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(49.37 KB 400x306 GB_king_solomon.gif)

The fate of Israel Anonymous 09/16/2020 (Wed) 09:54:37 Id: 0fddaf No. 1610 [Reply] [Last]
Alright so this is something I wanted to do because I believe it's pretty important to understand why the Jews actually hate us. Firstly I want to explain a couple of things. There's quite a lot to unpack here so I'll begin with the whole noah thing. Whether you believe the story or no, Personally I do but that's not the point, Noah was saved by God. Now if you asked the average pastor they would say that he was saved through his faith in God. Which while yes his faith was indeed very strong that's not the reason given in the bible. No the reason Noah was saved was because of he himself being perfect in his generations. We also learn that the reason the flood happened was because the "sons of God" intermingled with the daughters of men. This is in Genesis 6 if you want to read it. However this has massive implications, God said that angels didn't marry in the new testament. So if we take this in a different way and say the "sons of God" are the seed of Adam which makes sense considering that God gave Adam the breath of life. Then we can Assume that noah was saved because he didn't commit miscegenation with other people groups. That's great and all but is noah white? Well in my personal opinion he probably was. Noah came from Adam the word adam in hebrew came from the word ruddy. Look up strong's exhaustive concordance number 119. It literally means to show blood in the face. Something only Europeans can do. This also gives extra weight to other things Semites, Hamites and Japhethites. Were all European. Which means Assyrians Akkadians, Babylonians, Egyptians, Persians, Libyans, Cushites and yes even the ancient Hebrews were all white. Considering the flood story and that noah was "perfect in his generations" he literally had to be. However in my opinion at some point. The Jews began to mongrelize with other peoples. until only a small remnant survived at the time of Jesus. You can tell if you read the bible. Alright if you go to numbers 25 then you'll see that a man named phineas was praised for the fact that he killed a man who was breeding outside of his people he also killed the women. Not to mention it was called a plague. Later on around the time of David. His appearance was describe twice 1 Samuel 16:12, 1 Samuel 17:42. Both times he was fair and ruddy both traits of Europeans. Considering this around this time the Hebrews were still probably European especially considering Davids appearance. Plenty of other bits sprinkled through the bible gives us a rough idea of what Israel looked like song of solomon 5:10, Lamentations 4:7 it's quite consistent that they were white and had a ruddy complexion. However everything changed after the Babylonian captivity. basically majority of Israel is gone I think they are Europeans but some might not, Only a small remnant remains. They begin mongrelizing with a mixed multitude. Read Ezra 9 for further clarification, Also read Nehemiah 13. Basically Israel's prophets were struggling to keep the Israelites from breeding with other people groups. If you read antiquity of the Jews then you'll notice that the Israelites bred with a group called the edomites. Who mongrelised with a group called the Canaanites who depending on who you ask are the sons of Noah's son's Ham's kid Canaan or the sons of Cain the guy who killed Abel. The Edomites were the progeny of Esau. Who hated the Israelites. If you want to know Esau originally had the birthright but he sold it for some porridge. Obviously not the type of people you would entrust the survival of your people with. But a man called hyrcanus conquered them and assimilated them into the remnant of the Israel people. Mainly Judahites which is why they're called Jews. Now during roman times a quick thing that backs this up is that Israel was called by the name Judea which is the combination of judahite and Idumean(the greek spelling of edomite). The modern Jew also breeds with anyone from negros to Chinese to Europeans. In other words a mongrel. Jesus was born around this time possibly before it fully completed and considering how God personally birthed Jesus it's pretty easy to assume he was pure. This is why Jesus said to go only to the lost sheep of the house of israel in matthew 15:24. And looking at 1 peter 1 these places included mainly greek places. The tale of Israel is a sad one a group of people who fell into debauchery due to a king who fell into idolatry due to his wives. and were kicked out of their home by Assyria and the last remaining remnant of them becoming mongrels.
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>>13580 God has already won, And trust me when I say this, when Jesus returns you're gonna see he's not as nice as the TV pastors have been saying he is.
>>13580 Fuck off kike.
>>13581 >when Jesus Isa (a.w.s.) fixed.

ITT: Anonymous 02/07/2021 (Sun) 14:57:22 Id: 000000 No. 7822 [Reply] [Last]
post brutal wall-hitting rosties.
76 posts and 15 images omitted.
>>10014 I would feel worse about it if women today weren't proud whores and feminists. If the issue was actually them being used as sex toys and losing their chastity I could understand but the actual issue is its not Chad using them as sex toys in exchange for more money and they don't actually care about chastity. It's a problem of preference which no one should care about at this point.
>>10084 It means not fucking or paying for older used up whores. Women FUCK actual kids all the time and no does anything about it but say nice and at most offer slight lip service. With that in mind this isn't about protecting young women but blatant jealousy from older women framed as genuine care for innocence and supported by retard simps and men trying too hard to seem politically correct.

(51.68 KB 1079x742 324020350439.jpg)

(18.94 MB 640x360 N o n _ T i m e t e.mp4)

FRANCE'S LAST CRUSADE Anonymous 05/21/2021 (Fri) 19:58:57 Id: 000000 No. 9308 [Reply] [Last]
FRANCE NOT FOREVER CUCKED???? This news is alredy a week old, but I couldn't post until now (and provide da OC) since time is limited and stuff. I got really, really happy seeing how the "Church's oldest daughter" actually isn't giga-cucked (actually it is extremely giga-cucked, but I'm talking about cucked beyond repair) What is going on in France? I genuinely don't understand at all how can this country be so messed up in so many ways and still show something vital signs like this. It isn't like Macron is a chad or anything like that. He is just completely schizo at this point and basic does mess in purpose just so people can forget the yellow vests and the possibility of real civil war In the end, I would just like to know from a frenchie: how is the situation down there? Why are you so weird? Why the cuckness never ends? Why no one does nothing about the savages against civilization that are the muslims coming in? (((Why?))) In the end, as anon have said, if there wasn't hope, there would be no need for propaganda, no need for persecution, no need for their obvious dispair. So pray; repent; and ask for God's mercy immediately. There is still time. There is some people and some things worth saving. The happening hasn't happened yet. Godspeed lads!

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

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>>1931 >assuming that Macron is just incompetent and not a (((sinarchist))) who gladly observes this panoram from a safe distance You sir are in need or several redpills about politics and history
>>1931 Merged
>>13272 want french gf

(149.16 KB 800x1125 01_152741_800_1125.jpeg)

(319.40 KB 1000x1415 IMG_4907.JPG)

(162.70 KB 728x1035 IMG_4908.jpeg)

(283.76 KB 1000x1410 IMG_4928.JPG)

(13.13 MB 3200x2646 IMG_5091.JPG)

#GamerGate + #NotYourShield [#GG + #NYS]: Fuck Your Computer Edition Anonymous 01/14/2022 (Fri) 00:37:09 Id: 1c210b No. 13597 [Reply]
ONGOING DISCUSSIONS: >Sony Vice President of Playstation Network George Cacioppo exposed for trying to have sex with a 15 year old minors through Grindr App via chatlogs from "People Vs Predators" Group: https://archive.md/SlG30 >Archives Prove IGN Executive Review Editor Dan Stapleton Lied When Claiming Outlet Would Not Report On Sony Exec Pedophile Allegations Because They Don’t Cover “General Crime”: https://boundingintocomics(Please use archive.today)/2021/12/07/archives-prove-ign-executive-review-editor-lied-when-claiming-outlet-would-not-report-on-sony-exec-pedophile-allegations-because-they-dont-cover-general-crime/ https://archive.md/uuDNE https://archive.md/O7wma >Aforementioned People Vs Preds Groups also caught Senior Account Manager for Nvidia Todd Wiseman for allegedly trying to meet with a 15 year old boy for sex. https://archive.md/xMz2f >Nathan Grayson leaves Kotaku to join the Washington Post's "Launcher" section https://archive.is/9hqq0 >Kotaku: "Sega Changes PSO2 Name To Something Less Borderline Racist" https://archive.is/XwXUd >Guilty Gear Strive censors mention of Taiwan and other countries https://nichegamer(Please use archive.today)/2021/06/22/report-ai-kayano-voice-and-credit-removed-from-azur-lane-and-arknights-after-chinese-outcry/ https://archive.is/qTQD3 >Factorio developer attacked by SJWs after he refuses to denounce man whose programming advice he linked and denounces cancel culture

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

(2.69 MB 352x240 Counting bread.webm)

Archive of the previous bread: https://archive.ph/zUJvj
Finally, this thread is on a board pertinent to the fact majority of the discussion within it.
>>13611 vast majority*

(82.08 KB 510x680 E6sw_lSXsAENKXc.jpeg)

Anonymous 12/03/2021 (Fri) 00:52:29 Id: cef5b2 No. 13182 [Reply]
Wait a minute, what is the percentage of Black Austrian farmers in the alpine mountains?
24 posts and 4 images omitted.
>>13544 We're not moving anywhere with this dumb conversation. Stop denying what you said and admit you made an exaggeration.
>>13566 You did exaggerate. You are denying that you made a completely false claim.
>>13594 >Half of western Europe is nonwhite. You've done it again, blatantly lie.

(66.66 KB 1280x720 maxresdefault (1).jpg)

Sex when Anonymous 01/28/2021 (Thu) 22:06:22 Id: a1b97b No. 7588 [Reply]
I ve been improving my self since 2016, reading books, going to gym i fap only few times a month and i am usually funny guy and can talk about lots of stuff but somehow i can't fuck woman i got girl friends few times allready but every time woman speaks like fucking moron and make me hate her how can i get good sex without talking too much no i don't wanna go to prostitute help me guys i'm realy horny for few months now and fapping doesn't even make me stop
20 posts and 3 images omitted.
>>7806 >i wonder if i could ever find my type of woman or get tired at some point and marry with normal cum bag. Practically every modern woman is just a cum bag. I wouldn't bet on finding the one that is anything more than that. For that reason, don't get married.
>>7588 Hey, i never posted here, but i guess this time i can help someone, so my dude, Just wait, realy, Its that easy, i get you, i always had problems with that things, but one day i found someone (Sorry for my english, im dont write that much in english, but i Hope ive helped you somehow)
>>7588 >but every time woman speaks like fucking moron and make me hate her that's just the way it's been for all time,man

(133.89 KB 512x512 fun.png)

So let me inform you on the state of things... Anonymous 08/01/2020 (Sat) 04:25:36 Id: de04fd No. 1276 [Reply] [Last]
The world is unraveling at kike speed now, here is what we are in for >Roach - Homo wars (Turkey vs Greece) >USA vs BRICS (Their kikery will lead to WW3 with China&Russia) >but first of all, end of Fiat money (Dollar, Euro, etc) due to Corona Hoaxing and the fallout from said hoaxing By the end of the year you will see first fallout happen (banks going bust, mass unrest of shortages in cash/goods, etc) The first clashes coming in 2021, minor roachwars might flare up this year but unlikely, first the dollar has to tank then its party time in the ovens... this thread will be updated accordingly if it survives long enough that is. Stay honky & remember to coof in their face
76 posts and 19 images omitted.
> >dditionally, a digital dollar wallet is identified as ‘a digital wallet or account, maintained by a Federal reserve bank on behalf of any person, that represents holdings in an electronic device or service that is used to store digital dollars that may be tied to a digital or physical identity.’ They already do that.
uh... 6 feet a part.. those were real nuclear weapons that were used. I don't know if they're close to the nuclear war now. their threat as far as i could tell is zika and zita cuasing caner to mutate. Glhf.

(128.06 KB 958x954 1627862715262.jpg)

How to deal a nice blow on ZOG Anonymous 09/06/2021 (Mon) 18:58:42 Id: 000000 No. 11546 [Reply]
I always get indignation with new information or news I get from chans and unkosher media. And it just angers me how powerless I feel. So I keep thinking of ways to do something about it. The idea I had was related to how Trump got elected. Part of it at least. He had people send his propaganda through social media and instant message apps and it spread like wildfire. I think we should do something similar but with the JQ. And only the JQ, at least for now. Trying to bring race for example will give too much room for D&C. Think it that way, first we try to do something about the root of the problem. Later on we can think about economics and other stuff because if we were successful we would get just so much more room to maneuver. The focus is to try to redpill mainly the cuckservatives on it. Because it would be much easier and one of the main goals is to take antisemitism out of the underground. For it not to be so taboo anymore. But any non jew is a potential candidate. How do we do that? The strategy would be to just plant a bunch of seeds in their heads. Not to bother persuading them at the moment of the interaction but to created doubt and give them directions for where they can satisfy their curiosity later on. Because we are dealing with the truth and the truth doesn't need to be hammered. Once it takes root, it grows strong. Because it just makes sense. We already have the tools with the memes we keep making here. We just need to organize to expose the greatest number possible of the most susceptible possible people to them before we get shut down. All in a sudden blow. How exactly must be a surprise it must be organic and decentralized. I am sure you know what I mean. Just remember to preserve your anonymity anons. Because if it works well they will get scared and they will come after us . What do you anons think? Of the plan? The writing? Shills who post on this thread will have their hands fall off. Jews will also lose they genital organs so they can't rape goy children.
5 posts and 2 images omitted.
Oh I was also going to work on patching the holes i made with the fbi fire spyware and ser migrations tables with conficker. I don't know man. I was only given like 80 million dollars. and I don't even get paid to pay myself anymore so you're making me vote socialist or something as french droga???
So I had a training project started at github because their newest analyst was bored and idle. I basically told him to convert webpages to php to host as a completed internet. but it requires more resources to dictate the offset bitches in the hood. Got them jews scrambling their navy like murdochs comanions. Sorry I shota da jews. marauders.
I suppose if you run those pages that I've been converting to php into an r code translater it might extract those statistics for you. because the internet is not exactly like the government tells you it is... I'm part of 38 mafias and most of them are indeed jew and italian. But I'm 4th reich somehow. so... Whatever, my bad that red head called me a terrorist and arrested the royal jihadists..

(96.11 KB 400x348 marcus-aurelius.png)

Book Thread Book Nigger 05/22/2021 (Sat) 19:54:54 Id: 000000 No. 9316 [Reply] [Last]
Can we get a book thread? I just listened to Marcus Aurelius' book Meditations on Audible. I wish for this thread to be a place where people who are interested in books can come and learn together. As a result of listening to Meditations; I no longer fear Death as I once did. We are as a part of Nature as the spider on its web in the corner of our rooms keeping the insects from being where they shouldn't. And as the spider dies and its matter returns to Nature, so will we. We all end up in the dirt eventually. It does not matter if it happens today, or 3 years from now. It's all in the same. also FUCK NIGGERS
80 posts and 199 images omitted.
>>13035 Good finds anon
What are the best books/translations of books on Greek Polytheism?
>>13205 try reading ancient sources rather than some degenerate fuck scholar shit modern adaptation or books on the subject most of these highly educated fucks put their own twisted shit to lie about the subject with their egalitarian agendas, they are very inaccurate, try ancient books illiad aeneid by vergil the argonautica apollodorus library there are a lot more, just make sure they are from ancient authors and the nicest translations usually are the older ones.

MASSIVE CHIMPOUT IMMINENT! GET IN HERE! Anonymous 05/07/2020 (Thu) 23:00:25 Id: b1bcf2 No. 77 [Reply]
I know this site is still finding it's legs but why hasn't anyone made a thread for the Georgia shooting yet? Two white guys, a father and son, shot a black jogger in the street. I know there is more to it but those are the very basic details that everyone will be talking about. Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=coLXSfVCBAk MSM article: https://archive.is/F5489
23 posts and 11 images omitted.
>>77 Killing niggers simply for existing is a good thing and more people need to do that on a daily basis. And glowniggers will call me a glownigger for pointing out that truth.
>>13506 Anon he posted that over 20 months ago. He ain't gonna respond now.
>>13515 I realize english isn't your native tongue, and so it is with much regret that I need to inform you that your statement is unintelligible. I don't understand what you are attempting to communicate. Please elaborate more clearly on the subject, so that I might know what the hell you are saying.

(619.53 KB 600x973 ClipboardImage.png)

Anonymous 11/05/2020 (Thu) 07:13:50 Id: a0cba2 No. 3378 [Reply] [Last]
Trump hasn't lost yet. Reminder that Gore would've won in 2000 had he not conceded to Bush before the lawsuit, and Trump's no pussy, he's gonna battle this to the end. Three justices from the Gore vs. Bush case are still on the bench. So if there is legitimate fraud, they stand a chance to prove it once and for all. I doubt Trump is the legitimate loser since he did WAY better in counties where Hillary won last time. No president since 1884 lost when their party had seats both in the House and Senate.
68 posts and 20 images omitted.
>>3378 Stop putting your hopes on Trump because he is an idiot. Do things yourself or find someone who is more like hitler to worship
>>10287 >bumps a 9 month old Q-LARP thread that has been proven to be completely irrelevant Fuck off.
>>13501 Stop necro bumping you whore

(54.83 KB 432x432 true.jpeg)

System 37 Anonymous 12/28/2021 (Tue) 23:18:42 Id: 000000 No. 13360 [Reply]
Knowledge is the Key, whoever is superior have the Knowledge that you don't have, Secret societies members ranks different than the other due to their knowledge level, those people whose think that they know better than all of you whose don't know for the Nation's interest, but actually its for their own interest, and we all are nothing but collateral casualties for them, they Brain wash us through our schools, closing our conscious, blinding our eyes to the reality and the facts around us to realize the knowledge that we suppose to have in order to retrieve one mandatory thing, its our true Rights, our Humane Rights that you do know from within, and have no clue if it exist, the Rights that we lived seeing others enjoying it while we are suffering Hunger and Deprivation, they didn't even stop, as they think that they superior than us, they thinks that they have to control us, manipulate us, vaccinate us, limit our existence, eliminate our own children, because we grow in numbers to the extend that they cannot tolerate, so they go with a plan from the beginning, but something they didn't plan for have came up, their whole story have leaked out, and a new knowledge have awakened early, that's why they have rushed everything to push the people to be vaccinated as soon as they can, so they cant think, or act, here is the knowledge that will make you superior than all of them, know what this is all about and awaken your consciousness:- The System Name: System 37 (RXMHQ) Description: Complete System that replace all the current invalid systems retrieving the humanity looted Rights back. Status: Activated but the current systems succeeded to hide it from the minds. Attempts: So many bases in different platforms have been made about it, and all of it has been banned by the systems to nullify the chance of knowing it. System Slogan: System 37 has been created to eliminate all the current invalid systems around the Nations decades ago, such invalid systems that caused the Chaos we Human beings are living now... all this about to change once you have the knowledge... The System preparatory Pages (site): https://0se.co/jt73u The System (PDF): https://0se.co/reMar
>>13360 Well looking at Dr Rex's Twitter, he seems more like part of the problem than part of a solution. https://twitter(Please use archive.today)/dr_rexius?lang=en <#GeorgeFloydFuneral <#AmericaOrTrump <#BlackLiveMattters
Reading it took me to different level of awareness and knowledge. What this have to do with the dr.rex or whatever? Plus, his twitter looks dead for good!! With such anti-capitalism/communism sys, they should have taken him down the day he released it. Anyhow, whats important is the contents left behind, that made me feel human more than i usually feel.
Redpilled reality version, it is creazy

Anonymous 06/29/2021 (Tue) 18:17:55 Id: c967a4 No. 9737 [Reply] [Last]
27 year old living in “diverse” metropolitan area. I have suddenly came to the realization that Hitler was right about everything.
39 posts and 8 images omitted.
>>13343 >Germany expands due to martial conquest. >This brings them into the Balkans >Just like in Denmark, France, Norway, etc the Reich starts recruiting locals for more soldiers. >In Yugoslavia this includes Bosnian muslims, who were incorporated into their own Waffen-SS division "Handschar" >Himmler OKs the recruitment of Muslims since he thought Islam bred better soldiers since it taught death in battle was the way to paradise. That at least explains the first picture
>>9737 welcome to the club and Hell
>>13396 Thanks anon, I didn't know about this

(126.87 KB 480x480 oh-fuck-merchant.jpeg)

The way to absolutely DESTROY the jews Anonymous 10/26/2021 (Tue) 22:53:42 Id: 000000 No. 12343 [Reply]
I always get indignated lurking here. And it makes me feel so powerless. So I keep thinking of ways to DO SOMETHING. The idea I had was related to one technique of Trump's campaign. He sent his propaganda through social media and message apps. I think we should do something similar: -- WE MUST DO IT ONLY FOR THE JQ, at least for now. Trying to bring race etc will take the focus away from the goal. First we do something about the ROOT. -- This is also a surgical strike targetting critical demographics, CUCKSERVATIVES/QFAGS/CHRISTIANS/LIBERTARIANS/WHITE CENTRISTS. NOT something just to troll libs. -- The strategy is to just plant the JQ seeds in their heads. NOT TO BOTHER PERSUADING THEM AT THE MOMENT but to CREATE DOUBT and give them DIRECTIONS to satisfy their CURIOSITY later on. The TRUTH doesn't need to be hammered. Once it takes root, it grows STRONG. -- We already have the tools. We must do it all in a SUDDEN BLOW. How and when exactly must be a SURPRISE, ORGANIC and DECENTRALIZED. I am sure you know what I mean. -- Use terms like DOG OF THE JEWS or JEWISH SUPREMACIST to SHAME enemies for being the little bitches of the kikes they are (DON'T ARGUE WITH KIKES) -- Also remember to PRESERVE YOUR ANONYMITY. Because they WILL surely get scared by this.
18 posts and 5 images omitted.
There is literally nothing wrong with being Jewish.
>>12476 >That's why I am posting here first. To get feedback You got it. Your plan sucks. It won't work. By design. Go back to the drawing board. >That's an old jewish tactic. <you’re a jew because I can’t read your posts <you’re a jew because you posted truth that I can’t refute <you’re a jew because truth hurts my feelings <you’re a jew because I have no argument against what you said <you’re a jew because I have no refutation for what you said <you’re a jew because I don’t like what you said <you’re a jew because everything you said is against jews <you’re a jew because you want every jew on earth exterminated <you’re a jew because you say things jews are forbidden from saying <you’re a jew because I am too weak and cowardly to accept reality Thanks, have an actual argument? >You come in attacking whatever you are against with D&C and concern trolling Said the guy D&C concern trolling us.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

(4.40 MB 6670x4400 2 - vCfuLIM.jpg)

How do I contact with them Anonymous 07/07/2021 (Wed) 10:53:19 Id: 000000 No. 9929 [Reply]
Hey lads, Idk if this is the right place to do this, but its the closest one. I've been homeless since 2018 so I've been quite disconnected from the internet and the third position movement, but some months ago I came back to my hometown and as everybody knows me I got a job and a place with internet. The problem is that I've tried to check Iron March and it does not exists anymore. I've also came to check 4chan but its filled with retards, so Im not gonna ask this to them. My question is: is there any Iron March site or something like that on the deep web? if not, where do they migrated? (I asked a friend of mine and got some backups that he downloaded from the eye)
It’s gone and has been gone for many years. Iron March went offline in 2015-2016 when Slavros got in trouble by his dad and FSB. What groups were you in?

(41.03 KB 612x522 taxes_fly_away.jpg)

Evading taxes as a moral duty UnhappyBear 12/29/2021 (Wed) 22:37:50 Id: 000000 No. 13375 [Reply]
I come from one of the European countries that is going off the rails with this jab madness. I have read half a hundred studies and, although I am not a health professional even I am able to understand that the short term risk outway the currently known benefits for this "vaccine". The more things escalate around this issue, the more I start felling a deep resentment from my countries leadership. So I am going to get back at them by exploiting EVERY SINGLE fiscal loophole I can find ! This is my new moral duty. Also, I will also be helping everyone I meet do the same, the more the merrier. I will make certain to make them lose millions. This is my new pride.
>>13375 Eventually yeah we need to learn all the loopholes the elite both use and the ones they don't want us to know.
>>13376 Sadly nobody on this site makes enough to use the loopholes that elites use. They're literally tailor made for the highest classes to use and nobody else.

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