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Pro-white general Anonymous 10/01/2021 (Fri) 19:31:12 Id: 5a8e2d No. 1708
Ok we accidentally got addicted to IR big deal. How do we save our race from annihilation? White births are plummeting, in reality we're not breeding with anyone at all.
>>1708 You can't really force people into having kids.
>>1712 >>1708 Cultural and financial incentives should be provided for white families to have more children. Ironically, Israel should be followed as an example. They are the only developed post-industrial country with above-replacement birthrates. I think positive birthrates can be achieved, but I don't think it will happen, because Western governments lack the willpower and the right mindset to do anything.
>>1708 Here are some quick thoughts on this. The number of 'intentional' pregnancies I'd guess is probably close to equal among all race combinations, or correlated with class more strongly than race. A lot of white people are well aware of contraceptives, birth control, etc.,. White men are more likely to get a vasectomy and use a condom. Black men just let what happens happen, consequences be damned. Black couples don't plan out their family. Honestly I think it'd be easier to slow the growth of black people and hispanics than to increase the fertility of white people. Just make it easier for birth control to be the default for everyone, not just for white girls, or help educate black people more.
>>1737 In the US, fertility rates of blacks, asians and second generation hispanics isn't actually that high. Immigration is mostly non-white however and accounts for most population growth. Having the other races sterilized would be based though.
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>>1708 If you are confident about the quality of your genes, have babies some time between 25 and 33. If you don't, support your own race in some other way, including but not limited to supporting small and medium white businesses, supporting charities benefiting white people, the environment and animals. And remember to fight scamdemic authoritarianism
(119.64 KB 750x750 random072.jpg)

>>2598 >Down with the authority! (But I'm ok with elites extracting wealth from my labor and mogging the environment in the name of profits, just so long as they have the same color skin as me!) Equal to BLM levels of retardation in both magnitude and flavor. This is why we deserve our fate, unironically. Like, you morons realize that all of the race mixing and degeneracy is being promoted by profit-seeking, right? Business leaders like Koch LOVE immigration because it drops the price of labor. Other corps. like Coca-Cola, Nestle etc. thrive on being able to market themselves to tribalistic minorities. All those interracial commercials are a fantastic way to market to minorities and white women, who are the most prolific consumers for obvious reasons. I know most of you will insist on defending your beloved capitalism because you've been absolutely brainwashed into thinking that you're going to get a slice of the pie, and that's fine. The world is burning but I'm going to enjoy the view (of some dumbfuck nigger making passionate love to my beautiful, farm-raised, german wife who will no doubt produce at least half a dozen biracial buffalo warriors)
>>2630 >small and medium white businesses >goes on rant about major corporations lrn2read
>>2630 The profit motive is only part of it. There are a lot of genuine true believers out there.
>>2630 Anon, nobody who watches porn is entitled to lecture other people about "brainwashing"
>>2704 Fr. We are all pretty fucked up, more so than other porn addicts.
>>1708 Most black women i know are fine with having white or paler babies. I asked them why and the black girls typically say "white boys are more loyal, black guys are always chasing tail." It would be ironic if the white race continued because of WMBW leading to WMWF centuries from now instead of BMWF. The other option is WMAF as a sort of intermission eventually leading to a new type of whites with some Asian heritage centuries from now, millennia even.
(485.58 KB 526x700 explain.png)

>>2752 >It would be ironic if the white race continued because of WMBW leading to WMWF centuries from now instead of BMWF.
>>1708 >Ok we accidentally got addicted to IR big deal. I wouldn't say it was an accident. It was intentionally pushed hard on white males to corrupt white males through sexual humiliation and frustration. By fapping to it you and all other white males were coping until the forcing of it was enough for your minds to accept it. That is exactly what the desired result of this was by those that pushed it. It was for us to accept this and become degenerate humiliated perverts that are compromised.
>>2752 >>2755 We outnumber blacks, it would be easier for us to breed them out, contrary to what you've been told.
>>2927 >It was for us to accept this and become degenerate humiliated perverts that are compromised. Then what Are "they" wanting a small percent of them to become IRL cucks? Its not like the porn can mind control guys to start jerking off while their wives are raped
(40.20 KB 500x622 7a3.jpg)

>>2937 A mulatto son or daughter will look vaguely black, but never white unless you are willing to stretch the definition to the point it becomes utterly meaningless. Whites lose as soon as there is any interracial breeding
ITT: Insecure Virgins
>>3129 >unless you are willing to stretch the definition to the point it becomes utterly meaningless. Southern Europeans, Eastern Europeans, Eastern gooks, Central Asians, and some Hispanics are grouped as white by many whites, even wignats. It's already stretched further than an Taiwanese foreign exchange student's pussy in Europe. Hell I just had a discussion with a guy claiming that Botswana was "white" country.
>>5362 If you really can't figure out whether or not you're White, just go to prison. The other inmates will let you know pretty quickly.
>>5365 This was written by someone who's never even been to jail lmfao
>>2927 This is the exact mindset that creates you guys though. I've never seen a leftist (not some self described wishy washy liberal) be this deranged about penis in vagina
>>1911 Who cares about pleasing women you insane faggot
>>5371 Is it true that Bill Ayers, in his Weatherman days, coerced female recruits into having sex with niggers, as a loyalty test/initiation ritual? Did he sit in the corner and watch?
>>5372 It's an obvious troll/larp/shitpost, just like most of this board. Are you retarded, or merely pretending?
I hate all non whites besides maybe east asians i see this thing as a vaccine, to erase the weak make us stronger. Only the weak would outbreed.
(65.46 KB 576x768 white fever.jpg)

I sometimes think about dating far east girls if they are pale enough. Then I just go into wizard mode again and stay pussy free. And then I start thinking about maybe having a qt 3.14 asian waifu again. I think if enough mixed race white men / asian girls offspring mated they would eventually be white again.
>>5385 The eternal one handed shitposter
>>5398 Nah. That would imply anon is a leftoid. It's probably a rightoid LARPing as Bill Ayers or as a Freedom Rider.
(238.71 KB 2048x1184 FAWnmUpWYAAQxte.jpeg)

>Ok we accidentally got addicted to IR big deal. Lmao we obiously are addicted because we are pathetic white cucks
>>5390 >I hate all non whites besides maybe east asians latinas are the biggest white apologists
>>5416 >we I agree, fellow white person.
>>5409 Precisely what I'm saying. People who didn't get psy-oped into thinking of black people particularly black men as others and generally aren't bored and repressed will never be as gay as that
>>5416 There is a black man fantasizing about the inverse of this on the other side of the world (Reddit more than likely) and yet you will each pretend the other does not exist

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