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(244.95 KB 960x960 drawthreadOP_moe_editionB960.png)
Draw Thread Anonymous 09/30/2020 (Wed) 02:39:21 No. 349
Moe Anthropomorphism Edition
(217.26 KB 873x788 loomis, moe edition.png)
>>351 I love it
>>349 Sketch-tan a cute. CUTE
(2.52 MB 1194x834 risograph hyena pt2.png)
Decided to quit being a lazy piece of shit and finish something. >>392
>>417 I like the colors, and the contours of the hyena feller appear more or less correct (maybe a little bit more volume in his ear on our left in the drawing than there is in the reference).
(17.26 KB 608x1024 morti.png)
>>430 What's her relation to your top-hatted shadow lady character? I like her spooky hair and her convenient front pockets for keeping her hands warm and, more importantly to us artists, nice and hidden from our viewers' discerning eye.
(1.02 MB 1000x1000 sketch_tan_dance_L.png)
almost leg meme
>>436 Poor girl isn't articulated that way it seems. A fine compromise though. Let's just hope the Warner Brothers's lawyers don't get wind of this
(3.66 MB 1600x1200 fall-scene.webm)
/gondola/ seems to be gone for good, so I'll post this here instead.
>>457 beautiful
>>457 I love those webms. <3
>>457 excellent
>>457 so nice
Does anyone here mind drawing Asriel? That is, if this thread would allow asking it? Here is some refs if needed.
(16.00 KB 148x125 77108.png)
(36.24 KB 311x668 77109.png)
(22.06 KB 352x99 77110.png)
(114.33 KB 1051x3298 77909.png)
(882.00 B 76x150 Asriel_Dreemurr_battle.png)
In-game refs
(215.26 KB 1125x633 sad blart.jpg)
>>478 >>479 Not A Request Thread please go to /v/ etc.
(253.86 KB 725x603 the blartening.png)
>>482 This is suffice enough. Thanks anon.
>>481 Right, sorry about that. >>480 What? Is it because I am a dumbass for asking requests? If so, then yeah sorry about that. I thought that this thread would take requests, and one just did so actually.
>>482 Draw this fag character getting killed by a good character, hell make Link or Cloud kill this character. That is if you want to. I'm just suggesting some new ideas to get the fan of Undertale/Deltarune to leave this place.
>>485 Not gonna lie I liked Undertale despite its extremely hit or miss sense of humor and gay/furry overtones. I guess as someone who'd played a lot of scrolling shooters in my day the gameplay mechanics were fairly satisfying.
>>488 Then by chancy, could you at least just draw the character? If not, that's fine. I'm not asking anything that is high art or whatever, just if anyone here wouldn't have mind drawing him. But again, it's clear that m asking should be on v. >>485 I understood I was a fool for asking on loomis since now I know this isn't a request thread.
Or were you the one who drew it before of that other drawing?
>>490 >>489 It's a principle thing, sorry. No harm in asking but thank you for your understanding. I'd encourage you to try your luck on /v/ or-even better-let's start you learning to draw this charming goatfella yourself. Do you have a pencil and paper handy?
>>493 I actually have been drawing for some time here an dthere. Just that I tend to either get lazy because I feel like my drawings aren't quite what I envision or I sometimes let doubt get to me where I pretty much say that other artists are better than what I can do. Of course, the latter is being a fucking retard, so forget that point. But sure, I'll later provide some drawings I did before, so i'll say I did improve since for 4 years I have drawn, but I am still not there yet.
>>494 Awesome, looking forward to seeing them.
What's the difference between Draw thread and practice thread? I may be posting in wrong one.
>>566 Practice thread is a dumping ground for fundamentals studies (anatomy studies, figure drawings, still lives, thumbnails), draw thread is for completed works you want to show off or receive comments for. There's a lot of overlap between the two so don't worry too much about it but that's just the general idea.
>>567 Also you can definitely be forgiven for any confusion given the complete dearth of activity-we're still recovering from the migration from 8kun so there isn't a lot of content in any of the generals yet.
(298.85 KB 1050x900 Trolly_and_pals_v3_1050.png)
>>623 made for BGC
>>624 Isn't he supposed to be a troll?
>>626 >I made over 550 flags and I completely spaced out on making a troll face one Also, I had to put Big Green C*ck out there; if I would have said BTC it may have confused our extremely numerous /biz/ crossover posters
Edited last time by loomis on 10/22/2020 (Thu) 21:25:10.
(50.90 KB 540x654 goowitch-wip.jpg)
Busy weekend so I'm going to cheat and combine my weekly drawthread and towergirls submissions heh
(120.82 KB 837x978 slugegrill.jpg)
>tfw still at "Bad Anime Convention Programming Pamphlet Cover Art" level Just gotta keep working
(134.43 KB 605x730 spooky_resized.jpg)
I drew that Spooky girl from the Jumpscare Mansion game. It isn't perfect, but I had a lot of fun drawing for once. A smile crept on to my face while I was working, and I'm not really sure why.
(32.03 KB 358x344 CirnoTouhou.jpg)
>>649 bretty gud
>>651 Good for a start! Keep your enthusiasm for drawing and develop that sense for form and proportion.
>>651 >A smile crept on to my face while I was working, and I'm not really sure why. drawing cutes will do that
(1.14 MB 829x1043 aha26.png)
(1.69 MB 936x1196 aha26Final.png)
The rough and the final (I adjusted contrast in GIMP) for comparison. I took a gamble with the hair and used charcoal. I botched it lol I wanted dark hair for this one but I don't have the proper graphite pencils yet. I also failed in the composition as I should have included the full hair style and full arm for context. Also this took me too long to finish because various reasons lol :)
>>682 You did a good job with the emblem on her necklace thing, as well as the pattern on her glove. The face is good as usual and I think you did a better job on the hair than you're giving yourself credit for. I feel like her chest area appears a little bare and some subtle impression of the sternum may have been warranted, however I know it's not always that easy to see. Same with the little triangular furrow that typically appears between the insertion of the anterior deltoid and the pectoralis which admittedly I'm not certain if it's typically visible when the arm is in that position.
(99.44 KB 555x751 Fitclops.jpg)
Drawpile fun
>>695 >planet express delivery but I didn't order anything >bow chika bow wow >>684 I'll study up on the sternum and chest area. giggity :)
(40.32 KB 1280x1216 gnzgobbo.png)
>>696 lol >>702 (I was going to post the two together but I felt like I shouldn't post work without permission) I think you did a good job here. You're good at saying a lot with a little and watching your ability to construct poses improve in real time has been a privilege
(278.18 KB 954x590 jokah.PNG)
More pile stuff >>703 thanks m8
(2.29 MB 1333x974 spring_scene.webm)
I miss the springtime already
>>712 >when you see it Oh fugg :DD
>>712 Enjoying doing my bone studies to this comfy music
(386.09 KB 1000x1000 commie_cat.png)
You wouldn't need to steal alcohol if you didn't employ a currency that functioned in a manner much like Chuck-E-Cheese tickets on a multinational scale you silly kot.
(161.13 KB 750x800 777GET.png)
>>777 Congratulations! Magnificent!
(614.62 KB 1000x1200 witch_edit2.png)
The curse of the devil trips is reversed. Only cute wholesome shit from now on.
So, a quick question, a certain artist I follow stated in a blog that if one were to write or draw something down before 15 mins were up, that would prevent something from the brain that has a problem with creativity. Is that true?
>>802 I'm not an artist in any way but can confirm that this works insofar as writing goes. I spend a lot of time writing both creatively and professionally and if I don't have anything workable on the screen in fifteen minutes or less it just wasn't ready to happen yet. I can't guarantee this'll work for anyone else. In school I was the type that "tested well", meaning that I perform best when under pressure of a time constraint, which would explain why this method helps me get the framework of something good to build on.
>>803 Ah, sorry. I didn't mean it in that aspect. the artist was referring to how before 15 mins were up after one woke up, they would be able to do things like draw or write something that they would usually scoff at or would hate. It's something I heard that can improve one's own way of drawing from what I heard. But thank you for your shared advice. That to can be useful in certain situations.
(163.48 KB 800x891 HW40k.jpg)
(212.94 KB 799x980 orkart.jpg)
Found these old drawings from when the board was first created (what was it, seven years ago?), back in the days before Hotwheels was twisted by the dissonant whispering Chaos. I had an idea for a series of drawings that (as usual), barely managed to materialize. "40K Kripple Kart" Apart from a few now-obvious perspective errors I still think they're kind of cute.
Edited last time by loomis on 11/18/2020 (Wed) 05:28:26.
>>862 Man this takes me back when anons used to praise hotwheels and /int/ was the boogeyman of the day. Oh how have the midget have fallen, and how our boogeyman was right all along.
So, I did this back on September when there was the 5th annivsary of the game. To note, I hope anons here don't judge me because of the shit fandom, as I agree some parts are shit. But, I hope this suffices for now. I'm gonna try to draw once I build a desk since I heard that was the best method.
I can show some other drawings I did back in the day. Although, Idk if there are those here who hate artists who use refs, as I used to back then and still do now.
>>874 >Idk if there are those here who hate artists who use refs, as I used to back then and still do now. Dafuq?! Everyone uses references. That's how humans learn. You can't draw things you haven't seen. Everything created by humans is just the product of their experiences.
>>875 Forget /ic/, deviantart are the ultimate crabs.
>>875 Well where I am from, some tend to think it's on some level of bad stuff. Somehow, just trying to use a model or art of a character isn't enough and you should only use your own head for drawing instead.
>>876 What now?
>>878 Are you unfamiliar with the concept of “crab” artists, who drag others down with bad ideas, bad art beliefs, bad advice, and constantly shit on other artists? Hating on artists for using refs is a great example of that.
>>879 Oh, not really that much. I did hear Devinart having some type of mob that does shit to artists who don't follow their own rules and agenda really. But for using refs? What the heck?
Off-topic here, but NSFW is not allowed in loomis correct? Also, what do anons think of those who draw fictional porn? Stuff like furry, loli, cub, rape, nechro, vore, etc? I'm just a lurker here, but I would like to know the rules here on this take.
>>881 NSFW is allowed, I don't know why the hell this is marked as a SFW board but I can't change it, I'll ask Mark about it at some point. I would appreciate if any hardcore pornographic images are spoilered is all.
>>880 Sorry, I meant to add that I am unfamiliar with what you described. Mind going into more detail about it?
>>882 Alright, thanks for answering. I just thought you might have had problems with it, espically those who do drawings of things like loli, cub, rape, gore, nechro, etc.
>>883 The term crab comes from the phrase “crabs in a bucket”. Fishers don’t need a lid on a bucket full a crabs because the crabs will all drag the other crabs down as they try to escape. Deviantart autists are obsessed with their own made up rules about stealing and “cheating” in art. There is constant drama about who’s original character is stealing from someone else’s over dumb shit like similar color schemes, poses, backstories. Likewise, using a reference is often called both stealing and “cheating”. Because these dorks can’t tell the difference between tracing and using a reference.
So, there's this shit I found in case anyone here might actually give a critique in a sense of sorts. Some anon went crazy in /v/ over it. NSFW. Not hardcore porn and not really porn per say, but it is explicit.
>>882 As an addendum, this is largely a board about art improvement, it's not a board about porn for porn's sake and anything other than relatively vanilla stuff tends to attract autistic porn freak lunatics who have no interest in creating art but who can nonetheless be hard to shrug off. There's a lot of stuff that, even if it's "technically legal", I don't really want it to be a feature here either. Professional nudity is NSFW and expected and I don't think that seeing two girls sucking eachother's tits or a cock going into a vagina is going to hurt anybody but there's a point where "porn" basically becomes /b/-worthy shock imagery and not something we want or need on here.
>>887 I decided to fucking take a look, and... it's not really porn action, but more or less casual nudity. It does include some things that I think most would agree is in a weird take. Not sure if one can say it's NSFW in the sense of porn, but it is explicit. Really through, this poster should have just posted it somewhere else. I don't know if you would agree.
>>886 What good would a critique "of a sense of sorts" of someone else's work you "found" do for you? Have you just come here to post images you like?
>>889 Is the image that bad that I am imagining it to be? Given the recent anon's statement, I would suppose they might be asking for a critique seriously, but still, does that really need to be on here?
>>889 I just thought some artists on here wouldn't mind giving a judge of fairness about what they thought of this particular artwork is all. I'm sorry if it caused a disturbance, as while it is a bit on the "weird" side, it is not blatant hentai and nudity has been a subject of critique to even today of paintings and using adult models to paint after.
>>891 At least it isn't hardcore porn, but please do remember that there are other boards here that can suit your taste in whatever you enjoy. This board is mainly for SFW art after all. >>885 Ah, okay. Thanks for the definition and on Devinart's crazy fans. From the original character stuff to similar details of art, and really, somehow using a drawing just for ref is like tracing over it? What have they been doing to think that way?
>>885 Is there any other site that is like devinart btw?
>>888 > It does include some things that I think most would agree is in a weird take. Yeah, I agree. That (>>886) shit's kinda weird.
>>893 >Is there any other site that is like devinart btw? conceptart.org artstation.com
These sites don't have the infantile and degenerate community of Deviantart though.
>>894 How so? They aren't in any postion of hardcore porn smut, and there is nudity of fictional characters that have been stated to be art. What makes this piece so different? Nudity doesn't always equal sexual stuff, and this strikes me as just your typical would be exhibit art since it's casual.
>>895 interesting. >>896 By infantile and degenerate, I would assume you mean fetish fans and people who basically cry if anyone has a different opinion? But that's nice to hear. Devinart is shit.
One of these lead to a different site instead: https://thecoldestwater.com/ = conceptart
>>899 >One of these lead to a different site instead: Then I'm sorry. I haven't used that site ever since I've learned that JavaScript is evil. Forums are a waste of time anyway. Image boards are the ultimate form of communication.
>>900 That I can agree on. It's the best. But thanks for that other site. I'm finding artwork that I haven't even seen of some of my favorite characters. Also, did you rate my drawing by any chance?
Is it worth making an account on here? What are the benefits?
>>873 What do anons think of this drawing? Anon here asked, and everyone forget because some idiot thought his nsfw image needed judging when he should be fapping it to himself on some other board. Sure, it's fine here and it's spoiled, but come on, this is a art improvement thread. Aside from that, I don't really know how to critique, but I would say it's a start. It needs improvement most likely.
>>910 Looking at the picture for one second was already plenty enough for me. I don't want to look at it, but that's necessary for a critique. So that's that.
(232.53 KB 1000x900 drawpile_witch.png)
(34.47 KB 1000x700 drawpile_doodles.png)
(269.43 KB 1000x700 drawpile_doodles2.png)
(11.72 KB 272x320 ohboyvideogames.png)
Some snips from drawpile.

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