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(599.70 KB 320x240 CWRA.mp4)

Commie general! RLXXXNZV.com 09/30/2021 (Thu) 11:35:34 Id: 7e30e1 No. 11986
Post commie material and discuss anything about commiedom here. Communism will rise again!!! to those decrying "communism is jewry": ah, take the chill pill, kikes btfo under us
>>11986 sage
>>11986 All leftards will be killed. Communism always loses. All commies are inferior to human beings.All commies are weak and dumb.
>>12024 >All leftards will be killed. > Communism always loses. All commies are inferior to human beings.All commies are weak and dumb.
>>11986 do you trannies not have a dedicated containment board or do you enjoy being BTFOed by every other anon here?
>>11986 Leftist thought is much more robust than right wing thought.
>>12059 if your source is your own ass no wonder your arguments are so shitty
>>12068 There are a lot of books written about Socialism, but it seems you never heard about it, only something about "asses"
(3.94 MB 712x400 leftypol-board-owner.webm)

>>12070 What's next, you gonna parrot about the dialectic you niggerbrained faggot? Kill yourself.
Does anyone get the feeling that the Uniparty has been bought off by the elites?
>>12070 >lot of books written about Socialism You'd better be talking about Feder you fucking faggot
Good point. The 1% give campaign donations and cushy job promises to politicians. When the globalists commit fraud and destroy the economy, the elites get huge bailouts and pay small fines to the government.
>>12148 what does it mean 'feder'? why do you afraid of good old school Communism? What is your problem with the Communism? Your uncle is Jeffrey Bezos? Dont afraid, when Communism arrives, he will be shot in short, not a problem at all.
Dying from the flu that you catch accidentally is better than dying from a vaccine that you're forced to take.
>>12228 true
If the government can force you to buy insurance, what's to stop them from forcing you to buy snowblowers and boats, too?
>>12025 >TorNigger implies that even a horse's dick is smarter than the average commie legit
>>11986 are any of these books worth reading?
(27.52 MB 640x352 4112804331.mp4)

We will behead all of you.
communism gay lol
Today is 7th of Nov - the day of the Great October Socialist Revolution !
User was banned for being Marxist scum
(1.64 MB 640x360 TRANS-NAZBOL_BTFO.mp4)

There is one thing we can all agree on.
>>12581 Merged
(2.24 MB 1155x2000 (((image))).png)

(1.93 MB 1067x1080 16208367364320.png)

(353.65 KB 421x494 16265462696710.png)

(293.49 KB 1128x1080 knfNsB8AsAw.jpg)

>>11986 Где мои деньги которые ты у меня украл жид?
>>12601 >IDK >I don't know Я тебя застрелю, жидосвинья. Коммунисты это лживые подстилки западного и жидовского капитала. Всего за 10 месяцев 1921 года из Советской России на Запад было вывезено золота на сумму 485,3 млн руб. (375,7 т), из них только четверть израсходовали на закупки зерна, паровозов, снаряжения для Красной армии и пр., а основная масса золота легла на секретные партийные счета в западных банках. Отвечал за эти сверхсекретные операции уполномоченный Политбюро ЦК РКП(б) по золотовалютным операциям за границей Максим Литвинов. Выступая в апреле 1928 года в Москве на 3-й сессии ЦИК, Литвинов признал: «В 1921 году я состоял главным уполномоченным СНК по валютным операциям и по реализации нашего золота за границей. Я находился в Ревеле и через мои руки прошло несколько сот миллионов рублей нашего золота, проданного мною за границу. Бóльшая часть этого золота была продана мною непосредственно или через разных посредников крупным французским фирмам, которые это золото переплавляли не то во Франции, не то в Швейцарии, откуда это золото находило свое последнее убежище в кладовых американского резервного банка». Товарищеским судом рабочих города Ижевска ты приговариваешься к расстрелу за кражу народной собственности, кекальщик пиндоский. Приговор привести в исполнение немедленно. >R9K prevented at least one of your files from being posted.
Communism is illegal in 'murica under the 'Communist Control act of 1954'. When do we start arresting all the openly commie BLM and Antifa members?
(233.56 KB 629x3064 ClipboardImage.png)

>>11986 >kikes btfo under us Nigger everyone gets fucking put up against the wall with you fags. Especially true believers like yourself. >Wikipedia may delete entry on ‘mass killings’ under Communism due to claims of bias <But one proponent of deleting the page has stated on Wikipedia’s discussion page that “the view that the ideology of communism is somehow inherently violent is … anti-communist [point of view] pushing” <Another supporter of deletion claims the entry on the deaths under Communism, estimated by some historians to be in the region of 100 million people, should not resort to “simplistic presuppositions that events are driven by any specific ideology” <It has also been argued by one of the host of users who update and maintain Wikipedia that the page on mass killings under Communist regimes “is enabling a narrative and supports some fringe ideas about history” https://archive.ph/zeLzz https://archive.md/Xr8j7
(1.85 MB 640x480 1619637653793.webm)

Kys commie faggot.
>>11992 Anyone know the source of this video?
>r9k prevented your message from being posted The fuck does that mean.
>>13130 Cope and seethe
>>13009 >BLM and Antifa are Marxist Oh, another episode of some burger mistaking liberals as leftists. Burgers are inherently politically illiterate.
>>12573 ok kiddo >>12588 cope >>12608 Maksud lu apa ya? Ada yahudi2nya gitu tapi setau gw cuman cope aja deh,
>>13151 Their leadership are actually commited jews commited to Bolshevism.
>>13151 lol imagine trying to play it off as not being raging radical hardcore communists. You might as well put a ring through your nose the way the kikes lead you around like their personal chattel slave.
>>13151 The leaders of BLM stated on video that they were "trained marxists"
>>13151 https://en.wikipedia(Please use archive.today)/wiki/Frankfurt_School#Critical_theory
Commies are faggots
Based OP
People are aware that the globocapitalist order is trying to control them, but haven't yet questioned the knee-jerk hatred of communists they have been taught all their lives. Interesting. >b-b-but the democrats told me communists are black and gay >but some retarded russians killed each other whilst also communist but it was due to economics really >but communism always loses to capitalism which is why my boss prays to Xi Jingping every night so he isn't fired >but communists care more about killing treasonous capitalist mass immigrators than individual immigrants Capitalism has many copes.
>>13296 >but communism always loses to capitalism which is why my boss prays to Xi Jingping every night so he isn't fired Say anything bad about the chinx and see how fast he switches to >b-but China isn't real communism
>>13297 It is real communism and it beats the capitalist west at its own game, cope harder
>>13297 Call me when China stops having power outages and being an even worse authoritarian hellhole than the west and then I'll consider communism. And when they can actually deal with a flood.
>>13296 >Capitalism has many copes. The main difference between capitalism and communism, or fascism for that matter, is freedom. A capitalist country generally allows you to make personal decisions about your life and money while the other ism's don't. Now that being said, it's not quite as cut and dry as that. China is a communism that has a capitalist economy, but the capitalism only applies on the state level, not the individual level. I have heard it described as such; <China are communist capitalists, while the US is capitalist communists The best type of economy possible is one in which people are given the freedom and liberty to do whatever they want as long as it doesn't impact the liberty of someone else. This is my definition of capitalism, but we can call it something else if you want.
>>13321 It's called mixed economy anon. You are correct but get your terms right. China is not capitalist, they have a mixed economy.
>>13322 >It's called mixed economy Fair enough, thanks for the clarification >China is not capitalist, they have a mixed economy. Part of that mixture is capitalism though, otherwise they wouldn't have much motivation for selling products to the rest of the world. And the fact that they do it so cheaply is evidence that profit matters to them. This is capitalism.
>>13324 Let's say it differently, it isn't "pure" free market, and it doesn't lean heavily on the free market side either. It has capitalist elements but cannot be called traditionally capitalist. That does not say that it doesn't have capitalist elements at all.
>>13325 Agreed, I don't think it is free market at all. Since this anon >>13296 was taking shots at capitalism, I thought it would be good to point out the capitalist elements of a communist country
>>13151 There is no Marxist outside of leftypol autists who don't ardently support that stuff. Talk about theory all you want but the reality of the fact is you're barely different from liberals.
kill yourself
>>12475 Lmao what a retarded nigger
>>13644 The largest collection of literal communists is north korea, and they definetely don't support this shit. Then there is china if you consider it communist, but many don't. Also nearly every communist in russia, and it's a lot of em
op is a nigger
Communism will rise again when whites realise their capitalist masters will demographically replace them simply for not being cheap enough worker drones.
>>13321 "your definition of capitalism" is a million miles away from what the capitalists practice
(428.32 KB 2048x2048 FFPXBXDX0AYsDXu.jpg)

>>11986 Communist faggobot, when will you start paying your bills and take your college education as a serious matter of securing your future here in our capitalist society, not as an excuse to be voluntarily subverted by an ideology of faggotry?
>>13757 You wish this was true because you cope
dude, you have autism
(234.84 KB 500x502 matt.jpg)

>kikes btfo under us
Kiill yourself retarded nigger
>>11986 All leftards will be killed.

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