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(141.96 KB 633x1078 kia.png)

david-me just nuked Kotaku In Action Lich Lord of GamerGate 07/13/2018 (Fri) 07:18:26 Id: 1ae1c9 No. 332126
https://old.red*dit.com/r/Drama/comments/8yh18h/righting_a_wrong/ He went on a "YOU ALL BECAME NAZIS!" rant and set the board to private. Everything's gone.
the ride never ends
It’s back, he just set it to private and the other mods have restored it, everything’s back.
He's still a fucking mod.
>>332130 no permissions though
We're back. Admins are going to ream his ass now.
What is this "hate" he's complaining about? Other than hate on reddit admins and SJWs, and some entry level trolling, KiA always read like a much more tolerant place than the rest of reddit.
(127.65 KB 1794x858 IMG_20180713_190729.jpg)

KiA was controlled opposition all along.
>>332136 /ggrevolt/ is always right
so basically, the guy who created KiA is a cuck, so it was controlled opposition from the beginning. Not surprising, given that it's reddit. a couple other things: When people. Type in sentence fragments. Like this. It's insufferable. and any male who adds extra 'o's to 'so' is certified soy.
(11.15 KB 863x109 arrogance.png)

>>332134 tolerance is an act of hate and violence, and thus is actually a form of intolerance. This is what SJWs believe.
>>332126 I'm happy that david-me left.
>>332146 does this sound like "link you claims to SOROS-backed fact-check sites or be banned" to you too?
Looks like it's down again. Controlled opposition or not, we could make it trend via Streisand Effect. > GamerGate Hub shutdown- Reddit complicit in non-liberal censorship like Youtube et al. If they pretended to be on our side, we can still turn them into a martyr. Any important shit we need to archive from there via caches/etc?
Controlled just like /gamergatehq/ is. The whole "no boycotts" sure worked out great, huh?

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