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SHITPOSTING MEGATHREAD: Unlimited Butthurt Works edition Veteran Leader 11/06/2016 (Sun) 08:22:47 Id: 8bf42c No. 328623
Previous thread >>323167 This thread is a special sticky thread for the purpose of keeping the board catalog tidy by containing gossip, drama, and shitposting. What goes in this thread: >Minor SJW news or stories that don't have national impact >SJW issues that aren't games industry related and that are not operations or digging. >Twitter gossip that doesn't materially affect #GG >E-celeb or board drama of a personal nature Warning: This thread may have content that is Not Safe For Work! If you feel a thread has extraordinary merit that should be granted an exception from above, you can request a pass by posting it here and reporting the post for mod attention. All other #GG related content is free to post on the rest of the board. Welcome, and have fun!
http://archive.is/7sXJs Old bread archive.
>>328622 Forgot to mention that the Term Gamercucks means faggots from plebbit and twitter who don't realize who the enemy actually is and attack everyone who is not them. The video also points out how all three groups: the Anime Nazis, the cucks who prance around with the gamergate brand and the SJW are influencing each other and could therefor be as well part of the same community although they hate each other. I repeat again; He meant twitter anime avatar Nazis not anime nerds. These guys are not that involved in gamergate. I don't get from where the rest of your accusation follow. In other words I demand some more precision.
>>328627 It's fucking QuQu. Everything that clown says should be disregarded, full stop.
>>328631 I suspect someone else to spill faulty poisons from my personal experiences on IRC and he is not yiffing anyone.
>>328631 Nah, the retard behind this one is a bit bigger than usual. The video was by Davis Aurini. This guy: http://rationalwiki.org/wiki/Davis_Aurini >Canadian >MRA >White Nationalist >bald, bearded edgelord >Makes lots of youtube videos Little wonder he's shilling for the usual suspects.
(85.36 KB 750x750 CvIzSL3UIAAmMl-.jpg)

This thread is still getting remade?i honestly thought that >>323167 was the just going to be left alone since there really isn't a population anymore to support it. Whatever happens after today there are going to be a bunch of butthurt folk on twatter who got way to invested in the election for their own good,should make for some quality entertainment,interestingly i spend more time on twitter and here than i do watching television because there is absolutely nothing worth watching that i can't pirate of the internet
I hope this one is faster than the last one. Erectionmania will be over soon or maybe its just beginning with whoever gets elected
>>328635 Promise is a promise. As long as anybody is here, we'll continue supporting the place. :3
>>328634 Rational Wiki is a unreliable den of proto SJW. Just pointing that out for the record. The social clubs may be closed or stripped of their non legitimate power, but the problem the video is all about still remains. >>328635 See >>328638. I am optimistic and say that Trump will win which will translate into a next victory for the side gamergate used to be on. As next step we could build a vidya analogue to the manosphere blogs.
(537.67 KB 595x842 猫が09.png)

It's like they turn up with a fuckin big neon sign.
(16.67 KB 596x256 canada.png)

Britbong checking in. How's the election going USfags?
>>328648 God Emperor daddy is winning
(307.39 KB 600x450 saaaalt.png)

>>328649 Trump in the lead - I just had a look round some of the election tags on twatter. Holy moly - salt overload.
>>328650 4 VOTES TO WIN!
>>328653 BIG FAT FUCKIN UPDATE Hillary just Conceded over the phone Long live the Emperor
(1.94 MB 860x1200 trump1.png)

(37.14 KB 569x393 moviebobm.jpg)

Moviebob wishes fascim not democracy was our form of govt because his candidate lost
(96.20 KB 1284x537 louishilshill.jpg)

She jumped on the anti trump train like a hooker jumps at a 100$ bill after now she crying behind her protected account. A fitting end indeed
(54.27 KB 593x537 Cw3e2YSVQAAOMMr.jpg)

The return of Leigh alexander
They thought that if they smeared Trump with the gamergate brush it would cause him to lose how wrong they are corrupt media is an enemy to us all
>>328670 >inferior I've also seen 'uneducated masses' banded about on twtr tags. Bit of a superiority complex they've got.
(3.93 KB 255x143 sector484262400.jpg)

>>328670 Also - I've been going about this all wrong - we trying to stop 'The Future' now? I didn't get that memo.
(80.07 KB 1200x842 Cw3YBdWUoAEoX4C.jpg)

Its like a reunion of antigg shitbags on twitter all crying and throwing ineffectual tantrums online
(76.05 KB 506x569 Cw2PsfKXUAEk53r.jpg)

Found this gem
(82.96 KB 750x698 Cw1oX9aUQAA-rBU.jpg)

i love these truth bombs being dropped its unlikely socjus tards will ever learn though which makes it likely a repeat will happen in the next 4 years
(1.61 KB 219x27 rss16.png)

Nov 7 -poll Today rss feed >How were the polls so wrong? A: Because we made them up.
(54.25 KB 585x619 trumpprotest.jpg)

Literally all liberal millenials who all use iphones,drink at starbucks have multicultural friends for the sake of having multicultural friends its clear none of these spoiled brats have worked a day in their lives >>328684 That particular rag started shilling for Hillary months prior its propaganda outfit not a legitimate source of news
http://archive.is/9c6vx This guy gets it the very few times i tried to talk to Hillary supporters ended up the exact same way every since time,when a hugbox is that thick its no surprise they could not get the neutrals to vote for Hillary and thus lodt
Moviebob is a saltmine that never ever runs dry its glorious
(206.80 KB 952x1017 CtoygRiXYAAGM9e.jpg)

I just realized something this thread was remade on the 6th and Trump was elected on the 9th did Acid know that Hillary was going to lose and make this thread in preparation of the socjus saltmining? That's some crazy foresight if he did
(73.12 KB 633x582 socjus1.jpg)

(53.39 KB 640x481 howtoloseanelection.jpg)

did Republicans burn american flags when they lost to obama twice? has any trump supporter burned american flags?
Heads up, we're not out of the woods yet. SJWs on tumblr are trying to push for a no confidence vote in the Electoral College when they vote on December 19th. http://archive.is/44CXm
(27.67 KB 620x280 Cw6tO2XUQAAwanc.jpg)

Chris-chan is going to get visited by the men in suits very soon if he doesn't rein in his autism i wonder if twitter or facebook will ban him when he makes death threats unlikely since he is a trans special snowflake
(56.32 KB 566x409 folls.jpg)

Trump for 2020 because the dems have become intolerant hyper fascists after sipping the fount of socjus
(286.83 KB 538x701 1471905014824-0.png)

Socjus retards and other assorted weirdos have been crying non stop on twitter it is horribly entertaining to watch also addictive i keep getting blocked when i point out their hypocrisy. I wonder how long they plan to protest/riot for if only Trump would be elected tomorrow so their cries become screams of pain and anguish Because saying fuck donald trump and marching all day will somehow change the election outcome?do these idiots even have a game plan of some kind or is it just Fuck trump reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
(31.21 KB 586x324 shill.jpg)

Looks like shes headed into the hugbox to hide from opposing ideas for an editor shes a shit job turning her site into hillary's personal propaganda hellhole. ah well i never touched her dumpster site anyway
(49.67 KB 630x372 Cw7VQ2MUQAAw0nv.jpg)

White House staff expecting Hillary got trump this is what happens when you believe the lies mainstream media pedal
(6.20 KB 250x223 102571013.jpg)

This election was a blast, honestly I didn't cared who did win or not but I'm glad tTump won. Remember anons to not ever be this invested in politics.
(219.29 KB 587x778 FLYNTFOROFFICE.png)

John Flynt tweeted that he is considering running for office in Massachusetts. He needs all of our support!
(308.07 KB 600x376 2016.png)

Britfag checking in again. Bit of a recap - and some déjà vu : Earlier this year the UK had a vote to either leave or stay in the EU (European Union). The 'Vote Leave' side was kind of a mix of everyone, the 'Vote Remain' largely liberals and the left. (Both the main political parties sided with Vote Remain). Vote Leave won - the UK gets to leave the EU - and the lefty Remain crowd had a massive tantrum - same as what's happening now in the US. Shouts of bigotry and racism - yup. Calling the Leave voters uninformed and uneducated - yup. Protests in the streets - yup. Cries of 'Democracy has failed' - yup. Going so far as to call for a second vote - cos that's how democracy works - 'keep holding elections until our side wins' - yup. Think this was mentioned at the time - probably somewhere in the previous mega. Throwing a tantrum when you don't get your way - kind of expected when you're a child. When you're an adult, not so much. Obviously, not being a USfag I had no vote - and when Trump won I just thought 'Yeh, fair enough.' - largely apathetic towards it all. It was only sometime later I thought that if the Dems had won, I would have thought more like 'Ah shit'. Still, another round of snowflakes having a meltdown is always a bonus.
(12.69 KB 596x112 marketsup!.png)

Saw this yesterday too.
>>328709 /v/ is already on it.
(363.53 KB 968x909 1478883067215.png)

So much salt so many blocks so many tears flooding the twitter sphere and tumlbr in general
It is a delicate balance for those who fight if they lack sufficient passion they never become truly skilled and burnout But too much Passion they end monsters better off dead It is a rare breed that can fight without letting it define him
(309.25 KB 596x384 trophies.png)

(372.64 KB 504x720 calexit1.png)

(435.35 KB 640x360 calexit2.png)

Meanwhile California calls to leave: https://twitter.com/hashtag/Calexit?src=hash
(15.08 KB 594x146 benefits.png)

>>328733 Ah crap I forgot to add this pic.
>>328734 Here come the numbers out of thin air that happened around the Brexit… just the other way around.
CEO of Grubhub says employees supporting Trump should resign. http://archive.is/50vtT >The CEO said that he deeply respects the right of people to vote for whoever they decide, but that he simply wanted to “reassure our employees that our company will actively support diversity and inclusion – regardless of national politics.” >regardless of national politics Self-awareness currently not a trending topic.
>tfw someone who hates you credits your writing without realizing it.
(226.61 KB 1125x702 igf__page.png)

Posted this last week in full/v/, but got buried by all the Trump celebration. Not sure if it merits its own thread, so I'm posting it here for your consideration. IGF 2017 lineup https://archive.fo/sUz6v The new Depresson Quack/Gone Homo/Revulshion 69/glorified VN might be in the running, but so far all the indie games submissions I've seen in the list seems passable. It's a huge list, though, and some might slip through the cracks. Maybe pay attention to titles the mainstream gaming press will be promoting havily?
>>328747 Sorry for double posint but… I see that one of the titles there is superhypercube (see vid). This is published by Polytron, Phil Fish's company.
>>328755 Wow, missed that one, thanks! Well, it's 1 out of 600+ titles in the list, but at least it's a start.
>>328756 I've gone through the list and I've found some more entries I have misgivings about. For example: *2064: Read Only Memories (https://archive.is/RWLS3) - a game by the same people who run GaymerX. Tries hard to pander to SJWs by doing such things as including tumblergenders (https://archive.is/0p9Wa#selection-193.0-193.328). There's also some kind of a special version of the game with voice acing, featuring such people as Zoe Quinn and Jim Sterling (https://archive.is/lee3U). *Virginia (https://archive.is/5k7Ll) - an awesome gameplay-free game. If I may quote from the Polygon review: https://archive.is/Gf8tl#selection-1393.0-1402.0 >There are zero choices in Virginia. It has a predefined story that I was expected to follow. The heavy moral choices that it poses are in the hands of the characters. I merely activated those choices and witnessed their effects. As you can see from my sources this game a strong independent black womyn as a protagonist so it's bound to win something just for that. *Ladykiller in a Bind (https://archive.is/PWoI6) - a game by Christine Love, one of the people Patricia Hernandez covered without disclosing she was friends with. *The Struggle (https://archive.is/05bjh) - "The Struggle Is Real is a mini puzzle game portraying gay men's constant struggle balancing a healthy diet while enjoying anal sex. In this game, the player helps the protagonist decide on what to eat for the day to prep for his nightly activity. The goal is to make sure that the protagonist eats enough and has a pleasant night with his romantic partner." *She Might Think (https://archive.is/BS3LU) - based on the game's description it sound like another gameplay-free game that is trying to pander using feminism. Just to be clear it could be that these games are good, I haven't actually played and if I'm told by trustworthy source that they have good gameplay I'm willing to give them a try (the only exception being Virginia, Polygon made it clear it has no gameplay). I've even seen some pro-GG people saying the like Christine Love's games so who knows. But still, I wouldn't be surprised if these games I mentioned are all neglecting gameplay because hey you needs that when you dela with social issues?
>>328761 >gameplay-free game So, not a game then. "Try the new burger-free Big Mac!" "Er, you mean a bun?"
>>328761 >those entries Shit, GG should get on this in force, now that the elections is winding down.
(111.68 KB 706x1000 Cw4nZSPW8AAr6En.jpg)

I can't help but notice in these protests that a majority of the people there are not working class stiffs they are almost all liberals fresh out of whatever useless course they are reading in whatever useless libtard dominated university,transgender special slowflake hipsters or arachs with anonymous masks,baseball bats and other apparel also most of them are below the age of 25 and probs never worked a day in their lives Do these idiots realize trump hasn't done anything and is still an elect
Rob Dyke goes off on Laci Green, Shillary, and the DNC! HOLY SHIT IT'S SAVAGE AS FUCK!
>>328793 the rant starts at 6:47 to skip all the bullshit.
(15.67 KB 596x144 venezuela.png)

Snowflake reality check: All those protesters who don't want to live in a democracy should swap places with people in Venezuela who do.
(60.90 KB 400x280 CxME5E-XEAAjV4J.png)

>>328688 nice hitler dubs, checked Hey Acid, what do you do these days, still hanging out shitposting on 8/v/? I assume your work is going to get busier now that DHS will finally be able to do their damm jobs, come Jan 20th, and certain tools will be needed to do just that. >>328689 First pic: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_1qXQRpF08E Second Pic: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tAbMNZXx8mQ >>328747 >>328755 >>328761 I'd say this warrants it's own thread.
(411.64 KB 1536x2048 nikki.jpg)

Kanye west turns out to be a secret supporter of trump trump thinks hes a swell guy naturally sjw's blm retards are throwing a tantrum as usual. I expect more pro trump celebrities to speak up as time goes by
(130.13 KB 450x600 1422325738453-0.png)

Pence got booed at some faggy play Taking one look at the multicultural cast of diverse races playing what should historically be white characters i could already sense trouble,why was pence even dare anyway?is he doing some kind of outreach to the gay liberal arts community,those stupid tickets cost as much as $2500 just to watch some aids infected queers prance around on a stage in cheap costumes. what a waste of time and money if it was reversed and biden was in there the libs would have burned the theater to the ground
(226.33 KB 1045x1491 Asuka rei date.jpg)

>>328815 Yeah, I'm still a /v/eteran at heart. Where ever I'm at I have two tabs open, one for /v/ and one for here. Business has slowed a bit because the Hillary panic buying has ended, but its still the best time of the year and things are pretty comfy. I'll make a little extra money between now and Christmas. Been following #GG closely, but haven't physically done much since the election besides shitpost and keep an eye on the usual idiots. I'm excited about the shit going down in Korea, and I'm not going to relax until Trump is safely in office in January. Sorry if I haven't been posting much. There just doesn't seem to be a ton of business to discuss, and I try not to use the board as my personal blog. /v/ has taken to using us as a repository for #GG digs and operation outlines which is nice, but we really are slow as balls. I will never not wonder where the hell everybody went. I think even if the answer was a thousand people posting "because you suck" I'd feel better because at least I'd know. I know people come back, because the anniversary and CONleaks were a big deal and we had lots of people, and nobody was metaposting about us being shit or anything. They just all kind of drifted off again. Blah.
>>328830 If I had to hazard a guess, most people were like me for a time, just coming over to see if anything new happened and closing the tab once they've seen everything, never actually posting. I made it a habit to open up this board in the mornings, but I just don't post anymore. At the same time I lurk KiA for the same reasons, which takes a little while longer, but that's mostly a circlejerk around stupid shit now, no calls to action. Others probably just gave up completely. I'm a burnout I guess.
>>328831 Yeah I lurk KiA at work, but they mostly just talk about current events and rarely do anything. Still a good place for news. I notice that when something happens that pisses people off and not just has them munching popcorn, that is when people start doing shit. We're like that, /v/ is like that, and KiA too. Just we're so used to this crazy ride it takes something special to get people fired up.
I just had a horrible thought what if Hillary had won the socjus retards would have been celebrating like crazy every singlr rag would flood the internet with shitty pieces about how socjus takes center stage and hillary would immediately begin flooding the country with 1000 of syrian refugees who would undoubtly commit crimes,rape and evrything else bad with the MSM covering up it every step of the way 8chn and every other "hate"site would likely be shut down Gun rights gun,rise in weirdo socjus culture Thankfully that did not happen
(211.37 KB 850x1175 Asuka touch tumblrart.jpg)

>>328853 This was the biggest thing at stake, as far as I'm concerned. If Hillary had won, all the corruption, lies, slander, media bias, and SJWism would have been cemented into American history as "the new normal." It wouldn't have taken but a decade or two beyond that for our country to tear itself apart from within like the Eurozone is doing. When you empower these lunatics, when you acknowledge them to have authority, there's no length they won't go to in order to abuse it. Where did you get that Asuka, if I may ask?
>>328830 >I will never not wonder where the hell everybody went. Wondered it too - I usually put it down to people having stuff to do in real life - and time just passes by. Is odd though - not referring to any mass exodus - just some of the more recent threads. Was following some of the threads (such as the comic advertisers one) and there's decent info/discussion going back and forth, then it just stops - like everyone stops mid-conversation and just disappears… Meanwhile: http://www.gameobjective.com/ New site by Brad Glasgow (stats guy) - well worth a look.
(4.51 KB 544x112 twerkpolitics.png)

Commentary in the WSJ on the Arts obsession with identity politics. http://archive.is/LXq2O Forgot the damn pic
>>328858 Stole it off some thread on /b/
Lets see now 1.POLYGON & KOTAKU & VICE 2.Ugly Tranny 3.Weird poorly done hair color 4.Over 100k worth of tweets 5. Patreon 6. Video games 7.Youtube channel I wonder if i can find the factory these people come massproduced from so i can burn it to the fucking ground
>>328866 Nice dubs, btw. >I wonder if i can find the factory these people come massproduced from so i can burn it to the fucking ground It's called academia, and you can find them in almost every university ever.
>>328830 >I will never not wonder where the hell everybody went >They just all kind of drifted off again I'm going to go out on a limb here and suggest some reasons: >1) The site became impossible to post on for a few months with all the errors >2a) Journalists stopped posting retarded shit for the most part >2b) Other people who aren't saying they support GG are ready to shit on journalists when they do post retarded shit >3) Gawker got destroyed and lost any remaining credibility >4a) All attention was on the election >4b) The bullshit the media pulled around the election ended up being what GG faced on an international level >4c) GG wasn't just confined to the internet, we all LIVED it constantly under how Trump was covered by the news >4d) With the way the media covered the election, it went from being GG supporters and sympathizers to the media vs everyone who could think for themselves >5) With Trump's victory, GG can remain a watchdog group. I'm still concerned about this recount. I have no doubt that the election was fair, but this recount process may not be.
(17.55 KB 768x288 jobsareover.png)

Jobs don't have to be your, er, job anymore. Jobs are over! 'what if jobs are not the solution but the problem' http://archive.is/aERgA Don't know what's up with the archive -first paragraph missed off. wasn't me Pic is first paragraph.
>>328873 >I have no doubt the election was fair really? How do you know that? The FBI told you? First of all, dems got a large felon vote. That's "fair?" Then Obama was publicly urging illegals to bull their way into the voter id logs, which means using the Dems' underground structure of criminal political operatives to furnish them fake id's. That's fair?
>>328830 >one for /v/ and one for here. >wall of reddit pure cancer
(10.11 KB 118x232 trivia_dumb.jpg)

Nick Monroe: "I think Anti-Racism Strategist Tariq Nasheed is a little bit racist." That is understating it. https://twitter.com/nickmon1112/status/803421382474350592 On his Twitter profile he claims to be the anti-racism strategist for the National Association of Black Journalists https://twitter.com/TariqNasheed https://archive.is/iyti1 He called for people not to vote in the presidential election. How'd that work out? http://thereelnetwork.net/dont-vote-for-the-next-president-is-this-a-good-idea/ https://archive.is/s7zdA He was a PUA before he got into racism. "Joe Gets Game" https://archive.is/DEwnn "Mack Lessons" https://archive.is/ZQ8Gi "Play or be Played" https://archive.is/3N0v9 His "documentary" Hidden Colors 2: The Triumph of Melanin teaches us that Buddha was African American https://archive.is/tpzsp One of the people in the first Hidden Colors movie teaches that white people are genetically inferior. It looks like the whole series is We Wuz Kangs nonsense. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hidden_Colors https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Frances_Cress_Welsing Hey Tariq: if your kickstarters are taking money from these idiots, keep up the good work!
>>328878 It's as fair as it could be in an unfair system. He still managed to win even with all that. No need to flip a shit right before Trump fixes all that.
(110.49 KB 848x1200 CyS7xthWQAAExsd.jpg)

https://archive.is/SQaip Is that swami in there postings stale bait? it has to be only he would be that pathetic to waste his time trying to troll the gg thread. >>328873 Recount all the states the only person making bank out of this is jill stein,bitch conned her way to over 5 million Eurodollar from dumbass libtards,ah well a fool and his money are soon parted. Trump will still be president no matter what
>>328882 Apprentlyt the troll was a ghazifag from /leftypol/. >>>/leftypol/1096109 Though I wouldn't be surprised if swami and the usual assholes are involved Would be interesting if the shilling and shitposting intensifies throughout December–in the past 2 years it's usually around the holidays when GG activity goes down due to having better things to do than yelling at people on the internet. Unlike the no-lifer antis as the #CONLeaks proved.
>>328884 I really wish /leftypol/ would be deleted. Nothing but cancer, constantly stoking board drama because they are so losers in life they are determined to take over 8chan, even though virtually everyone here hates their guts.
>>328886 On that tangent, here's a /v/ thread about corruption in games media dogpiled hard by the usual suspects: >>>/v/11349769 Translation provided by pic related from /v/'s "worst thread" according to /v/, aka. the Gamergate thread. And they say this board is the one infested with cucks and shills. Say, should this be its own topic? This presents an interesting case study of how the corrupt media establishment punishes a journalism outlet for doing actual journalism.
(3.08 KB 73x73 TYoMt1HD_bigger.jpg)

>>328887 >should this be its own topic? Do it.
jkelly wrote something worth reading http://www.twitlonger.com/show/n_1spb4rm https://archive.is/erStm tl/dr: 1. Yes, @Kohrro Did Write to @Foxceras's Employer to get him Fired 2. Male Goddess is BO of ggrevolt 3. Thidran, Kelly, MaleGoddess, Kohrro, and Mechenyi were part of a private DM group. That's half of the cancer crew and Excel's emergency food supply.
>>328893 >the burnout cliche shenanigans You know, I'm all for free speech and everything on top, but this abuse has gone straight into blatant criminal territory already.
(388.18 KB 396x386 edgy.png)

>>328893 That Medium link! >Wild stories from click-bait bloggers Well that's how I read it. In the Medium rant there's nothing in the quoted texts that you can't find on a thousand other sites on the web - or even more of on YouTube. >inb4 That doesn't make it right! Talk to your average chemistry fag or forces cadet - they'll know this stuff and more. Also - that twitlonger falls apart at [5] - 'Look! This is [insert]! Here's the link!' - then links to his own article/rant.
Moving some goalposts. http://archive.is/uTxCo Thought Slate had died off.
>>328893 Try to imagine the world where GGR/DDM did anything useful or relevant that wasn't just furry autism circle jerks and then I imagine that's the bad mirror-mirror timeline where Hillery won and then I try to wake up can't wake up wake meeee uuuup insiiiide SAAAAVEEEE MEEE
>>328893 Can confirm Cancerfags. Kohrro and Male_Goddess 29 years doxed Kelly and Variloh and ran them out of Thidran's group with his permission, which would seem to be why he's speaking out. >>328895 Its been that way for a whole year, anon. Even now they're trying to prop up a little startup media empire with QuQu at the center to give their shit more exposure. They failed at co-opting #GG so they tried to destroy it. They had some modest success on 8chan and Twitter before retreating to cancerchan. Then revolt imploded under its own autism and they ultimately lost that part of the war. Now they're on to something else. Since they were kind enough to remind us the other day, the big FBI reveal was just over a year ago. I'd say that's long enough for people to start using some of that information for other purposes. Here's a SFW teaser. Ever wondered how revolt was born? I've hinted to this many times. So we have the Cancerfags, most relevant to this story are Thidran, Kohrro, MaleGoddess, and Zan. All members of the IRC clique at that time. I've detailed the kind of shilling they did here before, but this was well in progress leading up to the time of the board purge. >Purge happens >Cancerfags, with help from /intl/, begin metaspamming the board. >Staff bans/deletes them relentlessly. After two months of escalation we're all sick of their shit. >They go to /pol/, taking in tow some of our anons who were caught in the crossfire. >Three /pol/ threads go by, with much of the discussion dominated by them. A couple had upwards of 50 replies IIRC. >Le Vote for the board is taken. revolt wins. >The board is to have an "anon" board owner. In reality this is MaleGoddess. >In a big show, they go to /burgers/ and offer the board to Thidran himself, who declines it. This creates the false impression that he and the IRC clique are not involved. Anons buy it. >A second big show happens as the board chooses an interim BO. "Anons", actually the same faggots posting anonymously, go to /gg2/ and "ask" Zan, another member of the IRC clique, to run it. Two layers of security! Wait, no, it was the same group of faggots still. >Zan accepts out of his good will because this was totally not planned in advance. :^) >Anons buy the smokescreen hook, line, and sinker. >Time goes by. Zan tangles with me, spergs out, "quits." >Board goes back to Le totes impartial and unaffiliated with anyone "anon" board owner MaleGoddess, part of the same circle of fags still. >Anons buy it, hook line and sinker again. From the moment revolt was conceived and made to this moment right now, it has never once left the DDMfags' hands. Three times they pulled a bait and switch on their own community just to make it appear that they weren't involved in the board, because they knew after /gg/ and /gamergate/ nobody would ever trust them again. >The stream threads by the IRCfags and friends being shilled there >The almost daily "Hate Acid Man!" threads >The both quiet and open calls to use /baphomet/ to dox and raid prominent pro-#GG people (MaleGoddess also owns cancerchan's /baph/ board, by the way. They'd never let their favorite piece of cover get left behind in the move) They used their own community as a personal army for over a year. And nobody realized it there because nobody could call them out for it, because they were also the board admin and the mods all along. Its not like they were going to call themselves out for samefagging or shilling the community. Or even for spam, if it was the "right" kind of spam - like threads directing people after #GG supporters or e-celebs. When Kohrro doxed Kelly and Variloh, the salt overflowed into the board and their anons finally broke the conditioning in the face of what was obvious and left.
>>328902 >>328893 Former ggr true believer here. Can confirm its utterly rotten. Thidran ran basically all of ggr and ddm from behind the scenes. The guy is a huge furry degenerate and so are everyone in his inner circles. I along with others were lured into that place from pol particularly during the rapp shit but it became obvious with a bit of digging it's run by the biggest sjw degenerates you can possibly imagine. Cancer crew was very real. Fucking god damn kike's I wish now I'd never even heard of gg. People like this (and kop type's) are the literal reason gg failed.
>>328906 Not quite. It may surprise you but Zan was a retard. He genuinely trusted thidran and co and he took his cue's from them. He legitimately thought those were anons and I'd go so far as to suggest he was a Patsy and fall guy for these dude's even despite his raid claim's. The guy was not the Brain's of cancer crew nor was he smart enough to have organized the very complex operation against you which has continued to this very day. If you want my honest opinion having seen these faggots operate up close I think the real Brain's are people like drybones (who is still involved in deep shit despite his denials) and thidran. I haven't been able to get close enough to their IRC channel's to gather proof of this but I have a lot of alts.i intend to keep trying. Acid stay safe man. You have people out to get you STILL actively doing shit people who are so desperate they routinely set those most popular amongst them up as fall guy's mark my words ququ is the next one. People this desperate are dangerous as fuck.
>They used their own community as a personal army for over a year. And nobody realized it there because nobody could call them out for it, because they were also the board admin and the mods all along Almost forgot this. This time's a million this is exactly what these guy's do. They eat their own if it suits them.
Oh psssss. I am pretty sure that either Korro or Male goddess was And is the Bo of ggr.
>>328910 Male Goddess is.
(840.25 KB 640x480 doxsm2.webm)

I had forgotten about this! http://archive.is/zCbpa Endomorphosis got sentenced today. He was one of the fags I turned over to the FBI last year. Six months jail time and two years of probation. He got nabbed under an Oregon cyber harassment law for posting revenge porn. I've been so busy I forgot that his sentencing was this week. His face is the ugly fuck in the still image from the "weekend doxx crew" stream with Zan and the others. Webm related.
>>328913 This was the same guy who said he was running /intl/ the entire time too. There are some cow thread's regarding this. Stunning, I knew had problems didn't know he was a revenge porn guy. How deep does this shit go I wonder, I find myself questioning even more shit now.
>>328913 Excellent. Justice prevails.
(5.92 KB 640x88 reporting101.png)

'Fake News' is a term currently doing the rounds - giving rise to various apps warning of such news. One app - BSDetector - is currently giving Fagbook a headache: http://archive.is/GNxKT For more fake news here's the Grauniad banging the drum about GG, Trump's win and the alt-right: https://archive.is/KwZBF
>>328913 Wow. We won't be seeing that tripfagging IRCfag shill for a while? Holy fuck, what a relief. Also, considering how paranoid the Cancer Crew tends to be with their sekrit club operations, you'd think they'd put more value in preserving their anonymity online. Seriously, why would you be dumb enough to use an IRL picture of yourself an avatar or use your real name as your username a la John Kelly? Considering the fact that these guys are redditors at heart as opposed to being anons, I suppose I shouldn't be surprised.
>>328906 please gas your self. -t BNFer
>>328906 >>328907 How wrong can you get it? Full disclosure: I have been in DM groups with almost everyone mentioned except for Endo and Zan. That being said, the only IRC communities I've been active in are #8chan related and #4chan related, neither of which are private. The DM groups that Thidran has been a part of, he really took an inactive role outside of digging activities. He didn't lead, guide, or instruct. Before the Koro/John Kelly divide, it was mainly just a digging group. We posted some Ops to /furry/, /gamergatehq/, and /v/. Some of them gained attention, most of them flopped. We'd use piratepad to collaborate on OPs and what not to present shit we worked on. It was really a beautiful thing to post a well thought out, crafted, easy to follow Op on one of the boards, only to watch it get derailed and lose all traction. #PeDont was something that was hastily thrown together, not thought out, and just flopped on the /v/ thread because we presented it early, but then that shit took off. The Alison Rapp shit, I'd say 60% came from us, but the big drop was her prostitution gig, and Kiwi Farms owns credit for that. "/furry/ claimed credit!" No the board did not. I was the OP of the first thread about her being a prostitute, and I immediately gave credit to KF. Alison Prime scam was 80% us, with 20% from the KiA mods. Yeah, a KiA mod dumped on us the info about it being a dude when we hit a wall. I didn't own /furry/ until well after the move to 4chan. After the move to 4chan, shit started dwindling down in regards to GamerGate bullshit, outside of making fun of people. The DM digging groups have split up due to autistic in-fighting. Finally I conceded that even though 8/pol/ completely sucks as far as moderation, it's too important to abandon. I've been spending more time there than I have on end/furry/. The original /furry/ BO, I have no clue who he was, he kept that shit secret even from me. I let one DM group know that I was the new BO, and during their public feud, one of them decided to name me. I didn't really care, but still, that wasn't public knowledge. As far as me guiding the conversation on that board, never have. I had someone, who I consider a bud, as autistic as he may be, contact me about here being multiple threads containing personal info on him being posted on /ggevolt/. Even then I had to be like, look dude, I can't remove it because it goes against what the original BO stood for, I'm not going to troll block for you. He called me a "rule cuck" for going by the rules the BO set out for himself. Can you believe that?
>>328927 and you word filtered end-chan to say 4chan?
(185.31 KB 1015x1096 CmtbNAgUMAEDpWI.jpg)

>>328927 >How wrong can you get it? This is acid man we're talking about here. Neck beard permavirgin. I genuinely feel sorry for him.
(41.48 KB 916x722 MG requests Kelly dox.jpg)

>>328928 We had issues with people spamming the board with cancerchan links a while back. Filtering it calmed down the autism and got us some laughs. A: Let's see a confirmation of some sort you are who you purport to be. and B: I'm all for talking if you want to talk, but I know you were right there in the DM chat helping Kohrro try to get me fired. You also came to me looking for Kelly's dox and I blew you off, just a few days before he was actually doxed by your group. Talking means talking on the level, not piss down my back and tell everyone its raining. You weren't involved in all the dirty shit? That's the argument you want to make? Alright, deal. You were involved in enough. There's a difference between being assmad and being plain, old-fashioned fed up with bullshit, and after a year of this 'tism I'm at the latter. I hope you aren't real attached to Kohrro. Nice house, btw.
And lest I forget, I still have this gem. You actually arguing with the bipolar furry over her claiming credit for doxing me.
>>328930 All the stuff on you came from OpChan, except for your current employer. Someone, you know who obviously, called your former employer and got your current employer info. I wouldn't say "helping", but certainly goaded along and encouraged. Thidran and JK were probably the most vocal against what he did. JK was saying "just leave it alone" constantly. Did your boss give you a copy of the email he sent? I told him that shit was way too…. autistic and way over the top. He said something alone the lines of, "I fear for my life". He got a reply almost immediately, "whatever problems you have with so-and-so seem personal, take it up with him, don't bother us with this bullshit" - paraphrasing. I think the response was funnier than the autistic email he sent. But yeah, after that, it was an unhealthy obsession with him. I would have to say, "Dude, with the type of licensing and background checks required for that, he's not going to have a criminal record or anything bad on his records." >>328931 Find the Ghostbin with your dox. It was done by someone on OpChan, before you added the Vivian James favicon to the gunstore you worked at. They specifically mention the OpChan icon being in the favicon.
(752.98 KB 603x1005 CyjPlU9VQAArcta.png)

>>328932 >Thidran and JK were probably the most vocal against what he did. JK was saying "just leave it alone" constantly. This is true. But the sperg here lumped everyone together into a "cancer crew" and in doing so, lost any kind of sympathy. What is WITH Kohrro anyway? I never understood his unnatural obsession with this fat gun blacksmith
(55.81 KB 630x450 red beard nigger.png)

(61.85 KB 580x257 cole wants to talk.png)

And no, red beard nigger, I won't talk with you in private. You had the audacity to claim to have reported me and several others to the FBI without reason or evidence other than we laughed about your misgivings. Dude, no one attempted to have you swatted. No one in the DM groups I was involved in claimed credit for reporting your bomb making manuals to the FBI either. I think someone in a /baph/ thread did claim to have reported you though. Someone else, not naming, did call your local PD to ask if anyone had made any police reports on you, and what was found out was that you contacted and met with the police to warn them that someone may try to have you swatted.
(83.52 KB 500x665 Kelly skinwalking.jpg)

>>328933 >What is WITH Kohrro anyway? I never understood his unnatural obsession with this fat gun blacksmith This I do not know either. Then he turned his obsession towards JK, which I didn't understand either. I thought he was joking when he asked me for Kelly's dox. I was like, "hold on, I'll find out for you.", DM'd Cole, and then Cole blocked me lol. I was like, "welp, the only person I know of who might have his dox just blocked me, so I dunno who else might know." Dunno who he turned to after that, but I know his autism matches destroyed a couple of DM groups.
>>328934 red beard nigger LEL!
(309.47 KB 456x446 swamp29.jpg)

still obsessed with revolt after all these years tho acid!
(96.88 KB 888x718 coleslaw.png)

>>328937 He's never going to let it go, funny because its the only way to draw traffic to this museum
Remember; The internet is forever and skirting on the brink of crime wasn't a good idea in 2006 and isn't a good idea in now. Gamergate has kinda petered out and the real action is now elsewhere. Get right with God already and let go. What I see from you is true possession. https://archive.fo/EIuSr
(141.86 KB 1166x536 Dogfucker.png)

(202.56 KB 1329x454 incestuous.png)

(154.87 KB 1245x281 lonelyfaggot.jpg)

(232.84 KB 1015x728 Mutt.png)

>>328933 >What is WITH Kohrro anyway? Take your pick
(12.09 KB 554x378 v& bux mods knew about.png)

>>328940 And of course Something Awful enters the fray again. Why are so many goons pedos? Is there something in the goonglish they should talk about?
>>328878 True possession. The ghost you are listening to is not holy!
Acid, why do you keep allowing these fucktards to even post here? Most board admins would've banned people like these a long time ago.
(727.19 KB 1080x1080 1416180817766-0.jpg)

Fuck yeah GGR/bnf/cancer crew/dmmoe/illuminati have returned SO good to see you guys after a long hiatus i couldn't help but notice that ggr on 4chan seems to be dead what gives guys? ………….. Still obsessing after Acidman i see,i am beginning to wonder if you think of him when you fap.gross
>>328943 I'll answer that for him, or at least how I see it: It's hilarious. Just think about it. They fucking dox the guy apparently, but they didn't do enough digging to realize he's fucking protected by the FBI. They had his entire work history (I assume), but they didn't put it together that maybe he knows what he knows because he's PAID to do it? With all their ridiculous theories, they didn't even once think the one that is most often thought about. Then they fucking imploded. Their entire idea was to ruin GG or co-opt it for their circlejerk. It didn't work, it just moved elsewhere or changed to the watchdog group it should have been for a while. Or with the election, it entered mainstream in different ways. As I posted months ago, I don't care if HQ died. HQ isn't the total of GG. So what I'm a mod of a dead board? I still wrote my emails and redpilled everyone I knew in subtle ways. Hell, I even helped with Devdex, which was their thing, but it seems that failed too. Bottom line, why don't we ban them? They are hilarious to watch. Like watching the Hillary supporters after Trump won, they were so fucking smug until everything crashed around them. Now they are fucking irrelevant and can't do anything except come to a dead board to post as if they are worth anything. They are the perfect example of that one kid that says "I don't care I'm leaving now" but I can only imagine how they shake and how their hearts beat so fast just monitoring for Acid to say shit so they can post again, completely forgetting they were supposed to not care. Almost like that "LOL I TROL U" picture with the guy crying and typing. It's the ultimate schadenfreude.
(131.29 KB 716x1012 7357156_p0.jpg)

>>328946 good to see at least 1 mod is still hanging around here I just think they have a strong need to be validated by someone why else would they keep coming back if they always said "im gone and never coming back ever". Almost like they have nothing else to live for..,..that is really depressing when you think about it desperately trying to get attention from a slow as fuck board while lusting after some tripfag's cock.
>>328947 >I just think they have a strong need to be validated Not really, it's just hilarious to see your guy's response and the delusion that Acid was somehow responsible for Endo's imprisonment. Also I mainly came to laugh at Kohrro >>328940
(103.99 KB 500x661 Swami bigshot.jpeg)

(32.89 KB 300x300 consequences.jpg)

>>328934 Fair enough pedovet. I'll submit one more thing for your thoughts. Consider if there weren't other DM groups that you just weren't a part of, who were full of some of the same people and were happy to let you look like you were involved by letting you run your mouth without telling you. Also I'd like to point out that >Fuzztail claims to have been the one to dox me >You stepped in and claimed credit for it >You admitted to encouraging and goading Kohrro into coming after me >Now you want to pass the buck and say Opchan did it "Which lie do you want me to believe?" Its funny, I actually thought we might have a somewhat meaningful conversation this time around and I was actually considering carefully today what I wanted to say. You disabused me of that pretty quick. So here's a much more important question. You think all those kinds of things happening to someone is fine. That's clear by your own statements. So you aren't going to be opposed to it when it happens to you. Or are you going to be all second pic about it when the time comes? Because I have news for you. If you're right, then you're fucked. Because if the FBI really doesn't care about anything you and your fiends did to me? They're not going to care about what happens to you, either. Or did we never consider that?
>>328934 >>328935 >>328937 >>328938 Keep sperging, revoltards. You're next.
>>328938 The best part is when the cancerous goon faggot clique responsible for sending death threats and doxing people come back to talk shit in this "museum." Still salty that people never followed you retards because it was obvious what was happening after the destruction of the original board. And let's not forget this is the same group of misanthropes who started the the "PR cuck/Ethics cuck" insults after they'd do everything they could to fuck shit up with their doxing and death threats. "The media's just going to paint you all as harassers, so we're just going to help them out by providing them ammo because our hipster queen demands it." Goons, not once. Btw, whatever happened to Spergberg? Did he finally an hero or have a heart attack?
(235.95 KB 240x180 Are you threatening me.mp4)

>>328952 Do we have any of them on record sending threats or bragging about it?
>>328955 Acid might still have a copy of the complete list that he submitted to the feds. Not sure if any other President Elects compiled them as well.
>>328955 Try, the passing off of the previous board's ownership to Teridax and his tweets with their obese queen. So many pathetically thirsty incel goony bearded millenials incapable of navigating meatspace much less getting their tip wet, so they do it for free.
>>328957 Teri has an 90's era 8-ball jacket now. It's SO ironic. He's so meta.
>>328952 >Btw, whatever happened to Spergberg? Did he finally an hero or have a heart attack? He gained like 20 goddamn pounds after being banned from twitter
>>328959 Good. Hopefully his fat heart does it thing, or the crushing rejection of society becomes too much to take.
>>328948 Endo got sent to the slammer may his rectum be stretched to infinity by his cellmate tyrone and his anguished cries in the shower go unheard. The usual deadbeats and a couple of new faces are trying to resurrect the gamergate again someone should really send them a mail that its not a good idea the same retards tried to smear trump by labeling his the gamergate candidate he still beat out hillary anyway. Good she always had that creepy stepford wives smile everywhere she went maybe its all the surgery shes had that make the smile look unnatural
>>328961 >The usual deadbeats and a couple of new faces are trying to resurrect the gamergate >the same retards tried to smear trump by labeling his the gamergate candidate It's really hilarious to watch them go at it once again. They just don't learn. Gamers defeated them and they sound insane for actually saying the truth.
>>328955 >>328956 In case you haven't heard, 8archive is up on beta stage. So if anyone is brave enough and willing to dive in, you can check out old threads. Here's the /gghq/ one: https://beta.8archive.moe/threads.html#!gamergatehq As an aside, search for "gamer" on the front page: https://beta.8archive.moe/ Found a lot of "anti-gg" (all of them dead) boards.
>>328968 search for ethics cuck, it's hilarious
(69.31 KB 728x497 wtf.jpg)

I can't believe a woman willing had sex and let herself be recorded by this weirdo,those eyes are just too much hes the second ggr spergling to be arrested first is ralph and hes second i wonder who will make the third spot. With any luck they might even share a cell together.
(518.06 KB 576x448 strntmdog.png)

(533.01 KB 768x432 sdf01.png)

(529.15 KB 616x424 sdf02.png)

No offence Acid, man for ESL speakers that generally means 'Fuck it, I'm going to say it anyway' - when I first saw our BO's mugshots floating about here (only recently), all I thought was - Wulf Sternhammer. For those staring blankly - In British SciFi comic 2000AD, there's the long running series - Strontium Dog - created by writer John Wagner and artist Carlos Ezquerra (also responsible for Judge Dredd) - originally exclusively drawn by Ezquerra with further writing/development by Alan Grant. Earth in the future - after some future war, the side effects of Strontium 90 radiation caused mutations - human mutants with various abilities. Looked down upon by regular humans, pretty much the only work these mutants could find was as bounty hunters for the Search/Destroy Agency - S/D - the so-called Strontium Dogs. The main man of the series is Johnny Alpha - a real hard-ass with penetrating 'Alpha' vision. In a time-twisting sub-plot, the Viking, Wulf Sternhammer (from Viking times) ends up in the future and decides to stay there, fighting alongside Alpha. It's a great read, all action-packed stuff - Johnny and Wulf hunting down and fighting the bad guys - Wulf's weapon of choice is his Viking warhammer - which he calls 'The Happy Stick'. After many series, Wulf was eventually killed - to many fans disappointment - but, as with all good Vikings, his spirit lives on - transported by the Valkyries to his rightful place in Valhalla. Pic1 - at the time, 2000AD was mainly in black + white - a lot of it has been reprinted - not sure how much of it in colour. Pics 2+3 are from a current Strontium Dog fan film I just learned about. http://strontiumdogfanfilm.com/ Haven't read 2000AD for quite a few years so I don't know where they're at these days. Any Britbongs about with a quick update primer?
(5.19 KB 624x94 hckrnws.png)

Could be interesting: Hacker News have announced a week-long trial run of politics-free discussion on their site - http://archive.is/kBsuB Don't know much about Hacker News - I think the idea is to stop inserting politics into everything and see what happens. As they point out, there's other places for political discussion - go there instead - still, already there's cries of censorship. >Many users said this effort, even if well-intentioned, amounts to censorship. Many warned it would have the unwanted consequence of silencing the views and experiences of minority users, including women and people of color who comment on the site. Not sure that last sentence makes much sense - how exactly are they being silenced?
(180.04 KB 850x1920 Asuka sit flip.jpg)

>>328973 They're not. "Silenced" is SJW speak for "other people disagree with me and I'm too timid to deal with it or speak up in a reasonable manner." >>328971 Topkek.
(347.93 KB 400x720 red02.png)

>>328974 >They're not. "Silenced" is SJW speak for etc… Aye, I was kind of being rhetorical. ← Also, shortly after your comic book alter-ego's sad demise, a new Strontium Dog turned up - sleazy, blood-sucking she-mutant, Durham Red.
(363.34 KB 887x1491 hes keeping an eye out lol.png)

>>328970 So Ben/Endomorphosis decided not to show up to jail for his 6-month sentence and now has a warrant out for his arrest: http://www.wtae.com/article/police-seek-man-convicted-in-revenge-porn-case/8468326 It seems he's decided it's a better idea to shitpost on the internet. He was defending himself on reddit as recently as 4 hours ago: https://www.red*dit.com/user/wearytravelerpdx http://archive.is/qTxzI His reddit posts on that account got the attention of the DA, who filed a motion to revoke his current probation and replace it with something more restrictive: https://www.docdroid.net/r963TCd/16cr46339-motion-revoke-probation-redacted.pdf.html BTW, he's suing that DA (which never ever goes well) and has elected to represent himself in the suit. That's right: dumbass thinks he successfully sue a lawyer without having one himself. In short, he's FUCKED
>>328977 Whoops, it looks like the person who uploaded the motion to revoke his probation took it down. Here's another copy: https://my.mixtape.moe/rezhmg.pdf
(41.04 KB 604x458 Asuka elated.jpeg)

>>328977 Doubling down on the stupid and refusing to own up isn't going to work in real life like it does on the Internet. They're going to eat him alive. Edit: http://archive.is/0630Q Archiving that Reddit thread for future use.
>>328979 hey acid, whys kia saying endo is ggr? he posts everywhere, is it a PR thing to disown him or something?
>>328981 Because he was ggr. Major poster on their board, part of their stream circlejerks and IRC. Just because he was part of other communities doesn't mean he wasn't one of theirs.
>>328977 >endo is on the lam One eye on the titties, one eye on the streets
(206.18 KB 777x1087 Cy-GOrPXcAAKTt3.jpg)

>>328977 why do sperglings believe they are above the law some omniscent god complex maybe,escaping reality by denying it,this won't end well for him. i wonder if he will be smart enough or desperate enough to flee to mexico of course that would imply he is capable of surviving on his own which i somehow doubt. >>328981 he used to post here and on /pol/ too with a namefield and everything he once posted his youtube group thingy it had the whos who of the black sheep of gg
(155.81 KB 1806x1252 leftpol shilling 1.png)

>>328968 Interesting in the light of /leftypol/ trying to attempt a Cultural Revolution on fullchan. >>328973 >politics-free discussion I'm all for it. If I want to read about video games, I don't want some christcuck libtard telling me Trump is Satan. Sames goes on the other side: if I want to read about new developments in space tech, I'm not interested in some alt-right puritytwat saying only their superior white race has claim on the moon, or mars, or whatever. This isn't censorship at all. If they don't like the lack of identity politics, they can always go elsewhere for their fill of virtual signaling. >>328994 >why do sperglings believe they are above the law Does he have backers? That usually makes otherwise meek people overly confident to the point of arrogance. That would be an interesting side project for those interested: dig the diggers, dox the doxers, and all that.
>>329004 >Interesting in the light of /leftypol/ trying to attempt a Cultural Revolution on fullchan. You mean half chan. Yeah they're flooding every fucking thread with commie propaganda, apparently one lefty infiltrated the mod team.
Actually I'm wondering now that the fires have smirred down, Endo (the hacker known as GGR) is finally in jail and Wulfington's dog fucking history has exposed, whether we can finally bury the hatchet and work together again.
>>329005 >implying /leftypol/ wasn't a beachhead for halfchan rapefugees Same thing.
(59.24 KB 1000x543 Marcellus Wallace.jpg)

>>329006 "Don't start nothin', won't be nothin'"? I'm going to be spending a while making furfag's life miserable and very public. Apart from that I wouldn't reject a truce if it was stuck to.
>>329006 >Wulfington's dog fucking history has exposed Oh wow, post the details (without the dogs)
>>329010 >Oh wow, post the details (without the dogs) Koro, the dog fucker who doxed Acid Man and tried to get him fired, fucked up and posted an image with a timestamp that he previously used as Wulfington. Further digging revealed it really was Wulfington all along and his history of pro-marxist posts, dog fucking fantasies and brony history was exposed on GGR. I'd link it but I'll leave it to Acid Man to enjoy >>329009 There's so much that hasn't been posted that it going to take a whole month to unravel this shit. I'm surprised the fucker hasn't disappeared yet, he's so fucked. His whole life is about to get wrecked. >>329009 >Apart from that I wouldn't reject a truce if it was stuck to. Really if it was up to me I would have implemented a truce when the whole split started but better late than never. There's still a lot of work to do and now we have the president's ear for a change.
>>329012 Then all that's missing is your companions agreeing with you. You might talk that out with them.
(103.10 KB 852x1200 CzEf35hWIAE7NRQ.jpg)

>>329012 A truce? Some of the more colourful characters would object to that unless it involved Acid leaving forever and giving "this museum" over to them to run why they would want still care about it is beyound me another factor is KIA alot of the colourful characters accounts there are banned or their threads get downvoted massively whenever they show up a truce would at some point have to be made with KIA. Still worth a shot i personally think its a waste of time but hey you only live once
>>329012 "A truce." >implying all the damage revoltards have done will just be swept under the rug and it'll be all sunshine and rainbows from here on Empty words ain't going to fly around here. Kill the so-called revolt once and for all and get back to what Gamergate is about, and maybe we'll consider. Anything less, and it'll never happen. Forgive, but never forget.
>>329017 You don't make a truce with cancer, or invite it in for a cup of tea. Fuck every single one of those faggots. Let them continue to dox one another and continue their moronic internal feuding until one spergs out and mows down the others. They were always wannabe e-celebs who never contributed anything useful.
>wanting a truce >implying they are relevant enough for such a thing anymore Don't bother with that shit. Let them slowly get arrested and doxxed by their own. And don't form a truce when there's nothing for you to gain or lose. The only reason why I still barely tolerate the faggots who don't leave is outlined here >>328946
Got a serious request here. Endo did some digging back in the day and I want to see what he turned up before he gets forced offline. If anybody knows how to get in touch with him, tell him to get his files online. His Google Drive doesn't count. You can't download from it without registering with Google and they can censor it whenever they want. Put it in a Mega or something.
>>329027 I Agree. The only thing they understand is narcissitic supply. Why handing it to them freely by letting them shitpost on a board they call a museum without getting mocked? Why making peace with them when they cause our equivalent of the retarded social club problems on twatter? Why even taking them serious, when they managed to scare away Nackt?
>>329039 Lol, Endo digs. Endo was always an unwanted fucking mentally ill defective. Fuck him. I look forward to reading about his pathetic goony suicide.
>>329039 >Got a serious request here. Endo did some digging back in the day and I want to see what he turned up before he gets forced offline. If anybody knows how to get in touch with him, tell him to get his files online. As someone who knows him, his digs were… very weird and often ended up with false negatives. But he dug up some interesting shit which hasn't been used I'll give him that much. I'll see what I can do.
>>329048 A truce obviously has two sides. Side A: They quit fucking with #GG, this board, or me and go do whatever else it is they want to do. Side B: As long as side A is held, they don't get fucked with, revenge-doxed, reported, or otherwise dicked over anymore. Except Kohrro. And maybe one other who was a little too involved in some shit to just let it go. #GG gets to do its thing, they get to go do theirs, people still get to have opinions. It's been a year. I'd have let it go long ago if it had stopped on its own, and never would have jumped on in the first place if not for Zan and his buttbuddies dragging me into the fight IRL. Let's end this faggotry and get back to work.
I can't disagree with this >>329061 Anyway, there's something that people brushed by or forgot about from the beginning. Behavioural placement. http://www.wsj.com/articles/SB10001424052702304364904575166581279549318 This is a key hint, I'll drop here if you want to look further into it. We can't rest now that Trump won, we need to build the case for anti-trust, RICO etc. for him. The media must be brought down.
NO TRUCE LET THEM BURN FROM THEIR OWN FUCKUPS THEY DESERVE >>329053 >>329056 Endo steals his "digs" from other less popular diggers like spaghett4truth, then claims credit for it. I still recall the drama from that blowup. He may have been the indirect cause of why >>>/8diamonds/ is a dead board. >>329065 >direct links >paywall site No, thank you, D&C.
>>329066 >No, thank you, D&C. It should be quite clear who the D&C is. You're S4T aren't you?
>>329072 Fuck off, revoltard.
>>329076 Thanks for confirming.
>>329066 >>329076 go yell at doctor daedalus some more for sabotaging your digs
First Dems&Clinton blamed Comey for defeat, then fake news, now the Russians. Everything except their corrupt candidate. Next space aliens,raptor jesus and then spnge cake Buncha retards driven insane by trump >>329088 SABATORGE MY DIGS MOTHERFUCKER!!!!! I'LL DESTROY YOU IF I WANT JOHN
Not sure where else to post this, but I've just come back to the board after not visiting for 2 months or so, and find that every post requires a CAPTCHA. This wouldn't be a problem, except that, apart from this thread and one other, none of the threads I've tried to post in have a "verification" box - yet when I try to post, "A CAPTCHA was requested but you did not enter one" error pops up. Please fix this! Or this board will be even slower than it is already.
>>329107 Nice! Looks like a problem with 8chan, not this board. But the board is dead, no mods watching it 24/7. without the captcha it would get spammed the fuck out.
(221.66 KB 800x1000 Asuka lewd chair.jpg)

>>329108 >>329107 They're working on it. We still have three active mods who take rotating shifts, but the spam from this botnet comes so fast that even an hour or two un-noticed could wipe out the catalog. I hate the post captcha and will get rid of it the second the coast is clear.
>>329109 change the new posts per hour to like 5
Fucking catchpa
>>329111 I had to type it 6 times to get it to take once
Threads past page 2 don't get verification. Can someone post the following to >>328644 http://pastebin.com/vaZaDeUq
(25.78 KB 415x336 Czu81-YUoAEOXmK.jpg)

>>329096 Posting here because botspamming is making the site gay. I'm not going to even to argue that this is 4/pol/ or 8/pol/ or GG or GGR or whatever. #fakenews is: World-War-GamerGate. The normies have woken up …and they're angry. #Gamergate has weathered it's long Stalingrad and mud war, has won our war against shitty games journalism who MUST now behave in an more ethical manner or go bankrupt. We now hand our tools and winning strategies for defeating corrupt media shills to the greater public outraged at the Main Stream Media's corruption, partisan lies, and general journalistic malfeasance before, during, and now after, the Election of God Emperor Trump. #GamerGate, the tip of the spear of a much larger culture war; is now but one facet of the anti-#fakenews inquisition.
>>329115 I've been saying or a while now that this election is GG on a larger scale. What's happening with the "fake news" now is exactly what happened with GG. Now they are trying to say real news is fake, while fake news like CNN is real, and people are waking up to this bullshit.
>>329118 Can't say I disagree, but the problem is getting enough people pissed off about it to do something. Most normies I know are all for this "fake news" filtering because they won't have to curate their own news anymore. Tyranny by laziness.
>>329118 >people are waking up to this bullshit. >>329119 >the problem is getting enough people pissed off about it to do something. One thing that is happening is that more people now don't trust the MSM and are switching off from it. I still think a key player in this is advertisers. MSM is a business, the bulk of their revenue comes from advertising. With more people distrustful of the media, this gives advertisers a headache. It's not an overnight effect, more a slow burn. Cause and effect - the MSM think they can keep doing this without recourse.
>>329120 >>329119 There is some good news in that viewer and reader numbers are down. NYT is failing and CNN and MSNBC have less viewership if a report I heard pre-election is correct. Even though normal people don't usually write to broadcasters, they know when people tune out.
Post captcha is off. New thread captcha remains for now.
>>329122 Thank you! >>329119 >Most normies I know are all for this "fake news" filtering because they won't have to curate their own news anymore. It's not like they were curating it in the first place, if they're getting all their information from Facebook's trending articles section.
(839.13 KB 850x745 60198182_p0.png)

Trump beats Hillary 3 times in a row That fat bastard michael moore is all out f ideas and hopefully relevance and will return from the pit from whence he crawled out of/ Also fuck yeah no more stupid capthas why didn't they just add all the capthas on one page so you can solve them all together?fucking hotwhee i mean codemonkey
(49.55 KB 499x499 CtfHVcSWAAACLSr.jpg)

>>329119 >>329120 >>329125 The big difference is, the normies saw the MSM's Truman's Show they've created, that they are "fair and unbiased reporters of news", shattered by the election results. The MSM had fooled themselves, via deliberately oversampled polls, into thinking that Hillery had a 98% chance-to-win, when in reality, she had only 38% (who cheated Bernie at the DNC who had 51% chance, if the turnout had been the same). This is not new to us in #GamerGate, having been lied to and lied about, who are use to seeing the media as them as tthe self-interested lying snakes that they are, but for a lot of people, this is actually a life-altering revelation. A lot of the #NeverTrump (by establishment GOP cucks) and #NotMyPresident riots and other foolishness are people going through the grieving process in coming to grips that their world is fundamentally different than it was before the election. Denial Anger ← most are here Bargaining ← some are here Depression Acceptance They are literally grieving that their trust in the MSM died.
(97.47 KB 663x729 C0PWTYoUsAANYrW.jpg)

>>329158 watching them spiral deeper and deeper into insanity is a guilty pleasure of mine as they continue to alienate the very people who could put them back in example would be that mtv white guy resolutions video speaking of spiralling into insanity The people who call themselves game journalist at vice are so blissfully out of touch with reality they believed that they would be some kind of outrage to fuel their clicks when there are 1000's of lesbian fart art involving all the female characters of overwatch and just about every female character in existence I hope these morons go out of business sooner than later
(102.44 KB 894x458 C0SVUMZVQAA7Pn0.jpg)

Opps so much for diversity and that otther bullcrap
>>329163 >>329164 Once again proving their is literally no winning with these people.
>>329164 Archive or link to source? Seems like something than needs to be spread.
(129.93 KB 1024x768 Asuka Xmas.jpg)

Have a good holiday, shitlords! It's #GG's third Christmas together. Make it great.
since the feds didn't do anything wiht your information, you should just dump it all now
Interesting thread over at /pol/ >>>/pol/8610581 (Archived as it was bumplocked: http://archive.is/o6v2O) Looks like this earlier prediction article I found months ago is coming true (yes, it's Gamergate-related): http://cultstate.com/2016/08/26/the-planned-destruction-of-the-alt-right/ http://archive.is/CZmoU
>>329189 >planned Just like the Democratic party, they're imploding all by themselves, without outside help.
(30.90 KB 350x244 get-clean-for-gene.jpg)

>>329189 Baked Alaska comes out looking just like the dumbfucks who split from us because we refused to "name the jew." As if failing to blame millions of people for shit they didn't do is somehow such a sin that they must stop exposing provable corruption and censorship. Zero common sense, zero sense of priorities. Old /pol/ is wise enough to hide their power level and avoid tainting allies with unneeded controversies.
>>329198 Except Cernovich comes across as a wannabe Buckley type because already attempted to read Richard Spencer out of the movement ("Controlled opposition"). And now he has admitted Milo to Deploraball, who is not only a fucking attention whore but is also has scammed 100k under guise of his college grant. Which have been laundered through a now defunct shell corporation.
(74.28 KB 1200x464 C0qNKgAUAAAVN-W.jpg)

Anyone here attending the "deploraball"? it sounds cringy as fuck but it looks like it will be a my cup runneth over with e-celeb drama. Maybe one or two fights breaking out over said e-celebs,bomb threats that will inevitably be called,fire alarms pulled exectra Or it won't hold at all due to aforementioned reasons. The second some random smuck decided to elevate himself above others and try to exert authority over others was the time things went to shit very quickly.
>>329200 >>329199 >>329198 And Vox Day on that. >The fact is that if you run around using vulgar language, throwing Roman salutes, wearing bedsheets, denying the Holocaust, publicly soiling yourself, denigrating Christianity, declaring your intention of attacking an elected official, expressing your attraction to a minor, putting naked pictures of yourself online, or threatening to commit violence on another individual, you are not ready for prime time. It doesn't matter who you are, or what else you might have to say, you have rendered yourself completely vulnerable to a public neutering courtesy of the media. Just ask Anthony Weiner… and he's on their side. Rest here: https://voxday.blogspot.de/2016/12/moths-drawn-to-media-flame.html I should also mention that such bullshit is nothing new to the manosphere and /pol/ can scream MUH JOOS, MUH JUICE as much as they like. Nobody will give a shit.
Ralph is going to plead guilty to a felony and get a mandatory six months in the can. http://theralphretort.com/editors-note-all-apologies-12015016/
An observation of mine that you might have noticed as well: recently mainstream media is using twitter edrama as sources for their news like the recent Azalia Banks & Sia equarrel (the whole "sacrificing chickens" thing as an aside, do Americans these days think chicken comes from the store? I digress), and the shooting at the Turkey bar (which broke mainly on Twitter as Istanbul apparently had a news ban on terrorist attacks). Reflecting on it, the possibility that this recent trend may be spurred and encouraged by Twitter HQ in an attempt to "boost up" the company profile before going on another hunt for interested buyers. For better or worse, since we're stuck with employing twitter as the primary social media outpost, how do we take advantage of this? Perhaps, now with the upcoming inauguration it is time to be proactive in pushing forward Gamergate's interests. Not just in twitter, but in other platforms. Make a mark, so to speak, free of any ties to ideology or identity. Just updating my livejournal, on the opening of 2017. Your thoughts?
this board is dead fam
>>329249 /gamergatehq/ is dead. /gamergatehq/ doesn't have to be your board anymore. Right, revoltard? :^)
>>329246 Twitter is a dying platform. The best gamergate could do is become cloning the Manosphere format and form blogs and social media presence about the issues it has unearthed. The entrenched interests included.
>>329246 At this moment; I am conflicted about twitter. Twitter is going to die. This is inevitable. Also twitter is shit, it's users are shit, and makes you dumber. However, God Emperor Trump has deigned to allow twitter to be his primary communications platform before the inauguration …even over and above the corrupt and loathsome Main Stream Media. If twitter is good enough for Our God Emperor (Russian proverb: "Perfect is the enemy of good-enough" and almost-the-same American proverb: "You go to war with the army you have not the one you might want or wish for") …it's good enough for me.
(37.57 KB 400x400 219992_p0.png)

>>329288 The only reason i use twitter is for trump or for porn besides that i don't really do much i guess you could keep an eye on batwu if you like. There are some good follows on there just avoid the cancerous e-celeb slapfights im not part of any of the cool kids dm groups so i have no idea about those,i recommend coming on there on the inauguration the liberal tears will cascade beautifully that their salt can be used to sterilize over a 1000 Olympic size swimming pools
(45.44 KB 730x557 saved.jpg)

Looks like sonofabitch or cernovich somehow managed to rescue his deploraball thing. Good for him may the firealarms and bomb threats herald its great sucess
>>329302 >Good for him may the firealarms and bomb threats herald its great sucess I'm sure those Secret Service security rules will prevent that! It's being held at the National Press Club, and we all know the press has no sides in this fight, right? We can trust any newsmen in the building to act adult and professional, I'm sure.
(81.13 KB 506x565 1431539410536-0.png)

>>329303 The secret service is for real i just thought he was bull shitting. The irony of holding it in a press conference will not be missed by me maybe trump or pence will make a surprise visit unlikely but a guy can hope.
>>329288 >>329301 Full disclosure: my primary use for twitter was to follow people I like, such as manga artists, writers, actors, and the occasional personality & celebrity. Ever since Gamergate happened and when my account got caught up in that methwhale bitch's blockbot I'm shifted from a passive popcorn munching spectator to a reluctant participant. And while many users turn out to be assholes, I've also met good people online through GG, even some I'd be willing to risk dropping anonymity for an offline meet-and-greet in the real world. I think the real problem with twitter isn't the platform but the people running it. Twitter's staff have let their SanFran ideology influence their work, and like every company suffered for it. It's interesting to note though that this is only a thing among western-speaking users: it would seem that the non-english parts of Twitter do not suffer through the SJW tyranny, and go about their business, hence all the terrorist/criminal twitter users in arabic, cyrillic, hindu, or other languages that keep getting pointed out by users, that twitter's staff isn't addressing or outright ignoring. It's not for lack of trying: from what I remember during the hentai artist purge the backlash and counter outrage from Japanese twitter when popular Japanese twitter users who happen to be in porn got banned was so loud twitter backed off, and porn still remained on twitter unmolested to this day as long as it's not in English. Thinking about it some more, it would be the absolute hilarity if Trump suddenly announces on the eve of his inauguration that he's buying Twitter, lock, stock and barrel. It would unintentionally murder all those spin-off clone offshoots like gab.ai in one fell swoop, not to mention put all the anti-Trump twitter users on suicide watch, so it might be worth it just to be able to say to our future generations that we were here when the culture shift happened.
(117.99 KB 795x1200 C1qnur1WQAAliu9.jpg)

>>329323 > I remember during the hentai artist purge the backlash and counter outrage from Japanese twitter when popular Japanese twitter users who happen to be in porn got banned was so loud twitter backed off, and porn still remained on twitter unmolested to this day as long as it's not in English. So that,s why there,s so many hentai accounts that post lewds non stop that never get banned,i can only imagine the outrage from them if they pulled that censorship crap again I think twitter is keep alive by one account thats Trump's account he has 19 million followers now last month it was 18 and his tweets are now considered news,sadly those censorship happy nutjobs at twitter will continue to spiral deeper and deeper into socjus till they implode from it.
(1.36 MB 2340x2970 ShrnWv.jpg)

There are some serious allegations out there about Donald Trump having connections to Russian intelligence and organized crime. https://twitter.com/Khanoisseur/status/813895081836978176 https://archive.is/JSHTE https://twitter.com/sarahkendzior/status/812658154060337154 https://archive.is/p6ipm Somebody fucked up by putting 4chan troll material into a report. https://i.sli.mg/ShrnWv.jpg Now none of Trump's supporters believe any of the allegations. Double check your shit before you publish. Double check other people's shit before you run wild insisting that it is true. Overreaching can cause people to close their minds.
I can't believe anyone working with any media organisation would willing spread this crap unverified,false,libel and slanderous garbage i hope trump sues them into bankruptcy like gawker The donald just tore CNN and buzzfeed wide open live on tv in his first press address i feel out of my damn chair laughing The applause after he called cnn fake news is a moment that i will never forget
Just when you thought it was safe to not brush your hair: >American social justice warriors have launched a cyberbullying campaign against British small business owners who dreadlock the hair of white people, accusing them of cultural appropriation. Heatst article - http://archive.is/lhiju >Buxton said accusations of cultural appropriation are ill-founded, adding that the hairstyle has spanned cultures and centuries. “Hair naturally dreads if it isn’t brushed,” he said. “No one owns dreads.” Oddly, GG gets a mention too. (This article was repubbed on IWF - Independent Women's Forum - http://iwf.org/news/2802553/Social-Justice-Warriors-Are-Cyberbullying-White-Owners-of-Dreadlock-Businesses >IWF's mission is to improve the lives of Americans by increasing the number of women who value free markets and personal liberty. Various women's orgs don't like what sjws stand for or an interfering Nanny State.)
>>329567 Typical, trust fund kiddies who've never had to work a day in their lives trying to run hard working small business owner IN ANOTHER COUNTRY out of a job because of a non-issue. But why the hell does he compare this to GamerGate? Doesn't he understand that the people who opposed GamerGate are the very same people trying to destroy his livelihood?
(751.52 KB 500x628 muhappropriashun.png)

(742.42 KB 496x648 obligatorypixiv.png)

>>329567 This has reminded me turned my cogs - saw the same thing a while ago while doing some er, 'research' - off into the world of Steampunk: http://steampunkgirls.tumblr.com/archive/2015/1 >inb4 wtf you doin on tumblr? Steampunk - the base look a modified style of the British Victorian era - lots of corsets and clips (and straps) and lace. Accessorize to the hilt, strap on some googles and inflate your dirigible - cogs and analogue contraptions everywhere - et voilà Meanwhile 'white woman with dreads waaaaaaaaah'. Not British Victorian? That's appropriation!
>>329575 >Not British Victorian? That's appropriation! There's actually a subset of Steampunk that focuses on Victorian-era Steampunk themed costumes from other parts of the world. Most people involved in it are SJW-types, but they're SJWs who are actually trying to make something new and inclusive, instead of trying to censor other people for doing things they don't like. This is partially because Streampunk, at least in my part of the world, had a revolt against SJW entryism a few years back when a major Streampunk con tried to introduce a scary, dystopian "harassment" policy. SJWs trying to silence people haven't been very welcome in the community since then.
(52.37 KB 600x800 sector24924928.jpg)

Considering it's winter here, it's a glorious morning. It really is unseasonably mild and the sky is clear blue, save for a few vapour trails. It's like the Dawn of a New Era. hashtag TrumpEffect
>>329577 >Most people involved in it are SJW-types, but they're SJWs who are actually trying to make something new and inclusive, instead of trying to censor other people for doing things they don't like. So they're not SJWs then, just elitist pricks. Those types are found in every community, and they don't always overlap with SJWs.
(58.47 KB 632x524 leftyhun.png)

Looks like Sargon got banned from twatter: https://twitter.com/hashtag/freesargon?src=hash Pic via notch's replies: https://twitter.com/notch/status/825006570995998720 >Calling yourself a lefty doesn't make you a lefty hun 'We define you! We do!'
Trump ditches TPP: http://archive.is/pvoQH
(281.15 KB 160x160 1414884152337.gif)

(87.99 KB 1200x1105 C3E0LdVUEAAhgu5.jpg)

(24.81 KB 452x379 C3E3ELQVUAAak17.jpg)

>>329690 Sargon's back; between this, the JohnTron turning full-shitlord, Shia Bidoof #HeWontREEEEEUs; 2017 if off to one hell of a start…
That hewillnotdivideus livestream is actually quite entertaining once the cultists leave
>>329716 Risky Vivian… plunder… booty… ect The #HeWill(Not)DivideUs livestREEEEEam has become the /pol/ IRL shitposting stream, which is GLORIOUS
(75.12 KB 1341x639 opGamergate2.png)

Which NGOs with aGGro and burnouts have made public anti-Trump statements? Time show them that this is President Donald "Gamergate's candidate" Trump's world now. >>>/pol/9046643
(35.40 KB 398x452 C2wjx6SUQAAhcg7.jpg)

(22.12 KB 323x371 C2wj0YtUsAAyDYb.jpg)

(33.77 KB 338x393 C2wjyWjUQAEPNRV.jpg)

>>329776 >Which NGOs with aGGro and burnouts have made public anti-Trump statements? It's easier to make a list of those who haven't
>>329776 It's 501(c)3. Fucking stupid /pol/acks.
(123.79 KB 600x905 C3wUdOpUkAIeT1N.jpg)

>>329776 That thread wasn't total and complete cancer so there's that as a consolation one of the more better threads that are vaguely related to gg. http://archive.is/l8Sr5 gotcha >>329697 Some of those verified checkmark ppl are calling sargon a nazi actually i noticed this a lot so many bluecheck mark ppl calling anyone not a leftist or even someone who isnt leftist enough a nazi.
(36.73 KB 457x535 CwDrGlsXEAEFxJS.jpg)

>>329845 >left-ppl are calling not-sufficiently-left-enough-person a Nazi Son, this is the Left eating itself in a cannibalistic frenzy. This was PREDICTED This is a good thing (for us) Just let it happen…
>>329848 This. They are destroying themselves in a eating frenzy. I'll just leave this video by el doxed Scotsman here.
>>329849 Muh No true doxxed Scotsman fallacy
Does anyone here have this one kind of rare, I think, picture that represents the differences between the exoduses? I am pretty sure it used the factual falcon.
Comedy thread: Sjws turn on Laurie Penny for talking to the enemy after Milo's Berkeley gig got cancelled: https://twitter.com/AntisocialJW2/status/827632924912594944
op-ed from the Gaming Ground -western devs + reps attack GG again: http://thegg.net/opinion-editorial/western-developers-and-representatives-attack-gamergate-again/ featuring IGDA + LW1 Makes a good point >there is so little communication between the community and those who supposedly represent us. It’s clear that they want no discussion with us Never mind GG, those 'representatives' don't care about gamers in general and are in it for their own self-interest. Article links to the full post on fagbook.
>>329998 #hewillnotdivideus Oops, too late.
(103.83 KB 1440x810 1340997037-273981480.png)

>>329697 >2017 if off to one hell of a start… It only took a month for the anti-fun brigade to turn PewDiePie into a GamerGator.
(37.29 KB 1005x621 pewdiepie_gamergate1.png)

(30.54 KB 645x408 pewdiepie_gamergate2.png)

(519.61 KB 704x396 asockpuppet1.png)

>>330114 >the GamerGate movement . . . became surprisingly politicized 'That politics stuff just came out of nowhere guise!' >attempting to use [hate] speech under the guise of a transgression Let's not mention Not Your Shield No let's *for newbies and the forgetful** When NYS started on twtr, socjus goons did nothing but attack, disrespect and discredit the users until users started posting selfies to 'prove' themselves'. At which point goons either shut up or were all 'I was just kidding! It was a joke!' etc it's okay when we do it!
(143.55 KB 1077x755 C40LJ5eWAAEvtwV.jpg)

>>330113 The WSJ just made a critical error. The old media tried to shit on new-media's biggest eceleb, who is big enough to be considered an actual celeb, and in doing so, just redpilled Pewdiepie's whole 53 MILLION subscriber audience. Pewdiepie's (surprisingly mature) response is straight out of #GamerGate's "never apologize to SJWs; make fun of them"-playbook. Also Stormfags trolled those three stupid WSJ motherfuckers in their own special way, pic related. Mein Sides!
I should add: We, as in, all of the people who consider ourselves #GamerGate didn't have to even DO anything here; other than create tactics and strategies for people to use when they're being smeared my by corrupt media. We will win this fight by simply continuing to exist.
>>330113 PDP and Sargon are going after the MSM. I never thought I'd see the day #MediaGate would be started by two guys like them. This much be how non-aligned gamers felt when #GG became a thing. VIVE LA RESISTANCE!
(143.75 KB 838x832 C40eBPxVMAALfOd.jpg)

>>330131 Yep, this is certainly one "fight" that GG can sit out for once. Let King Felix Felix Arvid Ulf "Pewdiepie" Kjellberg, The First King of Neo-Sweden, and his nation of followers handle the grunt work now. Yes, I'm going to meme the fuck out of this until it actually happens. Sweden needs a messiah to deliver them from the evil known as the feminism+Islam combo.
(32.17 KB 500x280 börderwåll.png)

The GGRetarts have reactivated, oh so mysteriously, shitting up the tag with their autism. However, they're aren't pretending to be something other than autist furries who don't play videogames this time which is strange…
(13.04 KB 960x110 butthurt.png)

Dude they hate you, did you happen to piss off RevLeft around early 2015? https://archive.is/MoXtz
(49.51 KB 625x412 C45fptWVcAApozG.jpg)

>>330156 Acid didn't let him have his way. Literally, that is IT. Acid didn't had over GGHQ to crash like DDM/B&FIRC/GGR/FCJ crashed Every. Singe. Board. they had control of. He didn't get his chicken tendies two years ago and has been waging autist-jihad ever since Rev calling Acid every bad name he can think of is easier than Rev thinking about of all the shit he could have done with his life all those years other than trying to ride the GG train to eceleb town and failing, with or without, Acid being BO of GGHQ…
>>330156 I am so triggered from that archive link right now… >The culture of 4chan was, like this author says, a cruel indifference. The nature of the scientology raids required a different infrastructure than 4chan allowed. Very quickly IRC networks spawned to organize the protests. These IRC networks had separate channels for every city in the US. What started out as something funny very quickly turned into something unfunny, as what we called moralfags took over. Suddenly there were people who were actually caring about this thing in an unironic way which was repulsive to the edgelords of 4chan. Just as quickly as the Scientology protests started on 4chan, they were driven out of 4chan, as 4chan users distanced themselves from the moral and unironic turn that the protests took. Because the infrastructure was already separate from 4chan, this split was easy and fast. The remnents of it still remain, the community that was built on that split, in places like project clambake and whyweprotest.net. >there were people who were actually caring about this thing in an unironic way People not-caring the hardest, in an unironic way, is how to spot the goon before murdering them Mootykins made 4chan (and copied 2ch) so he could talk about his shit taste in anime away from cancerous Something Awful goons who were falling all over each other to not-care THE MOST about anime, while secretly loving anime: "We're Something Awuful. We aren't nerds who can simply like things; we're the COOL KIDS make fun of nerds for liking things 'We're IRONIC fans'" Seeing people NOT CARE about things sooo hard makes me want to murder them even if they aren't SA goons > funny very quickly turned into something unfunny, as what we called moralfags took over. You know who took over fun, trolly, spontaneous Chanology and made it not fun, boring, and monotonous: goons, specifically, "no fun allowed" SJW goons, who wanted to make Chanology "more inclusive" (it was never un-inclusive) and more about LBGTWTFBBQ-rights (Chanology had the faggot annoyance Angry Gay Pope, so Chanology had more than ENOUGH faggotry being represented). I wish I knew then what I know now about the SJW Infection/Infiltration/co-option/shitting-up-cycle… Leave it to fucking goons to re-write history to make something that was great before they showed up sound terrible just after they showed up and ~teehee~ somehow not make the connection… Something Awful Goons. Not. Even. Once.
Now I want to watch 13 Hours so I can see Vilerat get murdered…
>>330156 See >>330159 , Acid has pissed off them LF SLEEVES and they in turn had burned down GG on 8chan and isolated plebbit from our influence. I suspect they were also the same faggots who happily LARPed as cucks on twitter and fed Sargon with narcisstic supply to end the Twitter front.
>>330155 Nothing strange about that, they're riding the current assault on Milo to further demoralize GG supporters further.
>>330192 Standard MO of GGR "helping" GamerGate by attacking pro-GG ecelebs, but never seeming to attack aGG (with the singular exception of Jkelly stealing CWC's dig of Allison Rapp and using it to dox Alison then dox her family after GG/TD told him to knock it off)
My best guess at pissing off Leftypol is something that goes back all the way to the start of the board. The original Rule 3 was "no using personal attacks based on where a person is from." I did this specifically for /pol/, partly because I'm a bit of a /pol/ack, and mostly because I used to get fucking enraged at how /pol/ anons used to get treated on /gamergate/. They'd try to talk about something and get met with a wall of "Go back to /pol/" memes, and the mods would always just let it happen. This was around the same time that /pol/ was getting very heavily D&C'd against GG, and the situation was fucking with the morale of the /pol/acks still on our side. Rule 3 was made here to put a stop to it. It had the extra effect of covering people from KiA too, but the majority of Rule 3 infractions were people shitting on /pol/. And who would possibly want to push /pol/ off the #GG board more than Leftypol would? So I wonder who was on the receiving end of all those Rule 3 bans and warnings. kek.
Also, one of the /leftypol/ users made a thread here opening with the Porky meme image and demanding that we all stop talking about journalistic ethics and talk only in Marxist anti-capitalist terminology, so we told them to fuck off. It's the same story with the /pol/acks who left because we refused to adopt the Jewish Question and blame the Jews. We would not mindlessly follow them so they declared us the enemy.
(64.04 KB 665x720 1421686313048.jpg)

>>330156 What a loser with too much free time on his hands. Took a month long break from 8chan in general nice to see the board still around and not overtaken by ayfags again.
(520.93 KB 500x281 Asuka munch 2.gif)

Oh lord. Someone passed me links to Nackt's timeline because they know I blocked them, and they're still obsessing over this bizarre hate-fantasy they have of me, and apparently stalking /v/#GG for virtue signalling material. I prefer tsunderes to yanderes GDI.
>>330261 You sell guns for a living and hang out with law enforcement like it's nothing. Of course they're thirsty for your gunpowder-stinky cock.
>>330261 I think Nackt's problems are of a different nature. I pity him.
I also leave this here, because I suspect that they are hawking this thread. Don't virtue signal while attempting to end the culture war. Are you fucking nuts!?
>>330269 I'm not going to watch a video, but I recognize that picture entirely. Fuck Lincoln Restler, he's the living embodiment of everything that's wrong with the Democratic party, especially the rampant classism covered up with lip-service to racial and gender issues.
Just found on /pol/: https://archive.is/ySsLf >The site has also grown increasingly preoccupied with gender politics. “If you’re young, white and male, you’re on 4Chan,” says Johnson, who recently tried to buy the website. That’s clearly an exaggeration, but 4Chan has demonstrated an alarming power to whip up misogyny against its perceived enemies. The “Gamergate” harassment campaigns against women in the video-game industry were often organized on 4Chan. That episode involved allegations that a female video-game developer was cheating on her boyfriend with multiple men in the industry, and thus ushered the term “cuck,” short for cuckold, into 4Chan parlance. (This, in turn, had profound linguistic consequences for the Republican presidential primary when “cuckservative” became the insult of choice for insufficiently Trumpian Republicans.) Gamergate also hardened anti-political correctness sentiment on 4Chan, and when administrators eventually banned discussion of the topic, it proved a boon to the nascent 8Chan—a sort of ISIS to 4Chan’s Al Qaeda, a splinter group whose founder believed 4Chan had grown too controlled. They are losing it. They don't know anything and becoming slowly insane.
>>330306 LOL Politico.
(477.28 KB 600x600 tstmguf.png)

>>330306 >They are losing it. They don't know anything and becoming slowly insane. ← yup
(66.61 KB 630x636 ClipboardImage.png)

Some karmic retribution for the resident otter autist. Now he's being hounded by a very angry Japanese twitter user.
(11.71 MB 1280x720 2016 salt.webm)

>>328684 uou know what this asks for right?
>>330314 I love this timeline.
The hacker know as "4chan" yeah I know…, in an act of sheer weaponized autism, has divided season three of Shia Bidoofs running web-shit-show "He will not divide us"
Praise Kek Kek will not be stopped
(23.20 KB 616x190 8chan errors.png)

/v/ just got purged. Probably just a server hiccup. Maybe.
Nackt's Twitter is gone. Does anyone know what happened?
>>330329 It was a hiccup. Probably due to the new features or your Computer being to weaksauce. >>330330 No idea. I found this during research however. Looks like Nackt followed us from 4/g/. I have more suspicions about him which I won't post anywhere. With Nackt ducked and no chance of a friendly dialog*, posting them would be even worse than useless. http://archive.rebeccablacktech.com/g/image/S9X9M_1NeiDlFFgFIwXFZw *Let's not become delusional over this place's long existince; A peaceful dialog with Nackt here is very unlikely.
>>330333 Didn't /cyber/ out him as some skiddie with leaderfag aspirations? Most of his early "dissections" before and in the early days of GG were apparently copypasta swiped from other places/anons.
>>330342 The /cyber/ incident you are talking about is probably Kailyx going bankrupt.
>>330330 Nackt said their hacking group was doing something and she was leaving social media, ostensibly to help them. While I don't understand a lot of things about Nackt, and some of her conclusions were so off base that I'll probably always wonder, it's an undeniable fact that she contributed a lot to #GG's early days. Best to just wish her well and let sleeping dogs lie.
(63.96 KB 606x1200 CxuRrTJUcAACjBA.jpg)

>>330349 I will miss him hes obsession with you and conspiracy theories that would make even the democratic party blush were entertaining. Speaking of the dems have they done anything even remotely not related to screeching about Russia in the past 6 months?my preliminary investigation says no.
(16.90 KB 473x79 cernovichdebt.png)

Cirnovich you idiot. I suppose you don't need to worry about debt if you marry rich and your political friends push your book sales.
>>330349 Well now you did it Acid. Nackt is going to have to come back to Twitter and write an 1200-word essay on how you're wrong. Let's hope this group is working for the good guys and has eyes on the right target. >>330342 > Most of his early "dissections" before and in the early days of GG were apparently copypasta swiped from other places/anons. Many of us would have never seen these if they hadn't gotten reposted to Twitter. Spreading info is as important as digging. Information that does not get published does not exist.
>>330350 > Speaking of the dems have they done anything even remotely not related to screeching about Russia in the past 6 months?my preliminary investigation says no. They put a Pakistani spy ring inside the House Intelligence Committee… http://dailycaller.com/2017/02/04/exclusive-house-intelligence-it-staffers-fired-in-computer-security-probe/ http://dailycaller.com/2017/03/08/house-staffers-in-security-probe-allegedly-kept-stepmom-in-captivity-to-access-offshore-cash/ And the Vermont Democratic Party just elected a Republican with ties to al-Qaeda as their leader… http://www.frontpagemag.com/fpm/266121/fbi-investigated-islamist-takes-over-vermont-daniel-greenfield And the Democratic PR wing is taking money from China… http://disobedientmedia.com/democrat-propaganda-group-shareblue-has-ties-to-chinese-government-host-of-foreign-special-interests/ And they are going to "women's" marches run by Palestinian terrorists who try to convert them to Islam. http://nypost.com/2017/02/25/the-next-womens-march-is-co-organized-by-a-terrorist/ And an Obama-appointed judge ruled that the First Amendment gives Muslims a special right to cross any border without being stopped… http://www.breitbart.com/big-government/2017/03/15/robert-barnes-hawaii-obama-judge-rules-muslim-imam-has-special-constitutional-rights-to-bring-anyone-from-terror-countries-into-america/
Guess what's about to go to Round 2? https://twitter.com/kokosac/status/842990130981871617
>>330358 Toni Rocca is part of UBM's lecture recommendations for press. The recommendations were compiled by FortySeven Communications. It's a long list so it's hard to tell if there was favoritism or if they recommended everybody. http://www.archive.pls/blogs/SimonCarless/20160311/267915/GDC_2016__our_lecture_recommendations_for_press.php https://archive.is/5XE51
>>330359 Quick dig into FortySeven. tl/dr: nothing substantial, just listing possible relationships. 47 does a lot of work for the game industry. They also run PR for Silicon Valley Comic Con. https://archive.is/xXg71 47 is run by Sibel Sunar and Brian Rubin who both previosuly worked for Bohle, which is the PR company that got the NYT to blame us for the Sarkeesian "over 9000" bomb threat. Sunar's zoominfo lists the Bohle connection http://www.zoominfo.com/p/Sibel-Sunar/132070105 https://archive.is/h5zKH Sunar retweets anti-Trump cartoons about the temporary halt of immigration from countries the USA is at war with https://archive.is/jsJiQ Brian Rubin is a common name so it is possible that Zoominfo merged several Brian Rubins together here. In any case, they list him as: * Vocap Investment Partners LLC - Advisor * Google - Member of the Corporate Development Team * Board of directors or board observer of Wasserman Media Group, OnePhone Holding AB, Hibernia Networks, MediaXstream * Currently employed by Donaldson Company, which makes air filters * Past employment by Equity Investments, Constellation Growth Capital, and Bohle http://www.zoominfo.com/p/Brian-Rubin/980110723 https://archive.is/X8wJT
>>330354 The dems have recently has shown their cuddly love for everything leftist, including terrorists I'm grateful for Trump, the outsider. Fingers crossed for better times
(50.43 KB 1000x700 C7P58htU0AAejNp.jpg)

The plot tickens lets see if someone digs up her prior camwhore career that was previously unaware of. All thanks to Ralph and friends trying to pull off another whatsherface from treehouse.
http://archive.is/QDxnm Forgot to post muh article from the stables of 1000's love me!!! arby gutmonster Isn't he supposed to be in prison for fighting that cop
>>330365 So disappointed with Ralphy. He's become nothing more than a pawn for ggrevolt and the BWC trolls, like how they effectively run his site now.
Kurt Eichenwald, who had someone arrested for sending him a flashing image on twitter, said on twitter that he had been drunk was sobering up at the time. The police report says he was not under the influence of alcohol. Did he lie on the police report? https://twitter.com/WILDG0OSE/status/844396352025104384 https://archive.is/KlYET
>>330373 >He's become nothing more than a pawn for ggrevolt Nigga what? The entire board fawns over him, not the other way around. Even the BO orbits him.
(7.29 MB 574x480 ggrevolt raid.webm)

Found this while looking for shit I can feed into yacy. https://fanlore.org/wiki/Safe_Space Looks like the SJW shit has been in the underbelly since 2009. >>330379 No, we don't! Nobody here reads Arbyman's blog.
>>330380 >>330381 >No, we don't! Nobody here reads Arbyman's blog I was talking about /dogfuckersrevolt/, not here.
>>330382 Oh. Didn't notice the context. This sounds like plebbitors to me. They usually do that shit with E-celebs all the time.
>>330382 >implying they didn't all move to /leftypol/ out of spite
>>330385 How ironic that this video popped up today.
>>330389 What a disingenuous wannabe leaderfag.
>>330390 >What a disingenuous wannabe leaderfag. You haven't got it, haven't you? The video is about how fags like Sargon, revolt and other social club dwellers have shredded Gamergate into pieces. Aurini won't get involved with it ever again.A longterm effect of it is the rightwing not playing ball with moderate leftists anymore. Thats all.
I'm tired and I have a cold, but I'm going to ramble this out anyway. Aurini is a faggot. Let's break a few things down. He claims a key difference between the Right and Left is that the Right has standards. This is mostly true, but he poisons the notion by not addressing who is setting those standards or what they are while simultaneously shitting on other people for not having them. Without drawing the line, and by attacking broadly, he's implying that you can't be too far to the Right. Its an implicit apologia for extremism on his own side, and reveals that he's the exact kind of useful idiot that he thinks himself above. He talks about the degeneracy of the Left and calls furries out by name just a few moments after pimping QuQu, a literal and well-recognized furfag egotist of the most cancerous order. This further supports a supposition that the Right can do no wrong in his eyes, and makes any talk he makes about standards hypocritical on its fucking face. "It's okay when we do it." Third and most importantly, the Bolsheviks were the minority of the Communist party. The Mensheviks were the majority. To get an idea of their relationship, the Bolshies would have happily referred to the Menshies as "cucks." The Bolsheviks were the party's extremist wing and eventually overthrew the Mensheviks by force and started a bloody purge of the party, which followed on into the Red Terror and all of the lovely things that we know about Soviet Russia's history today. An irate minority comes to hate the "soft" majority, drives out everyone who disagrees with them for not being hardline enough, and hijacks the revolution away from the proletariatgamers it was supposed to benefit. I'm not surprised this faggot decided to approach the issue using these terms, because its what he and some of his intellectual allies tried to fucking do to us.
(130.65 KB 991x1110 C71BfqeVYAEDYZo.jpg)

>>330389 >>330390 >>330404 >(404 leaderfag not found lol) Nothing more than an (eternally) anally-abraded wannabe leaderfag… >>330415 So do have to call "Gelling 'Lo ping'-ed" something else now?
>>330418 But he won't lead anyone in Gamergays. He is done with that topic. Write up will follow when I have time. In contrary to certain other people, my first reaction to opposing views I find faulty is not sperging a wall of text together.
>>330422 >still pushing the need for leaders And that is your problem, Ryan Holliday.
(116.55 KB 1201x500 ggate-revolt.png)

A REMINDER If anyone is still defending /leftypol/ show them this. https://archive.is/fb21b From >>>/pol/9677205/
Seattle4Truth has a video about the Pentagon's Minerva Initiative. > BLACKPILL: Deep Inside The Deep State > A hard-hitting, in depth look at Obama's weaponized sociology program known as the Minerva Initiative. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=if1bo00_RVo Is there any interesting info in it?
>>330483 Doubtful, it's been pushed hard at the usual places where revoltards infest.
(71.74 KB 816x763 C9O_M7gVoAAeROB.jpg)

>>330483 HEEEELLOOO NURSE! >Deep State >Weaponized Sociology >Minerva Initiative I just wanted to play videogames…
>>330483 The fact that s4t hasn't been Seth Rich'ed yet makes me doubt all this military grade tinfoil.
9volt_88 took credit for sending a message to Brianna Wu that she "misunderstood, badly" https://twitter.com/RogerRiga/status/854809777733599233 https://archive.is/Xr0nE That archive didn't get all of the screenshots. https://pbs.twimg.com/media/C9zk9WMXsAI1AUl.jpg https://archive.is/InLSR Is there a story to this particular message? @vid_icarus seemed concerned about it.
(484.15 KB 608x412 heeeeh.png)

Animation white men bad yada yada: Sorry, Women : You Won't Be Directing Any Major US Animation Releases In 2017 - http://archive.fo/iE9WB The Internet Is Disgusted By This Blah Blah White Men You Get The Idea - https://archive.fo/v2n6r We Asked 4 Female Animators About Diversity It's In Elle Magazine So Yeh Etc - https://archive.fo/5QuJV From 3rd chive: >Educating the crew on gender, race, and class issues is important, but it may be even more important to educate industry executives. Executives are the key decision-makers at a macro level and have a very real impact on the industry landscape. These people work long hours and very hard and need awareness raised about the impacts of subconscious bias. >Executives are the key decision-makers Comment (all of 1) from 1st chive: >Ladies! If you want to be a director or have a show/film developed than take your pitch/idea to the studios that are run BY women. That only makes sense at this point right? Plus….You won't have to look hard to find women in charge. The president of feature animation of DreamWorks is Bonnie Arnold The executives in charge of development for FX are Gina Balian & Nicole Clemens The president of Sony Pictures Animation is Kristine Belson The president of IFC is Jennifer Caserta The president of Fox Animation is Vanessa Morrison The president of DC Entertainment is Diane Nelson The president and CEO of A+E is Nancy Dubuc The president of 20 Century Fox is Elizabeth Gabler may need updating >Executives are the key decision-makers
>>330496 >The president of Sony Pictures Animation is Kristine Belson Note: this is the executive that green-lighted Feminist Ghostbusters, the losses from which, are sinking Sony pictures
(22.44 KB 491x188 game culture class.png)

Game Design student here, I can almost guarantee my class tomorrow will mention GG and I want to make a concise summary in case it comes up. What facts are absolutely necessary for me to convey clearly? side note: Briannu Wu spoke in my department 2 years before I came and her speech is aired on the silent TVs every once in a while >back in august of 2014, around 14 game news sites posted extremely similar inflammatory articles claiming the gamer audience was dead and not worth designing for as a response to groups digging into ethics conflicts between an indie developer and a few journalists without disclosure >this prompted more groups to collectively dig for even more ethics breaches between game journalists apart of a large mailing list and culture warriors looking for influence >harassment and trolling existed between both groups of culture warriors and is hardly relevant to the pursuit of ethical breaches
>>330507 Mention GJP and Kyle Orland by name. Flat out disavow any accusation of harassment. Point out that the media we were investigating blames us for the actions of other people as a cover. Don't fall for the "both sides did it" trap. Mention the CON leaks. That's all I've got for you anon. Good luck.
>>330509 >CON leaks. Holy shit I can't believe I forgot about that megadump. What a great week that was. Thanks for reminding me. Was Kyle Orland the headmaster of the GJP list? I thought it was Kotaku man.
(88.71 KB 600x848 Asuka smile.jpeg)

>>330510 It was Orland as far as I remember. I can tell you what's going to happen, because it always has happened. They'll try to pin all the harassment shit on us and then refuse to acknowledge any ethics problems or other industry issues. Be ready for it, and ask for proof other than the media's own unsourced claims. Point out that the media has a giant conflict of interest in covering their own critics fairly. Remember, you're not playing to the SJWs, but the audience watching. Don't lose your cool or get cornered. Stay calm, don't get ruffled, and hammer the points home over and over.
(8.77 KB 648x144 espnwoes.png)

ESPN - owned by Disney - trying to stay 'relevant' turn to sjws: http://archive.is/qyNym (first half = facts + figures, second half = let's adopt the socjus business model, that'll save us!)
(76.30 KB 949x945 C-ZDPgLUQAAhjF9.jpg)

>>330511 Hey, Acid, found this floating around my twitter feed. http://archive.is/3yJMH I took one look and thought, Could it be…? :^)
>>330514 Adding to this. ESPN remember - SPORTS network: https://archive.is/Vfj7x I'll stand by those caps - entirely justified I think
(50.62 KB 500x389 itsfake.jpg)

E-celeb drama reached the big leagues https://twitter.com/Drybones5/status/860167691528785920 Somebody uploaded documents to Mixtape accusing Macron of having offshore accounts. Le Pen ran with them. French police think they're fake and want to prosecute someone for forgery.
>>330541 http://animeright.news/zanting/new-higher-quality-versions-of-the-emmanuel-macron-tax-evasion-documents-appear > they are of a much higher quality & resolution. This appears to have been done to show previous criticism was essentially based on compression or scanning errors, not manipulation.
>>330541 > Relatedly, some manosphere assclowns got caught up in spy games they don't even understand and will now pay the price. Which is hilarious. https://twitter.com/20committee/status/860854743475904512 He seems to mean Jack Posobiec of Rebel TV and Mike Cernovich. Posobiec is posting screenshots of threats from other Twitter users, without archives. The threats cannot be seen on the users' timelines. Possibly fake. https://twitter.com/JackPosobiec/status/860741264911867904 https://twitter.com/JackPosobiec/status/860740068641845248 MacronLeaks used Russian Excel, suggesting Russians were behind it https://twitter.com/henkvaness/status/860809075013144577 French elections law forbids media coverage. There is an allegation that fake documents are inside the package. "the metadata has been tampered with" so anything else may be fake. https://twitter.com/wikileaks/status/860841351595921409 Inside the package, not confirmed: Macron campaign colluding with the French Interior Ministry https://twitter.com/JackPosobiec/status/860572652469198850 "Macron Leaks contain secret plans for the islamisation of France and Europe" https://archive.is/QAOyW
(119.21 KB 1000x766 Angry French Elf Noises.jpg)

Quick question- Being S.Korea & Park was GG related (due to S.Korea game devs, rampant Femnazis, SJWs, and Marxist ideals), would France & Macron be (Marxist/globalist leader, corruption, plus it makes SJW salt as the guy who "beat back the fascists" is shown to be corrupt)? We have a history of being able to dig & spread quite effectively, and thanks to older ops, many of us are interconnected on Twitter (allowing for info to quickly spread by normalfags that follow us). I'm proposing a French election thread for digging, verifying, infograph creation, and spreading. What OP Korean BBQ was supposed to be, but never took off, IMO Basically as a backup/assist for /pol/, in case their threads get shilled hard. The downside is, /pol/gets shilled hard. With the right consensus cracking (((they))) could stage raids on this board "from /pol/" or simply generate disunity between /pol/ and GG (some goals are shared, most aren't, so we need each other). Alternatively, we could see if we make better progress than /pol/ on spreading info. We seem to have a knack for it, and if you think /pol/ isn't as good as it used to be, how better to whip them into shape by leading by example? Thoughts? OP name could be French Toast, French Kiss, or Macrony.
>>330541 > @20committee I remember following this guy back in the day when among his many claims he was a former CIA employee. Unfollowed when I found proof he's a fake and a slick con artist. Take everything he says with a grain of salt. >The threats cannot be seen on the users' timelines. Possibly fake. Twitter messages can be deleted. >>330567 >Basically as a backup/assist for /pol/, in case their threads get shilled hard. It's already a D&C minefield over there, though they've shifted tactics to concern trolling and advertising to Endchan as if they can't be more obvious enough now that /pol/acks were massively demoralized with Le Pen's loss. I'd say go for it–put up a thread for archival proposes. Same deal with the Pizzagate thread. /8diamonds/ would be a better home for these barely-related to GG threads, but that board seems to be inactive even if it was restored.
>>330569 Excellent. I'll wait for Acid to confirm before making it. 8Diamonds looks kinda dead. Most of the posts are from 2015.
(133.21 KB 1920x1080 Viv controller.jpg)

So you guys want to do a French election thread? It's pretty far off from gaming, but SJWs around the world are so invested in Le Pen's downfall and preserving the EU that'd I'd rather see our people digging into it than sitting around doing nothing about it. Go for it. Kick some ass.
The GG thread in /v/ is being shilled hard as usual. Noticing that there seems to be certain intervals between productive and shill times, so I proposed running a round-the-clock observation for a week or so to identify their punch in and punch out times, if anons haven't don't so already.
(22.20 KB 256x256 gab.png)

Not seen it mentioned here - Gab is now open: https://gab.ai/ Don't know much about it, except it was invite only - and it's not twitter.
(328.44 KB 466x615 064790.png)

>implying Trump cares what kind of insults you throw at him http://archive.is/cvCTw
(33.73 KB 631x432 ClipboardImage.png)

>>330594 > @femfreq Reminder that it was never about video games, feminism, or now about Trump. Anita's entire career revolved around her daddy issues.
(48.76 KB 1261x671 ClipboardImage.png)

Anyone have links to the old King of Pol + Internet Aristocrat stream when this went down? I feel like slapping it at these clueless faggot apologists who keep attempting to gaslight GG over Mister Merketour.
>>330601 Also like >>330601, here's some imgur links on /leftypol/, where ggr migrated to after the failure of their own board. https://imgur.com/a/AnqjS http://imgur.com/a/HYmrA
>>330594 Did her new show disable comments and ratings too?
Here's the Nordic Game Conference interview with Anita Sarkeesian, complaining about games that needs to tell better stories while talking crap over Kratos (God of War) and Cidney (Final Fantasy XV). https://archive.fo/R0hMn
(142.11 KB 600x360 fontinghell.png)

Your font is oppressing me: http://archive.li/bPCCK >We take it for granted that we can type any word with a keyboard, but really, you should check your anglophone privilege. >“Make America Great Again” symbolizes “Make America Great Again.” Well, duh. >The stakes are higher than you think. The next generation of fascists will not love geometric sans serifs as much as Mussolini did.
Over at Uncle /pol/'s embattled shack, there's a thread going on. In >>>/pol/9971838 they were originally out to expose and discredit the Sleeping Giants group (responsible for stripping Breitbart and other conservative news sites' ad revenue employing 2014-2015 GG #OpDisNod tactics), who recently were actively attempting to ruin Sean Hannity's life for reporting on the Seth Rich investigation. ICYMI, Sleeping Giants are closely affiliated with Media Matters, and it appears to be the liberal media's "attack dog" of .sorts. http://archive.is/xJduY What's more: along the course of their digging, familiar names showed up as active contributors of their little operation, like Anil Dash and Peter Coffin. Apparently the antiGG clique are ingratiating themselves into this new leftist movement Interesting read, in any case.
>>330625 Thanks for the tip. Where did Dash and Coffin show up in the dig? I didn't see them mentioned in the thread. Feed the diggers our Dash info. https://archive.is/ZRWvV
'GG bad.'
(126.72 KB 770x473 harnisch3.png)

>>330629 > (that report) * list everybody that SJWs have been racketeering against for no good reason * plus nazis * call them all media manipulators * ignore all professional media manipulators and they are funded by MacArthur https://www.macfound.org/grantees/2510/ https://archive.is/EHuJu and linked to the Berkman Center https://archive.is/v3tzA and there are several familiar names on their board and advisory committee https://archive.is/RlUFr We've seen Reidenberg pushing another MacArthur funded project https://archive.is/uxY3ra and we've seen Christina Xu before (pic related) Good find.
(253.48 KB 1279x717 IRDL.png)

>>330629 >>330633 Since this is a shitpost thread, not sure if I should post this. It's related to IRDL- right? I found this in my archives: https://archive.is/Kp092 Main thread: https://archive.today/Gfj6f and pic related. > What is all this? > 1. A large ammount of information dropped to distract diggers for a long time, as (while the sources appear to show a link) it only confirms what we know. > 2. A large ammount of information that shows clear links between Common Core, IGDA, DARPA, DiGRA, "gamifying" education, mass monitering via cloud storage on all devices, altering behaviour, and getting rid of the reputation of gamers. > In short, how everything we say so far connects. Not to say that every person involved is wringing their hands and cackling with glee- some may be people with innocent intent being used for more nefarious ends. > The vast volume of information resulted in people arguing for it to be presented in a simpler fashion/summerised. Then other people said it was just for diggers, and arguing started. > IN SUMMERY: > ————————————– > "We have a collection of people with clear actions and goals > Those goals are to SJW everyone and monitor people that dont follow the mold > Their methods include building a vast network of connected devices which will be controlled by a cloud service. Yes even your toaster and light bulbs… but more importantly your cars, your tv, your pc, your phone, your pacemaker, your cybernetic legs… etc > They are building these things with an education aspect … I hate to use this analogy but think of orwells worst fever dream after eating all of the acid and PCP and you wont even come close" > "Close… SJWism is a instrument in the agenda, not the agenda. > This is the agenda: http://dai.ly/x2eagvn > Thought up by Green Eco-Fascists like Gates, MacArthur & Comer and being made a reality by academics like those at SRI and the various research labs that employ DiGRA members. > They want you under control, under surveillance." > —————————————– > IN EITHER CASE: > We should investigate and sort the evidence found in this. It can be used to find other source and reinforce what we have already suspected. > A lot of vetting needs to be done, so make sure to tell threads when a piece of evidence is no longer needed, and maybe even summerize it in an infographs (with links to the sources of course). > Work hard and organize this all. Should I zip the folder and send it to mega?
>>330639 > Since this is a shitpost thread, not sure if I should post this. It's not stopping anyone else. > Should I zip the folder and send it to mega? It couldn't hurt.
>>330640 Can do. Busy today, will send it tonight or tomorrow.
>>330640 >>330643 https://mega.nz/#!UxMW2CYK!37Pykf5iZQKJywXPajgquHMQvXWGi9fVvtCxkD9kq-0 Everything I have on IRDL. Not well organized though due to it being from another anon who didn't organize it.
>>330633 > and there are several familiar names on their board and advisory committee https://archive.is/RlUFr Let's look at the unfamiliar names, starting with Catherine Bracy. > Product manager and director of Obama campaign technology field office in San Francisco. > administrative director at Harvard's Berkman Center for Internet & Society. > board of directors at the Citizen Engagement Lab and the Public Laboratory. https://www.codeforamerica.org/people/catherine-bracy https://archive.is/FdJGn Next, Alondra Nelson. Social Science Research Council Names Alondra Nelson as Next President http://www.ssrc.org/pages/social-science-research-council-names-alondra-nelson-as-next-president/ https://archive.is/g5G4W > After directing the Institute for Research on Women, Gender, and Sexuality, she became Columbia University’s inaugural dean of social science in 2014 Paul Nungesser v. Columbia University https://kcjohnson.files.wordpress.com/2013/08/nungesser-complaint.pdf > 68. Emma’s efforts to wreak havoc on Paul’s life were reignited by Columbia Professor Jon Kessler. Professor Kessler directed Emma to transform her personal vendetta against Paul into a Columbia-sponsored calumny. Under the guise of "performance art," Professor Kessler and Emma jointly designed her senior thesis project (the "Mattress Project"). > 69. The Mattress Project, named "Carry That Weight" involves Emma carrying a mattress around campus at all times during her senior year… > 89. "Carry That Weight" was publicly promoted on a Columbia-owned Website, IRW&G Blog/Institute for Research on Women and Gender, Columbia University ("IRW&G"). IRW&G even closed its office on September 9, 2014, shortly after Emma had started the Mattress Project, to support Emma. > 91. IRW&G announced on its official web site the support of the "Carry That Weight National Day of Action" on October 29, 2014, and motivated people to participate in the event which in great part was used to engage in gender based harassment and defamation of Paul. A Patricia Dailey was listed as director at the time. Nelson was core faculty. https://web.archive.org/web/20140908062903/http://irwgs.columbia.edu:80/about/people There's more bullshit if you dig further back. http://www.law.columbia.edu/gender-sexuality/events/2011-2012 https://archive.is/6javj
Samantha Bee namedrop GamerGate as "GamerGate trolls" who supported Gianforte assaulting a reporter. https://youtu.be/o-krxtaJ2-E?t=5m52s
Whoa. > I can point you to forum mods who received death threats mailed to their homes threatening to kill family if they allowed GG discussion https://twitter.com/livebeef/status/871430890777432065 https://archive.is/fiwnl Why did we not heard about this? Why wasn't this in the FBI report?
(72.10 KB 635x633 ClipboardImage.png)

>>328623 >from the same thread This fucking autist.
(41.07 KB 470x470 oregon.jpg)

Aurondarklord on Reddit called out Endo just to be a dick, so since he's kinda sorta on topic: 1. I still want his digs. He was looking into the Clinton Foundation and had a lot of research on Oregon's SJW scene. 2. I want to know about Endo's relationship to the Cancer Crew. Was he Swiss Proxy? And who was Swiss Proxy and why is that important? I also recall hearing that he was responsible for an essay that called for instigating infighting between every Gamergate discussion forum. If he was leading antis then he has logs of his chats with them and he should out the fuckers. 3. Endo was investigating some very powerful people and then he was the first conviction under a cyberharassment law for posting what he claimed was a commercial porn shoot. This sounds suspicious. Was the porn online before they separated? Can someone dig up the court transcript?
>>330690 >>330690 1. He never had any digs. He ripped off other people's shit mostly Nackts shit and presented it half finished as his own and did so falsely. 2. He was a regular of Ddm and was in that room at the same time period as korro the furfag squad and the taco chef Thidran as well as others like wild goose so he was probably involved with quite a bit of shenanigans. But he will never admit that and the chances of finding proof are less than 0. 3. What he did was post revenge porn of someone he was with. He did not post things she had consented to only things he made himself with her. That is why he got in trouble with the law. Has fuck all to do with anybody he was "investigating" and he want actually doing jack shit. The guy ripped off s4t on several occasions which is hilarious when you consider how shit tier s4t is to begin with. I have noticed recently that spergling cow Robin gething has been trying to shill again on various old GG boards and the posts he makes are usually like this one. Are you Robin gething or just a cancer crew shill/johniloh ect? Because nobody who is normal would care about this goon or even bring him up again let alone "want his digs". That little comment was a dead give away its commonly known fact this sperg never had any digs he just ripped off people. Also yes he was fucking Swiss proxy you can't possibly be this new he ADMITTED he was multiple times. He has a cow thread go find it or read about him on ED fuck are you doing shill. I know this is the OT thread but I really hate it when some shill starts name dropping goons.
>>330778 > others like wild goose I've been wondering why no one's looked into BWC, their members always come up burrowing behind GG lines and muddling any operations going on.
(255.75 KB 478x475 435.png)

>>330778 >korro the furfag ayyy
NeoGaffe mod Amir0x arrested for child porn https://voat.co/v/NeoFAG/1964303
(22.36 KB 639x250 DD77useW0AAJ6ZE.jpg)

Does anyone have the contact info for Andrew Gleason's mum? Need to inform her her autist son is off his meds again.
Do we need to be worried about horsespam on some of the other boards- or does the verification captcha protect it? Archiving older threads is probably not a bad idea in case they get knocked off, or 8ch gets another blitz it can't protect itself from.
Hey- verification is not working on some threads. Could someone post this: https://pastebin.com/drwfJTiy To this thread: >>330858 Should be the OP Timber one.
The CNNBlackmail reminded me alot of the good ol days of gg when memes flowed freely and everyone was psyched up.
>>330970 I couldn't post in that thread either, nobody could, but I asked on /sudo/ and someone fixed it by posting in that thread using mod.php. You should be able to post there now.
(783.20 KB 500x281 tableflip_f27ff0_3932526.gif)

(17.00 KB 255x255 [002299].jpg)

Acid/mods: Anon in the /v/ general mentioned, while cleaning up the OP, would hq be having a clean up? If so, you can nuke the old 'Dragons, Hugos + Puppies' bread >>330137 which only had 4 posts - I've copied all the links to new Dragons + Puppies thread Edit page froze too many tabs open. Go 8chan 'bad gateway'
(191.38 KB 592x524 kialo1.png)

Don't know if slowpoking but saw this promoted on twtr - a debate platform, supposedly 'empowering reason'. https://blog.kialo.com/ The 'about' page doesn't say much - a quick search turned up this: http://xpmethod.plaintext.in/events/kialo.html or: https://archive.is/wC4d7 Another quick search of 'Kialo Errikos Pitsos' (the founder from above article) turns up various articles in German - if any Germanfags would like to search/have a look to find out more.
Acid, just a heads up. Found out what Nackt's been up to these days. Apparently he's moved on to attacking @animeoutsiders for insulting animetwitter. He's changed his name and identity, but you can tell it's him by his activity. Exact same posting/tweeting style, exact same patterns, exact same holier-than-though jackass attitude. Also shares the same bunch of burnouts orbiting around him now joining in the flamewar.
(484.11 KB 860x1288 Asuka smoking.jpg)

>>331127 More power to em, I guess. Got a link anywhere?
>>331128 Just check out their twitter for starters and scroll down for the hilarity. https://twitter.com/animeoutsiders They're doing Kek's work of rooting out "GG supporters" who turn out to be SJWs or antiGG infiltrators, though I doubt it's intentional since they're main objective is targeting animetwitter.
>>331127 WTF is it with burnouts either switching sides or attacking harmless people over little shit? We need these autists to keep digging. We keep finding new shit and no one does anything about it.
>>331130 Because they get butthurt about something in #GG and want to hurt us for not following their sage and infallible advice? What better way than to give aid and comfort to our enemies.
Sup guys haven't posted here in months. There isnt as much twwatter drama like the good ol days so i don't really hang around here these days. Good ol nacht my fav twatter person to stalk most of his pals have me blocked or are borederline retarded to talk to fun to mention gg and watch them flip there shit
(120.01 KB 300x168 DISGUST.gif)

>>331137 >Twitter drama Of all the things in the world, why is that something you'd want more of? Granted its fun to spectate, but good grief anon. We still need, just off the top of my head: >Work done on the new wiki >Infographics updated with new links and information >Continued monitoring of DiGRA and their affiliates >Continued pressure on UBM/Polygon, presently via the FTC I know there's no nuclear level vidya happenings and everyone is tied up in the new media censorship row over on Youtube and Google, but our job is far from done.
There's an ongoing hate campaign against ShadistsReddit. It's typical SJW-style making up a giant wall of accusations and not backing them up. The "evidence" is mostly screenshots of random anonymous posts on /b/ that they marked up with MS Paint to claim they were written by him for some nefarious reason. https://voat.co/v/BetaHate/2124599 https://archive.is/jqZZl https://voat.co/v/GamerGate/2135923 https://archive.is/VSZBn http://archive.is/O13xK The people responsible are MaleGoddess, OkayCupid_Official, and concernedanon, with moral support from QuQu and XenoKriss.
>>331153 Any better evidence supporting who was involved?
>>331171 > Any better evidence supporting who was involved? no i suck Those are the names they go by on Voat where they are dropping the info.
>>331153 So ggrevolt being ggrevolt as usual. Shame about Shadist being outed, best I can advise is for them to stand their ground. As long as they're fake, lies will never stick. Now if they did hit or were close to the mark, the target should lie low and pass on sensitive work to trusted accomplices. Also, they really need to screen their mods. These things happen because there's always a mole involved.
>>331177 > So ggrevolt being ggrevolt as usual. Shame Yup. Attacking our allies, never attacking our enemies, and they wonder why we hate them. Nice digits btw.
>>331177 >So ggrevolt being ggrevolt as usual. /furry/ is a long dead board, this is just a few fags still pretending doxing does anything. >Now if they did hit or were close to the mark, the target should lie low and pass on sensitive work to trusted accomplices. >being this much of a baka Going dark when you get doxed is the worst thing you can do, You're basically admitting the dox is correct. Same with deleting shit that's already been archived. Just rough it out, and as long as you haven't said shit that can get you fired, you won't be affected. aside from maybe a bruised ego. > These things happen because there's always a mole involved. It happens due to people using easily linkable usernames. Too many people entered Gamergate with a complete lack of OpSec. Most didn't even bother with a username and just used their real name.
Please tell me that this is not our favorite spaghetti sperg. https://www.goskagit.com/news/official-charges-delayed-for-bow-man-accused-of-killing-father/article_91e2f8d3-9f8a-5f2a-a200-605cc2133941.html > According to an affidavit filed in Skagit County District Court, Lane Davis started a fight with his parents at their home in the 4000 block of Wharf Street, accusing the pair of being “leftists” and “pedophiles.” > Lane Davis reported his father, Charles "Chuck" Davis, attempted to kick him out of the house and had stated that he had called police. Lane Davis also told investigators his father had called him a Nazi and a racist, according to the affidavit. > The affidavit states Lane Davis then grabbed a kitchen knife and stabbed Charles Davis in the chest multiple times. This happened in mid-July. Our Lane Davis has been dark since then.
(735.37 KB 1160x1100 1445.png)

>>331191 Who would've guessed that the meth-head who regularly went around screaming "I'M GONNA FUCKING KILL YOU, NIGGER" at people, actually killed someone?
(822.40 KB 1067x1102 Kizuna Difficult Situation.png)

ACID, LOOK HERE PLZ OK, posting here since we don't have a Meta thread. In short, we've got someone (or multiple, different IDs yet he speaks like the same person) who won't give in the Timber thread: >>331199 In short: > Hey guys stop shitting up /jp/ < How dare you make them come to my board! > I'm telling them to stop- < How dare you make them come to my board! > I can't control other people- < How dare you make them come to my board! Etc. The persistence leads me to believe it's a troll- probably the same one who posted on /jp/ in the first place. The fact they beg for an apology for something we didn't do sounds very familiar. In any case, we need mods to delete those posts, ban those anons, so the important posts (the 1, 2, 3, 4 summarizing what to do like >>331201 ) can be seen from the front of the board. Clear goals help those goals move forward. I get the distinct feeling that even if no one replies to him, he'll reply just so his post is the first one seen on the board. "Oh god, GG is so bad! Isn't it bad? GG shouldn't be allowed on 8ch!"
>>331141 There was info on UBM a few threads back- and probably in the depths of HQ. I'd also argue (though this is a new OP), that since Journos opinions are now questioned, we go hard on bad devs. If we're taking out UBM for funding bad shit in vidya, why not purge the industry of the big suits who bankrolled lootboxes and the like. DeepFreeze- for anti-consumer practices of Devs. Including but not limited to: - Gambling for digital goods with real money. - Cutting content for DLC. - Failing to meet tangible promises ("It's gonna be great" can't be quantified. "It has 10 levels" can.) - Review Embargos - Price & stock manipulation - Encouraging specific ideologies within their companies or audience. - Replacing a skilled & demanding audience with a casual and less demanding one. Or simply "dumbing down what the audience desires & expects." - Failing to defend freedom of artistic expression. This does not include refusing to do something; anyone can refuse to do anything. This does include canning something already in production due to outcry from someone who is not their target audience. - Attempts to avoid competing with Japanese devs via indirect sabotage. I.e. poor localization, encouraging hatred towards content often found in their games, making finding decent translation harder along with inflating import costs, etc. - Clear evidence of cutting quality for quantity, shorter dev time, or simply having the promised budget vanish into someone's pocket thin air. - Disdain for "nerds & geeks". - General jewery. In terms of priority, Google -> UBM -> Bad Devs -> Journos (IMO). Many things fall under those umbrellas. Net censorship and Youtube's adpocalypse fall under Google (maybe even all net stuff like Twitter). Timber and localization would fall under Bad Devs, etc.
(58.88 KB 1000x418 Asuka CIA.jpeg)

>Enjoying lazy weekend >Sudden little burst of activity on muh board Unexpected, but pleasant! Lemme see what I can do.
(4.84 MB 1280x720 s4t.webm)

I honestly miss the great civil war of 2015. Fuck man, the internet is so fucking boring nowadays.
(80.09 KB 800x1120 Asuka hose.jpg)

>>331227 Some of the events were entertaining, but not so much when you consider the stakes at the time. Imagine where we'd all be if Spaghetti4Trans and his Cancer Crew buttbuddies had come out on top instead of us. We'd be on about our eighth GG board, which would be as active and beloved as Revolt is, SJWs would likely have mountains of actual proof for their harassment narrative instead of lies and bullshit, and if you came up with a good operation outside their clique or had a popular social media account you'd be getting doxed on /baph/ right about now.
>>331229 Holy shit Coleslaw, you're still around here? And you're still upset about S4T and Thidran? >The man who killed gamergate on *chans with his idiotic leaderfagging still insists that gamergate is alive. >He doesn't know when the war is over on his front. >He doesn't realize that the front has moved far past him and that everyone's fighting on a front far beyond what any of us could have imagined when this started out. >He's still complaining about S4T and Thidran in his echo chamber. >He's still posting his shit waifu in his tiny echo chamber >While everyone else is playing vidya and pwning SJWs on their home turfs, he's complaining about S4T and Thidran while posting his shit waifu in his echo chamber. I will forever remember Gamergate, I will forever remember it as a positive thing. I will forever remember you as the man who killed it.
>>331232 At this point i honestly believe that Acid himself is nothing more than a gatekeeping shill for the military-industrial complex. >>331229 Focusing on journalistic ethics was more important that DIGRA, amirite?
>>331232 All I see from your side is kneecapping anybody who starts to make a positive difference, demanding that we shut down every last board that still allows discussion of Gamergate, and insistence on taking actions that play right into the enemy's hands. So, fuck off with your lies.
(180.26 KB 935x347 autist.png)

>>331191 Holy shit, it is him. Screenshot is from an old ggr archive when they doxed him last year. His father and mother's name is accurate. https://archive.is/uQPL4
>>331237 > Holy shit, it is him. I wonder why the drama boards have been quiet about this. > Screenshot is from an old ggr archive when they doxed him last year. He was productive so the revoltards fucked with him. Not a surprise.
(93.91 KB 1024x872 DLTcrq5VoAE1YAe.jpg)

>>331232 >complaining about someone replying to a post on their own board why
(78.45 KB 300x237 s4t banner4.jpeg)

>>331191 More proof that Seattle infact makes people go mad. I want out. On the brightside(?) with all his autistic ramblings at least he has an insanity defense.
>>331243 >On the brightside(?) with all his autistic ramblings at least he has an insanity defense. Insanity defense almost always fails. From what I understand being a nutcase is not enough to be declared legally insane. Rather, you need convince the jury that you're mental state prevented you from knowing your acts were illegal in order to mount a successful insanity defense. I find it more likely though that he would go pro se, he's narcissistic and delusional enough to do that. Read up on trial of Colin Ferguson, I think that the S4T trial will be a remake of it: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1993_Long_Island_Rail_Road_shooting#Trial
>>331239 >>331243 >>331244 I'm expecting the other shoe to drop any time now. He'll claim Gamergate made him insane, I guarantee it. Fucking revoltards.
(37.33 KB 667x871 Asuka hate.jpeg)

Nice to be back, and with a fresh cable modem to boot since my old one fried itself. I had the weekend of no h8chan blocked at work to relax, read, and think. As much as I want to, I can't be smug about S4T going off the deep end. The fuckhead literally killed his own father in a paranoid rage. Maybe I've been on the Internet too long and lost some edge, but I can't enjoy the schadenfreude of him going to "pounded in the ass" prison alongside Endo and Ralph. Chronicle it, anons. What happened to him is what happens to those who stare too long into the abyss. >>331232 If I killed whatever #GG was to you edgelord faggots, than I'm happy to have done it. Three of your idols have done prison time since this started, so go and ponder over who really fucked up. >>331233 One was, and is, a means to use against the other. A better question is, if DiGRA could be taken down by just anybody, why didn't you do it yourself? :^) >>331247 >Aurini pimping the furfag QuQu I don't see any need to touch these two. They literally discredit each other.
(63.39 KB 853x480 Don't Yell At Me.jpg)

>>331249 He Acid. I dun goofed. Thank you for editing the OP Timber thread to link to the plan. However, where I deleted all the posts of me arguing with that shill- one of them was the post you linked to. If it's not too much trouble, could it link to >>331188 instead?
(41.95 KB 708x573 vban.png)

/v/ now bans people for requesting evidence against SJW journalists. Reports don't give the thread title so the admin may not have known it was a #GG post. We should take more convos here so there is less of a change of this happening.
>>331264 MOD PLEASE EDIT HIS POST, THE MORON IS SHOWING HIS IP ADDRESS > /v/ now bans people for requesting evidence against SJW journalists. Probably because your post came across like you were advertising voat, or it was outside the designated gg thread. On a related note- a "fact finding" thread on HQ for info we've seen before might not be a bad idea. > Anyone got that newspaper article that proves [person] knows [person] because of a wedding? > Anyone got [outlet]'s article on [event]?
(83.61 KB 300x250 Always Speak Up.jpg)

Minor note, an image went 404 in the OP here: >>329022 It was only motivational (pic related) but we don't want to lose important info from images/infographs.
(102.46 KB 750x1397 Asuka halloween.jpeg)

>>331262 Done. >>331266 Nigga das a salted hash, not an IP. >>331264 That's not a bad idea. I've resigned myself to basically sticking around this place forever, so its a safe harbor for whatever you want to talk about pertaining to #GG type shit.
(233.04 KB 780x526 1444068748973.png)

>>331264 That post is pretty fucking horrible so that's about to be expected. Like, I genuinely would think this is spam myself.
Grats on the death of Neogaf. Blame SA for it, imo. Get them to eat each other.
Whoa! Is there support for these claims? > Don't forget 8chan, where an actual sexual predator has tried to get it intentionally falsely claimed for allegedly hosting child porn. > There is proof that one or two of the culprits have a "history". > It has nothing to do with gender either, apparently they were trying to get an easy pass from the FBI and their buddies. https://twitter.com/R_L_A_G/status/922404970934296576 https://archive.is/5Q8bv
Feministing blames "Zionism" for the Harvey Weinstein Scandal. https://twitter.com/johnpaulpagano/status/921459148008587265 https://archive.is/9WtOZ
(136.45 KB 828x1170 1509118137429.jpg)

>>331284 Im surprised they didn't blame the white male patrarchy tbh
JPMorgan Chase just pumped $275 million into IAC which owns Newsweek and The Daily Beast https://www.sec.gov/Archives/edgar/data/891103/000110465917065698/a17-25022_18k.htm https://archive.is/FlE8h Hey JPM, can I have $275 million? I won't pay it back either.
>>331326 >funneling 275 million USD, bigger than the GOP of countries, to fake news sites This has got to be money laundering.
You really should know my posting style by now. >>>/v/13739819
Why are so many old threads being bumped? It could be general fuckery- or attempts to get frequently posted in threads (Sexual Assault Accusation and Internet Censorship Database threads) off the front page. I wouldn't recomend stickying either of them yet, nor would I say adding bumplocking is a good idea though IMO if a thread is older than a year, it could be bumplocked, archived, and then a second fresh edition as a new thread when updates happen- linking to the old thread of course. Thoughts Acid? You know the board better than anyone, anything abnormal about those threads coming up from the depths?
>>331331 Juggalo pics in a few threads - happens once or twice a year.
>>331335 Well I thought I saw them maybe it was somewhere else nevermind
>>240737 We need a sticky for the TPP thread. It's back.
Fart's local news station ran a twitter bot. The Internet found it. https://twitter.com/nickmon1112/status/929819088322428931
What ever happened to /gg/, /gamergate/, and /furry/?
Twitter banned a journalist for no apparent reason other than being the editor of a conservative news site. https://pjmedia.com/trending/pj-media-editor-veteran-journalist-terror-expert-removed-twitter/?singlepage=true https://archive.is/j7sfM
(62.98 KB 480x800 gamers.jpeg)

Verification: 171437
Twitter bans conservatives but allows Hamas to operate openly https://twitter.com/RabbiYonah/status/944827958631342080/photo/1
test post
Archaeologists find proof that Nakht's dad was a cuck: https://soylentnews.org/article.pl?sid=18/01/20/1835210
D…did I just got banned from /v/ on a gamergate thread for asking if Trump was having troubles getting money to build the wall?
(306.95 KB 494x700 Asuka oh boy.jpg)

Verificationpost. >/v/14335688 Happy now?
I haven't felt happy in years. Or sad. Or any kind of emotion at all, really. I feel like a puppet, going through the motions. I pretend to be a human but I'm just a hollow shell, making the right sounds and movements to integrate into this society unchallenged. Anyway, Asuka is shit.
>>331583 >Acid can't crosslink wew
>SHITPOSTING Well, I suppose this qualifies. Anita Sarkeesian deepfake: https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5a889ba809058
Middle East Forum Asks for Public's Help Collecting Examples of Tech Censorship http://www.meforum.org/7207/mef-asks-for-public-help-collecting-examples > If you have information, please send it to censorship@meforum.org /tech/ deleted this info. Don't know what they were thinking.
>>328623 Amazes me sometimes that y'all still at this. Hope you're having fun.
>>331597 You are not "tirggering" anyone, you are not summoning anyone. You are just a shitposter who's being told off. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Psychosis >Delusions are firmly held false beliefs that are not supported by evidence, or held despite contradictory evidence >Other delusions include delusions of reference (beliefs that a particular stimulus has a special meaning that is directed at the holder of belief), grandiose delusions (delusions that a person has a special power or importance) LITERALLY fucking you. You honest to god have to deluded yourself into thinking you have some kind of special power to "summon" and "trigger" people.
>>331598 EliUmi TapVigne ChrisHibiki GabSatania Yoshimaru Fuck YoshiRiko.
>>331599 You are not "tirggering" anyone, you are not summoning anyone. You are just a shitposter who's being told off. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Psychosis >Delusions are firmly held false beliefs that are not supported by evidence, or held despite contradictory evidence >Other delusions include delusions of reference (beliefs that a particular stimulus has a special meaning that is directed at the holder of belief), grandiose delusions (delusions that a person has a special power or importance) LITERALLY fucking you. You honest to god have to deluded yourself into thinking you have some kind of special power to "summon" and "trigger" people.
>>331600 I summoned you here. That's all that matters.
>>331601 You didn't summon anyone, !Akemi. Telling you off does not mean you "summoned" them. You are not even close to as smart as you think you are.
(70.54 KB 604x604 Asuka cosp burnout cig.jpg)

So, Acid, someone banned you on /v/ for three days? What was the reason?
(61.29 KB 720x929 trumpcod.jpg)

We found out why Trump is down on vidya.
(74.55 KB 801x796 zoequinnsmearcampaign.jpg)

Here we go again.
(67.41 KB 640x480 Asuka OC Making.jpeg)

I've got something in the works regarding FOSTA and the mild panic going on right now. Stay tuned.
(31.00 KB 477x328 squid.jpg)

Does Lunar have a public email or is there someone with a public email who can get a message to them?
(97.05 KB 400x264 cookies♪.png)

Happy Easter anons!
>>331689 you gents know that today is also April Fools day, correct?
New Zoe Quinn interview from Noclip. And it's Noclip's final session. What a way to ruin the final episode. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7B8rat-KFWI
The ride never ends! https://archive.fo/DpZjX
Anita and Zoe are gorgeous tho, I think they are right about everything now. They deserve worship and respect.
>>331782 You're welcome to contribute and revive it.
(258.73 KB 2366x1024 virgin comicsgate.jpg)

>>331802 this image isn't weponized autism, It's just autism.
Fuck, no talk of the kunkle bullshit? Thought you guys were the more autist wing. Even KiA has a thread up
gamergate more like gaymergoy amirite my fellow aryans?
>>331821 Hello, my white brother.
(898.78 KB 540x405 1514100188746.gif)

>>331754 >Anita and Zoe >gorgeous >right about everything >deserve worship and respect This isn't NeoGAF or ResetERA you cuck.
This LGBT author claims that he has evidence that GamerGate is always about harassing women in gaming. https://maleccrazedauthor.tumblr.com/post/173705011430/i-was-with-your-fan-history-post-until-you-cited
>>331754 /anita/ was a mistake
>>331853 It isn't? Gamergate incels always harass women online for some reason, this keeps happening, it's a pattern.
(75.01 KB 785x668 Asuka patch hand.jpeg)

Confirmation for /v/. There's an impostor.
(18.22 KB 303x400 cease_faggotry.jpg)

The feminazi culture infiltration group that fucked over games is obviously working all avenues of brainwashing
(25.92 KB 1068x187 foreshadow.png)

I was reading this news article from /. about a new law that would allow users to get access to all the data about them a company has: https://yro.slashdot.org/story/18/05/05/0153212/new-california-ballot-measure-demands-groundbreaking-privacy-rights > New California Ballot Measure Demands Groundbreaking Privacy Rights > Supporters gathered 625,000 signatures to put the "California Consumer Privacy Act" on the ballot in November – far exceeding the 365,880 signatures needed to qualify. The Mercury News reports: > The proposed initiative aims to allow consumers to see what personal information companies are collecting about them and ask the companies to stop selling that information, and also seeks to hold businesses accountable for data breaches. "Today is a major step forward in our campaign, and an affirmation that California voters care deeply about the fundamental privacy protections provided in the California Consumer Privacy Act," said Alastair Mactaggart, the San Francisco real estate developer who is bankrolling the measure. He has spent $1.65 million on the effort, according to filings with the California secretary of state. SAN FRANCISCO! Argh! So, immediately I think "west coast SJWs", and realize pic related (downvoted invisible) was right. Imagine EXTREME DOX - Doxers impersonate someone and get companies to give you all the data they have on that target. Imagine all your email being puked out to whomever can answer B.S. "forgot my password" questions. The SJW doxers would go nuts with this new law. Why is it every damn law that says it will achieve one thing does the exact opposite? If I didn't know better (and I don't) I'd think it was all according to keikaku. >>331882 Damn, great vid. The war for comics may be turning to our side. Truth is, we already won. All the old media is a livingdead zombie and the only new media people like is uncontrolled.
(691.00 KB 1920x1080 d04.png)

>>331886 > forgot rule #1 "archive EVERYTHING" http://archive.is/GD3fX
>>331861 On the contrary, misogyny and patriarchy was a mistake. An egalitarian society without gender discrimination (Yes, including the media and games) is simply better for everyone.
(93.95 KB 800x600 Asuka work time.jpeg)

Posting for a quick verification in thread. >>>/vg/51425
>>331948 /vg/ vol here, someone please explain what the fuck is going on. I don't actively follow GG and related drama but something about this entire thread smells fishy as fuck like someone is trying to start up inter-board shit again.
>>331948 >>331949 By 'this thread' I mean the one on /vg/ obviously. Not saying I'm going to believe anything I hear here unilaterally but I'd like to know what your 'side' if nothing else. There's been a lot of attempts to cause drama between /vg/, /v/ and /tv/ recently.
>>331949 >>331950 GGRevolt hates /v/ and GG They caught on that /vg/ is a new board without Mark or GG threads and now they're tying to make it their new home and try to make the users frok both boards hate each other just like they hate /v/.
>>331951 >>331949 >>331950 OP is undoubtly one from his cuckchan shitposting antics and memes, like dabbing.
(66.65 KB 736x981 Asuka hat casual.jpg)

>>331950 >>331949 Assuming you've been on 8chan for any length of time, you probably know about the schism between this board and the former board /ggrevolt/. The latter was populated by some pissed of anons lead by an incestuous little clique of "ex"-#GamerGate people from Twitter and IRC. A huge fight broke out when they started doxing and raiding #GG supporters from 8chan, Twitter, and Reddit. They tried getting Feds to raid me, so I doxed them all and turned them in to the same Feds in retaliation, then made it public. So to say they have a massive hateboner for me would be putting it mildly. After their containment board on Endchan died, some number of them came back to 8chan in recent months. They hate /v/ and Mark because both still support #GamerGate and they hate me for reasons stated above. Any time they get an opportunity to cause drama that they think might hurt one of those things, or just hurt 8chan in general they'll pounce on it. The /vg/ split is a target-rich environment. We've had people on /v/ pretending to be from /vg/ starting shit, and this group has been known to impersonate me by posting Asuka pics with the same filenames I use while trying to turn anons against #GG, Mark, /v/, or each other. We've seen this in the /v/ #GG threads and elsewhere on the board going back for some time, Its pretty easy to call out since I'm a regular there and usually catch it, but I had no idea it was happening on /vg/ until last night. So I dropped into your thread to give a heads up. I don't know much about the /vg/ schism, but I have no problem with your board existing and I don't pop up in other boards and identify myself (Asuka, tripcode, or otherwise) unless something like this is going on.
>>331952 >>331953 >>331951 Right, shit seems to be resolved for now then. Just more of the attempts to cause drama we've been seeing for weeks now.
>>331953 That's not Asuka you fucking goober. https://danbooru.donmai.us/posts/2582354
I'm not sure if this should be a new thread or not, so I'm posting it here first. I run a growing NYC non-profit, and this landed in my inbox yesterday: https://www.archive.pls/view/pressreleases/318826/Its_GameOn_for_the_New_York_Videogame_Critics_Circle_Now_Recognized_as_a_Nonprofit_Org.php This is the sort of thing I'd have unquestioningly supported before GamerGate, and still want to support now - the programs they list in the press release seem great. https://nygamecritics.com/about/ Their member list has a few reviewers I like, and a few who raise red flags: https://nygamecritics.com/members/ There's certainly a lot of social justice buzzwords sprinkled about, which isn't automatically a bad thing, and a few mentions of GamerGate on the site. They've unquestioningly swallowed the anti-Gamer narrative, which isn't surprising since at it's heart, it's made up of game critics. My question is, is this a group we should consider working with? My knowledge of their actions is limited; despite being active in both the NYC non-profit community and the NYC gaming community, I've never really heard much about them or had any encounters with them, positive or negative.
>>331975 Contact the innocent people on the list and let them know, with evidence, that certain people are not to be trusted. They are at risk of getting entrapped and blackmailed so you are doing them a favor.
>>331975 Looks like I messed up the link to the press release: https://www.archive.pls/view/pressreleases/318826/Its_GameOn_for_the_New_York_Videogame_Critics_Circle_Now_Recognized_as_a_Nonprofit_Org.php http://archive.is/6WPqO >>331979 Who's not to be trusted, tho? Only two names on the list really jump out at me. Helping underprivileged youths is what we focus on, and a way to combine that with video games and with actual professionals would be amazing. But I stopped trusting anyone involved in vidya criticism after GamerGate. They haven't redeemed themselves yet.
So Acid how does it feel to be the BO of /vg/?
>>331953 >A huge fight broke out when they started doxing and raiding #GG supporters from 8chan, Twitter, and Reddit. Dude, why you lying? Like, seriously, why are you lying? The no dox rule was in place until like 2017. >They tried getting Feds to raid me, You're living in a fantasy, Cole. No one did shit. You went to the Feds and made the claim >so I doxed them all and turned them in to the same Feds in retaliation, then made it public. No you didn't lol ahajajajaja!! Here's a head start, [[I AM A COLOSSAL FAGGOT WITH A WEAK SENSE OF SELF PRESERVATION]]. Dox me bruh >So to say they have a massive hateboner for me would be putting it mildly. No, most people could give two shits about you. All these "enemies" are in your head. I just dropped by because someone mentioned gghq was deserted and getting spammed out. Keep it sleazy, Cole!
(44.42 KB 564x580 Asuka smug 9.jpg)

>>331993 I'd have to actually BE the BO for that. I have my hands rather full these days with other projects, but you enjoy your stay! >>332042 Hmm, false flag dox or the actual retard himself. Who can tell these days? You should go watch some rhinos playing hockey, it'd be a better use of your time than coming here to spin the same old DARVO bullshit from three years ago. I don't know what you, or whatever's left of the Motel 6 bathroom sludge you used to call friends are up to regarding /vg/, but I hope you're not stupid enough to drag me into it again. You have a lot more to lose than you used to. Either way I'm deleting that name from your post.
>>332045 >You have a lot more to lose than you used to. Do I now? Do tell!
>>332045 >(User tried to shill on a board with IDs.) So basically you've got nothing, and you're proving yourself, yet again, to be full of shit.
(60.81 KB 530x890 Asuka smug tease.jpg)

>>332065 I'm just not so easy to goad as you think. Though I don't blame you too much for thinking that, since I had to play the part for a while. Honestly, who is on who's board right now with nothing better to do than stir up three year old drama, in the suspicious wake of parties unknown trying to start a fight between /v/ and /vg/? Even I have more of a life than that. Sort yourself out, bucko.
(27.27 KB 1878x116 Revoltard on vg 2018.png)

Oh fucking brother. http://archive.li/fqWXz So much REEEEing, and yet the moron from /vg/ outed himself as one of the Revolt holdouts exactly as predicted. When you act offended about something to imply that it isn't true, yet it actually is obviously true all along, that makes you a liar.
Interesting as it is for you, I'd be more pleased if you didn't talk /vg/. >Okay but why should I obey a random anon Because nobody likes anyone here. He was banned that's because they hated him more than they hated you at the moment, it doesn't mean anything, and certainly not that people are going to like /gghq/ or the general because someone false flagged against them.
>>332070 Yeah, let's see what you got. Supposedly you doxed me and turned me over to the Feds, yet here I am, shitposting on your dead board. You don't even know my real name, do you Cole? I just want to see how far you got in your quest to…. I have no fucking clue what you were trying to prove. You were doxed. No one tried to swat you. I made a tip to the FBI about you posting bomb making instructions online, but apparently that's completely legal as long as you aren't instructing anyone to go plant their homemade bombs somewhere. But yeah, none of the other shit you claimed happened. No one had their doors kicked in and houses raided for shitting on your board. You didn't get anyone back for anything. You didn't even dox anyone, but maybe John Kelly you had a hand in. So what did you accomplish? You're acting like you came out victorious in your quest to humiliate those who humiliated you, but you've got nothing to show for it.
(420.04 KB 827x1169 Asuka bully.jpg)

(85.68 KB 245x312 DIC0000134.png)

>>332075 God you're a mad little faggot. If you care so little and think I'm so far off the mark, then fuck off. You're coming onto a "dead" 8chan board to tell me how wrong I am about three year old events and how totally not mad you are about me talking about them. Just like you were the first reply to the Hatman stream about your board's antics because you totally didn't watch it or care what was said. You were a fucking pawn, and don't know half of what you claim to talk about. One of my favorite movies is From Dusk Til Dawn. There's this great scene where Cheech's character as the vampire doorman pisses off Seth (George Clooney), and as Seth, his brother, and the preacher's family are sitting at their table, Seth is fuming over it. The preacher asks Seth "Are you so stupid, that you don't realize when you've won?" He asks that because Seth and his brother made it through all this crazy shit getting across the border and into Mexico, and here they are waiting for their big rendezvous and its ridiculous that Seth is getting mad over some random faggot goading him. The logic is perfect, and Seth realizes that he needs to just kick back and chill. That's what I did like two and a half years ago. I'm not coming after your ass, and I imagine as long as you don't do anything illegal nobody else is either. As far as I know I'm the only person who knows who you are. My board also has a no dox rule, so quit trying to fulfill your fucked up martyrdom complex here.
>>332076 Except you didn't really win anything, Cole. Anyway, I bought a DPMS AR10, and I put a $10 steel gas block on it, but I've been reading online that the gas system is over powered and I should get an adjustable gas block. I went to the gun shop near me to ask about an adjustable gas block, and there was a younger customer, who seemed to know his shit, that said that all ARs are designed to be over gassed, and getting an adjustable gas block and lowering the gas I would be making the rifle perform its bare minimum to function. I don't know shit about gasses and whatever. I know bullet goes boom, gas is pushed through the tube, through the bolt carrier, unlocking the bolt, and throwing it back to recharge the hammer and load another round into the chamber. Thoughts? Standard gas block for DPMS AR10, or adjustable, and why?
(84.42 KB 600x600 Asuka guns Rei.jpeg)

>>332079 I've yet to meet an AR that needed an adjustable gas block. A lot of the common problems with the AR-15 came about because Armalite took an operating system that was designed for 7.62Nato gas pressures and put a much smaller cartridge in it. The 10 was meant to run at a high point on the pressure curve to facilitate a sort of "self-cleaning" mechanism, where the chamber pressures would burn off excess carbon deposits and blow them out as gas. You don't get that baked-on carbon caking in the star chamber of an AR-10 nearly so bad as with its little brother. If that's important to you, then keep it where it's at. I have an FN-FAL on the other hand, which is piston driven and comes with an adjustable gas system by default. The piston eliminates any sort of carbon caking problem in the action, so there's no harm in dialing the gas way down, which makes it kick like a kitten softly landing on a pillow. A 10 with an adjustable block could also do that, but you're going to have to clean the shit out of it or it'll start to malfunction on low pressure settings the moment it gets dirty.
(2.61 MB 4435x1318 IMG_20180420_001225.jpg)

(2.34 MB 4608x1251 IMG_20180611_185406.jpg)

>>332083 >First pic Out of the box I changed the handguard and changed out the gas block. Stock gas block was some gaudy looking picatinny thing. Scope is a relatively cheap($120) UTG thing. I lubed it up, took it to the range, and fired about 18 rounds before the first jam. Bolt would not unlock. Had to get one of the range guys to slam it on the ground to get it to charge. More lube, shot more, but it was like every 5 rounds same shit. The cheap ass handguard broke too. I took it home, cleaned and lubed it. Nigger rigged the handguard. Asked my local gun shop about it jamming like that, and the guy said probably just needed to be broken in. Took it back to the range, and easily put 60 rounds through it, no issues. I asked one of the range guys to check it out because of the jamming issue though, and of course it didn't jam, but he noted that it seemed over gassed. That's how I got into the gas block questions in my head. Also noticed that this rifle kicked like a fucking mule. I don't know if that has anything to do with how much gas is being used. After every shot I had to readjust because of it jumping so much. >second pic new handguard compensator recoil compensating butt stock I'm not a bitch, but seriously, my shoulder was hurting days after putting 60 rounds through that thing. Haven't fired it yet, but hopefully that kills some of the kick. What recommendations do you have for ammo? I'm not trying to be a competitive shooter, and I'm not looking to hit anything past 300 yards. I'm obviously a budget guy, the most expensive thing after the scope is the butt stock. Any other suggestions, that can be done cheaply?
(193.79 KB 1200x1600 My FAL.jpg)

>>332084 Armscor makes about the cheapest decent .308 ammo on the market, though PMC isn't bad. Don't shoot steel case crap, its hard on extractors and the rust-proof coating with melt in a hot DI chamber and leave deposits that will accumulate until it JB Weld's your bolt shut. Typical break-in on a new AR pattern rifle is 250 rounds. Expect occasional hiccups until you get that point. If there was a problem swapping the gas block, its always that misalignment causes reduced operating pressure, so you evidently did it right. If you got a clamp-on low-profile block make sure you Blue lock-tited the screws or the bitch will work its way loose. The stock upgrade and swapping the birdcage for a proper brake are exactly what I would have recommended. Just wear decent earpro, brakes on a gas operated .308 are loud like an absolute motherfucker. My old SOCOM II sounded like a .300 winmag, but the recoil reduction is very worth it IMO.
>>332093 I did not locktite the screws, but I've only put like 80-100 rounds through the rifle. I bought some blue lid locktite gel shit tonight. So I should just unscrew the shit, put locktite on it, and screw it back in?
>>332097 Yeah. Take out one screw, put a tiny bit of locktite on the threads right at the tip, and put it back in. Then do the same with the other screw or screws. Give it a half hour to set and you're in business.
>>332093 Now with the "break in" bullshit, my 5.56 AR I had absolutely no problems with. Mossberg MMR, out the box, shot .223 cal and 5.56 mm interchangeably without a hiccup. I just lubed it up and treated it like a $2 whore. No problems. The DPMS AR10, like I said, less than 20 rounds of 7.62x51 and it was jamming like Bob Marley after smoking two spliffs. I ran .308 and 7.62 through it, first two times at the range, same shit. Couldn't make it through 60 rounds without a malfunction. Today though, third time taking it out, acted like a perfect princess. Sucked me off and massaged my balls without gagging. I put 100 rounds through with absolutely no problems. I only wished that I had brought more ammo. So, do all higher caliber rifles need more "break in", or what the fuck was that?
>>332110 Heavier parts have more mass and more inertia and more friction surfaces. Large caliber semis tend to require more break-in than their lighter counterparts, unless its a high-end model with lots of factory fitting or something with a really robust piston drive system. My FAL and my FNAR didn't need a break-in period, but my SuperSASS definitely did.
>>332097 >locktite Unless you're using red loctite, it's just going to melt and after any serious use. Just buy a set of punches and stake it.
>>332118 I used the blue shit, like Chief Redbeard said. As far as heat, I dunno, I've noticed my DPMS AR10 doesn't run near as hot as my AR15. I don't know if that has to do with my rate of fire or what not, but that's my guess. I'll finger bang my AR-15 until the whole fucking barrel is smoking, whereas the AR10 I put a scope on it and have been taking carefully aimed shots. I really don't see it as a rapid fire weapon, or at least one that I would be using for extended rapid fire.
Interesting stuff on qresearch that relates to GG >>>/qresearch/2254318
Oh FFS. 64b907 is a homo who kisses girls.
Some info about Russ Pitts, the new editor of the Escapist. GDC 2016 Advocacy track http://schedule.gdconf.com/track/advocacy/ https://archive.is/LDWHb > Crowdsourcing: Communities as a Force For Good > Speakers: Matthew Lee (IGDA Serious Games SIG), Rick Heaton (Extra Life, Children Miracle Network Hospitals), Russ Pitts (Take This, Inc.) Take This https://web.archive.org/web/20140929135550/http://www.takethis.org:80/ Founders * Russ Pitts * Susan Arendt * Mark Kline, Psy.D. Kate Edwards joins Take This https://www.red*dit.com/r/KotakuInAction/comments/6o6qz0/venturebeat_kate_edwards_joins_take_this_to/ Susan Arendt called for taxpayer support for "games that aren't fun" https://twitter.com/ItalyGG/status/635830389341335552 https://archive.is/Dl968 Tom "Kate" Edwards is Microsoft's Chinese culture specialist (asset) who recommends people for visas with U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services. https://archive.is/2T4J8 I wonder how much Edwards charges for a recommendation.
Good framing by the Prison Planet guy. Show the hypocrisy. Netflix. Refuses to run documentary critical of feminism (The Red Pill), accepts documentary about openly anti-Semitic homophobe Louis Farrakhan produced by his son. https://twitter.com/PrisonPlanet/status/1024249216451928064 https://archive.is/TJzsy
> The Nation is apologizing for publishing an “ableist” poem and throwing the poet under the bus. What is even the state of literature these days that publications now apologize for art? > The poet has apologized and his replies are filled with angry social justice advocates who want to destroy this career… over a poem. https://twitter.com/stillgray/status/1024223734477901825 > When they come for the poets… Every well meaning public that has gone on to ban books and muzzle poets, ESP poets, has gone on to elect and freely choose an oppressive government that devolves into dictatorship or deadly communism. Poets, are the canary in the coal mine. https://twitter.com/Grummz/status/1024243810132344832
>>332152 how is this related to gg? 2014: White House appoints operatives of MPAC and Safa Group into Berkman Anti-Hate Speech Initiative https://archive.is/Ing3A https://archive.is/wuFU3 Opposing Wahhabism is now bannable "hate speech" on Wikipedia, Reddit, and Twitter, Safa Group is a known Al-Qaeda front. https://ppia.wikia.com/wiki/Safa_Group
(89.60 KB 798x532 screenshot.png)

Meet the "Women's Media Center", AKA people willing to be seen in the same room as Jane Fonda. * Soraya Chemaly * Robin Morgan - Secretary / Treasurer * Anita DeFrantz * Jane Fonda * Gloria Steinem * Lauren Embrey * Julie Burton - President * Teri Schwartz * Janet Dewart Bell * Regina Kulik Scully * Pat Mitchell - Chairman * Dee Dee Myers They are the media/academia's experts on "Internet Hate Speech, Fake News, and Armies of Trolls" https://lapa.princeton.edu/content/internet-hate-speech-fake-news-and-armies-trolls https://archive.is/H8iMg Grab your shovels.
>>332173 Source: http://990s.foundationcenter.org/990_pdf_archive/383/383727585/383727585_201612_990.pdf Mr. Scully formerly served as a Princeton University trustee and finance committee chair, and as a vice chair and trustee of the Stanford University Board of Trustees. http://www.zoominfo.com/p/Regina-Kulik-Scully/513128314 https://archive.is/27WrE
Senate Democrats Are Circulating Plans for Government Takeover of the Internet https://reason.com/blog/2018/07/31/democrats-tech-policy-plans-leaked https://archive.is/Zc4RW
Shenzhen Tech Girl Naomi Wu: My experience with Sarah Jeong, Jason Koebler, and Vice Magazine (it wasn't good) https://medium.com/@therealsexycyborg/shenzhen-tech-girl-naomi-wu-my-experience-with-sarah-jeong-jason-koebler-and-vice-magazine-3f4a32fda9b5 https://archive.is/iR6hX
Yo. 15361796
>>332207 >"Fyk, who appeared on the show with his attorney, said that before his page was shut down in late 2016, it was the fifth most active web page on the entire internet." >A Facebook page >that no one's ever heard of >5th most active webpage on the entire internet Doubt.jpg
(25.25 KB 545x129 Untitled.png)

https://sci-hub.tw/https://link.springer.com/book/10.1007%2F978-3-319-78583-7# you guys may want to look into this it's.. something else
Zoe Quinn is currently at Japan right now.
>>332218 What for? And on whose dime?
>>332219 Probably used the Kickstarter money from that Chuck Tingle game, just like the other donation money she's getting from cucks was used to get string implants. https://kiwifarms.net/threads/zoe-quinn-chelsea-van-valkenburg-locke-valentine-unburntwitch-primeape-crashoverride.14263/page-517#post-3717291
>>332211 is this all you use this board for now? to verify that you're a namefag/avatarfag/tripfag?
Yeesh. Vox published an all-softball interview with Wu by one of her most consistent ass patters, Anna North. I think this one merits going though line by line since it's such a horror show. https://www.vox.com/2018/9/4/17805606/massachusetts-democratic-primary-2018-brianna-wu-gamergate?utm_campaign=vox&utm_content=chorus&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter
>>>/v/15429092 Yeah, no. Kill yourself.
Just gonna ask… Where the hell did everyone go?
(2.45 MB 1920x1080 jPHE9rG.png)

>>332232 It's been over four years and nothing interesting happens anymore. People have moved on.
>>332233 > It's been over four years It amazes me that not one of us has been able to get the ear of a cop or a lawyer. We could have put together a good antitrust or racketeering case but I believe the statute of limitations is running out.
(54.80 KB 368x475 eidliggbookbywu.jpg)

>>332233 >>332238 Not everyone had moved on. See >>332237 as you can see Brianna Wu is still obsessing over GamerGate again. Quote Wu: "I think that Donald Trump has unfortunately Gamergated the entire politics of America."
sup guise, I just wanted to congratulate you on causing massive amounts of salt and butthurt. to this day, the very mention of Gamergate strikes terror into the hearts of many, and I think that's hilarious. keep up the good work.
>>332243 > sup guise, I just wanted to congratulate you on causing massive amounts of salt and butthurt. to this day, the very mention of Gamergate strikes terror into the hearts of many, and I think that's hilarious. keep up the good work. Danke. I would like to see more people get back into it. New connections are still being uncovered, but everyone was trolled into infighting and chased each other away.
>>332244 for sure, the war is far from over. I think the problem is that when trolls converge on a target, they tend to troll each other just as much. you see this with chris-chan, where the people documenting his existence also make fun of each other for being weens or A-logs. the key is to stay focused. with the rise of comicsgate since last year, there's plenty of reason to get back into this.
Remember the drama when david-me shut down KotakuInAction as "one of the many cancerous growths that have infiltrated reddit" and claimed affiliation with indivisible.org "Thanks to (ironcally) Google." https://archive.fo/ZeuBJ Well, david-me was banned by Reddit. The rumor is "he posted pedo shit" https://old.red*dit.com/r/KotakuInAction/comments/9hrqi6/end_of_an_era_davidme_got_banned_by_reddit/
(361.88 KB 705x1000 Bowsette dressing.jpg)

Here we go again.
gamergatewiki isn't working.
The instantly infamous Daily Beast takedown of Barstool Sports contains gamedropping: http://archive.is/H5Xlf >It’s the Gamergate-like way he, the site, and Stoolies go nuclear in response to the slightest criticism that sets Barstool apart. The anti-Gamers did exactly that when they were criticized, yet somehow I get the feeling the author is thinking of the gamer side instead.
>>332232 > Where the hell did everyone go? Are there any active (or inactive, but still functional) mailing lists? How did people keep in touch when we were DisNodding?
Stripe just banned Gab from processing payments https://twitter.com/Grummz/status/1047577213862699009
Facebook has banned a bunch of news sites for being alternative news. They didn't even say they were "fake news", just that they were clickbaity and popular. https://www.cnbc.com/2018/10/11/facebook-removes-559-inauthentic-pages-ahead-of-us-midterms.html Facebook's victims include The Free Thought Project, Press For Truth, and The Antimedia. https://np.red*dit.com/r/conspiracy/comments/9ndg1w/facebook_bans_free_thought_project_press_for/
The World Socialist Website has picked up Breitbart's article on Google's plan to censor the Internet for China. http://www.wsws.org/en/articles/2018/10/11/cens-o11.html
So… what's the purpose of all this e-celeb killstream drama being pushed in the /v/'s thread?
>>332291 > So… what's the purpose of all this e-celeb killstream drama being pushed in the /v/'s thread? I don't know anything about it, I haven't checked /v/ that closely since I was banned. Could you fill us in on the details?
(11.92 KB 421x180 ok.jpg)

>>332294 < someone proposes a plan that has no chance of success but no downside on failure < and will get a few people coordinated again ok
>>332295 it's a horribly stupid really bad idea. "let's get Trump to tweet #GamerGate did nothing wrong!"
>>332297 > it's a horribly stupid really bad idea. > "let's get Trump to tweet #GamerGate did nothing wrong!" It'll never happen, but if we got Trump to say that the FBI told him #GamerGate did nothing wrong and it was a media hoax, that would demolish the narrative and media credibility. And if he doesn't say anything, no loss.
(57.71 KB 502x720 Asuka nadia.jpeg)

Well, I guess that gives us an idea who's responsible for the impersonation shilling. Stay mad faggot.
>>332298 >>332300 If you want to make a case to the broader public you are going to have to explain why people wrongly think gamergate is a hate campaign. Expose why all the different anti-gamer factions have their motives to make gamers look like monsters. Which means exposing Crash Override Network as monsters who lie about gamergate because they don't want to be exposed as hottible people. You will have to expose game journalists as lying corrupt shits. One way to do this is to find out what skeletons are in their closet. Maybe see id AAA punlishers have payed for escorts to "entertain" games journos. Klepek and Grayson seem the type to be interested in such "entertainment".
>>332301 Are you living in early 2015? The public largely doesn't care about gamergate anymore, and all the proof exists for their wrongdoing and is archived when its needed (though its not centralized anywhere so that's a bit of a pain) Many normalfags see journos as trash and are aware they're corrupt or at least don't trust them as far as they can throw them; all that's needed at any point in time is to post a few of their trash articles to people and watch as their opinion falls further (like that kotaku article that shows you how to pretend like you've played games at dinner parties or something)
>>332302 >and all the proof exists for their wrongdoing Most normalfags haven't heard of gamergate.The first page of a google search (which is what all normalfags will do due to apathy) is filled with articles STILL stating that it is a hate campaign. Any reintroduction of the topic is counter productive without places like wikipedia (which normalfags trust) changing its content.
(3.50 MB 1280x720 I'll_laugh_anyway.webm)

Still mad…
Media Claims Facts About Khashoggi's Terror Ties are "Conspiracy Theories" https://www.frontpagemag.com/point/271637/media-claims-facts-about-khashoggis-terror-ties-daniel-greenfield This is a big deal. This guy was best buddies with Osama bin Laden and the Washington Post gave him a writing job, and no one saw a problem with that.
>>332306 Here he is after 9/11 https://archive.is/vNQoX How the hell did he get a job at the Washington Post?
Something really big is up with the WaPo and NYT Khashoggimania and Our Islamist Colluding Media https://www.frontpagemag.com/fpm/271682/khashoggimania-and-our-islamist-colluding-media-daniel-greenfield New York Times promotes terrorist-supporting lawyer Stanley Cohen https://twitter.com/GileadIni/status/1054405555450724353 Remember when Trump called them the Enemy Media? It sounds like he knew.
(100.13 KB 640x433 2D0g9id.jpg)

(44.29 KB 320x667 123asd213.png)

(112.24 KB 691x919 asd123124.png)

Just found this one. There is no Gamergate Thread on /v anymore? :/
> There is no Gamergate Thread on /v anymore? :/ It hasn't discussed gamergate in three years so no big loss. Y'all seen this yet? http://mediacrisis.info/ It's great.
>>332313 Yeah there is. 24/7 in fact, though they've been slow for the holidays.
Journo Twitter fight, Mollie Hemingway v. Jonah Goldberg https://twitter.com/MZHemingway/status/1068878033984069632 https://archive.is/gUmsK > I’m saddened to learn you took offense at my sharing the news of NPR’s error. It was certainly not intended. I apologize.
Jordan Peterson is looking for people who have been de-platformed by anybody for any reason https://twitter.com/jordanbpeterson/status/1071516650980040704 Did anyone ever have a list going?
We all know the media's fucked, right? > Omidyar-funded pro-Islamist at The Intercept laughably attacks SAUDI ARABIA for “Islamophobia.” https://twitter.com/davereaboi/status/1071755144944107520 The article he's complaining about is Muslims dropping oppo research on other Muslims http://english.alarabiya.net/en/features/2018/12/08/Details-of-calls-by-US-Muslim-Sisters-of-Muslim-Brotherhood-to-attack-Trump-.html
>>332307 >9/11 was a major terror attack >Palestinians try to launch major terror attacks 24/7 He's right!
(95.70 KB 930x237 caircensorship.png)

>>331264 >>331552 >>331648 >>332292 The /v/ general deleted this info because it came from the Q board. WTF happened?
I dun told you niggers this chink was just a rat fleeing from a sinking ship. He never gave a fuck about "ethics" or #gamergate at all.
>>332418 KiA mods are removing this. Archive: https://archive.is/VYJ7Z > Audio Leaked of Games Journalist Ian Miles Cheong (of Hype Break, formerly of TheQuartering's Exclusively Games and CON, freq articles posted on KiA) Calling Cops on YouTuber Who Made a Video on Him Calling Him Alt-Right, with Illegal Guns and Cocaine.
>>332420 Speaking of KiA, several people who complain about their subleddit going sharply to shit started KiA2.
(204.32 KB 600x849 Usagi schoolgirl.jpeg)

Posting for 602ca6
Looks like Godfrey is back.
(98.41 KB 888x758 kiawtf.png)

What the hell is going on with the KiA mods?
(15.38 MB 426x240 45465465465465.mp4)

>>332704 Funny, if I go to the original link right now Twitter shows me no comments under it. > Jonathan Weisman > deputy Washington editor of @nytimes Ah yes, the newspaper that the corruption we found led right into the board of. "Bin Laden is a Hero" Crackintosh -> Mimi -> Joi -> NYT doing favors for a friend in the fake feminism business. > author of (((SEMITISM))): BEING JEWISH IN AMERICA IN THE AGE OF TRUMP This guy wrote a book to spread FUD about Trump, the most pro-Jewish American President in 30 years. > This American Jew Was Baited by White Supremacists. He Sees Israel as Part of the Problem https://www.haaretz.com/life/books/.premium-being-a-confused-american-jew-in-the-age-of-trump-1.5917828 https://archive.is/fC9xa It's an Asajew? > his most explicit suggestion is for U.S. Jewish organizations to stop spending all their time defending Israel and devote more attention to domestic problems (more about that below). > What’s more, argues Weisman, the mainstream institutions that presume to represent or lead America’s Jews have instead made the mistake of centering Jewish identity around the Holocaust and of making a fetish of knee-jerk support for Israel. Should all Jews be massacred by Arafat's fascists whose forefathers were literal Nazis who advised the Germans to conduct the Holocaust? Gee, I don't know, that's a very controversial topic around my dinner parties with my libtard friends, as a Jew I think Jews should shut up about not wanting to be massacred by Muslims… Mr. Weisman, YOU ARE FAKE JEWS
(7.40 KB 174x266 23113223.jpg)

(46.84 KB 329x500 51CPQeh-oAL.jpg)

(25.99 KB 331x500 41ncoj0HvLL.jpg)

(153.28 KB 621x854 546456.png)

> Like Wars > Millions of harassing tweets were sent under the hashtag #gamergate > Alt-Right > Grand international far right conspiracy theory > Semitism > Mentioning gamergate 16 times. "declaration of culture war"… Last pick is from this book.
(25.11 KB 333x500 415zGZHwjKL.jpg)

(7.54 KB 165x266 4554.jpg)

(37.46 KB 313x500 51jzNu7HCuL.jpg)

>>332707 This gonna be back and forth still in 2027, I tell ya! We are here fore ever.
(141.06 KB 619x715 798879.png)

(164.90 KB 626x852 87879546.png)

>>332707 More quotes from Semitism.
(160.19 KB 635x863 dsasadds.png)

(161.25 KB 611x869 546465asddsa.png)

(71.14 KB 1650x701 324dffd.png)

>>332709 More Quotes.
Here have plus 50 titles which talk shit about Gamergate: https://pastebin.com/wwytugbF
>>332711 Thanks for the research
> Mediating Misogyny: Gender, Technology, and Harassment edited by Jacqueline Ryan Vickery A member of Mimi Ito's DMLHub https://archive.is/gEPB9 > Gendertrolling: How Misogyny Went Viral: How Misogyny Went Viral Game Changers By Dan Golding, Leena van Deventer Dan Golding was the original* Gamers Are Dead author and Leena van Deventer is part of his Freeplay Australia group https://archive.is/ct0iU > Troll Nation: How The Right Became Trump-Worshipping Monsters Set On Rat-F*cking Liberals, America, and Truth Itself By Amanda Marcotte of the UN's RH Reality Check and Daily Kos > Watch Me Play: Twitch and the Rise of Game Live Streaming By T.L. Taylor of DiGRA > Devil's Bargain: Steve Bannon, Donald Trump, and the Nationalist Uprising By Joshua Green of the Berkman Center > Woke Gaming: Digital Challenges to Oppression and Social Injustice edited by Kishonna L. Gray, David J. Leonard of Model View Culture > Death by Video Game: Tales of obsession from the virtual frontline By Simon Parkin of EDGE Magazine > Queer Game Studies edited by Bonnie Ruberg, Adrienne Shaw a friend of Leigh Alexander and the person Dan Golding cited in his Gamers Are Dead article > You're Never Weird on the Internet (Almost): A Memoir By Felicia Day Of that time when A Man In Black "found" the "Gamergate" harassment within ten minutes of it happening > Fun, Taste, & Games: An Aesthetics of the Idle, Unproductive, and Otherwise Playful By John Sharp, David Thomas An associate professor at the New School (Frankfurt School) and co-chair of Indiecade, and the founder of IGJA which overlaps with DiGRA > The State of Play: Creators and Critics on Video Game Culture By Daniel Goldberg featuring: Anna Anthropy, Leigh Alexander, Ian Bogost, Dan Golding, Zoe Quinn, Anita Sarkeesian > Trainwreck: The Women We Love to Hate, Mock, and Fear . . . and Why By Sady Doyle who attacked Jonathan Chait for supporting free speech https://archive.is/S2vtj > Uncovering Online Commenting Culture: Trolls, Fanboys and Lurkers By Renee Barnes By Yasmin B. Kafai, Gabriela T. Richard, Brendesha M. Tynes Kafai was at the conference "Diversifying Barbie and Mortal Kombat" with Adrienne Shaw and Jen Jenson https://archive.is/C0Hsz Half of these writers are the same corrupt clique writing in praise of themselves and their buddies!
https://twitter.com/MrAndyNgo/status/1110676477769465856 > When Smollett’s story was reported to be a #HateHoax, I started gathering together stories of other fake hate crimes in America. Was shocked at how MANY there were in just the past few years.
Stopping by to say hi. Also probably slowpoking: when did /meadhall/ get nuked?
>>332742 I don't know about meadhall but it's good to see another user.
Is this board an archive or a ghost town?
>>332745 > Is this board an archive or a ghost town? A little of both. Don't know why everyone disappeared.
(233.08 KB 416x512 christina08.png)

Happy Easter! >>332743 >it's good to see another user. I check in occasionally, mainly just lurk though. >>332746 >Don't know why everyone disappeared. Change of scenery, or passing of time maybe.
(63.58 KB 750x575 aimennabimir.png)

Hey Acid, are you still friends with the FBI?
>>332751 Sort of. The head field agent I was friends with has retired, but I still know his old partner. It's not like I know any of the head honchos that cover stuff in Washington.
"in 48 hrs @washingtonpost has published no less than four articles/commentaries attacking Republicans for @RashidaTlaib perversions of the history of Israel and the Holocaust. Not a single one noted Tlaib's comments were inaccurate." https://twitter.com/SeanDurns/status/1128293539459293185 Is anyone working on confirming this? I don't have the time.
Can't say I didn't try. One of the law firms that investigated 9/11 has refused to take on Gamergate as a RICO case. Has anyone else tried to talk to a lawyer?
Does anyone have any more reports like this one?
(41.80 KB 487x608 4Q.jpg)

The QAnon people have this, uh, great guerilla marketing campaign. I hope they take it nationwide.
Did you know that 8chan has an archiving service? Take any thread that timed out and the pictures are going blank… > https://8ch.net/gamergatehq/res/330332.html and add a v in front of it. < https://v.8ch.net/gamergatehq/res/330332.html
Next month will be the 5th anniversary of GamerGate. How will we celebrate? And will there be lots of whining from beta journalists and Literally Whos?
(111.24 KB 320x320 680.png)

anyone else excited for winter
>>332815 I'm just happy to see anyone here at all. Everyone seems to have fucked off and/or was baited into infighting and it's been impossible to pick up the pieces. Any news from down under?
>>332816 Everyone is still around, just not around here. Which is kinda sad. /v/ is still active, and KiA is big enough that a mild schism resulted in the creation of a new hub with 7000 subscribers at r/KotakuinAction2. Apart from /v/ it seems the imageboard front either went full /pol/ or left to social media and other places. I still encounter butthurt over our 2016 war with the IRC trolls from time to time, so people remember us. An absolutely shitload of #GG supporters found their way to The_Donald as Trump supporters too. Its pretty mindblowing.
Ah, the real GG board. Not that one on 8cucked.moe

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