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(115.16 KB 603x975 PracticeOP.jpg)
Practice Thread: Floof Edition Anonymous 05/17/2020 (Sun) 18:01:35 No. 3
A thread for people of all skill levels to dump their works-in-progress and studies Draw shit. Draw it a lot. Git gud. Maybe Resources: Northern Kentucky University Drawing Database - Marc Leone "the Basics" Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vtd6uwNFl9k&list=PLMXbAPr21di-Ox-dmDwL2riWedei1dn9S Anatomical 3-D Models: https://pastebin.com/9VgmQQPk Live Figure Models: http://www.onairvideo.com/ Random Figure Poses (3D Models): http://www.posemaniacs.com/ (RIP Flash) Random Google Street View: https://www.mapcrunch.com/ Books etc. (from Sticky): https://mega.nz/#F!es1BSKQR!spODyd0iaQmMelGA2GscFw
Edited last time by loomis on 10/21/2020 (Wed) 12:14:31.
(2.79 MB 2550x3267 doodleprac5.png)
(3.02 MB 2550x3291 doodleprac9.png)
(2.54 MB 2550x3291 doodleprac8.png)
testing filesize
>>4 Apparently you can post 16mb files (which I think is a bit too generous but w/e). R-...remember to resize (<1000px height) normally!
(427.13 KB 1167x975 Ecorche.jpg)
(396.89 KB 856x1036 lifirstsmol.png)
(1.79 MB 2550x3291 vivprac.png)
(2.52 MB 2550x3307 thiccskelly.png)
(2.50 MB 2550x3300 cubeskelly.png)
(74.51 KB 1000x947 Scapula.jpg)
scapula study
(460.73 KB 900x948 ref+charsmol.png)
(553.71 KB 2048x2048 digiuno.png)
(83.79 KB 1158x845 rc one.jpg)
(47.26 KB 631x768 rc two.png)
Probably my biggest issue with drawing is that there's not a specific way to learn it. specially if you're third world poorfag and can't pay official classes Some instructors tell you to start with figure drawing, some tell you to start with proportion with simple figures and another tells you to start with anatomy and pose models and even to start with the contour then fill the details later. So I decided for something else: I draw from models then try to draw specific parts of the skeleton inside (obviously having looked at a skeleton model earlier to have an idea of how it should look on certain angles), ex; today is torsos and yesterday was heads etc, Is this a good idea? What is your recommended path to learn human anatomy?
>>16 For a little more active board check out 8kun.top/loomis-this is our backup for now-I would like to develop it a little better though. Anatomy is a tough subject, in my opinion it goes like this: Observation (learn to draw what you see-learn about contours, plumb lines, spatial relationships) Perspective (forms and shapes, making things look like they have depth) Anatomy and Figure (bones, muscles and details) Drapery etc. (clothing, accessories) That said you have to learn everything anyway, but observation is the first step.
(989.35 KB 1280x2482 af zombun.png)
I'm trying to get a better understanding of shadows and this board gives me a perfect excuse
>>21 When it comes to shadows I see a lot of high level artists just delineate the major "shadow shapes" as they correspond to the physical form of the subject. It's not something I know too much about myself tbh
(400.29 KB 1216x912 ..-.-...-.-.--smol.png)
(537.13 KB 1216x912 .-..-.....--.-smol.png)
text only test
(980.69 KB 916x1305 pacemsmol.png)
Will this finally work?
(546.85 KB 1024x1305 handosmol.png)
(450.25 KB 1024x1305 ..-.-....-smol.png)
(654.47 KB 916x1305 .--smol.png)
>>133 >>134 >>135 >>136 >>137 >>138 Good to see you posting lad and GREAT to see .moe back up.
(2.45 MB 2388x1668 Silver Fox.png)
(546.26 KB 1020x573 image1.png)
Postin' here cause kun's all dead and shit. Low effort painting to try out Artstudio Pro on my ipad. I like the way the brushes feel compared to Procreate, but the interface is kind of fucky. Fun fact: Wild canines and songbirds are the only animals normies care about. And women love horses for some reason. Whenever I show people anything else they just tell me how much they love that one painting of "a wolf in a tree"(it's a gray fox in a pile of leaves) I did once.
>>143 That's an adorable photo. My husky wants to play with small rodents to death so I often have to go out there and stop him.
>>143 As far as the painting goes it's coming along alright,. Peep the negative space between the fox fella's rear legs-it appears it should be a little bit bigger or wider.
(908.60 KB 944x1305 smol.png)
(925.35 KB 1024x1305 ...-..-..-.-smol.png)
(924.29 KB 1024x1305 .-.-.-..--..-.-.-smol.png)
(137.19 KB 520x660 .--.-.-.--smol.png)
>>139 Thanks, m8
(1.20 MB 1712x1305 ..---..-.-smol.png)
(1.03 MB 1712x1305 .--.-.--.-smol.png)
(1.14 MB 1712x1305 .-.-.-.-....-smol.png)
>>298 >>299 betty nice keep it coming
>>298 The skull with the open mouth is a little silly, everything else looks solid though. >>299 Diggin them beans and boxes bruh, keep it up.
(626.84 KB 786x1028 aha22.png)
(626.32 KB 836x1008 aha22a.png)
posted wrong one :) New home is nice.
>>312 >aha https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=djV11Xbc914 Good to see you made it fella
(672.03 KB 900x1305 .-.-.-..-smol.png)
(1.02 MB 900x1305 .-.-.-.-.-...-.-smol.png)
(928.23 KB 900x1305 .--...-.---.-smol.png)
>>312 Impressive rendering on this one
>>329 He does have a way with that, I need to learn how to smudge my pencil/graphite drawings better myself. You can really get a good result with pencil if you have the patience. Admittedly I'm kind of autistic about getting shit on my hands tho. Good forms on your work there btw fella
(237.75 KB 1000x1300 sketch_tan_holding_sign.jpg)
We don't have a Draw Thread!
>>334 fml I knew I forgot something, maybe I'll email the mod fella and have him just port it over. Or we can start new-as one of the most prolific posters perhaps I'll leave that decision up to you: Do we start with a clean slate? or Do we bring over the huddled masses of drawings past along with the most recent drawthread? >pretty wild being able to post so frequently without an error of some sort innit
>>336 I say start fresh. I'd have done that, but I didn't have a OP image ready. Might just drop the paper texture bg and add text to >>336
>>337 >dat fresh How the HECK did you do that, feller? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sTJ1XwGDcA4
>>344 You put "moe" inside brackets. Check the posting help link in the top bar. IT WORKS FOR DOOM TOO
(1.17 MB 955x1098 ahaWIP01.png)
>>329 Thank you :) I'm digging your figure drawings. >>299 I am going to try your box technique, I think it might help me out. >>330 I like using my fingers to smudge, but recently switched to tissue paper. Much better results. Oils from your hands can really mess up the paper's ability to blend. Speaking of paper, I am using regular printer paper and an old #2 pencil. The pencil is fine but the paper is not ideal. The graphite slides right off. :/ my current wip
>>350 So you just use tissue paper eh? Seems like a relatively cost effective way of doing it-though I think they make washable cloths you can use as well, I kinda don't think it'd be worth the trouble tho
(38.10 KB 786x703 bigboi.jpg)
Was drawing this from observation but I fucked the proportions all the way up. I think I need to go back to the sketching phase and observe the center mass better
>>372 Looking at how far off I am makes me cringe but whatever. I wonder what medium Delavier uses, it's pretty strange how a book about bodybuilding has much more refined illustrations than any book specifically marketed to artists I've seen.
>>373 >Looking at how far off I am makes me cringe This is a good thing tbh. I always catch something wrong after I post a piece I initially felt good about. It is a very good learning experience for us. Especially when there are few here to give the feed back we need. Now comes your decision to fix what you think and repost. Or simply move on and apply what you learned to your next piece. :)
(118.20 KB 1296x818 hercules.jpg)
>>374 I'm the kind of guy that quits every six months-I can understand the logic behind a lot of the various theory in drawing as that's what I've engaged in for years, but actually applying it in my own work in the moment is much less intuitive. Subject matter gradually getting drawn "bigger" as you move down the page is apparently pretty common in beginner work like mine where we just copy the contours without thinking hard enough about it. REE!
(1.44 MB 861x999 aha23.png)
If I could only rid myself of the petty distractions in my life, I know I could get to where I want to be faster. :)
>>378 If it's any consolation I don't have any real distractions and I still can't bring myself to do shit. >smh tbh fam
(486.35 KB 836x837 ..--.-.-.-.-.-.-smol.png)
(717.37 KB 836x1113 .-.-...-.-.-smol.png)
(658.88 KB 836x1113 ..-.-.-.-..-smol.png)
(443.11 KB 900x1113 .-.-.-...-.-.-smol.png)
>>383 Looking good El, is that Hampton?
(97.32 KB 433x699 ot1.PNG)
a WIP >>384 Yep
(68.33 KB 1280x544 _060.jpg)
The faces look awful. Next time I'll leave them flat and scribbly.
(9.08 MB 2388x1668 risograph hyena.png)
(108.25 KB 1024x680 hyena.jpeg)
Fucking around with tiptop's risography brushes. Discovered hyenas are hard as fuck to draw, they're so lumpy. Do I need to shrink down these images here? Or does it not matter? >tfw the page crashes when I try to upload from my ipad
>>390 I like it. Ditch the reference lines on the faces but leave the others and it would be a nice wall hanger imho :) >>392 I'm not sure about the image size rules here. Large image sizes seem to open faster and easier here than 8kun. >pic looking good so far :)
>>392 I would try and keep the resolution to 1000 or less in either direction. Just remember to keep your raw files
(773.72 KB 957x1293 aha24.png)
I might try this one again later.
>>402 Is this digital?
>>405 no, graphite. I took it in GIMP and adjusted the contrast a bit.
(524.52 KB 727x982 aha25.png)
Just me practicing blending and using different charcoals. :/
I didn't know this place managed to stay alive after 8chan died. It's good to see that people are still around. As for me, I've fallen behind on practicing this past summer. I'm making an effort this month to develop better habits by spending at least an hour or two a day doing something related to improving my drawing, whether it's actually drawing or reading/watching something informational. Pics related are from the beginning of the month. I feel like my observational skills are okay, but I'll be working on my fundamentals more thoroughly in the coming months.
>>459 We were actually on 8kun but it had a lot of technical problems and would often appear inactive because of a frozen front page. We ended up moving here not too long ago. Good to have you back. You've done a good job capturing the contours and proportions of your subjects. Keep up the good work!
(71.37 KB 1589x1122 1.jpg)
complete and utter beg here, criticism very much appreciated! (also used outline on sketchfab as ref)
>>538 forgot to clarify, used 2nd pic as hands ref, used https://sketchfab.com/3d-models/ecorche-musclenames-anatomy-33162ec759e04d2985dbbdf4ec908d66 for everything else
>>538 You actually captured the likeness of the hands fairly well. Overall though you're not following the contours (the "outside") lines that great just yet-but I can see you sort of have the right idea, you just have to observe and record what you see better. I would suggest greatly reducing the complexity of your subject for now. Try a few "still life" drawings of household objects with simple and clearly defined contours you can keep track of easier.
>>540 thank you very much!
>>539 That model is phenomenal and I definitely suggest you hold onto it for anatomy and proportion study-that said I still think it would behoove you to try and draw a few simpler objects before moving on to complete-particularly clothed-humans. >>541 No problemo
(27.99 KB 1203x420 Temp (19_10_2020).jpg)
Hello I was practicing some digital painting. Here I have some mushrooms. The middle one (brown) I just did it today. I tried to make the scales but it is somewhat difficult. btw y'all are not using 8kun right now? An anon told me that I could post here.
>>552 Unfortunately 8kun has had severely debilitating software issues in which the front page would be frozen for literally weeks at a time over the year or so that we'd stayed there. At some point we just had to let go-so here we are now. As far as your drawings goes though I think they're quite decent, they really give a storybook/cartoon impression and/or a fantasy aesthetic-they're like something you'd see on "Wakfu" or something like that. Keep it up!
(53.06 KB 1920x1080 box sketch.png)
(351.44 KB 1920x1080 box sketch 2.png)
(87.92 KB 1920x1080 cylinder sketch 1.png)
(351.02 KB 4000x4000 cylinder sketch 3.png)
(642.97 KB 4000x4000 pot sketch.png)
drawing household objects
(653.74 KB 4000x4000 POT SKETCH 2.png)
(682.11 KB 4000x4000 torch sketch 1.png)
(694.66 KB 4000x4000 torch sketch 2.png)
(566.36 KB 4000x4000 vase sketch 1.png)
>>557 >>556 A lot of those are fairly decent, the tea kettle(?) thing and the vase look pretty good, man. Your boxes and other primitives could use work, though. Keep that shit up. (please don't just arbitrarily spoiler your images, that's only for [hardcore] porn and ultraviolent shock art or related imagery-or when it's funny of course)
Edited last time by loomis on 10/19/2020 (Mon) 18:40:53.
>>558 Sorry, I thought you were supposed to spoiler images if they were big. Thanks for the help!
>>557 you need more line confidence, your lines are too short, try to let it flow more instead of making it choppy short dashes
>>559 I see, I guess because they were spoilered I didn't realize. What I'd suggest is just trying to make sure you compress their size in advance to 1000px maximum in either axis. In photoshop you use "Save for Web and Devices", in Krita you have to go to Image and then "Scale Image to New Size"-or something like that-and do it before saving it (which is bullshit btw). I don't know-depending on your software you might have to do a bit of kanoodling to figure it out but it's definitely something worth knowing how to do.
(4.42 MB 4656x3492 leaves1.jpg)
(4.64 MB 4656x3492 leaves2.jpg)
I tried to draw some plants or something. I have no idea what I'm doing send help.
(45.75 KB 499x430 e5y435.jpg)
(27.92 KB 487x463 ehe.jpg)
>>569 Your drawings remind me of some illustrations that appear in a natural medicine book. Are you using references? If you say you have no idea what you're doing, look up references so you can get a better idea of how to draw plants.
>>569 I think you're losing focus and getting lost in the complexity of the leaves' arrangement and it's making you "abbreviate" everything, visually. Whether it's the contours or the "veins" of the leaf you're just kind of getting overwhelmed and saying "fuck it" at some point. Try to focus on the individual contour and placement of each individual leaf at a time, see for yourself what gives each leaf its character and individuality. Limit your focus (and your drawing) to a small section of the plant for now so you can keep your bearings. Any stray millimeter of line can completely change the message a drawing conveys so try not to rush, just look closely and record carefully-if you go too fast or allow yourself to be made anxious by the scope of the task you won't learn as much.
>>571 For the record, I think you did a good job with the twigs the leaves are coming from, as a baseline, and your attempt to "draw through" them as if they were hollow cylinders is a good way to think about it. Keep it up!
>>569 Are you drawing from life or from pure imagination?
>>573 I'm interested in this too. I'm pretty confident it's observation given the strength of the branch shape and the occasional folded leaves which I don't think someone with that level of experience would bother attempting
>>570 >>573 Yeah I used references for those. I will post them alongside my future practice. >>571 >>572 Thanks for the advice, you're spot on regarding my rushing of parts. I found myself frustrated with my unsteady and inaccurate linework so I tried to move on to the next part rather than get bogged down. This was my first real attempt at branching out from construction of basic shapes so it was a learning experience.
>>580 All that matters is that you understand what you did wrong and be mindful of it on your next attempt. It might not be a bad idea to start with a nice basic pencil as well as it's much more forgiving. With a felt tip pen like you're using your options for line thickness and really all such variables are extremely limited.
>> 581 Ey brother from another mother, how did you get that picture right next to your name? I think I want. Can I buy?
>>583 In the quick reply you click "Extra" (I think in the "thread creation" window you click "More") and then indulge in flaggotry to your heart's content. Take it my friend, it's all yours.
>>585 Is that you, ArtChad?
>>586 >Is that you, ArtChad? You bet
>>587 Based
>>588 heh.
>>589 What are you up to today, big guy?
>>590 >What are you up to today, big guy? Pffffffffffft. Learning how to draw and programming I'd guess. As always.
>>590 >BIG GUY KEK
>>591 Mirin', ngl. One of my motivations for learning art is to make my magnum opus shitty indie game someday, but I'm nowhere near good enough at art yet-and being a programming layman I'm guaranteed to get cucked hard by whatever programmer I hire, besides. >8 years from now Just...
Edited last time by loomis on 10/20/2020 (Tue) 20:39:05.
(1.17 MB 897x1095 ahaWIP02.png)
>>552 these would make great clipart. Very nice >>459 loving the caterpillar. A little bit of detail in the head would be better because I thought it was a water droplet lol until I saw the reference :) >>592 Cute. Love this hair style. Bangs bangs bangs 8)
(66.41 KB 624x816 Untitled-2.jpg)
Some miscellaneous studies for tonight, gotta wake up early tomorrow
>>602 Layin is looking good so far
>>603 I think I made the forearms a little short. I'll have to be more mindful of such proportions in the future. I feel like the further a given detail gets from your starting point the harder it is to keep track of its relation to others.
>>607 They only look short because the hands are not present. Make a fist with your hand and curl your arm. Your knuckles should be approximately on level with your shoulder. :)
>>608 You're right; the humerus needs to be a little longer to accommodate the deltoids after all-I still feel the one on the left might be a few "line widths" too shallow but maybe not enough to make too much of a fuss about. I suppose it's important to consider all the layers of a subject before rushing to judgment.
(38.91 KB 586x620 robbie.jpg)
(49.67 KB 627x779 Robbieheh.jpg)
(45.72 KB 381x672 Untitled-1.jpg)
A bit uneven and a little more thigh gap than I intended versus the reference but if I keep making mistakes like that perhaps it'll secure me a future position at Pixar, if nothing else.
(254.93 KB 782x1118 ..--.-.-.--smol.png)
(510.48 KB 1122x876 .-.-..-.-..-.-smol.png)
(906.71 KB 1038x730 .--...-...-smol.png)
(353.74 KB 782x1118 .-.-.-..-..-smol.png)
(877.18 KB 856x1118 ..--.--..-smol.png)
(413.39 KB 856x1118 .-.--.-.-smol.png)
(379.01 KB 910x1118 ..-.--.--smol.png)
(385.28 KB 910x1118 .-.-.-..--.--smol.png)
(354.97 KB 910x1118 .-.--.--..-.-smol.png)
(419.91 KB 974x734 .-.-..-.--.-smol.png)
(475.72 KB 846x1118 .--.-.--.--smol.png)
(400.16 KB 910x1118 ..--.-.--.-smol.png)
(499.17 KB 846x1216 .-.--...-smol.png)
(570.31 KB 910x1216 .-.-.---smol.png)
(682.86 KB 910x1216 ..-.--.--..-.-smol.png)
(765.18 KB 910x1216 .-.-.---...-smol.png)
(490.99 KB 910x1216 ...-.--.--.-.-smol.png)
(510.86 KB 910x1216 .-..-..-.-.-.-smol.png)
(372.16 KB 910x1216 ..-..-.-.--.-.-.-smol.png)
(1.65 MB 1124x1384 ahaWIP03.png)
>>639 I like the portrait. Was he a reference? >>640 I really like all four figures done in the first pic. Your figure work is real good in general. I see you need more study on heads and how a face is crammed into one lol However the heads and faces I find more interesting is here >>642 first image. The tall figure with it's pin hole eyes. That figure would look great standing next to your more developed character of the one eye, scythe girl. Maybe a companion of sorts or alter ego?. Looking good, keep it up :)
>>640 >>639 >>641 >>642 Very good productivity, keep it up. Having drawn through a Bridgman book myself I'm still not sure how I feel about his stuff. >>643 This is coming together pretty nicely.
(2.00 MB 1000x1000 my fox when.png)
(1.83 MB 1000x800 stipple.png)
(535.34 KB 1000x800 marker.png)
(2.38 MB 1000x1005 jump.png)
Experimenting with a bunch of brushes I "acquired". Drawing in a bumpy car, or early parkinsons? You decide.
>>680 QT foxes and woofs; the last one kind of reminds me of that Keke Geminmin fella's animations. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lurN4z-Aezs
>>680 I love that sly watercolor fox :D he has that "not sure if serious or..." look :)
(162.33 KB 2424x2200 Ulna.jpg)
I don't think I studied this bone much, it really is a bit more complex than I'd given it credit for.
(164.36 KB 617x802 valprac1.png)
value practice
>>705 I'm not certain if this is a reproduction/study of someone else's art or your own, but in either case I really like that soft-saturation pastel look. I've only come across a few others that are able to pull off that lineless, painterly technique and apply it to animation-style characters and environments successfully and I always appreciate stumbling across more.
(135.43 KB 2460x3324 1.jpg)
(21.76 KB 604x530 8.jpg)
(36.92 KB 816x1560 11.jpg)
(20.51 KB 440x734 13.jpg)
>>704 I've decided to save them to individual files, I'm up to 22 (starting from zero using this method, so I'm not counting the 15 I did the other day or the 8 that followed earlier this morning).
>>719 >forgot to resize them Oh bother. If that's one thing Krita is shit for it's not being able to constrain the image's proportions at the moment of saving the file.
(26.53 KB 468x359 50-Ulnas.jpg)
Anatomy studies for the day, I feel like I have memory problems so I'm working up hill, going to go for 300 of each bone to really hammer it home. If I keep up the pace of 50 a day I can get one bone "solved" (I hope) every six days. I'm taking inspiration from martial artists who practice the same movements over and over again tens of thousands of times throughout their career. If they can do that then I (or we) can do something like this.
>>732 Naturally, more complex bones like the ribcage and spine are going to take significantly more time but they're no less important than the easy shit like the ulna, radius, femur, tibia etc. of course. 300 is an intimidating number but it's not actually very much at all in the grand scheme of things; I'm sure the students of representative art schools and ateliers likely do as much or more. All told that's probably 20 hours or so on each of the simpler bone shapes.
(504.13 KB 1000x750 fish.jpg)
(54.72 KB 1024x683 fox.jpg)
Repaintin' a rusty tin sailfish or blue marlin or something for my grandpa. Any suggestions or ideas? >cat photobomb >>681 Yeah, those colorful halftones look a lot like the dithering from Flipnote. And the goofy pose. >>683 Got the source image I was working off of if you want it.
(1.92 MB 1360x1844 fox.png)
>>755 Paint a mural of a fishing boat on that fish :) You reminded me I owe my cat a portrait. Thanks for the reference. I like like yours better, has personality lol
>>762 They may look cute but it's important to always remember that a cornered fox is more dangerous than a jackal *pew pew pew* https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IimjoFyUktY
Trying to figure out anime-style proportions, so I drew a lompk. I'm not super unhappy with it, but I'll do better next time. Maybe one day I'll be able to effectively draw cute boys doing cute things, the true meaning of life.
Still at it, it's been a tough week!
(619.18 KB 940x1284 -.-..-.--.--.-.-.-.-.-.png)
(610.31 KB 940x1284 _-_-_-__-_--_.png)
>>643 ye >>791 Nice 'n bone-y. Good perspective as well
>>784 Looking pretty good! I like the cast shadows on the clothing. Try and give those lines a little more consistency, and try not to use two different "medias" for brushes as it can clash a bit. Notice how the lines have a certain texture to them but your colors has a sort of hard marker kind of look.
>>809 Lookin good!
(529.43 KB 1300x868 20201117_070731.jpg)
(600.47 KB 1300x840 20201117_071026.jpg)
(584.77 KB 1300x786 20201117_071051.jpg)
(550.63 KB 1300x850 20201117_071147.jpg)
I don't really give a fuck about the guidelines since I started drawing yesterday. I draw whatever goes into my head, sometimes I try to draw cubes. I don’t think this is a board for me since it’s all professionals here, but for fun, I’ll put it here.
>>852 >I don’t think this is a board for me since it’s all professionals here HAHAHAHA no As long as you're trying or having fun, you're welcome here.
>>852 I like them. Drawing for fun is good motivation anyways. Also I have a bunch of those flash drives.
>>852 >I don’t think this is a board for me since it’s all professionals here ...
>>852 >I don’t think this is a board for me since it’s all professionals here I there even a single professional here?

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