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(12.55 KB 150x101 Drawception_D_Logo.png)
Anonymous 10/15/2020 (Thu) 20:32:01 No. 503
What are some games, online or not, to practice drawing on? Pic related, but it doesn't have to be similar.
Never heard of that so I'm going to have to check that out some time
I've got a drawing game for you. It's called "go into the drawpile and try and find even a single 100 x 100px space on the canvas to draw on with Artchad manspreading everywhere else"! HE CAN'T KEEP GETTING AWAY WITH IT! >just kidding buddy, keep up the productivity
Edited last time by loomis on 10/15/2020 (Thu) 21:23:25.
>>520 >CMON NIGGERS DONT MAKE ME ASK REDDIT Cmon dude, don't be a reddit-tier brainlet and look for a game that teaches art. It's not efficient.
>>523 I'm just looking for something to have fun on and practice. But you're right.
(251.86 KB 1000x1000 jesper_ejsing_-_denmark_(32).jpg)
>>525 I would recommend doing the following: - copy images you like. (That teaches you to see proportions and get your hand eye coordination going.) - always having fun (that means enjoying the struggle. Once you've set foot in the world of art, you've signed a contract to struggle for all eternity. So better get used to enjoying it.) - uhhhh...don't don't, maybe pick up some book or pdf and work through that and apply the new found knowledge to your art.
If you know how to emulate/have a 3DS sitting around, you can give the Art Academy games a try.
>>520 I really can't think of anything and I didn't even know Drawception existed until you mentioned it >>523 While it looks like Drawception sucks don't knock this sort of thing! Creativity is very important in this line of work and it's a skill that play would help cultivate far better than anatomy and perspective studies do. However Drawception doesn't look to be marketed towards people with any real artistic experience-nor does it have suitable tools to express even a middling artistic ability unfortunately. I for one hope we do find something, otherwise the Drawpile is probably the closest we're going to get-and I'm fine with that, personally. >>527 I fucking love that guy's work and I never knew his name, thanks. >>528 Unironically this. The 3DS also has a surprisingly competent drawing program called "Colors!" too, I was taken aback by how good some of the art people had made using it was.
>>527 >copy images you like tracing is a no-no, right?
>>530 Not him but "not really"-at least in the learning process. Taking the actual drawing out of the equation can expediate certain things. I don't think you should necessarily trace someone's completed work, rather I've used tracing to help me memorize the names, placements and general shapes of anatomical features for example.
>>530 >tracing is a no-no, right? Well, it's not necessarily a no-no. But I wouldn't just randomly trace things, do it with a specific learning goal in mind. If you want to consciously create great art, you have to consciously practice. And remember that you get better at what you practice. If you trace a thousand drawings, you'll be a very good tracer, but still won't be able to draw jack shit from imagination. (Maybe a little bit, but it's not worth mentioning.)

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