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GamerGate Radio

(22.17 KB 800x619 FFlogo.png)

Feminist Fapfrenzy Annual report? Leader 02/20/2018 (Tue) 08:03:49 Id: 495469 No. 331592
Anybody noticed it anywhere? I mean Anita was publishing annual reports when they had good money coming in, but now I suspect they done a year they will show they are going bankrupt and they've already milked the cream out of the non-profit.
And of course I mean Annual report 2017 (photo). Anita was very fast publishing reports earlier years they were out by the end of January.
Currently Anita is jealous and a hypocrite, calling out Donald Trump for scapegoating video games. https://www.red*dit.com/r/KotakuInAction/comments/81aned/twitter_bullshit_anita_sarkeesian_calls_out/ https://archive.is/tO7Qw
(28.53 KB 800x619 FFlogoNotaAtAll.png)

Shit you say, but get the monnay! -.-
(926.83 KB 2016x1512 Bairbre Fiona Bent.jpg)

Bairbre Fiona Bent of Capcom Vancouver admires Anita Sarkeesian. https://twitter.com/grlsbehindgames/status/969315751910780928
(206.15 KB 1200x1200 femfreqradio.jpg)

(102.15 KB 617x670 femfreqbook.jpg)

Oh shit Anita what are you scamming this time?
(472.27 KB 957x535 5a7.png)

>>331940 how much you guys wanna bet they're just going to take the money and run again?
(119.17 KB 768x768 femfreqradioseemsoff.jpg)

>>331941 Knowing Anita, yeah she would do that, and blame GamerGate and gamers as usual.
>>331664 History vs. Gentiles is something I could whip up in about six hours over on >>>/pol/ - might make some shekels too.
>>331960 I assume it'll be as fake and distorted as anything Anita or /pol/ produces?
breaking news, Anita Sarkeesian has been invited to GenCon to shit all over the /tg/ crowd who attends the convention. Vidya wasn't enough for her, now she's going after tabletop games too. GAH! IT KEEPS FUCKING HAPPENING
>>331976 Let me guess. To spread false info about sexism, toxic crap, male gamers, and GamerGate in hoping to gain more male allies and their money?
>>331977 more than likely. except this time it's tabletop gamers and tabletop gaming receiving the brunt of her ire.
>>331976 Sounds like it's time for /tg/ to skip GenCon for a year. A drop of a few thousand attendees would be noticed.
(1.17 MB 916x1688 anitasommersblocked.png)

Anita Sarkeesian currently blocked Christina Sommers on Twitter and then trash talks her on her FemFreq video over misogyny. https://twitter.com/CHSommers/status/1021230530870890500
>>331976 they've had their sights set on tabletop gaming for awhile, especially WH40k. Examples of this include the kids version, and bitching about Slaanesh being "immature" because he's transgender and evil. http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:LWGoWyCiUUEJ:www.belloflostsouls.net/2016/06/on-maturity-40k-and-slaanesh.html+&cd=1&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=us
>>331944 so this is what a feminist looks like
>>331960 youtube it dude >>331974 >hurrdurr i'm such a fagot please rape my face
(508.24 KB 480x360 911 1374415546410.png)

>>331977 by this point it's clear that femcuntism is a bait for submissive, mincontrolled self-castrating white males
>when your run of the mill ugly armenian is trying to sell you suicidal male-hate buy my anti male crap, good goy
(244.99 KB 274x408 anita sarkeesian xpmfxu.png)

>>332171 i mean
(303.58 KB 1206x798 prettiestmattproudfemcuck.jpg)

Did you hear about Matt Loter (Prettiest Matt, Matt Fantastic) assaulting TheQuartering at GenCon 2018 for having a problem with Anita Sarkeesian as the guest of honor? Last I heard Matt got fired.

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