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Weekly Theme Thread Anonymous 09/28/2020 (Mon) 04:02:17 No. 213
-See weekly theme. -Draw. It doesn’t matter what, or how, as long as it’s related to the theme. -Post. -Repeat next week.
Alright we're caught up. Without some of the back-and-forth the thread's a little soulless but you've got to start somewhere.
(252.83 KB 600x600 week130.png)
Next theme: SHED 4th of October
>>315 kinda lewd ngl
>>318 and symbolic
(447.74 KB 1024x1368 shed.png)
fugged the design for new miss loo
>>396 I feel so bad for our wooden bb Thank you anon. Very cool!
>>290 Holy cow look at all those gondolas.
(65.95 KB 960x1381 raven.jpg)
(240.20 KB 790x901 shed.png)
(418.32 KB 880x800 drawpile_kitty_shed_L.png)
>>315 shed >>396 FUGG! I wasn't trying to make her a new board-tan. I consider this fanart. :DDD >>399 noice
>>407 >so sad nothing a treat can't fix :)
(8.76 MB 600x600 week131.webm)
Next theme: GHOST 11th of October
>take time to make webm >webm plays fine in media player >upload webm >won't play
>>414 I like the track. I'll listen to it when I do art for this week.
(498.07 KB 968x1238 ghost-0-trimmed.png)
>>443 Great job with the splatter effect, damn
>>443     I feel sad now gj
(93.47 KB 896x2048 ooOOoo.png)
(89.12 KB 896x2048 spoopy.png)
>>468 Very nice and frigten
(211.96 KB 682x717 Ghost.PNG)
Thank you for setting up the thread over here and preserving images. And for keeping these threads going for so long. >>413 My submission for this week. I should have spend more time looking for a proper references for holding hands. >>468 Nice, but what's that red thing on the edge?
>>470 > >>468 > Nice, but what's that red thing on the edge? It's a red triangle obviously
(185.23 KB 1000x1000 penny_plasm_L.jpg)
>>413 Woah, three (other) submissions this week? Nice Nice Nice
>>472 >when you're a ghost haunting a victorian mansion in the southeastern US but you're so dummy thicc the clapping of your spectral ass cheeks throughout its cavernous halls scares the visitors away before you get the chance to witness their fright firsthand I think I just slimed myself.
(3.69 MB 600x600 week132.webm)
Next theme: SKELETON 18th of October
>>486 This will be a good one.
>>486 2 spook
>>486 RIP my headphones. >Was scaring the heck out of me part of your plan?
(1.01 MB 2394x2822 IMG_2378.JPG)
>>486 It's early, but I was working on something that happens to fit the theme
(493.31 KB 1245x1468 resized.JPG)
>>512 Uh whoops, I forgot to resize that
>>513 Try and relate the nasal cavity's triangular shape as well as that vertical ridge within it to the forms and orientation of the skull a little better. I like where you're going with it though, just consider using a clear reference-perhaps from a 3D model-to help inform and refine your work.
Edited last time by loomis on 10/17/2020 (Sat) 05:45:55.
(115.75 KB 1000x750 drawpile_skellydola_1000.png)
>>486 >>513 Ze gogglez! Zhey do nutzing!
>>544 Nice spooktacular dubs and very nice skelefella
(90.16 KB 821x538 shit2.jpg)
Going to have to reference the fuk out of that yung hand tho
>>548 Now I'm really embarrassed; the hand was backwards the entire time. >>544 OBB AND ADAHM
(64.10 KB 900x853 Skeltal.jpg)
>>550 Chad level chin on this skelleboy
>>551 Come to think of it giving the disembodied skull a virgin/gay alien skull influence could have been pretty funny. Yet another missed opportunity smh
(7.70 MB 600x600 week133.webm)
Next theme: WITCH 25th of October
>>593 Sure wish I could listen to .webms on this piece of sh*t. I feel like I'm missing out already.
>>595 It's just Season of the Witch by Donovan that I cut down so it wasn't so long. There is a surprising dearth of poppy iconic songs about witches.
>>596 That is surprising tbh; I can't think of any off the top of my head either. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SAMYGzwUTK4
I just realized the real consequence of forgetting my other computer at my friend's house last night: MUH FILE is still over there! I guess I have to start over because I'm not making that 40+ minute drive until next week. I was looking forward to finishing this one too.
(151.85 KB 786x606 Witch.png)
>>593 My submission for this week. I was going to go full Coppertone, but could not make it look quite right. Treetop branches still look awkward. I think that including more of them would make them look better. Advice on making them look more natural is welcome. >>669 You can still finish it up and post it next week. Looking pretty good and thicc
>>670 Almost looks like it could be the start of a Frank Cho drawing if you just had a little more experience under your belt-keep at it! I think with the pose she looks like she's covering her own mouth a little too aggressively, like maybe it'd be better if we saw her proverbial "oh!" face as she realizes what's about to happen. I think the hand being there kind of breaks up the silhouette of her face a little too much as well. Where we might see a subtle chubby curve where her cheek would be it's mostly the boniest parts of her face playing off of one of the boniest parts of the body (the hand). I am not someone that's into this sort of thing but: her feet look pretty good. I think with the foot on our left the heel bone sort of appears like it's being fit into a socket (which it technically is, of course) but it should be overlapping/obscuring that part (the medial malleolus) rather than visibly being inserted into it with. I could be wrong though. >natural branches I guess looking into naturally occurring fractals would be a start. I think for a piece like this it's not the end of the world if they're a little "abbreviated" though, it really looks adequate for the prop that it is for the most part.
(375.69 KB 800x960 witch_wip.png)
>>593 Cowgirl gunwitch. Was originally going to have her holding a broom, so that's why the offhand is postioned that way. There is absolutely not a cock drawn on another layer. >>670 > I was going to go full Coppertone, but could not make it look quite right. The hemline of her dress isn't hooked under her knees. It could (would) be pulled up to her waist, exposing under cheek.
>>674 Noice, and here I thought you were going to post that witchy gondola from the drawpile. >not that there'd have been anything wrong with that https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Hg1Kudd_x4
>>674 >mfw I just noticed the broom had a saddle Good work with the gun as well, pardner. That classic octagonal gun barrel didn't go unnoticed. YEE HAW! https://youtu.be/2yVL72Wbz4A
Edited last time by loomis on 10/26/2020 (Mon) 15:39:15.
>>674 Howdy, I would like to see this one finished ;)
>>670 >>669 These are great
(3.48 MB 600x600 week134.webm)
Next theme: JACK-O-LANTERN 1st of November
>>692 These never fail to get a smile out of me.
>>692 if i got it right, we are free to send our drawings on november first ?
>>699 Fren that's just the end of the week, you can post anytime.
>>699 Yeah sorry I think I gave the wrong impression on the other boards, you can post 'em any time honestly. OP usually has a new theme by monday or tuesday is all.
(75.91 KB 1150x1116 Jack-O-Gondola.jpg)
(167.57 KB 750x900 witch_750L.jpg)
(746.83 KB 2500x2000 Halloween Loomis.png)
>>692 kind of a shitty first submission, but i didn't have much time this week to draw so whatevs happy halloween or whatever to you guys
>>723 >>739 also that's looking nice! you couldve added more shadows to the gondola perhaps?
>>739 She looks she should be the protag of a video game. I would play it.
(159.14 KB 500x300 heh.png)
>>742 A spiritual successor / homage to Krion Conquest >>741 That's very nice gondola isn't mine, if you were implying such. >>740 Happy Halloween, anon
(2.27 MB 1124x1340 Happy Halloween.png)
>>739 She looks great :D >>740 love this one. Carving party let's go ;) >>723 I'll never get this meme lol
>>744 damn, looking cool as heck
>>740 Looks like the background character of a hentai. Good work fella. Remember the jawline kind of creates a division between the face and the earlobe, there are exceptions but at least typically the line is visible if subtle. The feet are pretty good, but there is a significant discrepancy in the size of his hands and fingers and length of his lower legs as well. Keep workin'!
(84.00 KB 800x900 drawpile_gilda_L.jpg)
>>749 nice
>>744 3 spooky 5 me; i laff at pumpkin. Part of me thinks her baleful gaze should be more directed downwards into the gaping maw of pumpkin gore but otherwise it's quite nice. >>749 Very cute. Pumpkin innards are so gross tho smh.
(1.06 MB 667x850 ClipboardImage.png)
Here's a scribbling I did the other day while listening to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ygVgxGSQIsw. By happy coincidence, it fit the theme.
>>754 Nice gangster pumpkin. Remember to never pass up an opportunity to show the form of the body through the clothing; the stripes going straight down as they do are having a bit of a flattening effect.
(252.52 KB 600x600 week135.png)
Next theme: SALAMANDER 8th of November
>>766 Lizards? My favorite >tfw no Queen Azala/Reptite from Chrono Trigger flag https://youtu.be/GCnrCRk0ldA
(75.78 KB 1000x850 Sal_.jpg)
>>768 >Lizards
>>773 Cute, they look like they could be in a salamander sitcom of some sort
(614.92 KB 598x852 ClipboardImage.png)
>>766 I'm very rusty and my scanner is not behaving correctly but I figured I'd put something out there.
>>776 I like the Axolotl fella
(308.67 KB 1800x1200 Loomis 2.png)
>>766 tried a mecha of some sort but i kinda half-assed it at the end >>773 >>776 love the cartoony style
>>795 I like how you've dragged the shadow across. It's a nice design-maybe adding a bunch of wires and other flexible bits between his "segments" would look cool, but the segments fitting into eachother like one of those plastic snakes from the 90s works too I suppose.
(132.55 KB 600x600 week136.png)
Next theme: KNIGHT 15th of November
>>799 yeah you're right i should've thought a bit more about it's segmented body would move, now that i look at it again i can't see how boxes fitting into eachother would work at all
(360.27 KB 1204x1281 FTH Knight.png)
>>804 Female Kn*ghts are my fetish Here's my contribution
(218.15 KB 1204x1281 line.jpg)
>>832 Nice perspective on the blade of the sw'pear anon. The details are abundant throughout while not feeling overdone. Good work! I do feel the haft of the spear might be deviating a little bit from where the center of the blade suggests it should go, however if it is off it's not by very much at all, certainly not to where most would care or notice. Well done all around.
>>833 addendum: I think I might be mistaken here, I didn't consider the 3-dimensional volume of the blade, and when I do the apparent discrepancy seems to become even less significant. As usual my autism is just flaring up over nothing, more or less.
>>833 No biggie anon, thanks for looking into it!
(29.28 KB 600x600 week137.png)
Next theme: CARTWHEEL 22nd of November
(283.88 KB 1000x563 salamander_knight.png)
>>832 >Female Kn*ghts are my fetish There are worse things than liking medieval tomboys. She's cute.
(17.31 KB 640x495 Knight.png)
>>804 Fucking around with GrafX2 and the Windows 95 16 color palette. I wanted to do something simple but got caught up in the rendering. Fug D:
>>860 Reminds me of one of the older Might and Magic games. That's going to be a "based" from me there, compadre
>>860 I really enjoy the style. It used a very limited color range and clearly defined technique, but still manages to fool me into believing that certain parts are just a filter applied to a photograph. (But it's probably too time consuming to make that a staple style for any real project. Or am I wrong?)
>>864 It was fairly time consuming, but part of that was just grafx2’s ancient interface. The dithering is itself a pattern that you apply to a brush, so that part isn’t tedious, unless you want to hand dither like a madman. It’s just with pixel art you have to zoom way the fuck in and be very precise on where the individual pixels go sometimes.
On second thought there was too much wrong with that to bring myself to post it even with the not-excuse of it "not being finished".
(1.76 MB 800x1000 Cartwheelin' in the 50s.png)
>>851 Hell yeah, finally got some drawing time. Old comics style just because.
(82.67 KB 883x872 cartwheel-xd.jpg)
An attempt was made >>916 I love that coloring effect, not sure what it's called but whatever. Nice attempt at an extremely difficult pose as well
>>919 It's called halftoning. Used the ColorLab brush set which was shared recently on /ic/. Also I bought it on sale like a fucking retard.
(132.80 KB 1000x1000 gartwheel_1000.png)
>>851 >>916 >used taco flag for this post >>919 oh no heckarino bad chungus downboat
(166.17 KB 600x600 week138.png)
Next theme: TURKEY 29th of November
(236.64 KB 1193x946 turkish dolas.png)
>>925 Türkiye Cumhuriyeti
>>933 türkiye osmanlı saltanat cumhuriyeti
(459.52 KB 2043x952 Udonge Cartwheeling.png)
>>851 Good God i'm so damn late. Well watever
>>933 based and turkpilled >>938 Very cute. You did a pretty good job maintaining the volumes between drawings. She might have lost a little in the length of the torso but I'm not super confident; good work!
(987.51 KB 1000x1000 turkey_day_3a.png)
(279.59 KB 1000x650 thanksgiving_gondola.png)
>>989 Pretty macabre. I sure wish those gobblerfellas weren't so tasty.
>> 933 >>989 I love the Gondolas. They' fun. The girl is creepy, but the style is enjoyable as well.
(221.44 KB 600x600 week139.png)
Next theme: MOON 6th of December
(507.42 KB 875x1000 drawpile_moon.png)
(170.45 KB 1040x1076 moondola.jpg)
>>1015 This is l*terally the only drawing I did all week. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA >>1068 One small step for man, one big step for pp
Edited last time by loomis on 12/08/2020 (Tue) 03:48:10.
(4.73 MB 600x600 week140.webm)
Next theme: SNOW 13th of December
>>1069 Is that a Spurdog? Gondog? What ever it is it's the best thing ever.
>>1070 Song? Very comfy and chilly
>>1073 snow halation
(133.15 KB 774x697 gissu.jpg)
>>1103 Bretty gomfy!
(359.07 KB 1263x1000 снег.jpg)
>>1070 >Capitalist, we stop here. >...Why? >I want to make snowman.
>>1108 Well, shit. I've been flipping the canvas so much I didn't even notice it's mirrored.
>>1109 Holds up pretty well in reverse; good job! Love that line work >снег https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nZXRV4MezEw
(648.02 KB 1772x997 drawpile_snow_1772.png)
>>1070 >>1098 Oh yeah, >>1073 I didn't read your comment as an actual question before. It's a cover of snow halation. >>1103 cute! :DDD >>1108 nice. the detail
>>1111 (checked) For some reason the picture kind of has a Charlie Brown aesthetic to it
You motherfucking tryhards make me feel bad...
>>1117 Because the snowman looks like Charlie Brown >>1118 draw moer faggit lol
>>1119 Uhm...rude? smhtbhfamalam
(412.75 KB 3560x2560 snowman_goes_blow.jpg)
>>1119 >draw moer faggit lol Ok nigger, here you go.
>>1127 Bretty-gud-sh*t-nigga!
>>1127 dayyyyym, son That's what I call a snowjob.
(2.59 MB 600x600 week141.webm)
Next theme: ELVES 20th of December
>>1132 >George Michael meets Cave Story
>>1134 Santa does live in Grasstown
>>1132 I know exactly how this is going to turn out
(436.27 KB 800x1000 drawpile_elf_L.png)
>>1132 Not what I was planning, had something started earlier that I didn't get back to, but it'll do. works for next theme too if I want to be super lazy haw haw
(1.02 MB 600x600 week142.webm)
Next theme: PRESENT 27th of December
(2.89 MB 960x720 I'm Retarded HD.mp4)
>>671 >>674 Thanks guys. >I think with the pose she looks like she's covering her own mouth a little too aggressively, like maybe it'd be better if we saw her proverbial "oh!" face as she realizes what's about to happen. I think the hand being there kind of breaks up the silhouette of her face a little too much as well. Where we might see a subtle chubby curve where her cheek would be it's mostly the boniest parts of her face playing off of one of the boniest parts of the body (the hand). I was not sure what to do with her hands. I wanted her to hold broom with one, but decided on mouth covering to let viewer's imagination to work a bit. In hindsight, this approach works better if we see more than half of character's face. >feet I am working on fully learning feet, but I am still not quite there. I am fine drawing them from side view and 100% from below, but any other angle causes problems. Even if I have a reference. I know how to break them into basic shapes/planes and set everything up in correct perspective. I just need to grind them a bit more to make final product look right. >The hemline of her dress isn't hooked under her knees. It could (would) be pulled up to her waist, exposing under cheek. I do not know how I missed that. My brain just stops working whenever I deal with lose fabrics. I might need to give up and go full greco roman, and have people either wear armor or nothing at all. Video related.
(113.28 KB 731x1000 It's traditional elven garb.jpg)
>>1132 Wasn't gonna post this, but what the heck. >>1217 I just knew someone would do one of those skimpy santa outfits. The name tag cracked me up.
>>1228 Great line weight variation as usual, looks like Santa caught her violating the Twitch.tv TOS and took things into his own hands. >"death by exposure is too good for an e-girl; but it will have to do" I feel like we would see a very slight indication of the compression of her breast medially near her sternum as well as the bottom contour of her lacy bra cup such as that which we can see opposite her left (our right) arm. Perhaps a subtle overlap of the smol breast form and that of the arm as well? Not sure-but great piece either way. >>1217 I like how you always get a lot of mileage out of what is only a handful of colors.
>>1228 CUUUUUTE >>1229 >I like how you always get a lot of mileage out of what is only a handful of colors. I spent a lot of years coloring with a mouse and aiming for a simple cel-shaded look.
>>1231 You were big into markers as well iirc which I imagine lead to you picking up some tricks too
(2.12 MB 887x466 christmas_lake.webm)
(1.92 MB 887x466 christmas_lake_alt.webm)
>>1070 Could one artist be any more late for a theme? I couldn't decide between the two songs, so take whichever you like better.
(523.62 KB 1000x1000 gremlin_present_L.png)
>>1218 there is a present it fits the theme >>1248 lovely
>>1228 ELVES ARE A PROUD AND NOBEL RACE and they are for lewd and headpat. >>1275 Comfy gremlin. >>1248 >snow gondola This is a good pic anon.
(376.23 KB 600x600 week143.png)
Next theme: SECOND CHANCE 3rd of January Had an idea for a theme you didn't do or finish? Now's your chance to make up for it. If that's too much freedom for you, roll for a number (1-142*) and do that theme. Roll twice and draw a combination of the two! you can use random.org *92-142 for 2020 only 01. GONDOLA 02. FOOD 03. ADDITION 04. RESURRECTION 05. KNIGHTS 06. LAMPS 07. FABRIC 08. AQUEDUCT 09. BLOOKS 10. KEYS 11. FROGS 12. BLONDE 13. BUMP 14. FOX 15. CUPS 16. HEAP 17. CLIFF 18. CLOWNING AROUND 19. WATER 20. NUTS 21. BOLTS 22. ROBOTS 23. SPRING 24. TURTLE 25. FLIGHT 26. FIRE 27. CATS 28. COWBOY 29. VIDEO GAMES 30. TRACKS 31. SPACESHIP 32. ‘MURICA 33. WIZARD 34. DOGS 35. EARTH 36. JAR 37. HOT 38. SIGNAL 39. FAIRY 40. BATTERY 41. TANK 42. TROLL 43. SURF 44. HARVEST 45. GHOST 46. WEREWOLF 47. SKELETON 48. WITCH 49. PRISONER 50. AIR (WIND) 51. BOW 52. CRAB 53. SEED 54. ELVES 55. PIRATE 56. PRESENT 57. 2ND CHANCE 58. DEEP WEB 59. NINJA 60. FAILURE 61. DRAGON 62. COLD 63. CHICKEN 64. CUPID 65. SCHOOL 66. MOON 67. PILOT 68. COIN 69. HUNTER 70. WEEB 71. DEMON 72. ICE 73. BUNNY 74. ALIEN 75. FEATHER 76. TEACHER 77. SAW 78. MECHANIC 79. MINERAL 80. GUNMAN 81. V GAMES 2 82. SUMMER 83. TOAD 84. STARS & STRIPES 85. RED 86. GNOME 87. BEETLE 88. SNAKE 89. SPAWN 90. GIFT 91. 2ND CHANCE 2 92. GLASS 93. MONKEY 94. SPARK 95. GROUNDHOG 96. WINTER 97. ROBOTS 2 98. FUSION 99. GREMLIN 100. 100 GONDOLAS 101. TIRED 102. LEPRECHAUN 103. PLAGUE 104. STAR 105. EGG 106. R63 107. DJINN 108. ORC 109. MAGE 110. THIEF 111. SPRITE 112. GOLEM 113. PRIVATEER 114. DWARVES 115. PLANT 116. CAPTIVE 117. ROYALTY 118. DRAGON 2 119. BUTCHER 120. BEES 121. IMP 122. STONE 123. RAVEN 124. JELLYFISH 125. CAMERA 126. TROLL 2 127. GEM 128. ELECTRICITY 129. VAMPIRE 130. SHED 131. GHOST 132. SKELETON 133. WITCH 134. JK-O-LTRN 135. SALAMANDER 136. KNIGHT 2 137. CRTWHL 138. TURKEY 139. MOON 2 140. SNOW 141. ELVES 142. PRESENT
>>1285 Here's some I did after work tonight
(62.92 KB 1554x348 Untitled-3.jpg)
>>1288 >or I could just not post the image at all
(2.98 KB 400x100 random_numbers.png)
>>1285 Ok, I got 104 and 121. Sooo that's ... Star and Imp'. Interesting
You can roll dice by the way. The markdown is [code]/roll{MdN}[/code]. So for M=1 and N=142 you'd get: 1d142 = 48
>>1292 I actually revoke my two random numbers, because they're not cyptographically sound. The calculation is also wrong, it should've been $(((RANDOM%142)+1)). Now I've used the following: shuf -i1-142 --random-source=/dev/random | head -n2 which gave me 76 and 123 which correspond to Teacher and Raven
>>1294 >You can roll dice by the way. The markdown is [code]/roll{MdN}[/code]. So for M=1 and N=142 you'd get: >1d142 = 48 Cool! Thanks. We should use that in the future, because it prevents cheating.
(4.37 MB 1600x1200 chilly_river_full.png)
>>1285 I felt compelled to do another winter gondola. Maybe if I wish hard enough, we'll get a nice snowfall this winter. >>1289 That burger is making me pretty hungry
(330.48 KB 900x1000 fire_witch_L.png)
>>1285 26 & 133 - Fire Witch >>1289 muffin gondola escapes drawpile containment >>1315 Very nice (and chilly) anon.
(52.74 KB 596x628 borgor.jpg)
>>1315 I had to go back into drawpile and mess with it a little because I felt weird about it not fitting the prevailing theme >>1317 I know I say this pretty much every time you produce an even remotely fire or heat-related submission but: That's hot xdd
(4.30 MB 1000x750 chilly_river.webm)
>>1315 Now in webm form
(303.00 KB 1414x1077 hello.jpg)
>>1218 A tad late, heh >>1285 1d142 = 3
>>1318 ngl I was slightly disappointed it wasn't gondola. >>1319 now more chilly >>1285 1d142 = 65 1d142 = 64
(48.08 KB 597x452 ClipboardImage.png)
>>1285 My entry for food theme
(1.07 MB 2219x1913 drawpile_20210103_aL.png)
>>1285 >>1342 CUPID SCHOOL So I'm curious if the consecutive numbers were mere happenstance, or if the RNG uses post timing to generate rolls. This is a test, please ignore: 1d142 = 55 1d142 = 120 1d142 = 17 1d142 = 21 1d142 = 109
>>1349 :O >>1337 I thought that was my cat under there. >>1345 hungry
(185.24 KB 600x600 week144.png)
Next theme: HAT 10th of January
(144.78 KB 557x605 1457234769802-1.png)
>>1349 fuggin' nice
(753.36 KB 1600x1856 adeleine.png)
(1021.89 KB 1600x1856 adeleineshaded.png)
>>1355 Ok, I don't know how to draw clothing, also I have no idea how to use PS. Adeleine from Kirby 64, she has a beret which is a type of hat, I think.
(65.47 KB 709x633 tips-fedora.jpg)
(230.41 KB 850x1080 drawpile_20210110_a.png)
This also is a type of hat. >>1398 That's quite the interesting expression she has ... Perhaps this >>1399 handsome gentleman is looking her way? naisu to both
(168.35 KB 600x600 week145.png)
Next theme: GARBAGE 17th of January
>>1412 Finally I can participate! Hahahahahahaha hehahuehahehahehehe
(32.80 KB 843x486 recursive_sleep.png)
>>1355 The product of untold aeons in paint
(50.52 KB 843x486 existential_nightmare.png)
>>1419 >>1423 lol heh
(262.21 KB 640x480 nice.webm)
>>1423 perfect
(3.01 MB 2480x3508 garbage_bag_aesthetic.png)
>>1412 I feel personally attacked by this theme.
(1.04 MB 1000x800 raccoon_gf_b.png)
>>1412 garbage girlfriend >>1433 that outfit's just trashy
>>1433 This looks like an outfit a model would wear on a runway at the behest of a fashion designer who was "making a statement" >>1439 This is both cute and pretty disturbing at the same time. She's just so happy to be a filthy trash goblin
(33.97 KB 900x539 trash.jpg)
>>1444 (checked) Crow pals!
(234.87 KB 600x600 week146.png)
Next theme: GOBLIN 24th of January
(1.04 MB 245x223 le sensible chuckle faec.gif)
>>1472 >pic
(282.68 KB 1327x1000 Trash.jpg)
>>1412 Taking dumpster diving to unprecedented levels. I keep getting in over my head and running out of steam.
(134.95 KB 696x1000 goblingirl.jpg)
>>1472 Painted this goblin girl before bed. Came out too dark but it's too late for me to care.
(708.87 KB 1859x2247 IMG.jpg)
>>1412 this is easy, any sketch by me will do lmao
>>1477 Fun idea, looks like it took a lot of time and effort though with all those clean lines! >>1479 Exceptional work, I like the big shadow shapes and subtlety in the legs and the reflected light on the bottom of the booba.
>>1480 You'll get there anon, just keep working. Your eye needs to develop the discernment to judge between shapes, distances, sizes etc. Never give uppu! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KxGRhd_iWuE
(291.14 KB 1370x1208 fuck.png)
>>1472 >you stop drawing for a while >when you try to draw something again you realize you have no idea what the fuck you're doing >you can always crank up the saturation to pretend it was supposed to be a funny may-may all along
>>1517 That's a sharp-dressed goblinfella anon
(379.54 KB 1059x1655 goblina.png)
>>1472 Here's something I guess >>1490 Thanks anon, your post means a lot! I feel like shit when I look at other's stuff but then I compare it to my older stuff and I realize that I'm slowly improving.
(373.01 KB 1059x1655 goblina.png)
>>1519 i cleaned my shitty drawing up a bit, my old ass scanner is acting up and makes everything look weird
(492.93 KB 1150x1500 goblin.png)
>>1472 bang bang
(330.82 KB 600x600 week147.png)
Next theme: MAP 31st of January
(205.87 KB 617x900 piratewithmap.jpg)
>>1533 Quickie before going to bed.
(42.12 KB 424x651 crop.jpg)
This one has a map on it I guess. >>1592 >Someone else also draws a pirate with a map the same day I finally decide to work on my last year's roll What are the odds? Very good drawing btw
(172.11 KB 1200x750 drawpile_map.png)
>>1592 d-don't ask her about her booty >>1594 I was going to draw pirates too, before deciding to cheap out with gondolas.
(113.37 KB 600x600 week148.png)
Next theme: WIZARD 7th of February
(157.27 KB 600x800 whizzzard.jpg)
>>1613 Another quick one
(6.36 KB 158x297 wizard_lady.png)
>>1613 Did some experimenting in mspaint
>>1631 Cute, reminds me of the art from 90s pc games for some reason
>>1594 Very cute. >>1600 Gondolas are always welcome.
>>1615 For some reason this reminds me of a Keeanu Reeves pick I think I'd seem before >minus the wizard paraphernalia, of course
>>1636 *pic *seen JUST
>>1636 Hehe, it was part of some reference of a pirate I had from the earlier sketch I made.
(49.85 KB 900x849 light.jpg)
Huge thank you to Harb for his guidance with the light source.
>>1656 based Harb. Also what a heckin' qt, good work Arco
(2.70 MB 3024x4032 PXL_20210208_070004343~2.jpg)
(3.31 MB 4032x3024 PXL_20210208_070903663.jpg)
>>1667 I added a little bit more detail as well as a shameless plug-in. Speaking of, come on down to /art/ y'all.
(106.07 KB 690x1000 WIZARD.jpg)
>>1613 >Damn, this is going well, it's just a little bit more now and I can finish that tomorrow A ha ha ha ha ha...
>>1671 Looking good. Assuming the hind hand is correct, the near hand would have to be quite a bit bigger. Don't be afraid to be bold. Look at "Perspective for Comic Book artists" page 25-28.
>>1672 "Perspective for Comic Book artists" by David Chelsea
>>1672 Not the person you're replying to but >Don't be afraid to be bold I wish I had your indomitable, chadly spirit. I'll...I'll try!
>>1671 Very clean lines. Can't wait to see the end result, though it already looks very good.
(206.55 KB 750x1000 drawpile20210207_A.png)
>>1613 beeg turnout his week >5 (+1) is beeg turnout Approx 280 posts in thread. Do they still autosage at 300? Time to start working on a new OP image.
(91.25 KB 600x600 week149.png)
Next theme: HEART 14th of February
(135.61 KB 896x1296 WIZARD (2).jpg)
I think that's as for as I'm prepared to take this, I need to study up on folds. I got a little too experimental with the line weight. And now it's very obvious that I botched the perspective too, the nearest hand should be at a completely different angle. Next time. >>1672 Thanks for the advice. It's interesting how similar the example is to my case, I guess it's a common problem. I scaled it up a bit, but I think I might have overdone it.
(702.78 KB 1200x1200 heart_1200_BL.png)
>>1741 Oh, very cute
>>1730 That actually does look significantly better with the hand like that. Exquisite linework by the way with one notable exception: his hat looks pretty uh...utilitarian, right? I know you said you were done with this, but I think you owe it to the you that had done such hard work controlling the varied line weight and detail throughout the rest of the piece to add a bit of flair to that last article of clothing. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pcg2JqvmT64
(84.78 KB 1300x1180 valentines.png)
(16.65 KB 465x555 HeartLady.png)
(203.75 KB 464x525 heartlady_colored.png)
>>1689 I think I could have refined the colors a bit more, but my hand and heart are aching.
(3.96 KB 186x333 casanova.png)
>>1749 The face of an absolute lady killer right here. How can one man be so suave?
>>1756 Cute
(16.61 KB 465x555 HeartLady.png)
>>1756 this was bothering me more than it should
(33.72 KB 800x612 heart.jpg)
2 hearts I can hardly think of anything more appropriate to draw on a drawpile day, which also happens to be a Valentine's day, with "heart" as the weekly theme
(354.06 KB 600x600 week150.png)
Next theme: PELT 21st of February
(509.20 KB 1000x1000 drawpile_20210222A.png)
>>1812 >tfw no anarcho-primitivist huntress gf
(187.00 KB 600x600 week151.png)
Next theme: CYBORG 28th of February
(214.21 KB 1000x1000 drawpile20210228.png)
>>1836 Dead or alibe you are gomign widthe me :DDD
>>1815 I wonder if Harb would mind if we integrated these threads with the Monday/Saturday Drawpile, adding a small thumbnail of the theme as an optional thing. Maybe that's too much of an encroachment on Drawpile's Sovereignty tho
>>1838 No harm in asking, sometimes people just don't know what to draw and a little hint could suffice. I don't think you'd want the "theme" to be the main focus, but at least something there could be nice.
(167.15 KB 869x645 Heart_&_Pelt.PNG)
(171.55 KB 807x723 Cyborg.PNG)
>>1767 >>1689 One half-finished entry for heart and pelt >>1815 Entry for this week. He came out more joker-like than I would have liked to be honest.
>>1843 Thanks bubbi >>1844 Well done. A small criticism of the robot guy: the finger gun portion feels a bit like it's not really connected to the rest of the hand. It might help if you showed a stronger suggestion of the other fingers protruding subtly from behind the back of the "knuckle" area or perhaps find a more definitive way to integrate it with the knuckle area; it kind of looks like it's coming from behind the mass of the hand rather than from it, if that makes sense. Good stuff overall though
>>1844 Two halves make a whole. >>1838 I've got no opinion on this, strangely. Can't hurt to try it. >over 300 posts New thread next week OP image isn't made yet.
>>1850 >thread still bumps after 300 W-what's the lock number now?
(122.82 KB 600x600 week152.png)
Next theme: DONUT 7th of March
(175.47 KB 487x482 1486265830-c33i0q5wyaa-3vx.jpg)
>>1852 mmm...donuts...
(309.29 KB 1000x950 drawpile_donut.png)
(104.32 KB 750x1074 donurat.jpg)
>>1852 I'm not sure how or why this happened >>1888 gondonut :DD
>>1891 I like it.
(121.25 KB 600x600 week153.png)
Next theme: BOOK 14th of March
>tfw forgot to post mine but it was basically an amateurish recreation of the theme image anyway >>1891 Thought it was a 'roo at first. Very well done! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rDocGfvYmBM
>>1888 The Gondola sprinkles are a great touch
(427.46 KB 1190x1265 20210314.png)
(815.83 KB 1000x1200 drawpile_20210314_a.png)
>>1888 >>1899 >Gondola sprinkles I didn't even notice that. That's wonderful.
>>1981 Very good, albeit slightly lewd >>1982 Based and Bookpilled. Upshots are always difficult but you've succeeded here well enough imho
Edited last time by loomis on 03/15/2021 (Mon) 08:53:47.
(156.82 KB 600x600 week154.png)
Next theme: BROWNIE 21st of March
(198.24 KB 480x548 Book Perspective Study.PNG)
(162.37 KB 850x676 DonutShop.PNG)
>>1845 For some reason, drawing a humans from side is the hardest for me. Something always ends up looking off and my figures tend to look like a 2D cutouts in general. I suspect that this is due to gaps in my knowledge of perspective and anatomy. I tend to go off my gut too much with both of them, and my plan for this year is to get through Nordling's perspective book (going through it now), and Loomis' books on heads and figure drawing. >>1852 >Donut Here's a donut shop. I've been going through Nordling's book on perspective, so it influenced my ideas for this week quite a bit. >>1895 >Book I've got nothing, so here is my perspective study of a book.
(838.26 KB 750x1000 brownie_750L_crop.png)
>>2068 >tfw no based brownie bimbo to clean up your shitshow of a shoe shop while you sleep
(141.29 KB 777x729 ClipboardImage.png)
>>2037 Brownie. Bigger feet would look probably look better now that I look at it now. >>2068 Pretty cute. That's some fancy earrings for a brownie.
(134.75 KB 600x600 week155.png)
Next theme: TEACHER 28th of March
(416.50 KB 1000x1200 20210327_L.png)
>>2108 >>2098 I tried to make it look brassy, but copper might have been a better choice. Maybe the homeowner wanted to show his appreciation beyond the usual generous helping of cream.
>>2144 Good golly miss Molly
(161.31 KB 600x600 week156.png)
Next theme: BUNNY 4th of April
(229.77 KB 1600x1200 Illustration.png)
>>2166 I really need to work on my lines. I should've fixed that fucking neck.
>>2190 >the furry clavicle Not sure how I feel about that. Not too shabby anon.
>>2191 It can be weirdly nice when done properly, but I can't into fur.
>>2191 Isn't that fur patch on the sternum?
>>2204 Yeah I'm just stupid and forgot my boner knowledge for a second there
(405.20 KB 2480x3508 bunny-girl.jpg)
(117.60 KB 512x724 bunny-girl-process.webm)
>>2245 based and bunpilled
(317.65 KB 900x1000 serenity_easter_L.png)
>>2166 You can show that in a Christian manga >>2245 Giant carrot or bunny sized humanoid?
(12.06 MB 11398x4412 loomis bunny theme.png)
Compiling everything theme-related from the pile into collages. Good idea, horrendous idea?
>>2254 It's a great idea if you're up to it. These threads deserve better than they've historically gotten. I'm willing to help out too if shuffling stuff around becomes too much of a chore.
(111.47 KB 600x600 week157.png)
Next theme: WATER 11th of April >>2254 If you or someone else not-me wants to do that, great.
(436.04 KB 1100x800 drawpile_water.png)
(658.35 KB 1000x1000 drawpile_underwater.png)
(191.93 KB 3027x1647 water.jpg)
(18.97 KB 522x522 water-1.jpg)
(14.83 MB 7945x4648 loomis theme water.png)
>>2352 He kinda reminds me of the final boss in Terraria
(247.28 KB 600x600 week158.png)
Next theme: ALIEN 18th of April
>>2383 why choose xenomorph porn for the image
>>2384 I'm not >>2383 Good eye at spotting such things. I didn't even realize there was some kind of head at the bottom. Your experience with 3D alien porn has finally come to fruition.
>>2384 Wrong question, you should instead have asked why choose a male xenomorph.
>>2389 Its head looks like a Queen's. Maybe he's a king then?
>>2389 I'm more confused why you assumed it's a guy, as far as I can tell the only distinctly male xenomorph is a King, and that doesn't look like him. Maybe it's a herm Xenoqueen?
>>2390 >>2392 Considering the pose and the fact that it's 3dcg, even if it's the queen it most likely isn't female.
>>2392 >>2393 She's got no tits so I'm not interested. That said, what's the source?
(20.81 KB 1272x1200 xenonamibia.png)
(513.05 KB 800x1100 OC_AliumQT_800.png)
>>2430 Holy moly, now that is one heckin' qt alium https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dNUzNg13h4A
>>2430 >tfw no qt3.14159265 small alium gf to do fitness with
(2.69 MB 8060x5352 Drawpile_Aliums.jpg)
We did it, reddit!
(104.37 KB 600x600 week159.png)
Next theme: WOODSMAN 25th of April
(584.09 KB 900x1100 drawpile_20200425_900L.png)
(149.72 KB 1902x932 drawpile-woodcutter.jpg)
This week's submissions from the Drawpile! >I think that's all of them, anyway
(114.07 KB 600x600 week160.png)
Next theme: DWARF 2nd of may
(2.07 MB 1483x1141 Dorf.png)
>>2634 I think I've summarized what every post will be like.
>>2694 (you're not wrong)
(671.13 KB 2143x2372 Derf.jpg)
Rock and Stone
(282.62 KB 600x600 week161.png)
Next theme: DJINN 9th of May
(529.61 KB 1000x1000 water_dwarf_L.png)
>>2634 sometimes you mine under water
>>2726 I think this is the first time I've ever seen an aquatic dwarf. It's a really interesting take on it too.
(272.71 KB 800x1000 drawpile_20210509_L_800.png)
>>2791 Very nice as usual >tfw no D'genie gf https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qi-fRjmJm0o
>>2803 >both hands are visible instead of one being in his paints/sash thing You almost had it.
(1.15 MB 1200x2000 Kinky.png)
>>2805 Perfection
>>2805 lol
(250.29 KB 600x584 week162.png)
Next theme: TURTLE 16th of May
(482.71 KB 1000x850 turtle1000L.png)
(2.02 MB 1483x1141 Turtles.png)
(268.42 KB 1579x1560 djin.jpg)
>>2872 Fuggin' durdle mane :DDD >>2873 Gotta love the CSP chalk brush. Well done turtlebro
>>2875 Did you know that during the filming of The Master of Disguise, and that scene in particular, the crew heard the breaking news of a terrorist attack on the World Trade Center and held a moment of silence in solidarity, meaning that Dana Carvey solemnly reflected on the effect the 9/11 terror attacks attacks would have on the world and politics at large while wearing that massive fucking retard turtle costume?
>>2876 >Dana Carvey solemnly reflected on the effect the 9/11 terror attacks would have on the world and politics at large while wearing that massive fucking retard turtle costume HA! I can't think of a more fitting locale to usher in the clown century than the set of the Master of Disguise's iconic Turtle Club scene-nor a more fitting herald than Turtle Man himself.
(79.46 KB 600x600 week163a.gif)
Next theme: VIDEO GAMES 23rd of May
>>2878 Maybe I don't say it enough but I love the different illustrations and styles used for every theme.
(10.24 KB 256x240 vidya.png)
(83.83 KB 1280x1200 vidya5x.png)
(927.49 KB 960x540 le_epic_game.webm)
I'm learning Godot, so that's the perfect opportunity to create shitpost game.
>>2898 I lol'd
>>2898 My fucking sides
>>2895 Looks like a cool body horror RPG for the original Gameboy® console BASED AND BAGUETTE PILLED, HON HON HON~
(190.07 KB 683x570 ClipboardImage.png)
>>2878 My entry for this week. >>2430 >tfw alien qt will never abduct you so you can get fit together >>2144 To be fair, brass and gold do look very similar. >>2895 That's pretty spooky
>>2905 Very creative, I like it >bladdablupdubbadupblup~
(356.24 KB 1045x1415 drawpile_doropie.png)
>>2878 It's an old famicom game. Called Krion Conquest on the NES. >>2905 I can hear him laughing
(425.77 KB 2300x2300 drawpile_turts.jpg)
(210.21 KB 1500x1500 drawpile_vidja.jpg)
(145.28 KB 600x600 week164.png)
Next theme: FAIRY 30th of May
(182.78 KB 1230x2153 Virgin.jpg)
>>2911 Thanks, I-...I would have gotten to it eventually! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jrg9KxGNeJY
>>2913 Wonder if I missed any others? "vidya" can be hard to spot if you don't recognize it.
>>2911 There's a certain resemblance between gondolas and crewmates...
(2.01 MB 1141x1483 Videogames the movie.png)
(1.60 MB 1141x1483 Neo v.png)
>>2895 I've always been very fond of these old game mock-ups.
>>2920 Very nice. I'd consider making R*ddit's head a little smaller to make his body look bigger if that's the route you're going with him. Everything's looking good though. /v/ looks suitably PUNISHED and everything comes together nicely.
(536.97 KB 959x769 ClipboardImage.png)
>>2912 Absinthe fairy. It look me forever to get legs look remotely correct, and I had a tough time finding good references. I might have to invest in a camera setup to take my own reference photos instead. >>2913 That's a thicc yamato right there >>2906 >>2907 Th... Thanks
(723.99 KB 1000x2100 Fairy_L.png)
>>2912 *bzzt* >>2966 >tfw no ethereal green gf
(495.96 KB 2641x2908 Fairies.png)
Here's the Drawpile Fairies, hopefully I didn't miss any. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ICpN6OoLEe0
(301.20 KB 600x600 week165.png)
Next theme: SCHOOL 6th of June
(543.85 KB 1250x450 school_comic_1250_L.png)
>>2970 fun fact - fishes have lots of collective nouns a school of fishes a shoal of fishes a family of sardines a shiver of sharks a catch of fishes (for caught fishing) unrelated but, a fagot of drummers
(2.90 MB 1141x1483 Faerie.png)
>>3005 Very nice, but kind of scary. Wh-...what's in the tree, anon!?
>>3005 Color and contrast is very good. very magical. The fairy particles looks like an angler fish's bat line, like the fairy is being controlled by wire.
(249.34 KB 1321x900 encounter-scaled.jpg)
(1.08 MB 1320x900 encounter_colored_scaled.png)
>>3020 Very nice fairy and little slug friend. A little better command of the media and some additional anatomy and it would really shine. Hold on to this one, you'll want to come back to it with fresh eyes years from now.
(294.46 KB 1262x1360 late for skoole.png)
>>2970 oh no, I'm late for skool
(535.26 KB 855x751 ClipboardImage.png)
>>2970 Generic schoolhouse perspective practice. I am still grinding through Nordling's chapter on sloped roofs. >>3035 Hurry up, baka!
(1.42 MB 5407x3386 blorp.jpg)
>>2970 Drawpile school stuff
(190.55 KB 600x600 week166.png)
Next theme: OGRE 13th of June
>>3040 le oger is like le onion dongey :DDD
wut u doign in meh swump
>>3044 (not my art btw but that of Emmy Cicierega) (Gosh I high-key want to impregnate that girl ngl tbh fam)
(7.51 MB 3840x2160 teacher-raven_004.png)
>>1295 I'm a bit late, but this one is for the week where we rolled for a theme. -Teacher -Raven
>>3066 Looking good, and welcome back
(293.29 KB 750x1000 drawpile_orge_750.png)
>>3040 >>3066 just a bit late but very nice
(7.19 MB 8424x4775 loomis theme ogre.png)
>>3040 Ogring has taken place.
(2.57 MB 1920x1080 ogre_004.png)
>>3040 OGRE
>>3073 "good morning, son"
>>3073 Looks like Louis C.K.'s not skipping leg day anymore.
(294.49 KB 600x600 week167.png)
Next theme: CATS 20th of June
(199.05 KB 1000x1300 drawpile_kitty.png)
>>3132 Very cute
(144.35 KB 600x600 week168.png)
Next theme: COWBOY 27th of June
>>3136 YEE HAW!
>>3136 I recognize that cowboy https://youtu.be/CCVdQ8xXBfk
(9.89 MB 7347x4205 loomis theme cats.png)
>>3078 Delays aside, here are the Drawpile cats and cat-related imagery, loosely shoehorned into a collage. Feel free to call me names if I missed something that didn't look like a cat but was, in fact, cat-adjacent.

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