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Now even highschoolers are getting breed by blacks Anonymous 02/08/2022 (Tue) 22:10:49 Id: 7979f7 No. 3468
a friend in highschool uploaded this photo months ago and now i saw her all closy to that same guy and kissing. i don't know if i should feel weirded out or excited
>>3468 >Now
That poor fellow who is of African American ancestry. I bet that pussy got absolutely ran through and bleached before she finally settled for him :(
>>3468 Post more.
Should i post more?*
>>3539 yes
Nice age-gap, is she open about dating him? Please post more of them together
>>3468 You should absolutely be excited, and jerk off to the thought often!
>>3536 Gott. You bleachfags always come here obsessed with your cringey ass fanfics. Kys.
Why should we care? This girl isn't even white
>>5095 Pointing out the one way nature of [colour]ing infuriates the IR obsessed wignat because it makes him realize just how deranged he really is
>>5099 Kill yourself
even middleschoolers do it°
>>5140 Cry while your suicidal ideology does exactly that
>>3468 He looks old enough to be her black grandpa. Must keep her happy in the sack to keep that age gap alive.
Interracial age gap is my peak fetish. Grandpa-aged black dudes dumping creampies into teens is the ultimate interracial visual. My all time favorite IR vid: http://blackmywhitegirl.blogspot.com/2017/09/corrupted-katie.html?m=0
>>5367 Love the thought tbh
>>5433 Welcome to the club
>>5435 >>5441 Tasteful denizens of 2dblacked, I assume then

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