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(47.35 KB 688x476 ungern.jpg)
On migrating again King Board owner 09/22/2020 (Tue) 16:59:08 No. 2037
A provisional colony was founded at anon.cafe in the wake of 8chan.moe's sudden collapse. It seems however that, for the time being, 8chan.moe has returned in the form of the 8ch.moe domain. Do users wish to migrate to the anon.cafe colony now, or remain here?
>>2037 I say we stay here for now but keep the anon.cafe colony as a backup in case this place fails again. >tfw we'll forever be forced to migrate from one site to another with no permanent home
I'm partial to anon.cafe myself.
>>2057 >the nomadic nobility
>>2057 Good. None of you belong on 8chan, or anyone on this site for that matter, and I'd say the same if there was a /leftypol/, in case you get riled up in your ideological faggotry. >>2037 Drink AIDS piss, fag. Read Spengler.
>>2061 >imfuckingplying HAHAHAHAHAHA Surely you jest, master clown?
>>2066 >Read Spengler Socialist vermin belongs in the trash
(40.20 KB 620x350 egon-spengler-620x350.jpg)
>>2066 >Read Spengler I was sad when he died.
Remain. Fuck that site, full of faggots.
anon.cafe goes down often and gets raped by refugees and /cattle/fags whenever webring drama happens. on top of that, the politics and religion boards there are constantly raiding each other. not a good place for a board like this.
>>2080 Anon Cafe doesn’t go down constantly, what are you talking about? t. daily user
>>2089 I never said constantly, strawfriend.
There's a new /fascist/ bunker here just in case. Anon Cafe has been down for a few hours and I got a bit nervous
(5.03 MB 720x540 1447915987097.gif)
>>2152 What the fuck is this shit?

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