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(2.13 MB 1920x1080 left.png)

Leftists delusions Anonymous 07/22/2020 (Wed) 14:23:14 Id: 4e4491 No. 1164
Recently I noticed that the left wing has become even more delusional than ever before. Like at this point they are no longer even creating strawman or misconstrue basic statements, they just seemingly moved to wholly different reality. Like the video in the thumbnail is supposed to be a parody of PragerU but somehow the only thing it parodies is the style. Everything else is just pure fabrication. My question is how can someone let alone a whole group of people be this detached from reality? How can they even function in the outside world if they are essentially incapable of even properly perceiving reality?
>>1164 >My question is how can someone let alone a whole group of people be this detached from reality? How can they even function in the outside world if they are essentially incapable of even properly perceiving reality? Someone made a screencap basically summarizing it that Leftists (I prefer to call them baizuo, as it's one of the few times China actually did something right) cannot fathom that normal people do not wear their political opinions on their sleeves. Also, here's a source basically supporting the argument in the OP (Much of the article is shit, however): https://archive.is/BxLY8 >In a study I conducted with colleagues Jesse Graham and Brian Nosek, we tested how well liberals and con­servatives could understand each other. We asked more than 2,000 American visitors to fill out the Moral Foundations Questionnaire. One-third of the time they were asked to fill it out normally, answering as themselves. One-third of the time they were asked to fill it out as they think a "typical liberal" would respond. One-third of the time they were asked to fill it out as a "typical conservative" would respond. This design allowed us to examine the stereotypes that each side held about the other. More important, it allowed us to assess how accurate they were by comparing people's expectations about "typical" partisans to the actual responses from partisans on the left and the right. Who was best able to pretend to be the other? >The results were clear and consistent. Moderates and conservatives were most accurate in their predictions, whether they were pretending to be liberals or conservatives. Liberals were the least accurate, especially those who described themselves as "very liberal." The biggest errors in the whole study came when liberals answered the care and fairness questions while pretending to be conservatives. When faced with statements such as "one of the worst things a person could do is hurt a defenseless animal" or "justice is the most important requirement for a society," liberals assumed that conservatives would disagree. If you have a moral matrix built primarily on intuitions about care and fairness (as equality), and you listen to the Reagan narrative, what else could you think? Reagan seems completely unconcerned about the welfare of drug addicts, poor people, and gay people. He is more interested in fighting wars and telling people how to run their sex lives. >If you don't see that Reagan is pursuing positive values of loyalty, authority, and sanctity, you almost have to conclude that Republicans see no positive value in care and fairness. You might even go as far as Michael Feingold, a theater critic for the liberal weekly The Village Voice, when he wrote in 2004: "Republicans don't believe in the imagination, partly because so few of them have one, but mostly because it gets in the way of their chosen work, which is to destroy the human race and the planet.…Which is why I personally think they should be exterminated before they cause any more harm." One of the many ironies in this quotation is that it shows the inability of a theater critic—who skillfully enters fantastical imaginary worlds for a living—to imagine that Republicans act within a moral matrix that differs from his own. However, despite that being said, it still doesn't explain WHY they're so disconnected from reality.
(329.34 KB 490x1227 ClipboardImage.png)

>>1166 (checked) >it still doesn't explain WHY they're so disconnected from reality They lost the ability to understand their opposition. Because they can no longer understand them, they take their own sides propaganda as fucking gospel. They will believe whatever shit feeds into their already present and strong delusions about the dehumanized "other". The "other" is a monster that needs to be slain by any means necessary, and their media reinforces that. I also noticed that when it comes to left leaning bs, they have a clear disdain towards thinking for yourself and being self reliant (see pic related for example). I would assume that by their frequent attempts to force this on others, that this is how many of them already operate or at the very least think they do. The more I think on it, the modern left has a lot in common with how fucking cults operate.
(482.38 KB 1920x1080 fact.png)

>>1169 That explains how their condition is maintained but not how it emerged. Its not that they do not understand their opposition its that they fabricate a opposition . That is why I linked that video, because it depicts how leftists think a right winger operates. And about 80% of that video is pure unfiltered bullshit that was never true(unless you want to go as far back as the 18th century, at which point there is no such thing as left vs right) and the remaining 20% is only somewhat correct in the sense that it was semi-real till 2005-2006ish. Its not a misunderstanding, its a fake, a fabrication only barely grounded in reality. Its essentially the equivalent of sonic fan-fiction, only instead of giving Sonic a feet fetish they are giving right winger a hard-on for Jesus(or corporations, or racism or whatever is currently trendy).
>>1171 >how it emerged Here is my guess. You have all those various civil rights groups, feminists groups, LGBT rights groups, etc..that make bank for those running them, but if they run out of "problems" to solve then they are out of a job. So they are financially incentivized to push a new monster to slay even when there isn't one. Now add in that said people making the monster are the ones entrenched in the schools and media. Then the rest of them being so fucking brainwashed already just parrot what their told even if it borders on nonsensical.
>>1174 Ding ding ding It's the job of witch-hunting and these fucking faggot niggers are stealing everyone else's tax dollars to do it. I have the idea necessary to fix the world: the politically correct scumbag is the real witch and always was.
>>1164 >>1171 I've been aware of darkmatter's content for a while. You're dead right with the chris-chan comparison, if only chris-chan hated sonic, and if sonic was Christianity. Check out the "Power Corrupts" series. It's a fucking Bible fan-fiction origin story for God, set in a techno-utopian society. It's bizarrely fascinating and unintentionally hilarious; the guy accidentally reinvents gnosticism in his attempt to re-frame all of Christianity with his arsenal of 2012-era atheism+ talking points.
>>1182 I thought you were joking but after watching the first five episodes... well lets just say you were correct. The guy essentially does the classical atheist trick of taking every expression from the bible literally and then laughing at how ridiculous it is. Because apparently the bible and Christianity itself were only made up in the last 20 years specifically in English and not in some long dead language that changed and morfed over centuries and whose expression, formulations and lexicon were vastly different from our own. It would be like translating from foreign languages word for word and the laughing how none of it makes sense. Thing is the faggot has to know this. He has been making Christianity centered content for years so he either consciously ignores it or continues to do it for purely monetary reasons.
>>1164 >How can they even function in the outside world if they are essentially incapable of even properly perceiving reality? they dont. didnt you see CHAZ?
>>1190 >muh mistranslation Is the part about cutting off baby dicks mistranslation? I know you probably figure God changed the rules later so we don't need to do it anymore, but the fact that he ordered it at one point is canon, and I don't get how it could be mistranslation. What was he originally ordering that was mistranslated?
>PragerJew I find leftists a lot more tolerable than rightists. Both are scum though. >>1195 Notice how you can totally ignore that with zero consequence? How sad is it that you have to find something to be mad about in a religion?
They don't. The kind of person who creates this kind of shit stays locked in their houses like NEETs exclusively in order to create schizo tier shit and only ever leave to go sip soy lattes at overpriced coffee shops with their fellow nutjobs so no outside factors leak into their circle and challenge their perception of reality. Actually, at least most NEETs can form a realistic perception of the world through their hobbies so that's an unfair comparison since these fags exclusively and obsessively push their warped views and generally do nothing but get drunk and high when they're not being histrionic about political shit, so it's not hard to see how they can become so disconnected from life when you realize this.
(138.34 KB 1302x1296 jew are you.png)

>>1196 >totally ignore systemic genital mutilation carried out by philosemites
>>1195 That may be true but that is not what "atheists" like darkmatter or the amazing atheist criticize Christianity for. They instead focus on tired semantics like the fact that describing the primordial nothing as a formless sea is nonsensical from a modern day perspective(since a sea is something and therefore it cannot be nothing), but may have (and probably did) made perfect sense in 1200 BC as a form of wordplay. My point was that modern day atheists do not criticize religion based on its actual flaws but on pet peeves that are mostly cosmetic or they directly argue that since bad things happened under religious rule then religion itself must be bad and evil as well. Both of which are arguments worthy of a 12 year old but not of someone who positions themselves as a modern day Aristotle.
>>1217 There are Jews against circumcision. They have an organization and they speak out against the barbaric practice. There is a war within Judaism between the literal psychopaths who thirst for goy subservience, and the moderate normal Jews who think chopping up baby dicks is shameful and want to make it illegal.
>>1219 >muh good jews The only good jew is a dead jew.
>>1256 So Hitler was wrong to give acceptional Jews a pardon, and to make them honorary Aryans?
>>1257 If Hitler actually killed a bunch of Jews we would be way better off. There are no honorary Aryans just Aryans.
>>6041 The uniparty IS the elites.
>>1177 It's sad that no one checked these fucking based double dubs. I wish imageboard culture was better (including all the shit) that it was at least ten years ago.
>>1166 They have feminine (meaning, defective) minds. That is all. You don't talk to one with a feminine mind. You beat it (they are not people) into submission, and if they don't submit, you kill them.
>>1169 https://www.bitchute(Please use archive.today)/video/SrmTPs9iLWA/ Ryan Faulk (althype) did a video discussing the cult aspects of shitlibbery a while ago.
This thread is full of shills trying to promote the equating of atheism with leftism, as a /pol/ack atheist I find this slanderous. The reason they are doing this is because the atheists tend not to fall into the conservative trap, they actually argue for action, and not doing nothing like shabbos goys. The Jew fears the right wing atheist, he is invulnerable to their taint, for he has overcome it.
>>6128 Then get out there and beat some of them! I did (with a garbage can lid).
>>6457 always shoot the traitor before the enemy
>>1164 >Capitalism bad! - Sent from Iphone X >Colonisation bad! Also, I'm 1/600th native American so I get to stay.
>>6951 It's freedom for the individual and phone companies (and other large tech companies) reduce the amount of freedom that an individual has
Would customers kicked out of grocery stores be able to go to other supermarkets? Do companies have a financial interest in kicking customers out of their businesses? Wouldn't companies that kick out customers risk having public relation nightmares? Couldn't kicked out customers organize boycotts? Couldn't kicked out customers start a competing business?
>>6975 >Couldn't kicked out customers start a competing business? Nope. They get blacklisted by every service all the way up the chain, up to and including banks.
>>6450 >/pol/ack athiest hey, can you please back up a few feet and turn like 45 degrees? your nose broke through my fucking window and is breaking shit.
>>6986 >oy vey! You don't worship a literal spinoff of judaism? You must be jewish!
>>1182 How come most of the internet atheists that still made atheist content post 2013 are now commies, but trannies complain that all those atheist channels lead to a "pipeline" to white nationalism?
I have a whole folder on leftist hypocrisy and double standards. Not that this matters or anything, leftism is a mental illness and not a set of principles that can be debated. Leftists need to die, not be talked with. But it's still fun to have these inconsistencies pointed out anyway
(8.16 KB 516x306 1465682120473.gif)

(132.33 KB 795x458 1467192736418.png)

(379.82 KB 795x598 1467187774438.png)

(565.46 KB 691x933 1466776135234-0.png)

(578.99 KB 1600x800 1468553757994-3.png)

(31.12 KB 311x311 1469704201218-3.jpg)

(53.48 KB 460x594 1469757289829-1.jpg)

(101.23 KB 870x931 1469601640263-1.jpg)

(33.11 KB 720x453 1592873453706.jpg)

(596.91 KB 1024x512 1492003228348.gif)

(80.29 KB 1172x232 ClipboardImage.png)

(252.70 KB 1171x492 ClipboardImage.png)

(92.56 KB 1066x240 ClipboardImage.png)

(97.92 KB 1134x207 ClipboardImage.png)

>>6989 nah i worship DYEVS PATER but seriously man my shits broken. you hit my fucking dog. Get your nose out of my fucking house, you fucking yid.
If the globalists don't obey the Constitution now then why would they follow a new Constitution? If the elites have a global government now, what good would secession do?

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