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(188.64 KB 377x425 worldtyrrany.png)

Dig the Swamp Anonymous 01/03/2022 (Mon) 21:15:13 Id: 060130 No. 13445 [Reply]
Post what you got on these motherfuckers.
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(1.57 MB 979x6370 perufag.png)

Perufag's latest (that I'm aware of). sauce: https://archive.4plebs(Please use archive.today)/sp/thread/119010084/#119011870

(52.06 KB 300x100 1411504031510.png)

(421.29 KB 300x100 1419741433925.gif)

(6.15 KB 300x100 1411506145242.jpg)

(82.11 KB 300x100 1469450159036.gif)

(19.66 KB 300x100 1469450453561.png)

Banner Thread 10/01/2020 (Thu) 14:33:00 Id: d34bdf No. 1723 [Reply] [Last]
Let's spruce this place up. Here's a dump of some old banners, just to get things started.
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If anyone wants to add a banner for /polarchive/, I can put it up.

(5.53 MB 640x480 yuri_nazis.webm)

/pol/ Meta thread Anonymous Board owner 07/11/2020 (Sat) 02:11:05 Id: b0ca41 No. 1063 [Reply] [Last]
Seeing as how the board is getting more active, figured it was about time to actual discus what's going on in regards to how the board should operate.
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i think this all what we need!

QTDDTOT Anonymous 07/07/2021 (Wed) 18:41:09 Id: 000000 No. 9936 [Reply] [Last]
A thread for asking and answering questions that aren't important enough to make an entire thread for them.
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(570.33 KB 2851x2480 1653238202794.jpg)

(774.61 KB 1200x872 1653106635409.png)

(101.85 KB 960x960 1650277325047.jpg)

(1.78 MB 350x255 1651887253785.gif)

Did someone say the left can't meme?? Well what about "every anti communist argument debunked"? Lol kek https://(Webm, use an alternative platform, or use https://instances.invidio.us/)/MjwL1mSrPLA
>>15623 ok, anything going on?
Does anyone have the thread screencap about the the guy who worked with Epstein ?

ITT: Anonymous 02/07/2021 (Sun) 14:57:22 Id: 000000 No. 7822 [Reply] [Last]
post brutal wall-hitting rosties.
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>>15603 >muh pedo bad Fuck off, geriatric fetishist freak Only youth is beauty. Old hags get the rope.
>>15603 >Not all women are the same Cuck. All women are exactly the same: all women are whores. All women are parasites. Everybody sees through your cu ck fallacy, you piece of shit . Men either enslave all women, or society must burn to the ground. All women belong to a cage. And cucks like you will get bullets to your heads for worshiping those parasites.
>>15603 >You're not supposed to be out "having fun" in your youth No wonder you old retards are going extinct, without any replacements. Nobody wants to spend their youth working, training or preparing. Everyone wants to have fun all the time. Slaves are the ones that must work and train. Not people. Your demented mind of a mere servant will never be the norm. Youth is to be spent having fun 100% of the time, without any responsibility. The more you preach your insanity, the more youngsters will stay away from your kind and your idiotic ideals.

(340.70 KB 1565x882 jew hate thread.png)

Anonymous 05/22/2022 (Sun) 00:37:42 Id: baceb8 No. 15602 [Reply]
Jews and leftists have gotten janny positions on half chan's /pol/ board. They are selectively banning threads they don't like and promoting threads they do like to try and control the discussion on the board. If you start a Jew hate thread you can an instant ban. But inter-racial porn spam threads and anti-White demoralisation threads stay up for hours. As do threads started by Jewish anti-White bigots that try to depict White people as being evil.
>>15602 (OP) That only show their desperation due to losing and being inferior. The White race will always win and always be superior. All jews and all leftards will be killed.
(75.67 KB 1227x151 4920536.jpg)

>>15602 All jews and leftards are desperate. Pic related. They know that they will be killed, and are crying "muh the law will get you" all the time. Losers will be burned alive.

WEBM THREAD Anonymous 12/07/2021 (Tue) 14:57:51 Id: 5b9bd0 No. 13222 [Reply] [Last]
Post videos here
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(20.96 MB 854x480 yfLc3w9acKJp.mp4)

(1.87 MB 1280x720 12.webm)

(22.69 KB 394x301 1589220541628.jpg)

Anonymous 05/11/2020 (Mon) 18:45:26 Id: 01883e No. 119 [Reply]
I've been digging on the spread of info surrounding the use of hydroxychloroquine to treat covid-19 and it seems to begin with an israeli intelligence operation. https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/2020/04/24/rise-fall-trumps-obsession-with-hydroxychloroquine/ I started with this article and began to dig further. >March 16: Tesla CEO Elon Musk tweets a link to a March 13 paper suggesting that the anti-malarial drug chloroquine might be effective at treating covid-19. >That evening, Gregory Rigano, one of the authors of the paper Musk linked, appears on Laura Ingraham’s Fox News show. He says that hydroxychloroquine can “just get rid of [the virus] completely." https://twitter.com/RiganoESQ If you go back to Rigano's tweets before the pandemic you will see that he mostly tweets about Tesla which is likely how Elon Musk is aware of him. He also tweets heavily about cryptocurrency which connects him to the next person that I will mention. >Rigano, though, is an attorney, not a doctor. He'd written the paper with the help of James Todaro, an ophthalmologist and tech investor. It was identified as having been written “in consultation with Stanford University School of Medicine” — but Stanford publicly denied any link. The document linked by Musk was later removed from Google Docs for violating the company's terms of service. https://twitter.com/JamesTodaroMD James Todaro is a managing partner of Blocktown Capital. Blocktown Capital is a cryptocurrency hedge fund with connections to Black Cube. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Black_Cube Black Cube is an israeli intelligence agency that specializes in asset tracing.
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(986.48 KB 1500x938 Elon_Musk.png)

>>122 this sure has aged well

The Odinist Lady, Seana Fenner, of Odinia Died Today Anonymous 05/20/2021 (Thu) 05:16:13 Id: 9f5af0 No. 9303 [Reply]
Her website hasn't been updated in over a year at this point because she was in poor health for a long time. I supported her for a long time because she is the proper /pol/-tier religion for our people (folkish, tribal, pro-family, etc.). I tried not to be an annoying, blogposting faggot about it nor shill it too much, but I have mentioned her once in a while or specifically in religion threads for several years now on multiple /pol/ boards, particularly on HateChan in it's heyday (it was the most based site where you could be the most offensive, in case you are a newfag and don't know). https://odinia(Please use archive.today)/ http://vikingalthing(Please use archive.today)/ --site's broken at the moment, but has been a thing https://odinist(Please use archive.today)/ http://seanafenner(Please use archive.today)/ --her personal site I guess come to think of it she had a few and was taking them into some different focuses, but like I say, her health had gone downhill, and I am the one who told her that she should try to get better because I hoped she would and could go back to things later. I am posting this thread on a few different /pol/s and I hope it is alright. She had made headlines multiple times without trying any stunts for attention because the Nose Tribe was super assmad that anyone except themselves was trying to exercise religious freedom at all (especially those whitoids--oy vey!). There are always various (((interested parties))) trying to push our people in every direction except good ones and except the direction of Nature. If you knew anything about her as a person, she deserved better. Odinia will live on and there will be more pro-whites running it than there were before to honor her memory. I remember the lies, the excuses from those who would not help, and the idiotic semitic shilling against her cause, and I am proud to have defended her from all of the mud that was slung. Because real people and truth-tellers in general are suppressed (and every faggot e-celeb has multiple threads a day everywhere, hmm...), I want to mention her one last time because she died today, or so I am told. I generally can manage to deal with death pretty well, but this one hit me hard. She was one of the best of our people. She literally used to go around and redpill QTs for our Race in the streets and other things of that nature. I'm just making this thread because /pol/ boards and internet shitlording is basically my home. I identify with shitlord anons and have been perusing, memeing, and/or posting for a very long time. I wouldn't be who I am today without any of you, including spammers and faggots who shit up threads. All of you who ever did any redpilling, shitposting, or any kind of activism redpilled anons like me long ago, and you are heroes.
16 posts and 13 images omitted.
>>9303 fuck that shit i would rape her and decapitate her head and plays basketball with it
>>15504 kek >>15489 There is no continuing org. There are independent Odinist groups, but no legitimate one will have a large public presence. Form your local kindred and draw upon her based writings, Fren. She was quite the academic, but she could not follow through with her own group thing. She was too spread out maintaining lots of websites. A lot of the other ones are already gone except the main Odinia one. I had told her as much and more about priorities. Even if she had formed a Core Group like I had said for the purposes of mainly keeping her and her work safe (high priority because thought leaders against kike control will be killed if they get famous, which is why all public groups are basically the same), you would still have to form your own local Tribe. tl;dr: tribalism, nigger. Just don't forget there are lots of groups out there. They're just not going to loudly advertise themselves, and with everyone I see IRL I reinforce that idea to keep based White people safe. All the loud ones will be cucked by definition because of kike control. >>15550 no kikes plz

"Mass" shooting, h'whuite supremacist, long as fuck mannyfesto, discuss. Anonymous 05/14/2022 (Sat) 21:15:15 Id: 8cb070 No. 15337 [Reply] [Last]
From what I hear, New york kid buys 4k worth of gear, makes todo list that mentions 4chan, 8chan, Dicksword, Twitch, livestreaming, etc. Goes and kills 8 niggers at Walmart. Drops weapons the moment police show up and is quietly arrested. Autistic faggot? Copycat Tarrant? Fed psyop? YOU DECIDE
148 posts and 57 images omitted.
>>15478 hello, how can i access to the manifesto??
>>15563 >muh you fed i f you want violence All feds will be killed.
>>15562 I will be enjoying your slaughter, while I survive just fine.

Vladimir Putin declared war on Ukraine in a surprise television announcement at roughly 6:00 a.m. Moscow time Anonymous 02/24/2022 (Thu) 11:08:36 Id: a17088 No. 14006 [Reply] [Last]
“I’ve made the decision to conduct a special military operation,” Putin said. “Our analysis has concluded that our confrontation with these forces [in Ukraine] was inevitable.” “This is the red line that I have spoken of many times. They have crossed it,” he said, accusing the Ukrainians of “genocide” for attacking the two new “independent republics” he unilaterally conjured into existence on Monday. “Russia cannot feel safe, develop, and exist with a constant threat emanating from the territory of modern Ukraine,” he said. Putin bizarrely claimed Russia’s plans “do not include occupation of Ukrainian territory” and “we are not going to impose anything on anyone by force,” even as Russia launched missile attacks at targets across Ukraine, including its capital city of Kyiv. “A couple of words for those who would be tempted to intervene. Russia will respond immediately and you will have consequences that you never have had before in your history,” he warned. tl;dr New York or DC gonna get nuked. https://archive.fo/egHJQ
324 posts and 314 images omitted.
(248.53 KB 767x1280 photo_2022-05-18_20-18-26.jpg)

(210.65 KB 822x1280 photo_2022-05-18_20-18-30.jpg)

(182.49 KB 822x1280 photo_2022-05-18_20-18-32.jpg)

just posting this here, from Ukraine's official instagram page.
>>15569 What the fuck is this gay shit. Ugly as hell too. >>15547 So who is actually getting all the money here.
(204.46 KB 646x540 Untitled.png)

(117.45 KB 651x612 Untitled2.png)

>>15569 Pic 1, and the perfect plans is pic 2 >>15570 Laundering money as fast as they can, be it with monopoly money (at this point), or selling surplus army weapons and gears. I'm wondering if it's possible to know what they are importing/buying, but then it means it would be easy to track all this money.

(13.71 KB 474x282 flag.jfif)

Anti-Semetic Brain Rot Anonymous 07/31/2021 (Sat) 01:52:49 Id: 000000 No. 10519 [Reply] [Last]
Hey, why are all of these anonymous threads filled with the same repeated anti-semetic jokes from nazis? Surely there must be a few socialist/anarchist/etc ppl on these platforms right? This place has the potential to be a powerful tool for populist organization because of its anonymity, but we're just letting braindead nazis go unchecked? We seriously need to step up the amount of posts that are anti-fascist and egalitarian. The people who get on here every day to see the same nazi conspiracies about jews over and over are dumb as fuck, and there should be no fear in pointing that out. If a person's best argument is racial slurs, they are already losing, and we should absolutely be capitalizing on that fact. It's time we had a strong leftist presence on these boards. Also, if you think there is no hope, remember the ideals that most of the people on this site are sympathetic towards - liberty, anonymity, privacy, etc. These are not nazi ideals! They naturally lean towards the left, not the right. These platforms have the potential for so much more in terms of productive discourse.
43 posts and 12 images omitted.
anarchists have never had a successful revolution, no one cares what you guys think
just because anarchists are here doesn't mean the we don't see the jewry and the issues it brings. welcome to reality.
Shut the fuck up faggot. Go kill yourself. 14/88 is the only way forward.

(8.17 KB 357x329 games.png)

Based & Redpilled Video Games torrent Anonymous 02/10/2022 (Thu) 02:51:46 Id: ebb165 No. 13875 [Reply]
Gentlemen. I have thrown together a huge ass (14,5GB) torrent of some very rare, banned Based & Redpilled video games for Windows. Some are old as shit, some are brand new. I've spent about a week collecting these, trying to find the most original and cleanest source possible. I've even spent $20 of my own money to buy Jesus Strikes Back 2 : The Resurrection straight from the developer and added it to the torrent, a game which isn't downloadable for free ANYWHERE. Enjoy, be patient when downloading and please seed! Games in the torrent: Angry Goy Angry Goy II Black Lives Splatter 0.3.1 Ethnic Cleansing Jesus Strikes Back Judgment Day Remastered Jesus Strikes Back 2 : The Resurrection Kill The Faggot Milo Tosser Muslim Massacre Nigger Genocide The Boston Marathon 2013 - Terror on the Streets White Law

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

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>>15078 hook that shit up!
yall are somefucking lowlifes in here
>>15535 All leftards and all jews will be killed. You have no future.

(257.24 KB 400x517 bandera-rat.png)

(36.74 KB 283x418 bandera-real.jpg)

(32.43 KB 305x414 bandera-real-2.jpg)

Anonymous 05/12/2022 (Thu) 16:51:35 Id: 000000 No. 15320 [Reply]
Bandera irl. - faggot raped by his father - was a "whore" in the Polish prison - sadist, killed cats when he was a kid - looked as a rat - his mother was a Khazarian Jew The hero of the modern Khazaria (so called "ukraine"). Dems love him too. Why? Because Nudelman-Nuland, Blinken - both have roots in Khazaria. It smells as the end of the world - Khazarians (so called "jews") fucked the whole the world with their shit and nobody (except Putin) tries to kill them. Absolute fuck.
Thats pretty fucked up shit It seems slow here, check out frenschan(Please use archive.today) if you want to
>>15320 >his mother was a Khazarian Jew post proof pls

(475.92 KB 1366x2092 pmq2.jpg)

Explain this Anonymous 07/29/2020 (Wed) 23:07:17 No. 1238 [Reply] [Last]
>12 year old woman cannot consent >male infant can consent to circumcision Explain this.
150 posts and 29 images omitted.
>>15319 under 4 - nepi 4-9 = pedo 9-16 = hebe over 16 = ephebe
>>15500 pedoniggers have as many labels as trannies do, lol.
>>12681 Look at the picture OP posted with a bunch of half-naked girls and tell me this wasn't a covert pedonigger thread from the get go.

(146.88 KB 816x816 1200x-1.jpg)

Make Pompeo Shut Up And We Should Begin From Protest! AgainstP 04/04/2022 (Mon) 04:13:05 Id: 000000 No. 14807 [Reply]
Our martyr Soleimani was assassinated by Trump and Pompeo more than two years ago, but the murderers face no trial and punishment. Especially Pompeo has committed more crime than that, stigmatizing the Muslim, making our life in western countries more and more difficult. However, it’s time for us to take revenge. The official security provided to Pompeo is expired, but Pompeo is seeking for extensions with great effort. He lives in fear! We must stop the potential extensions! Only if Pompeo lose protection from the State Department, would our revenge become easier. Brothers and sisters, step forward please! Protest over the Government’s payment for clown Pompeo’s security, which costs taxpayers $2 million every month! Brave brothers and sisters, we will support you with enough money for all protesting activities, so contact us! May Allah bless you!
1 post omitted.
US politicians are always liars.
>>14863 have sex, (Hello, I just arrived from Leddit, please bully me)
>>14863 what? what did you dare to say?

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