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Incoming World War III. Anonymous 09/18/2021 (Sat) 06:43:53 Id: 000000 No. 11797
(907.42 KB 828x885 death to the left 1.png)

(79.08 KB 619x911 death to the left 2.png)

>>11797 Incoming global economic crisis. China is dead. https://archive.ph/D3AF9
>>11822 no shit retard buy GME
>Hunter Biden caught on camera with crack and an underage chink hooker >chinks celebrating the Trump got Stumped because now they have a friendlier administration across the pond >many trade restrictions and sanctions on China imposed by Trump were lifted by Biden >fast forward a few months and now the Biden administration along with ultra pozzed UK and Aussies are bunkering up the pacific to keep the chinks in check >all the while copying their Orwellian authoritarian government model what the fuck is going on? have commie dictators finally begun to back stab each other?
>>11878 Race. The jews in the west want what the chinks do in the east, but don't want the chinks to exist, due to not being of the same race as theirs. Race is everything.
>>11881 That makes them pretty racist.
>>11822 If WW3 happens or if there is a global economic crisis happens, how can we make the most of it? I.e buy bitcoin/other stocks when it gets low?
>>12028 I will personally organize a worldwide extermination squad to hunt and kill the likes of you. Made money? Killed.
>>11797 There will be no war.
>>12032 >I will personally organize a worldwide extermination squad to hunt and kill the likes of you
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(179.86 KB 1264x1274 archive.is dhf0Q.jpg)

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