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(86.12 KB 640x361 t.png)
Throw in the towel Veteran Leader of GamerGate 05/25/2016 (Wed) 20:41:17 Id:3eb719 No. 324277
>3 Posts per hour (4 now lel) >59 active users Just admit it. You lost. You had a good run. No one thought you'd make it this far, but we all expected you to lose.
(18.11 KB 400x267 hue.jpg)
I guess it is time to #closethegate.
(213.77 KB 625x626 1386845661152.jpg)
>>324277 >being this obvious fuck off shill/troll/ghazi/revolt
(26.36 KB 300x419 1464139340915.jpg)
>>324278 >>324282 >2 out of 3 posters Where's the last guy?
>>324288 It is all me and I DO admit to enjoying cuckholding, but you didn't hear that from me. Those 59 users are me.
(3.26 MB 640x266 1463518208634.gif)
>>324289 What the hell, didn't know that we had a filter for f. a. m. fam
(86.31 KB 1000x762 146362852819.jpg)
>4 Unique Ids There we go. The board is all here.
>>324295 can we get a hell yeah
>>324296 pls no ban, I'll pretend to help.
nogoddamnitwaitformeeee!- ah fuck, missed the fight
(832.34 KB 200x199 fuckshitdamn.gif)
Oh look! We're being raided! By five cuntflustered autists from a dead board (and drybones-chan's honeypot with less that 20 active users FOR THE ENTIRE BOARD) that isn't even on the top-50! ==Oh how shall will /GamerGateHQ/ the GamerGate board will ever survive this aggression?== (this is sarcasm)
As long as we keep making cunts and fags pooperpained, we haven't lost.
>>324295 >There we go. The board is all here. Gamer Ghazi? kek

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