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(118.96 KB 800x1200 3298725_14_o.jpg)

BMWF Stories, Fantasies and Greentexts Anonymous 10/21/2021 (Thu) 18:34:09 Id: 57a727 No. 1994
I'm interested in reading your stories involving bmwf sex. The can be real stories or fantasies and they can be first-hand or second-hand stories. Anything is welcome as long as it's hot. Feel free to put some care into your posts and comment on other anons' posts.
>>1994 Alright >be me >be 11-12 >a couple of houses down my street there lives a family who we are friends with >all-blond family, hot mom with big tits, triplet blond daughters my age and an overworked dad >I play with their daughters regularly, sometimes they stay over for dinner too >at some point around Christmas time in 2005 it is discovered that their mom had been cheating with an athletic black man called Hugo who is like 10 years younger than her >the mom and dad divorce and get joint custody of the triplets, some days they stay with their dad, some days with their mom >mom moves into some small house in the same town together with Hugo >dad gets a Vietnamese girlfriend >girls take it really well somehow, they think Hugo is like a cool superhero >at some point the topic of sex comes up >turns out the girls can listen in on their mom getting fucked by Hugo when they stay over at their mom's place >at that age they think sex is really funny and they tell me about everything in detail >their mom gets really vocal during sex, they've seen Hugo's cock once and it's really big, their mom also has a big black dildo >me being extremely curious at that age I keep asking on and on for more details >this goes on for a while >to finish off the stereotype, Hugo gets their mom pregnant and quickly leaves her >she becomes a bitter single mom I get off to this regularly, even though it's fairly messed up lol
Ok I've posted this elsewhere but this my history: In 2013: When I was in my twenties I had a girlfriend that (at the time at least) was super-out-of-my-league. She pretty much only dated me as a rebound but I fell in love with her right away. Jet black hair, huge tits, Jewish chick. We had very little sex even though we lived together. I found out after we broke up that right before we met she had hooked up with a married black dude, got pregnant, and aborted the kid (this all happened while she was dating her ex, which obviously led to them breaking up.) In 2016: Couple girlfriends later I thought I met the one. Blonde hair, green eyes, kinda chubby and beautiful face. I knew she was a coal burner early on but didn't think anything of it. By this time I was aware as cuckolding as a fetish but was still in beta-denial. Long story short she cheated on me with a black guy and confessed the next week. In return I took advantage of the situation and confessed my own cuckold fetish and told her I'd forgive her if she told me about the sex step by step. She did via text and I swear I must have came a fucking half gallon. She was VERY into the idea of a cuckold relationship which actually scared the shit out of me. She ended up hooking up with another couple guys (was honest with me about it) but I was legit heartbroken and couldn't handle it. Shortly after she ended up moving away for a different job and we broke up but that was my first time ever being consciously cuckolded. 2017-present: Met my current wife who's 8 years younger. I waited a whole year to tell her about my fetish. We did a bit of roleplay over the course of a few years. Roleplay turned into her creating a couple dating profiles. Ironically she never met anyone online but hooked up with a gym rat that goes to her gym. They hooked up and had sex EIGHT FUCKING TIMES IN THE COURSE OF TWO WEEKS. (Comparatively I fuck her a couple times a month.) We both got a little freaked out and didn't want to damage our marriage so she called it off and even quit the gym. He came inside of her and everything (she's on the pill). . I never got to watch and he just thought she was cheating. I only got one picture of them (a selfie she took of them naked in our bathroom, him standing behind her with a hand on her hip. legit looks like a fucking blacked scene and makes me diamonds every time I look at it.) We're fine now and we've talked about everything a LOT but I am secretly dying to let her get back with another BBC. She essentially told me it was the best sex she ever had but our marriage has to come first. I now it's a common LARP fantasy but I'm pretty sure I would seriously be OK with her having a biracial child. No fucking clue how we'd explain it but I see it as a win-win-win (Black man gets to pass on his genes NSA with hot married chick, wife gets hot conception sex with BBC, and I get the opportunity to show my woman that I am reliable and that I truly love her etc. picrel: similiar body shape to wife
>>2006 > In return I took advantage of the situation and confessed my own cuckold fetish and told her I'd forgive her if she told me about the sex step by step. care to share? >I now it's a common LARP fantasy but I'm pretty sure I would seriously be OK with her having a biracial child. I understand it'd be super hot to see your wife breed black, but it's really not worth it because: >child will be extremely conflicted >child exists because you wanted to bust a good nut >have to spend at least 18 years raising it, no going back Just ain't worth it.
(610.31 KB 1071x1600 aabby031.jpg)

>>2007 For the longest time I had screenshots of the text conversation and I would beat my dick furiously while reading, but my HD crashed in '18 so I lost those shots as well as all the nudes i had of her feelsbadman. Basically the story was: >On a wednesday I ask her to go out on a Saturday >She texts back says she has other plans >Says she wants to go dancing with a co-worker >Okwtf.jpeg >Deal with it because I'm me and I have 0 self esteem >Weekend comes and goes >Tuesday she texts me and basically says 'uh anon, i have something to tell you' >..."i slept with someone else I'm so sorry blah blah blah" Then I basically spoke up and was like 'Well good news because I'm a complete cuck and I have an ENORMOUS erection right now because you told me" >She texted the one emoji with the girl doing the sassy hand thing besides her head? Like 4 of them so I know she's pumped >They went out for drinks and danced >He's a great dancer (this is where I asked her if he was black, which she confirmed) >They end up back at her place, clothes start flying off >Sucks his dick >He bends her over the bed and plows >It's giggly fun sex. She told me she was making fun of his pizza-themed boxer shorts as they were around his ankles as he fucked her >He spins her around, lays her on her back and continue >Fucks her for another 15 minutes and they start getting really into it, kissing and holding each other etc. >He pulls out and busts on her belly >end of Story pic is closest approximation I have ever found on the web. Boobs were a bit smaller but face was objectively prettier
>>2002 >>dad gets a Vietnamese girlfriend I laughed
(258.21 KB 423x737 hsEAT0G.png)

I'm not really good at writing, but I love to share. So I've been together with my fiancée for about 7 years now. We met in college when I was 19. I love her and almost everything is fine, but holy shit having regular sex with her was nowhere near as satisfying as watching interracial porn by myself. She was open to trying out different positions, but she never wanted to do dirty talking, roleplay or anything outside the bedroom. She enjoys sex, so she isn't asexual or anything. She is really into romantic sex, like going to a ball or romantic trip, drinking fancy wine and having sex with me on top at night, which is great, but I really wanted more variety. In my opinion she really has an amazing body and just the right attitude (she can be like a bitchy stuck-up office supervisor) to make you want to dominate her or be dominated by her. I also wanted to try out more kinky stuff before we marry and have kids, because then we have more time and less responsibilities. During the lock down in my country last year my urges became a lot stronger because I was home most of the time. I started doing more perverted stuff by myself and trying to involve her in it in some way. I'd try things like exclusively eating her out and denying myself normal sex, sending her porn and masturbating to porn when she is about to get home so I'd know she'd catch me in the act. This actually worked a little bit, since she'd mock me or call me a pervert, which turned me on and made me want to do it more. Eventually she too got a lot more into it and opened up to doing more kinky stuff together. We found out about the mojo questionnaire for couples and we agreed to fill it out as honestly as possible. Surprisingly she was open to let me watch her fuck other people and a bunch of other hot things I had fantasized about. I ended up being so turned on just reading her answers that I took her to our bedroom to fuck her. I actually put watching her fuck another guy on the backburner and started out with trying more mild stuff like footjobs. Eventually I discussed cuckolding with her, which at this point she already knew I was really into. We set a list of boundaries and requirements he had to meet. He had to be black (obviously), ripped, well-groomed, respectful, slightly older, someone we didn't know, etc. Sadly we couldn't find anyone like this on hook-up apps, so instead we hired a male escort and got ourselves a nice hotel room. My fantasy came true and it was every bit as good as I had hoped for. He was ripped, had a big cock and looked like a professional porn actor. He made her strip down to her lingerie and grind on his crotch while he was still wearing his shorts. He then made her suck him off and I almost creamed myself when her lips made contact with his black cock. He then fucked her on the bed with a lot of stamina in a bunch of different positions, some of which I can't really pull off. He came all over her belly and I came while I licked it off. After a while he went for a second and final round and that was it. I loved every minute of it and we will probably do it again sometimes. My fiancée looks a little bit like pic related, wide hips, normal tits, dark brown hair.
>>2006 Damn I know that beta denial feeling. The more in denial I was the more alpha I pretended to be. Kind of cringy but so is this whole fetish. >>1994 >dated this pale redhead with big tits >acted weird one night, she admits she gave a guy a blowjob >she rear ended his car, but just barely - it left a small scratch >he was nice and friendly and she felt guilty that he didn't want her to have to pay for it and they went on a quick lunch to talk and a blowjob happened after that >i argue about it, but she clearly seems to regret it so i let it go >hear her on the phone the next day i believe refer to me as her cousin >ask what that's about and she says it's a joke >get suspicious, snoop around on her phone and find some pics she has holding hands with this black guy and kissing him and stuff like that (nothing hardcore) >find myself so horny from this and don't want to confront her unless i have evidence other than from snooping on her phone >a lot of tension, gf keeps postponing dates or makes up excuses for me to not come over.. until one day she calls for me to come over and we have the best sex ever >god i've missed those tits. she ended up breaking up with me the next day. she apologized a lot and came clean, said she was cheating on me with the black guy and then he stopped talking to her and that's when she came back to me and we had sex, but i shouldn't be with a cheater she insisted >i tried to stay with her anyway, but she wouldn't accept >years later, get married to a coalburner >said she's mostly been with black guys, cause she had a roommate that always wanted to go to night clubs and my wife has a big ass so all the black guys would hit on her, while white guys would hit on her friend >friend of a friend cheated on her black husband (who we had met a few times briefly) and he was going through a divorce, wife felt bad for him >wife started texting him back and forth, and with my encouragement she sent him a a pic of her tits. we lived a couple hours away from him so it was it was nothing but text messages and it was hot but only went on for a week or so. sometimes my wife would show off her phone and other times she'd hide it kind of embarrassed but she admitted she loved flirting with someone like that >now we had variations of this conversation over time, but the last time it went something like this... my wife's ultimate fantasy is DP. and so i asked about her doing it on her birthday and she said she'd have to lose a couple pounds and find the right guy and everything. i went along with it and added we should have 2 guys, cause i don't know if i can perform around another guy and i'd be okay just watching >she didn't believe any guy would be okay just watching his wife fuck someone else, and i insisted i would or she could try DP with a couple guys without me. i felt too much like a cuck and added it could be an open relationship where she fucks guys and i fuck someone on the side once in a while too or something >long story short, some time later that black divorcee's dad moved into the same area we live in, and they started talking and it escalated from him staying with his dad to him staying at a hotel in the area >she went on a date with him and went to a restaurant a friend works at, which i kind of wish she didn't do but whatever it's kind of hot but now to her friend i'm the guy who's wife goes on dates with black guys >she didn't want to have sex with him right away and just did a tittyjob, but promised more next time this was about two months ago and they still text each other here and there anticipating next time
>>2031 Great progression. Happy for you anon.
>>2031 >dated this pale redhead with big tits >i tried to stay with her anyway, but she wouldn't accept Fuck, it's such a shame you couldn't keep her. She was even willing to cuck you.
>>1994 I'd really like a virtual european gf who would treat me as a sissy, tell me to stay pussyfree, ask me to send her money through paypal and later in exchange she would send me lots of vids and pics of her sucking BBC and getting pounded hardcore Maybe i'm pushing this interracial/cuck thing a bit too far, but i would love that. Sadly don't know how i can make this come true, i'm 22 and from south america
>>1994 Been fantasising about this friend of mine getting blacked for a long while now. Cute, blonde, blue-eyed, thicc ass and thighs, part-Polish. Far-leftist, hardcore Black Lives Matter supporter, obsessed with black people and culture, ashamed to be white. Likely future Queen of Spades if she isn't one already. Can't look at her ass and thighs without thinking of a big black cock inside of her.
>>2040 >virtual european gf You mean like a long distance relationship or like Cortana or something?
>>2044 I know how you feel anon, it's a shame girls like that don't just go all the way and take video of it, since they obviously have the body and mindset for it. Maybe you can jack off to her instagram photos instead.
>>2053 >long distance relationship That's what i meant kek
>be me, mid-20s, only ever been with 1 girl >bi and fantasize about bbc a lot but in denial >meet girl online, go on dates with her >3 months in while dating her, her brother went to prison for rape, her mom started drinking heavy as a result, she just packed up everything and flew to california and moved in with her aunt to get away from drama >keep in touch in the beginning, but slowly we stop talking to each other >give in, start bottoming for black guys on cl >end up hooking up with the same 2 guys over and over again for like a year >girl comes back from ca, her aunt sucked and she couldn't afford to move out on her own in ca >start dating again more or less like she was never gone >go back to being in denial about bbc fantasies >admit i'm bi and experimented "a couple times" (didn't mention race) >she doesn't believe me, ofc i make it out to sound like i'm just really into my prostate being massaged when in reality i want to be a sissy cum slut for bbc >she volunteers to massage my prostate (i.e. she fucked me with an old dildo she no longer uses) -> i barely touched myself and came buckets, she even told me that was the most cum she had ever seen >end up getting a strapon >usually we casually smoked weed, but got some acid and tried it for the first time together >she got intensely horny on acid >use opportunity to be more open about being submissive >she's naturally a switch, use this as excuse to find an alpha for the bedroom, whether he just plays with her or both of us >go on date, she talks to the waiter about how hard it is to find fresh buffalo mozzerella or some shit >waiter says his grandmother makes the stuff fresh, leaves phone number if she wants to request some or something sometime >later on, tell her his grandmother probably doesn't make the stuff fresh, he was just flirting with her and buttering her up for a good tip or something >find out (i think a week later or so) she called the number, learned after some back & forth that his grandmother grows a lot of her own food but isn't making buffalo mozzerella or anything >she talked to him for a week or so and it started to escalating into something but it stopped abruptly when she learned he was married and being all secret about it >get married, years go by >switch to new black drug dealer that she finds hot >when one day she complained that he doesn't deliver, i convinced her to motivate him by other means >she sent him some pics of her ass >he came over, and she got in the car with him which of course is completely tinted >they were alone for 5-10 minutes while i had a ton of emotions washing over me >she came out with a bag of weed, said they made out and he felt her up and that was it >we fucked like rabbits that weekend all this has happened over a pretty spread out amount of time and and misses a lot of the intimate convos. every time we've done acid i'd tell her really embarrassing fantasies like eating another guy's cum out of her and stuff like that, usually on acid she's super open minded about that stuff and really into it whereas she's either lukewarm or not into at all it sober
>>2062 That's amazing! How old are the two of you roughly? What does your wife look like? Does she know about the racial angle of your sexual interests by now? Have you ever shared a guy with her?
>>2068 I'm 36, she's 37. Picrel is her body type, she's got darker hair and lighter/paler skin. She easily looks like a goth. The racial angle is the hardest thing for me to talk to her about. I've never outright said it, but have hinted at it and tried to steer her that way with subtlety. It's just lucky we live in an area with plenty of black guys and I think she has a slight preference for black guys but mostly comes down to the person. Never shared a guy with her but have talked about it.
>>2073 She must have an amazing ass then. I've been pegged once and I really loved it. Was the waiter guy in your greentext black? It's a shame you can't be completely open with her about the racial angle (yet). Has she ever been with a black guy? What makes you think she has a preference for them?
>>2074 Waiter was black and yes she's been with a few black guys before I knew her. Her parents are fairly racist and she couldn't date black guys so I think it made her a little rebellious against her parents - really into weed and rap, huge liberal and I think has a little of this forbidden fruit thing with black guys. She's not normally a size queen or anything but she's said multiple times there are some positions she can only easily do with hung black guys.
>>2076 How many is "a few"? She ever told you what it was like with them?
>>2077 Not much detail. There's three that I know of, only details she's really gone into was the last guy was tall and big and he could easily pick her up and toss her around in different positions and stuff like that.
I like to fantasize about being a plantation owner and my wife and daughters secretly taking turns to have gangbangs with my slaves at night.
I just want a girlfriend who is mostly race blind and has been with a few blacks in the past, so she can tell me about what it was like whenever we have sex, without her being crazy.
>be you >have fun in teens and twenties, always playing the field trying to stay alpha as possible >meet picrel. fall completely in love within 6 months of dating >she cooks, cleans, wants to have children, good family, not completely stupid etc. most importantly she's infatuated with you (for some reason?) and can't wait to see you every day >4 months into dating you find out she apparently went through a 'phase' in college where she dated black guys. Exclusively. >You forgive her because picrel >13 months in and some mutual friends are making implicit mention of her burning the coal behind your back. There's other evidence as well (wet panties in the laundry, super protective of her phone etc.) >16 months in you get confirmation she's been fucking around with some local thug nigger. His boys are hittin it too. >You don't say anything because picrel >You propose, thinking it will get her to come to her senses >She burns even more coal. >Gets pregnant. You know the kid is going to be half black. >You have a falling out with her. She knows that you know. She cries apologizing >You forgive her because picrel >Get married >Mulatto's born. You move away to avoid laughter in the neighborhood >Raise the kid as your own, the three of you as a happy family >Couple years go by and you catch her burning coal again >You stay with her because picrel >Haven't fucked her in months, but you cuddle every night >She winds up pregnant again Now what do you do?
(249.68 KB 1312x1889 Sara07.jpg)

(209.56 KB 960x1280 Sara08.jpg)

(507.00 KB 1982x2643 Sara23.jpg)

>>2215 >>2216 Hope she clues me in on her african adventures at least
pale black haired girls getting blacked is so especially hot to me for some reason
>be 19 >me and gf go through wigger phase >listen to lots of gangster rap and hip hop >I think of blacks as cool violent gangsters with a "don't give a fuck" attitude >have some black friend from high school who gets us weed sometimes >one time we're smoking weed in my room >we're all high and super horny so we decide to take turns on my gf >black friend goes first, unironically pulls out the largest cock I've ever seen outside of porn >girlfriend lies down on her back, he aligns himself in front of her between her legs and starts fucking her raw >I feel super good about letting my gf and friend have a great time >he cums inside her, my turn >fuck his creampie, but can't really get into it, so I let him fuck her a second time >I masturbate with their juices on my dick while watching them >girlfriend cums rubbing her clit while she is getting fucked >he cums a second time >we go back to hanging out >talk about it with gf afterwards, she tells me it felt amazing >I feel super cool about the fact that my girlfriend has been with a black guy I've since moved on from being a wigger, but I really don't regret that this happened.
>>2373 You still with her?
>>2399 No, we broke up
I want a girl to feminize me :(
>>2215 Demand why she hasn't been making videos and letting me watch.
>>2002 >>to finish off the stereotype, Hugo gets their mom pregnant and quickly leaves her so fucking hot imagine divorcing so you can't get fucked by a nigger and this nigger leaves you when you get pregnant lol she didn't even care about her children
>>2519 it's so hot when they use and discard our women as fucktoys
(283.74 KB 2500x1667 cucka026.jpg)

>>2523 This. Is it because they're too stupid to know what they have? Or is it because white girls are just a dime a dozen to them? Or maybe it's just because white girls will just throw themselves at black men in such numbers that its merely a result of a numbers game? Doesn't really matter because it's fucking hot.
>>2526 They're there to fuck, naive white women think it's about love, but blacks operate differently. >>2373 I also went through a wigger phase lol, I cringe when I think about it.
>met my (now) wife online in 2008 >stalk her myspace page - she's thick, very liberal, lives in an area that's 40% black and listens to rap, not to mention half her friends on myspace are black guys - obvious coalburner >have a huge bbc fetish but sort of in denial >secretly read messages on myspace from guys disappointed she's dating a white guy >parents are racist and she got on thyroid medicine that killed her sex drive for a while anyway >we got married, had a pretty trad marriage for a while >topic came up once in a while in different ways and had a couple opportunities to be a cuckold if i pushed for it, but nothing came of it, gradually i opened up about seeing her with another guy (often when drunk and/or super horny/late at night) >the big push that made it easier to talk to her about it was one time when she was a bit tipsy at this restaurant and went to the bathroom, and on the way back she brushed up against this black guy who smelled really nice, and after she got back to the table they looked at each other a lot >when we got home she said if that was a white guy she'd probably be creeped out, instead she got wet >when we got home she masturbated right away and i teased her about needing a black guy >talked about it and she installed tinder >she matched with some guys (mostly black but some white) but says she likes just flirting >ended up going on a quick date to meet one black guy in person, turns out he's married and not has to keep it a secret and my wife doesn't want to be the one he's cheating with
>have abusive left-wing arthoe gf (yells at me, gets insanely angry over hypocritical stuff, threatens with break ups) >wild pussy though, she loves sex and we fuck very often >discover bmwf cuckolding fetish >I tell her about it >we get a BBC dildo start doing blacked roleplay together regularly >fast forward >we're having a fight over something unrelated, she breaks up with me >like clockwork she calls me a few days later to cancel the breakup >have had it with her shit and tell her it's over >be single for a few years >want new gf >buy into the whole tradwife thing so start checking out churches >find a cute blonde from a conservative family with 8 siblings >tells me she's never had a boyfriend >later tells me she did actually have a boyfriend in high school >he was black, she didn't want her parents to find out >I'm super turned on finding out my cute pristine girlfriend has been ravaged by some nigger when she was a teenager and behind daddy's back >pry every detail out of her, whether they used condoms, whether he was hung, what kind of stuff they did together etc >she can obviously tell I'm really into this >have been starving to do more blacked rp ever since I broke up with previous gf, tell her all about the fetish >start doing blacked rp again, she really enjoys it too >been debating whether we want to try actual cuckolding pic unrelated
>>2615 how old?
>>2617 I'm 26, my gf is 23
>>2615 >>have abusive left-wing arthoe gf (yells at me, gets insanely angry over hypocritical stuff, threatens with break ups) Probably BPD
>>2012 >>2006 I want to kill you, peel off your skin, dress it and live as you. Life is not fucking fair.
My girlfriend has a coalburner friend and I like to fantasize about the coalburner friend seducing my girlfriend into a threesome with a nigger who gets her pregnant.
(94.96 KB 785x1000 1641213012302.jpg)

My fantasy would be to have a beautiful redhead gf who I meet in college. After graduating we would go on some trips to countries with lots of Blacks (and low HIV rates preferably) and having her hook up with random guys or paying them to fuck her raw. They should all cum inside her unprotected pussy so I can watch her beautiful white belly swell up with an African baby that doesn't look like her. It has to be a complete mystery who the dad is, like we don't even know his full name or anything.
>>2914 Go to Jamaica, they get a lot of white couples going there for BBC gangbangs.
>>2915 Yeah Jamaica would definitely be on the list. I'm not really sure if I'd want it to be a gangbang, just intimate 1 on 1 encounters.
>>2915 I work with a married couple. The husband is this timid conservative guy, the wife is extraverted and supports BLM and stuff like that. Anyways they go to Jamaica once a year, and I always like to imagine she's basically fucking bbc like crazy the whole time. No idea if that's even remotely happening though.
(2.20 MB 4304x5928 1871389331.jpg)

>be anon >hook up with picrel in 3rd year college >shes spoiled rich girl studying feminist queer theory at neighboring private college >start dating and really hit it off. End up proposing after graduation >Dad owns international agricultural consulting firm, has new program starting in southern Senegal (West Africa) setting up irrigation systems >You and her go >dad makes you an officer of the company, your admittedly meager American salary essentially makes you near-royalty in the region >Doesn't take long for the natives to notice your chick >They've never seen a redhead before >They think she's a fertility goddess >She's obviously into them >You can't help but feel yourself becoming more and more conditioned to the thought of her getting blacked >To be continued...
(2.68 MB 6720x4480 1616642946.jpg)

>>2919 >Eventually you find out she's been getting blacked >Getting blacked regularly >In the fields with the native farmer >In the medicine man's hut >In your palace courtyard with the gardener >Most of the men speak this french-swahili sounding hybrid language that neither of you can understand >Soon her belly swells >You know the kid's going to be mixed, and you know you can't go back to the States now for the obvious reasons >Work extra long days, trying to get the irrigation system running >Your bride to be continually growing with child >Your hard work pays off, and the local Africans are set to have the largest harvest on record >The baby is born, picrel doesn't even bother explaining. >She knows you know >Locals think the child is a harbinger of harvest and good returns, solidifying their belief that your fiance is indeed a fertility goddess >A beautiful marriage ceremony >'You' will have a very large family in the years to come
>>2919 >>2920 Holy shit this is amazing, thank you so much anon
>>2917 honestly, I wouldnt be surprised if it's a 50/50 chance, Jamaica actually has special sex hotels too
>>2915 BBC gangbangs is the absolute hottest most arousing sex there is. The nastier and more extreme the better.
>>2920 Definitely has the looks for a fertility goddess
>>2921 I enjoy the fuck out of writing short stories like this. This one especially is right down my alley. Any other anons have a particular fantasy give me a QRD and an internet model and I'll do the rest
>>2944 I dont really have any outlines or suggestions right now, but I would love to read more of those short fantasy stories
>>2954 How Are you guys watching webm videos and not mp4? When press a Webm video it just stops
>>2976 What browser version and OS? Tinker with browser settings possibly?
>>2216 >>2215 Sorry homie she wasl litrally made to take black cock
(202.52 KB 1000x1500 a (2).jpg)

(98.19 KB 1000x667 a (8).jpg)

(89.68 KB 800x1200 a (19).jpg)

(95.24 KB 800x1200 a (24).jpg)

(82.41 KB 1000x667 a (32).jpg)

>be gigabased white nationalist continue repeating your 14 word anthem over and over as you return home to your aryan goddess wife you know she's been getting blacked by some nigger from downtown >'We Must...' you begin you come home to find her half dressed in sexy lingerie, the smell of newports and afro sheen in the air you know she's hooked on BBC, and more importantly, she knows that you know she's hooked on BBC >'...secure the existence of our people...' you stammer on You rationalize. You deal. You cope. Finally you realize that at least you can enjoy sloppy seconds. At least you can enjoy your wife's warm, wet, BBC-bored out pussy. You move in. She's happy and satisfied from her bull and is ready for the warmth and love from her white husband >'...and a future...' You're pushing yourself so hard to finish the sentence. You need the security. You need the conviction. Except she doesn't want it. She doesn't want your small, white penis She's had BBC. She knows she can get away with it (I mean just look at her.) And you wouldn't dare stand up to her bull and try to get him to stop All that time in the gym, the eating healthy, the pushups, the combat training...it means NOTHING. Not to a true alpha male. No training can compete with naturalyl superior skeletal structure and fast twitch musculature >...our white children!' you finish, emotionally exhausted You spend the afternoon lapping at her wet, swollen pussy which is completely inundated with African sperm She's going to end up pregnant. It's nature. It's SUPPOSED to happen, like the carving of a mountain by a glacier, or the rising of the sun >'We must secure....' you start again But you cannot remember the words There is no point The defeat of the facade is both beautiful and agonizing at the same time.
(441.36 KB 1080x1350 111.jpg)

(996.78 KB 2048x2021 1 (2).jpg)

>have hot cousin >she starts dating a nigger from her high school when she's 15 >she becomes super left-wing, pro-BLM etc >this nigger gets to enjoy her teen white body while I'm still a virgin >I jack off thinking about her non-stop >of course her nigger boyfriend becomes abusive with her >she breaks up with him, she's now 21 >she wants to get away from it all so she stays over at our house for a few weeks >everyday when she's out I grab a pair of her panties and blow my load in them >really want to look through her phone for nudes and stuff like that, but being a girl her age she always has her phone on her >one day she wants to go swimming >realize this is my chance >the moment she leaves I go to the guest room and see her phone in the charger >open it, already know the unlock code >open gallery >+25k pics in there >her tinder matches are overwhelmingly black guys, surprised there even are a few white dudes in there >her messaging apps are also full of blacks >eventually I find some nudes she exchanged with her ex and dickpics from her ex, them talking about sex and other good stuff >cum in her panties really hard >never get another chance to look through her phone It really was the most intense thing ever, it's the only experience like that I've ever had, but I need so much more.
>>3441 you ever found any pics or vids of her mouth stuffed with black cock?
>>3520 Sadly no. I couldn't find any pics or vids of them having sex, just the nudes they exchanged.
(5.30 MB 3024x4032 20170606_145114121121.jpg)

>Be me >Dating 40 something blonde >Make plans to travel to the Dominican Republic for a vacation >Have a motorcycle accident a week or so before we were to leave >Tear my rotator cuff get operated on >She wants to go on the trip anyway >Basically forces me to go >I’m stocked up on pain meds >Awkward to fuck and hurts like hell if I move the wrong way >One night I’m too spent to fuck >I fall asleep >Wake up around 2am she’s not in the room >Get dressed and go looking for her. >I find her at the pool. >She’s with a black guy I recognize as our scuba guide from the other day. >He’s all up inside her with her legs wrapped around him. >Instead of getting pissed, I told her to take him to the room before she gets us thrown out of the hotel >I wind up watching them fuck the rest of the night >I don’t think my cock had ever been harder >of course I jerked off like crazy >The guy apparently gave her his number when we were on the boat. >He came back the next night and they fucked again >We left the next day. >She cucked me almost a year and we split up.
>>3546 That's amazing dude
Not bmwf so maybe it's not for this thread but I have a true story, I have a friend who is a "femboy" like honestly if he dressed as a girl you'd never know he was male until he spoke. Anyway he's a racist like full on nationalist but watches a ton of porn one day he's in a bar and there is an American black guy there (he's Polish so that's rare) and he's drunk so he starts talking about politics BLM etc. anyway one thing leads to another and he is saying to this black American dude how the whole big black cock thing is bullshit and it just porn propaganda them both being drunk this eventually leads to them in the bathroom they both go in a stall and the black dude pulls out his dick and it is massive so he does all the porn clichés and puts it against his forearm and face etc even flacid apparently this thing was huge so he's like "bro can I make you hard?" and the black dude is okay with it. So he starts kissing the tip and just playing with it and it grows and grows and grows and he is just amazed. Eventually he gives him a full on blowjob and drinks his cum and that's the end of it. I found out about this because I was on discord with the femboy and his mutaul servers were bnwo shit and he confessed the whole thing. He literally became antiracist by getting face fucked in a bathroom stall.
>>3552 I would still be racist after that
>>3553 Can't really be racist if you've got a belly full of black sperm, but whatever.
>>3554 That's this entire board
>>1994 join the discord, new IR server https://discord.gg/e6z7tPMe
I tried one. He was one of my black patients. My then 59 yr old wife didn't really enjoy that. It was disappointing. I really wanna try it again. I'm an oral surgeon in downtown Phoenix so I can easily access lots of black patients. The problem is my wife. sigh... cell 602-999-9091
(601.00 KB 1485x2048 1552494441165.jpg)

My biggest fantasy would be to live in a nice white village that has never had to deal with Blacks before in its entire history. Being the high-trust compassionate (and naive) community that we are, we decide to make some houses available for pitch dark African refugees. As could be expected, we get exactly what we bargained for. Some lazy welfare leeching military-age black males move in and quickly start to treat the town as their personal junkyard, stealing and destroying property and harassing many of the white girls in town. Despite all of that, many of the girls in town still vocally support the decision to have these drains on society move in and are quick to label everyone who disagrees a "racist". They don't mind the new vibrant addition to their otherwise dull town and their maternal instinct makes them want to take care of these poor downtrodden refugees. The Black men of course take their liberties with the girls, seeing them as easy prey. To your absolute horror you get to watch the cute girls you grew up with walk around town with these dark specimens. Some girls adopt some of the heavily sexualized Black culture they see on television and start dressing and acting like sluts to get more attention from the Black men. Other girls are much more reluctant to associate themselves with the Blacks, but the fear of being called a racist makes it difficult for them to decline their requests for sex. The housewives in the community also get their fair share of fresh imported cock. When their husbands leave for work, young Blacks sneak into their houses to liven up the bedrooms that had become quite stale after several years of marriage. Some Blacks even cycle multiple houses every day and receive some form of payment from their illicit white lovers. It doesn’t take long for amateur interracial sex videos to pop up in the various group chats you are in with the guys from your high school. Sometimes you can vaguely recognize the girl in the video as a girl you like and you find yourself hoping that it’s not her, while you stroke to the video anyway. Sometimes you clearly recognize a girl and it becomes impossible for you to ever look at her the same way. Soon after that the first pregnancies start appearing in the town at a rapid pace. Even girls you figured to be pure and untouched start showing a baby bump. Maybe even your mom or sister falls pregnant. After 9 months almost every one of them conceives of an out-of-wedlock mixed race baby, most of the Blacks in town now having a kid with multiple girls. Although not without protest from the housewives and young moms, the local government finally decides to close down the social housing experiment and the Blacks are moved, leaving the devastation in their wake. All the cute single moms your age now need you to step up and support them and you get to choose one out of many beautiful girls to marry and financially support as they raise their brown spawn of your paycheck.
>>3591 This is supposed to be a fantasy thread and this fucking guy is describing current day Philadelphia
>>3611 Except nigs aren't evicted from Philadelphia
>>3591 hottttt
>>3611 >>3618 blackpill me on philly
>my wife frequently went to this particular food truck that would come nearby once in a while >black guy that worked at the food truck started giving her freebies >tell her to flirt with him if she finds him cute, and they start snapchatting now and then >she got into some intense text messaging with him, and joked around about owing him sex for all the free food >she showed me the phone and it showed him asking if i know about him >i tell her to say yes and that i'm fine with it (never really expressed a desire to be a cuck to her before) >later on he ends up bringing over some food, of course >wife does a tour of the house and disappears for 10 minutes with him, then he leaves >she feels too dirty to talk about it but is happy >she ends up going to his place every once in a while after that, he likes knowing i'm not in the room next door or something >tried to get my wife into videoing it but not successful so far
(133.40 KB 781x195 s.png)

>>3742 we need to go back why is the past so futuristic
More stories?
>>1994 not sure how you guys feel about rape, but I have a story I heard from a female friend of mine.
>>4158 >>3745 I'm considering a couple different vignettes: The first being the story of an extremely wealthy Barbarian King, Garag, whom hosts monthly gladiator battles, almost exclusively with African combatants, sold to him by Roman defectors with connections in Napoli. Battles are monthly, following a three-day festival initiated by the first sign of monthly bleeding from the Queen. Picrel. Champions of the arena are granted freedom, one day of rest and feast, followed by 1 day and 1 night alone with the company of Queen in the Winter Keep (the smaller of two towers, on the north side of the castle, complete with a single bed, a small lavatory, and a couplre servants.) . The Queen (like all of the women at that time and place) was completely complicit to the whims of The King as well as any Arena Champion--as they are clearly in favor of The Gods. The law decrees that: If Champions choose to return and claim victory as reigning champion, then a 5 day feast is had to celebrate the making of a True Champion. The champion is then granted a 5 day and 5 night recess alone with the Queen in the Spring Keep (a lavish tower, with luxurious bed, kitchenette and lavatory, and ahandful of servants). The royal bloodline is guaranteed to grow strong!
>>4159 even hotter, do share
>>4159 >>4170 Not terribly long or anything but I enjoyed hearing anything about it. >hanging out with a long time friend making dumb jokes and messing around on a computer, we're barely adults by this stage >she randomly throws out a nigger at some image of guy we saw, not that I cared I just never heard her say it before, ask her where that came from and she says "I have plenty of reason to hate black guys..." >get curious, prod her for information or anything to tell me what the hell that is supposed to mean for her personally >she gets nervous, starts hinting that a group of black men did something to her a few years ago, by the look on her face I could tell they raped her, my cock starts getting hard wondering >this is my friend so I'm not trying to be an asshole or make her tell a story that causes some panic attack or breakdown, but I definitely wanted to know more about it >after a bit of drinking and more retarded computer browsing I was able to hear that it was indeed gangrape, they all had a turn with her and that it was all raw and risky >had to resist the urge not to run to the bathroom and pump one out thinking about how many times they must have cum inside her
>>4179 based
>>4186 forgot to add the best part, she was married and I don't think he had any idea about it.
(77.97 KB 960x1280 .IMG-20220323-WA0014.jpg)

(143.12 KB 2048x1287 .IMG-20220323-WA0023.jpg)

>>2040 I know a 19 years old petite spanish girl in a QOS lifestyle with a cuck, she does exactly everything you want but she hardcore, she only likes migrant niggers who can't even speak Spanish, she is heavily into bnwo and shit like that, crazy how she can be that addicted at 19, she wants to get gangbanged or even dance with random niggers and suck them off later If you want her number or OF let me know a way to contact you because she doesn't want to be that known yet Pic rel is her
>>4262 not the original poster but im spanish and this is hot spawhiboi@tutanota.com
>>4262 This me I want her, refugee from Italy
>>4362 Write your contact, telegram or whatever
(293.11 KB 1080x864 sotrad.jpg)

Maybe not a very exciting story, but I really wanted to share it anyway. >in right-wing discord server with some 60 active users >one of them is a traditional catholic girl who is also into anime (pic related is the best pic I could find, she never posted her face) >one time some dudes are discussing race mixing and in passing she mentions she has been with a black guys before >admin instantly bans her >I dm her because I want to know the full story >she used to go to some club hoping to meet a boyfriend >good-looking white guys there are scarce however and they usually dont come up and talk to her >there are Arabs there too, but she doesn't want to date them because islam and they're rude >she ends up fucking some black dude who pretends to be really into her >she dumps him after she finds out he cheats on her with other white girls >she buys into the whole black men are superior thing and dates 3 more blacks >she claims they all cheated on her too >she comes back to her senses and decides she only wants to date white guys from now on >so far she is still single imo it's pretty funny that she claims to be wholesome, but has a bodycount of 4 and they're all black.
>>4368 Telegram @mashkraft
>>4262 would love to know more discord polesitter#3643
I know a few stories >The parents of a friend of mine have a second house in the field >Both between 45 and 50 years old >They have hired African men working in their field >Marriage doesn't work very well >The wife is caught in the second house having sex with one of the African workers >Immediate divorce >This happened at the end of February. Another story >Another friend of mine has an older sister >She is married to a black man >They have a daughter This happened to me a few months ago, back in November >Me and some friends from the residence (2 boys and a girl, all white) go to a disco >The club has black bouncers >One of my teammates confronts one of the bouncers >almost fight >After this, and in relation to what happened, the girl who accompanies us says shamelessly: "...I like blacks...". >The disco closes. We stayed on the street for a while talking to people >A white girl stays talking to one of the black bouncers >Time passes, and the white woman leaves with the African man in his car If you only knew how many undercover snowbunnies there are today...
>>4262 >>4368 >>4362 My telegram @mashkraft.
>>1994 >>4425 >>4262 Refugee In Italy, telegram @mashkraft
>>4423 >>4423 >If you only knew how many undercover snowbunnies there are today... That's been my impression, most of them are willing to fuck blacks, but only discretely.
>>4262 You still open to messaging?
>>4376 Are you still in contact with her?
>>4456 Yeah I can message her whenever, but keep in mind I dont want to completely give the game away and let her know I'm super into this stuff.
>>4459 Yeah tricky to balance I know. If you keep asking about it she'll figure something is up. Just a very unique situation to be in if she's real
>>4459 Perhaps you're the white guys she needs. Perhaps fate wants you to be her little cucky.
>>4459 hot that her entire sex life has been black and the minute she says its time for white guys she stays single.
>>4468 Yeah, although to be fair it's only been about a year since she broke up with the last and she wants to be more careful than to just jump into another relationship. >>4467 Honestly, I'm not sure if I would. Yeah it'd be super hot if she was also into it, but I shouldn't confuse porn and real life too much.
>>1994 This thread is like a retard competition of who can write the most unbelieveable shit possible and make other retards believe is real
>>4470 >A whole year shes just holding out until she finds the black guy that reignites it for her.
>>4480 Get out of your bubble of autism and look at the reality of today
>>4484 Go touch some grass you absolute scum of a human being
>>4480 I'm honestly not bothered by fake stories. Unless they're super low effort, obnoxious or poorly written. Keep in mind OP said fantasies are also allowed.
>>2044 She's a lesbian now :(
>>4618 Awww, thats too bad. Is she in a lezzie relationship?
>>4623 Yes!
>>4660 Sounds hot, would you like to tell me about it on discord? Maybe it's too offtopic for here.
>>3552 if he was Swedish id believe it lol
>>2944 if you're still here, do her pls
I have a non-sexual story. I was a retard who first picked sociology when I went to college before getting redpilled and picking something STEM-related instead. In one sociology class we had to do content analysis of images of models in groups. They had us pick 5 photos of male models and 5 of female models. I got grouped with two cute girls, so I was quite excited, but to my absolute dismay they ended up picking 4 black men and 1 Hispanic looking dude. They were quite vocally agreeing that they were really hot and I couldn’t really bring any word in, so I just sat there awkwardly and humiliated (and aroused). Luckily, I was spared the humiliation of having to present our findings to class as the girls volunteered to do it.
>>4912 what happened, admitting black men are superior would've made you cum in your panties, anon? ;)
>>4921 Gayest shit I've ever read, Thug hunters is superior
>>4921 I wouldn't dare to admit something like that in front of girls
My fantasy is that there is some sort of discrete place for people to indulge in this stuff. Like a kind of sex club where white girls and black men can go to have sex and white boys can go there to watch. It's not necessarily accepted, but more like an open secret. Couples can go there and pay extra for a private booth to watch their girlfriend get fucked by a black man. Girls can also take their friends along for threesomes or gangbangs. Maybe have a bar too where you can hit up the girls after they got fucked or watch them flirt with black guys. Then back in the 'real world' everything would just be normal like that place doesnt exist.
(1.67 MB 406x720 snowbunny.mp4)

>>5122 Your fantasy is actually a reality, there are exactly these sort of places. I found a club like that. https://blackmansfanclub.co.uk/dir/about-us/bmfc-history/
(529.77 KB 1080x766 1644941090722.jpg)

I want a girlfriend who likes to play video games and cuddle together with me. Someone who I can act all sweet and lovey dovey towards. At the same time she would regularly meets up with black dudes for sex and teases me with it sometimes.
>>5335 Your brain on suicidal misogyny and subconscious racism
>>5335 You are corrupted to the core. There is no hope for you.
>>5335 Add UBI to that and it would be heaven on earth, comrade. >>5337 >suicidal misogyny and subconscious racism Please elaborate.
The first time I fucked a white bitch I was sixteen at the Palisades Fumblin' my grades, I traveled with the team The apache life, Centennial was like When Ms. Baker screamed "That dough, boy Mixed there with purple rain" They interchanged the seeds Happy just to be out the hood With all the wealthy kids Credit cards and family plans She drove her daddy's Benz I found out that he was a sheriff That was a win-win Because he had locked up Uncle Perry She paid her daddy's sins Next time I fucked a white bitch Was out in Copenhagen ​good kid, m.A.A.d city tour I flourished on them stages Whitney asked did I have a problem I said, "I might be racist" Ancestors watchin' me fuck was like retaliation
>>5351 IR shit that focuses on men is born from the self handicapping nature of western racism/pseudoscientific racism and western society as a whole. Back in times less micromanaged and anxious, predominantly Anglo-Saxon slave owners and/or justifiers could use stereotypes and replacement psy-ops to drive black/white men to conflict. The true enemy of every man is the worship of maternal/female authority and this is the root of the age old "woe is me woe is me I can't make some bitch cum oh what am I to do" + all its disgusting consequences
>>5335 Your brain on Satanism.
>>5374 The subconscious/repressed racism seems fairly obvious, although I would argue, from a Schmittian perspective, that it's a by-product of consumerism, infantilization and feminization as liberal tools of de-politicization. The anon in question is either unwilling or unable to make the friend-enemy distinction, which is the desired result. As far as the suicidal misogyny goes, I don't see it. Whatever authority women have been given is just another tool to de-politicize all.

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