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(3.02 MB 1280x498 Russian people.webm)

Russia Anonymous 09/13/2021 (Mon) 02:26:43 Id: 000000 No. 11673
- No war for israel - No (((Blacked culture))) - No (((LGBT Parades))) - No (((Hollywood degeneracy))) - Europeans - Blocked (((porn sites))) - Asked people to have babies - China backed - New space program - CRISPR - Christian - Nukes - No jewmocracy - No (((nigger ads))) everywhere - No (((Globalism))) - Freed the US from Killary Jewton The downside is (((Putin))) --- NNNNNHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!
Ната́лья Влади́мировна Покло́нская (в девичестве Дубровская; род. 18 марта 1980, Алексеевка, Ворошиловградская область, Украинская ССР, СССР) — российский политический деятель, юрист. Депутат Государственной думы Федерального Собрания Российской Федерации VII созыва, заместитель председателя комитета Государственной Думы по международным делам, член комиссии ГД по рассмотрению расходов федерального бюджета, направленных на обеспечение национальной обороны, национальной безопасности и правоохранительной деятельности с 18 сентября 2016 года. Член фракции «Единая Россия»
>falling for this
> No (((Blacked culture))) snowniggers with their gopnik culture > No (((LGBT Parades))) Putin - pederast. Volodin - pederast. Patrushev - pederast. Ivanov - pederast. Naryshkin - pederast. Hinshtein - pederast. > Europeans on the pic > Blocked (((porn sites))) what? Government sponsored Telegram is full of all kind of porno > China backed yeah, Siberia initially was Chinese territory and China sure has plan to return it back. > New space program man, stop it :) > CRISPR how is it related to Russia? > Christian no. > Nukes The Soviet Union was famously described as "Upper Volta with rockets", a catchphrase that was updated by the geographically precise to become "Burkina Faso with rockets" > No jewmocracy Putincracy (Putin is a jew, Medvedev is a jew, most friends-oligarches of Putin are jews) > No (((Globalism))) offshore. Most children of Russian officials live in Europe and USA, some of em even don't know Russian language, they love money, cocaine and hate Russia with its Russian people > Freed the US from Killary Jewton OK, what the hell is that?
>>11687 LOL, looks like a rat or a gypsy
>>11691 7686
>>11688 >> Blocked (((porn sites))) >what? Government sponsored Telegram is full of all kind of porno Also i can access all famous porn sites from russian vpns, so yeah it's there
(7.43 MB 1280x720 9e842948a8.webm)

(20.68 MB 1280x720 8a09809.mp4)

>>11673 They also do the right thing to women. They beat, jail and kill them.
>>11847 not only women. In Mazarussia any policeman, FSB-fag, a deputy or just a secret agent of FSB or similar shit - is a God and can do everything with you. Rapes, murders, seizure of property, raider seizure of companies, business, houses, etc - a lot of. The prisons are full in Mazarussia.
(2.81 MB 640x480 Russian military.webm)

>>11886 Prisons are so full that the military and public education are turned into a prison as well to accomodate. With it being fairly common that conscripts are beaten, raped and sodomised by their higher-ups. All males, of course, Russian military understands very well that raping women is wrong. And if they try to reach even higher up to report it in hopes of protection, the military just push it under the rug and pretend it never existed while they get raped even harder for being a snitch. Much like how there are school shootings in the US, there are military base shootings in Russia whenever conscripts can no longer it anymore and snap. But I guess that is how you become a man: getting AIDS from being anally raped by homosexuals every three days and then immediately getting ganged up by ten different people if you in the slightest retalliate or express discontent.
>>11887 America has school shootings Russia has military base shootings What type of shootings does China have?
>>11888 China has child stabbings. Not by children to each other but by rather by adults against the children of those they want revenge against. And it's not to cause emotional distress, although that would be the cherry on top. It's because children are effectively a retirement plan: the kids grow up and then support their parents when they can no longer work. Grandkids mean a potential additional resource. If the kid dies, all the time and money spent on them goes to waste, with the time lost being time-money equivalent lost from their retirement plan. Since there is no such thing as a 401k or tax-funded retirement in China. And you might think that this is a bit far-fetched but it is legitimately how chinks think, money is all they can think about, even when they think about revenge.
>>11889 >Using the children of your enemies as a proxy for lifestyle vengeance With logic like that they might give the jews a run for their money.
>>11890 When you consider China's one-child policy (which is now the two-child policy), I think you can imagine how that would affect both their demographic trends and how much that would take away from their retirement plan idea. China is absolutely desperate to get birth rates up now, since their population pyramid is inverted from that big-brain decision. Maybe they'll recover, maybe the pyramid collapses, either way commies are mentally deficient. Personally I don't think they will have a demographic collapse, at least not a demographic collapse alone, but them being very close to one will definitely make them more vulnerable.
Also Putin is for peace and does not support attacks on domestic political system of independent states, yep
>>12026 Absolutely never, only the imperialistic West would ever do such a thing.
>>11887 >Russian military understands very well that raping women is wrong >MILITARY Even many civilians dont understand it lmao
Let me get this straight ... > USA leftists want open borders > No more borders, no countries, united world > EXCEPT Ukraine! They have to maintain their nationality! > Protect Ukraine's borders! Maintain sovereignty
>>13721 Russians merely have too many people and too low resources, as Ukraine wants to join the EU they should show the world how worthy they are and give Russians a helping hand by welcoming them into their country. It's only fair
>>11673 that girl is fucking sexy

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