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Internet Archaeology - The Penny Arcade Digging Thread Acid Man 05/02/2016 (Mon) 06:27:57 Id: 65e787 No. 323200
Full disclosure: Your board owner is butthurt. You guys and gals can probably remember every major event in #GG's history since August of 2014, and I'm sure a lot of you remember this one too: THE PENNY ARCADE "DICKWOLVES" DEBACLE CLEAR BACK IN 2010. I've seen it referenced both here and on /v/ as one of the major SJW issues in gaming before #GG came along. But somehow we missed something. We missed The Clique. A long time ago, I was an avid PA reader and a major fan. Then in 2014, they made a post on the PA site weighing in on #GG that essentially threw us to the wolves and told us to give up. The people who waged a personal war against Jack Thompson were cowed by SJWs. I bore such a grudge over that, that I never went back to the site again. And so I missed it too. The names. LOOK AT WHO WAS RAKING PENNY ARCADE OVER THE COALS IN 2010 OVER THE DICKWOLF JOKE. >Amanda Marcotte >Dan Bruno >Leigh Alexander >Jenn Frank >Arthur Gies. >Wil Wheaton >James Fudge >Arthur Chu >Nathan Grayson >Courtney Stanton / @kirbybits (the one demanding DW merch be taken down from the PA store) >Maddy Myers of the Boston Phoenix IT'S A GODDAMNED WHO'S-WHO OF THE aGG CLIQUE. Not only that, but the original post that started the shitstorm was an anonymous blogpost on the Shakesville forum. The same clique that declared gamers dead were responsible for the cucking of Penny Arcade a full four years before #GG happened. To my knowledge no digging into those events has ever been undertaken - it being ancient history by Internet standards. Guess what the purpose of this thread is? >Who could have made the Shakesville blogpost? >How were the journos tipped off? >Was GJP, or some predecessor to it, actively involved? >What are the connections between the clique back then? How deep did the whole thing go? And my personal suspicions, which I'll copy and paste from my /v/ post earlier, before I noticed any of this. >Sometimes I wonder if the cucking of Penny Arcade wasn't a planned act. Anyone remember the games media getting involved in it at any point? >As popular, un-PC, and loudmouthed as Gabe and Tycho were, and as much utter hell as they caused Jack Thompson, it would stand to reason that they would have to be dealt with somehow before the "socialization" of vidya could be attempted in earnest. They had enough fans to DDoS sites by accident, just from linking them. Imagine if they had jumped on the ride with us back at the beginning. No way could the SJWs allow that. THE GOAL: Put together a packet of information we can send to Usher and other #GG friendly outlets, and expose that this conniving bullshit has been going on FAR longer than #GamerGate. Get to digging anons. The rabbit hole apparently reaches back into the past, and I'll be right here alongside you.
(88.58 KB 640x758 Penny Arcade Sellouts.png)

This will be edited as we find more things: TIMELINE OF EVENTS. http://debacle.tumblr.com/post/3041940865/the-pratfall-of-penny-arcade-a-timeline http://archive.is/xupPV The Anonymous Blogpost That Started the Shitstorm http://archive.is/eEB6s ARTICLES >Several speakers pulling out (notable names: Arthur Gies, Niels Clark[Ethics teacher at DigiPen], Deirdra Kai, Courtney Stanton) >Interesting quote: "Members of the gaming industry had reached out quietly and respectfully to the PA crew." http://archive.is/q14M2 >Nathan "and n" Grayson with a hitpiece on PA http://archive.is/eXEc9 >Maddy Myers in the Boston Phoenix http://archive.is/mcmq2 >Courtney Stanton shits on #GG http://archive.is/9dN0X >Courtney on Dickwolves and PAX http://archive.is/heF5C >Courtney selling anti-Dickwolf T-shirts http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:tFEkqu5iCzUJ:superopinionated.dreamhosters.com/2010/10/19/here-is-a-shirt-dickwolves-survivors-guild/+&cd=1&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=us >Ending T-shirt sales: http://archive.is/efaRa >Courtney's final word http://archive.is/qK6Zu >Leigh Alexander shits on PAX http://archive.is/vFGYB >James Fudge of Gamepolitics with a hitpiece >Notable quote: "Among them are Loot Drop's Elizabeth Sampat, writer Leigh Alexander, Destructoid's Jim Sterling, Wired contributor Rachel Edidin, and many, many others." http://archive.is/31Zpi >Alexander Bevier of IGDA hitpiece on PAX http://archive.is/q14M2 >Alexander Bevier on a #GG tagjacking http://archive.is/MEuQq >Melissa McEwan backs the anon blogger shitting on PA http://archive.is/C1lvo >Melissa McEwan shitting on #GG http://archive.is/o04jc >Polygon hitpiece on Penny Arcade by L. Rhodes http://archive.is/2tfH7 His website: http://archive.is/vXnpo Notable: Wrote/writes for Polygon, Medium, and The Daily Dot >Rhodes wrote two pieces on GamerGate http://archive.is/rIo7d http://archive.is/baIvY >Carbonated.tv did a hitpiece later http://archive.is/Eg4sM >Damien Schubert plays "good cop" http://archive.is/6CEq7 >Luke Plunkett of Kotaku chimes in (bonus for dragging in Cards Against Humanity) http://archive.is/wkmuI >Luke Plunkett on the PAX 'Diversity Lounges' in the aftermath https://archive.is/sgCwu >Patricia Hernandez wrote two pieces, one benign and one critical http://archive.is/BSy0q https://archive.is/GdYGz >Leigh Alexander shits on the Diversity Lounge as not enough https://archive.is/Dtdiw >Kris Ligman (a new face) pimps Gone Home, shits on PAX at Gamasutra https://archive.is/Rt4uo
Continued… "Bitmob" is actually the games site owned by Dan Hsu. https://archive.is/StFwM Hsu called #GG "a lot of manufactured drama" https://archive.is/W5wrx Hsu left games media and took a parting shot at #GG https://archive.is/rE6kO And he now works at Sony Computer Entertainment America, one of the few advertisers to never pull out of Kotaku after OP: DISNOD. https://archive.is/75Pd5 His specialty? Indie and third party game relations. Hsu also wrote the foreward to the Videogame Style Guide that was written by Kyle Orland and other journos and DiGRA members. www.gamestyleguide.com/VideoGameStyleGuideeBook.pdf >Author "Bitmob" (contributed by Dan Hsu's company) on Venturebeat (who later acquired Bitmob) with several interesting pieces. Shitting on PAX https://archive.is/kHpjy Pimping FEZ https://archive.is/lrlfT Gaming needs to Grow Up https://archive.is/PZfEm Fighting Sexism with Fire (cites Maddy Myers also) https://archive.is/TRaCM >Bitmob PAX article also links to a gaming site called "Leviathyn" with some interesting articles "Patriarchy in Gaming and Anita Sarkeesian" by Austin Small in Dec. 2014 https://archive.is/hW6dg They did a podcast about #GG http://www.leviathyn.com/2014/09/19/nintencast-14-gamergate-speak/ >Austin Small on "Are Videogames Art Yet?" https://archive.is/F4NgQ >Austin Small on "Subliminal projection and programming behaviour" in gaming https://archive.is/FL4cu >Elizabeth Sampat with a hitpiece, cited by Scott Madin http://archive.is/0oejk >Who is Elizabeth Sampat? https://archive.is/aIqxN >She was on the IGDA Women In Games steering committee for two years; Marie Claire called her "The Game Changer" when they named her one of "20 Women Changing The Ratio" in male-dominated industries. >Elizabeth's personal work has been in the LA Times and on Rock Paper Shotgun, and her advocacy and talks have been covered on Polygon, Kotaku, The Escapist, and more. SOCIAL MEDIA COMMENTARY >L Rhodes was shitting on #GG just the day before this thread began. https://tweetsave.com/upstreamism/status/726822001302609920 EVIDENCE >Alexander Bevier became a contributor to Extra Credits in 2012 http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:66cDfzyKnd8J:extra-credits.org/category/news/+&cd=7&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=us >Extra Credits on #GG [NOT previously archived] http://archive.is/BW4X0 >Courtney on "Surviving Gamergate" http://archive.is/g0oiG
>>323206 Fuck off
(544.55 KB 850x923 Asuka Apple.jpg)

>>323208 >Leaves the entire site behind >Still can't stand anyone doing anything without him >Comes back for attention There's only room in my life for one tsundere, and you ain't it. Contribute or fuck off.
(69.43 KB 1024x680 Trump Belittles.jpeg)

>>323211 There's more than one mod, you know. I could tell him to stop, but since you're here to literally troll a digging thread, I'm content to let him bully you. In fact…
(43.52 KB 500x376 ChLE210VEAA7AtZ.jpg)

(127.71 KB 600x910 Cammy1_cvrD-1-600x910.jpg)

This is especially timely, considering webcomic hacks like Scott Kurtz (pic related) and Jeff Jaques are currently being triggered by Frank Cho's cover of Cammy → Spider Woman → Spiderman for Udon. One important element is: the forums for each respective webcomic; as these were the primary attack-vector for the SJWs to get close to the artists in order to get them to drink the SOCJUST Koolaide. Especially 2005 onward. ARCHIVE EVERYTHING
>>323214 You can stop posting anytime D&C shill.
>>323218 Holy fuck seriously? I wonder how many of them are this guy posting on VPN because he keeps having to switch it.
(496.76 KB 500x338 Asuka doesnt care.gif)

Can we focus please? >What would be handy Basically just pick any of our journo Rogue's gallery and type their name into Google alongside "Dickwolf" "Penny Arcade" or "Dickwolves" and see what was going on. You can also cross-reference the names given for media people in that Timeline link at the top of post#2 and Google them alongside "Gamergate" and see what you get. Once we know who was relevant and who isn't, i.e. who was both at PA's throat and also slandered #GG, we can start looking for connections. Remember, this was years ago. The makeup of the clique has probably changed between then and now. We might just run into a gold mine of intel.
>>323216 >One important element is: the forums for each respective webcomic; as these were the primary attack-vector for the SJWs to get close to the artists in order to get them to drink the SOCJUST Koolaide. Especially 2005 onward. I disagree, because I know for a fact that Penny Arcade actively ignores their official forums. I know from being banned three times for posting bald edits over the course of six months, and being constantly admonished by mods for bald editing despite all other edits being allowed and it being a dedicated thread on the forums for every new comic at the time. I don't know about Scott Kurtz, I assume he would be hungry from attention and would read his own. Seems too much like Buckley.
(3.01 KB 134x102 eyeroll.jpg)

Another digging thread is disrupted! And they still pretend they're not Ghazi.
>>323243 acknowledging it is a mistake, just move on. >id:dfc565 delicious flat chest, lol
>Amanda Marcotte I can't seem to find anything recent from Amanda involving penny arcade,i do see alot of murica election related politics on her feed and her most recent article or whatever she calls it
>>323200 Also look into how some of these affected gaming sites around the era, since publications were dying and funnelling to San Francisco during the 2010 period. It's when editors and writers got more and more roped into the SJWness if not hiding it better beforehand.
https://mega.nz/#!s88yQQzZ!hC-YVOEwUlnpRny-Qeh6LpgRXEQ4W0RVjxG_j2reY2U There's Holiday Anon's most recent archive. I didn't find anything in there myself that's relevant beyond what the aGGs we know about have done before/after. Maybe some fresh eyes will see something.
(46.82 KB 422x193 hidepostbyID.png)

Another update posted. Searching for hitpieces on Penny Arcade written around that timeframe would be good too.
>>323242 >I disagree, because I know for a fact that Penny Arcade actively ignores their official forums. The fat one and the bald one are EXCEPTIONS on not reading their forum (because they pay someone to do that for them, plus they have volunteer moderators to ban wrongthink), because Kurtz, Jachques, Willis, Buckley and the rest of the SOCJUST webcomic circle jerk LOVE getting their asshole licked by fans for their mediocre art and Doubleplusgoodthink on their respective comics' forums. I watched the webcomic's rise, plateau, then slide into SOCJUST mediocrity in real time, but it didn't happen in a vacuum; the web was a different place back then, there wasn't social media platforms, save MySpace and LiveJournal, and Images boards were still new (but fun cesspits of unregulated speech), the best place for artists then to get feedback were web forums.
Acid, just delete the damned revoltfag posts arguing with you about off-topic bullshit. I'm tired of hearing these assholes already.
>>323268 Aye, I think this has been derailed about enough. I let him say his piece, and sure enough he's gloating about it back over there. Good faith = 0.
>>323272 http://4chan.org/pogostick/res/1607.html >>323268 It's on topic because it taints it knowing that it's coming from him, and if he was just "one of us" he would be anon on here.
Two more updates from today's digging.
>>323278 Someone filter endchan already
>>323279 Its fine, if they want to dig, let them dig. The more eyes the better. Just try and keep the thread on topic. 2 more updates just added. Dan Hsu, formerly of EGM, had ties to this and works for Sony now.
>>323279 >purge the wrongthink that's why this board is at < 50 right now.
Alright, so a WHOLE LOT OF SHIT is getting revealed right now. Predating GamerGate there used to be a Games Media Watchdog site called VGMWatch.com. Originally named Gamejournalism.com. http://vgmwatch.com/cgi-sys/suspendedpage.cgi?p=1208 The URL has been suspended since before #GG. The last Editor in Chief was David Gornoski. https://web.archive.org/web/20080831020524/http://www.vgmwatch.com/ The site originally had Kyle Orland as it's Editor in Chief back in 2005. https://web.archive.org/web/20051214031135/http://vgmwatch.com/? Among its contributors was Dan "shoe" Hsu, before he fell to the Dark Side and was a hard charger for better ethics in the games media. I had never heard of the site before this, but let's go deep. >VGMW was a proper watchdog, even outing a major conflict of interest between IGN and Nintendo. >VGMWatch.com has been able to confirm that IGN Nintendo editor Matt Casamassina is married to Golin Harris Vice President Edie Kissko. Golin Harris serves as Nintendo’s PR firm. Sources connected with both Golin Harris and IGN.com were able to validate this information. While VGMWatch has no interest in personal affairs, undisclosed conflicts of interest plaguing the game industry’s integrity cannot be ignored. To that end, there are several journalistic red flags surrounding the facts of this case. http://archive.is/W2IkS Then in 2007, Gornoski, who was the site's actual owner, replaced Orland as EIC. Gornoski is a capital-L Libertarian, capitalist, and political activist who used to write for WorldNetDaily years ago. https://web.archive.org/web/20080902223410/http://vgmwatch.com/?p=1193 VGMW would shortly after find itself in hot water with the rest of the games media, especially from GameSetWatch.com. You might recall that GSW are a partner site to: >Gamasutra >GDC >IGF http://archive.is/mECOZ Oh yes. Vox Media had problems with a major games media industry watchdog site ran by an ex-journo Libertarian. VGMW received heavy criticism from the industry over a plagiarism row from a VGMW contributor named Jim Webb, who was accused of taking content from Eurogamer for an article. GSW writers didn't even want the site linked on their other forums. http://archive.is/hrjLw to be continued Personal reminder edit: GJP officially began in September of 2010.
>>323281 It's been this way for awhile now. What more is booting out the remaining dipshits do?
Good luck getting the SJWs out of Penny Arcade. It's an open secret that Jerry/Tycho is bisexual and has been since high school. You may have noticed that it's always Mike/Gabe who really stands up for the stuff PA does that offends SJWs, while Jerry sits by. That's because Jerry basically is an SJW who happens to have struck gold in a partnership with a normal person. If you want to try and free Mike from Jerry's influence, he'll speak his mind more often and quit apologizing for calling things how they are, but there's no way to do that without splitting up PA.
>>323280 >Dan Hsu, formerly of EGM, had ties to this and works for Sony now. Doing what for Sony? Sr Mgr Partner Alliance >LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/jobs/view/115616276 Partner Alliances Manager, Publisher Relations Job description The Third Party Relations team at SCEA is responsible for every facet of the relationship between PlayStation and its Publisher and Developer partners in the US, Canada and LATAM. The Partner Alliance team, a division within Third Party Relations, manages all marketing efforts against promoting our partners games and content. The Partner Alliance team mission is to provide best in class marketing solutions that raise exposure and awareness for our partners content by leveraging the power of Sony’s ecosystem resulting in increased purchase intent and mind share for our partner’s content and the PlayStation platform. The team services over 200 accounts across publisher and developer relations delivering over $700MM+ in marketing value to our partners. The Partner Alliance Manager, Publisher Relations will own several top tier publisher accounts and lead all marketing strategy, planning, and execution for those key accounts. Working side-by-side with the publisher account teams, the Partner Alliances Manager is the subject matter expert on all marketing initiatives for SCEA. •Own all day-to-day marketing initiatives for 30+ game launches a year across all assigned accounts. Assigned accounts include a minimum of two top-tier, five mid-tier, and five low-tier accounts each with a portfolio of one to fifteen game releases each year. •Manage the relationship between the Publisher Relations group with all internal global marketing stakeholders to ensure that accounts are properly leveraged to enforce overall brand goals while also clearly articulating the value of the marketing support provided to publishers. cutting it short to qualifications: •Excellent written and verbal communication skills are required. Must be able to work effectively and professionally in internal cross-functional groups, and outside entities. Must be decisive yet tactful, driven yet considerate. Must excel with follow up, be proactive, and consistent, must execute targeted communication. •Requires proficiency in Microsoft Office: Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Adobe suite: Photoshop, Illustrator, Acrobat. Quicktime & Windows Media. Familiarity with using web-based applications including FTP sites. •At least 7+ years in a similar marketing capacity. A passion for console gaming and/or working in the video game industry is required. Further Hsu reading: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dan_Hsu Personal Analysis: Shoe successfully transitioned from EGM reviewer (when it was cool) to Editor-In-Chief, off to digital space when it was clear digital media was going to kill print periodicals, finally into a major console position at Sony: the endgame for all would-be fanboys. He displays remarkable awareness and flexibility, and strong self-preservation instincts. Attempted to battle conflicts of interest early in his career, but did so in a non-committed way that earned him backlash for his limp-wristed ethics. Upton Sinclair, he wasn't. Apparently he ran into Penny Arcade in 2005, where they lampooned him for a puff-piece he did with a Microsoft bigwig on the XBox 360, so he may have had a grudge against them when it came time to strike back over Dickwolves in 2010. I propose that Dan Hsu had SJW tendencies before it was codified, and readily embraced it when failing to maintain strong ethics despite seemingly good intentions. Was further pushed into their corner by PA, hence choosing sides before lines were ever drawn.
(920.91 KB 1948x1014 DanHsuPA.jpg)

>>323306 Here's the comic in question: https://www.penny-arcade.com/comic/2006/01/20 >Following the launch of the Microsoft Xbox 360 in November 2005, Hsu interviewed Peter Moore, then the head of marketing for the Home and Entertainment division of Microsoft.[9] At the time of the interview, there was much negative publicity in the media regarding technical problems with the system, as well as some complaints of the limited software line-up at launch within the gaming community. Much of the interview focused on these issues, as well as other various complaints by some gamers over limited backwards compatibility with original Xbox games on the 360 and a possible lack of improvement in graphics and game play over previous console generations. Hsu's questioning were viewed as inappropriately rude, confrontational, or aggressive by some readers. This reaction caused Hsu to defend the interview in his blog twice; the first time[10] saying that there had been much positive response to the interview as well, and a second time[11] featuring an e-mail of support from Moore following the backlash. Third-party observer Penny Arcade noted in a satirical webcomic strip[12] that the interview was a necessary departure from the easy-going tendency of most gaming journalists.
>>323307 Interpreting this is a little tough; Penny Arcade used to be hard-hitting, no-holds-barred commentary on the industry, because they didn't have a dozen employees or fundraisers holding them emotionally hostage from saying wrongthink. It's clear they did not think highly of game journalists even back then, so it looks like they're praising Hsu for being critical of the XBawks in the 2006 comic interview. Still, the Microsoft employee is dismissive and still shilling it up regardless of Hsu's tone, and his readers felt he was too negative of the Xbawks, to the point of him needing to publicly defend it twice. I'm not sure if Hsu would have been offended by this comic or not. I'm leaning towards offended, simply because critics talking about other critics generally hurts feelings. Usually the guy with the last word in(Penny Arcade in this scenario) would be unhurt. Hsu's meteoric rise across his career coupled with drinking the easy-path SocJus Kool-Aid the past public insult probably triple-motivated him to strike back with passion on the Dickwolves issue.
I was fucking around on Youtube and stumbled across this which I found interesting. https://youtu.be/58QmafWvY4c?t=1m15s It's a video from three years ago where Gabe and Tycho shit on Kotaku and discuss the PC scolds. If I hadn't known the game being referenced and didn't check the date the conversation they're having may as well have taken place yesterday. It's not directly related to the digging OP here, but it's interesting to hear them speak about this.
>>323302 >Good luck getting the SJWs out of Penny Arcade Penny Arcade jumped the shark 15 years ago when fruitcakes like batjew started prancing around. The shift from PA being a reflection of gaming culture to manipulating gaming culture actually began in the late 90's.
(551.99 KB 2100x1052 PA1.jpg)

(38.71 KB 571x654 PA2.png)

(486.37 KB 2100x1052 PA3.jpg)

(46.66 KB 569x609 PA4.png)

>>323200 Wait, what? I know they're far from instigating and hard hitting as they were years ago, due to muh employees, but I could've sworn Tycho made a long ass post about how worthless game journos are, and how he pretty much unbookmark'd all of them in favor of /r/gaming, which he asserted is where they get their 'news' posts from anyways. Didn't they even get blacklisted from Shitaku a few months back because they scorned their practice of being scummy with inside leaks, and the guy over at that site that used to post their comics got extremely asshurt about it because they got called out on being twats about publishing info solely for easy clicks and drama? I'm reading >>323202 and honestly this just seems like an appeal to sensibility and telling us more of the same that we already know- current media sucks, go make our own, shitposting negates real things we have to say, the usual normie speak. Just kinda confused, s'all. It seems like they mostly agree with us and I think you might be missing out on some decent (albeit occasional) stuff here, Acid Man. Sure, it's a minus on their part that they think internet threats are ever to be taken seriously, but aside from that, they still haven't gone full 'tard like a good number of other webcomics on this subject, even echoing what we already know to be true. Pardon, I can't find the second newspost about the unbookmarking. If there's anything that is definitely shit about PA, it's their search system. Would somebody fix these fucking boards already? It's been a bitch to post anything for the past week, even moreso than usual.
>>323319 >I know they're far from instigating and hard hitting as they were years ago, due to muh employees If the business model is so fragile and the culture so toxic that truth can not be spoken, then the PA crew needs to go find real jobs. They should have been instantly and loudly on the side of GG the day 5 guys hit the radar. Half-hearted, veiled "support" months after the fact is useless.
Minor update: It looks like VGMWatch went down, with its domain first camped by an Online Pharmacy site, sometime right around January 24th of 2012. The last updates to the site were from October 28, 2011. It was seemingly abandoned without notice to readers. Taking a look at the site at the end of 2010, after GJP had come into being, you could almost swear it was a #GG operation. https://web.archive.org/web/20081219220656/http://www.vgmwatch.com/ Not the kind of thing the clique would want hanging around.
(94.68 KB 250x250 melissa_mcewan.jpg)

Concerning who wrote the anonymous shakesville blogpost that started Dickwolves. Doing some more digging, I started searching for uncommon phrases or sentence structure from the original blogpost to see if any matched up with a possible candidate for the author. If you look at the timeline, the first people involved in the Dickwolves incident were: August 12, 2010 - A guest blogger on Shakesville objects. August 13, 2010 Penny Arcade’s response to the concerns of rape survivors and their allies with the comic ”Breaking It Down.“ Jerry and Mike further explain their response on the Penny Arcade blog. Shakesville objects Mike, responding in Shakesville’s comments, posts links to bestiality and pedophilia jokes in Penny Arcade comics. When other commenters object, he responds with sarcasm. TheFremen objects, and auctions off his Penny Arcade merch on eBay, donating the proceeds to charity. Over Entertained comments. August 14, 2010 - Geek Feminism Blog objects. August 15, 2010 - Amanda Marcotte objects. August 16, 2010 Dan Bruno objects. GamePolitics comments. A Boston Phoenix article (Maddy Myers) on the subject. Looking into those people, only one comes back with a match for phrasing with the original article. The line for "Shakesville Objects" was actually linked to one of the Shakesville admins, Melissa McEwan. When searching various phrases I didn't get anywhere near the names on that list until I hit one: "I am a humorless feminist" Which got me this hit: http://archive.is/PTHYw "Humorless feminist" was a common term at the time, mainly in the UK. However a feminist calling themselves that was less common, we immediately got a result that predates the Dickwolves blogpost by a few months, and it is directly attributable to one of the first people to get involved in the controversy. https://archive.is/C1lvo Did Melissa McEwan ghostwrite the "Guest Blog" by Milli Shaker A? And then feel compelled to defend "the author" when Penny Arcade didn't properly prostrate themselves? She seems to have a serious problem with rape jokes if you look at past articles she had written: http://archive.is/u9b5b Her linking style is also similar to the anon blogger. It remains plausible that it could have been some friend or acquaintance of hers who wrote it, but she certainly seemed to be in a hurry - the exchange was brisk, with not even a day apart between the guest blog, PA's initial response, and McEwan's reply. It's worth noting that McEwan is the admin of the Shakesville site. And looks like pic related. McEwan also has a bit of a sordid history, coming across as a Methwhale-esque character if her detractors are anything to go by: https://archive.is/AkJFy >I can’t speak for why everyone else is here,of course. But the reason I’m here is simple: McEwan, Mardoll, Deeky, and the rest of the Shakesville staff hurt people. Some of the people here are people that they have hurt, former commenters, contributors, even moderators. Other people here weren’t directly hurt by them, but care about those that were. It also seems that in 2010 the Shakesville site was going through money troubles, with McEwan on a bit of a power trip. >There’s more drama going on at Shakesville. It doesn’t seem like that blog is going to survive long in its current format. That format would be the “community we cherish” format. That format is doomed to failure because online communities are by definition dysfunctional. >If you read the threads linked in the comment I linked to, and if you have been following many of the ridiculous McEwan flounces over not getting enough money from blog-readers, and other conniption fits and the ensuing apologies, and the slams on regular commenters over minor infractions and the constant language policing, and the self-shaming and the worship at the altar of McEwan, and blah blah blah, you know what I’m talking about – it’s a madhouse.'' http://archive.is/0CHBX
Potential Connections http://archive.is/CKcGx >Scott Madin http://archive.is/k9rin Just stumbled onto a literal Fedoralord who cites Maddy Myers and Amanda Marcott, the first two journos to jump on Dickwolves, as "friends" while also citing McEwan in a blogpiece from 2013. He shat on PA over the Dickwolves in 2011. http://archive.is/SPkIV One thing that was pointed out to me was that the Shakesville author seemed to have a good working knowledge of Penny Arcade, and wrote with a masculine tone. Someone more experienced than I am with digging this stuff suspected the author to be a male betanodder with lots of knowledge about Penny Arcade and connections to the people who covered it, especially Maddy Myers. The Fedora had something to say: >I’ve been a Penny Arcade reader for over a decade (and yes, that means I’ve passed over a lot of problematic material without comment in that time, for various reasons; that’s not something I’m proud of), I attended and enjoyed PAX East last year, I’m a huge fan of their charity work, and I’ve offered praise for Tycho’s relatively thoughtful engagement with difficult issues in the past. So I would like to believe — and I do have some hope — that they will follow up appropriately on this, educate themselves on rape culture, and react more thoughtfully to criticism in the future. I don’t know how likely it is, but I’d like to believe it. (I mean, while we’re at it, I’d also like for Gearbox to have left Duke Nukem Forever to rot, so…) Here he thanks Maddy Myers for her hitpiece in the Boston Phoenix. Note: Madin LIVES in Boston. http://archive.is/m8LOL Other pieces he did on PAX and Dickwolves: http://archive.is/aG3Il Notable quote: "I’m still friends with a number of people who regularly attend PAX, some of whom are indie devs who exhibit there." http://archive.is/rOQLq http://archive.is/xL5Le http://archive.is/G92Rt Edit: His blog content is also cross-posted to Shakesville. Look at the bottom of archive xL5Le. That means he's familiar with their site and its formatting. Edit: UPDATE Connections with Maddy Myers Twitter http://archive.is/WQdDc Buys her music http://archive.is/JbPWF 191 conversations on Klear social media http://archive.is/N6pVM The #1 person Maddy Myers talked to. http://archive.is/1E04N He's a FemFreq backer. She is as well: http://archive.is/7Cf4B Both are connected to Patrick Lindsey http://archive.is/rqPhM Note: Madin joined Twitter in December 2010. http://archive.is/aQXrd An author at The Border House along with out old friends Samantha Allen and Mattie Brice. http://archive.is/AqKUn He has a nice chat with McEwan back in 2013 http://archive.is/gqaXn He's close with Patrick Lindsey, co writer of Depression Quest and talks with David Gallant. http://archive.is/YPpzd HIS FOLLOWING AND FOLLOWERS LIST FROM TWITTER http://pastebin.com/jtTrfhj7 NOTE THAT HE BOTH FOLLOWS AND IS FOLLOWED BY LITERALLY WHO'S @Primeape account. Also both lists are a cavalcade of cancer. Lots of journos, tech writers, indie devs, feminists and trannies. Everyone from Leigh Alexander to Alex Lipshitz is in there. And, surprising no one, he's a major aGGro. http://archive.is/rYoWr
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>>323355 >>323353 excellent posts. Boston truly is a hotbed of cancer rivaling Portland and San Fran.
>>323355 Scott Madin 2013 Depression Quest (Video Game) (special thanks) http://www.imdb.com/name/nm6863480/ https://archive.is/IeT6A Scott Madin was one of the people who took down Tentacle Bento. This blog credits him for first raising the alarm about it. https://archive.is/TrWsu g+ page https://archive.is/yydVZ worked for Cecropia, "The Personality Video Game Company", which produced a game called The Act. https://web.archive.org/web/20160306062032/http://secropia.com/ The Act sucked its own dick pretending that Dragon's Lair was a new thing in 2007 and that flash animations were a new thing. The marketing was very similar to that of the modern "art games" that have no gameplay: "Let's do what Newgrounds did ten years ago, claim that we did it first, and say it's the best thing ever and everything else is shit." They at least tried to make it look good. https://web.archive.org/web/20070212004112/http://www.theactgame.com/ https://web.archive.org/web/20160306102839/http://www.theactgame.com/ https://web.archive.org/web/20070513075208/http://www.theactgame.com/board_of_directors.html The game had a huge development team. https://web.archive.org/web/20070513075524/http://www.theactgame.com/dev_team.html
Cecropia founder Omar Khudari was co-founder of Ibtikar Venture Partners which invested in Middle Eastern startups http://www.arabianbusiness.com/the-ideal-venture-capitalist--207319.html Ibtikar had an "involuntary dissolution by court order" http://www.bizapedia.com/ma/IBTIKAR-VENTURE-PARTNERS-LLC.html Amal Alayan of MIT Co-Founder and Managing Member, Ibtikar Venture Partners, LLC Board Member, AMIDEAST Inc http://www.zoominfo.com/p/Amal-Alayan/88358263 AMIDEAST looks like a private CIA. Funded by Saudi Aramco, Lockheed Martin, an oil company, Qatar, and an Arab Shaikh. http://www.sourcewatch.org/index.php?title=AMIDEAST MIT’s Arab Students’ Organization went to terrorist-occupied East Jerusalem and told the youths there who have been raised on terrorist propaganda since Oslo to apply to American universities to "take your culture to the leaders of tomorrow" and "change the image of Palestine in America." Amal Alayan hosted the event. http://tech.mit.edu/V127/N65/middleeast.html
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Bump for digging thread. More updates soon.
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UPDATE Currently re-digging what happened with EDGE magazine back at the start of #GG. >A KIA thread on it from a year ago with some archives: https://archive.is/ue69q >A digging thread from original /gg/ https://archive.is/iW1FF A point that got brought up is that Dickwolves went down only shortly before GJP came into being, yet the major players all seemed to be connected. A question was raised about some sort of proto-GJP that may have existed at that time. The earliest connections among the clique that we know of came from EDGE magazine back in the 1990s. Leigh Alexander and many other names, some familiar and some not, once tried to push the "gamers need to die" idea and general SJW-ish "modern art" interpretations of games. Then one day EDGE cleaned house and gave many of the faggots their pink slips. Is it reasonable that they may have kept in contact with their ideological circle, even as they gained employment at other places like Gamasutra, The New Yorker, and The Guardian? And that this sowed the seeds of an informal network of journos that would later come to fuck over Penny Arcade before finally being "officially" incorporated by Kyle Orland as the GameJournoPros? Personal tinfoil moment: Was the runner's high they got off their victory against Gabe and Tycho what gave them the confidence to actually consolidate themselves into an organization and deliberately work together to push their SJW agenda? Because Dickwolves made them believe they could get away with it? I'm not saying it was journos, but it was journos.
>>323474 > EDGE Magazine is where Leigh Alexander and her boss (Simon Carless) came from before working at Gamasutra. http://pastebin.com/zMs3vG8v Firing of Tim Langdell In 2009, the IGDA fired board member Tim Langdell of defunct studio Edge Games for threatening to sue any developer whose game had the word "Edge" in the title, such as Electronic Arts and its game Mirror's Edge. Andy Chalk, Tim Langdell Loses IGDA Membership, The Escapist forum post, http://www.escapistmagazine.com/forums/read/7.238788-Tim-Langdell-Loses-IGDA-Membership KPexEA, Tim Langdell & the IGDA, Slashdot submission, 2009, http://beta.slashdot.org/submission/1050893/tim-langdell-the-igda Langdell claimed that Edge Magazine publisher Future Publishing had ordered Langdell to pursue these claims under the terms of a previous trademark sharing agreement. http://www.archive.pls/articles/2011-07-21-tim-langdell-refutes-trademark-troll-tag Edge Magazine had anti-gamer articles in 2003: * April 2002 cover story: Videogames are pointless. Discuss. Why academics and the mass media see you as a silly child playing silly games. * April 2003 cover story: Bored to death of videogames? Gaming reaches its mid-life crisis. * January 2004 cover story Mainstream: Why the days of hardcore gamers are numbered. Persons allegedly involved: * Keith Stewart (Dec 1995 - Aug 2005) - Contributor to [[The Guardian]] * Jon Jordan (Feb 1998 - Dec 2007) - Editor-at-large of [[Pocket Gamer]] * Kieron Gillen (Mar 2002 - Mar 2007) - Co-founder [[Rock, Paper, Shotgun]] * Simon Parkin (Jan 2003 - Dec 2007) - Wrote an anti-GG article for [[The New Yorker]] * Jin Rossignol (2003-2005) - Co-founder [[Rock, Paper, Shotgun]] * John Walker (Sep 2003 - Dec 2006) - Co-founder [[Rock, Paper, Shotgun]] * Tim Edwards (Jan 2004 - Mar 2007) - Owner of [[PCGamesN]] * Brandon Boyer (June 2004 - Dec 2006) - Chairman of [[Indie Game Fund]] * John Hicks (Jun 2006 - May 2007) - Former editor-in-chief of [[Xbox Magazine (UK)]] * Ste Curran - Co-owner of [[Agency for Games]] * Leigh Alexander - columnist (2011-present) when her politics did a 180 * Matthew Devereux - edge writer (2006-2007) also wrote a 2008 CSMonitor article The Moral Cost of Video Games decrying violence in video games http://www.csmonitor.com/Commentary/Opinion/2008/0107/p09s02-coop.html This is according to a dead image, not confirmed The only name match to this thread is Leigh Alexander.
>>323474 >"gamers need to die" idea and general SJW-ish "modern art" interpretations of games. Tangential to the thread's purpose, but someone said "games as art" bullshit so I fel compeled to re-re-repost the "Banishment of Beauty" playlist for those who haven't watched it yet, because it's important to understand why we fight, because this has happened before to "fine art": https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qGX0_0VL06U&list=PL619ED61282CD714E Watch the playlist, it's an hour long, but it's split into four easily-digestible 15-minute chunks. It shows what happened when "fine art" was defiled into "modern art", could happen to videogames, if we let it. It's important to understand when some progressive pretentious goony-beareded rainbowed-haired SanFran-stereotypical hipster faggot says that "games must be like art" and "have to grow up"; what he's actually saying by "art" he means "shit smeared on a canvas MODERN art" and by "grown up" he means "fun extracted to make room for a (progressive) message". "Modern Art" is art that isn't beautiful "Videogame Art" is games that aren't fun
>>323474 poke Usher on this, not sure when he joined the list, but your scenario outlined in this post might strike a chord with him
>>323532 >poke Usher on this, not sure when he joined the list, but your scenario outlined in this post might strike a chord with him Any updates on this?
Bumping this because new information is coming out via a cross-channel dig.
>>329451 If this is the dickwolf thread you're referring to during the /v/ thread. Here's the archived /v/ thread that may or may not contain duplicate digging you posted there. I'm just posting it here just in case. I've also posted it in the ESRBusted thread when I didn't find this thread. Either way here you go. Archived link from gamergate + nys thread over at /v/ on january/09/2017, containing info regarding the colluding clique and christine love. https://archive.is/PAfam and https://archive.is/2hyqr
>>323302 What, no mention about the rumors one of the PA guys (the bald one, I think) was banging some of their groupies, and their folding over to the proto-SJWs was due to this being used as blackmail material?
>>329506 >What, no mention about the rumors Never heard the rumor. Got a link to more info?
>>323353 Beautiful work, Acid. Vaguely reminiscent of that "Emoji Analysis" joke on South Park, not that it makes it any less valid/useful. This is an excellent tool in the fight against journalistic sock-puppeting.
Note to self: Investigate www.gamejournalism.com
>>323202 Patrick Klepek was in on Dickwolves, too. Writing for GiantBomb in 2013, Klepek lists "A Series of Responses to Mike Krahulik's Recent Comments," clearly referencing Dickwolves. http://archive.is/CrLHo Of note: - He links to Damion Schubert's "good cop" blog entry. - He links to Christine Love's "open letter" (http://archive.is/9NVwA). Love, as you'll remember, was dating Patricia Hernandez at the time of Hernandez's coverage of "Hate Plus" (notably, Klepek also links to coverage of the game here). - He links to Lesley Kinzel's take (http://archive.is/zEktY). Kinzel is a lesser-known figure, but was certainly critical of GamerGate at its start, and had the attention of Critical Distance (http://archive.is/iDjYN), and IGF judge Mattie "death to gamer(s)" Brice (http://archive.is/wTX6t, and by the way, you may want to look into this post a bit more, since there are more familiar names there). In 2017, he said that Dickwolves was "eye-opening." Wouldn't be surprised if a lot of people saw GamerGate as the next Dickwolves controversy. http://archive.is/TLzui
(36.46 KB 523x299 bzVI5Di.png)

Also of note, Dickwolves blew up like it did because Mike Krahulik had a controversy over "transphobic" comments happen a few months beforehand. Pic related, they're the tweets in question. REACTIONS: >Elizabeth Sampat >http://archive.is/0oejk >Notably, she's also a friend of Zoe Quinn (http://archive.is/MPB3C) >Ben Kuchera >"I feel like a piece of shit and I'm going to step away from my computer for a bit. This isn't what we should be about and it makes me sad." >https://web.archive.org/web/20160213012926/https://twitter.com/BenKuchera/status/347769534171729921 >This was back when he was a part of PA >Guest-starring Jason Schreier and David S. Gallant >Fullbright (Gone Home devs) >http://archive.is/zqtd4 >Pulled Gone Home from PAX Prime, which in turn gave the game more coverage >They list more grievances than just transphobia. Read them. It's typical SJW nonsense. >Daniel Kaszor >http://archive.is/zhFEm >Kaszor would become an anti-GGer, but not particularly notorious. He wrote an article about GG not being about ethics (http://archive.is/82S6i), and later feigned disappointment at not being included on DeepFreeze (http://archive.is/VVuPg). >A Matt Hartley also gets namedropped here, but he doesn't seem to be of any significance. >Dan Seitz >http://archive.is/g1Vbi >Interesting comment, "The victory is not that they apologized. The victory is that finally the white male heterosexual status quo of 'gaming culture' is being finally condemned and analyzed." >Seitz would later become an anti-GGer, penning a few articles about it. (http://archive.is/YHdQN, http://archive.is/UdQJF, http://archive.is/E08rf) >Rachel Edidin >http://archive.is/Ak4qG >Transitioned to Jay Edidin sometime in (?2015), though I wasn't able to find much on them either way. I think Edidin is more active in comics, so take that as you will. >Liana K >https://archive.is/8qPeP >She actually defends Krahulik. >Read the comments for some outrage that will almost give you déjà vu. >Others >https://archive.is/KOBmj http://archive.is/VEbF9 >https://web.archive.org/web/20160307030507/http://blog.ironcouncil.net/the-problem-with-mike-krahuliks-opinion-about-trans-people.html & https://web.archive.org/web/20160325134618/http://blog.ironcouncil.net/krahulik-followup.html >This one's actually a defense of Krahulik, and also makes a correct prediction: "When conservatism/the GOP ascends again to political dominance, it will be, in part, because liberals shoot themselves in the ass by letting the far left alienate reasonable people." http://philosoraptor.blogspot.com/2013/06/do-you-think-women-are-female-if-so.html I'm gonna be straight with you guys: 2013 seemed like more of a lead-up for how to respond to some event like GamerGate, at least from the journo side. So many familiar names, so much familiar language, and the year had multiple "'gamer' is bad" thinkpieces. These went a bit into 2014, as well, but still well before GamerGate. http://archive.is/eKCuO http://archive.is/glaDi http://archive.is/txUNa http://archive.is/wBQAh http://archive.is/qhpCp What I'm getting at here almost sounds like a conspiracy theory. But based on the evidence, it looks like game journos and other major figures were prepared for GamerGate. Hell, it almost seems like they *wanted* something like it to happen, like they were planning on the next major controversy to be the proof they needed on why gamer culture deserved to change, and that they could be the architects of such an evolution. It sounds silly, typing it all out, but thinking back on everything… I can sort of see it from their perspective. After all, they'd adopted an ideology that pushes them to see gamer culture as something inherently problematic, full of misogyny, racism, homophobia, transphobia, etc., and in need of disinfecting. Hell, read through that "Pratfall of Penny Arcade" archive, and see how many names come up. Sarkeesian is there. Lifschitz is there. Fucking Ian Miles Cheong is even there. And sure, this may all be coincidental, because just about everyone involved in gaming would talk about a massive controversy like Dickwolves, and then go on to talk about the even bigger GamerGate. But Sarkeesian made herself a central figure in GG. Lifschitz was dating Literally Who when GG broke. IMC was a part of LW's inner circle. Something's just not adding up here. The overlap of names and arguments just seems… too coincidental. Or maybe I'm just rambling, and I need to get to sleep.
>>331556 Nice research!
I know my digging's a bit all over the place here, but each item I look into leads me somewhere else, and I've just got a lot of interconnected stuff that I didn't think would show up in the capacity that it did. I'd suggest that people use this more as a starting point for their own research. As such, I've tried to compile my ideas in a way that they're somewhat comprehensible, but… your mileage may vary. Went back to look at a source article from the initial Dickwolves Debacle. https://archive.fo/q14M2 >Corvus Elrod - Interviewed, primarily. - He later came out as trans, taking the name Branwen Zakariasen. There's a blog about their transition (https://bhaloidam.wordpress.com/), but I found little else in the way of gaming. >Dierdra "Squinky" Kiai - Noted as boycotting PAX 2011 over Dickwolves. - None other than Nathan Grayson wrote a puff piece on her in 2014 (http://archive.is/SivEC) - Has ties to Maya "Legobutts" Felix Kramer and Mattie Brice, as well as Silverstring Media (https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=1075&v=X0EZl2Aq-8o) >Courtney Stanton - Previously covered in >>323202, but there's some things missing - Did a "troll data analysis" of comments received in the wake of her response to Dickwolves (http://web.archive.org/web/20110211193546/http://kirbybits.wordpress.com/2011/02/08/here-is-a-project-troll-data-analysis/) - Stanton, for a time, became a symbol of a woman confronting "toxic gamer culture," before Anita Sarkeesian effectively took the crown during GamerGate. Most interesting was a piece in Ada (a publication that also published a piece by Adrienne Shaw) that namedropped her, written by Mia Consalvo of DiGRA (http://archive.is/qywv6). - Unrelated but interesting: Stanton wrote a Storify about a guy who made a dumb joke about Leigh Alexander not following him on Twitter, after going at him for being "creepy," of course. Look at the context, it's fucking retarded. (http://archive.is/nK11t) Also, on a hunch, I took a second look at all the names who were thanked in the credits for Depression Quest: Tom Smith Sos Sosowski Andy Moore Patrick Dawson Cameron Kunzelman Kyle Baker Edmund Lewry Terry Cavanagh Jonathan Wright Martin Pilkington Torbjørn G. Dahle Ben Johnston Michael Kwan Gregory Kinneman ```Nathan Grayson``` Mary Augstkains ```Scott Madin``` Ichiro Lambe Michel McBride-Charpentier Cheryl Trooskin-Zoller Phoebe Seiders Caitlin Blank Amanda Cosmos Graham Davis Ben Abraham Tam Toucan Johnicholas Hines Ashton Raze (real name Olivia White) ```Brendan Keogh``` Alan Williamson Alex Androski (he died just a few months ago, RIP) Matthew Duhamel ```Deirdra Kiai``` Danny O'Dwyer Tom Whitaker Jason Bakker Ross Fowkes Cha Holland Ghostworks Mitchell Sutton Ryan S. Casey George Shirai Chris "Leddybear" Leddy Edmund Adderly David Carlton Alex May Cale Bradbury ```Christine Love``` Robin Ward Rachel Helps Kevin Slackie Jon 'Meroka' Biggin K. Adam White Jason R. Nally Amanda Williams Gary Szuslik Jr. Dustin Astarita Alex Koti Lew Civ Aaron Michael Kearns ```Ian Cheong``` Joakim Sandberg Kylie Szymesko Christopher Juriansz Terence Wiggins Barton Mothersill The names that were bolded had involvement in Dickwolves, be it writing hitpieces or contributing to them in some form. Also, these were just links that I could find, based on research posted here, and my own findings. More names could be marked off as we look deeper into this, but as of now, this is the list.
>>331560 lol, I fucked up my formatting. I can't into 8chan. For posterity's sake, I'm gonna recommend these future topics to look into (if I don't get around to posting about them later), because I think they're relevant: - #1reasonwhy (START: https://archive.is/Er4wa) - #1reasontobe (START: http://archive.is/quYCD, https://www.gdcvault.com/play/1018080/) - The "Why So Serious?" panel at PAX Aus 2013 Going through this, and having had more sleep since my last dig post, I'm seeing that the ideological conversion of the gaming press was a gradual thing. It was attempted back in 2007 when SA made the comic about Jade Raymond promoting Ass Creed, with some in the press trying to blow it up (notably, people have largely forgotten about it, because it was a non-issue). Dickwolves (the first time) was probably the origin point of when these ideologies got injected. Hell, I remember that was the first time I'd ever seen the term "rape culture." Then came the Jennifer Hepler incident (https://archive.is/xB32b), which added to the pile. And a few months later, Anita Sarkeesian's Kickstarter happened (of note, Sarkeesian already had some media connections, through promotion of her OG Tropes vs. Women series by outlets like Feministing [https://archive.fo/1fcoc] and LA Weekly [http://archive.is/6lVPh]). The way the press closed ranks around Anita, was something that we wouldn't see again until Dickwolves came back up, and in the aftermath of that, we saw PAX make some changes, like the addition of the Diversity Lounge, and the more bullshit panels about "inclusion tactics" and "Jesus God, being a woman in the industry is literally the worst thing ever." Which is kind of funny, because the press blasted PAX for being "tone-deaf" after it was first announced, and they see it as essential to PAX today. But there was a clear consensus at that point: the gaming community was "toxic," and it needed to be browbeaten a few more times until it respected women more. And then GamerGate came, and once again, we saw the press circle the wagons, and by that time, it was over. "Gamer culture" was beyond saving, and needed to die. And probably the most important part? Almost always, you only saw one perspective in the press throughout these incidents. No dissenting viewpoints, hell, any dissenting views were harassment. Hell, Stephen Totilo said of Sarkeesian critics: >And, yes, we have not given prominent exposure on Kotaku to her critics, some of whom just attack her outright and invite being ignored but others who do find exceptions or flaws in her argument. The latter is something we intend to get to on the site. (http://archive.is/BzBcU) Of course, that never came to pass. Because, I think, an agreement was made to moralize and monopolize the views that were presented by the games press. This is why we saw politics start to make their way into what would otherwise be neutral coverage of stories—because a narrative had to be established and maintained. Look at what Patrick Klepek wrote in 2012 after saying that he didn't consider himself to be a feminist: http://archive.is/cn9ql Just saying "I'm not a feminist" was enough for people to react, and him to write the post. And now… well, I think you know how he turned out. Here's another interesting Totilo moment from there: >It’s odd to even be talking about this in the open, since one of the things Kotaku (then MTV) editor Stephen Totilo asked me to do was keep my political beliefs out of my writing and reporting. If this was said before his Kotaku days, this would put the comment some time prior to April 2009. My, how things have changed. Something also worth mentioning: The Dickwolves comic was published on August 11, 2010. GameJournoPros was created on August 31, 2010.
Just a quick thing. Remember Scott Madin? He was actually a mod for Shakesville the whole time: http://archive.is/W4Hrq Not only that, but he was also, at one point, Facebook friends with Jerry Holkins (AKA Tycho Brahe), and tipped him (and presumably Mike Krahulik) off to the Shakesville post. Pic related. Not a bombshell, but it's still incredibly interesting.
>>331561 Holy shit, I overlooked something. That Feministing article (http://archive.is/eiYoX) that Anita was interviewed in? SHE FUCKING NAMEDROPPED DICKWOLVES, WITH THE MADDY MYERS HITPIECE, NO LESS As far as I'm aware, this is THE first time we've ever seen her talk about anything related to gaming controversies or gamer culture. Tinfoil hat theory: Could this have, in some way, inspired Tropes vs. Women in Video Games…?
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Alright, I'm back again to dump more research about the Dickwolves thing, mostly some of the aftermath, as it leads into GamerGate. 25 Feb. 2011 - Leigh Alexander namedrops Dickwolves in what could arguably be an early attempt at "Gamers Are Over," but in a much more mild tone. (http://archive.is/XHugU) 19 Sept. 2013 - Nathan Grayson muses at RPS, “To Boycott PAX Or Not To Boycott PAX?” (http://archive.is/Vhvst) The reaction prompts John Walker to clarify that RPS stands against Penny Arcade and will no longer be covering PAX events, as they believe that “Penny Arcade and its creators are doing harm to the gaming community”. The following day, he notes that RPS “got the PAX post wrong” (http://archive.is/gxCag) 6 Jan. 2014 - Noah Baron publishes “Why Is Gaming Today So Insufferable, and How Can We Fix It?” for HuffPo, citing a proto-"Gamers Are Dead" piece by Simon Parkin (http://archive.is/43pxM), and namedropping Dickwolves to bolster his article. (http://archive.is/8wKge) 8 April 2014 - Scott Madin, the guy who tipped off Penny Arcade to the original Shakesville piece that started the Dickwolves affair (see >>331564), reminisces about the affair, and what it says about gamer culture. (http://archive.is/aG3Il) >Criticism of games, games culture, games media, and games events (and in particular of prominent events like PAX, E3, GDC, etc.), on grounds of diversity, inclusivity, and social justice has become much more vocal and widespread in recent years (meeting, of course, predictable resistance and backlash) … I think probably the best way to “fix” the culture, insofar as we can, regardless of anyone’s individual decision on PAX attendance, is to try to support those critics and counterprogrammers, to join them in the work, or to give them what support we can, or to contend with those who try to tear them down in defense of the status quo. 11-13 April, 2014 - PAX East happens. Some panels worth mentioning: >Why Internet Jerks Aren’t Going to Win, and You Can Help (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lGiUHF2iqkY) >Hosted by Patrick Klepek and Zoe Quinn >They gave out "Social Justice Warrior" badges, provided by Jon Renish, a former Ubisoft employee, now working at BioWare. I'm not making this up. >What You Can Do to End Bile and Hatred in Games Culture (need a vid link for this) >Panelists: >Greg Tito (then EIC, The Escapist) >Bob Chipman (MovieBob, dwarf planet) >Evan Narcisse (Kotaku) >Jannelle Bonanno (EIC, GameFront) >Andrew Yoon (EIC, Shack News) >Andrea Renea (The Escapist) >Andre Meadows (Black Nerd Comedy) >Sex, Sexy, & Sexism: Fixing Gender Inequality in Gaming (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JCf9s1RN1T8) >Panelists: >Susan Arendt (Joystiq) >Tifa Robles (Lady Planeswalker Society, former WOTC brand manager) >Duane de Four (HowManly.com) >Ken Gagne (Gamebits, "big fan" of Anita Sarkeesian) >Brianna Wu (you should know by now) >"[Special thanks to Anita Sarkeesian, Maddy Myers, Andy Molloy, T.J. Awrey, Monica Castillo, and Rosie Huntress for their help in assembling this panel!]" (https://web.archive.org/web/20140221230858/https://www.gamebits.net/2014/02/21/pax-east-2014-panel-announcement/) If you're having difficulty understanding how PAX East '14 has a connection to Dickwolves, read this SRSGaming thread. (http://archive.is/nVtit) Also, of note, PAX split from Penny Arcade in 2014. This is all I can share at the moment. I'll keep digging, of course.
pardon me if this was posted already: https://archive.is/kY9UY article from geekfeminism wikia just noticed the pratfall timeline is in the first reply, nvm. SJW hives can be useful for intel.

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