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(143.41 KB 500x282 kenoshakylevid_0.png)

Rittenhouse Hidden Footage Anonymous 11/03/2021 (Wed) 00:04:49 Id: 36eefd No. 12473
JURY DECISION: NOT GUILTY! In other news today, Kyle Rittenhouse is getting off scot free, cleared of all charges, and will be able to countersue the media, his prosecutors, and all political groups involved for hundreds of millions in slander and libel damages. https://www.zerohedge(Please use archive.today)/political/fbi-sat-bombshell-footage-kyle-rittenhouse-shooting https://archive.md/rGHSF FBI Sat On Bombshell Footage From Kyle Rittenhouse Shooting On Tuesday, opening statements in the trial of Kyle Rittenhouse, an18-year-old aspiring police officer accused of fatally shooting two men and wounding a third on the night of Aug. 25, 2020, as BLM riots raged in the streets of Kenosha in response to a white-on-black police shooting. While prosecutors have slapped the teen with two counts of homicide and one count of attempted homicide, Rittenhouse has pleaded not guilty to all charges, claiming self-defense. Now, new footage has emerged which bolsters his case. Now, Human Events' Jack Posobiec reveals that the FBI sat on potentially exonerating evidence in the Rittenhouse case, where threats against Kyle can clearly be heard before he opened fire, as well as what appear to be muzzle flashes from people shooting at the teen. We recommend playing full screen.
Edited last time by Shellen on 11/19/2021 (Fri) 18:31:00.
(30.48 KB 595x112 JUICE.png)

>>12814 This nigress managed to forget OJ.
#cope on Twitter is fun.
>>12907 Also, Obama. Drone-striking US citizens without trial is still murder.
(11.58 KB 275x183 proxy-image.jpeg)

>>12909 That's what happens when you let the TV elect your politicians. We didn't vote for any of this. The media cartel selected the politicians they wanted the public to know about and then they told you who won. Because it's an Israeli cartel, they can coordinate to convince the Feds and public anyone they choose won. We didn't vote for any of this, plain and simple. We haven't had free and fair elections in the USA for at least 40+ years. We didn't vote for this. It's just the TV saying these past 40 years of presidential administrations have any authority. It's just the TV saying they were elected. And it's just the TV saying they're in charge. When this is over, we're going to have to take a hard look at whether or not the Federal government agencies had the authority do to anything on behalf of an Israeli media cartel appointed regime. If you strip away the illusion that a legitimate president appointed their agency heads, you just see a foreign mercenary force carrying out a terrorist campaign against the Western population for an illegal colonial occupier. No one put them in charge except the TV. They had no authority or mandate to operate.
>>12864 Follow up: I'm fiddling with video editing software. If someone can recommend tips on encoding to get the file-size below the limit while keeping the text readable that would be helpful.
>>12919 >interlacing >keeping framerate low but not below 24 >reducing resolution, although don't go full retard on this
(1.14 MB 2400x3420 ffmpeg_WebM_Guide_v1.0.1.png)

>>12919 >finish editing your video and encode it in the highest quality possible using whatever encoder of your editing software works as you'll re-encode it afterwards for webring usage >when reencoding use AV1 for Video and Opus for audio assuming you didn't use Opus to encode your audio to begin with >use the libaom reference encoder, have ffmpeg pipe raw YUV into it ffmpeg has an internal libaom wrapper but it's shit >resolution scales with bitrate and --cpu-used value, low cpu-used values result in better quality+smaller sizes at the cost of speed, personally I'd recommend 4 >at --cpu-used=4 400kb/s is enough for okay-ish 720p30 video, 1080p30 bumps that to 600-800kb/s >use two-pass encoding for better bitrate optimization >remember to enable some optional autism to make it encode faster at higher quality, such as >--row=mt=1 >--lag-in-frames=25 >--tile-columns=6 --tile-rows=6 if the number is too high for the given target resolution reduce it by 2 until it works >--auto-alt-ref=6 >--fwd-kf=1 >--sharpness=7 >--static-thresh=0 >--noise-sensitivity=0 >when encoding the audio track with Opus ffmpeg can be used, 96kb/s is near-perceptually lossless in most cases and 64kb/s is okay when dealing with file size constraints on a Bornean canoe forum, 32kb/s is good enough for voices >use the formula in pic related to calculate the video bitrate >encode >use ffmpeg to merge Video+Audio files into a single webm, always put the video track before the audio track else uploads here and other boards will be rejected
I see this as an absolute win; also the retarded nigger screeaming I AM A MONUMENT made my day
>>12901 >double digit million He can get triple digit millions, see >>12821
>>12854 >>12855 >>12856 >>12857 >>12859 >>12900 >>12907 >>12924 As I read and listen to these reactions I struggle to enter into the mindset of these people. I've been following stuff like this for years, but it always boggles my mind when I see reactions like this. What planet do these people live on? In my mind gun control itself is illegal, at least in the US. Yet in their minds self defense is illegal and a riot is legal. The first thought that comes to my mind is a divorce citing irreconcilable differences
>>12927 They believe they know the truth and that their righteousness is self-evident. Spoiled children who always get their way become spoiled adults that believe things should go their way, and that they are correct because they have always got what they wanted. There is no point in this line of thinking that requires critical reflection. Therefore, the conflicting trains of thought never have a chance to collide.
(550.87 KB 1024x1365 kyle.jpg)

https://archive.ph/wip/UK1Ah https://twitter''(Please use archive.today)/emeriticus/status/1462231201272455170
>>12864 Video is encoding. Please wait warmly.
>>12951 Great montage anon.
>>12927 Yeah it is fucking bizarre how these fags operate and never notice how insane their views are. Seems like so long as they believe in the cause then any ends justify the means. Their side can do no wrong and anyone who disagrees is a terrorist or a nazi. >Yet in their minds self defense is illegal Fatlock from the trial even said Kyle should have just taken the beating. Ignoring all the lasting physical injuries on top of the mental trauma that such a beating would incur (assuming he would have survived that mob beating him into the pavement). >>12951 >anon actually delivered God bless you anon.
>>12953 >lasting psysical damage and trauma So what you're basically saying is that driving out of state and right into a riot with an assault rifle and then getting beat up for it causes more psychological trauma then shooting 3 people and watching 2 of them die? That he would've had more lasting physical trauma if he didn't kill anyone and stayed home instead? (I think I misunderstood what you wrote but fuck it I'm still posting this) I don't know man this really looks like it has Harambe written all over it. Pretty sure 95% of the people here thought the white bitch didn't have any business jumping into the gorilla pit and caused the death of Harambe for doing so. It's literally the same shit it's kinda funny now that I realize it. HARAMBE X RITTENHOUSE MEME PLEASE
(684.15 KB 666x666 harambeXrittenhouse.png)

>>12953 >>12955 here goes
>>12955 What that anon is saying is that Kraus completely disregarded the damage being ground into the asphalt by a herd of rioters when he asserted that Kyle should have dropped his gun and fought off everyone by hand, including the "unarmed" man with the harmless skateboard
>>12948 How long is it going to take for normalfags to learn of this?
>>12955 (digits) Pretty much what >>12957 said. >>12958 Most of the people I know just focus on the "he went looking for a fight" angle. The felon and pedophile shit just gets ignored + quickly forgotten. I know since I've told people several times already and each time they give me a confused look.
>>12951 I thought there would be less images and as such the images would be flashed more slowly, making Big Iron and Up In Kenosha a fitting choice for pacing. In the case of this Big Iron is a bit too slow paced for the footage. Thematically Big Iron is very fitting but not so in terms of speed. Also putting the logo is pretty standard but having it slowly float towards the corner is a bit too silly. And if you want it as a watermark, why not just have it overlay over everything and not just over the background? I get I am nitpicking and that it took long to make, but this is what comes to mind after seeing it. With that said, the webm is well done.
>>12961 Legitimate criticism. What I originally wanted to do was a lot more ambitious like I've seen in other anons' SALT PARTY videos, with the caps tiliing and threads scrolling by rather than just the static boring one-by-one slideshow I did make, but this is my first time doing multi-track video editing and I simply lack the experience to do anything better, as well as, this was time-sensitive, so if I came back in six months after making the video I actually wanted to make no one would give a shit. Also, the thing with the logo transition into the corner was one of those Bob Ross "there are no mistakes; only happy accidents", which I didn't intend to do, but I liked it so I kept it in.
>>12960 Next time pull up his actual record and read the state documents about him anally raping a boy. Pretty much guarantee that shock value will make it stick with them a bit better.
>>12668 the end game of this circus trial was an attack on the rights to bear arms and self defend, (possibly also the rights to cross state lines without telling the glowies) what a shitty hill (((they))) chose to die, now that this trial has backfired any progress they had in undermining self defense rights has been kicked back to square one
>>13011 What's funny is that you actually believe that.
>>12955 Paid shill. Allowed to remain up.
>>13011 They really hate that we have guns. And yeah Biden really wanted a high profile case of self defense fucking over an innocent kid. It would have helped him intimidate boomers. Luckily we won this round, but the fight will never be over.
>>13025 oh we will always be in a constant state of war and there will never be an end to it
(214.71 KB 499x662 Peace Was Never An Option.png)

>>13070 Very true.
>>13070 Speaking the eternal struggle https://www.nationalreview(Please use archive.today)/news/three-dead-in-michigan-high-school-shooting-15-year-old-suspect-in-custody/ New school shooting incident, semi auto handgun was used. Which is unusual for these kinds of glow ops. Biden coming for handguns now?
>>13116 Oh for fucks sakes. FINE https://archive.ph/IDCZ7 Happy?

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