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/pol/ Meta thread Anonymous Board owner 07/11/2020 (Sat) 02:11:05 Id: b0ca41 No. 1063
Seeing as how the board is getting more active, figured it was about time to actual discus what's going on in regards to how the board should operate.
(40.30 KB 521x363 screenshot.png)

Can you edit bord-specific CSS so that Tails users don't get random unicode characters all over the place? Just specify a specific external font or change them. See pic rel for how it looks right now
to stop to ban TOR nodes IPs. Because it looks like that TOR is disabled. Somebody posts some shit violated rules and MODs banned TOR IP, it's tupid. Please, unban TOR nodes IPs ranges
>>11245 cuck
hey guys ! :)
Lets raid the clover
(564.41 KB 517x943 pickles.png)

Hey nigger, we need to start /SIG/ threads again. Also I'm specifically looking for that image with food good for improving male function and masculinity.
>>11245 was it ever fixed?
tor post
>>11511 >Hey nigger, we need to start /SIG/ threads again. What is /SIG/? The name makes me think of an /k/ alternative but we don’t have a /k/ yet.
>>9454 >(((Mark))) an industry shill. Of course he will censor anti-Disney and China posts. The other mods are worse. Calling out mods now /pol/ related and will get you banned on (((/v/)))
>>11950 Saying anything on any topic that the mods don’t like gets you a permanent IP ban for “fed” even if you’re talking about video games.
>>1064 im pretty sure having 8chan in your browser history at all is grounds for termination at most corporations
>>12727 you bastard, my boss saw your stupid trump symbol on my screen and fired me
this thread a shit
And, the crosslink I had setup for /polarchive/ just broke.
Edited last time by Shellen on 11/19/2021 (Fri) 18:44:57.
>>12809 Lol dammit, any idea when you can get it back up?
>>12810 As soon as I can figure out what the proper format is for linking.
>>1063 I think the board should try its best not to give in to the trolls trying to stir shit up to "colour" and divide the board (they will come). We should simply ignore them and keep the focus where it matters. If we can maintain stories relevant to the current state of the world on first page we could achieve a greater level of meaningful expression and thoughtful dialogue. >>3371 No wonder. Makes perfect sense now. They pull this shit then make a story about it on mainstream media to discredit freedom of speech and discourage big brains from joining, then the remaining shit for brains watching tv that want to join in on the shitposting will flood the board... we need a board specific meme to flag brainless shitposters so no one falls for the bait. TL;DR I'm a newfag, teach me the way of the chan senpai
>>12921 >TL;DR I'm a newfag, teach me the way of the chan senpai Well I would say Lurk Moar and don't feed the trolls. Trolls/shitposters will get bored and leave if they can't trigger an emotional response, unless they are paid shills which is a completely different problem.
>>13044 Do anons actually fall for this shit? They actually trust scammers that claim to provide fake legal documents? haha
>>13045 Willing to bet that there is some moron out there who is that stupid.
>>11949 it's an off topic /fit/ thread that kikey/pol/ flip-flopped on allowing despite having nothing to do with politics or current events. It's one of the many ways /pol/ went from an intellectual place to a bastion of schizophrenics, mongoloids, and boomers.
>>13050 >oy vey goyim there's no obesity epidemic your food isn't poisoned there's no reason to become better than what you are there's literally nothing whatsoever in the (((culture))) of the West that says you can do whatever you want with your body without discipline >THIS ISN'T POLITICS OR CURRENT EVENTS BECAUSE I SAY SO >OY VEY IT'S IMKIKEY TRYING TO TRICK YOU I vote wholeheartedly to restore a /sig/ now that we have shilling against it.
>>13052 Make your own.
>>13052 You make one bro. I'll bump.
>>13052 Or don't make it. Fine I'll do it then.
(717.90 KB 2544x1080 applejack0.jpg)

(791.51 KB 500x738 Zig.gif)

Protect our competitive edge. /pol/ and /pone/ unite!.
Bring back /mlpol/.
>>13415 Wasn’t there a /mlpol/ website at one time?
>>13413 >>13415 Hasbro new ceo the faggot that ruined D&D with woke shit. He apparently bitch about plantation applejack on twitter.
>Get banned for spam >i hardly even visit this place lol
>name the jew in any way, shape, or form <banned, all posts repeatedly deleted >say Europe should fight federalization <posts deleted >overt pornography posted <posts left up This isn't /pol/.

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