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(13.71 KB 474x282 flag.jfif)

Anti-Semetic Brain Rot Anonymous 07/31/2021 (Sat) 01:52:49 Id: 000000 No. 10519
Hey, why are all of these anonymous threads filled with the same repeated anti-semetic jokes from nazis? Surely there must be a few socialist/anarchist/etc ppl on these platforms right? This place has the potential to be a powerful tool for populist organization because of its anonymity, but we're just letting braindead nazis go unchecked? We seriously need to step up the amount of posts that are anti-fascist and egalitarian. The people who get on here every day to see the same nazi conspiracies about jews over and over are dumb as fuck, and there should be no fear in pointing that out. If a person's best argument is racial slurs, they are already losing, and we should absolutely be capitalizing on that fact. It's time we had a strong leftist presence on these boards. Also, if you think there is no hope, remember the ideals that most of the people on this site are sympathetic towards - liberty, anonymity, privacy, etc. These are not nazi ideals! They naturally lean towards the left, not the right. These platforms have the potential for so much more in terms of productive discourse.
(7.97 KB 217x233 smug kyoko.jpg)

>It's time we had a strong leftist presence on these boards. So you want more nazi circlejerk?
(1.36 MB 1280x960 Shit eating cuckold antifa.png)

(1.03 MB 720x1036 Antifa Physics.mp4)

(3.71 MB 720x480 Antifa friendly fire.webm)

(807.13 KB 438x716 Antifa parties hard.webm)

(60.01 KB 590x396 663.jpg)

>>10519 It's fun to call kikes kikes and laugh and kikes and kike cattle. If you want a stronger kikelover presence maybe you should try to get some people to like kikes instead of just calling everyone stupid and giving up after a few posts.
>>10519 It is always ok to kill jews. It is always ok to kill leftards. There is no future for any of you. We will kill you all.
>>10519 You are so naive. Your friends won't last a week here...
(113.77 KB 658x1024 1531680366339m.jpg)

>>10519 Death to communists and kikes
(22.67 KB 604x482 1590735834695.jpg)

>>10617 hitler was the coolest kid on the block they all say...
Socialists and ararchists are more destructive and violent than the nazis could ever hope to be. The right embraces free speech, the left censors and destroys it.
>>10771 >Socialists and anarchists are more destructive and violent than the nazis "Nazis" ARE socialists you fucking retard, it's in their name >National Socialist, National Socialism
>>10774 National socialism =/= marxian socialism.
Don't worry, I'm an anarchist too, except for just a few things. The only way anarchy can work is if you're in a community that can inherently work together without power struggles, or even a desire for power acquisition. How do you get that exactly? Well, to be honest, I doubt anarchy would ever actually work, nor would astatism or any of that stuff. People would gain social power, and their offspring would be that much better off. Evolution would dismantle an anarchist society further, as those who are more fit will gain the power to dominate others. So because anarchy wouldn't work for longer than five minutes, I'm not so sure I see a future for it. In other words, in my heart, I'm just a leftist anarchist, but in functional practice, I heil Hitler every day and pray that the National Socialist emperor arises to take back Europe in the name of Arya. Race is the genetic tie that binds through thick and thin. All other political, religious, or social ideologies fade and crumble. Only the genetic code stands tall through the ages. So that's what I rally to. My blood brothers, who have blue or green eyes, who are "Aryan." Noble. Noble in the sense that they value art, science, philosophy, and all the greatest of ideals. We don't have to be perfect. We just need to be there for each other so that our world is worth living in, such that we have a future for our children. I don't really care about violence or warfare. I don't really care about other people's races, unless they cause corruption or destruction of my people. I just want to be with my people, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with defending this ideal by any means whatsoever. So I'll be a National Socialist if that's what it takes, and if "National Socialism" as a theoretical ideology is not actually that great, then we'll just use the name to support whatever functionally works to bring my people together. I'm not interested in political debate anymore. Only race matters right now, because a person cannot lie about their race. It's seen in their blue or green eyes and fair skin. Of course such a person can still lie or have non-Ayran blood in them, but I doubt it matters that much. The traits that can be seen still matter less than how they conduct themselves externally and internally. If they are honorable to themselves, alone, and in their minds and hearts, then they will be honorable elsewhere, and that's more important than race But do you expect naivety here? You fucking fool, we all know the truth about races that aren't European: They aren't my people. That alone makes them either friendly competition trying to defeat us economically or technologically. Or they're deadly enemies.
leftism means you want to bring down the current masters rightism means you want to put up your own masters nothing wrong with a master, as long as I'm an apprentice and not a slave.
>>10775 no such thing as "national socialism". The word "socialism" was added as a honeypot for DE Communists, to divide them. There is exactly 0 Socialism in NAZISM
(2.87 MB 352x199 100% taxes.gif)

>>10790 Also commies in the party were labelled as "beefsteak nazis" with the reasoning of them being brown on the outside but red on the inside. Why would they need this distinction if not to keep commies out? >There is exactly 0 Socialism in NAZISM I wouldn't go as far as to claim that but it certainly wasn't as black-and-white as some would like to pretend. The Weimar Republic prior to Hitler most certainly wasn't a free market, nor is the current Weimar Republic one. Income tax in Germany during Hitler was lowered down to 14% at most, which is far lower than Germany has today (up to 42%) and is slightly over half of what the bongs had at that exact same point in history. While the Nazis nationalised some industries, they also privatised far more than they nationalised. >>10779 >left means bring down masters >right means put up masters I get what you're trying to go with but this is distinction that quickly falls apart when you consider leftism in practice. The left-right dichotomy is a retarded one-dimensional scale. It's not retarded on the basis of being a one-dimensional scale since you work as best you can with the tools you have, it's a retarded one-dimensional scale. What left is is clearly defined for what would constitute as left-wing or left-leaning. What however is not clearly defined is right-wing, since the definition of right-wing is simply opposition to the left-wing. One extreme of this one-dimensional scale is defined, while the other extreme is simply defined as "it's not the other one". As such the further away you go from extreme left, the larger the error is and as such the harder it is to tell in which exactly part of right-wing something right of the furthest reaches of extreme left is.
>>10795 Yeah, "what I'm trying to go with," is right. Don't worry, I totally get how it really is. And it sucks. I think we as a civilization could side-step "evil nazism" if left and right could work together like left and right hands, and have the left hand throw out bad leaders, and have the right hand pick good ones. but instead, left just means "brainwashed into specific little ideologies" and right at this point means "trying to resist these horrible ideas that will clearly destroy civilization" it's a shitty situation, because all my life, I have always had so many ideals, and saw so much potential in so many of them. But people disappoint me more and more each day. I think it's too late to avoid harsher idealogies at this point, and start really pushing national socialism for the common person. National Socialism, not as a functional, permanent government system, but just as a way to clear the insanity. It doesn't need to be forever. it just needs to be enough to give us a chance to talk with each other without fear that leftists will try scare, coerce, shame, or even censor us. We just want a glorious civilization. We are more than literal apes. We are men, and we want to reach the heavens.
>>10519 >Hey, why are all of these anonymous threads filled with the same repeated anti-semetic jokes from nazis? Because when discourse is actually allowed freely, those are the ideas that get proven correct. This is why the left loves censorship so much. The truth doesn't fear discourse.
>>10519 dont worry comrade, im here with you. we'll win.
>>10771 >right embraces free speech, the left censors and destroys it. No they don't. They are antipedo and suppress children and adults right to free speech on it.
(108.83 KB 241x528 Huh.PNG)

>>10790 Nazis were anarcho-capitalists?
>>10796 For that to happen, all jews and leftards must be killed first. And they will. >people disappoint me more and more each day Yes. And that is why the common folk must never have freedom or rights. Only the best among humanity must have freedom and rights. Everyone else must be enslaved. those who complain must be killed. The only possible way to advance civilization is by enslaving the inferior among us. The insanity of allowing everyone their share and everyone to have equal rights must (and will) end. >>10844 We will kill you all. We are superior to you. >>10845 Only what we like is free speech. All pedophiles will be killed too. >>10795 The left must be exterminated for existing. Simple as that.
I do not think, the best place for those things is tik tok, because nobody expects that of tik tok, they are only young being young people will say
Fascism is a type of post modern socialism, just like post modern marxist use race struggle, its just inverted cultural axis Fascism drinks from lange socialism economic theory (market socialism = state capitalis). Left and right are not good labels, they are just buzzwords for the masses.
-isms are for idiots.
>>10882 The only division that matters is individualist ideologies vs collectivist ideologies. All collectivists should collectively kill themselves.
>>10889 Poos are collectivists.
>>10859 >Only what we like is free speech. All pedophiles will be killed too. No they're not. You know why trump lost don't you? His platform is gone because of dumb, low iq shits like you.
also lose the 000000 faggotry
i'm looking forward to when trannies like you become another statistic
i hope you get raped by a nigger
>>10519 It is always ok to kill jews and leftards and there is nothigng that you can do about it.
(13.30 KB 225x225 images (3).jpeg)

>I'm an anarchist with rules >Oh you hate something?? Yikes a roonie! Don't you know we live in a liberal age where you can't say or think any mean things!! Now hate the new minorities with me! Fuck you faggot
>>14696 no u
Go cut your dicks off and die. If you were real communists you would be killing venture capitalists and globalists not retarded Indians who run car dealerships. Antifa is the captured resistance. Go cut your dicks off and bleed out. Seriously.
>>10778 lies lies ... sweet little lies ... "Now get in the mass grave!"
>Remember the ideals that most of the people on this site are sympathetic towards - liberty, anonymity, privacy, etc. These are Libertarian values. Libertarianism would result in White dominance in any country it's permitted to be established in (and remain in such a state). Under Libertarianism, the future of the White race would be secured. A Libertarian society is one were te government does four functions: enforce the laws, defend the nation, run the state banking and financial system, and collect taxes to fund the previously mentioned functions. The law is based on the Non-Aggression Principle, summed up in that you own your person, property, and enterprise, that ownership is having full control over what happens with what you own, and that all interactions involving the things owned by different parties requires mutual informed consent to be permissable under this system. The difference between stealing and receiving a gift is that the victim of theft did not consent to have the possession of their propety taken from them, while the gift giver did consent to the transfer of possession and ownership to the receiving party. Under the NAP, there is a necessary exception to the imposition of force upon another without their consent, and that is to enforce the NAP through the prevention of immediate violations (defense of person/property/enterprise of oneself and others) and the administration of consequences upon violators (be it punishment or rehabilitation or something else). Here's how ibertarianism spells out the end result of White Supremacy over Jews. -Through freedom of association and disassociation, they could discriminate freely with no requirement to justify their decisions, they can have full control over who they choose to buy from and sell to, who they choose to serve and employ, etc. Giving everyone the ability to exercise full control over their own person, property, and enterprise will lead to the races segregating themselves apart from one another, assuming just Whites and Jews, you'd have a community where Whites live, a community were Jews reside, and a mixed area in between where the two comunities interact, but where neither lives unless they have no other choice.. -Through freedom from all government services save for those two to four which are tolereated under Libertarian philosophy, White will thrive while Jews will suffer, economically speaking. First of all, There'd be no Rothschild owned banks, no fiat currency, no fractional reserve lending, no interest, and no loans. The government would run a central bank as well as retail banks, and there'd be no way that private banks (central or retail) could compete, the government run central bank would issue representitive currency, which could be excanged for the amount of a commodity which they represent, the national banks would all run on a system of full reseve lending, meaning that inflation is minimized as the monetary representation of the supply of commodities is kept in check with the supply of those commodities, the banks would collect a percentage of the deposits held by them, which the account holder could always afford to pay, rather than creating a permanent debt with charging interest, and there'd be no loans to private individuals (with which they would buy goods or services), rather, the banks would buy a share of the profits in an enterprise brought before them (the money being used by those who receive it to fund their enterprise). Second, Corporations would be kaput, as under Libertarian rules, there'd be no legal concept of personhood for corporate entities, meaning that those who work in a company are legally accountable for their actions, under Libertarianism, there's no such thing as "intellectual property", companies wouldn't be able to make a passive income off of their patents, trademarks, copyrights, etc. the lack of corporate regulation means that companies will have no way to suppress their competition from smaller upstart businesses, the lack of corporate subsidies means that companies would be unable to force the people to pay them whether they get a prouct or not, with no obligation of a company to cater to the financial interests of their shareholders, they will not be forced into undertaking the shady practices that are characteristic of a corporation today. Wal-Mart will die, McDonald's will die, CNN and MSNBC will both go off the air, Monopolies and Oligopolies will quickly be destroyed, without government intervention in the market, there could be no corporation, the separation of markets and state will bring about the end of corporate capitalism (or at least as we know it today). Third, there are no "hate crimes" under the non-aggression principle, all these laws that give Jews their priviledged positions in our saociety will come to an end, as there'd be an even playing field, the same rules applying to all individuals, no matter who they are, and that will render the Jews unable to play by their book of nepotism, using the government to ensure that Whites couldn't dethrone them from their positions just by outcompeting them. Expect to see Jews losing their prominence in media, academia, and other influential position typically associated with a disproportunate number of Jews. The last point is rather obvious, Whites will no longer have to pay to support those who they do not wish to, look at how much use Whites make of government services, then look at how much Whites contribute to those services, Whites are basically financially supporting almost all the other races, including Jews (the only notable exception being East Asians). Imagine what happens when Whites are no longer paying for government services, and other races are no longer receiving them (because government doesn't provide them anymore). Whites will soar in economic status, as well as social status, coming to the fore in all institutions (be it in education, emplyment, etc.). Most other races will face a sharp decline, taking a dive into poverty. Furthermore, there'd be no government programs to give them the things they take for granted (no affirmative action, no free secondary education, etc.). They will crash and burn. Keep in mind that Jews will be included among this number, but East Asians will not. Libertarianism will means White Supremacy because in a Libertarian society, merit is everything, and the natural superiority of the traits found among Whites will lead to them rising to the top (most likely they will end up propping up the other races, but this time through private charity instead of through the taxes taken from them by the government). The culture will change, as the actual gap in meritous traits between racial populations will be laid so bare before our eyes that it will be impossible to keep pretending that the individuals of all races are equaly likely to succeed, provided that they work hard enough. Even being a moral or good person requires some degree of natural talent, the way you conduct yourself is largely determined by your psychological traits, and tese are heritable, they are genetic in origin (its why you tend to end up acting like your parents had, your genes predestined you towards it). Out of the other racial populations, I know that East Asians will do well in such a society, though not as well as Whites will. Jews will lose everything under such a system. >These are not nazi ideals! They naturally lean towards the left, not the right. Okay, you are retarded. These ideals are very much a third position from wat you know of as "left" or "right", none of these ideals lean towards the left wing, you are just as censorious as the ones you juxtapose yourself against. There is no left or right. The Nazis are a far cry from Conservatives, these are wholly diferent political and philosophical ideologies that are often opposed to one another. Libertarians and Marxists are two othe
There is no left or right. The Nazis are a far cry from Conservatives, these are wholly diferent political and philosophical ideologies that are often opposed to one another. Libertarians and Marxists are two other very different ideologies, each with it's own philosophical foundations behind them. To place all these in some sort of linear categorization is beyond rediculous. If you knew anything about the other ideologies, you'd understand why I called you an idiot for talking out your ass like this. It's not just to be rude, people who think like you are doing real damage to the world by promoting a dumbass perspective of the political landscape. If you want to talk about various political policies and were they lay in relation to one another, you have to look into the individual policies which make up their political design, how their concept of a political system is supposed to function according to their theories, and the philosophical ideas that inspired these political perspectives in the first place. You, a marxist, contrast yourself against the conservatives, but Neitzsche would say that both of you are the same. At their heart, conservatives take their beleifs from the Christian religion as is created and determined by the community of Christians, they and you both beeive in the same moral position that all people are of equal moral value to everyone else and that happiness and pleasure are the ultimate purpose in life, both of you desire a world of peace and cooperation, so in Friederick's eyes, both of you are ultimately slave moralities that could be rejected by the same stroke. The best way to describe the marxist morality is that it's christian moraity, with god removed from it, so instead of an ultimate struggle-free paradise in heaven, marxism looks for tat kind of paradise on earth, marx and christ line up word for word on the various proclamations and reccomendations that they offer as to how one should live their lives and govern their kingdoms. Both you and the conservatives are creationists, they deny "mecroevolution" as it accounts for the origin of mankind, and you deny it as it accounts for the origin of the varieties of man. Both you and they will calim to represent "the science" while attacking the actual conclusions made by the bulk of biologists and natural anthropologists in favor of your particular flavor of denialism (motivated by your particular brand of moral panic at the consequences that the truth may have for your political philosophy), nd both of you will use the exact same arguments, you just repackage them to deny the biological reality of race and it's significance in affecting the limits of human ability, the arguments are the same, make no mistake, and use the same logical fallacies to push a culturally-favored pseudoscientific denial of the actual science on the matter. The Nazis are not motivated by Christianity, and share quite a bit more in common with marxists than they'd like to admit, they aren't marxists, however, they are a sharp rejection of many of the things marxism promotes. The marxist is globalist, it seeks to conquer and unite the whole world under itself, nazism is nationalist, it seeks only to ensure that a people is secure in their land, able to govern themselves indepenantly from those of other nations. Nazism wants to purge all existential threats to its people, Marxism wants to purge al dissent, it IS an existential threat to anyone who doesnt want to be a marxist. Nazism wants whats best for one people, marxism wants whats best for all people, both use the same kinds of systems and policies (government intervention) to acheive these ends. Neither could even conceive of how anything could get done without government involvement, the idea that people could get together and create order on their own is apart from these ideologies. On genetics, Nazis and Marxists were a lot more alike than you'd think, one wanted eugenics, were the best genes would be promoted, the other wanted dysgenics, to reduce the spread of the greatest genes in order to produce a better and more equal society that could advance in lockstep, rather than falling back into castes and classes. >These platforms have the potential for so much more in terms of productive discourse. The Rothschilds and other Jewish family dynasties run the world, and though they prefer the they use of softer forms of power to maintain their regime, they can use the might of any nation's military to bring down anyone who would dare live outside their rule. It's like living in a city run by a conspiracy between organized crime families, these Jewish bankers operate exacty like mafiosos did. Until these kikes are taken down, there can be nothing but their rule, so talking about other things is of a lesser priority right now, nothing could be more urgent than the destruction of the international cartel of these Jewish aristocratic families, and their rule over our planet. You are young, all the people you think have the answers are scammers and pretenders, you think you got things figured out but you really don't. If you continue to give your life to the people who rule your mind now, you will be full of regrets when you get older. At some point, any debate becomes one side whose correct, and te various other sides who desperately want themselves to be seen as correct, and are even more desperate to have the truth be seen as wrong.
>>14862 >There is no left or right >because nazis are different from conservatives, and libertarians are different from marxists where does it say all members of one group need to be identical? japanese look different from cambodians, therefore asia doesnt exist?
>>14862 or to use a more /pol/ relevant analogy, british and french were not allies, they literally went to war and killed each other. does this mean "there is no white race"? if your standard for a group existing is that all the members have to agree with each other...
>>10771 Unless it's saying a word or doing something to your own body or anything practical with CRISPR instead of retarded and msilead eugenics. Antisemitism is low IQ as fuck and anyone who never got past it by at most 2018-2019 is functionally handicapped
>>15480 OMG you're right comrade. I think i'm going to now cut off my dick and join my local antifa cell, thank you for waking me up.
>>10778 >anarchy wouldn't work, because...it just wouldn't, okay? >muh power struggles, muh warlords neck yourself, faggot what we need doesn't have jack shit to do with race, that's literally the diametric opposite of what we need no, I'm not talking about how we need more "multiculturalism" either, I'm talking about how we need to eliminate trust, not rely more on it the more you rely on trust, the worse the outcome will always be in the end, because people will always abuse that trust, no matter how much you think they are your "race buddy" what is necessary is to embrace a trustless culture with mechanisms in place to ensure that trust isn't necessary for it to function that is the ONLY way for humanity to move forward
anarchists have never had a successful revolution, no one cares what you guys think
just because anarchists are here doesn't mean the we don't see the jewry and the issues it brings. welcome to reality.
Shut the fuck up faggot. Go kill yourself. 14/88 is the only way forward.

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