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Weekly Theme Thread Anonymous 09/28/2020 (Mon) 04:02:17 No. 213
-See weekly theme. -Draw. It doesn’t matter what, or how, as long as it’s related to the theme. -Post. -Repeat next week.
>>4461 Drat, of course you'd pick the least original of the lot. I was referencing another artist rather heavily for the style of that one. Trying to get some more of that fun, exaggerated look into her. Just goes to show how immature I still am I guess.
I don't want to create a new thread yet since I'm not sure what the convention is, but do you guys do inktober and/or are interested in doing it? If so, do you guys create a prompt specifically for loomis or is it the usual prompt from the site? I figure we'll need to decide on a prompt soon so people can look ahead and think of something to draw before it starts. I'm a beginner when it comes to all of this, but inktober is pretty similar to how I'm practicing now though I'm pretty burnt out atm. I figure the prompts would be a good change of pace though in terms of what I draw. I know there's a weekly alternative, but that's basically already happening now.
>>4487 You could make an Inktober thread, but the original artist appears to have killed it so I doubt it will get much traction.
(168.74 KB 564x783 ClipboardImage.png)

>>4381 Submission for this week. >>3731 Thanks >>3732 I was using larger size bottle as a reference, and they are kind of shaped like glue bottles. I could not help myself and had to go with less recognized but more appropriate size. >>4400 >>4450 Pretty good, but gross too. It's not unusual for artists to come up with characters or subjects and develop affinity towards drawing them. Every artist probably has at least one. >>4487 I am indifferent to inktober as a concept. In past I only ever did prompts when mood struck. >>4387 This makes me nostalgic for 90s goth styles and chokers.
(125.81 KB 1282x1245 inktober.jpg)

>>4487 Seems like a good challenge to test your consistency. I do not think I am good enough for this kind of stuff though.
>>4487 >>4488 >>4499 >>4500 I remember being a newfag on this board and being told to pound sand when I asked about Inktober. In fact, it's the only thing I ever fugged off to /ic/ for. The second time I did Inktober -and made it the whole month- is what got me into the habit drawing daily. I'd prolly still be a super-beginner tier neverdraw without it. Make a thread.
(5.10 MB 600x600 week182.webm)

(181.60 KB 600x600 week182.png)

Next theme: WEREWOLF 3rd of October
>>4502 I'll participate in it this year, if someone creates a thread here, I'll post the results. Let's see what my goat hair brush can enable me to do. :D
>>4487 >>4502 Fuck it then, I'll do it too. I've been struggling to get myself to draw daily consistently. I did get better over the last year, but not as much as I hoped for.
(757.96 KB 1251x2241 Zgurl.png)

>>4450 I gave her a big jacket and a hat. I lov tiny girl with big jacket and hat
>>4502 >>4506 >>4505 Alright, if anyone wants to create a set of prompts feel free to do that before Thursday. Doesn't have to be complete either but I'd have at least a weeks worth of prompts. Otherwise I'll just create the thread with the standard prompt. If there's too much discussion though we should probably fuck off to another thread sooner, since I'm being autistic about creating a thread with the prompts in the OP. I was just about to pussy out too
>>4516 what's wrong with the prompts already given?
(218.41 KB 1000x1134 zombie girl 23.jpg)

>>4512 Those oversized sleeves are pretty darn cute. I think this is the first time anyone else has drawn one of my characters.
>>4522 I barely know anything about succeeding, but I would state that other people drawing your character of their own initiative is a sign of a winning subject. I think she's a winner chief.
>>4522 I also (sorta, not mine but I draw him a lot) have a zombie character so I like the idea uh, so yeah. I wanted to do more doodles...
(524.67 KB 1704x1649 923794732894798234.png)

>>4522 >>4525 okay last one
>>4512 CUTE
(619.38 KB 1024x880 Iced_Latte_Arabica_1024.png)

>>4512 >>4522 >>4526 Super cute. I hope you draw her more in the future.
>>4521 Nothing actually, but we could have themed it a specific way maybe (board mascots, idk). Nobody's interested regardless, so I'll make the thread later today.
(974.68 KB 5024x4409 Witch.png)

h'Witch >pretty much the entire Sunday Drawpile heh
(583.92 KB 750x1024 owoof.png)

>>4503 Here, (you). A rare early drop. >>4537 cute and hot and cute-hot
>>4538 Based and Teen Wolf-pilled
(174.13 KB 606x820 ClipboardImage.png)

>>4503 A simple werewolf for this week.
(4.03 MB 600x600 week183.webm)

(69.72 KB 600x600 week183.png)

Next theme: VAMPIRE 10th of October
(8.76 MB 600x600 week184.webm)

(117.00 KB 600x600 week184.png)

Next theme: VAMPIRE 17th of October
>>4638 it's GHOST smh >tfw no edit powers anymore
(8.29 MB 5663x5349 levampyrfaec.png)

Seeing as there was a lot of non-theme related content I finally did my job and cordoned some of it off. It took my a lot longer than I care to admit lmoa
>>4640 It's a bit convoluted of a process but I can make you a mod-you have to make a user account on the site (which is weird) however. Standard Janny salary of $0.00/hr applies but I'll send you an Intuos 3 Large-the greatest drawing tablet ever made-for your historic, meritorious service if it's something you'd be interested in.
(729.72 KB 1500x1000 BunPires_L.png)

>>4571 pic related >>4642 >Imagine being bribed to be a janny
>>4655 Somebody's got to keep the "art kike" guy at bay during the sparse few moments I'm not furiously refreshing this 1 post-per-day board, gosh. Plus I just like the idea of oldhead n*ggas here being well-equipped tbh, that wasn't necessarily a conditional offer. At any rate I suppose I'll stop now to avoid further embarrassment; this isn't the first time my well-intentioned but awkward solicitation has been made and met with raised eyebrows.
>>4655 Bery qt meatball headed bunpiresses tho tbh btw
(48.51 KB 626x766 boog.png)

böö :DDD
(375.67 KB 900x1200 gondola ghost.png)

>>4638 Oh FUCK, I'm really happy I checked the board tonight because I actually had something ready this time.
(3.18 MB 600x600 week185.webm)

(346.48 KB 600x600 week185.png)

Next theme: SKELETON 24th of October

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