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No Nudes? No Peace! Lich Lord of GamerGate 05/18/2018 (Fri) 06:24:45 Id: 925004 No. 331901
PROBLEM (the skinny): Valve isn't applying their terms and conditions for developers equally, and getting more hostile (along with being extremely selective) with what games they take down from the Steam storefront. PROBLEM (the fat): There has been a round of attacks on visual novels on Steam for having nudity, but nothing as bad as seen with the most recent event. https://steamcommunity.com/app/339800/discussions/0/1692669912389350696/?ctp=2 (There's no archive as the discussion page is walled with a NSFW warning, a screencap is all I can conjure up) However, at the same time, Lupiesoft had their game "Mutiny!!" taken down from Steam, despite being tame (Even the developer claims "Mutiny!!" is tame), making me think that this is Valve just angry at the success of Japanese developers. https://archive.fo/PjJjw After this user, who claimed "we're not taking away your videogames" on "Huniepop"'s discussion thread after it was threatened with a takedown has been found talking with players of other games about Capitalism being bad among other things, but with these two archives, I have reason to believe that the user named "purple" is merely just a shitposter. https://archive.fo/TdpK2 https://archive.fo/Fuzli Even with "Purple" just being a troll, the point still stands. With all of the reporting of visual novels with art even barely inspired by Japanese cartoonists, along with Valve's lack of action against Western visual novel games that have sex equal or even more hardcore than what's found in the visual novels that Valve's taking down from the storefront, We're left with only one course of action. COURSES OF ACTION: Find any game steam that were positively covered (read: shilled for) by the games journos/AAA games having explicit content and flag it for review, citing whatever offensive material the game may contain. (an example of this would be reporting "Grand Theft Auto V" for "violence", or "Ladykiller in a Bind" for "sexual content", etc.) If Valve is being selective with rules that are clearly laid out, then it's best to male them to apply the terms equally across Steam. If this fails, then it's best to just abandon Steam altogether in the future. If that doesn't work, you can try contacting Valve directly, and see if you can't get someone from there (if there is anyone working there anymore besides Gabe Newell, that is) to talk or take action. https://www.valvesoftware.com/en/contact/ Good luck out there.
They don't monitor the email on the contact page anymore. If you send something in through it you get a response telling you as much.
>>331901 I've got information that Nekopara's developers just announced that they have been hit with the same flag just now. https://archive.fo/vg2lz What in the Sam Hill is up right now?
Never thought I'd be posting on THIS board again…
>>331906 But you just posted on this board, again.
Just to crosspost from >>>/v/14808611 They just put up contact info to Valve HQ. I wonder if this is legit? Phone +1 425 889 9642. Fax +1 425 827 4843. Email contact@valvesoftware.com General information: contact@valvesoftware.com Jobs/hiring: jobs@valvesoftware.com Steamworks and Steam Distribution: steamworks@valvesoftware.com (Business inquiries only please) Mods and the Software Developer's Kit: sdk@valvesoftware.com Webmaster: webmaster@valvesoftware.com
On Twatter, Fakku's promoting their wares at the same time. I feel that a game's afoot. https://twitter.com/FAKKU/status/997256210159026176 https://archive.fo/kdcCP
(211.73 KB 557x792 vivi.jpg)

So we start our crusade again? Fine by me. Let's get started.
I've heard that It might be just Valve responding to Washington lawmakers after they made a law banning the sale of games that are pornographic in nature of a platform that isn't pornographic, so directing the complaints at the government of the state of Washington might be advised.
>>331911 Links and archives please.
>>331912 I have contact links for the State of Washington now. Not sure about the law, though, or if people are bringing up the "Videogame violence" law in washington that got struck down. http://www.atg.wa.gov/contact-us
>>331911 Then valve should move their center of operations. They are a fucking internet business, after all.
A GNUsocial user (benis on social.i2p.rocks) might've found who's responsible for the mass censorship going on with Steam, right now. https://endsexualexploitation.org/steam/ http://archive.li/uWcgg
(669.62 KB 255x255 broken sweating.gif)

Anons on No Nude No Peace thread on /v/ found out that this website shares same building with the government. https://archive.li/uWcgg https://archive.fo/x2pPf >muh child exploitation >muh children >we need censorship to stop this madness >contains posts about HuniePop and Nekopara It's fucking jackpot. I think we've found that the government pushing this and pressing Valve.
>>331916 Horizon DC appears to be a political lobbying firm.
(44.99 KB 341x573 1526667828552.jpg)

(609.28 KB 1075x1552 dawnhawkinssteam.png)

Found the person responsible for getting Valve to censor Steam games. Her name is Dawn Hawkins. Already people are raging at her. https://twitter.com/search?f=tweets&vertical=default&q=%40DawnHawkins33&src=typd
Sub Operation 0: Keyboard Warrior Training (Prepare) Target: You Goal: Learn how to write semi-formal emails and letters. I know 99.9% of you are smart enough not to start a polite email with "Listen here fucko", but it can feel pressurizing for some. https://englishlive.ef.com/blog/career-english/write-perfect-professional-email-english-5-steps/ http://www.businessenglishresources.com/learn-english-for-business/teachers-section/skill-based-lessons/writing-polite-emails-indirect-polite/ There's more if you just search for "how to write a polite email/letter." 1. Find out how to contact and who- It means nothing if you can't find how to send your message. If you can only find an email not related to your query (i.e. no general contact email or feedback- just professional or corporate addresses) then use it! Just apologize you couldn't find any other email address to contact them by. Be sure to share email addresses with the thread. Snail mail works. 2. If you know who you're specifically emailing, open with Dear Mr./Mrs./Miss. Surname. If not, Dear Sir or Madame/To Whom It May Concern will suffice. 3. Thank them for taking time to read your email (yes it's fucking cringy but it works). 4. Get straight to the point. "I am writing to inform you…" "I am writing to ask…"- you can also start this with who you are to them. I.e. You've bought their shit in the past and liked it, or you're going to buy their shit soon. "As a long time fan of [franchise]" "I've been looking forward to [game]". If you make a statement about Steam- link to tweets of devs complaining or even journo websites (assuming they are well written, avoid opinionated language, and simply state sourced facts). Include both the original link and the archive link. That way if the original vanishes you still have proof, and the reader can check the real source first before clicking on this strange website called archive.whatever. Also- you've just saved them research time. Less clicks make them more likely to do shit about it. 5. Close out. "I look forward to hearing from you soon." "Thank you for your time." "I'm looking forward to [next game]". Then finish with "Sincerely" or "Kind Regards" then your full name. Just imagine you're writing to someone you want shit from- don't swear, don't get mad, don't threaten ("I won't buy your game if" is no good, "I do not feel comfortable supporting Steam, and hope [solution]" or "I really want to play [game] and hope there are plans to [put it on other systems/stores]" would be better. Don't use posh words you don't feel natural using. Use start instead of precede if it feels more natural. People can spot fake pleasantness a mile away and it pisses them off. Be yourself… If your Mom/Dad/Schoolteacher was looking over your shoulder. Don't forget to proof read! They're and there don't know if they're in the wrong place, and online/email spellcheckers rarely check for grammar as well.
>>331921 Sub Operation 1: Get Mad! (Inform) Target: Everyone Goal: Inform consumers and developers who may be unaware of this. Find communities based around things that are relevant (porn, games with any form of "sexual" content, and devs who are/will produce a game on Steam)- then tailor the information relevant to them. For example, a community based around GTA V: > They're taking down a lot of these games for sexual content- even pretty popular stuff. You don't think this could happen to GTAV right?? Or a community based around Porn VNs: > GTA does far worse- so how come VNs are the first to get it in the neck?! Both cause their users to discuss, spread the information, and even take actions themselves- but for different reasons. In addition, you can also spread info via "tag-jacking". Find the hashtag for a popular game being released on Steam with adult features, and ponder aloud how long it'll stay up with it's sexual content. > Really looking forward to #GTA6, but I wonder if Steam will take it down due to hating anything sexy now. Are the strip-clubs & hookers gone?! This can be very powerful around E3. You don't have to @Steam. Valve is also a privately owned company, so there is no stock-market code to tag either. Finally, write direct to devs. Say how you've heard Steam is purging all sexy content and (as a big fan of their game) you're concerned what's gonna happen to it. With the porn games you can be more blunt. > I'm looking forward to GTA6, but I've heard Steam have been purging a lot of adult games. Does this mean GTA6 is going to remove hookers or strippers? > I'm looking forward to [Hentai VN], but I think Steam won't let you on. Other devs with similar games just got their games culled from Steam. You should not try to encourage those communities to perform any Sub Operation. People rarely like to sign up for someone else's crusade. Most people are lazy/apathetic, and will only spread info on their own without prompting (which is fine) so don't bother. Unless they show signs they want to do something. This means more than just one anon saying "lets do something" but actual discussions of what to do. Then you can chime in with the Sub-Ops here. And while obvious, don't link to here you idiot. Just repost and rework the plans in your own words. Make sure you make the missions have as few steps/clicks as possible. Make it fun and/or make it easy.
>>331922 Sub Operation 2: Port Storm (Inform & Demand) Target: Developers of a game that is ONLY on Steam Goal: Inform the Developer of the Situation, and request a port onto another system/store As the above says, you inform a dev who has a game that can only be bought through Steam, and politely ask if there will be a port onto another games console or online store (GoG, etc). Asking for PC physical is a bit much, as it's somehow become expensive and almost a lost fucking art. You can list a specific console if you want, but don't bitch if you hate the company. We need to hammer Steam hard, and any port in a storm will do. This also works for devs who are working on games that are not out yet- but stated only for Steam. ——————– Sub Operation 3: Sister Site (Inform & Demand) Target: Developers of a game that is on Steam AND another system/store Goal: Inform the Developer of the Situation, and tell them you are going to/have already bought the game on the non-Steam Platform Note: Never buy a game you are not interested in just for an OP. Play the games you want to play. And don't try bullshit with fake covers printed off the net either. As the above says, you inform a dev who has a game on Steam and other platforms/stores that you love the game and bought the non-Steam version- and explain why you avoided the Steam version. Maybe mix in other feedback about the game itself. If the Steam version has exclusive content, you could ask the dev when that content is coming to the other platform, since you don't want to support Steam. If you own the game- you could even take a picture of it and send it to them. It's weird, but it's proof. This also works for devs who are working on games that are not out yet- but stated for Steam and others. ——————– Bonus: Daily/Weekly Email Goals Website design & revolutionary guides share one thing: Both suggest if the action is fun and/or requires less effort, more people will do it. Apathy is out enemy- if it becomes work people will stop doing it. The less people that do this, the less effective we become. The idea of a Daily/Weekly email goal is to focus on one target, and each anon sends one email. - The glut of emails all on one day make it appear a large group have discovered something that pissed them off, and more could be on their way. This prompts the email recipient to take action to make their inbox thinner. - An anon sending a single email in 5 mins is a simple task. Ask someone to do 3 or 4 tasks and their mind wanders, it feels like work, and they procrastinate, and eventually all they've done is post, fap, and play- but not sent an email. The former is guaranteed to produce more results than the latter. A clear, single goal per week (or even day) can help make a hundred anons working for 5 mins to have massive impact, as oppose to less than half that number trickling out over a month. To make life easier for emailing anons, it is highly recommended you keep an up-to-date pastebin of all the games that have been shitcanned/censored, those who have passed by hypocricy, and likely email/posting targets (forum and message board communities, devs of those who have and have not been affected, etc). The less research an anon has to do, the more likely it is he'll send an email today.
http://archive.is/0nEfJ here's the archive of their shitty site. raise it to the ground and terrorize their social media until they relent. let them know that lesbians and bisexual girls WILL NOT STAND FOR THEIR SHIT!
(76.10 KB 634x370 ClipboardImage.png)

update from /v/. Valve in damage control mode with huniedev. keep the pressure on lads. don't stop until Valve completely reverses their decision on all games targeted!
>>331932 >GG thinks they're the ones causing Valve to backtrack
>>331933 How it's called? Hype? You know that first step to solve the problem is to acknowledge it. Don't you remember Hatred situation where Gabe came out and said they fucked up? And the reason because people on the internet discussed it. And for the reason i write this post. For valve fanboy it's sucks that Valve will not make any public statements about this situation. Only time i remember they did was already mentioned Hatred and it's pull off from Greenlight. So i want to ask you is there a way to force them to publically acknowledge situation, not to say sorry, but to say why it happened in the first place.
>>331934 Tried physically mailing them? The example I'm going to use is about a car manufacturer (read: not videogames), but it still applies in this sense. Dodge had an ad campaign that had a short run. Dodge had taken that advertising campaign down because of two people mailing in physical letters expressing disapproval to the ad campaign Dodge was running at the time.
WE DID IT FAM! VALVE DEFENDS GAMEDEVS FROM CENSORSHIP! THE USUAL SUSPECTS ARE ABSOLUTELY BTFO! THEY'RE SALTY AS FUCK! Thank you lord Gaben you magnificent bastard! Not only is steam deciding NOT to censor any games on the platform but from now on they are allowing any and all games that are not overtly hateful or intentionally trolling in nature! SUCK IT SJWs!
>>332059 Slight correction, the steam announcement said they won't remove any games from this point on unless it is legit ILLEGAL by US law or trolling in nature. Anyway, still a win for us. Polygon, Kotaku, and the other usual suspects got BTFO'd by this and are generating a metric ton of salt over this!
Revealing Valve the "self-organizing company" is a communist shithole ran by untrustworthy and anxious paranoid schizos and manipulated by incompetent bosses, overly-competitive employees and management. Valve, the face of PC gaming is highly compromised. Ever wonder why they haven't done ANYTHING in years? Here we go. some highlights: >So-called self-organizing companies have a corporate arm somewhere controlling the entire operation from “above”. Find them and their friends to figure out who has the real power. >If you’re at a place like this, you must learn who the corporate managers are, who are their friends, and the cliques. They are the ones with real power and everything else is an illusion. >Another employment tip: Never tell your coworkers or manager that you have a lease, or are locked into anything long term. Leave it ambiguous/private. If they know you’re “locked in” you are opening yourself up to exploitation. >Another type of temp strategic hire you can make is to recruit a well-known author, a famous dev, or a person with specialized skills (like an economist). Have them write gushingly about their amazing experiences at the company. Once you’re done with them quietly let them go. >If you run a self-organized firm and you have turned up the anxiety levels too high, your company will become brittle and prone to mass talent flight. Wealthy competitors can come in and make offers and basically steal all your tech and devs right out from under you. >All legit self-organizing firms have to “leak” an official unofficial Company Manual. It’s got to be slickly made and fun to read. Developer Marketing gurus create these productions to sway new recruits into the Hiring Funnel. Insiders laugh at these things. Enjoy the sinking ship. More coverage will happen in time. http://archive.is/FHeVw http://archive.is/EM3Is
Alright you lot of niggers, I looked into the Valve thread and found a shitload of horrific dirty laundry against Valve. It goes into way too much shit for me to even cover, just read a few of the random archives and you'll see what I mean. I sent this as a tip to NG and OAG, here was my message: Here's a tip Billy, I think this is a big one but the dude intentionally avoids using the word "Valve" to avoid attention but Valve is the only company that he's worked at that's been described by other media outlets as "self-organized": https://www.frontrowagile.com/blog/posts/27-valves-culture-self-organization-and-scrum https://www.forbes.com/sites/jacobmorgan/2015/07/13/the-5-types-of-organizational-structures-part-3-flat-organizations/ https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-24205497 https://www.wsj.com/articles/SB10001424052702303379204577474953586383604 ; and his referring to a round of layoffs in his tweets by this not!Valve company in 2013 matches up with this: https://news.softpedia.com/news/Valve-s-Layoffs-Were-Prompted-by-Veteran-Group-Acting-Like-in-High-School-Ex-Dev-Says-366425.shtml its blatantly clear he's referring to Valve, not to mention an earlier tweet a few days ago is referring to Valve by name (https://archive.fo/3xi1X ) and 2 days later he does this. Might want to archive everything you can in the meantime. Rich Geldreich is the name of the ex-Valve employee. Here's his twitter https://twitter.com/richgel999 Here's some juicy tweets with replies in the chain with additional info in the meantime. https://archive.fo/NtWsF https://archive.fo/7Scls (Valve is in Bellevue, Washington) https://archive.fo/WP75O https://archive.fo/rPfmg https://archive.fo/X9KHL https://archive.fo/6cjIX https://archive.fo/0GhA8 https://archive.fo/ZkTv5 https://archive.fo/M0X7A https://archive.fo/DSc9v https://archive.fo/Aru24 https://archive.fo/Dzt49 https://archive.fo/Tv8jU https://archive.fo/0OLoL https://archive.fo/2T5p9 https://archive.fo/uCJQT https://archive.fo/dkHw5 https://archive.fo/lFZCD https://archive.fo/1fYgK https://archive.fo/ifhwc https://archive.fo/aDVmZ (HUGE) https://archive.fo/vNSFd https://archive.fo/ocwv0 https://archive.fo/4PaaO https://archive.fo/0lM3G https://archive.fo/MbJLX https://archive.fo/sOnqL https://archive.fo/XE0TA (There's more but I'm getting tired; its 2 AM) https://archive.fo/HpDAt More doubtful tweets/unknown if referring to Valve but crazy juicy no matter who it is: https://archive.fo/789WI https://archive.fo/BEpku https://archive.fo/ydHd3 https://archive.fo/T7AsC Other tweets referring to other companies and shit: https://twitter.com/richgel999/status/1018397744484872192 I sincerely hope you will report on this Billy, we really need journalists to cover this kind of stuff. " Keep digging lads
(too lazy to format the spacing because copy-paste always does this; don't care) PLEASE PAY ATTENTION TO THIS So an ex-Valve employee has been whistleblowing about Valve's mountain of dirty laundry. The reasons seem to be to help new people hired to avoid a lot of pain, and the fact that he just doesn't give a fuck The company is basically an absolutely horrific and corrupt shithole. Even if you don't care about that sort of thing, here's something that might catch your eye. Valve and specifically its CEO (Gaben is really the only conclusion I could make from that) has, at least up until 2013/14 confirmed been manipulating numerous media outlets. Anything after that is uncertain but likely because this shit doesn't just change for no reason, especially with Steam and Valve doing nothing but going downhill. Here's some confirmation and proof that he was talking about Valve for any time he mentioned Self-organization: He intentionally avoids using the word "Valve" to avoid attention but Valve is the only company that he's worked at that's been described by other media outlets as "self-organized": https://www.frontrowagile.com/blog/posts/27-valves-culture-self-organization-and-scrum https://www.forbes.com/sites/jacobmorgan/2015/07/13/the-5-types-of-organizational-structures-part-3-flat-organizations/ https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-24205497 https://www.wsj.com/articles/SB10001424052702303379204577474953586383604 ; and his referring to a round of layoffs in his tweets by this not!Valve company in 2013 matches up with this: https://news.softpedia.com/news/Valve-s-Layoffs-Were-Prompted-by-Veteran-Group-Acting-Like-in-High-School-Ex-Dev-Says-366425.shtml its blatantly clear he's referring to Valve, not to mention an earlier tweet a few days ago is referring to Valve by name (https://archive.fo/3xi1X ) and 2 days later he does this. Here are some relevant archives for the former about Valve's bad internals: https://archive.fo/NtWsF (basically explains Valve's structure) https://archive.fo/7Scls (well-known physics coder (could dig on) got bullied; left because of shit environment; Valve is in Bellevue)) https://archive.fo/WP75O (Lifers at Valve will basically make newcomer's lives hell and ensure no competition can spring up against them) https://archive.fo/rPfmg (basically you're a cog, replaceable, no job security, powerless, disposable) https://archive.fo/X9KHL (Valve is controlled by mass anxiety) https://archive.fo/6cjIX (look up "triangulation", it happens with Valve and also group consensus is very dangerous if its directed against you) https://archive.fo/0GhA8 (Corporate arm has all the power; learn who the corporate managers and their friends are; controls and influences the "Self-organizing arm" with anxiety and fear) https://archive.fo/ZkTv5 (if devs/teams get into battles with each other down to bring it can get really nasty, after a certain point the corporate arm can come in to "referee") https://archive.fo/DSc9v (coding has to be done defensively including renaming your helper functions and whatnot; people can fuck up your code. don't ever rely on others and be careful) https://archive.fo/Aru24 (earlier one expanded; Bloat matters far less than protecting your own skin, bonuses are key, mysterious "jankification" can occur) https://archive.fo/Dzt49 (external forces can be hired by corporate arm, watch who controls them, power is key) https://archive.fo/Tv8jU (once you get big yourself you should hire contractors (i.e. famous devs) to amplify your abilities and power at the company, always control their pay yourself) https://archive.fo/0OLoL (NEVER ask for help; be indirect. people can and will fuck you over; its all about the bonuses) https://archive.fo/uCJQT (working at Valve changes your coding style because of politics) https://archive.fo/dkHw5 (how to get ahead in Valve) https://archive.fo/lFZCD (Jesus christ; be careful when you do anything at Valve because they can fuck you out of your bonus) https://archive.fo/1fYgK (Its basically the Hunger Games at Valve) https://archive.fo/ifhwc (don't tell anyone outside your group about your resources or you can see them get ruined) https://archive.fo/aDVmZ (just READ this please; a lot to explain) https://archive.fo/ocwv0 (how anxiety and whatnot is (literally) managed at Valve) https://archive.fo/4PaaO (personal opinions about the bonus-centric workplace) https://archive.fo/0lM3G (Jesus christ)
https://archive.fo/MbJLX (The List; read this) https://archive.fo/sOnqL (Strategic hiring and Developer Marketing; slimy as all hell READ THIS) https://archive.fo/XE0TA (Strategic hirings being fast-tracked and "prepped", slimy as fuck) https://archive.fo/WTqrr (apparently "low-value teams" exist and you should avoid them and stay with the sponsors and barons or else you will get fired no matter how critical you are; also explains one possible reason why he is sharing this: to help new hires to the company to get up to speed and avoid a lot of pain) https://archive.fo/MBh78 (how he seemed to have avoided the purges) https://archive.fo/hrVAX (how to build up "purge immunity"; involves spreading rumors about yourself) https://archive.fo/BzdSu (avoid people who act badly toward you at all costs) https://archive.fo/orPBs (just fucking read this please) https://archive.fo/k07u1 (being a public figure is all but necessary, doing anything good internally is almost useless. Press attention is key as is moonlighting) https://archive.fo/J2ZLF (no one to "officially" report to in terms of managers, HR is worthless; basically an untamed wilderness where everyone knows who the strongest are) https://archive.fo/k9BiE (just fucking read this please; involves surveillance) https://archive.fo/RMPIv (the more skilled you are, the more likely you are to be fucked over; if you want to do well as a newcomer, improve a clique member or Baron's code only slightly so that they look like a genius) https://archive.fo/e0nYP (Logic behind their offices and shit; kinda fucked up) https://archive.fo/BeJk2 (personal opinion that they need on-site therapists at these places because of all the anxiety problems) https://archive.fo/c5gOm (suggests using adaptogens to cope with the stress; anxiety and other shit are how the corporate arm controls the self-organized arm; also bonuses are kind of "king of the hill"-like in how they work) Unsure if these are Valve or not: https://archive.fo/BEpku (Don't have your company co-sign your mortgage.) https://archive.fo/ydHd3 (don't do anything too in private at certain companies, have multiple people watching because it changes the tone) https://archive.fo/T7AsC (Social network draining; read this) And for Valve's media manipulation: https://archive.fo/789WI https://archive.fo/dgV0k https://archive.fo/H7zs9 https://archive.fo/VnrxO https://archive.fo/rgJ1k (further confirmation this is Valve he's talking about; this came in the middle of his rant) And conveniently 1 year after the purge and him leaving… https://www.extremetech.com/gaming/182343-why-we-cant-have-nice-things-valve-programmer-discusses-wretched-state-of-opengl
(213.77 KB 625x626 1386845661152.jpg)

>>332142 >>332144 >>332145 seems like you missed a few archives there , specifically to several sources that have slandered us in the past (Wall Street Journal, BBC,and Forbes). nice try D&C shill.
>>332149 just posting to say you're an embarrassment if you're this desperate to use (((Steam))) also this isn't an argument

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