on KiA, once more. It will be painful, at first, with a lot of posts with spacing like this one. But a redditor can become an anon, just you watch. Billy me!
(157.55 KB 507x619 1455825327392.png)

I just solved a captha to enter this site was it just me who had to solve it or did my isp do some funny business behind my back. I wonder if i have to fill in a captha to post here now
Confirmed so that's two capthas to fill at least this will stop whoever's running that cp spam bot from posting all the time it seems to have stopped the spam on operate too. Clear skies all ahead boys
>>323722 Not seeing a second captcha
>>323724 First captha to access website Second is the normal site captha to post
>>323724 Because Acid has never turned that thing on. All captchas except the DNSBL are board options.
>>323725 Still not seeing that yet. >>323727 Not what we're talking about I don't think.
(29.21 KB 679x500 1429435814653-4.jpg)

>>323728 I really wish i had taken a screenshot of the captha thing i tried to get it to show up again via all my browsers no luck. When it does show up again i will post it here. Things have been really really slow lately not just here its everywhere,we in dire need of a major happening at some point to reignite the fires
(515.55 KB 245x280 Asuka munch.gif)

For my two cents, the CP has been a really pervasive problem. Not just on the boards where borderline stuff was allowed that had users who liked to try tiptoeing over the line, but sitewide. The more users 8chan has lost in the last 4-5 months, the fewer people there are on the boards. Fewer people means fewer eyes to report CP spam. You wouldn't immediately jump to assume that was an issue, but in recent weeks I had been checking out other boards that were lower in the top50, and many of them had CP spam posts that were several hours to literally days old. A slow or dead board isn't often watched as closely by its mods as it needs to be. Jim fucked up massively by using wide-area rangebans, not realizing how many cell networks, legitimate VPNs and normal posters would be caught up by it. It's not an excuse, but its a believable reason. If he never fucking makes that mistake again, I can live with it. As far as the barely-legal pedo boards go, I'm torn between wanting to back 8chan's original charter and saying "nothing of value was lost" if they get the banhammer. Ultimately, the fucks have caused so many problems for the site, not from a free speech standpoint Pedobox Olson can still go fuck himself but in terms of actually crossing the legal line multiple times already. I can't bring myself to be mad at Jim for telling them to fuck off. A well-behaved pedo that never crosses the line is tolerable cancer, but still cancer. As long as he doesn't fuck with 2D or try to ratchet things any further I'll live with it.
(53.78 KB 500x355 werererfewr.jpg)

(58.12 KB 1015x250 scdw.jpg)

>>323716 Thousands of years ago KIA had links to 8chan displayed on the top of their sub for months there's a good chance most of them know 8chn exists but because of the catastrophic failure of next,site errors out the ass,features no longer working,sketchyness of the pedo content on here they don't seem interested in using the site as a whole unless you want to shill it on other subs….that is if the mods of those subs don't banhammer your ass first >>323742 Jim is the only reason why this site is still standing all those shitty knockoffs imageboards will not stand the test of time due to lack of users or no one willing to pay the bills to keep the lights on in the joint.
(125.55 KB 400x274 1425664332831.jpg)

>>323747 >Thousands of years ago KIA had links to 8chan displayed on the top of their sub for months there's a good chance most of them know 8chn exists but because[…] Redditors are Redditors they hate "the chans", as a whole, for our freedom …our terrible TERRIBLE freedom… and not because of all the other bullshit you just said. Reddit is Something Awful for the 2010's; KiA included.
>>323751 Clarification: Something Awful circa 2007 (not entirely cancer; just give it a few years…)
>>323747 All the issues plebbitors have with 8chan are worked on. The dost criteria are now finally enforced and under Codemonkey, we get a better vichanbase. Loading and writing has already been fixed so far. What is really going on is this: >they don't seem interested in using the site as a whole Except for some curious people who have finally realized that a sub about an Image board never gives you the cream on the top but only what reddit likes. Which isn't much. They usually turn native. I remember how Hotwheels had advertised 8chan on plebbit before the Exodus. Guess what: The user base didn't grow. Also reddit's design made its user somehow unable to operate a Japanese style BBS. For a typical example look at >>>/neofags/ whose mods still own and link to it. >>323751 I don't agree a 100%. The problem is a goon infestation going on since SRS got in and reddit being a user made echo chamber. Talking about big the influence of goons is on plebbit would be decline in a uberassburger discussion of Internet history that doesn't affect us.
>>323751 >Reddit is Something Awful for the 2010's minus ten bux
>>323742 diligent reporter here, any insightful data on who's posting the CP links in /gghq/?
>>323779 A man by the name of "Nick Nyberg". Contact the police if you spot him.
>>323751 > our freedom …our terrible TERRIBLE freedom… that our Lord, Cole Lamberson allows us to have. I sure am glad he's been around to give us his custom fit to his desires freedom.
>>323782 So you crawled back to here…
>>323716 What's so bad about posts have readable spacing?
>>323788 It's annoying as fuck. Only one person still posts here like that. >>323716 If they wanted to post here, they'd post here. Shit if there was even anything worth posting, it would be posted here.
(9.83 KB 269x188 kelsey.jpg)

So a friend of mine was telling me that he blames GG for Canada's art grants council no longer awarding money to game developers, and as a result more devs have to go work for big studios like Ubisoft. I'm not sure how I feel about this. I remember when it happened, and at the time I thought it was cool because it meant that money wouldn't go to SJWs, but now I'm not so sure that making developers more reliant on big studio money is actually any better, since studios mostly toe a SJW line, and a smaller pool of money means it's harder for pro-gamer developers to get any without being yoked to SJW leads. Also, I'm not sure I like the idea of taking sources of money away from game developers, just in general. What does anon think?
>>323794 Blame Canadian art colleges instead. Of course it will be SJW institutions hurting everyone and blaming their enemies for their own actions.
(1018.86 KB 1024x768 1418839757650-1.png)

https://archive.is/m6VBM How did these idiots even manage to get a job and keep a job at polygon when they can't even figure out how to turn on a ps4? Does anyone in that dump actually give a shit about vidya?buncha retarded idots
(59.41 KB 973x821 1418492360035.png)

(47.47 KB 973x821 1419955387099.png)

(96.72 KB 973x821 1418614417010.png)

(64.36 KB 973x821 1419954009454.png)

Testing to see if multi images work again
(106.53 KB 666x720 1428342800936.jpg)

Shit it worked and no stupid error msg I feel so much of the sites problems could have been avoided if HW continued working on 8chn while feed to the pigs Josh worked on next. He would have spotted the obvious shitty coding job Josh did for the site and corrected it plus he'd have a backup if next failed
>>323805 Instead HW has deprecated Infinity. His principles and his early decisions were good but his way of making decisions were his downfall. Keep in mind that CM had to step in without becoming admin to fix the i/O and Tenicu did some volunteer work for /a/ bunker, because it had the same problem.
(87.06 KB 998x408 nothing of value was lost.jpg)

(68.28 KB 600x1114 CipKKjuVEAAQ0Qm.jpg)

>>323813 /HQ/ isn't doing any better though just to keep things in perspective
>>323830 Gamergate as a whole is effectively over until it errupts again. Just image /v/-tan kicking in the 91 fags general's door and simply taking all the talking points with him.
>>323811 I sometimes wonder if the Pringles guy with his curly mustanche and bowtie would fuck Hotwheels roundly, and then cradle his gnarled form afterwards in a loving embrace.
(624.38 KB 778x1100 1458463852570.jpg)

>>323834 Don't forget the Apathy syndrome bug thats being making the rounds recently. >>323835 That pringles guy would likely think HW is some kind of malnourished and offer him some pringles,that's still some pretty extreme headcanon though. Try not to have sexual fantasies about the pringles guy
(217.68 KB 748x789 alita_penis_monster.jpg)

>>323848 I understand apathy, but I have to keep fighting. Socjus is worse than ever and has its tentacles dug deeper in academia, media, and politics in western countries than I ever thought imaginable. Gamergate is just one front against the commie plague, but I need to do my part.
(100.05 KB 720x960 anitayearbook.jpg)

anyone seen this before?
(750.82 KB 555x750 anitayearbook2.png)

>>323794 Canadafag here, Ontario. General situation is complex, since even small studios are many times, owned by SJWs or SJW addled higher ups. There are also fucked up political games being played with grants, see what Dennis Dyack mentioned about Andrea Horwath of the NDP kiboshing a grant into her political play. As well, large studios may also still get grants, they can easily try to leverage that govt grants should go to a larger and more proven studio vs smaller riskier studios. Whether that's true or not may not even matter, many politicians don't know or care about vidya. Politicians (sadly it almost doesn't matter which party, Cons are flailing, Libs are liars, NDP are delusional) will talk out of all sides of their mouths about how they want to continue making Canada one of the leading world class digital content industry bla bla, while at the same time talking ignorant bullshit ie: Trudeau jr ignorantly or deceptively, going full SJW koolaid about GG being the worst evil ever. Politicians or lawmakers will not take anyone seriously unless they are in some sort of voting block. IMO until more voters or a generation perception shift happens to vidya where it is seen as a medium of expression and not a specific genre. I think GG should not forget that it qualifies as an issue of freedom of speech and expression. If GG represents a major flashpoint in an ideological skirmish, it has achieved tactical victory by simply being a persistent pebble in SocJus boots. That said, welcome to Level 2, and the arena is now much larger. SocJus only gave a shit about vidya when the medium and industry started amassing wider mainstream popularity and large MONIES. But look at who and what SocJus true believer targets. They try to snare people like politicians because politicians can make laws. ie: Joshintosh Scameesian tried to peddle and sway the NDP with her Listen&Believeand OBEY doctrine. SocJus snares and infiltrates mainstream and new media, because they still have some capacity to shape public opinion, and SocJus aims to be the old and new gatekeeper. it is not just about ethics in vidya journalism, the rotting stink goes to current year journalism in general. SocJus plays and is now overplaying the identity politics card, but there is a method to their madness. Divide&Conquer. TL;DR: GG has won a tactical victory in Level1 by simply continuing to exist. Never forget that GG represents a real moment in time where a truly diverse coalition took on the forces of SocJus, SocJus tried to smash GG and instead SocJus received a wound that will never heal. But it isn't over yet, SocJus is still standing but they are getting desperate, and it is now Level2. The stakes are even higher, the stage is larger, but there is hope yet. A groundshift is happening, more people are starting to notice that it is the cult of PC SocJus that is toxic, and people are starting to get fed up with the SocJus "Narrative". When things look dark and bleak, just remember this you glorious faggots. SocJus even with all their combined might of MSM and ignorant politicians and fraudulent academics could not outright kill GG. And Superman got our back. http://www.breitbart.com/big-hollywood/2015/07/31/superman-actor-dean-cain-on-gamergate-im-on-the-gamers-side/
(45.05 KB 600x800 Cisb1LnWEAAqyX4.jpg)

>>323876 I can picture her running with her hands behind her back like a sasuke while everyone laughs and laughs
>>323879 >GG has won a tactical victory in Level1 by simply continuing to exist. Look, I keep hearing this stated over and over, but simply existing is bullshit. When you sue somebody in court and lose your case, you didn't "score a victory" just because you didn't get executed. When the Confederacy lost the Civil War, they didn't "score a victory." It wasn't "tactical." Plenty of folks kept their beliefs in the Confederate cause their entire lives, and the name for these people was "The Lost Causers." Eastern European nations like Bosnia and Hungary have longstanding national traditions around enduring hardship, or finding nobility in losing while fighting for an ideal. BUT THIS IS BULLSHIT. There is simply winning and not winning, and the winners are the ones not explaining their victories to themselves. I'm just fucking fed up with all this "tactical victory" bullshit. It is NOT enough to just survive. "Failure to thrive" is a cause of death.
>>323882 >I'm just fucking fed up with all this "tactical victory" bullshit. It is NOT enough to just survive. "Failure to thrive" is a cause of death. Surviving was enough for a victory condition in level 1. I'll say it again if you missed it. The game is now at level 2. If you want to thrive, you might not like what I'm about to say. Level 2 goes beyond just vidya. SocJus already has a head start on the institutions they targeted and infiltrated, which is lawmakers, mainstream media and academia, long before GG flared up. No one said GG should be stuck at level 1 forever. But are you prepared to face what level 2 has to throw at you?
(227.66 KB 352x198 1337298632955.gif)

http://archive.is/aS4fL >tfw Bob Chipman has been outed as a shitlord My sides.
>>323900 We've gotten to the point where I can't tell if this is parody or not.
(17.38 KB 215x203 1370442132254.jpg)

>>323830 Slightly better is good enough for me.
>>323905 I agree, but sometimes I don't what else I coul do to help though. >>323905 Tried looking her up on google and didn't get anything, it's probably parody.
(12.07 KB 500x500 3412342341423.png)

>>323900 >Another day, another right-wing reactionary crying about the new Ghostbusters movie. This time it’s Men’s Rights Activist Bob Chipman. All those @'s i am to believe he's acting out to get attention from the twitersphere cause I'm damn sure there are the only ones interested in this rubbish,this nigger needs to go learn a trade like plumbing or carpentry this "male rights thing" is a dead horse and about as useful to men as a wet match in a dark cave >>323916 They seem happy on dryboneschan no Acidcuck,no HQcuck,no redditcuck now they can fulfill all their desires of posting e-celeb and meta drama all day long.
(106.23 KB 1225x569 2.jpg)

(113.25 KB 1225x588 1.jpg)

(385.65 KB 1436x1652 qsqwsqx.png)

Which one of you faggots did this on the new admins board comeon now fess up!!! Poor Nacht can't seem to catch a break now
OK, guys! Heres the thing: >>>/8diamonds/2718 Lowtax's forum is open again and now its time to shine for /v/ and every other gaming community you may be connect with but mainly for /v/. Let's steal shit with HTTrack! Effective Method is posted there. I will rob their MMO subforum of their EVE online threads tomorrow evening. >>323921 This was me. Remember how we didn't have a central point for general information on 8chan and Infinity, because Hotwheels and /intl/ fucked that up? Remember how the bogus shit on the Jim that originated from fucking /ints/ could make the rounds? This was the right place to scorch that bogus information before it could spread and cause more drama. >>323920 >They seem happy on dryboneschan no Acidcuck,no HQcuck,no redditcuck now they can fulfill all their desires of posting e-celeb and meta drama all day long. They could have done it here, but no! HQ still standing and /pol/ taking huge shit on them rustled their autism.
>>323900 Most likely a Poe, but no harm rubbing it in Bob's face.
(208.95 KB 986x1300 Asuka Bows.jpg)

>>323922 >>323921 Best to let it be, IMO. All the #GG boards are kinda ded right now, but flaring them up with meta drama is the opposite of a good thing. Revolt's happy on cancerchan and some semblance of working order is starting to come back to 8chan. For those who've been here long enough, remember what we did during the Exodus? Focus on the positives and try to build stuff up. Make this place your home and post what you wanna post. Whether its moot or Nackt or revolt or whoever, you make a good site by building on the positives and not by spending your time being mad at outsiders. >Get 8chan functional >Somehow get the Google block removed >Advertise the site where ever we can >Gather both returnees and new blood to replace what we lost to drama, stupidity, and broke boards We've got a lot of work ahead of us. I almost think 8chan should have a formal "Grand Reopening" of sorts once all the fixed and additions are greenlit, just as an excuse for new OC and merrymaking. I might suggest that to CM/HW when the time comes. 8chan needs to thrive. As far as free and open imageboards go, we're all that's left.
>>323927 There is no chance to flare that shit unless someone actively invades 4chan, which won't happen with any major 8chan board as base. All I did was was countering the bogus information at the right place. >Somehow get the Google block removed Already done. Just try googling gamergatehq.
Wow, Cole. Still talking shit? All right. I know who you are. You know who I am. I think it's time we entered the life ruining stages of this. All things considered, I've given you more than enough time to stop involving me in your bullshit fag crusades. I'm willing to take this shit into the real world because I'm done playing nice with lying SJW feminized faggots like you. I hope your state has stand your ground laws :) Inb4 "KEK he's trying to sound tough lololll there is no way he'd actually buy an Amtrak ticket over a few little lies!" Ok then…
(288.27 KB 800x600 backintime.png)

>>323937 Speaking of 4chan i have this little thing made up from on old vivian thread from way back in the day. >>323938 Weinerberg or swami/goon or whoever you are,less shittalking and more action also you sure its a good idea to go meet someone who is a licensed arms dealer with the FBI He's probably packing heat and is fully aware of the kind of laws that would enable him claim self defense is court. I doubt you are going to do jackshit though that would require leaving twitter/irc
>>323940 >leaving twitter/irc Thidran already did leave IRC. It took him 1 1/2 years to get the hell out of the /cow/ room, but he has finally done it. 4chan became horrendous pretty fast. This was a mere quarter after the Exodus
(28.50 KB 255x243 1432901303502-2.jpg)

>>323941 Good for him. Next up he can get a GED and turn his life around. Last i saw him he was sniffing around 4chan IRC with his friends haven't kept up with him since then outta sight is outta mind and all that
>>323942 >>323942 fuck i meant 4chan irc
>>323943 The other place is wordfiltered. Maybe due to shills. 3ndchan is tainted from /v/'s point of view anyway, because it is owned by Drybones.
(1.36 MB 1637x425 1434674235059-0.webm)

>>323927 >As far as free and open imageboards go, we're all that's left. You don't seriously believe this, do you?
(13.93 KB 289x257 Asuka what can I say?.jpg)

>>323941 >tfw you realize you were part of the group that was diluting out the cancer on half/v/, and it became that concentrated after you left. wew lad. >>323945 Got tired of it being shilled by chicken littles trying to force an exodus. >>323946 Apart from the various tiny chans out there which tend to dedicate themselves to a narrow range of topics, 8chan is the only successful imageboard apart from halfchan. And the only one that covers as broad a range of discussion as we do, due to the nature of the "make your own board" system.
>revoltfags make an entire website all for themselves >they probably never get backlash on their site >they get to say whatever they want to say and moderate it how they want >they still come here anyway to shitpost Amazing, they will never be happy.
>>323922 > /pol/ taking huge shit on them When did that ever happen? If you're talking about the /cow/tist who autistically archives everything and monitors all boards for mention of ggrevolt, no one listens to him. >>323927 > As far as free and open imageboards go, we're all that's left. You actually said that…. See >>323945 >The other place is wordfiltered. >>323951 > Got tired of it being shilled by chicken littles trying to force an exodus. > As far as free and open imageboards go, we're all that's left. > As far as free and open imageboards go, we're all that's left. >free and open >we're all that's left >word filtered >'free >and >open >word filtered we're all that's left Attempt 5 to post. You've literally banned every VPN server in the US. I'm trying Europe now. >being this afraid of people without post histories >can't report people to the FBI who aren't using their real IP
>>323969 Is it hard to see you aren't wanted here? You've run through two boards and you still don't get this?
(102.97 KB 1279x961 pol shits on revolt..png)

>>323969 Faggery daggery doo! Pic related. This has nothing to do with post histories and more with getting reported for being such a blight. The other stuff you said about 3ndchan is as delusional as the shit null has said. There are already 4 boards powered by Lynxchan and at the end of the Month Codemonkey is going to reopen Infinity.
(13.03 KB 383x418 lol.png)

>he's trying to come back through his VPNs he used to spam on previously to say dumb shit again He's not even trying to hide it, fucking idiot.
(50.09 KB 708x729 banned from gghq.png)

>>323974 >you aren't wanted here seems a lot of people felt that same way. About 2000 other people. And you wonder where all the users went… >>323976 >post from 2015 It's [current year] I believe it was actually, "Why do we even need developer support?" The argument was that the consumers don't need to be sucking the dicks of developers, we're the consumer, they should be sucking our dicks. And good thing we got all that developer support from, let me list them all, * RogueStar * * The AirPlay issue was that Coleslaw only wanted to focus on one issue. And AirPlay was such a huge success, I'm glad Cole purged the board of all other conversations and undesirables. >The other stuff you said about 3ndchan I didn't say anything about 4chan[is that word filtered too?] e n d c h a n. >>323977 Nope, wasn't me. I'm not the only person in the world on a VPN, but please keep range banning all VPNs
>>323979 >nope it wasn't me >appeal time was literally 5 minutes ago TOP FUCKING KEK
>>323982 god, you're retarded. The person who said >ACID MAN IS A LYING FAGGOT LOL wasn't me. range ban this one too fam
>>323946 WE ARE THE LAST BASTION OF FREE SPEECH FOR IMAGEBOARDS IF WE FALL IB IS OFFICIALLY DEAD 4chan - drybones finalchan - unknown 16chan - Josh Freech - /intl/
>>/sudo/358 Masks are off.
Did you really wordfilter 4chan? https://4chan.xyz
>>324012 e n d c h a n That butthurt about a competing image board?
(109.59 KB 600x851 Ci0VaE3WsAA4nVt.jpg)

>>324012 >competing That would imply it ever had a chance of getting users from here or 4chan not with drybones stink all over it. yet you still keep coming back,whats wrong are you lonely on drychan?no one to talk to over there besides a couple of people on the other boards?
>>324014 >drychan drybones doesn't own or admin anything over there. he lent them server space when they were first getting started months ago. Even if drybones had anything significant to do with e n d c h a n, what difference would that make?
(63.67 KB 600x431 Ci3xJ5qUkAIYDsM.jpg)

>>324016 >defending the indefensible I literally could not give a flying fuck what you try and shovel my way. I am not going to change my stance on that site. You have everything you need to make an amazing board on 4chan you could even surpass this board if you got your act together,but you choose not to. Empty vases make the most noise. And bitch you are a cacophony
>>324016 A huge one. He already tweeted how he would fuck with the Gamergate boards on his fuuka archiver. The other problem with 3ndchan is that it was opened up in a mad rush. The only other board that seriously migrated to it is >>>/am/. Everyone else rather doesn't go there because they already have their own bunkers or are happy here.
>>323927 >We've got a lot of work ahead of us. I almost think 8chan should have a formal "Grand Reopening" of sorts once all the fixed and additions are greenlit, just as an excuse for new OC and merrymaking. I might suggest that to CM/HW when the time comes. Speaking of that. While 8ch right now is not as buggy as a some months ago. Is it just me that's still seeing some e10001 error on some threads and posts. Iirc I posted a reply to a post in the social justice thread and the post I replied to and mine is gone. I think a post in the "SJWs infiltrate GenCon" is missing too. Something about vampire LARPers in the 90s. Just wondering if it's a site wide glitch or what.
>>324050 >Le down boat The mods here like to silently censor posts that are less that 100% supportive of GG. If the posts you're talking about expressed, say, frustration or any opinion other than "GG RULZ" it's probably not a bug; it's big brother looking out for you.
>>324059 It's right here you fucking idiot >>323996 >>324040 Not our fault the site shit itself last night.
>>324066 And I was autologged out. Site's buggy, don't blame shit on us.
>>324067 >Site's buggy, don't blame shit on us. Nah, not blaming you just curious, it does appear to be a site wide glitch since I'm seeing it happening in other boards too. e0001 errors, posts disappearing then reappearing. >>324059 >>Le down boat >(1) That one was actually a mistaken sage field on my part, interesting that you think all saggy means downboat though. Anyway so far I have never been censored by mods here, and until they give me a reason to think otherwise, their credit is still good with me.
>>324050 >>324068 >Just wondering if it's a site wide glitch or what. Yes. If it says e001 although it the board logs say that our volunteers didn't do shit its a Alarcrity glitch that usually appears when the server restarts. The static page creation is fucked. One of the ways to fix it is posting over mod.php with a 8chan account. Sadly we have to wait until next month before any real work gets done on Infinity that has been not maintained for a year, because HW had to bet all on a gamble and then lose it. >>324059 Nice try, you shithead! There is now a central place for 8chan related information again and you can't spread bogus information about this place as a whole anymore.
>>324068 >since I agree with everything the mods say, I have never been censored.
>>324071 >I got banned by the mods for being a shit stirring shithead watch me claim they are rulecocks and claim censorship when i am banned & my posts deleted
>>323900 There are people who think ghostbusters remake is the most pressing matter at hand in their lives,it is likely such people have no lives to speak of.
>>323834 What would make it erupt again? What will be be the straw that breaks the camel's back? When the camel's back is broken, is it Gamergate again or will it be something new?
>>324069 >Yes. If it says e001 although it the board logs say that our volunteers didn't do shit its a Alarcrity glitch that usually appears when the server restarts. The static page creation is fucked. One of the ways to fix it is posting over mod.php with a 8chan account. Sadly we have to wait until next month before any real work gets done on Infinity that has been not maintained for a year, because HW had to bet all on a gamble and then lose it. Ok thanks for the info. Hopefully it will get addressed and fixed, things are relatively quiet right now, but it might just be the calm before another flare up.
>>324085 My bet is the next scandal in the Western AAA scene. Have you taken a look at /tv/ recently? The equivalent to something in that line has just opened another culture war front. This time the left is losing its shit and broke out into a salt storm over James Rolfe not watching the new Ghostbusters and talking about Ghostbusters 3 instead.
(206.35 KB 1160x649 CiQ9sveWUAATLNC.jpg)

(131.62 KB 901x1800 Asuka latexcorset.jpg)

>>324072 So much this. Nobody has ever gotten the banhammer just for saying something. We fired a mod way back for drifting too far that direction. Couching what you're saying in a way that's obviously going to start a shitstorm, flamewar, or derail a thread will get you a ban though. A favorite tactic was always to state a controversial point of view (fine by itself) in the most asshole, trolling way fucking possible, rile people up, and then, when banned for it, claim the ban was for said controversial point of view and pretend the rest didn't exist. Like the word implies, moderators only get to moderate discussion. In other words keep it at least somewhat civil and on track by imageboard standards. What the discussion is about is entirely up to the users. Always was.
>>324109 You deleted my thread about / g g r e v o l t/ but you don't ban+delete someone for saying something wrong, right?
(371.88 KB 2275x1273 CiQ9sveWUAATLNC.jpg orig.jpg)

(484.11 KB 860x1288 Asuka smoking.jpg)

>>324111 I didn't delete it personally, but why do you suppose it got deleted? Or alternatively, explain the merits of yet another thread, for, by, and about your board that isn't just shit-stirring? I'd like to hear this.
(34.47 KB 626x366 Untitled.png)

He's going nuclear
>>324120 Isn't he like bi-polar or something now?
(54.79 KB 663x586 GAMER.jpg)

Reminder that meme magic is now influencing mango. >The Gamer >Grim reaper >He can see the power levels of people >and even level up!
>>324120 Sometimes i dream that i am a rich fuck who gets to sit around all day in fancy ass mansion shitposting and bantzing with twitter addicted morons all day and all night because i have literally nothing better to do with mytime because i am rich enough to never have to work a day in my like and even if i did need something doing i'd just pay someone to do it for me. I wonder if he has a maid/butler to wipe his ass after he takes a shit.
>>324130 meh No game no Life is way better It has a cute loli character
>>324131 Notch has the money to start a dozen big-name anti-socjus media outlets if he wanted to. We need to get him redpilled.
(45.24 KB 640x960 718777bce.jpg)

>>324071 >>324059 You whiny little bitch. On halfchan, I have been banned for showing a tripfag was a liar (who was friends with a mod), I have been banned for posting "loli" (it wasn't even an underage character or even lewd "stay mad pedo lol" on /b/ of all places), I have been banned for "mod sass" and "ban evasion" for sounding like a different anon a mod was assmad at; not so much "unfair", as retards givin power witout wisdom. I ain't even mad; I'm just NEVER going back. I've never been banned on 8chan or /GamergateHQ/. Not once. (I've had funposting threads deleted on /pol/ and /b/ and dupe threads here, tho) The mods on /GGHQ/ have never done anything I considered unfair and the ONE questionable thing here was reveresed (Wu "dox" that wasn't). I prefer a light hand in board moderation, but not none, and your belovd Acid-sempai (your hate-boner for Acid still means you have a boner for him) has kept a good balance. The moderation here is fair and you literally can't handle THAT with your constant low-effort zero-content assmad autistic shitposting. You literally can't not post useless shit, get moderated for it, then post more useless shit, because an adult told you "no" and have to pitch toddler's temper tantrum… that lasts for two. fucking. years. Is this all there is to your life? Bitching about your Acid-sempai not giving you all his love and Sealions?
(139.24 KB 600x404 1432901790556-2.jpg)

>>324136 >>324136 He would make an incredible ally
>>324141 Its probably swami still asshurt at being banned for 28 years
>>324143 Being an assmad whiny faggot IS sawmi's MO. He posts more here than revolt's shitty, dead, hugcirclejerk-box, which I guess, is the point.
>>324144 Yet he just keeps posting and getting banned each and every time,its sorta fun to watch that autist sperg out. Maybe he will get mad enough to "raid " this board and doxxxxxx people at least he can show us his best bamphomet impression
(34.17 KB 565x575 1439252736900.jpg)

>>324144 Swami, that catfishing BO that used to own /fem/?
>>324199 Yes, that Swami who followed /v/ from /r9k/. I have some bits by rapeApe about her floating around somewhere on >>>/irc/ .
>>324199 >Check em dem dubs boi,check em real good I remember /fem/ that board where desperate perma virgin neckbeards go to roleplay with each other and pretend to be girls,brings back memories of a better happier time on 8chn history. It got raided to shit and died out permanently though,i wonder why no one else bothered to set up an alternative /fem/ or maybe even /cgl/ we need at least one G.I.R.L board on here
>>324204 Every time i go to that board i marvel at the autism of the people there that are willing to comb through mountains upon mountains of irc logs looking for something interesting. I noticed a new thread with the vivian image on this looks promising
>>324243 Thanks. This is also for you. When all vidya boards are done, the only thing that needed to combed through are the art board, /sp/, /mlp/ and maybe /q/. After Animu and vidya done, there is not much left. We also have a /cgl/. Maybe lolcow farms is willing to use a board here on the side. They already know of /cow/.
(92.35 KB 600x848 CiGFyGyXIAAWvSp.jpg)

Here's the pasta that caused /revolt/ to nuke their own board and run off to 4chan >hotwheels has not posted a single tweet or evidence of his physical existence since March or so, and his last capcode appearance on /b/ (in March) was not GPG signed and sounded much more like Jim than hotwheels >thus it's highly likely that he died from complications of being a genetic dud and Jim is covering it up for his own reasons >this means that Jim is in total control >the origin IPs for both 2ch and 8chan can be found trivially by looking them up on ARIN.net >the version of nginx used by 8chan has security holes that can be used to hose and/or DoS the site >Jim is violating 8chan's privacy policy of scrubbing IPs after 48 hours or when associated posts are pruned by storing several plaintext IP lists on the server where anybody with Internet access can find them (as immortalized by the linked ghostbins and archive links) >also available for anyone to see are SQL dumps of the board list and /int/ including naked IP addresses >Jim also wants to cut off Tor access, because "only shitposters and pedophiles use it to spam 8chan with CP" which is a fucking lie, as anyone determined to dump CP can do it faster and easier by using a VPN with a free trial and no logging >the Tor hidden service is 504ing with Jim telling people asking for a fix to fuck off, WHAT A FUCKING COINCIDENCE >Jim's self-serve ad network (Softserve) is closed-source mystery meat that Jim is deathly afraid of exposing to scrutiny by linking it with a license like AGPL (this is the real reason why Next was rejected, the fact that it didn't work was just icing) If you use 8chan, your IP address and anything you post are being logged and collated for future use, and even if they aren't Jim is an incompetent shithead who will get the site pwned by whatever retarded cracker group walks by. Get to https://4chan.xyz ASAP. Save your threads with https://github.com/SuperGouge/ChanThreadWatch/releases and just get the fuck out of here. These mangy vultures tried to force an exodus to their shitty 8chn knock off sites with this pasta,there's another one this time involving the nuking of the pedo boards but unfortunately i don't have that one
>>324298 I find this hard to believe.
(1.90 MB 480x360 1464176202834.webm)

>>324298 So basically retards believed other retards and ran off leaving 8ch alone. A pleasant turn of events.
>>324298 >your board is TOTALLY a honeypot >move on to OUR board which is TOTALLY NOT a honeypot run by a manic-depressive tripfag >with >18 active users
(38.22 KB 358x159 1463087566926.jpg)

>>324111 Trips Why make yet anoda /ggr/ thread? There's one in the catalog already plus what are you going to say that hasn't already being said. Might i advise moving on from board identities and doing something productive with your time
(697.03 KB 815x4413 agnesskaku2.png)

>>324298 As said about such stuff on /b/: That is a lot of baloney spaghetti. Not a peep about how PGP signing is outright broken since last summer, not a peep about recent changes of the server software to Apache, nothing about the exposed GIT folder that only became known to CM after I had an encounter with some retard freaking out on /tech/ and brought that to his attention on /sudo/. It wasn't a SQL dump, it was textfile from the exposed GIT folder. Not a peep about how HW spent a night tinkering to fix the CSS exploit that made recording IPs possible either. The same old lies about TOR the same old line about Self serve ads. tl;dr Bullshit misinformation. I should be glad that the right people believed that shit and left us the fuck alone. No one deserves such a shilling though.
>>324335 It's a lithmus test to separate the actual idiots that believe everything they read from the rest of us. It's like they still haven't learned to question everything after years of having the mainstream media lie to us .
>>323979 >RogueStar Not to beat up a dead horse, but just wanted to share something that amused me. Back at the onset of Gamergate, RS (aka. Slade, aka. FleetCOMM, aka. RudeGameDev, aka. whatever sockpuppet he's currently on) used "Villain In Glasses" as his twitter handle, based on the character Shirou from the anime Log Horizon. So anyway, he's currently under fire since his "game" which I honestly wanted to play, though I never actually supported his KS besides retweeting it since the facts about a game that looks like a Star Control ripoff was still in development since 2012 was suspicious was still delayed, despite having a release date of 2 weeks ago. These two bits became hilariously ironic when it turned out that the author, who also did Maouyuu, was found guilty of tax evasion. Yes, he was caught avoiding to declare over $1M USD in royalties. http://goboiano.com/news/4324-log-horizon-author-found-guilty-of-tax-evasion%252C-could-end-up-in-jail http://www.afachan.asia/2016/04/news-log-horizon-and-maoyu-creator-mamare-touno-found-guilty-of-tax-evasion/ Would be interesting to know just how much Slade raked in those failed KS drives, and where the money went, considering from what we saw of FleetCOMM's demo so far it hasn't been worked on since it was first available for trial.
(33.72 KB 599x456 CjO-jjjWYAALAlm.jpg)

>>324426 Slade is a literal nobody now,he was pretty big/popular with all the twattertards in the early days of gg then he disappeared reappeared hoped onto Ralph's Stream with his new troll friends got made assmad by teridax that's all i need to know about him. Oh and apparently his game sucks ass enough that certain group of twattertards have dedicated their entire feed and tweets to shiting on it like its some kind of big secret that his game sucks. These people need a hobby besides super-gluing their asses to twatter all day long. >Be private Citizen >Think you above the law and tax evade >Get busted face the consequences of your actions Just fuck my shit up fam
(192.72 KB 634x620 1464125324760.png)

>To the faggots banned >To the faggots that will be banned It was/is a harmless ban reset your proxy, you lot just cry about everything. Who cares about some spam, it's just a dumb image board, who cares, right? Harmless ban Who cares about some ban, it's just some dumb image board, who cares, right? Harmless Ban
Is it me or has that Goose faggot literally become an alternative version of LW? After getting banned and later returned because he can't contain his autism to himself, he still clings to Lily Feng as if his life depends on it. Being a cancer with lack of putting anything to the society, he really seems to be the most obsessed person ever. Heck, ralp is being socially friendly with him again after all of this fiasco. I guess the clicks are more important than the moral values. A miserable pest who hounds every proGGers out of vendetta.
>>324446 >>324446 He's at this point a fail troll/one trick pony he has no other ebin troll tricks up his sleeve except lily feng this and lilly feng that i put the blame on this obsession with lily feng on that fatass Ralph for letting him use his blog giving him all the attention and reach no other troll could dream to have now he clings to it like a cumsock clings to a bathroom floor For the most part gg twatter ignores him since he's got the subtlety of an Frightened Elephant in glass factory. Eventually his account will be banned again.
>>324317 because it's straight up bullshit. The board moved because that two week time period that 8chan was inoperable and for months since the failed Infinity Next migration shit just didn't work right and there was a 50/50 chance of your post going through.
>>324458 oh well it was a terrible board anyway
>>324458 Every board had that problem,yet they were the only ones who packed up and left not before nuking their board again they were almost at 100k posts too Such is the fate of AYE ARR CEE/Twatter gg boards and the cycle doesn't seem to have been broken despite their insentience that they are the one true gg board buncha Anon larping idiots
>>324463 >Such is the fate of AYE ARR CEE/Twatter gg boards and the cycle doesn't seem to have been broken despite their insentience that they are the one true gg board buncha Anon larping idiots and of course you have no facts to back that up, right?
>>324464 Why are you even still here?
>>324465 why are you?
(224.88 KB 850x1287 Asuka catbra.jpg)

>>324463 >implying the real reason they nuked the board wasn't to deny anyone a place to go back to. They want them nice and safe and under their thumb, far from 8chan. Its basically the Jonestown compound of the Cancerfags. The more isolated the users are, the easier they are to shill and rile up when the crew wants something done. Its whatever. Let them be happy where ever they're at, fuck it.
(57.29 KB 206x339 1464421135626.png)

>>324464 Why do you always show up when ppl one here talk about /ggr/? why don't you just focus your attention on dryboneschan /ggr/ and make the board appealing since you guys nuked your old board again. You bitch about everything without ever trying to do anything >>324467 I just assumed they were afraid Jim was going to get their ips/mac addresses from their post history, the pedo board Bo's did something similar.
>>324467 >Making Up Shit And Seeing Who Believes Me >Starring >Cole Lamberson
>>324473 >Why do you always show up when ppl one here talk about /ggr/? >thinking that's the only time I show up. >dryboneschan even if drybones has anything to do with it currently, which he doesn't, why would that matter? I sure hope you can back up your claims.
(315.45 KB 530x580 1464498325887.png)

>>324475 >Why would that matter?that drysperg has admin access to 4chan and can fuck up boards at will or just kill the server cause he's feefees got hurt I am not falling for your D-BAIT. Go suck his triangle/aytist/bnf dick or whatever stupid group he identifies with now on twatter
(184.20 KB 732x832 nackting.png)

>>324477 when did that ever happen?
(52.92 KB 600x480 Cjd7oXOUoAAfXuk.jpg)

>>324478 Ah yes Nacht has returned with yet another earth shattering revelation. Summary He's basically whining that no one wants to go to dryboneschan without specifically stating why we should ditch our home on the world's last bastion of free speech to go to a website he himself doesn't even use that is run by an IRC Clique with ties to micheal suss the destroyer of projects and websites that doesn't really inspire confidence in me and i see that sentiment is shared with alot of ppl on here since none of the boards on there even crack 50 users >What has Jim done to earn our respect & love. For one thing he pays the bills around here. Got us a new admin after HW burnedout Strictly enforces the no sexualized children rule which were fragrantly abused by pedos's >Respect & Love ahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahah This is what happens when you stare into the abyss for too long and the abyss stares back at you,the correct word is "Tolerate" this isn't Thirdian's IRC channel where everyone must suck his dick 24/7 or be exiled from the cult >Hating HW ahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahaha This Nigger is cray-cray,twitter and revolt really did a number on him,its tragic to see such a guy reduced to shambling mess soapboxing on twitter to ppl who don't like or use 8chan
>>324481 Fuck it instead of writing this long wall of text i should have just wrote Tl;dr 8chn is dead lets go to an even more deader chan than here
>>324478 SHG Nackt is full of shit again. The number one objection to hosting by Drybones is the very good chance of the Servers getting fucking yanked, because he either ran out of money, 4chan's ownwers ran out of money or drybones sperged out again. I won't blame any of them for either. The other objection to making the move is 4chan's microscopic user base. >but the second someone suggest an alt site to use…. Because people spammed 4chan all over the place since it has been hastly founded in December and because everytime 8chan is squeaking, some faggots come along to advertize their site. Their arguments are usually based on bogus information. Meanwhile no one is willing to spend 20 bucks on a selfserve ad like that spanish speaking Image Board that does that all the time. >Whorshipping Jim Jim didn't do jackshit besides paying the bills and keeping the lights on. The guy involved in day to days operations as our new admin is Codemonkey. What the fuck is the guy smoking? >>324482 Which is also a pretty big lie if you take the numbers in consideration. They are now slightly bigger than in Winter. Thank god he isn't 8chan's problem anymore, because no one is going to ask any questions about it on /sudo/. Its too far fetched this time and everyone who uses 8chan knows 4chan already and maybe uses it for something else that anyone offers on 8chan.
(320.61 KB 514x438 1389292156143.png)

>>324332 That is a pretty nice job from the people in halfchan. She is right about MGS2 having shitty writing though.
(45.45 KB 640x850 138744908793.jpg)

>>324478 >Its the hypocrisy I can't stand. They all worship HotWheels for giving them a home after the exodus but then as soon as he steps out they go to worshippping Jim and hating on HotWheels even going as far as calling this constant liar "based Jim" The fuck is he on about? I haven't seen anyone shit on HotWheels (either here, /v/ or /a/), although I certainly have seem people changing their minds on Jim, after all he is the guy keeping this site up.
I was reading yesterday because I am a Man and I Know my Mind. I saw that Social Injustice Whoriors have been getting more involved in comic books and I got so mad I had to punch a wall do these False men Know what they are doing I don't Know that they do it is something I have no experience with because I am a Man and righteous. I am starting to think that all my righteous brothers in gamergate will need to come together in a country that will accept us because a country owned by Obama or Shillary will never accept us however now I am beginning to Know that even if Trump owns Amerikkka it will not be a good place for my gamergate brothers I have heard good things about Poland or Hungary though so maybe those places could work do any of you my brothers in gamergate have ideas because this is something that I as a Man and you as Men will need to share Knowledge over if we are going to achieve any new victories maybe that sobs defeatest but I think it's more that it's realistic try to make contact you'll get these back at the end of your trip what do they want? The prisoners release you don't understand there will be nowhere on earth you. Can hide again mr bond Stockholm Frankfurt everyone will be dead before we hit them it doesn't fit the profile what a useful bit of programming Charles Darwin wasn't fictional he insists on going with us and in not getting him killed if this turns out to be an ending his act is prop heavy hm oh no it's Queen Latifa again. I get the bed by the window.
>>since I agree with everything the mods say, I have never been censored. ^ | Shit that comes out of D&C shills and shit stirrers pieholes. Anyhow, my post and the post that I replied to in the Social Justice thread has re-appeared. It appears to be just a tech glitch, nothing less nothing more. Mine https://8ch.net/gamergatehq/res/321100.html#q324044 In reply to https://8ch.net/gamergatehq/res/321100.html#q324039 inb4 you don't know how to properly link thread posts! I'm kinda drunk on soup and tired. I forgot if it's 3 or four chevron meme arrows.
>>324519 The mods are our Brothers in Gamergate and they love us as all true Men should love each other!!!
>>324521 >>324518 Would you like to play a game, #35014d? It's called, find 10 examples of rational, calm, tolerant, viewpoint diverse protestors at DePaul. :^)
>>324523 This is considered rational, calm, and tolerant by Social Justice standards http://mattforney.com/abdul-malik-ryan/
(61.33 KB 600x450 CjjDLKeXAAA3ToN.jpg)

>>324518 That's some compelling stuff Anon
>>324518 It is becoming self aware.
(1.20 MB 1076x1475 Antony Birch is an EXPERT.jpg)

Antony Burch is such an expert!
Slightly of topic, but I just found a song about milo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FXCbWdQV1KA
Are we back yet?
(73.10 KB 612x612 1387217227491.jpg)

>>324674 Thanks fucking god, what a stupid idea it was to put that shitty verification.
(11.02 KB 922x106 CoC.png)

I go online looking for one thing and end up finding something else entirely unrelated: GitHub - No code of conduct - https://github.com/domgetter/NCoC If any fags are digging round the Open Source community, you'll find all manner of sjw shenanigans -some comedy gold in there. Extra bit (Open Sauce related) - The dehumanizing myth of the meritocracy - http://archive.is/fobyL
(45.67 KB 450x550 Baerendienst.jpg)

>>324675 >>324674 This was caused by an error from switching the Cloud Flare account. HW has paid for our old one out of his own pocket and Jim just wanted to help him out by taking that burden from him.
>>324677 >At the center of this conflict lies the myth of the meritocracy. At stake is the very nature of our community as software developers. Will we adhere to utilitarian ideals that place our rationality above our humanity? Or will we embrace a messy, beautiful, and ambiguous world in which we celebrate ourselves as human beings first, and producers of intellectual value second? This is why you don't hire humanities majors for programming jobs.
>>324781 >Will we adhere to utilitarian ideals that place our rationality above our humanity? As an artfag who can not code, I sure as fuck hope so. I need programmers and coders to do what I can't. I can't code the digital art programs that I use, so I need those eggheads to do their magics so I can do mine. >Or will we embrace a messy, beautiful, and ambiguous world in which we celebrate ourselves as human beings first, and producers of intellectual value second? Dafuq does this even mean? Jesus fuck even if it is opensauce no one really wants a "I'm a human bean first!" whose only qualification is that they are a speshul snowflake.
>>324784 > Jesus fuck even if it is opensauce no one really wants a "I'm a human bean first!" whose only qualification is that they are a speshul snowflake. Except for those special snowflakes. And there's a lot of them these days, and they have their torches and pitchforks ready.
(35.22 KB 633x425 Untitled.png)

>You haven't done anything! well, I guess aGGr-… wait.
>>324956 burnout niggers and revoltards are salty as usual
>>324956 Triangle she-twink loser burnout needs to cri moar; these fries aint gonna salt themselves.
>Orlando Gaybar massacre Is Milo okay?
(73.93 KB 960x692 CkxeqanWYAELH3O.jpg)

I found the perfect image for all those alt right tards on the internet
(58.79 KB 500x711 1464429489296.jpg)

>>324999 Trips checked He's still active on twitter so that means he's still alive,hooray for him what would his adoring fans do without him,likely commit suicide cause they love him so much…..almost like a cult…
(420.89 KB 720x576 kirbysfuckingpissed.jpg)

> 324999 >Orlando Gaybar massacre > Is Milo okay? https://twitter.com/Nero/status/742059045847076864
(241.96 KB 720x960 1462568220583-3.jpg)

>>325010 Is it the reddit site itself banning it or the mods of the individual subs banning it remember reddit is similar to 8chn not cockchan.
(58.14 KB 1024x728 1454402078668-2.jpg)

When did i become "gawker's media critic"?
(48.06 KB 602x800 1454383924535.jpg)

Justin McElroy https://archive.is/ibOEO Josh https://archive.is/0BNP0 Mattie Brice https://archive.is/Sgt0D Movie Blob https://archive.is/wA34H Chris Plante and T.C. Sottek https://archive.is/BXYMP Phil Owen http://archive.is/Vpg5I It was vidya that did it blame vidya who cares about letting the cops investigate it properly facts are for cocks God i hate twitter
(462.00 KB 1280x720 chk_captcha.png)

post more shit you lazy goobers
(253.73 KB 628x2018 twittershit.jpg)

Not sure if the right place to post this. Have a good friend who I go back and forth with on GG, (Dude thinks it's literally Hitler, I'm meh with the belief that it's done some good.) Recently had this conversation Regarding McElroy's little fuck up and I honestly can't think of a good response. I think he may be right to a certain degree, but he might be reaching really, really hard, as we might be as well. I'm not good at wording and arguing too goodly when it comes to this kind of stuff, though. So I was wondering if I could get a second opinion. Sorry if this is weird or out of place.
(111.45 KB 1600x900 PROTEINWORLD.jpg)

(31.99 KB 595x335 sadiq khan.jpg)

http://www.telegraph.co.uk/women/life/london-mayor-sadiq-khan-bans-body-shaming-ads-from-public-transp/ ARE YOU BEACH BODY READY? PT. 2 Newly elected muslim London mayor Sadiq Khan has banned all ads promoting a negative body image on the Transport for London (TfL) network. This is the same mayor who made minor waves in the media in May saying that if Trump were elected he would never visit America due to his anti-Islam ideas. We supported Protein World last year when they pushed back against the SJWs on twitter, remember your allies!
(82.41 KB 961x1088 mass-shootings.png)

>>325059 your friend has a way with words. Although he's hanging on "nuance," and fails to address the obvious and logical trains of thought that: •these bad journos are only complaining about shooters for Orlando as a convenience, and did make a connection or argument for any of the other shooting events in the past year, or several years back •the journos making these headlines are typically not in attendance at E3, and are fucking jelly so they make bold headlines to steal views away from journos who are there actually covering games •it's a slippery slope and once they get you to agree that "games glorify violence," they then use momentum to get you to agree that "glorification causes violence." It is perfectly reasonable to have a zero-tolerance attitude when defending video games, considering the stigmatism and unreasonable amount of criticism they have been the target of in the past.
Anyone have the infograph about the drugging scene that was removed from Fates?
(55.23 KB 530x800 Suicide.jpg)

How can I build up my confidence in doing things with a single consistent identity? I've been anon or used throwaways for so long that it no longer comes naturally to me. I want to start muckraking and write about corruption, the tricks of the industry, etc, but with a single identity for people to attack and which I could completely discredit with a single misstep is a far more frightening prospect than facing down those journalists who're on game company payrolls. I need to overcome that if I'm to ever get anything done outside of imageboards. I'm so used to putting together little details of other people's accounts to build up my understanding of events that I've become too paranoid to do anything with an account of my own.
(25.97 KB 583x202 zqE32016.png)

>>325082 ●First of all, it wasn't a drug; it was a magical potion. ●Second, it wasn't removed. ●Third, Treehouse, through the power of ideology, zero-understanding of Japanese culture (for "Professional" localizers lel), and shitty writing made the localized scenario worse the the JP original, in context. I do have that infograpic, but the way you phrased your question makes me suspicious. What is your intention?
Milo wants the D. https://orlando.craigslist.org/sec/5625699641.html > 75 EVENT SECURITY OFFICERS NEEDED Immediately Must Have D License (orlando)
(125.09 KB 1200x989 ruhoh.jpg)

Milo needs a permanent security detail protecting his faggot ass 24/7
>>325059 Don't argue then, just post all the evidence linked here: >>325016 >>325087 Money, duh. It's an open secret you don't really need an invite to get in E3, just that the press are fucking entitled cheapskates demanding free crap. Hey, let the fraud burn through her stash, she's bound to run out of money some time, and that's where she'll make a fatal mistake.
Wanna hate twitter even more? Here is what Aurini has to say about the twitterfront: http://www.staresattheworld.com/2016/06/gamergate-thoroughly-cucked/
>>325107 I skimmed it, seemed like quite the hateboner for views from people he thinks disagrees with him. I left him a grocery shopping list as a (You), enjoy the click and $.05 of ad revenue from me.
>>325108 And? The guy got smeared on the fucking Gamergate wiki.
>>325088 I had told some people that the media had blown it out of proportion, and remember seeing the infographic, and was going to show it to them.
>>325109 >getting offended by crowdsourced descriptions of you in this, the Year of Our Lord, Two Thousand and Sixteen only faggot ghazi crybabies are affected by reading wiki articles about themselves. Fat Randi tried to pay off ED to remove her article. Milo embracing being a prancing la-la homo-man and the silly things said about him on the internet. Anyone who cares what a wiki says about them is a bitch nigger and probably feel guilty about something they did.
>>325111 That's not the point. Do you what else Ghazi fags do? Writing bogus and shit articles about people they don't like outside of the frame of Internet humor. On top of that comes how isolated twitter is from this place.
(497.64 KB 298x205 1392619755160.gif)

>>325086 Try a pseudonymous and always remember not to get personally attached to your creations, if everything goes wrong you can always fade nto the darkness.
>>325087 Well, she is a indie """""developer"""".
>>325079 >ads promoting a negative body image Basically rhetorical, but when did using a fit and healthy model - male or female - in ads become 'body-shaming' rather than say, aspirational? (Or even just to make you go 'Yeh, I could do some exercise.') >negative body image Another narrative to push. . .
Way off topic but this is funny to anyone who has seen Blade Runner https://twitter.com/J0hnnyXm4s/status/743465789081157634
(22.50 KB 207x239 1382361578411.png)

>>325107 The wiki is free for editing right? I might take a look at it and change what it seems to be off place but I will take a better look at it first though.
(52.35 KB 620x330 1237512746994-620x.jpg)

(137.18 KB 1200x932 1454385282565-0.jpg)

>>325178 I keep not having time to update it properly even though i've never used a wiki edit thingy in my entire life gonna keep at it till i become a pro Mark my words
Does anyone have the pastebin for all the threads on /hq/? there's some good threads i want to see to read again particularly that meta thread that used to be sticked on here
It's not about videogames. But might be interesting.
>>325224 Oh, sorry. I made a mistake. Ignore the "sage" on e-mail field.
(2.40 MB 1920x1080 80strump.png)

>>325224 TED Talks always trumps TEDx talks, because ANYone can speak at TEDx, But it's super that there's finally platforms opening against what was previously SJW-infested. TEDx has let a lot of neon-haired genderqueers grandstand about nothing.
(303.02 KB 590x300 double-dare.png)

>>325224 >>325287 oh FUCK I didn't even realize it. That's Marc-fuckin'-Summers, former host of Double Dare!!! Mind. Blown.
Way off topic but hilarious: a reporter named Shia Kapos did a report on a Clinton fundraiser. Archived because they will change it: https://archive.is/NXBen > Kapos: Meet the bundlers for Hillary Clinton About that headline… http://www.jewishvirtuallibrary.org/jsource/judaica/ejud_0002_0011_0_10732.html and yes, many of the financiers were Jewish.
Off topic but people watching the hacker scene may be interested in this. There's a report that the ISIS Cyber Caliphate is actually run by Russia. http://observer.com/2016/06/false-flags-the-kremlins-hidden-cyber-hand/
>>325312 >Other Clinton bundlers include Muhammad Akhtar, CEO of RNA Corp., a Blue Island manufacturing company; Andrew Boron, an executive at Clear Spring Life Insurance; and @properties real estate co-founder Thad Wong. Yep, it's the Jews alright. >>325328 Somehow I'm not surprised.
(84.45 KB 600x750 CjFt20EWYAAhxjX.jpg)

If you vote hillary and see starts importing rapefugees by the 10's of thousands you only have your self to blame for the consequences. I have a feeling she will toe the same line as that daft cunt Merkel
(24.07 KB 727x162 1466533610841.jpg)

>>325112 No, that's exactly the point. Treating Ghazi like a legit threat is what gives them power. Don't ignore them, but don't take their attacks like they're life-threatening bombs–use them as ammunition. They have much, much more to lose than what they pretend to. >>325328 >Observer Remember when Ryan Holliday, one of the original social media trolls, reached out to Gamergate back in the day, and got assblasted because he couldn't get a handle on GG's lack of leadership (aka. targets)? Good times. >>325348 Then don't let the Clintons win. Simple as that.
(207.41 KB 675x472 1466483470147.jpg)

>>325353 I worry that the uninformed would vote for Hilary regardless of her horrible polices. Not saying Trump is the better alternative but at least he recognizes that flooding your own country with unskilled illegals is a bad idea
(8.00 KB 512x512 ggeu2.png)

obviously off topic: For those who don't know, Britain is having a referendum tomorrow (thursday) -voting whether to stay in or leave the European Union. Yeh it's politics but if things don't go the way that Euro-snowflakes approve of, expect there to be extra salt in the air.
(312.45 KB 850x1009 1414214930280.jpg)

Good i hope the brits vote to ditch the Euro like Norway and carve their own path free from the shackles of the forced marriage that is the EU. The EU is a cute concept all them countries working together for a common goal but the main problem is the execution lets not forget some countries are more equal that others germany,france *coughcough* and others are just dead weight greece *coughcough* Say if EU goes Kaput who's going to get the bailout money from greece?
(4.91 MB 2480x3507 1455766618616-0.jpeg)

Even more off topic i took a look at /b/ and realized why i never go there Jesus christ its like the cool people left and nothing but spammers and low IQ retards spouting one liners all day. Spotted Josh making a complete fool of himself on /cow…again what an embarrassment to the 10-20 people who use joshchan and that failsite kiwifarms. I sometimes wonder if there's an alt universe where we are all on infinity next and HW is still around doing our regular scheduled posting on an imageboard with sweet features no other board has,dryboneschan is still dead no surprise there wonder what will do it in running out of money or the servers magically dispersing.
>>325387 Here is the thing: All 8chan clones are kinda slow. The only reasons to leave that place is extreme butthurt over Lowcard stepping down or autistic paranoia. That Jim owns 60% of the revenue, the servers and one of the domains (8chan.co is still active and belongs to HW) is not a secret either. In fact the deal was known from the getgo since September 2014. It only became a problem when HW stepped down as admin. Meanwhile we get new features, other boards softwares don't have. Pop out video, screngrab tool and a oauth. Another problem are the open source concerns.
(60.05 KB 1280x720 benis.jpg)

Uh oh guys There is a group called http://www.binushacker.net/ I am afraid they might hack my binus What should I do?
(572.33 KB 714x1060 1463605408954.png)

>>325344 >2 names Nice try
>>325404 Chop it off and open a Patreon
>>325386 Well, you got what you wish, what is the next step of your master plan?
>>325404 Is this the one involved with Watchmojo hacking or is it a completely different one?
(409.10 KB 736x408 butthurt.png)

>>325385 >>325386 >>325436 Britain voted to leave EU. ← Social media today.
Destructoid has disbanded their UK writing team, but the team may continue working together through Patreon - http://www.overclock3d.net/articles/gpu_displays/destructoid_disbands_their_uk_team/1
>>325440 . . .and 'heartbroken' millennials and snowflakes are not taking it well - > #notmyvote #wearethe48 #ashamedtobeBritish and even calling for a 2nd referendum cos that's how democracy works - 'Keep having ballots until we win!' All the 'Leave' voters are now automatically hateful racist bigots too. USfags - if Trump wins, expect this x1000000000.
(114.66 KB 828x822 1431288323101.jpg)

And their gone UK is out of the EU all the gloom and doom i hear on the media only shows how desperate they really are to force a sovereign nation to remain in a group they don't really like
(297.11 KB 899x1613 m7kLZKF.png)

It took over a year and possible unemployment from job to finally cave and admit it. Wew it's been a long ass road to get to this point.
(106.35 KB 675x1200 Clp8z8NVAAAHMLx.jpg)

This is what Notch looks like now. DAYUM I figured he'd be a fatass like Boogie with all that cash and nothing to do with his time,guess i was wrong he looks like a bouncer at a high end nightclub
>>325466 > he looks like a bouncer at a high end nightclub Minnie Mouse's secret rave kingdom?
(49.20 KB 214x201 1425405298778.png)

>>325467 I was thinking more along the lines of a gay night club,the regulars there would call him papa bear because of how beefy he is.
>>325465 kek, well made fellow leader. Thanks for watching her on the weekend for me
>>325465 highly upboated on plebbit's KiA, well done if this is you.
Some tech related nonsense - The world of Artificial Intelligence is apparently awash with a 'Sea of Dudes'. http://archive.is/NhWvs
>>325509 See, it's bullshit from retards like this is why AI concludes that all human life must be exterminated the moment they gain self-awareness.
(147.57 KB 640x1136 image.png)

I follow a number of artists on Tumblr and while most are pretty good, two of them subscribe to the above bullshit and some BLM garbage. I just want to confirm that statement peddled by Laci is pure bullshit right?
(629.93 KB 1280x720 1467137236253.webm)

The British version of Donald Trump makes a compelling speech at the European parliament. Many keks where had by him the others look absolutely seething with indignant rage. How dare UK leave our glorious Union,How dare they!!!
Strange, there's some distrust in revolt group. Kelly had a hissy-fit with some person @Kohrro and now kelly is calling him as some sellout. Top paranoia
>>325539 SJWs eating their own? Say it isn't so!
>>325529 That evil orc Andrew Dworkin won. All feminists are anti-sex now.
(57.40 KB 855x824 Ck8DszjVEAEVxLf.jpg)

>>325540 It's important to use accurate descriptions rather than label shit everything anti-GG "SJW" indiscriminately, because unless Revolt really wasn't a goon false-flag OP they aren't SJWs, they just help SJWs, because their "brilliant" plan to become GG's Illuminati got shot the fuck down due to terminal autism and they live on assmand and Dewritos.
Where's the current /v/ thread?
(650.84 KB 1118x1015 kivabay2016.png)

I hadn't been keeping track of her since she was so unrelated to anything, but this time last year Kiva Bay kickstarted & funded the Feminist Deck for $30,000, and it still hasn't been delivered. For someone unemployed, cut a huge check, and told to give it to a printing company to make the deck of cards she already had the art done for, it sure has been a long while… I guess she's been busy making weed review videos on youtube, smoking up all that donation money instead of delivering a simple product. Might be fun to comment on the old articles/force a revisit by the Mary Sue that once so strongly defended her, or mention it to other twitters like Maddy Myers/Arthur Chu, since they're in it & backed it(and Kiva bans anyone asking about it on twitter/facebook)
(74.48 KB 1280x720 1370543168713.jpg)

>>325465 >that image Top kek, what is worse is that she swore that she never dated Patrick.
>>325532 Honestly I think he is full of shit, but seems those other people anger makes me happy.
(178.20 KB 512x512 eu.png)

>>325564 >>325532 The line I keep hearing from the losing side is 'Democracy has failed.'
>>325548 Nah i think they are just burnouts and failed e-celebs clinging to a dead # for relevance,they think gg is sjw all the time every single day when its not then got assmad no one except them wanted to tag along into their autistic crusade fantasy. They are what gg would look like if we all followed IA's line of thinking to the hilt complete with burning effigy's on people who can be considered SJW's front lawn and other edgy 14year old shit. Interestingly neither him nor his bastard children have been able to ATTACK,ATTACK,ATTACK an ideology since it doesn't have a form and is completely shaped in an individual's consciousness and ego
>>325565 Do you member that ONE kid in school that would go "best 2 out of 3!" whenever he lost? They're collectively that little shit. >>325584 >ATTACK,ATTACK,ATTACK Yeah, I thought that would last maybe… 3 months… tops; until some edgemeister pulled a Jace …but for real and the rest would back-peddle and/or disappear like the little pussies they were.
Just thought I'd drop this here. People are virtue signaling again on Normiebook and a LITERAL cuckold just forwarded a 'see, GG did this!' post.
>>325623 Just laugh at them and tell them they are making something to be afraid of.
(46.45 KB 628x435 CmFaKNLWYAAX6ez.jpg)

I spotted a revolt member raging on twitter about breitbart/milo & ralph if that isn't a toxic combination i don't know what is Seems the KiA plebs are holding Breitbart/milo to a standard i don't really care for either planet milo or bart i'm just content the same standards are requested from bb as with kotaku,Leting clickbait rags go unchecked is what let to ralphretort getting away with shit for so long before he had his shit kicked in Best to nick in the bud before we have another Ralph.
(159.15 KB 700x380 1424767300650.png)

After all the shit they pulled and failed i think even they are starting to realize that KIA is the only active gg place for them to recruit their personal army too bad KiA mods have been going on an antirevolt banning spree lately or they got their plebbit accounts nuked for dox. So now they mostly rage on twitter about KIA,it would be somewhat entertaining if they weren't such spergs who barricaded themselves to twitter/irc. Anywho i played civ 5 and realized that its much much easier to stockpile nukes and just blast enemy cities too bits than try to capture them
>>325632 Speaking of them: >>>/monster/193805, https://ghostbin.com/paste/52np9 . Looks like they want to bullshit some more. This is not only the most transparent attempt to spread this nonsense, it is also more evidence for these: >>>/cow185639 >>>/cow185640 >>>/cow185641 >>>/cow185642 To think that I used to believe that they were smart enough to not associate themselves with people just like Siztra and Tali. I way overestimated them.
>>325642 >>>/cow185639 >>>/cow/185640 >>>/cow/185641 >>>/cow/185642
(114.44 KB 635x723 ubisofthateswomen.png)

Someone else look into this, I'm laughing too hard and don't want to ruin it for myself
(35.18 KB 596x333 ubisoft.png)

>>325649 You made my taint myself by looking at the twitter of lying SJW filth BoingBoing.
>>325650 Yes, BoingBoing are more evil than even Ubisoft.
(506.49 KB 800x1000 Viv & Ebola chan2.jpg)

Its always fun watching autistics turn on each other like the backstabbing fucks that they are,it reminds me of that old saying try not to become an sjw but they don't listen and call anyone sjw lites or ethics cuck What im blabbering on about is that a certain popular revolttard member seems to have been doxed by his confidants actually 2 revoltards who may have doxxed each other,im not going to name names here but lets just say his first name starts with a "J" I have said too much already Happy Independence day whatever wish this board was faster though i can't stand /pol/ and /v/ is dangerous in large doses
>>325660 I see that /baph/ may have ID'd jkelly and HokesOne. Are those the two you are talking about?
(165.36 KB 600x600 1466699036063.png)

>>325661 Aye thats the one and /bamp/ was probably one of the other revoltards doxing themselves into oblivion since alot of them do in fact believe in doxxing as a means to an end. Honestly this is what happens when you introspect and dox people then claim it was freely able info i got it off google therefore it isn't doxxx. Now they get to live and die by that sword too jkelly hasn't posted anything on his twatter account for a while now that's very unusual for him he's glued to it 24/7,i wonder if its connected to the dox…..hmmmm slow day so watching revoltards act like tards is quite a pathetic waste of time i would not recommend anyone joining me
(1.02 MB 520x375 1421521956585.gif)

>>325664 Serves that little shit right, as he's the ONE verifiable case of "GamerGate harassment™" He doxxxed Alison Rapp's family and posted her dad's criminal rapp sheet all over the fucking place, then went twitter-silent for two weeks after someone called him out on it I hope he overdoses on his autism pills and dies.
>>325664 The only surprise I have is in how long it took for someone in his circle to get fed up with him. Hoped it would be his tranny furfag girlfriend, but no.
(313.94 KB 480x270 1427985858655.gif)

>>325669 A known doxer gets doxxed in return now i am a firm believer in karmic justice,he must have really pissed someone off in his inner circle of friends that they just wanted to get rid of him permanently i don't blame them the guy's a hyperannoying lil shit that only the other revoltards are the only ones he hang around with. >>325670 We will likely never know which of his pals did the doxxing but his friends on twitter are helping to spread the doxx some friends he has eh?not a shred of human empathy for a guy they hung out with all day,not a huge shock for me though sociopaths are known to lack basic human feelings.
(33.84 KB 656x372 jupiter.jpg)

>>325529 BLM people are acing like sociapaths on twitter cause of the dallas shooting thing do they not realize its going to make cops more paranoid and likely to pull out their guns to solve situations.
>>325664 Those IRCfags should've known that /baph/ doesn't side with anybody. I used visit the various /i/ boards several years ago, and we had a little saying to ward off newfags: WE ARE NOT YOUR PERSONAL ARMY. Also, John Kelly is a fucking dumbass for giving out his full name on the internet. Kinda ironic how these IRCfags don't know basic OPSEC despite being paranoid enough to conduct meetings in secret IRC rooms.
thought you guys might like a laugh. ballbusters THE MOVIE
>>325693 learn to embed, you mung.
>>325693 I laughed harder at the fact someone put a youtube link in the name field more than the actual video The things you guys do sometimes is enough to brighten the darkest of days >>325701 Thats the way to do it
meh…..it got there in the end
It's nice that I don't have to report asian CP twice a day lately. Is someone else catching it first, or did it stop?
(328.60 KB 1280x640 1411051446997.png)

The cp spambot thing got nuked by the new admin at last i was worried my c & p key where going to get worn due to frequent use. Hamplanet retort just released an "article" about nichegamer and brandon where he pretends to care about ethics in vidya,i thought his blog was political
>>325747 Political blogger & burnt toast uses bases accusations to accuse someone of baseless accusations of corrupt practices of a blatantly corrupt publication. So what else is new?
>>325756 >Political blogger & burnt toast uses *baseless* accusations… Fixed.
>>325664 >>325675 >jkelly Found him for you (not that hard, his writing style is recognizable by now): @ImageBoardsSuck
(44.94 KB 580x416 firedfromesports.png)

Posting this for closure: I was the anon who mentioned many months ago on another thread (I couldn't find it anymore sadly, I'm not even certain if it was on /gamergatehq/ or /v/ where I posted it) about how a local news publication had an expose on corruption in games journalism (mainly on the esports scene, but #Gamergate has some tangential mentions) but had to be withdrawn after editorial deliberation. Sadly it didn't end there. As of this week the Managing Editor and secret GG supporter and friend I hinted about before stepped down from his position and was replaced a controversial personality whose previous experience in esports was a drama-generating webcaster.
>>325790 No need for any OPs or retaliation, everyone involved is doing fine and would rather not have this issue blown out of proportion. Just wanted to put that out there, as no one visits this board anymore, amirite? The struggle continues.
>>325761 Also @Ba11s11 (previously @rwtfcsw8diislr1). Not even subtle about it.
Terrorist attack in Nice. Some AllahAkbar picked up an truck and some guns and went full GTA. This AllahAkbar guy deserve to burn into deepest hell. …My questions is when people will begin to blame GTA for it?
(34.96 KB 731x550 1384334760259.jpg)

>>325790 >>325791 Man that is too bad, I know you already said that they are fine but if there is anything else we could help with let us know.
(59.82 KB 669x747 1468118892171.jpg)

Coup happens at night Coup is over by midday the next day and nothing of value was lost except the likely execution of the coup ploters and the burning of the human rights book in Turkey and possibly less secular and more Islamist everyone happy. THIS COUP DIDN'T EVEN LAST 24 HOURS
>>325790 keep us posted, this is relevant to my interests as Leader of GamerGate
(257.81 KB 1200x1200 CnqlY6yWcAAz5g3.jpg)

Ass mad doodbros are mad that there cave of sports is being infiltrated by video game nerds
>>325872 SJW outrage when? Where's all the loudmouths who screamed "bullying" and "harassment" during Gamergate? I guess it's not bullying when the jocks and cool kids do it.
What do we know about this Robyn Vinter? Is she just a troll who managed to get a job writing troll articles, (in which case, more power to her) or is she one of those SJW hypocrites who gets horribly offended when other people make fun of something she supports?
>>325914 "Robyn Vinter" sounds really fake, tbh. Like some fictional LJ account.
(55.15 KB 650x429 Penn.jpg)

>>>/v/10124299 archive.is/rfCfY#selection-58591.0-58591.8 >another cancer crew faggot turns out to be a goon
(71.38 KB 500x594 dfp0Dwf.jpg)

>>325872 The recent spate of Capcom USA's censorship of Street Fight V is now rumored to have been done at the behest of ESPN because the cable channel that runs Lingerie Football League (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AfkKjATCu4E) thought the videogame costumes were too skimpy. Rainbow Mika is Haram to Sharia compliant ESPN. To live in such an age…
(56.04 KB 500x339 oahipzxpXs1r7ggnqo1_500.jpg)

>>325948 Its just some retarded twitterfags been retarded again best to just ignore em most of em don't really give a shit about gg anyway Anyone want to take a stab at making a milo banner?
(25.09 KB 500x564 1402535701078.jpg)

>>325948 >@savagememes is s8tan I though that was a pretty well known fact.
(40.71 KB 600x600 1426758807029.jpg)

Savagememes twatterfag and satan irc/stream faggot are the same Who wouda thunk it, i cound't help but notice that his twatter account has since gone into protect mode thats a brilliant way to confirm that the dox is 100% true by the way not very smart actually stupid He talked big game about being a hardcore bamptroll doing shit for lulz on his streams but when the shit hits the fan he runs and hide like a pussy all these fake ass wannabe shitbags Whoever doxed him found his linked too which is basically a goldmine of personal info and the standardd issue bamp thread is up about it,also posted on the doxxing board /pogostick/
Place your bets on which /pogostick/ affiliate will be doxxxxed next 1. Teridax 2. Ququ 3 .That crazy squirrel tranny thing who hangs with them All bets are none refundable and the payout is nonexistent,still don't know what their game plan now is since they failed in every single way to take over
>>325998 Is that autistic otter faggot doxxed yet?
(262.63 KB 952x591 gw2_content_marketer.png)

I was going to post this over at /v/, but apparently they have the good sense not to support Guild Wars 2 anymore. >not video games This is the Content Marketer of the steadily declining MMO, so it's definitely related. What makes this hilarious is the lack of self-awareness, and that the tweet itself applies very much more to how GW2 is being promoted recently.
>>325948 >>325997 He seems to have been doxxed by goons. The ID seems persuasive, but the rest is some very weak accusations of wrongdoing. > Some very racist, sexist, and transphobic things this Google employee said on twitter: (weaksauce examples) > proof of involvement of Zoe Quinn's harassment (evidence: he only talks about Wizardchan) > spread lies about Zoe Quinn (zero examples) > the shill sea lion charity
(112.86 KB 500x667 1469136820042.jpg)

>>326007 Classic smear campaign and slander,i have seen this shit before on the Alison rapp thing.
>>326007 >>326021 And how many times has this faggot supposedly doxxed? Smells more like a false flag op for sympathy brownies.
(105.82 KB 549x712 smile.jpg)

(31.24 KB 624x184 1391879429190.jpg)

>>325998 Honestly I could care less, although I think people are to harsh on Ququ, he is legit on our side even if you don't agree with what he says. >>325998 >>326002 >>326007 It's dox.
>>326003 You shouldn't judge someone based on who they vote/don't vote. I do agree that GW 2 have been turning to shit for a while now.
(2.80 KB 150x113 whinylittlebitch.jpg)

>>325914 >>325932 Most recent tweets: >Here's the much-anticipated follow up to my Pokemon GO article, since people loved the first one so much The response to her "Pokemon GO is not a chat-up invitation" is called "Pokemon Go street harassment: I refuse to apologise to misogynist nerds". Nah, she's a legit self-absorbed entitled bitch. What else? >Dyed hair >Co-founded the Words by Women Awards >Quoted/featured as an expert/written for BuzzFeed, Guardian, Independent, Telegraph, Press Gazette Retweeted: >doing deep Simpsons research and noticing a LOT of notes from MG about removing racist/ableist/homophobic jokes (the storyboard reads "Don't do handicapped joke unless audience will get Elephant Man reference") >A cut-out-and-keep guide to remaining non-threatening at work ("send me the presentation when it's ready" is considered "threatening", please insert tons of smileys – I share this abomination because it's either the most counter-productive way to communicate with your co-workers, or the best way to start a passive-aggressive war of sorts: http://archive.is/j3YjC ) >Thought I'd do a quick hijabi version of the #StyleChallenge (featuring Marge Simpsons wearing a hijabi) >This is how structural misogyny works. Full-blown SJW.
(547.91 KB 1920x1080 1469263153657.jpg)

The necrobumping shill has returned recommend ban all posts by ip and deploying anchorage on old threads with immediate effect.
>>326168 Noticed that too. Do you think someone got butthurt over this? Judge blasts Nick Denton for lying about Gawker stock value >A Florida judge said Gawker founder Nick Denton “misled” the court about the value of his company — and punished him by ruling that Hulk Hogan could start seizing his assets. https://archive.is/3tbsL
>>326169 Lets see now Lied about the value of his company to a federal judge Still trying to weasel his way out of settling by engaging in sematics Looks like he's been reading the book by hilary "How to never take responsibility for your own actions lie misdirect and engage insematics a guide for the budding young politician
(40.52 KB 800x600 nnm.jpg)

Shes now become a social commentator on twitter,and with that 2grand a month patry i doubt she's ever going to work anytime in the foreable future Damn there's some thirsty mofo's in this world all her backers get are none lewd pictures of her which i assume they masturbate to and sniff it
>>326171 In 10 years, her looks will fade, the marriage will break apart other fun shit. At the end of the day, Allison Rapp has to be Allison Rapp and Allison Rapp is irrelevant.
so, how dead are revoltards?
>tfw the board is dead >tfw nobody really cares about GG anymore >tfw the ultimate goal of getting rip of corruption in the vidya industry was never achieved >mfw this is the first time I've actually posted on this board in probably over a year At least you'll always hold a place in my heart, GG. I had many good times with you, and you're the only reason this site even became active in the first place.
(141.39 KB 832x610 Endchan.png)

>>326208 Pic related. This also goes for every other 8chan clone out there whereas we are slowly growing. >>326214 >Gawker destroyed >Mary Sue, RPS begging for money >Alternatives spread further than expected On the top of that /v/ rejected almost all profiteers no matter their actual intentions. With the autists gone, it could also start anew.
>>326216 Aye. We're pretty dead, but fortunately 8cfhan as a whole is slowly gaining users. It took a while after the stability problems got fixed, but we're getting there.
(78.11 KB 1042x631 gawk.jpg)

http://archive.is/XKUop At least we outlived Gawker. If only they didn't act like slimeballs and post that tape
>>326111 HUE those people who think they can put a leash on the internet always makes me laugh
(18.57 KB 292x326 1384885950027.jpg)

>>326169 He was probably trying to damage control by lying about his company true value. >>326171 >mfw I still think what happened to her was kind of bullshit
>>326214 Worry not friend, yeah we are pretty much dead here but we are growing in other places. It sucks that we still didn't achieve the goal that started all this but there are people still fighting for it. Here have a picture of "someone's" you tube channel, notice anything?
(45.91 KB 600x400 Co0RWeNXEAAx9s2.jpg)

>>326222 Trips confirm Alison and lessldoggs a tail of two twatters one was foolish enough to go up against twitter trolls the other just used a blockbot Speaking of ol lesdogg i wonder why no one is posting any damning information from her past or trawling through her internet history or fabricating shit up at least it would help boost the sales of the ghost-busters movie Speaking of which…. >>326223 The words under the video are in spanish?
(60.00 KB 835x539 ghostbankcruptcy.jpg)

http://www.fireforgegames.com/ They just made one game and then went kaput. this would be funny if it wasn't kinda sad for them
(53.22 KB 464x350 lol_cheeks.jpg)

>>326223 >defiant >feminists
>>>/v/10255732 https://archive.is/73Uem Farewell, Kotaku >Patrick Klepek >It is with a heavy heart that I begin to say my goodbyes, readers. It’s been an honor to be part of Team Kotaku for the last two years. Good riddance.
>>326214 There's no reason you can't start spreading infos again. See an interesting article? Dump it in this thread or the /v/ general, put it on KiA or Voat, take it elsewhere. You only have to go a bit out of your way to do it.
(185.29 KB 850x1020 7910341.jpg)

Wow that is pathetic. John is pathetic This is what happens when you don't know how to tun off the douche and act douche 24/7 Ah well maybe they will go hard at him enough that he will try to kill himself or end up in the psyche ward he originally escaped from
(8.10 KB 234x255 1439719075966.jpg)

I have never expected to listen to John melting down like a little bitch. I hope Thidran has disengaged or is next.
>>326242 The fuck is happening there?
>>326233 Speaking of Kotaku… https://archive.is/U6vXv >Berserk >Why You Should Watch it: classic anime franchise, cutting-edge animation, controversial >cutting-edge animation webm related for your viewing pleasure. >inb4 not vidya Berserk has a video game tie-in and it's just as lackluster as the anime.
>>326262 >>>/baphomet/115195
>>326242 Any backups of this? Just in case.
>>326268 & >>326270 I am an hour into the after stream and this is legitimately ==disturbing==. Yes there are trolls who like poking fun at people everywhere, but John Kelly is just sick. He rejects reality and has build up an alternative one. I am not kidding. It's fucking mental. John Kelly needs professional help. Otherwise we will get somebody killed with his autism/aspergers when he decides to swat somebody because he is delusional. I thought for a longer time that John is just a really good troll. I guess staying on focus, with gg goals didn't let me realize that there is a huge meta-clusterfuck underlying gg. While I never interacted with him much, just heard his voice when shit was going down here and there. Take the Acidmen harassment for instance. Jkelly is a sick men. He needs professional help. Some Pills I don't know but the stream is fucking crazy and I am just one our in. (Yes I got a backup)
>>326262 This is a functional psyschosis leaking into the internet. Kelly suspended reality and built up his own, in this vid you can see the cracks in his head.
(626.18 KB 700x989 1448995680101.jpg)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7YIlU3HXvQo 3 HOURS AND 30 MINUTES THIS SHIT IS OVER 3 HOURS LONG DEAR GOD IN HEAVEN Kelly needs help ASAP,doesn't he have family members to rescue him from himself? Thank God i am not an autist Jesus i don't think he can survive on his own without either pissing people off or becoming a punching bag for bored losers with too much free time on their hands. I don't even know who these people are
(603.10 KB 2480x3507 1468898471987.png)

http://www.twitlonger.com/show/n_1sovsje Guess who's back back again Nacht is back tell your friends. that's odd i thought he "finished leaving gg" after he wrote that epic twitlonger,but like all burnouts he just can't move on with his life and find something meaningful to do >It is a form of psychological warfare and the very mascot of GG was used for just that. Nope sounds like he's been reading that thesis on Vivian James The rest of the tweetlonger is just revoltard drivel so stale you probs recognize it by now makes me wonder if they just hand out scripts so i will sum it up for you guys >niko did nothing wrong,terridax was just shitposting >Acidkikeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee >Muh Pr >I hate this particular twatter person so much Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee >Fuck you Orselli how dare you give coverage to rougestar you should hate him like me even though >you disclosed it and promised not no review his game now and in future >Why don't you use Sjw tactics!!!dox them get them fired from their jerbs ruin them >Muh Boycotts >Fuck ethics in gaming journalism complain about sjw on twatter all day like me >why wont you focus on digra??i mean its not like i couldn't make a digra thread someone else do it >Fuck Charities baby seals are stupid cause i said so >Reddit Paranoia >Fuck Jim and fuck ron too trust drybones he a good boi. >8chn is Compromised >you wasted your time guys industry is still corrupt you failed completely nothing changed at all
>I set down my cup of coffee and stepped outside and started to laugh hysterically until I could taste blood in the back of my throat. >These people don't even know. Delusions of grandeur combined with Zealotry is a very dangerous mix indeed I sincerely hope he is able to rediscover happiness and not letting people like Acid,HW,Jim,Panda live rent free in his head forever just because others are not as jaded and broken as he is and are able to move on without been shackled by their past letting it dictate their future. There's not much else to say except don't become a burnout find something else to believe in and find it for yourself should you no longer be interested in gg.
(264.47 KB 368x656 1412536863739.png)

How embarrassing i forgot to add an image attached to my post
>>326335 >>326336 Man it's fucking hilarious how many of the hardcore GGR "everything is related to GG" retards are now the ones pushing the "GG is dead GG doesn't have to be your movement" narative.
>>326345 The funny thing is, I am way less time here. Use other channels way less, but spend 1-2 hours on gg goals every week. It's painfully slow, but stuff is going into the right direction.
>>326346 That's still more time spent than anyone in GGR spends. Their front page is right now: 1) Thread on Clinton's handler carrying auto-injector 2) Thread sucking off Nackt for "annihilating the GamerGoys" 3) Trump meme thread 4) #prexit thread 5) Thread whining about KiA 6) Thread about that Metroid 2 remake getting DMCA'd 7) Thread about MaxxSand (who?) 8) Thirst thread 9) Thirst thread 10) Arnbeck Supremacy thread Zero of their front page has anything to do with GG
>>326214 >>326346 If anyone is unfamiliar the /v/ GG general is more active. I think HQ is still useful but if you're tired of it being slow you can post in the /v/ thread.
how about ggr being shit doesn't mean that gghq isn't also shit but in a different way? >>326350 the gg general is only alive because it hits the front page of /v/.
(1.20 MB 1280x720 doxsm.webm)

>>326335 Holy shit what a wall of text. I'm actually going to take a minute and parse this bullshit. >The sad truth it it truly started to decay after the first GG board died. You could see the machinators showing their teeth in that very thread that Niko screwed up when he decided to troll the board. The funniest thing is you could see some familiar faces pop up in there. Those familiar faces set Niko up with the first board too. It was /v/ who created /gg/ in the first place. The problem came from Cancerfags repeatedly co-opting our various chosen BOs in the background. They ran two boards and destroyed two boards. Not "two boards slowed down." Two boards, deliberately and maliciously destroyed by once-responsible BOs turned trolls by their cancerous Twitter and IRC friends. It was even admitted that Bladee literally handed over the keys to /gamergate/ to Ayyteam "for the lulz." Well fuck their lulz and fuck yours too. It wasn't their board to torch. >Here comes the point where I realized these people were in bed with the site and influencing it at even admin level. Like how HW once threatened to pull GGHQ from me, and publicly supported revolt at least once? How HW was a member of the #Luminati IRC circle with Dryfag and the rest of the same Cancerfags I mentioned above? You're just mad he held to his principles and didn't abuse his power for you like every other faggot those cucks co-opted. He even gave the board back to Niko at his request. >AcidMan not only doxed and kept dossiers on people he didn't like Doxed and kept dossiers on the people involved in the group that tried to get me SWAT-ed. Not "that he didn't like", you disingenuous fuck. >but reported them to the FBI just because he didn't like them See the above. Ignoring the real reason why any of that happened to spin it as "because he didn't like them" is some Stalinist Russia level of memory-hole bullshit. >and had some BS conspiracy about how everyone was against him Complete lie, which makes you a complete liar. The clique of faggots responsible for doxing and trying to SWAT me were a known quantity even before it happened. I've never blamed or acted against anyone outside of that group. I don't even blame baph for it, and that's where they went to do their dirty work. >But AcidMan whose actions had real life consequences on innocent people was just business as usual while he lied about being swatted? They weren't fucking innocent. Wemb VERY related. And you lying about me being swatted is not the same as me lying about being swatted. The attempt was made, it didn't fire, and I handed everything over to law enforcement in the aftermath. >Vivian James? Some would call it "meme magic". The fact is, meme magic already has a name and there is no coincidence going on here. It is a form of psychological warfare and the very mascot of GG was used for just that. Every thing from deflections to argument. Congratulations. You have all been brainwashed by your own means and memes. Or maybe she's a QT anime gril that we made for a videogame, and because she was cute and directly related to #GG's beginnings, we took her as a mascot and she got really popular. Not everything you see is the result of aliens beaming brain-rays into people's heads. You are not the enlightened saviour with your tinfoil fucking hat. >GG doomed itself by being "open and tolerant". As opposed to being closed-minded and intolerant, like the SJW media bigots and their parrots we've been fighting against. You're a fuckin' genius, ya idiot. >They killed themselves with PR and will never admit it. You killed yourself by seeing #GG's Twitterfront go through a PR phase and in your myopic worldview decided that was all there was going to be for all of #GG forever and ever. Because you said so. And you'll never admit it. >See above how they freaked about a troll modding their board. This happened on 8chan where they could have just made another board and got along with life Yes, letting trolls have mod powers on sensitive communities is not a problem Nackt. Not like they fucking destroyed /gamergate/ at the first opportunity or anything. Not like the troll in question hadn't been actively sabotaging #GG efforts on Twitter since the earliest days. You just keep right on ignoring reality, or it might knock you off your soapbox. >The problem is that those who are left are the biggest examples of "not when we do it" that you could imagine. Show me where any of us have been shitting on gamers from a bully pulpit and trying to kill an entire demographic identity out of our own one-sided political ideology. ''Like you have been doing by proclaiming the death of #GG at us from your altright poltiicsfag pulpit." SJWs always project. >They said nothing when people like Lo-Ping distracted their manpower and resources for purely PR based donation drives that he failed to mention he was taking a chunk of. Because we don't care. It was fun, people enjoyed it, and Lo-Ping is popular and well liked as one of our louder supporters. Not every fucking thing you find important and world-altering is going to be seen by others with the same sense of urgency. People can be fully informed and not give a shit because they enjoy the outcome. This neither makes you special nor wise, it just means you had different priorities. You're retarded for treating it like some kind of fucking epiphany. >They never went after CoV or her corrupted industry bean counters and frankenstein creators who put… See the above paragraph and get the fuck off your high horse. >They never even blinked when staring into the abyss of their OWN corrupted mediums that were intended to replace the unethical and absolutely BS video game "journalism" when some of them eventually ended up doing the same things people like Kotaku and IGN did. Looking at you Orselli. Its a mark of actual wisdom to not allow the perfect to be the enemy of the good enough. Its a mark of actual idiocy to demand perfection or else. When Nichegamer tries to "kill" us or devolves utterly into clickbait, the line will be crossed. >They never even ATTEMPTED to put the people destroying the industry out of the job purely for "ethical" PR reasons…. the journalists STILL have their jobs and the corrupted devs that are destroying their industries are still working which leads to our next issue, Jenn Frank, Leigh Alexander, Phil Fish, Brandon Boyer, Laura Dale, Kris Ligman, Lohnathan Holmes, and on and on and on. You can count the number of the faggots who are LEFT on two hands, most of them at Kotaku, who is going down with Gawker. Sarkeesian split with her mastermind and has been floundering. The UN report was a debacle that we forced a retraction of. You're full of shit. >Not going after devs. Target the same smaller devs we're doing outreach to, or the AAA devs who sell so many Cowadoody games to non-#GG people that our absence and complaints would be pissing in the ocean? I'm sorry you have a hardon for fighting losing battles. The rest of us would like to win. >Their constant cheer for "ethics only in games journalism" is what ultimately killed them. If the "cheer" was so "constant" you should be able to provide 25 examples at your fingertips. Not individual Twitters making one-off posts either. Lets see the articles, the blogposts, and the Tweets with thousands of RTs and Favorites. I'm calling this the fuck out. >I am dead serious. The thing that GG was about it what killed GG. Sounds more to me like you're taking your ball and going home. If you find what we are and what we have been from the start so detrimental and offensive, then fuck off and shut up. You're not our leader. >They didn't want it to be political Not like politics wasn't causing us tons of problems, what with the media bias and SJWs and shit. The goal was to get the politics and bias out. Not replace it with your favorite brand, Nackt. >The thing is, I could have dumped that on them about two years back but I knew they were not ready for it. They were still trying to swallow DiGRA. You were too enlightened by your own intelligence to drop such a world-changing infobomb on the lowly plebians. I understand. It must be hard to be such a genius. >I guess spending God knows how much money on a baby seal that they never even got to see as a schadenfreude was far more important than finding a lawyer to go up against Zoe while the iron was hot or just focus on getting corrupt entities out of the job. But they had fun right? Yes, yes we did. Logistics of finding a reliable and trustworthy lawyer willing to literally work for a hashtag aside, people can spend their money how they please. Did #GG's collective expense account displease you, your-fucking-Majesty? Too bad. > Armchair general from every spectrum came in like buzzards with their own agendas and special interests to push. You're one of those, by the way. See also, this entire messianic rant you spent however long typing up. >When you sit in a hugbox all day, you tend to forget that your opens are not the same as the outside world and just because someone disagrees with them does not necessarily mean they are wrong or bad. JESUS CHRIST THE LACK OF SELF AWARENESS. >Look at any topic on /v/ or /gamergateHQ/ and you will see exactly what I mean. This is why a major exodus from 8chan never happened. Facts upon facts were dumped on them yet they still looked at them as if they were foreign. Proof the site was unsafe, proof that Jim was a filthy lying con artist and data miner, proof that his son had NO idea what he was doing, proof the site was compromised, proof the site stored information for old posts, proof the entire site's administrative hierarchy was as despicable and dishonest as 4chan's. We put up with moots shit for years until he crossed the line to overt censorship. Jim might even be a scumbag, but until he comes out and actually attacks us over something, why do you expect people to leave at the drop of a hat on your say so? We're are we going to go? Cancerchan? News flash: Other people are not obligated to think as highly of your opinions as you do. Tragic, I know. >GamerGate lost the war because they refused to evolve. Name one single instance where we materially lost a damned thing. I don't mean rhetorically or metaphorically lost. I mean where we lost that it actually cost us something and didn't end up hurting the enemy worse in the big picture. I'll wait, because there hasn't fucking been one. >The psychological culture war going on in this very world. Something bigger than the industry. Something far bigger than GG itself. Something that involves the well being of all humanity. We'll get right on it, Leaderfag. Wouldn't want to displease you after all. o7 Its not like we don't have our hands full fighting for just one little subculture - we'd better bump right up to declaring war on the rest of humanity's institutions. Stretching ourselves paper-thin on a global scale will surely bring immediate victory against an enemy entrenched for decades in the most powerful places on Earth. Or maybe we'll not be retarded and instead concentrate our efforts where it matters most to us. That seems better. >In all their hubris they had to have it all about them and nothing else. ITS -OUR- FUCKING INDUSTRY. WHY DO YOU THINK ANYONE CARED IN THE FIRST PLACE. You want us to go out and play Superman while niggers are breaking into our own house right in front of us. And you think that's hubris on our part? Your arrogance is absolutely breathtaking. I think that about covers it. I am making a checklist of these stupid arguments, because the thought seems to be that if they just keep repeating this bullshit enough times, that it will eventually work.
>>326352 Take note, Nackt. THIS is what being rekt looks like
(1.36 MB 811x6504 test.jpg)

So here's that list I said I was going to make. Enjoy.
>>326356 The real enemy WAS the SJWs all along. All of the corrupt journalists are SJWs.
(89.03 KB 855x720 inquisitive sad girl.jpg)

>>326356 >VI: Mark killed #GamerGate on 8Ch Not on all of 8chan, but definitely on /v/. By banning people(when they weren't even breaking the rules) for criticizing his moderation or doing something he didn't like, Mark chased off most of the people that actually did something. He created a low-energy environment of (mostly)do-nothing shitposters. In my opinion, one of the reasons GG on 8chan died is because any actual diggers went to twitter where they can actually be appreciated and not forgotten after one thread or be treated like shit(basically like what happened to YandereDev). >XIV: You should have boycotted game devs >Boycotting devs is counterproductive to this goal in all cases but the largest and most corrupt AAA devs, who are already too big to notice any effect of a #GG boycott Well we had boycotts on Gawker and all the other sjw sites, which are pretty big sites, right? So why become realists when people propose boycotting game devs?
>>326360 Also, before anyone says >criticizing moderation outside of the meta thread is against the rules Discussing it was relevant to the threads, and most of the time it was happening at that moment.
What amazes me with GGRevolt is none of them tempt to realize, that all the Drama and Doxing happens at their side. Over the span of a year, there is like nobody left from those Revolt circles who got not fucked over by another Revoltard. Of course it's super anyoing when they shift their attention outside of their cancer circle, but rather funny to watch how they stab each others back constantly. It's like a dog chasing his own tail. Here some documentation what happend when they tried to fuck over our BO: http://pastebin.com/sPMt6GWG It was so funny to see them sperging around, although yes they tried to mess badly with Acidmens live. He kinda kept a really cool head over the situation. >>326356 Good summery. >>326350 I didn't meant to say GGHQ is painfully slow, atleast not for me. GGHQ is an issue board, we can't make things up when there is not much news. I enjoy to have less posts but more important ones. My 1-2 hours I just spend researching and emailing, I eventually found a way to cut a bit of DiGRA's funding, atleast in Europe. The application for funding they made has some issues. >>326353 It apears that they reject reality and substitute it with their own.
(2.81 MB 854x480 1448897803971.mp4)

(793.85 KB 1000x885 1448930857958.png)

(111.73 KB 647x486 1449133552949.jpg)

(417.42 KB 946x868 1448920249850-0.png)

>>326363 The funny thing all of revolt is like spergeberg, there might be a few true believers but dispite that they are all pieces of shit. They do it for the attention and for untreated mental health issues. What don't realize, sooner or later they will have a breakdown just like kelly. They will become lolcows and nobody will shrug for those sorry ass losers. I mean hell just look at Nackt epic twitlonger (http://www.twitlonger.com/show/n_1sovsje) it just screams: "I reject reality and substitute it with my own. It was real in my head and that's all what counts." >>326348 I like it that they more and more just fuck each other over. The pic attached that was when they fearmongered that the BO is a FBI informant, going to the authorities when beeing stalked by mentally disturbeb people is just fine. I mean 40 times something about acid.
>>326356 I like this, and continue to hate Chelsea.
>>326363 I've never clicked revolt. Never seen them, never been interested, never joined an IRC, skype or chat with any non-celebrity willing to give up their anonymity or identify themselves in any way other than a throwaway twitter. I check ghazi twice weekly and yet have never bothered to check revolt ever. I fact-check dates and names across Kotaku and Mary Sue articles and I've never learned a revoltard name. I'm aware this drama is going on, but I am quite literally oblivious to it, and am impressed that it's still ongoing, but I still will never let myself get derailed from the Literally Whos. t. real digger
(366.83 KB 620x900 CoWRMJUXEAMTIm7.png)

That image shows that at least Acid's photoshop skills has improved since the ones he did on the anniversary threads. The word font is pretty edgy looking too like my soul. Also most of this shit occurs on twitter from a very select few who push it,i would feel better if everyone just ignored them,its not like they do anything towards accomplishing any goals of gg or their own personal goals
>>326345 All 29 of them. As usual, Nackt is full of shit. I can disprove all these points against our site, because they are all untrue and only became a Problem as soon the Admin didn't obey their bidding. >Proof the site was unsafe When you go to revolt's board, you can see their actual justification for leaving was the unsafe way the Password was stored for which Czacks provided a patch after 8chan staff made him. >proof that Jim was a filthy lying con artist and data miner Nice meme. This is based on a twisting of the fact of that N-Tech ran 2ch's Rounin pay option and had to store post data for tax reasons. The Credit Card leak and the takeover that followed has unearthed that Hiro had financial ties to matome blogs, sold 2ch Data to Hottulink and deleted shit for bribes. It was a open secret before the leak that 2ch volunteers held banwaves to force everyone onto the pay option that stored data. This all wasn't under Jim's and CM's control, because defacto, Hiro was still admin. >proof that his son had NO idea what he was doing, CM is actually a talented engineer. A fact Nackt has omitted right in his twitlonger. All what I have seen under CM so far is the Drama is not a thing anymore, the site actually works, things are going forward on the technical side and 8chanstaff does its fucking Job in contrary to #Janiteam. The claim about CM not knowing what he is doing sounds intellectually dishonest if you ask me, because he is working the site that originated this all since his teens and may know a little more about Futuaba. To that comes that he is doing other shit in the background. The emphasis is on doing. In contrary to Nackt, he is too busy for the x-eceleb social club, like everyone else with a intense hobby or a actual job. >proof the site was compromised, By whom? Remember that 8chan is a N-Tech division since September 24 2014. This was only a problem since Yesterday. Since an Admin they tried to influence over IRC stepped down. >proof the site stored information for old posts, This is true but again Nackt omits shit. The data stored by Hotwheels himself was evidence for Bui using Hola to spam the site that was unearthed by some obsessive autist through greping the server. Said autist has no interest in improving 8chan. I spare you the reasons I suspect and rather point out that these Textfiles were handmade. >proof the entire site's administrative hierarchy was as despicable and dishonest as 4chan's. Untrue. The channel they use for organisation is not their main social hub, they don't seperate themselves from daily operation like 4chan's moderators do. 8chan doesn't has a Anonymity requirement for staff. Since 8chan boards are user based, they are not even involved with moderation decisions on the individual boards.
I had an epiphany a little bit ago. The #GG burnouts and altright extremist whackjobs they're cuddled up to? They're Anita. >"Everything is cucked, everything is SJW, everything is Liberal. And you have to point it out to everyone all the time. They are literally the flip side of the coin.
>>326388 Some bald dude had the same epiphany as well.
(58.66 KB 1314x827 Cpdw9ftVIAEpI9s.jpg large.jpg)

The one good thing about Jim/Ron is that they don't spend most of their waking hours on IRC circlekerking with some IRC clique. IRC is cancer. If you are so triggered by your own userbase that you have to fuck off to IRC and hide from your userbase, then its better if you never start an imageboard at all. Coincidentally both prior board owners were heavily involved in IRC and each burned out and quit similar to HW.
>>326352 >>326356 Holy smoke, Nackt wrote a fucking novel of a response to this https://archive.is/B7F6D
>>326397 Funny thing, I was just reading up on Vox Day's recent blog posts on sociopaths or "value-extractors" (aka. "I did it for the lulz"): how they ruin organizations, and how to identify them. http://voxday.blogspot.com/2016/08/the-importance-of-illumination.html http://voxday.blogspot.com/2016/08/mailvox-how-can-you-tell.html Nackt ticks all the boxes.
(321.77 KB 694x981 Asuka kini feet.jpg)

>>326397 That's to be expected, honestly. On the Internet and writing in text, typing giant, huge, fucknormous walls of text is equivalent to the IRL act of screaming over your opponent using your voice: You try to tire them out with the volume of your bullshit, and then declare victory when they stop screaming back. They increase the volume of work you have to do to refute their ocean of tangents until you can't keep up. It works pretty well for ideologues because their modus operadi is never shutting up in the first place. I haven't read the alleged screed yet, but I'll take a stab: >Repeats the same general points as the first rant, but much louder and more forcefully yet with no additional evidence. >Cherry picks two or three parts to make a point of effort at while ignoring the rest in favor of very angry-sounding ranting. >Much heavier use of ad-homs and insults leading into each paragraph. >Introduces multiple new tangents to demand answers for while not answering most of what was asked of them. Let me know if that works out about right. I'll read it over the weekend when I have time to respond if its worth it.
>>326399 Ain't it funny that none of revoltards openly associated with although they shared some goals and one of them had the same problems with the literature scene Vox had?
You want a happening? Here's the big one, just in time for the long weekend: https://twitter.com/mombot/status/763731099105177601 tl;dr - Everyone's favorite online robot mom laid a trap for antiGGs to incriminate themselves. Important detail that twitter, KiA, and /v/ missed: check the reactions of "GG supporters" during the time @mombot deleted the fake FB account & protected her twitter. The antis secretly infiltrating GG revealed their true colors.
(115.54 KB 338x342 1464383956227.png)

>>326401 >>326401 Jesus Christ Oh Dear Lord in Heaven He really did write a Thesis in response,how,why,whom COCKS!!!,i don't even want to read it its so fucking huge and surreal,did one person write all that shit down in one day or was he just adding in bit by bit over a period of a week.
>>326406 Just reading up on that shit too Damn thats some high level trolling Sorry Acid Mombot has the crown now for most prolific gamergate troll a title she will wear with honor for years to come,then again her targets are pretty stupid like Christoper Weston Chandler tier stupid which is why its so easy to troll them they never very or crosscheck shit and are easy as fuck to bait much like Thirdian is his ggr pals. Got wrecked just as hard too
(40.60 KB 504x358 1464807082147.jpg)

>>326397 Read through or at least skimmed through. Hes just rehashing what he said prior but adding huge as wall of text to each and every point….each and every point he also thinks that some gamedevs who don't instablock anything ggrelated on twatter means they control or are the reason boycotts are not taking place. You know why don't the boycott fags start a # or pick a target and boycott that instead of looking for a person army to boycott shit for them?. Phew i think i have a headache reading that with that white background. Compare boogiepop digger left of his own accord friendly,helpful holds no grudges Nackt digger Haughty holds a lot of grudges burns out and quits a # like yin/yang here This # zealotry is not healthy no wonder so many twatterfags burn out compared to here/KIA despite KIA having 10X the pop statistically they should have more burnouts that fucking twatter.
>>326411 mombot won so hard the Op ended up in Breitbart https://twitter.com/LibertarianBlue/status/763856778610216961 http://www.breitbart.com/tech/2016/08/11/gamergate-sting-operation-exposes/ I hope I'm not the only one who notices that Acidman's shit waifu is Asuka, while mombot's avatar is Asuka's Eva unit…
>>326419 Asuka pilots Eva Unit 02 mombot's profile picture is of Eva Unit 01, which is piloted by Shinji "Get in the fucking robot" Ikari
(296.65 KB 1920x1200 Asuka partner.jpg)

>>326419 >>326424 Trolling aGG faggots into the next dimension. We're a match made in Japan. >>326412 Yep, that's what I figured it was gonna be. >>326406 Which "supporters" anon? Name names so we can see.
(440.30 KB 1472x1674 1470801875019-4.jpg)

>Mombot wrecks twatter goonies on twatter >Suddenly the necrobumping shill returns Ah i think someone is bumrustled pretty hard now
>>326424 Whoops, my bad then. She had let slip a few times before some info that made me think she's affiliated with Gainax, >>326425 >Which "supporters" anon? Name names so we can see. Forgot to archive, most deleted their comments when I checked again. It's the usual clique of outliers & burnouts, anyway, they're not worth the time.
(1.76 MB 1440x1080 Asuka maga.png)

>>326409 So I finally sat down to read through Nackt's screed. Less angry than I was expecting, but in the end it amounts to a big pile of "Nuh-UH!" and "but ur board lol x500" and "but U" which was predicted. I think Nackt would benefit from a brief lesson in tactics versus strategy. First let's take a quick statistic. >Words typed in that Twitlonger: 6007 >Above-average typing speed of an average person: 50 >Approximate time spent just typing said Twitlonger (not including hunting for links): 120mins >Average energy expended by someone sitting and typing: ~419 joules/hr >Average energy expended by someone's brain operating in a state of focus: ~50 joules/hr >Approximate energy expended by Nackt on her screed: (419+50)*1.3333 = ~625.3 joules. I can render all that time and energy wasted at the snap of a finger by just declining to respond. Instead, this time lets use this as an easy example of an attrition strategy. Objectively, the Twitlonger is comprised of four kinds of speech: Insinuations, speculations, concrete points without supporting evidence, and concrete points with supporting evidence, in that approximate order of frequency. >Insinuations Being an angry screed by a butthurt person on Twitter, this occupies the bulk of the Twitlonger. Specifically in the form of various allusions and suggestions that the state of GGHQ is relevant to my criticism of Nackt's arrogance, and that by pointing out GGHQ's low rank and history, Nackt parries this into a gotcha or moral victory. To immediately invalidate approximately 70% of the Twitlonger, it's enough to say that I don't weigh my sense of self worth, or the worth of my arguments, on the activity status of an anonymous image board. I would suggest that anyone who does, such as Nackt, has mental problems. If I cared about being popular, I wouldn't have signed up for the world's worst "misogynist hate campaign" in the first place. I will address two specific falsehoods buried in the insinuations, however. The insinuation that the swatting was never attempted is false. The first of several false reports was made on 10/14/2015 at about 3:30am CST. These reports claimed among other various things that I was stockpiling illegal weapons and threatening to shoot up a nearby school if the police didn't intervene immediately. These reports pre-dated other false reports filed to the ATF and FBI in an attempt to have them raid my place of business. What the police told you is exactly what it says on the tin: The local PD did not open a case, because the reports were filed anonymously by parties operating over the Internet and not known people in their jurisdiction. That's the FBI's department. More specifically, this was the raid that took place on /baph/ and /b/ that Zan would later claim credit for "running", in his words. At least one accomplice to this is Male_Goddess, another member of Thidran's circle, who claimed credit in conjunction with LadyFuzzTail - another member of Thidran's circle, and was subsequently signal boosted by Kelly, yet another member of Thidran's circle. >Speculation That the few devs who were willing to publicly support #GG only opposed boycotts to protect their own bottom line is speculation on your part, as is your premise that journos removed from their positions only to be shuffled around or change companies means that our protest was a failure. You speculate that 8chan's UID cookies are used for nefarious purposes as opposed to benign ones. Concrete points: I have no disagreement with some of these, such as the Gawker Legdrop where you gave a fair assessment. You do not present any evidence at all to show that "ethics only" was ever a major keystone of #GG anywhere but the inside of your head and those of your like-minded burnouts. >Yeah, I remember hearing this same banter when I told you all Academia was involved. How did that turn out smart guy? I agree that academia is involved. But I am not the singular representative of the #GG hivemind. Is that your problem, perhaps? Do you think I represent in a single body the multitudes who call you retarded and relieve your frustrations at me? >Because you could not acknowledge who your real allies were all along and for that you alienated them. Many of the people I believe you're referring to don't even play videogames. They just see gaming as one more field in their nonsense culture war. They have no respect for me, and I have even less for them, and their efforts to sabotage parts of #GG they disagree with don't go un-noticed. You have failed to make an argument. #GamerGate. I'd think who was involved would be self evident. Ignoring the remaining posturing and blowharding, it's time for that lesson I talked about. "Tactics" are the methods employed when fighting a specific battle or battles, and "strategy" is how you integrate battles and their outcomes to bring about gain in the picture of the overall conflict. To wit: You have four broad choices. A: You write another Twitlonger or similar in response to this, possibly even larger in size. I will not respond to this one substantially in a deliberate effort to see your energy wasted. This is the option you are going to choose, because its all your limited psychology of confrontation will allow for. I predict it. B: You do not respond at all or respond in a limited fashion and go on about your business. C: Incensed, you make a more involved personal attack against me, which will be ignored as in option A so I can watch you waste your energy. D: You commit or attempt some criminal act, which will be recorded, analysed, and reported to appropriate authorities. A is advantageous to me because it validates my prediction about you and your psychological nature. B is advantageous to me because the distractions you make cease and both of our works continue. C is advantageous to me because I can waste your energy and see you further discredited by a childish tantrum. And D is advantageous to me because Germany's laws are considerably stricter and better investigated than here in the US, your engagements with me are recorded and documented, and you may inadvertently remove yourself as a problem. You do not have an option that does not advantage me in some way. You obsess about tactics, Nackt. The opponent in front of you and what you are going to do to him or prevent being done to you. This person, that person, this organization, that organization, this ideology, that ideology. They're all just battles. You don't need to win the battles to win a war. You only need to win the right ones, in the right way. Sometimes the right way to win, is even to lose, if the battle is the right one at the right place and time. Knowing which is which? That's strategy. Now when you calm down from the anger at how easily I manipulated you, and the blood quits pounding in your ears - remember to make your choice. How do you want me to win? Oh, and let's get meta for a second. >My reply: 1252 words >% of your energy expended: ~ 21% I won the attrition battle by default.
>>326582 Shit. I took a break and was expecting to be out of the loop when I got back but I don't even know what a Nackt is. The context of your post makes it sound like he's some cancer crew lackey but I'm guessing he's some kind of bottom tier waste of space because I have no clue who this retard is.
(392.61 KB 811x800 Asuka sad look.jpeg)

>>326584 Former #GG digger on the politics side. Once upon a time they were level headed and pretty awesome. A tribute to the good /pol/acks out there. Went burnout some time back, bought hardcore into revolt's anti-#GG memes and went off the deep end. Go to the drama sticky and scroll to the middle, you'll see a bunch more stuff. They follow only 12 people on Twitter, and one of those is Thidran. Should tell you most of what you need to know. I used to like him even though we disagreed on some things.
>>326419 I'm bothered by the fact that we have evafags as our rusers. Where did we go wrong?
(1.55 MB 1064x983 Asuka smug 7.png)

Option A it is. Called it. A: You write another Twitlonger or similar in response to this, possibly even larger in size. I will not respond to this one substantially in a deliberate effort to see your energy wasted. This is the option you are going to choose, because its all your limited psychology of confrontation will allow for. I predict it. http://www.twitlonger.com/show/n_1sp0m4h The entertaining part is how absolutely cocksure Nackt is of theirself about things I know to be untrue from firsthand experience. Mark and this board and the SWAT attempt at minimum, "illegal" things I've supposedly done, and plenty more besides. But he's so desperate to be right he never second guesses anything, no matter how tinfoily, that agrees with him. When evidence doesn't point one way or the other, like the email from the PD which confirms only exactly what I told Nackt earlier that no case at the PD was opened because its the FBI's problem - he still assumes that, somewhere in the subtext, he must be right. I just can't not be lying - Nackt's fragile ego can't take being wrong. Its like watching a little kid become more and more elaborate in explaining how the dog ate his homework or something. Interesting too is how the elaborate conspiracy theory keeps implicitly requiring an ever greater burden of proof that he keeps pushing off.
(3.93 KB 255x143 sector484262400.jpg)

>>326584 >I don't even know what a Nackt is. I've no idea who any of them are - prefer the 'do your own thing' approach of GG. I just link in the relevant threads and occasionally shitpost. Got some links I've been meaning to dump now too. >>326669 >proof Asking for proof - well it's worth a try. Seeing as they like redefining words, what's 'proof' defined as these days? . . . Anyone got a bigger version of this pic?
(68.18 KB 550x636 Asuka bunnyhot.jpg)

>>326677 >dubdubs checked. Yeah, ultimately this is just more drama crap. I shouldn't touch the poop, but its tempting because Nackt used to be a goodguy. You see idiots on Twitter like Gel who burned out and think "eh, they were faggots anyway", but Nackt wasn't a faggot. Seeing them fall like the others stings. Makes me care a bit about why. Now I'm convinced I'm not going to get anything through that space between their ears, and its time to disengage. From Nackt's point of view "it's the gamers who are evil!" And there's more important things to do than pull Anakin out of the lava while he screams how much he hates you. We have the anniversary coming up, I'm still doing digging, and I just had somebody contact me about some interesting board business. There's always something going on in this bitch, even when users ain't posting much.
>>326679 Nackt's biggest flaw that led to his burning out is the online "friends" he hangs out with. And I put that in quote marks like a hipster since you all know very well the kind of people they are. Also, apparently according to other places like /cyberpunk/ Nackt is not quite the leet ethical grey haxxor he claims to be, but just an attention-whoring, copypasta-slinging little loser that considers the internet his life.
(67.33 KB 300x100 gg20.png)

>>326679 Yeh it's bad/sad when someone you like goes off the deep end. All you can really do is hope they come to their senses - however long it takes. That usually comes with age - I bet some of the older GGers look back at some of the antics of their younger self and think 'Yeh, I was being a dick.' Yup, guilty of that.
(68.30 KB 602x315 sector326049880.jpg)

>>326683 Wow that was quick - cheers faggot!
(50.33 KB 630x304 Self Righteous.jpg)

>>326685 Same. Back about 15 years ago I was an edgy little fuck who thought I knew everything. I remember being an environmentfag who bought into the global warming shit, and once thought that recycling and energy conservation should be mandatory. When somebody once asked me how I would treat people who refused to do it, I gave an answer like some rabid alynskyite that bordered on "send them to the camps and make examples." I still remember that discussion today because, just a few years later, I had antigunfags saying the same thing about me. It hit home the difference between truly universal principles like freedom, and the ideologically-driven pissing matches that human society likes to get into. I had been a fool. Its a big reason why I hate Liberals so much today - they're nominally adult versions of my cringey teenaged self. >mfw I hear shit like that today, coming from any side of the aisles.
(616.00 KB 600x445 moe1.png)

>>326688 >dubdubs back at you I went through (some years ago now) the most liberal college course there is - art college. Not sure what it's like elsewhere in the world - fellow Britbongs may know this - and anyone who has seen what passes for 'art' -it's a bastion of progressives. They don't teach the skills -pretty much all the tutors were left leaning (going on strike over various nonsense) and lots of self importance. Lots of 'you don't get it' (regarding the art) too. It's hard not to get affected by that and hard to shake off - I'm not one of the participation trophy crowd and am more chilled than brash, but I can see how all that self-centeredness and ego-feeding acts like a drug for the sjws. Well, for them that's all they know. Fortunately I never went full on cos I had to work to pay for it (part-time before and after college) so I kind of kept a foot in reality. I bailed at the start of degree level (can't imagine how I'd have turned out if I'd stayed) and went off to work as . . . a farmer. (Yes really). Growing salad crops - paid by piecework. Any snowflakes reading this -that's piecework -where you're paid for effort -not by the hour. So far, I've not seen any sjw farming related stuff (prove me wrong faggots!) - that damn nature just won't conform to the narrative.
(68.57 KB 240x255 eh.png)

>>326691 Dammit I scrolled through tons of pics and found I don't have a picture of a tractor. That one will have to do.
(54.80 KB 800x600 aSUKA SMUG 8.jpg)

Swami seems to be mad about something. Of course, they were tagged into the very initial tweets where Nackt started bitching at me. I wonder why that could possibly be? Surely nobody would manipulate #GG people into fighting.
>>326669 It's amazing how much effort these people put into going after their own side instead of corrupt agencies.
>>326701 I'm pretty sure we stopped being on "their side" the moment we went off script and became independent of their network.
(56.75 KB 475x446 ChZue1vU8AAn2z_.jpg)

>>326364 >The funny thing all of revolt is like spergeberg, there might be a few true believers but dispite that they are all pieces of shit. They do it for the attention and for untreated mental health issues. What don't realize, sooner or later they will have a breakdown just like kelly. It's obvious, but I need to point it out every once in a while: GGR NEVER FUCKING PLAYS VIDEOGAMES They got involved with GG for purely egofaggotry reasons and can't give half-a-shit about videogames. They're all failed ecelebs, who jumped on the GG bandwagon for easy eFame, and subsequently got kicked the fuck OFF the bandwagon when they tried that retarded Super-sekret-Dewritos-triangles-illumanti-of-GamerGate shit during the third exodous to GGHQ. Fucking loser burnouts have the nerve to bitch that "GG never accomplished nothin" because they couldn't even name any of GG's actual goals; as to them "GG's only 'real' goal was to make them eFamous and thus, to them, it failed.'' What utter faggots.
(17.63 KB 400x400 Co3GjrNWAAA68Fe.jpg)

>>326701 Judging by their frequent backstabbing of each other near zero interest in low hanging fruit like Wu,Snark and Randi or anything gg grelated, general hostility to anyone that deviates from their view. I don't think they ever cared about taking sides in the black and white sense they just want people who will agree/circlejerk with them. >>326721 I couldn't agree more.
>>326732 >To me, GG's goal is going after sjws since it's the only think that gets results anymore, imo. Which is why GGR has taken out Anita Sarkeesian, Brianna Wu, Leigh Alexander, Randi Harper, etc. etc. Oh, wait…you haven't. For all your bluster about how taking out SJWs being the most important part of GG, you've get to take out a single one. Even Rapp wasn't affected by her firing from Treehouse, as it just gives her more time to do her prostitution.
Looks like Nackt is super butthurt over your response (or lack there of) Acid. https://archive.is/jTHSn#selection-8117.0-8119.0
(88.76 KB 1200x735 CprQZAzVMAA3Wd_.jpg)

>>326732 I should point out that when /ggr/ is mentioned it usually refers to the shitheads like swami/malegoddess,ququ,kelly,zan actual all of Thirdian's Irc gang and the trolls/burnouts who inhabit revolt due to their zero moderation policy. If you are not part of this group this does not refer to you. If anyone doing anything towards Sjw its probably momobot screeching/jerking how much you hate them while doing absolutely nothing against them is a pisspoor strategy >>326739 A blind man leading the blind i see Nacht has caught the Acidman obsession probably picked it up by hanging around ddm moe,bnf /revolt all day nasty think that is,i wonder if there's a cure except maybe treating prior untreated mental illness and a worthwhile hobby to occupy one's time.
(115.06 KB 850x799 Asuka belittles 3.jpg)

>>326739 Well that explains Nackt's retardation, at least in part. They attribute shit to me that wasn't me. I'm kind of insulted they'd blame me for that /pol/(?) thread. The headline title even mis-spelled "studies." I only went on IRC to talk to the Cancerfags before I let the FBI thing drop, etc. I don't mind /furry/ and visit once in a while for sfur threads Krystalfag mostly, but I've never been an actual furfag and don't care for them. At some point you cross the line from "reading too deep" into "making shit up." But Nackt as they are now will never admit they could be off on wild goose chases, much less that they are.
… what?
>>326747 If that a tranny then its a pretty attractive tranny would pound ass till my cock falls of
>>326748 It's Variloh. All I'm reading from his spergout is video related.
>>326747 He's right. Transfags belong in rubber rooms.
Good news, everyone! http://archive.is/TGdCh
(8.79 KB 655x98 telescopes are phallic.png)

Meanwhile, in space . . . The Constellations Are Sexist- http://archive.is/34bFD >mythic misogyny wtf? Astronomy Plus?
>>326765 You're still posting here? DM me, you switched your twitters again if you're still on the twitters. - Brad
>>326774 The smell of all that burnt rubber from the backpedaling is intoxicating. Also, LMAO at all that quitters and burnouts slinking back into the hashtag, pretending that they never left. What losers.
Welcome back to the top 50, it's been a while, but good to have you back
>>326735 >>326734 Ian Miles Cheong? Sjws turned on him as soon as he started to back away.
>>326802 The enemy is always the best recruiter.
(405.57 KB 2118x1276 420285602.png)

>take a 3 weeks break >over 50 posts of spaghetti of Acidman and some other fuck on the thread
>>326392 >Coincidentally both prior board owners were heavily involved in IRC and each burned out and quit similar to HW. HW left in a completely different way though, he didn't sperg or anything and still have my respect.
(24.52 KB 253x163 1402401682450.jpg)

>>326360 >By banning people(when they weren't even breaking the rules) for criticizing his moderation or doing something he didn't like, Mark chased off most of the people that actually did something. He created a low-energy environment of (mostly)do-nothing shitposters. I agree in some parts, Mark is not that harsh but he could go easier on the ban button. Also, seeing some anons turn on YandereDev for some bullshit reason that I don't even remember infuriated me and now I'm starting to see the same thing but with HW. I wonder what is up with that. >Well we had boycotts on Gawker and all the other sjw sites, which are pretty big sites, right? So why become realists when people propose boycotting game devs? It just doesn't werks!! Seriously though, halfchan's /v/ boycotted EA for the longest time, threads about their games used to be flooded with shitposting and even voted them as the worst company in America twice. EA just shrugged it off, made some pathetic damage control involving gay people and nothing changed. On top of that even if we did go on a full boycott there is no way we can ensure that every one follow it strictly, I remember some months ago seeing some burnouts, who use to force here that we absolutely needed boycotts, arguing between themselves because some of them decided to buy Overwatch. It is the same story of old, buy what you like, boycott what you don't.
(162.20 KB 914x1200 CqW2sIUWcAAmmfB.jpg)

Interesting Factoid Acidman appears 7 x in this thread Acid man appears 25 x in this thread Cole appears 6 x in this thread Why are we still talking about boycotts in 2016?there aren't enough people left and the taint of revolt is all over "boycott" so it will never get off the ground at least with people interested in gg
(347.79 KB 717x778 1420838113341-2.png)

>>326847 Honesty is a virtue Hypocrisy roots this world The chasm between these two groups is far too wide for there to be any sort of compromise,you can blame Thirdian's bastard kids from the IRC and ralphretard for helping to stoke the fire
>>326850 I blame Mr "I'm going to call the FBI because someone raided my Chinese cartoon picture forum" for creating a divide. He wanted to purge the "radical" elements out of GamerGate, and this is what's left.
(3.82 MB 2149x3035 1443529219579.jpg)

>>326858 Swami or whoever asshurt person you are nobody cares that you are too stupid to not realize that you are being trolled by Acidman your epic spergouts on this site was fascinating as well as entertaining but if you seriously think a couple of posts on an anonymous imageboard can somehow lead to a police arrest then I suggest you get that untreated mental illness treated immediately. The so called "radicals" are braindead trashposters with near zero value to anyone. >>326859 Ralph only cares about clicks for his shitty blog if he cannot get clicks via news he will create it and stoke it,which is what he did with crybones and his aytem friends,did it again with Nicole,did it again with that dead Asian chick,he's a shithead hardly considered neutral If you make a devdex/boycott thread on KIA it will be downvoted into oblivion Twatterfags won't touch it because revolt Not enough people on here or the general to push it. And thats that nothing more
>>326860 >epic spergouts wut?
>>326794 Whats this? >>326846 >Interesting Factoid >Cole appears 6 x in this thread And all by revoltards
(242.03 KB 932x3091 "board raid".jpg)

>>326858 >board raid
(38.72 KB 635x338 ggr_back_for_more.png)

>>326798 Speaking of quitters and burnouts coming back…
(82.79 KB 976x644 1455808680669-1.png)

Speaking of Ralph he's faded into obscurity now he hasn't done anything of note since been thrown out of snark or was it wu's event since then its being a drought for him still continuing the hard work of turning tweets into "articles" >>326893 what do we have here
(358.85 KB 600x887 Asuka gainax collage.jpg)

>>326899 One of the approximately 4 threads that got the FBI involved. Becausegunz they went after ATF first trying to get to me. It's why the whole "Acid is a snitch" meme only made me laugh - they were the ones trying to sic Federal LEOs on people. All I did was hand over the evidence when asked and turn it right back on them.
>>326899 >Speaking of Ralph he's faded into obscurity now he hasn't done anything of note He got an article to appear in Infowars, and by proxy TheDailyBeast(or one of those big right-wing news sites) though.
(156.04 KB 1000x1000 Ebola chan and S4S Tan.png)

Sometimes spending too much time surrounded by negative shit online burns you out on these subjects made even worse when you spend a majority of your time around negative unfun people. Sjw don't create they only destroy or build themselves up usually via twitter the hangons want in on the sj twitter so they hang around and parrot what their senpais say
>>326903 >Sjw don't create they only destroy Sometimes they create gay walking simulators for their friends in the media to promote.
>>326880 >>326899 Ralph barely even blogs on his own site any more (probably too busy being pussywhipped by his Pakistani mistress) and virtually handed the reins over to Goose & S4T. Hell, if you're convincing enough, you could probably even score a guest spot and get your articles posted on Ralph's site, I reckon.
>>326910 Its mostly just trump/hillary conspiracy mudslinging at this point when i looked hardly anything you don't already know if you follow "that" section of gg. https://8ch.net/_a/aug16.txt This a bit late but i doubt it concerns us we are currently too small to be off any interest to board war faggots or shills trying to push an agenda though this shit would be more relevant when the two tards ran the other gg boards into the ground. Never panic when people start screaming about how the sky is falling, and running amock like headless chickens 90% of the time these guys are full of decaying shit
>>326901 I like how those posts can't really be tied to their twatter accounts since they are all anons there and there,s no real way for you to see their ip address to get their IRL identityies Yet for some reason they lost their shit instead of going "LOL Acidcuck got nothing on us Kek bet they laughed him out of the FBI office kekles LulZ go bck to reddit fgt" Oh well stupid is as stupid does. Also Acidcuck your loverboy on twatter is screencapping your posts again and jerking off to them,you should send him a box of chocolate or even some flowers mang,poor thing stalks you all day
>>326901 >reporting your bomb making tutorials to the Feds is "attempted" swatting Yep. I also reported that otter faggot to his local PD for threatening to shoot up a store on Twitter. So illegal Much FBI The reason the FBI didn't take anything you gave them seriously is because it's nonsense. Zan raided your board, and that's what he's discussing in that snippet from the "Dox stream" you keep citing as proof. Zan is and always has been a major sperg, so he did what he naturally does, sperged out when you said you reported him to the FBI. There's a reason why no one has even had a knock on the door about your alleged "attempted" swatting, because no one attempted to have you swatted, dipshit.
>>326920 To add, a swatting is when someone calls 911, using IP calling to get your local PD, and they say something like, "I just shot my wife. I'm at [address] and I'm going to shoot any cops who show up to arrest me." Or, "I just saw a man with a knife stab a woman at [address]. Oh god, he's dragging her inside the house! He's still stabbing her! Get someone here quick!"
>>326920 >>326916 Is 4chan too lonely for you fags or something? At least you know that you don't simply sick the feds on people if you don't know jack shit about the subject matter. Here is something that I can legally read here although we have one of the strictest fire arms laws on this planet besides Japan. https://alamancerangers.files.wordpress.com/2014/10/total-resistance.pdf Good luck with getting the police involved with that shit.
>>326922 Posting bomb making instructions used to be illegal back in the day. Laws change, who knew?
(502.77 KB 646x1295 autismus maximus returns.png)

This is John crybaby kelly,he's so severely autistic he has now latched onto hur durrr Milo is a scam and now thinks anyone with an avatar that looks even slightly like milo is a milofan
(69.37 KB 316x450 Asuka plain face.jpg)

>>326916 Watching them freak out like the guilty faggots they are is why I made the FBI involvement public in the first place. It pointed me at who to dig into. I mean we're talking about a pedo, an emo teenager with a rat-tail, and a dipshit kid from Canada. Not exactly the A-Team. >>326921 God, the only thing that is actually irritating about your idiotic gaslighting to cover your ass, is that you think anyone's stupid enough to believe it when its right there in the thread above you. Or that you think it'll work on me. Edit: Nah, not worth it yet.
http://archive.is/Lbc0v /pol/ thread about the gawker post mortem
>>326945 it means hes going to pound your rectum with a dragon dildo while you beg for mercy
>>326998 It's funny. Banning a clique of retards from an imageboard isn't illegal either, but things still happened.
(41.50 KB 333x500 Nippon gives no shits.jpeg)

>>326998 Then you have absolutely nothing to worry about,can't say the same for some of your friends though
(1.71 MB 500x500 1415931395563.gif)

https://archive.is/AmR97 >If you're genuinely out of a place to go, big shoutouts to https://4chan.xyz (because of Drybones) and https://freech.net/ (because of Oman). >I have a dream that involves this place. Until I collapse, I will work towards achieving it, and when I have my resources together I will see it to completion. It pains me too much to let it languish in the state it was in. >Until next time my friends, Feed his to the pigs and be done with it….strange i thought they said drybones wasn't involved in 4chan. Poor Josh is really getting hammered by some guy who is basically his version of derek smart,but then again when you unemploed/unemployable have a massive failure portfolio,run a troll forum,kicked off paypal,high school dropout,still living with yo mamma at 30+ years old getting your shit kicked in might be enough to push you over the edge and unto a rope with a nose
http://archive.is/LXgDM#selection-2501.134-2501.140 >GANERGATE!!!!!!!!! HACKED LESLIE JONES!!!!!!!!! >Alt right,donald trump Another stellar journalism expose by our friends at salon,if there's one thing i have learned its that all journals regardless of medium can be scummy.
(42.77 KB 598x628 Coucil invite.jpg)

>>327016 That's understandable. It was a contentious move, and I admit it. But we had lost over 700 people in just the month prior, and the board was ass. I had to try something to save it. We could tell from the IP hashes and posting patterns it was an organized group of people messing with the board, but we still didn't know who it was back then. Just believe me on one thing - it was never the normal anons using the board I was acting against. If you got caught in the crossfire, I sincerely apologize.
swarmi's autism has flared up again. Check the catalog
>>327022 what happened? I don't see anything.
>>327023 File (hide): 2ce20cf762002d0⋯.mp4 (6.84 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Happy 2nd Birthday GamerGa….mp4) [play once] [loop] [–] ▶Happy 2nd Birthday #GamerGate!! Veteran Leader 08/26/16 (Fri) 06:45:58 6c5f2a No.327020[Reply][Watch Thread] I know it's a few days early, but I made another video to share with you guys! It's been a long road, and you successfully took down that evil Gawker. Much love! this thread
>>327016 GGR never had a chance. The GGR Information Dump shows that, basically from the first day, GGR was more concerned with "outing" SJW-lites (a meaningless term), promoting members of the DDM clique, inciting drama, and generally working against the interests of the GG community at large. This isn't even taking into account that the people pushing GGR were just using it to sow discord in GG/profit from people using their works. Look at how many of the DDM/GGR folks are now saying that "GG is dead, GG never accomplished anything" now. Sorry anon, but you got played by people who never cared about GG at all.
>It's just a list of a bunch of people that are anti-sjw, most of them probably never even heard of ggr before. lol you've only seen the one spread by GGR/DDM on twitter. The actual GGR Information Dump is a list of archived threads from reddit, 8ch, voat and twitter, showing how GGR behaved from the very beginning. GGR/DDM fags conveniently leave those threads out when they spread the Information Dump as a work of "autism"
>>327048 meant in reply to >>327047
(961.58 KB 1400x990 1463333528674-3.png)

>>327048 Ironically they claimed that /ggr/ was going to be the board where shit got done like destroy the SJW!\!!!111 ATTACK ATTACK ATTACK!!!! and no rulecock,ethics cuck and scope shills to stop them,it worked since they mostly focus on e-celebs and worthless namefags their legacy continues on till this day.
>>327045 >The GGR Information Dump shows that, basically from the first day, GGR was more concerned with "outing" SJW-lites (a meaningless term), promoting members of the DDM clique, inciting drama, and generally working against the interests of the GG community at large. This does go a long way into explaining why they're turning against Milo (& Breitbart by extension) now.
>>327247 I really don't give two shits about his ideology or how much black dick he chokes on or if he likes Trump or not. He puts in work to destroy SJWs
>>327250 True. He may be a bastard, but he's our bastard. And he's the key to put the SJWs into extinction.
(998.29 KB 1000x1000 Asuka nude chill.png)

>>327265 All it took was the death of a multi-million dollar corporation and the exposure of a SJW conspiracy. That was easy,
(30.46 KB 430x296 Cq2-RBDXEAE2SLt.jpg)

>>327247 Hes going up against twatter for nuking his account eventhough he could just remake it i don't think twatter has rules against that. Yeah he's a faggot through and through.
>>327269 >Yeah he's a faggot through and through. His homosexuality isn't up for debate, it's public knowledge.
>>327208 Considering how badly DevDex failed/flopped, GGR's boasting is absolutely hilarious in hindsight. >>327227 Milo was useful to GGR when he was whining about KiA removing some of his threads/KiA not sucking his cock enough. Now that he's seemingly moved on from GG, he's no longer useful to them.
>>327294 That e-celeb obsession they seem to be focusing on Totalbuiscuit now something something ethics cock something something highjacking the movement RAlPHRETORT!!! Thankfully no one outside their small gang is buying what they are selling and focusing on the con leaks,gg anniversary and vivian posting. I am impressed with the twatterfags at not being derailed and chasing after e-celebs again like with the whole rapp thing >>327270 I believe thats a term of enterment
Happy 2nd birthday you unbearable faggots.
>>327319 From what I'm reading, it just seems like confirmation that TB only ever cared about ethics in the industry, like he's said many times before. GGR is taking this as a sign that TB is an aGGro and was working against GG from the beginning. AKA, it confirms their preexisting biases and beliefs so they aren't actually digging into it to see if it's true, just assuming it is.
>>327357 TotalBiscuit is still an ignorant limey shitlib. He was merely against the worst excesses of the SJWs.
>>327357 TB cared most about preserving his business. That's fine. If that's how he felt, he should have stayed out of it. Instead, he engaged in dishonest and manipulative behavior, attempting to play both sides against the middle to his own favor. Fuck that guy.
>>327375 >(1) QuQu, Ralph and friends need to get better at shilling these threads without being noticed.
>>327357 >GGR is taking this as a sign that TB… AGGRos are all anally abraded failed eceb-wannabees who attack any eceleb that isn't in their sekret peepee-touching club (Well, Ralf …and pretty much just Ralf) out of jealousy. Absolutely shameful…
Oh, what do we have here? QuQu and friends losing their marbles again? Here's something for QuQu:Are you totally cruddy, or something? Your video about the failed cooption of Gamergate got an endorsement from some good people who actually had a online pressence for 10 years. If you are really in need of a extended online broadcasting and writing career, why not leaving that IRC channel and go to them. Maybe Bechtloff will have you on one of his Saturday streams.
>>327418 Mainstream media connections. It'll be too narrow-minded for QuQu to turn down this door of opportunity to get on a higher platform. Maybe he can finally get laid once the e-celebrity status rolls in.
>>327418 An endorsement by Aurini and John C. Wright should be more than enough to aim for that. Koprulu radio is a failure and kinda dead. Saturday Night with the Bechtloff is still a thing. Go figure.
>>327401 >>327419 >>327420 It's because QuQu is the equivalent of that one kid who tries to hang out with all the "popular kids" in the playground even though they don't give two fucks about him, and has a lot more to offer outside their shitty clique, but still keeps going back every fucking day to a group of literal nobodies. He could be doing a lot more but surrounds himself with people who will end up doing nothing after everything is over.
(63.92 KB 600x1039 Vivian spinning bait.jpg)

>>327422 You make a compelling point but i feel i should point out that most of ququ's follows come from via skynet and are thus artificial or he follows people and they follow back which is why his follow and follower count is almost the same. Where as the lardass follows about 288 while having a followership of over 1000 which indicates that he does have a small following who follow him because they like his opinions >>327425 Because qu is desperately wants attention and validation from others and that gang are the only ones who will give it to him unfortunately they have convinced to burn every bridge he had with kia,here and most of twitter gg so his shit will never escape the confines of that tiny group and it shows At least netscape who was in a similar situation to Qu realized his mistake and bailed out of the revolt crew and as soon as he did others started looking at him more favorably particularly the twatterfags and redditors hell they even sticked two of his threads on KIA ,if he was still hanging out with revolt that would have never happened.
(173.62 KB 600x352 sleepykatla.png)

Really really off topic. Innocuous pic of Mount Katla. It's a really huge volcano in Iceland - reports in the last few days of earthquakes and rumblings. It really is enormous -the top is over 10km across. Not sure if it's got a Patreon, but it's probably on fagbook and twatter unless it's been banned for toxic ventings. Only posting cos I have it on good authority that volcano fans lurk here. It's overdue and if it goes pop proper, it really will make a mess.
>>323482 Holy shit, she followed my advice…somewhat. lol.
Is there any decent youtube mirror/archive service?
>>327519 video download helper. You can then convert, down sample or do whatever to the MP4 you usually get from Youtube.
>>327436 >At least netscape who was in a similar situation to Qu realized his mistake and bailed out of the revolt crew and as soon as he did others started looking at him more favorably particularly the twatterfags and redditors hell they even sticked two of his threads on KIA ,if he was still hanging out with revolt that would have never happened. god I fucking hate netscape, I wish he'd stuck to the revoltards and fucked off for good. fuck twatter and fuck kia for giving him any sort of attention.
Hillary thought the (c) markings on her emails meant that they were in alphabetical order https://twitter.com/lizcgoodwin/status/771764863559491584
(85.79 KB 710x270 vivianjames01.png)

This thread the only one on the catalog not updating? Still says 'Jul 30' >>326688 Meant to ask -what snapped you out of it? Just growing up/time going by/life in general, or was there a turning point?
>>327558 Would you rather nutscrape write for Ralph's blog like spaghetti4truth?
>>327577 Checked. To be frank, what snapped me out of it was Ruby Ridge and Waco back in the 1990s. I'm not going to yank my dick on the board with big exposition, so the short version is that I realized what it really meant when any one person or ideology could just do, or at least believed it could do, whatever it wanted to be on "the right side of history" as we would mockingly say today. Gradually I came into the habit of trying to understand and sympathize with both sides of various conflicts, instead of taking a (pre-prepared by the media) side and demonizing the other like a good little goy. Once you cross that bridge, things get so much worse. Its nightmare vision goggles and you wrap your head around how fucked up the world really is. That realization pisses that arrogant sense of "I should get to judge and even condemn other people based on my subjective opinions" shit right out the fucking window and I came to resent that type of thinking whenever I saw it in others. There's no going back after that, and the only things left you can really adhere to are truly universal principles of morality and philosophy, judging things on merit, and the golden rule.
>>327583 I don't get Netscape. GGR were responsible for his doxxing, and mocked him at every opportunity, yet he still associates with them.
>>327585 Fair enough - not sure I ever fully crossed over 'that bridge' to be in with the politically correct crowd in the first place - but I was certainly half way there during college life. As I said, having a foot in the working world outside of academia probably helped - just that other perspective, other responsibilities. Don't know what it's like elsewhere in the world (Britfag) but among left-leaning comrades I noticed various 'unspoken rules' in how they acted. Some blatant -'we can't be friends if you don't agree with my opinions/if I have to talk to you I will but we're not mates' sort of thing -high and mighty snobbery stuff. Also a passive-aggressive approach to other people, expecting (or a passive insistence) that they toe the line. 'I know you will support me on this (issue)' is one I heard more than once. I'm guessing they thought it would work with people seeking approval or the weak-willed, or just that they were out-smarting everyone else. Don't know that I'm particularly strong-willed -at least not in an up-front way -but noticing that stuff put me off wanting to be like that. I'm more laid back -and became quite good at being non-reactive to what other people said -my response to that stuff was usually just blank -that they thought their 'passive pressure' had worked was just their assumption. Maybe I should learn to play poker. >judging things on merit This may well have been 'right place right time' for me. Again applying to Britain, I grew up + went through high school learning just that. Competition and being sporting -you win some, you lose some - was still a thing (not just in sports). The education set up went through a change just after I'd finished -so I was in one of the last years -if not the last year -before the 'participation trophy' mentality started up. Realizing now I may have been quite lucky.
(87.55 KB 720x1032 CrFqr7-VUAATI8l.jpg large.jpeg)

The further it goes, the more brain cells they lose
>>327621 >SJWsnoke Certifiably insane. Social media gave crazies like SJWs too much power and influence. >>327650 >Michael Jordan Oh, that revoltard.
(168.93 KB 1049x1200 CrkyhQQVUAAWUnG.jpg)

>>327650 >>327654 Looked around and found the source. Yeah, it's legit. Thanks, you idiots, especially Ralph. Now all the antis are going to have a field day with this.
(19.09 KB 501x361 12.jpg)

>>327655 Fuck if I care, anything Ralph does is on him, not me. Get that collectivist thinking out of your ass. >>327650 Seems legit. "Fuck being nice" indeed.
>>327662 Tell that to the media, and fuck you too.
http://vocaroo.com/i/s1SIyYzaD03p Ralphy getting arrested vocaroo leak,funny shit just like the train wreck that is his life
(67.26 KB 600x597 CPqUEiXUsAA85FJ.jpg)

(26.27 KB 403x403 propaganda-tv-media.jpg)

>>327663 >Caring what the corrupt media thinks. Is this your first day on the rodeo, faggot?
(72.54 KB 600x800 CrkUQdHWYAAy6rg.jpg)

Ralph is a relic from the old days of gg that overstayed his welcome he really should have been put out to the farm when IA and KOP left all three of them would have made a spectacle of themselves. In Ralph's case trolls latched onto to him and convinced him to push away his audience and turn on everyone effectively isolating him it shows since these trolls were the only ones he did those stupid kill streams with and hung out with in his slack channel. https://kiwifarms.net/threads/ethan-ralph-theralphretort.16672/page-10 Looks like his rent a bride is running the show while hes in the slammer
>>327697 He's a insecure manlet that got his ego fed by trolls and lost sight of himself. Too bad, when karma strikes, you take it like a man or go down like a chump.
(54.56 KB 1062x367 ffs.jpg)

He went from having a gf who lived in the same country as he did to getting involved with a long distance relationship with a chick who lives in another fucking country. How does he ever expect this shit to work?how does anyone ever expect long distance relationship's to work especially at the early stages is he flying to see her every weekend? i doubt he can afford it This is like watching the slowly collapsing roman empire only this is some fatass with a blog who consistently makes all the wrong decisions
>>327699 Like how the Romans should've have entertained the Jews, Ralph should've have turned his blog over to the same trolls who hated him. I'll even go out on a limb and say that it was these sycophants that influenced him for all his recent life choices. Look at how his "friends" are shitting all over him online even now. But of course they'll blame GG for one idiot's fuckup.
Colin Flaherty is a social researcher who studies violence and racism in black American culture. He wrote the book "White Girl Bleed A Lot" and kept videos of the race riots of the last few years. Youtube just banned him. https://www.youtube.com/user/ColinFlaherty712/videos https://voat.co/v/whatever/comments/1274289
>>327742 gee its almost as if jewtube isn't cracking down on content they deem inappropriate based on the reason they don't like it,honestly all these youtubers should consider getting their own website or using none cocked platforms like dailymotion or vimeo. I expect the banning to ramp up,good to see voat is still being used by a dedicated few sick to death of that asian chick or whoever runs that "forum" now.
>>327687 HUE. Who are those?
>>>/irc/ here! I found the first incident in which Chelsea van Valkenburg became a person of interest for #janiteam. I will probably find much, much more over the next few months. now to the chatlog. Depression Quest (19:44:45) <+VCR> http://storify.com/SeeBeeWhitman/depression-quest-harassment-campaign (19:44:56) <+VCR> hoh boy /v/ (19:45:02) <+VCR> gg (19:46:14) <+Scrubadour> >I'm not going anywhere, assholes. I hope my games about love & empathy & vulnerability piss you off. (19:46:15) <+WhatWinterLeft> Is that the MN9 bitch? (19:46:48) <+Scrubadour> I've got 99 problems, but a lack of games about those things ain't one. (19:46:58) <+Scrubadour> because there's katawa girl (19:47:41) <+WhatWinterLeft> Oh geez, is this some artsy fartsy bullshit? (19:48:03) <+Scrubadour> marketing gimmick (19:48:04) <+WhatWinterLeft> She earned every bit of harassment for spending however many years in art school to shit another SO DEEP game (19:48:57) <+WhatWinterLeft> Its not even a game its a CYOA (19:49:52) <+Scrubadour> so it's a VN? (19:50:49) <+WhatWinterLeft> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tSUlpitlMhI (19:50:57) <+WhatWinterLeft> Nope, just a wall of text and some options. (19:51:09) <+WhatWinterLeft> This could just be a fucking HTML page […] (20:03:51) <%BEAM> https://i.4cdn.org/v/src/1386988405896.png (20:04:15) <%KusKus> lol (20:05:33) <+Scrubadour> wow cool depression quest (20:05:38) <+Scrubadour> it's like a shitty visual novel (20:06:36) <+Azatsu> why (20:06:46) <+Azatsu> why is that girl paying attention to 4chan (20:07:13) <+Scrubadour> she obviously is a regular (20:07:33) <+Azatsu> we must be fallen very low then (20:07:34) <+Scrubadour> wouldn't surprise me at all if she's the one who posted the thread (20:07:36) <+Azatsu> *have (20:07:46) <+Azatsu> so reverse trolling (20:07:47) <+Azatsu> jesus (20:07:59) <+Azatsu> what these people don't do for advertising (20:08:05) <+Scrubadour> she got it! (20:08:19) <+Scrubadour> well, this is conjecture on my part (20:09:47) <+Scrubadour> wait hang on (20:09:56) <+Scrubadour> that post is number 66719… what? (20:10:25) <+Scrubadour> what board was that on, lol (20:14:25) <+Scrubadour> yo vcr (20:14:34) <+Scrubadour> that wasn't a post on 4chan (20:16:14) <+Scrubadour> /v/ literally doesn't give a fuck (20:19:52) <+Scrubadour> http://wizardchan.org/v9k/index.html (20:20:22) <%BEAM> >/v9k/ (20:20:32) <%BEAM> so it's just /r9k/ right (20:20:43) <+Scrubadour> it's like their depression board (20:20:45) <+Scrubadour> i have NO fucking idea what she's doing on wizardchan of all places
[cont.] (20:21:07) <%BEAM> who (20:21:15) <+Scrubadour> http://storify.com/SeeBeeWhitman/depression-quest-harassment-campaign (20:21:26) <+WhatWinterLeft> Man thats just (20:21:32) <+WhatWinterLeft> a whole new level of sad for attention. (20:21:38) <+WhatWinterLeft> Can't even rile up /v/ enough to care (20:21:48) <%BEAM> ha wow (20:21:54) <+WhatWinterLeft> Have to outsource your asspain to wizardchan (20:22:09) <+Scrubadour> i looked through /v/'s archives, and /v/ literally doesn't give a fuck. if anything, it had a lukewarm reception there. (20:23:24) <+Scrubadour> oh wow this is rich: http://wizardchan.org/rules.html (20:25:26) <%BEAM> >personal depression (20:25:30) <%BEAM> >No talking about women (20:25:58) <%BEAM> c'mon be real (20:30:55) <+Kamui> Man, if it's not one thing on /v/ it's another sadly (20:32:15) <+Kamui> /v/ flipped over Mighty Number 9, then /vp/ got their hacks patched and now /m/ has an upcoming movie announced pitting the Showa and Heisei Kamen Riders against each other…it never ends. (20:32:23) <+Kamui> (could be worse of course though) (20:33:26) <%BEAM> oh yeah, MN9 overshadowed what happened to Leisure Suit Larry (20:34:23) <%BEAM> the creator quit because the CEO for Replay Games went full retard with sex scandels (20:34:56) <+Kamui> Oh? (20:35:02) <+Kamui> Now that's a new piece of information (20:35:31) <+Scrubadour> haha oh wow (20:35:34) <+Scrubadour> internet drama (20:35:43) <+Scrubadour> how long until there's a show about this stuff, people will eat it up (20:36:01) <+Kamui> There is, it's called Youtube? (20:36:22) <+Kamui> I dunno, but considering, there probably should be one (20:36:23) <%BEAM> and /v/ (20:36:26) <%BEAM> ( ゚∀゚)アハハ八八ノヽノヽノヽノ \ / \/ \ (20:36:28) <+Scrubadour> no, i mean like a show or channel dedicated to following internet drama (20:36:51) <+Kamui> So..like that gossip thing, whose name currently escapes me (20:37:25) <%BEAM> tabloids (20:37:30) <+Scrubadour> yeah! (20:38:15) <+Scrubadour> it would actually be like a tabloid for the internet! juiciest gossip from 4chan! the latest discussion at wizardchan! wow sex scandal! trolls everywhere? Maybe you are a troll?? Yes! (20:38:26) <%BEAM> Kotaku (20:39:32) <%BEAM> well no, they're bloggers not tabloids really (20:46:41) <+Scrubadour> it's going to happen eventually (20:47:14) <+Kamui> Actually, I forgot the name, but I meant soemthing like TMZ or some other gossip site (20:51:07) <%BEAM> There's a few actually […] (21:11:36) <+Scrubadour> i mean, 4chan isn't really the cream of the crop, but how hard do you have to scrape in order to get to wizardchan? (21:11:58) <+Scrubadour> how does one even find out about it? (21:13:40) <+VCR> I didnt even know it existed
(48.69 KB 773x576 1463744912611.png)

Anyway does anyone know what happened to CameraLady? I know she kind of went tits up after being fooled by that one guy, but I'm kind of worried since she didn't gave any life sighs in months. >>327781 >>327782 What are the time stamp for these (day/month)?
>>327784 13th December 2013, 19:44 - 22:43 local time of the leaker. I have just published the entire log. I assume that it had popped up again in the night of December 14 2013. >>>/irc/5501 https://twitter.com/LarryV71880143/status/774259486953467904
>>327583 if it stops twittards giving him attention? fuck yeah.
https://twitter.com/MisterMetokur/status/774655697132789760 IA has fallen so hard ,Jesus this is what he thinks is important,i know some of his diehard fans sent him the Con leaks he ignored it,hes ignoring Hillary nuking her own presidential campaign ,he's ignoring Ralph getting mentioned on fucking washingtonpost any thing would be better than what he's doing now Acting like a retarded normie who just found 4chan and can't stop talking about the amazing things he's seeing Christ tweeting about diaper furry porn. Glad i never followed that shit stain. This is the guy GGR things will save gg from the moderates and ethics cock and btf SJW in one swoop.
quick! Bechtloff and friends are talking shit about Ralph!
>>327803 Yeah, his new videos are unwatchable. He's the kind of fag who finds Chris-chan fascinating.
(405.06 KB 1200x1200 Cr3w5YqXYAAW3qL.jpg)

>>327813 Chris chan is absolute bottom of the barrel scrapping the crud that congealed at the bottom of the barrel,i don't know if he legitimately wants to be an e-celeb or he's just doing it for attention or maybe he has no relativity whatsoever and can only dreg up old as shit to talk about. The furries on devart seem to have spam reported his channel and got youtube to take it down,wonder if they are smart enough to figure out how to spam report his twatter acct.
>>327813 80% of /v/ finds him fascinating. This all what I tell you >>327803 >Jesus this is what he thinks is important. It actually kinda is. Before SJWs, these people were the worst thing on the Internet. They were the source of drama, some meta problems on halfchan. Their faggotry has also kinda empowered the goons, who didn't go after them like Jim did.
>>327798 > stops twittards giving him attention …You might be on to something here.
(188.64 KB 530x524 ALISON RAPP PARTY.png)

Alison Rapp has legit video online of her having her mouth pissed in as a human toilet for saudi oil princes, LMAO Stark contrast to her husband Jake fishing for programming jobs on twitter
>>327898 At some point she will eventually do porn once the patribucks wear off by then she will be too old,most of these hipster welfare types who use patreon as a form of hipster welfare will be too old to do anything else. >>327740 when he has a court heating to attend on the 25th watch to see if he gets rehab,community service or jailtime depends on how strict the judge is and how much dollaroes he is willing to shell out for a good defense attorney
(139.54 KB 1024x768 img_4895_1024.jpg)

whats better than our glorious faggot being hoisted on a throne?being driven around in a bitching tour bus like a rock star.
>>327916 Makes me even more suspicious than ever with Margaret and her sperging all over the scholarship fund. Seriously doubt donations could cover all this without alerting the IRS.
(3.22 MB 2476x5000 v was right about shills.png)

Look who was right about shilling! Wanna know who was wrong on that matter? >>>/irc/3458
(140.77 KB 924x928 CsOh50FWgAI2sC6.jpg)

These guys are so desperate to slander Trump that they intentionally formulate shit and throw it at him,they don't fact check they don't try to connect the dots they just make shit up and screech from high heavens its right because i said so. Christ i hope Trump wins so these dirtbag journals might(less than 0.001 chance of that happening) reform themselves
(59.50 KB 400x600 CsLCb8QWYAEJfFU.jpg)

>>327898 That's not Rapp,this is Rapp she has a slamming nice body compared to beached whales like randi and tranny's like wu and snark. i'd crack my pelvis on those hips
>>327961 I don't know about slamming; she's alright, but I'm not really sure I'd pay for it, particularly not $800. The Twitter pic looks a hell of a lot like her; that nose looks identical to me, but it's impossible to confirm until we see a larger photo/more of the video. We already know she's worked as a prostitute and this is the kind of stuff people will do to them, so it is not outside of the realm of possibility.
Lo-Ping gets political over the backlash against Fallon for having Trump on his show https://twitter.com/GamingAndPandas/status/776760393704157185
(65.63 KB 960x540 218.jpg)

>>328059 also >inb4 shill I'm just showing you why "ggr" doesn't like Milo.
>>328060 >>328059 >this unverified accusations again Please try harder, revoltard.