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We're All Gonna Make It Join us on DrawPile (Software: https://drawpile.net/ | Host address: artga.in) in the /loomis/ channel, official meetup sunday afternoons ( 2pm US CST/CDT [9pm EU CET] ) with regular activity found throughout the week!

(68.11 KB 775x648 Drawpile1.jpg)

Non-denominational /loomis/ Drawpile Thread Anonymous 07/06/2020 (Mon) 03:06:34 No. 15
Drawpile (https://drawpile.net/) is a collaborative drawing and visual shitposting software. Every Sunday at 10pm CST Sunday at 2pm CST/CDT [9pm CET] good /loomis/ boys and girls of all skill levels from across the internet come together for a one-of-a-kind artistic experience. Join us! Drawpile > Session > Join > Host name (artga.in) > Channel (/loomis/)
Edited last time by loomis on 09/06/2021 (Mon) 15:38:49.
It's that time again! Feel free to join
One more hour~
Two hours and 42 minutes remaining until the next session!
WEE WOO WEE WOO! Session tonight in approximately 10 hours as of this post! Tell your friends, family and loved ones that it's almost shitdrawing time
WEE WOO! In 4 hours and 20 minutes it's that time once again. See you soon~
ALERT! ALERT! two and a half hours remaining until party time; see you there!
tomorrow lads
About 2 and a half hours to go, fellas
Around 5 and a half hours to go lads, hope to see you there
Drawpile at 10 as usual, boys (10 hours from this post), unfortunately I won't be able to make it tonight.
(2.28 MB 1576x1293 shot.png)

reconnecting now, shid internet
It's 3 am est, is this still going on?
This week's results. One from the week in general, one from the scheduled event.
(12.99 MB 11848x6152 loomis 2020 09 20-27 c.png)

(9.88 MB 7028x5792 loomis 2020 09 27.png)

This week's results. One from the week in general, one from the scheduled event.
(235.77 KB 1024x1024 nice.png)

>>205 Now I can actually talk to you guys without getting cancer.
>>206 Sorry it took so long for us to come around, I really held out hope it was going to get better over there somehow but we've waited more than long enough.
>>400 >Not Found The requested resource was not found on this server.
(72.55 KB 1503x816 we-out-here.png)

>>401 We out here tho
>>403 Make sure you typed "splelps.com" correctly. I think I spelled it "spelps" by accident my first time heh
(15.95 MB 11848x6152 loomis 2020 09 27-04.png)

(2.88 MB 4915x4091 loomis 2020 10 04.png)

I guess that's that, then. One from today, one from the rest of the week, mildly editorialized to avoid a duplicate. Thanks for dropping by.
(72.81 KB 648x864 ayy.jpg)

Good work as always, fellas! One thing I would like to talk about: ever since the transition to Saturdays the drawpile seems to be a bit less lively than it was before. At the same time, I know that Sunday nights in particular were tough for some regulars to maintain as well. Personally I would like to bring back Sunday as that's a day where most people typically don't have any major normie plans-but I'd definitely be open to discussing the specific time we get together. Admittedly the 10PM EST we used to do was more or less ideal for me, however I'd heard that time put a strain on some others. I'd like to hear your thoughts on this subject. I'm open for just about anything; if the night is difficult, a "morning warm up" at noon might be nice-otherwise maybe starting just a few hours sooner than we used to-say at 8pm instead of 10pm-would be something to consider as well. Those are just two options though, let me know what you guys think and we'll give it a shot at the next opportunity! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cFiSLbjRD1E
(113.18 KB 713x649 solid.png)

>>409 SOLID work really good :)
(304.51 KB 1024x1024 solid-work.png)

>>412 THANKS
When is the next drawpile?
>>451 Good question, we'd tentatively discussed changing it to 5pm Sunday in the Drawpile itself but I wanted to talk about it on the board a bit at least to hear other out
>>452 5pm CET?
>>452 Someone make a fucking poll already so that the majority of people who will actually show up choose the time that works for them so we can all agree that will be the time,
>>455 I know this was all very last minute but I'm still thinking we should at least try and see if it works out. Looks like there's an even split between 12 and 2, with one user preferring later in the evening.
>>463 I was late because we took the dog to the park and we just got back.
(14.66 MB 11848x6152 loomis 2020 10 04-11.png)

Results for the week leading up to the scheduled event.
(4.61 MB 11848x6152 loomis 2020 10 12.png)

The event itself, which was rather quiet. Also some from today, as seen in the bottom right.
>>475 I think it was due to a lack of communication-I didn't try and rally people on either board like I usually do because even I didn't know when it was happening. We really need to decide on a proper time, I need to update the board announcement and keep anon.cafe appraised of the final decision. The fact the survey only had a few respondents doesn't help things though. It seems people are generally favoring early afternoon Sunday which works just fine for me. Whaddya think, fellas? I was hoping for a little more verbal participation in this discussion, otherwise if nothing drastic changes on the poll I'll change the announcement to reflect its deliberation by wednesday.
(107.99 KB 1366x768 malvo.jpg)

(54.32 KB 659x536 time.jpg)

(94.99 KB 711x468 OHBOY.jpg)

>>516 Six of seven respondents rallied around the time between noon and 5pm Sunday; in hindsight (initially I changed the announcement to say 12pm) it obviously makes the most sense to begin in the middle. So it's decided, we have a new official meetup time: 2pm CDT / 9pm CET Every sunday! We'll try this for a few weeks-if it's a ghost town by this time next month we'll have to try again. Also, don't feel limited to just the official meetups either! The server is up all the time and I've found it's been fairly active as of late. Harb deserves a lot of credit here.
Edited last time by loomis on 10/17/2020 (Sat) 15:19:31.
>>519 >9pm CET Oh my god that's perfect. I love you.
(13.89 KB 474x296 Buff Stuff.jpg)

I'd say it was a pretty successful turnout-more people than usual though a lot of people didn't draw. Don't be shy, fellas!
(10.05 MB 11848x6152 loomis 2020 10 19.png)

Scheduled event results.
(13.72 MB 11848x6152 loomis 2020 10 11-18.png)

And the week leading up to the event. Thanks for dropping by, especially to the newcomers.
(53.22 KB 600x693 ooh.jpg)

(80.46 KB 770x655 yeh.png)

>>563 Good shit
>>564 /monster/ pls stay
>>562 I'm going to try and swing by more often during the week I think. I will be promoting the Drawpile (and the board itself) much more vigorously as well. Now that we're finally home there's no sense in remaining in hiding anymore.
>>565 Reminds me, I need to should holler at those fellas, maybe a few of them would want to attend our drawpile session
(66.39 KB 640x438 leaf peep.jpg)

Reminder: tomorrow at at 2pm CST/CDT [9pm CET] fellas and fellettes!
DRAWPILE >>> Join >>> Host Address: splelps.com >>> Sever: /loomis/
(7.67 KB 331x150 error.png)

I'm doing something wrong?
>>658 Strange, that looks correct, I just confirmed it works myself. I'll direct our gracious host Harb to this quandary when I get an opportunity. Are you using a proxy of some sort?
>>659 maybe it's the isp, I live in a meme country after all.
>>661 In that case USING a proxy might be something to try. Not sure why any particular geopolitical entity would be completely locked out though. Sorry fren, feel free to participate on the board itself any time, though.
(13.47 MB 11848x6152 loomis 2020 10 26-c.png)

We hit 14 people this time around. Crazy stuff. This week has involved a lot of cleared canvases, mostly full of boxes, balls and ellipses, with a few things shrunken down and tucked away into corners. This week and the event ended up in the same capture. Thanks for droppin' by. >>658 Odd. You're using the latest version of the client, yes? I suspect that one of our upstreams has something to do with it, either mine or yours. Then again, myriad other meme countries haven't had any issues yet, though yours might be the exception. Hm.
Return to skunke
(40.45 KB 249x353 Nice work.png)

>>675 Like a candy store. So much to enjoy. Brain slurp girls are great but I'm going to say this flower is my favorite :)
(117.49 KB 520x800 sea lily.jpg)

>>687 Looks kinda like a sea lily
>>675 I just noticed that this image doesn't work through 8chan.moe. Works through Tor and the clearnet Tor portal. Looks like some kind of caching issue.
Drawpile: https://drawpile.net/download/#Windows >>>Session >>>Join >>>Host Name: splelps.com >>>Channel: /loomis/ LET'S FRICKIN' GOOOOO!
(9.65 MB 11848x6152 loomis 2020 11 02.png)

Results from the event. On a related note, there was an incident 10 hours ago that resulted in the canvas getting locked, which has since been resolved. Apparently, if Drawpile's automatic session compaction feature kicks in, chooses a moderator to run it under and that moderator leaves before it's finished, the canvas gets and stays locked. Fug. Well, good to know that there's another rake to step on.
(11.85 MB 11848x6152 loomis 2020 10 26-01.png)

>>752 And the week leading up to the event.
>>752 >>753 For some reason it's not letting me link to the files directly. I can click on them just fine but everyone I show gets a 404. Very bizarre
>>756 Point them to the files through redchannit. I think 8chan.moe's cache has problems with large files.
>>756 click on open file, it will open in another tab or window. :)
>>757 Will do; that seems to have worked. >>758 That's what I was doing, like gosh
(642.22 KB 784x720 monke.mp4)

Edited last time by loomis on 11/08/2020 (Sun) 21:45:11.
(9.80 MB 11848x6152 loomis 2020 11 09c.png)

>>796 Kind of a slow night unfortunately, there's a lot of shit going on though so I guess it's understandable.
One hour~
(35.84 KB 477x386 Blook.jpg)

That was a good one, thanks to all who showed up. We nearly broke our attendance record for last month! I think I counted 12. Unfortunately I got banned from 4chan again for trying to drum up activity. Apparently they'll tolerate their entire site being depopulated by Discord referral links but a few posts a week about a collaborative drawing event is too much.
>>845 >Apparently they'll tolerate their entire site being depopulated by Discord referral links but a few posts a week about a collaborative drawing event is too much. Yeah, 4cuck mods are paid agents. They represent darkness. If you show people the light, they will immediately cast it into darkness. People are allowed to use JavaScript-ridden websites and (((Discord))). But alternative image boards that respect the peoples privacy are off the charts. (In addition, Drawpile is free software.)
(13.47 MB 11848x6152 loomis 2020 11 09-16 c.png)

Results. Pretty lively this time around. How pleasant. A shame about one booba-adjacent drawing getting ruined by what appeared to be a very unfortunately-timed automated process. To avoid further instances of potential image loss, session compacting will be done manually from this point forward. On a related note, we had two people removing a drawing or two of their own before leaving. I will not be going against the artists' wishes to keep their own drawings to themselves, be it from embarrassment or a desire to rework or post those drawings elsewhere without linking themselves to imageboard culture. But still, I seriously hope you guys don't do this.
testing ipad jpeg size compression heh
Any reason the canvas hasn't been wiped yet?
>>867 Yes. I had business outside of town and was convinced it would be a few hour ordeal rather than one taking several days. Oops.
you think today is gonna pop off like last time?
>>915 I'd like to believe it will do well but I don't think it'll be quite as active. Last time I was able to promote the event across multiple boards on 4chan but by the end I got banned for over a week and won't be able to repeat that this time-as I mentioned here (>>845) >will probably get a paid VPN soon so I can ignore their arbitrary rules but money has been a little tight lately In the meantime I will be making my usual rounds to the art discord groups and /v/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PaZXPx1kdtg
(21.58 MB 11848x6152 loomis 2020 11 23.png)

Big draws, new faces. Thanks to anyone who participated. Let's see if the image goes through without crushing the colors.
(9.10 MB 7123x6152 loomis 2020 11 16-23.png)

>>922 Works through Tor. Probably good enough. And everything from the week leading up to Sunday.
>>922 We really filled it up.
(464.13 KB 1239x1059 lilwitchdrawpile_33.png)

Is there sauce on this little witch, or did an anon just start drawing her in pile a few weeks ago?
>>926 You can say that again
>>927 That's Akko from LWA
(25.40 KB 473x557 1605886431654.png)

Less than an hour to go!
(12.01 MB 11848x6152 loomis 2020 11 23-30.png)

(16.02 MB 11848x6152 loomis 2020 11 30.png)

Results and result-adjacent imagery.
>>1013 >Nugtown's she-goat Oh mama
(240.51 KB 1491x730 pls.jpg)

We in here~
(21.94 MB 11848x6152 loomis 2020 11 30-06.png)

Results. Not much of anything in the week leading up to the event.
>>1067 Where you been at lately Harbl? Busy with work?
>>1072 Workan, familyan, general malaisean. I've fallen off the wagon in regards of arting and being an upstanding custodian of the strange culture surrounding weird scribbles by obscure, disjointed people all over the Internet. Gonna try to be more present for the Sunday events and not be stranded in the middle of nowhere and trying to prop up a facade of healthy familial relations due to trains suddenly not running. On an unrelated note, if you've got decent shoes or boots, walking for 7 or so hours across mostly uninhabited lands starting at midnight with only a railway to guide you home as the winter chills set in makes for an interesting experience. I felt more at home than I did among family. Would recommend at least once.
It's that time again, lads
>>1060 I get why you guys keep posting those invitations on ic, but why in dad/las general? Is anyone of you guys even a part of dad.gallery?
>>1114 I've been a member of the LAS and DAD discords for a while but admittedly I haven't been part of LAS since I forgot my password one day and got BTFO. I'll be joining again on the first of 2021 and encouraging some others to do the same. The reason I chose the DAD/LAS thread apart from that is because I feel like it has a better artist-to-crab ratio than most other threads; it's simply the thread that has the best chance of having a few people who might be interested in hanging out and drawing. I also hit up the Tower Girls thread a lot of the time because I created and maintained that thread for like four years; I have a sort of sentimental relationship with it in other words even if I haven't posted in it for many years since
Edited last time by loomis on 12/14/2020 (Mon) 17:25:45.
>>1115 Fair enough, thanks for explanation.
(21.23 MB 11848x6152 loomis 2020 12 06-13.png)

>>1124 That drainage pipe looks extremely lewd to me.
I notice the /loomis/ drawpile doesn't end up on the booru like /monster/, is it too big of a file or just the discretion of the booru boys?
>>1136 I've seen the past ones on there
>>1136 Th-...There's a booru? >/monster/ Where do those degenerates hang out these days anyway? I feel like a few of them may have had talent. >nevermind I found it Nice. It might soon by time for a good will mission to united the scattered tribes of drawf*gs.
>>1139 https://ourobooru.booru.org/ is the new(er) booru for all 8chan diaspora.
>>1141 Oh cool, maybe I should add that to the "board announcement" with the drawpile. Seems topical enough
>>1136 Booru boy here. Though some might fit, most of them are too big.
>>1146 Got any specifics you can share in terms of filesize and resolution? I'd be alright producing a crustier resized and processed booru-friendly version when dropping captures.
>>1147 Hopefully he just means file size; perhaps uploading a raw .png as usual could be supplemented with a jpg. The difference in file size between the two is often well over 10MB
>>1147 >>1148 I ran these through PS last night- One is a jpg at 70% quality and the other was reduced to 256 colors before exporting as png. Could always just half or 1/3 resize them, too, without losing much detail.
>>1147 I've bumped up the pixel limit before but the drawpiles still don't upload, so it's probably is file size. I don't know the official file size limit though. You can try uploading them yourself if you want, anonymous upload is enabled.
>>1124 >cum jar town why
>>1152 hell yeah, dude
>>1152 >>1153 I hadn't noticed that tbh heh
Let's hope next session is a little more lively-but all things considered I kind of doubt it will be >and then the one after that is new years, isn't it? JUST
>>1204 I meant to say, thanks to everyone who did show up though. It was a pretty comfy session-just unfortunately a little low energy.
(844.04 KB 4431x2563 loomis 2020 12 13-20.png)

(12.70 MB 11848x6152 loomis 2020 12 20.png)

Dead week, modestly dead Sunday. Thanks for dropping by.
(4.38 MB 5924x3076 drawpile_20201220_50pct.png)

Reduced dimensions by 50% and no real loss in details.
It's that time again, unfortunately I'm working today which is pretty rare; I still did my rounds though-let's see if anyone shows up
(10.41 MB 11848x6152 loomis 2020 12 27.png)

And the results are in. So ends another year of Internet markmaking on an obscure server catering toward an obscure community. Thanks for dropping by.
(11.74 MB 11848x6152 loomis 2020 12 20-27.png)

>>1278 And the week leading up to the event.
>>1278 >>1279 basado
(3.47 MB 7701x3999 12-27-20.jpg)

Low res jpeg version
>>1286 >Low res jpeg version That's what you call "low res"? I vote for uploading the Drawpile images as JPEGs. Not that voting has ever changed anything.
>>1293 I vote for this vote
It's that time again lads
(11.63 MB 11848x6152 loomis 2020 12 27-03.png)

(15.16 MB 11848x6152 loomis 2021 01 03.png)

(1.41 MB 4739x2460 loomis 2020 12 27-03.jpg)

(1.64 MB 4739x2460 loomis 2021 01 03.jpg)

Results. Now also in smaller JPEG form factor. Thanks for dropping by.
>>1351 Y-...you alive Harb?
(54.14 KB 361x361 harb in 20 years.jpg)

>>1421 He must be tired
(6.06 MB 10422x3486 loomis 2021 01 03-10.png)

(14.12 MB 11848x6152 loomis 2021 01 10.png)

(822.74 KB 4689x1568 loomis 2021 01 03-10.jpg)

(1.50 MB 5331x2768 loomis 2021 01 10.jpg)

Results, as late as they are. Thanks to any and all participants. I saw what you did, insect aficionado who shall remain unnamed. >>1421 >>1424 >can't connect via Tor >site must be temporarily down, as it occasionally is >try different nodes, same deal >been days >open new tab to try some other site >browser instantly crashes >no problem connecting Friendly reminder to scribble angry messages on the canvas to get my attention thank you.
(17.31 MB 11848x6152 loomis 2021 01 10-17.png)

(1.98 MB 5331x2768 loomis 2021 01 10-17.jpg)

Id's habbening. I'll just leave the week leading up to the Sunday draw over here in advance.
(14.84 MB 11848x6152 loomis 2021 01 17.png)

(1.42 MB 5331x2768 loomis 2021 01 17.jpg)

>>1454 And that's a wrap. Thanks for dropping by.
(240.51 KB 1491x730 lads.jpg)

Weekly reminder!
(12.66 MB 11848x6152 loomis 2021 01 17-24.png)

(13.26 MB 11848x6152 loomis 2021 01 24.png)

(1.78 MB 5331x2768 loomis 2021 01 17-24.jpg)

(1.77 MB 5331x2768 loomis 2021 01 24.jpg)

And the results are in. Thanks for yet another week of neat drawings and horrifying abominations.
It's happenin'!
We might have broke our last attendance record this week. As usual not everyone who showed up actually drew anything but I'm not going to cast stones from glass houses when my sundays are usually a family day where I have to dart around the house in between drawings.
(21.74 MB 11848x6152 loomis 2021 01 24-31.png)

(18.10 MB 11848x6152 loomis 2021 01 31.png)

(1.72 MB 5331x2768 loomis 2021 01 24-31.jpg)

(2.11 MB 5331x2768 loomis 2021 01 31.jpg)

Big files, comin' through.
(24.86 MB 11848x6152 loomis 2021 01 31-07.png)

(16.85 MB 11848x6152 loomis 2021 02 07.png)

(2.34 MB 5331x2768 loomis 2021 01 31-07.jpg)

(2.20 MB 5331x2768 loomis 2021 02 07.jpg)

So ends another week of markmaking. New record in subsequent days of activity. Thanks for joining.
(23.75 MB 11848x6152 loomis 2021 02 07-14.png)

(19.21 MB 11848x6152 loomis 2021 02 14.png)

(2.39 MB 5331x2768 loomis 2021 02 07-14.jpg)

(2.35 MB 5331x2768 loomis 2021 02 14.jpg)

These are getting busier and busier. More new names, more new draws, more... weirdness. Hot damn. PNGs and JPEGs for the week leading up to Sunday and the Sunday draw itself, as per usual. Thanks to anyone who managed to drop by.
>>1808 Who else? There is only one person shilling drawpile. I agree with you though, cuckchan's /m/ is an odd place for him to shill on. Is there even a single artist there?
>>1808 Sorry for the late reply >it me >>1809 >Is there even a single artist there? I don't know but I didn't want to leave it up to chance >t. lifelong Robotech/Macross fan https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=srnyVw-OR0g
(19.68 MB 12000x8000 loomis 2021 02 14-21.png)

(15.76 MB 12000x8000 loomis 2021 02 21.png)

(2.46 MB 5400x3600 loomis 2021 02 14-21.jpg)

(2.08 MB 5400x3600 loomis 2021 02 21.jpg)

And the results are in. Pretty quiet for a Sunday this time around, but there are pretty pictures to look at. Thanks for turning transparent pixels into more opaque ones.
(13.11 MB 12000x8000 loomis 2021 02 21-28.png)

(19.63 MB 12000x8000 loomis 2021 02 28.png)

(1.44 MB 5400x3600 loomis 2021 02 21-28.jpg)

(2.62 MB 5400x3600 loomis 2021 02 28.jpg)

Another week has gone by, and we've managed to avoid dying. See you next time.
>>1839 We should start calling them Nondolas
>>1840 wut
>>1841 A nondola being anything which doesn't fit a purist's Gondola form standards
HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARB Why doesn't Drawpile work? I can log on to the server, but the rooms are greyed out. Please sned halp!!!1!
>>1875 How strange. Nothing's changed on the backend, no new versions out yet. The only time I've seen a session grayed out on the list has been if said session's been mid-reset, but that's been limited to only the session in question. You using a fresh enough client or done anything kooky with it on your end?
>>1876 I think their Appimage just doesn't work. I'm currently gathering all the dependencies to compile it from source, because that worked in the past.
>>1877 The AppImage is too outdated to be compatible with the newer version. Flatpak is the only option if you don't want to compile.
(22.66 MB 12000x8000 loomis 2021 02 28-07.png)

(2.95 MB 5400x3600 loomis 2021 02 28-07.jpg)

The pictures are getting too heavy to post together. Here's the week leading up to the Sunday draw.
(26.25 MB 14208x8000 loomis 2021 03 07.png)

(3.72 MB 6393x3600 loomis 2021 03 07.jpg)

>>1892 And the Sunday draw. Thanks for dropping by.
Harb what happened, man? Are you alive?
>>1973 Is something wrong? Everything seems to be fine on my end, and people have been active.
(17.69 MB 14208x8000 loomis 2021 03 07-14.png)

(1.84 MB 6393x3600 loomis 2021 03 07-14.jpg)

>>1976 Speaking of which, might as well post the results of the week leading up to the (still ongoing) Sunday event.
>>1976 I checked in earlier today and the only channel I was seeing was the Fridge. I checked about an hour ago and I saw the same-I just checked now intending to take a screenshot and /loomis/ is back.
Pretty disappointed I didn't get to participate today for whatever reason but I'm looking forward to seeing what everyone else did in my absense.
(18.02 MB 14208x8000 loomis 2021 03 14.png)

(2.21 MB 6393x3600 loomis 2021 03 14.jpg)

>>1985 Not quite as lively as usual, but drawing did occur. A few books, a few blocks, a few bones, a few standalones, and one very demented-looking jinjo. Thanks to any and all participants.
>>1987 Any reason you can think of for why the channel (any channel apart from the Fridge) wasn't appearing on my end? I checked several times and actually panic reverse-invited my usual rotation because of it. No big deal either way it was just an unfortunate cricumstance I'll probably ignore next time.
>>1989 After some research and thinking what various levers, dials and sliders I could have fondled between >>1973 and >>1980 ... The NSFW tag, which I was testing at the time. The button to show and hide NSFW sessions is perhaps a little too abstract if it can flummox and completely shut out a headstrong, grizzled balding man from drawing two-legged funny bear creatures. fug
>>1990 Oh man, I didn't even notice such an option. I guess I just saw the lack of servers and transitioned seamlessly into fight or flight mode (emphasis on flight). Not sure why NSFW being hidden would be the default in Drawpile but I'll try and take a closer look if such an occurrence happens again.
>>2032 >servers ''Channels"" I mean
(8.05 MB 9264x3992 loomis 2021 03 14-21.png)

(800.07 KB 4168x1796 loomis 2021 03 14-21.jpg)

The week leading up to the event was not particularly lively, but spaced out enough to keep us going.
(25.23 MB 14208x8000 loomis 2021 03 21.png)

(2.84 MB 6393x3600 loomis 2021 03 21.jpg)

And the Sunday canvas itself. Pretty busy for several hours. Thanks for dropping by.
(66.79 KB 330x372 wut.png)

>I spaced yet another drawthread One of these days I'll contribute... I-I Swear!
(1.44 MB 5485x3600 loomis 2021 03 21-28.jpg)

(9.20 MB 12191x8000 loomis 2021 03 21-28.png)

The week leading up to the thing.
(20.87 MB 14208x8000 loomis 2021 03 28.png)

(3.13 MB 6393x3600 loomis 2021 03 28.jpg)

>>2159 And the thing. Some strange fellows and more crudeness this time around. In any case, thanks for dropping by.
(138.25 KB 592x369 tranny_Harb.jpg)

Shilling drawpile on cuckchan was a mistake.
>>2161 Possibly. Send hatemail to Loomis so he knows that there is at least one person who vehemently hates his shilling practices. I've made my relatively mild distaste known a while ago.
>>2161 Something like that happened? I missed yesterday's drawpile.
>>2161 >>2162 IMHO we've managed a very good ratio of beautiful strangers to odious retards thus far. We also have enough regulars now to where low quality eccentrics who just want to make a nuisance of themselves can be weeded out if they become too much of a moderation burden/make the drawpile a less pleasant experience for others. I'm usually a little too agreeable thanks to my imageboard-fried limbic system so I'm a poor arbiter of when it's time to take Old Yeller outside behind the shed; feel free to use your discretion in that regard.
Edited last time by loomis on 03/30/2021 (Tue) 03:26:18.
>>2164 I was, unfortunately, not present when most of the questionable acts took place. A quick amicable chat would have given some more insight. I did get to talking with one person, but just as I thought we were reaching a mutual understanding, he took something I said rather offensively and left. just as I thought we were making progress. In any case, it might be worthwhile to point out the two guiding principles I have: Firstly, the canvas should not leave the impression that it's particularly loyal to any subculture, clique or creed. Too much furshit? Too much loli? Too much relating to one specific imageboard, community or circlejerk? Not enough effort? Too much effort? Too much cancer? Not enough cancer? None great. I can't mandate diversity nor would I want to, so the closest I can effectively do is to encourage everything. Especially the weird stuff. If there's no running theme, then nothing is out of the question, nothing can be out of place, and the only standards you have to live up to are your own. You can draw whatever and at worst you get called a degenerate every now and then. I like that idea. Secondly, I don't want people to draw on other people's drawings without express consent, and especially if it's done destructively. I want artists to feel comfortable knowing that their art, message or vision, as long as can be seen, will be seen exactly as devised. Unless an artist explicitly forfeits their right to have their drawings unmolested. If the original can clearly be separated from any additional context or commentary, or if there's a crystal-clear avenue of continuation that doesn't disrupt the original, I have no qualms with that, but I will not stand for defacement. Relying on an after-the-fact permission from an apathetic artist doesn't cut it with me. Unless the expectation of edits and additions is plain and clear to the most ignorant yokel, or you get the original author's attention while they're still present and they're okay with the proceedings, I ain't havin' it. I refuse to accept defacement as the expected standard and preservation as the exception. If I have to embody a spergy caricature of conviction to cultivate this kind of culture, I will do just that. Thank you for listening to my TED talk.
(1.53 MB 1280x720 Amogloss.mp4)

>>2165 Excellent quality-post drawpileman >>2164 So this meme originated from cuckchan? I thought it was an altchan /b/ original.
(247.80 KB 388x472 autist phos.gif)

>>2161 >>2164 >>2165 Wait, have people been just drawing over other people's shit in the pile? Also, what's this about cuckchanners coming here? Sorry if I seem clueless about all this, I've never been in a drawpile here, but I don't know if I want to from the sound of all this drama.
>>2165 > Relying on an after-the-fact permission from an apathetic artist doesn't cut it with me. I agree. DolphinDork, stop fucking up my shit after I leave and go to sleep. Then I wake up the next day to see my drawing being disgraced by disgusting shit or retarded phrases. If the drawing is some retarded shit, I don't mind, but you can tell when someone actually put effort into a drawing and wants it to improve the overall quality of the canvas.
>>2168 It's far from a common issue. These kinds of overdrawings, erasures and inadvertent resizings have happened maybe a dozen and a half times over two years, almost always by mistake and always resolved through dialog and badmin wizardry, bringing the original back into full form. There's been exactly one case where I haven't been able to reverse the effects. Despite that one incident involving a clearly low-effort drawing taking, one perhaps taking only a minute or two of effort, it weighs heavily on me. This is just something I feel strongly about, and I see it as a personal failure. If I cannot afford the objectively weakest drawing the same protections as I do for the strongest, then I have failed. I think even the slightest possibility that someone's drawing might end up being repurposed or mutilated in a way that's not completely in line with the original artist's intents is extremely harmful to the motivation of any participating artists. In the ideal, I don't want this to be just an easily resolvable non-issue, I want this concern to be unthinkable. I'll never be able to guarantee it, but I'm going to do my best to make it so. On the off-chance that you, marine mammal person, happen to read this, please do join again some time. I genuinely do find your viewpoint interesting, and there is room for compromises and accommodations that don't jeopardize the core tenets of the server nor me. I'm not entirely sure what I might have said to offend you. I think there might have been a misunderstanding involving the capabilities of the software in use, and why I am as adamant about leaving drawings in the exact state the artists left them in as I am. There are limits to what can be undone. tl;dr Mistakes happen and have happened, those get fixed. We had an instance of deliberate action in the same vein, but not malicious. Couldn't keep the dialog going for long enough to come to an amicable resolve. All is well until further notice. Drop by and talk with me, shitposterman.
>>2169 This might be naive of me, but I honestly don't think he meant any harm. This might be unwarranted optimism on my part, but I recognized a spark of that 2008-era imegeboard spergery and magic in what he said. I hope he shows up again at some point and we can talk it out, even if it means agreeing to hate each other's guts. Or he just never returns. I would like to know exactly how he feels, knowing exactly what my stances are and why they are what they are. It's fascinating stuff.
>>2171 Oh, I'd assumed you guys meant that someone was deliberately just drawing over other people's shit to fuck with them. Yeah I suppose that kind of stuff is bound to happen.
Sometimes I get scared I'm drawing on top of someone else's drawing because the software hasn't updated the canvas or because I've hidden something by mistake and I'm not seeing the other drawing. I know it seems I'm blaming the software but it's just that I don't really know the ins and outs of it yet so I might make mistakes.
(17.67 KB 320x301 (´・ω・`).jpg)

>>2171 You're not wrong, and I do not hate you, I was just impatient and decided to cut my losses for that day. You've been very patient and I feel we did come an (albeit temporarily) middle ground, I'll come back sometime if you're okay with it, I'd still like to work something out since the fun I had there is very much real, which is obviously something I really do very much appreciate. All the best.
(22.87 MB 14208x8000 loomis 2021 03 28-04.png)

(2.48 MB 6393x3600 loomis 2021 03 28-04.jpg)

>>2182 You're always welcome to drop by. Speaking of dropping by, the thing is happening. Or should be happening. Dumping the week's output. Easter Sunday output to follow, likely within 20 hours.
(20.97 MB 14208x8000 loomis 2021 04 04.png)

(2.24 MB 6393x3600 loomis 2021 04 04.jpg)

Lotsa drawing. Lotsa bunny. Hope you had a decent Easter. Thanks for dropping by.
(14.52 MB 14208x8000 loomis 2021 04 04-11.png)

(1.52 MB 6393x3600 loomis 2021 04 04-11.jpg)

Guess I'll drop these off while the Sunday draw is still going. With any luck, we won't have any particular piece sticking around for too long in the future, unless it's of truly great magnitude.
(24.33 MB 14208x8000 loomis 2021 04 11.png)

(2.79 MB 6393x3600 loomis 2021 04 11.jpg)

Hydration is good. Drinking and drawing, however, may make you reference a decade and a half old Flash file in the least tasteful way possible. Thanks for dropping by.
(224.18 KB 1491x730 lads.jpg)

Drawpile time! (I just realized, even if most of the people here already know about it it couldn't hurt to bump the thread in preparation regardless in case any passersby want to participate)
>>2420 Had you not, I would legit have missed it. I forgot today is a Sunday.
is it still on? I can't connect to the session
>>2425 Yep, quite a few still here. Remember it's SPLELPS.COM, not SPELPS. I've also seen people mistakenly click "session > host" instead of "session > join"
>>2426 ah fuck then it's my connection. My internet haves been shithole level shit lately
>>2427 Is that you Flaum? Yeah I don't know what's happening fella, everyone else seems to be connecting without too much trouble.
>>2428 yeah I'm Flaum, I'll have to rant to my internet provider because this is too much bs. Next time it will be
(14.16 MB 14208x8000 loomis 2021 04 11-18.png)

(1.49 MB 6393x3600 loomis 2021 04 11-18.jpg)

The canvas of the week leading up to the thing.
(16.61 MB 14208x8000 loomis 2021 04 18.png)

(3.29 MB 6393x3600 loomis 2021 04 18.jpg)

And the Sunday draw. Some aliens, some very stylish drawings, a smattering of cringe. I had to run off in a hurry due to Unforeseen Circumstances, but it looks like our fine participants successfully managed to avoid burning the place down to the ground. If our Loomis would be so kind as to have a crack at turning the two captures into a collage of aliums and alium accessories while leaving out the not-quite-aliums like Pokeymen for the theme thread, I would be much obliged. Thanks for dropping by.
>>2436 Sure thing; I'll get it when I get home as I promised few weeks ago.
holy fucking shit im so fucking tired reading all this shit told me nothing will happen if i just pray so i fucking gave up praying what the fuck! fuckign fuck you all must be fucking proud
(25.99 KB 479x358 twHYg.jpg)

(224.18 KB 1491x730 lads.jpg)

It's almost time
(21.98 MB 14208x8000 loomis 2021 04 18-25.png)

(1.78 MB 6393x3600 loomis 2021 04 18-25.jpg)

Week leading up to the thing.
(19.96 MB 14208x8000 loomis 2021 04 25.png)

(2.32 MB 6393x3600 loomis 2021 04 25.jpg)

The thing. Yep, that's a canvas. Thanks for dropping by.
>>2624 Nice Wood Man, Harb; I lol'd
Weekly Drawpile reminder!
(23.44 MB 14208x8000 loomis 2021 04 25-02.png)

(2.35 MB 6393x3600 loomis 2021 04 25-02.jpg)

Week leading up to the thing.
(27.82 MB 14208x8000 loomis 2021 05 02.png)

And the thing. Heavy on the amount of drawings, heavy on color and gradients. Needed to compress it, and I can't even post it together with the smaller jpeg. Hot damn.
(3.54 MB 6393x3600 loomis 2021 05 02.jpg)

>>2708 Thanks for dropping by.
someone was very horny this week
>>2708 Thanks as usual Harb, I will go on a Dwarf hunting expedition when I get home for the Theme Thread's sake so no worries there.
Drawpile in starts in 15
>6 or so people showed up Just like old times!
(20.96 MB 14208x8000 loomis 2021 05 02-09.png)

(2.68 MB 6393x3600 loomis 2021 05 02-09.jpg)

Delays aside, it's time to post captures.
(8.49 MB 11551x5646 loomis 2021 05 09.png)

(3.54 MB 11551x5646 loomis 2021 05 09.jpg)

Not the most active of Sundays. Perhaps everyone was celebrating motherhood and spending time with family. Theme didn't see too much use. Then again, I wasn't particularly prompt about updating the image there due to circumstances which have thankfully since been resolved. My thanks to all participants.
Drawpile Day! Cool dudes and dudettes apply within. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EtC8WxPt7d8
(14.33 MB 14208x8000 Hold me now.png)

Here's the Sunday Drawpile results! Here's hoping Harb is doing alright.
Sorry I didn't respond Arco I just went to talk to my brother quick; I don't think I'm able to host unfortunately
(15.79 MB 14208x8000 loomis 2021 05 23.png)

(1.11 MB 7104x4000 loomis 2021 05 23.jpg)

Here's this Sunday's capture. We're missing you Drawpileman, don't die on us.
(7.81 MB 14208x8000 Dorp.png)

(2.52 MB 14208x8000 Dorp2.jpeg)

Here's the weekdays'. Sorry, I JUST got back from work.
I'm working today so I won't be able to clear the board at the scheduled time (about 2.5 hours from now). If anyone else can take care of that I'd appreciate it. Please save a png and jpg of the weekly canvas as well and post it ITT if you'd be so kind. If all else fails I'll be back home around 7.
(13.28 MB 14208x8000 loomis 2021 05 23-30.png)

(1.08 MB 7104x4000 loomis 2021 05 23-30.jpg)

Here's this week's capture. Thank you for joining in. >>2958 Done. I also found a way to remove the ugly stain from last week so here we go, a clean canvas.
>>2961 Thanks a gorillion, if you could be so kind as to repeat this process sometime tomorrow-or rather in 12 hours or so (not sure what your timezone is of course, heh) I'd really appreciate it. I haven't had much reprieve from work lately.
(15.59 MB 14208x8000 loomis 2021 05 30.png)

(1.66 MB 7104x4000 loomis 2021 05 30.jpg)

Sunday's capture. Thank you for joining in. >>2963 No need to burden yourself if work gets in the way. I'm always here anyways.
Don't know who cleared the drawpile, but could anyone restore the spin and ribcage that in was in the corner? I wasn't quite done with it.
>>3016 >spin *spine
>>3016 Might have to ask in the Drawpile itself unfortunately. No telling if they'll be browsing the board any time soon
Anyone else have issues connecting to the drawpile?
(8.46 MB 14208x8000 loomis 2021 05 30-06.png)

(909.16 KB 7104x4000 loomis 2021 05 30-06.jpg)

This week's canvas capture, thank you for joining in. >>3016 Done, lower right corner
>>3022 Thank you Also nice dubs.
(9.52 MB 14208x8000 loomis 2021 06 06.png)

(1.19 MB 7104x4000 loomis 2021 06 06.jpg)

Sunday's canvas capture, thank you for joining in.
Drawpile today in 45 minutes
(11.64 MB 14208x8000 loomis 2021 06 06-13.png)

(1.16 MB 7104x4000 loomis 2021 06 06-13.jpg)

Good news: Drawpileman has come back. Join the weekly Drawpile event to find out more. Thank you for joining in.
(15.57 MB 14208x8000 loomis 2021 06 13.png)

(2.10 MB 7104x4000 loomis 2021 06 13.jpg)

I am alive once more. I didn't catch the state of the canvas before the Sunday draw began, but we got some ogres. Thanks for dropping by.
>>3071 the Return of the Kang
Drawpile imminent, the slate has been cleaned; commence the doodlin'!
(27.33 MB 14208x8000 loomis 2021 06 13-20.png)

(3.15 MB 7814x4400 loomis 2021 06 13-20.jpg)

Captures of the week leading up to the event. AC's pulling most of the weight, as usual. Beyond that, we did get some cats and fruit-headed people.
(22.34 MB 14208x8000 loomis 2021 06 20.png)

(3.08 MB 7814x4400 loomis 2021 06 20.jpg)

And the captures of the Sunday draw. Strangely lively right after my completely mysterious and unexplained absence. My appreciation goes out to anyone dropping by, as per usual. Thanks.
(28.58 MB 14208x8000 loomis 2021 06 20-27.png)

Images getting too big to even post jpegs and pngs together, even after crushing the colors down. Goddamned artists and their colors, I tells ya.
(3.58 MB 7814x4400 loomis 2021 06 20-27.jpg)

On a mildly related note, the thing is happening right now. You can join and shit up my beautiful canvas at this very moment.
Drawpile Day! See ya in an hour
Drawpile in 5, seeya there!
(12.10 MB 14208x8000 loomis 2021 06 27.png)

(2.29 MB 7814x4400 loomis 2021 06 27.jpg)

Too much slacking off on my part. Dumping the missing captures.
(11.77 MB 14208x8000 loomis 2021 06 27-04.png)

(15.13 MB 14208x8000 loomis 2021 07 04.png)

(1.68 MB 7814x4400 loomis 2021 06 27-04.jpg)

(2.41 MB 7814x4400 loomis 2021 07 04.jpg)

(18.47 MB 14208x8000 loomis 2021 07 04-11.png)

(2.02 MB 7814x4400 loomis 2021 07 04-11.jpg)

(9.71 MB 10824x6320 loomis 2021 07 11.png)

(1.76 MB 5953x3475 loomis 2021 07 11.jpg)

And we're caught up once more. Thanks for dropping by.
>>3412 Thanks a gorillion as usual. I hope things are settling down on your end. Admittedly I was worried I wasn't going to see this stuff again
(86.49 KB 1120x783 Ays.png)

Not sure if this is the right thread, but I drew some ay lmaos the other day.
>>3453 WE WUZ ALIUMS 'N SHEEIT Good stuff anon
>>3453 >Not sure if this is the right thread It ayyn't lmao
Drawpile in 20 fellas
Drawpile soon lads
(357.65 KB 1080x1350 1626263359295.jpg)

Drawpile in 45 minutes, see you then
(3.95 MB 10000x6000 8-1-21.jpeg)

(13.10 MB 10000x6000 8-1-21.png)

Here's the week's submissions, thanks for stopping by! Until next time.
>>3634 sauce
>>3659 Wish I knew, fella. Wish I knew
(173.09 KB 611x792 drawpile-rally.jpg)

Working on a new imageboard-agnostic rally image so I can leave semi-permanent threads up on other boards without getting instant banned
>>3680 Who is the guy photoshopped to look like Raiden?
>>3686 Glenn Vilppu
(3.15 MB 10000x6000 8-8-21.jpeg)

(13.45 MB 10000x6000 8-8-21.png)

This week's Daily Drawing Sessions canvas, good work everybody! Canvas will be cleared for the Sunday Session shortly
(2.83 MB 10000x6000 8-8-21(2).jpeg)

(10.02 MB 10000x6000 8-8-21(2).png)

...and the Sunday Session; thank you for your participation.
>>3711 Kek. Glad someone had fun doddling over my skeleton, wish it was on a seperate layer though.
>>3713 Sorry Rabbet, they didn't mean to-I just don't think they realized it was on multiple different layers. I think Bear might be able to help if you run into him at some point. Otherwise just copying the .png should be an okay compromise even though you'll lose your layers
(1.97 MB 972x720 ftfy.webm)

>>3713 >>3714 The musculi have been returned intact to their previous layers.
>>3715 🅱️ased 🅱️urr to the rescue
>>3714 >Sorry Rabbet, they didn't mean to I don't think they did either, why I'm not upset. What they drew was pretty funny and that's what counts. >>3715 Thanks based bear.
(5.07 MB 10000x6000 8-15-21.jpeg)

(18.45 MB 10000x6000 8-15-21.png)

Thus concludes this week's Daily Drawing sessions! Here are the results. Good job, everybody! Now the canvas has been (mostly) cleared and is awaiting your participation in our Sunday meetup. Hope to see you there!
>>3777 Poor Gondola Jebus getting poked with a pointy stick.
(3.02 MB 10000x6000 8-15-21S.jpeg)

(12.99 MB 10000x6000 8-15-21S.png)

...and here's the Sunday canvas. Good work everybody! A little slower than I hoped but it was a good session nonetheless.
Don't worry about the skelly Loomis, I was done with it and already have a copy.
Drawpile soon, see you there
For as low as we'd fallen as of the past months things were beginning to rebuild pretty quickly with some talented artists appearing from other boards attending regularly. That all said, I'm not here to cry because it's over, but smile because it happened. Rest well, Harb! I will remember the Drawpile as you'd hosted it over the years very fondly even if I'd took it for granted a lot of time.
(512.78 KB 800x450 ClipboardImage.png)

>>3881 RIP
(92.84 KB 370x300 munch.gif)

>>3881 Is the server dead for good? As mentioned before I am ready to take over from Harb at any time.
>>3940 seems 100% dead. nothing stopping you from doing it yourself (unless you are poor)
>>3949 Money is not a problem for me. I just don't want to waste my time setting up everything only for Drawpileman to come back 3 days later putting the server back online.
>>3950 Yeah let's maybe give it a short break at least to see if Harb is really set on throwing us to the wolves. I'd really appreciate if he'd make some kind of statement but I don't know what he's dealing with in his life right now or what his reasoning may have been.
As far as I understand it, he had prepaid for the server, so unless I'm mistaken he had to have gone out of his way to shut it down.
(1.78 MB 378x368 munch_burger.gif)

I hosted my own drawpile. I tried replicating the way Harb setup his server so the transition should be seamless. Host: artga.in
>>3970 By the way if you were a moderator in Harb's Cave just drop by so I can restore your badmin privileges.
>>3970 >The hero receives no reply This setting is too realistic. Anyway, I appreciate the effort. Does this mean tonight is business as usual? I'll be on either way, if a little late.
>>4010 Yes. Feel free to drop by whenever you want.
>>3970 I had 30 seconds of extreme sadness as i tried to connect. Thank you. Don't y'all disappear on me.
I'm going to pass for now but I'll start campaigning again soon. Thanks for hosting, I meant to say that earlierp
Sorry guys I'm going to update the thread and make a new image to promote the new Drawpile soon. Many thanks to the host; I apologize for not updating the thread or the board's announcement message appropriately.
Also yes if anyone's wondering I AM having a hard time letting go/moving on.
(791.79 KB 6000x3375 loomis_2021-09-06.jpg)

(9.15 MB 12000x6750 loomis_2021-09-06.png)

The canvas has been wiped. Thank you for dropping by.
(45.97 KB 800x800 cats.jpg)

I am currently doing server maintenance on artga.in so the drawpile will go down for around 10 minutes.
(14.74 MB 10000x5625 drawpile21.png)

(982.24 KB 5000x2812 drawpile21.jpg)

Not sure if Loomis is still organizing the Sunday drawpile event but I wiped the canvas just in case. Thank you for dropping by.
(1.74 MB 2048x2048 dp-announcement-000.png)

>>4243 > Not sure if Loomis is still organizing the Sunday drawpile event but I wiped the canvas just in case. Thank you for dropping by. Wowowowowowow. That's not how this works here around the hood. The drawpile is a cultural tradition here. Even when a host dies, the flame will live on. Someone else will take over. It's how it has been and how it always will be. So... *inhales* DRAWPILE IN ONE AND A HALF HOURS. artga.in ( 2pm US CST/CDT [9pm EU CET] )
>>4243 >>4244 Sorry guys, my dog had a seizure this morning so I've been a little out of it. I'm here and I will send out invites asap. Twenty minutes!
>>4245 btw he's okay now thankfully, but it was just pretty scary heh
(1.27 MB 5000x2812 loomis_2021-09-13.jpg)

(19.13 MB 10000x5625 loomis_2021-09-13.png)

Thank you for dropping by.
In the event of my absence or tardiness I would like to ask my moderators to maintain the drawpile in my stead. The tasks consist of: >wipe and upload the canvas every Sunday and Monday >update the weekly theme image >reset the session Thank you for your hard work and enjoy your power trip. In addition if you no longer wish to be a hotpocket please contact me so I can promptly nuke your privileges.
Having connection problems lads
(3.49 KB 465x393 fuggin-drawbile.png)

Lost internet connection and now I can't reconnect. Boot the false Loomis if you get this message but if not it's okay fellas
>>4359 "Loomis" is no longer present, so you should be able to get in now. A lot of people seem to be having connection issues tonight myself included.
>>4360 Thanks for the assist. I think I just have been having intermittent internet issues tonight; I apologize for not coming back in
>>4244 That's a really good drawing :)
(2.03 MB 10000x5625 Sunday 20-09-19.jpg)

(6.92 MB 10000x5625 Sunday 20-09-19.png)

Here's the canvas from last nights event. The canvas is once again pristine and may be soiled by whosoever likes throughout the week. >>4361 No worries.
(8.73 MB 10000x5625 2021 Week 37.png)

(2.13 MB 10000x5625 2021 Week 37.jpg)

>>4364 ... And he week leading up to it. Thank you for dropping by.
Did the old drawpile die? I'm so sad. Is artga.in the new one?
>>4426 Yup, artga.in is the new one, it's a damn shame but there's nothing we can do except wail in to the abyss (as I've been doing for the past few weeks) WRYYYYYY!
(1.32 MB 1400x1400 spinner.png)

I plan on hosting artga.in for as long as people are willing to use it. If Harb decides to come back I will try to reach an agreement with him. I do not guarantee anything but I will notify you in advance if I ever decide to pull the plug. If you want to reach out to me for some reason please do so in this thread. >>4426 A quick test tells me the server behind splelps.com is still online but is not hosting drawpile anymore. This could be either accidental or intentional. I do not know. Ask Loomis if you want to know more.
>>4364 Oh! Clean lines dude is back. I'm pretty sure that's not a bear. It's always a joy to see your polished drawings.
It's that day again fellas; hope to see you in the pile
(3.02 MB 10000x5625 CANVAS 26.jpeg)

(8.01 MB 10000x5625 CANVAS 26.png)

Here's the pulls from today's session, thanks for stopping in
I apologize fellas but I won't be in until very late today as I've been called in to work. If anyone could do the honors of saving/clearing the canvas today I would appreciate it t. Loomis, Esq.
(17.29 MB 10000x5625 2021, week39.png)

(3.46 MB 10000x5625 2021, week39.jpg)

>>4562 I will never forgive this transgression, and wish you a mildly annoying time there. Here's the canvas from this week.
(8.24 MB 10000x5625 Sunday 21-10-03.png)

(2.09 MB 10000x5625 Sunday 21-10-03.jpg)

The canvas from last nights session. Thanks for dropping by.
(121.30 KB 539x436 21-08-24 family picnic.jpg)

Maybe I should give fair warning that I'm keeping a thread up on /ic/ through the weekend, so there should be no need to make a new one during the regular shilling operations. Hope that's not taking too great a liberty. I only realized after the fact that people might assume I'm you, Loomis. Whoops.
>>4621 Thank you Brother Bear, you are our greatest ally
(15.33 MB 10000x5625 2021, week 40.png)

(3.60 MB 10000x5625 2021, week 40.jpg)

The canvas has been cleared, and the Sunday event is officially a go. A fair bit of activity this week. Thanks to for dropping by.
(2.59 MB 10000x5625 Sunday 21-10-10.jpg)

(7.29 MB 10000x5625 Sunday 21-10-10.png)

The canvas has been cleared and all that. Fun session overall. Thanks for dropping in.
>>4632 Thanks as always 🅱️ased 🅱️ear, you are a credit to Ursidae everywhere
Edited last time by loomis on 10/11/2021 (Mon) 13:38:54.
Could the admin take a look at the drawpile? I seem to have ruined the canvas when trying to unfuck a case of griefing.
>>4647 The server's also down, i accidentally terminated it. (not the same person)
>>4647 Not the admin myself, but did someone come in and draw wieners on everything or something? That's a first, we had a really good streak of that not happening so that's pretty unfortunate-but no big deal in the grand scheme of things. I think if you go into a certain setting you can delete or undo user inputs if you're familiar with whodunnit (including yourself) but without being able to access Drawpile myself I'm not sure exactly how to navigate to that off-hand but I'm sure you'll be able to find it. Just have to ban this sort of person and move on, they might come back but no use giving them any real attention.
>>4649 No, someone scribbled over the drawings of just one other guy and left. I do hope it's possible to reset the server to the state it was before I broke it, I have the canvas saved since my last login but there was some more stuff drawn since then.
>>4650 Looks like the server itself is entirely gone so that probably counts as a compromise
(90.02 KB 724x944 diana_alqassam.jpg)

In case I have not made it explicit enough never terminate the session. I will remove your moderator position if this happens again. I am fairly strict about this because terminated sessions cannot be recovered. In case of vandalism ban the offender. If the damage is too great notify me in this thread and I will restore the drawing in a timely manner. Do not reset the session in the meanwhile. The session is up again. The drawings are gone though.
(232.25 KB 460x561 flying_pigeon.png)

>>4659 >terminated sessions cannot be recovered Actually forget that. I can probably find a way to solve this problem so that even if the session gets terminated I can restore it as if nothing happened. I am quite busy right now though so it will take some time for me to implement this. Please behave accordingly until then.
I forgot to upload the canvas this morning! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
(109.08 KB 320x320 aaaa.png)

>>4700 >only loomis pile i've extensively participated on and OP forgets to upload it Guess nobody's gonna see that rocking pair of bun booba now
>>4701 Nah it's saved on my computer I just won't have access to it for awhile. There was plenty of room leftover by the time I bailed so if Bear or another mod doesn't take care of it we'll just have a few more heckin' doodlerinos by the time the slate is cleared (in like 7 hours heh)
(2.90 MB 10000x5625 Sunday 21-10-17.jpg)

(10.18 MB 10000x5625 Sunday 21-10-17.png)

>>4703 h-heh
>>4703 oh shit
(878.58 KB 2056x1862 naruhodo.jpg)

I am currently doing some testing on the server. Do not panic if the server is down or some weird stuff happens.
(130.47 KB 726x2048 diana_alqassam1.jpg)

Done. From now on every single stroke is archived and can be brought back anytime. Terminated sessions are also archived and can be instantly restored. Not even the jannies can cause permanent damage anymore. The only limitation is storage. Server side logs are now deleted after 24 hours. What this means is that the moderators are free to abuse their power without repercussion. Vandalizing drawings still results in a permanent ban though because restoring drawings from the archive is work and I do not like extra work.
(3.22 MB 10000x5625 CANVAS 27.jpeg)

Here's this week's thing! h-heh!
(14.99 MB 10000x5625 CANVAS 27.png)

>>4708 Forgot the .png
>>4707 amen. You will be part of the chosen, once the armageddon ariveth.

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