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(122.06 KB 498x462 IMG_20210707_023803.jpg)

Conversion Anonymous 07/06/2021 (Tue) 23:41:06 Id: 8f8089 No. 497
Anyone trying to convert their gf/sister etc? Stories? Tips? Fantasies?
lmao imagine thinking white girls in 2021 need encouragement or 'conversion' to get them to go black
>Go easy on the BLM, black social issues, etc. It seems like an easy way to get someone into talking about blacks as a race but you just get them into political bullshit. >If you are targeting more than one person in the same social circle. Just go after one of them. After you convert one, that one will help you convert the rest.
(41.35 KB 854x480 bbc blindfold conversion.jpg)

>>497 Blindfold. Ask her to suck or fuck a strangers dick swinger style, and if she agrees and you bring in the stranger (BBC) and she is doing the black dick blindfolded, take the blindfold off half way through, when she see's what kind of dick she is sucking and if she pulls a black cock WTF? pale shocked face when the black cock hits her PoV then imply she's being racist so she carries on sucking or fucking it to avoid looking racist. Until she enjoys it. And does it more and more. A blindfold won't be needed after that.
The easiest way is probably getting them to listen to rap/hip-hop
>>560 every girl does that already... it won't do much.
>>560 >this It works great. Just recommend rap artists or songs. You will quickly see the person get involved in black culture and eventually black men.
>>562 are you sure? practically all zoomer girls listen to rap music but i don't think that affects their sexual preference.
>>564 I cant speak for all zoomer white girls. The girl im converting didnt listen to any rap music before and now she is into all the culture and has crushes on the rappers.
>>567 oh, thats interesting to hear. i'm really surprised she didn't listen to rap music before.
>>564 >i don't think that affects their sexual preference. Barely any zoomer white girls are racist. If they are not racist then they wouldn't mind fucking niggers since they will grow up to be whores anyway. 90% of zoomer white girls will try bbc at least once and you know what happens after they get a taste.
>>605 i never said they don't fuck black guys, i said that listening to rap music isn't a sure-fire way to make them fuck black guys.
>>568 She used to like pop. Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber, Timberlake, that sort of music. I got her to listen to old school rap that i used to be into, Snoop Dogg, 2pac, etc. She liked it and eventually got into the newer rap and hip hop. Drake, Nicki Minaj, Migos, etc. >>608 Personally i saw tremendous changes in personality from listening to rap music. She started twerking, wearing chokers, talking 'ebonics', overtly telling me how she finds the black rappers sexy. Admittedly i was doing other things to convert her meanwhile. So maybe it was the other stuff.
>>616 >Admittedly i was doing other things to convert her meanwhile I think what converted her was a combination of those things + rap music. Btw, what were those things?
>>616 you're unironically a monster
>>623 The best one ive done is grab the persons phone/pc, go to their browser and make many searches of BBC related keywords on google, porn sites, youtube, etc. Then delete the history but keep the cookies. Googles algorithm will then recommend content based on those searches. Your target will be spammed by the algorithm with bbc content. Doing all the heavy work of converting for you. The detail i like the most is that the porn pop up ads will all be interracial. So even if the person doesnt click the videos recommended to them, they still will see those porn pop up ads with BBC videos. >>631 :(
>>497 My wife jokes that she's always been hit on mostly from black guys because she has a big ass, and she's been with a few black guys before. And we've talked about trying double penetration, but she wants to lose a little weight before doing it and I remind her lots of black guys would prefer her now with extra meat. And that I might chicken out and just want to watch rather than participate in DP. It's just some scenario we've talked about before fucking a few times, maybe will never happen.
I have a female friend who is really good looking. She isn't my type of girl, but she is the type of girl I'd love to see with a black guy if that makes sense. She is blond and has a nice thicc ass and large boobs. I was at the beach with her and some other friends once and I could only think about her having sex with a black guy the entire time. I spend most time in the water to hide my boner. I'd love to convert her into a black only slut, but sadly she seems to prefer white guys. I just wish I could watch her fuck a black man or had porn of it so I no longer had to fantasize about it all the time.
>>671 >I'd love to convert her into a black only slut, but sadly she seems to prefer white guys. You should still be able to convert her easily, there are many such cases.
>>691 Thats the whole point of converting someone.
>>691 I tried, but race is a dealbreaker for her.
>>721 do what >>616 did, it worked for that girl.
>>722 She already listens to really overly sexual hip hop and stuff like that. She is a big fantasy of mine, but I think I have to let it go, since I'm already taking a bit of a risk by talking about black men with her in that context.
>>723 Have you tried anything else?
>>723 Why are you even mentioning black men in any context to her? You have to be more subtle about it. Recommend tv shows/movies to her with prominent black actors, specially if they have IR sex scenes.
>>725 >>734 I've gotten her to talk about black guys and call some of them handsome and stuff, but her ideal type of guy doesn't match what you usually find in black guys and she has a preference for white guys. I've gotten her to watch that one netflix series with the coalburner, but I don't think it had much of an impact on her.

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