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Suggestions/Communications thread: Talk with me and help me make this board great! Tiny Board owner 09/02/2020 (Wed) 19:10:46 No. 2767
Just a thread for anons to tell me what they want fixed or changed about this board, like merging or fixing threads, creating or cleaning up certain threads, enacting suggestions where possible I can't do everything, for example anything that would involve censoring anons, I might be loath to touch it unless its spammy or something. A reminder you can hide people's posts or threads if it bothers you. But otherwise, I'm here and ready to help and do my best for this place. Please, feel free to post whatever's on your minds here!
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>>2767 I got new banner material from /b/ at >>>/b/52778
>>3232 I intended to add these immediately, sorry about the delay If possible, feel free to increase the filesize of the banner as much as you can to squeeze more resolution from it We got 1 MB banner filesize limit and we like the banners big here
>>2767 >*Abandoned* What a shame, hopefully in a few years from now the board will be worth something.
>>3251 I just don't log into my account often; check again but I also haven't had much time to post in the board admittedly, so its frustrating People show up when there is activity but it needs to be consistent, and consistency is difficult for me to maintain under the circumstances of life rn

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