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Feds glow, murder Haitan presidents for not taking jab Anonymous 07/19/2021 (Mon) 02:51:53 Id: d8a9a0 No. 10243
https://archive.fo/WQyZN >According to a report from the Daily Mail, one of the Americans arrested for the murder of Haitian President Jovenel Moïse was a DEA informant who handed over a warlord responsible for heading up the last coup in the country. The DEA has admitted some of their ‘confidential sources’ were involved in the assassination but denied the US government orchestrated the plot. >Joseph Vincent, 55, has been named by sources to the Miami Herald as one of the informants. Vincent was one of three US citizens arrested for being behind the early morning raid on the president’s home. The two others named are James Solages, and Christian Emmanuel Sanon. Approximately 20 Colombians are also under arrest for the assassination. >According to a report, several of the arrested suspects are FBI informants, and many of the Columbians were once trained by the US Military according to the Washington Post. An associate of Sanon suggested that Washington DC backed the president’s assassination, claiming their friend said the mission was supposed to ‘save Haiti from hell, with full support from the US government’. The US Justice Department said on Monday that it had been asked by Haiti to assist in the probe of Moïse’s murder, and was doing so. Vincent’s ties to the DEA were revealed as US law enforcement confirmed they are now investigating why three US citizens took part in Moïse’s assassination. >Vincent reportedly claimed the plot was orchestrated by a foreigner named ‘Mike’ who spoke English and Spanish, and that they planned to hold Moïse in the National Palace. The plot was planned over the course of a month in a hotel in the Pétion-Ville area of the country. Deputy justice of the peace Judge Clément Noël told a local Haitian newspaper the two men, who both live in Florida, said ‘the mission was to arrest Moïse and not to kill him.’ Solages said he ‘found this job on the internet.’ >The associate, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said Sanon told him he was approached by people claiming to represent the U.S. State and Justice departments who wanted to install him as president. >He said the plan was only for Moïse to be arrested, and Sanon would not have participated if he knew Moïse would be killed. >After their deaths, all three countries are now distributing US-supplied COVID jabs to their citizens. Haiti had recently declined the AstraZeneca vaccine from the World Health Organization’s Covax Facility in May, citing widespread side effects reported in Europe.
>>10243 If it happened in Haiti, it had the help of Brazillian commies stationed there and on many borders through South and Central Americas.
>>10276 But what the fuck do they care about haiti?
>>10284 If the world will see that those four countries are fine and dandy, without the kungflu jab. And at most the ones with underlined health problems die from it, then the peasants might raise questions about it, or even worce might refuse it. And we can't have that this is supposed to be the greatest health disaster in history.
>>10284 Because there are immense amounts of money at play. Doesn't matter that Haiti has no money, future money is money too even if the future money doesn't exist either. Africa gets massive amounts of loans for a reason: they get knowingly given loans and "assistance" they will never be able to pay back because that would incur a debt. Sure, you might not have much dyed paper but no worry, the merchants also take payment in terms of laws, land and natural resources. That is the general strategy that has been used in Africa to get them to take harmful vaccines in the past. And although massive depopulation is the main goal, it is not the only one. The money they accumulate is what allows them to try again if they fail. They could easily settle for just covering their costs and nothing more, but if they were to fail then that would mean the amount of money they used wasn't sufficient and that they needed to get more of it and dump more of it. Also he was very clearly crucified for everyone else to see. It was the only country with no vaccine at all and that sets a bad example if his country were to benefit in any way as a result.
>>10284 pilot program. haiti is where the niggers killed all the whites, haiti is what the kikes want the entire world to look like, they are using it to see just how much deprivation and violent suppression the goycattle are capable of merely surviving. the vaccine is one of their weapons, so they have to kill any goy leaders who oppose it.
>>10243 The leaders of four nations have mysteriously died recently. (((Coincidentally))) they all had refused vaccines for their citizens, and as soon as the leader was gone, the country began accepting vaccines. One was based chemist President Magufuli in Tanzania.
https://archive.is/cWVKM this shit stinks with classic jewish blackmail from a mile away
(271.54 KB 326x427 African-Leadersdead.png)

(240.98 KB 1080x2220 presidentsAfricadied.jpg)

(7.82 KB 94x96 unknown (5).png)

Take your meds schizos lmao

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