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“Emergency” Covid Measures Anonymous 05/08/2020 (Fri) 02:41:16 Id: a4e465 No. 89
“Emergency” Covid Measures: Are We Witnessing the Collapse of Individual Rights and Democracy? > April 27, 2020 > In Global Life-Death Struggle, Democracy Changes Course > By Jamie Dettmer VOA > Outside wartime nothing like it as ever been seen before in modern Western history. The lockdowns by democratic states with their draconian constraints on civil liberties and private enterprise fly in the face of an historical progression that’s seen the size and roles of governments shrunk and individual liberty boosted. > As governments mobilize resources and coerce people in a life-and-death struggle to contain the coronavirus and mitigate its impact, the state has been unbound. > People have been confined indoors, police powers have been expanded, data-surveillance increased and businesses shuttered. All with little debate. > The size and scope of the state’s role in the economy prompted by the coronavirus dwarfs anything mounted to handle the 2008 financial crash. Britain, France and other European countries have offered so far loans and subsidies worth around 15% of their GDPs. America’s stimulus package is at around 10% of GDP. > The U.S. fiscal stimulus package was dubbed by Larry Kudlow, President Donald Trump’s economic adviser, “the single largest Main Street assistance program in the history of the United States.” > In France, President Emmanuel Macron’s government not only passed legislation giving it the legal right to control the movement of people, it also seized the power to manage prices and requisition goods. In the United States, President Trump has used the Defense Production Act to prevent the export of surgical masks and gloves. > State power is now at its most intrusive since the Second World War. For die-hard advocates of free markets and limited government the abrupt change in direction is horrifying. For others it is less so, even something to be embraced, a harbinger of the future, a turning point that will end up re-reordering their countries. > For those on the progressive left, the reemergence of state power is a vindication of long-held beliefs that market-based models for social organization fail the majority of people. They hope the crisis will provide the opportunity to refashion along less market-oriented and more socialist lines. In the United States, supporters of Bernie Sanders say the crisis has exposed for all to see America’s threadbare social-safety net and the need for a government-run single-payer health care system. > Last week, Britain’s former Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn, said that the government’s massive and unprecedented underwriting of the British economy and labor market vindicated his pre-coronavirus election manifesto, the most left-wing program ever presented by the modern Labour Party. > On Europe’s far right, too, there is self-preening as well as hope that the eventual political outcome from the coronavirus will be along lines more to their liking. A future of strong nation states and powerful central governments far less hedged in by Brussels is what they hope the coronavirus will lead to. > Europe’s nationalist populists have long demanded more border controls and have advocated for a break with the Schengen system of passport-free travel. They hope the imposition of temporary border controls, in the face of the disapproval of Brussels, will lead to the break-up of Schengen permanently. Luca Zaia, governor of Italy’s hard-hit Veneto region and a member of Matteo Salvini’s populist Lega party, told reporters last month that “Schengen no longer exists” and forecast, “it will be remembered only in the history books.” more...
aussie tranny
(125.35 KB 681x888 CIRC sample.jpg)

>>12999 With all that lip licking you would think that these are reptiles thinking of all the human flesh they can feast off of.
>no archive links >screencaps of articles or their headlines with no link or archived link >fuzzy date >no actual source or proof provided for any claims >a significant number of posts are just images >even more read like some 50+ year old gab user posted it Congratulations. I don't know how you managed it, but /pol/ on every site out there has managed to become even worse than it already was when kikey turned it into MIGA heaven.
(152.96 KB 1930x1080 flowchart.jpeg)

>>13059 Love it, saved
>New Corona-Chan alternate skin announced literally yesterday <She has already visited Hong Kong, Israel, and Belgium by today
(206.27 KB 771x804 aaf.png)

(92.22 KB 237x373 doaboutit.png)

>>89 No entry without papers please.
(187.86 KB 1024x659 pirate rebels vs the world.jpg)

>>89 Ahoy there, matey's. It's been a good run on cuckchan, I've had enough of cuckchan forever, it's flooded with nothing but shills and is completely compromised. Shiver me timbers! So I'm sailing off into the seven sea's as a Pirate, to hunt my pieces of eight, being a mere anti-vaxxer isn't adequate enough anymore. Off into the ocean horizon we set sail. just in time for Christmas, shiver me timbers. Become a Pirate rebel or die from a repetitive Jabbing slow or fast poisoning! Choose wisely, me hearties. https://greekreporter(Please use archive.today)/2021/06/18/greek-woman-dies-after-second-pfizer-vaccine/ https://childrenshealthdefense(Please use archive.today)/defender/13-year-old-jacob-clynick-dies-pfizer-vaccine-myocarditis/ https://theguildng(Please use archive.today)/two-die-after-receiving-covid-19-jab-in-japan/ https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-tyne-58330796 https://www.msn(Please use archive.today)/en-gb/health/medical/man-20-dies-less-than-12-hours-after-receiving-a-pfizer-jab/ar-BB1fDGXo You might just live longer! Merry Christmas, mateys. Yo ho ho!
(338.57 KB 1542x822 pirate battle.jpg)

>>13301 Links from previous post: https://archive.ph/m7Odl https://archive.ph/szm2I https://archive.ph/jdBOX https://archive.ph/QT7JU https://archive.ph/uSHZd Fuck cuckchan! Although I call it shillchan these days. Yo ho ho, just say no to the Jab and say yes to a bottle of rum!
(701.00 KB 888x504 1475918570588622850.mp4)

>CNN admits mask doesn't stop corona-chan Next stop is >Your natural immunity is fine for it >Trump's vaccine is the cause of all those death >It's time to re-open the economy Just in time for mid-term
(4.93 MB 640x352 redpilled ausfags.webm)

>>89 fuck him
(810.71 KB 3711x9962 List of Young Global Leaders.png)

The government always looks for an excuse to strip personal freedoms in the name of public safety and security. 911 rings a bell, and i'm sure there are more examples from the past. Yes, they're going to strip os, the best you can do is ignore whatever bullshit they come up with, write your representatives, and stockpile guns and food for the inevitable fall/civil war that will break out within 20 years. Hell, we got a taste when Trump called for people to storm the capitol building, do you not think taking over a few cities is difficult? 1. remove communications- cell towers and such 2. neutralize the local police and firefighters. 3. turn their bases into your bases 4. Raid the pharmacies of all their drugs and turn the grocery store into a temporary base until you can move the food. 5. blockade the roads, raid auto shops and garbage handling stations for welding supplies and tools and shit, along with the hardward stores, fortify everything. you've taken.
>>13537 >1. remove communications- cell towers and such One thing to note is that they hide a fair number of 5G "towers". An example of such thing would be them setting up LED-streetlights that hide transmitters inside the pole. Street construction in recent times often has an additional undisclosed electrical component that has enough of an impact to make a difference on the calculations. Or at least so I have heard. >3. turn their bases into your bases Holding territory in this manner would cause problems as local police and firefighters aren't the biggest fish in this scenario, as such they will return with more forces to take it back. It would be better to remain formless than to set up permanent shop in the places they know well enough to the point where they could storm the place with a blindfold on. They'll know the layout perfectly and they will have information on the particular nuances of the location given they have the people that go there every single day. Consider the place cursed and as such whatever business you have there is going to ideally be as brief as possible. >4. Raid the pharmacies of all their drugs and turn the grocery store into a temporary base until you can move the food. >5. blockade the roads, raid auto shops and garbage handling stations for welding supplies and tools and shit, along with the hardward stores, fortify everything. you've taken. So your goal is to do a repeat of CHAZ? The supplies from these types of raids are limited, they are not going to replenish simply because stores "always have something". It's not about getting X amount and instead about how much you can ensure per unit of time when your reserves run out. As such whatever food and tools you hoard are only going to briefly delay needing to get more, which is going to be far quicker than you would expect. Sure, you could plan to be done with it before your supplies run out, but in doing so you would be setting yourself up for failure as the government doesn't run on reserves whereas you do. For ensuring a food supply you would need to network with farmers and build that network among other people as well so that grocery stores become obsolete. Growing it yourself is definitely a good idea and does have a considerable impact (if you know what you are doing) but is oftentimes insufficient, you will need to cooperate with farmers either way. And by this I mean actual cooperation, not just a soulless buyer-seller relationship.
(46.63 KB 750x814 photo_2022-01-06_15-46-35.jpg)

>Military Documents About Gain of Function Contradict Fauci Testimony Under Oath https://archive.is/UIkvG
>>13579 At least I'm not banned here lol
>BREAKING: Greece announces that it will begin fining the unvaccinated $113 a month, Austria announces that it will begin fining them up to $4,000 a month, and Quebec announces that it may begin slapping them with a “significant” fine. RT IF YOU THINK THAT AMERICA MUST DO IT TOO! https://archive.ph/114LA
>>13592 >Austria announces that it will begin fining them up to $4,000 a month Lügenpresse. It's 600 bucks per quarter, unless you don't pay the fine, in which case you get another fine for not paying the fine on a monthly basis, which amounts to 3600 Euro a month. At least that was in the only public design from the start of December. The final draft hasn't been decided yet since it'll only start in TWO FUCKING WEEKS.
(291.71 KB 780x1587 mj53.jpg)

>The New Normal? 400 Athletes Collapsing & Dying Just In The Last 6 Months? https://archive.fo/K9HLf

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