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(220.16 KB 640x400 1467006201338-0.png)

Updated GG images for 2017 Leader 06/17/2017 (Sat) 13:56:44 Id: 18547a No. 330834
So we were never gone but now that everyone is saying we are back why not update some images? Post your updated GG images for ammo here.
Where are all my drawfags at? We need more of these 2017 banners.
>>330962 I agree
(537.11 KB 862x2048 sites2017b.png)

Updated sites pic.
>>331007 Nice work.
(422.46 KB 640x480 videoGAMES.png)

(174.96 KB 864x512 sites2017d.png)

(62.98 KB 848x480 sites2017e.png)

(120.06 KB 848x448 sites2017f.png)

(46.90 KB 848x512 sites2017g.png)

(141.42 KB 864x512 sites2017h.png)

Have cropped this pic >>331007 into bite-size smaller pics. These smaller images are more user-friendly - and easier to view on social media.
(537.25 KB 862x2048 sites2017c.png)

(47.01 KB 848x512 sites2017i.png)

Updated full pic and 4th pic here >>331065 [MoeGamer.net - not dot com]
(500.66 KB 864x1896 sites2018a2.png)

2018 version
(166.93 KB 864x512 sites2018b.png)

(119.71 KB 800x436 sites2018c.png)

(52.51 KB 756x440 sites2018d.png)

(46.60 KB 784x496 sites2018e.png)

(122.11 KB 832x512 sites2018g.png)

updated mini versions
(54.25 KB 1024x408 archving1.png)

(242.09 KB 992x992 viv992.png)

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