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(1.72 MB 326x184 gas gas gas.mp4)
Jew York can only burn 20 bodies in a day Anonymous 05/10/2020 (Sun) 15:42:45 Id:7d1708 No. 111
http://archive.vn/mUAsO >The pandemic has also created a cremation bottleneck. Funeral homes across Westchester and Rockland counties typically use two crematories, at Ferncliff Cemetery in Hartsdale or Woodlawn Cemetery in the Bronx. >In the Metro New York area, in addition to Ferncliff and Woodlawn, there is Green Wood Cemetery in Brooklyn, U.S. Cremation Company in Middle Village, and St. Michael’s Cemetery in East Elmhurst… >Staff at the crematory at Ferncliff Cemetery in Hartsdale has been working 16- to 18-hour days to handle a spike in demand in the coronavirus outbreak….doubling its normal number of cremations, said Phil Tassi, a member of the cemetery association’s board of directors and president of the New York State Association of Cemeteries. >Despite the long hours, there’s still a two-week backlog at Ferncliff, Tassi said… >“We’re running at full capacity, roughly 20 cremations a day,” he said. “Our average would be 11 in normal circumstances.” >Ferncliff has five cremation chambers, called retorts, and Tassi explained that a cremation can take anywhere from two-and-a-half to seven hours. >The burial side of Ferncliff’s business is no less busy, with burials up 300% from normal, Tassi said. >The crematory backlog has kept funeral directors on the phone, trying to find space wherever they can… >That bottleneck has put Flower on Interstate 95 to Camden, New Jersey, twice this week, transporting six bodies in need of cremation. >“I called every crematory within 100 miles: Upstate New York, Connecticut, New Jersey,” Flower said. “And I couldn’t find anybody that could accommodate me right away.” >Camden is 112 miles from Yonkers, but, for Flower, the four-hour round trip has been the difference between action and inaction, between clearing cases and not. Ferncliff’s two-week backlog won’t work for him. >“I can’t wait two weeks because that’s two weeks from the cases I have now,” he said. “What if I get five more, which I’ve been doing about every single day? I get five to 10 more a day. I’ve been turning people away because I can’t clear the cases I have.” >His funeral home has two refrigerators to hold bodies to be buried weeks from now and he converted one of his chapels into a temporary morgue, dropping the air-conditioning to 45 degrees while those bodies await burial “in the next couple of days.
>>111 >hasbara got BTFOd in his other thread, so he made this one hahaha, this has actually been a longstanding problem with kike yorks infrastructure. due to massive budget cuts over the last five years, they have been cutting back on posthumous services such as autopsies and cremations which, when put into OP's context, can also hilariously point out how time consuming it is to cremate a body, which further reinforces the positions of holocaust de-bunkers http://holocaustdeprogrammingcourse.com/ so much for the 6 gorzillion! anyway, when you combine scaled down services with the flu season in an aging and unhealthy population, there will be a spike in deaths. but this jewish news outlet larping as christcucks is so trustworthy and I am so utterly convinced that this manufactured crisis is real. we should all get injected with vaccines created in a bio-weapons facility in pissreal and go to war with iran as soon as possible
>>111 really jangles the ol' peppercorns
>>112 I got slap fight recently whit someone when report came that wuhan burned shitload of bodies in two week. They just reduced to see how time consuming burning bodies is. Even whit modern top of line crematoriums it takes 90minto burn bodies. Then there are bones to deal whit. Best crematoriums claim they can be run 24h. But there has to be limit how long you can run it nonstop. So to achieve that they pretty much had to make some sort mass incarnation. Take coal powerplant. Calculate how much coal per human body. Then dump them in by truckload at time. As for holocaust, even if they cut back everywhere. They plan was to get rid bodies. So no need to get bones out there at once. Some point you need to empty it or you can't even fit fuel there. Also there is proplem whit heat and strain. You end up running that oven hot around clock. Brick Owen's weren't made for that, espesily if they are fueld by coal. If there was some sort mass crematoriums or other to show around. That would be different story.
>>203 Civil crematoriums have to care about collecting ashes after every single cremation. You get a lot more capacity once you disregard any respect for the deceased and just shove in as many bodies as the oven will take.
Really creates interference in the holocaust narrative's logical coherence, iykwim.
>>1767 Cremation ashes are not ashes. All burnable material gasses off, there is no ash left. Cremation ashes are just the pulverized bone left behind. It's just bone dust.
>>1767 More bodies means a larger quantity of material to process. If you drop a sugar cube inside a drink, it will dissolve slower than having the same quantity of sugar as a finely ground powder. For rapid and effective burning of any material you want is as great of a surface area to volume ratio as you can get but what you are proposing is increasing volume, so what do you think happens to the time required to cremate a body? You speak of the sanctity of the deceased being thrown aside for efficiency by piling more inside but that would actually make it go slower. Since the oven will always be generating heat around the body from the outside, piling more in will always result it either the exact same rate or slower. It will never accelerate from you dropping a larger quantity inside, especially when it comes to cremation since human bodies will contain a fairly significant quantity of water. Contrary to what Hollywood and self-appointed "historians" will have you believe, humans are not actually that easily flammable, the fat inside the human body is nowhere near enough to cause them to combust and cook themselves until ash. In fact, the analogy regarding powdered sugar is a lot more relevant than you may think considering the fact that there are plenty of proposals by people that bodies could in the future, instead of being cremated, be dropped into liquid nitrogen, broken up through the use of vibration and then have the human flesh powder disposed of instead. Want to know why they would go through such hoops just to get rid of a dead body? Because that shit takes forever and there is no magic trick to make it go faster, what you have is effectively a fairly heavy bag of water and so people are looking to freezing and powderising them as a solution.
(874.90 KB 739x920 Red cross muh holohoax.png)
>>111 >Jew York can only burn 20 bodies in a day And yet in auschwitz... :^)
>still falling for the covid psyop Pathetic.
>http >no encryption >sending all those toxic words over plaintext so your provider can read them https://archive.vn/mUAsO Fix OP please, thank you.
>>3507 Take your meds, schizonigger.
>>3745 he has a point theres no reason he shouldnt be using https

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